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Apathetic, mscnsible, impassive, insensitive, indifferent.
Apocryphal, uncertajn, unauthentic, legendary.
Appall, affn^t, dismay, terrify, frighten, scare, dannt, cow.
Apparent, easily seen, vl-^ible, palpable, dear, plam, trarwiparert, Tm

mislakable, unambiguous, evident, manifest, distinct, self-evident.
Appease, pacify, quiet, calm, compose, sooth, tranquilixe, assuage.
Appellation, name, denomination, ct>gTiomen.
Applaud, praise, extol, commend, approve.
Appoint, assign, allot, ordain, depute, crfler, pRioibe, consUtut^

settle, determine.
Apportion, distribute, alloc, appropriate.
Apprehend, take, arrest, fieixe, thmk, fed, co&cti?Ci Imagine, fancy.

anticipate, fear, dread, understand.
Apprise, make kno^^-n, acquaint, notify, hifbcm, Buke aware, maka

cognizant, disclose, communicate.
Appropriate, r., take to, adopt, assume, arrogate, usoip, allot, assign.
Approval, assent, approbation, concurrence, c on s en t.
Apt, f:t, meet, suitable, pertinent, prompt, ready, quick, dexttaooi, a^

Arbitrary, despotic, imperious, domhiecring, tyrumoos, tyrannicaL
Arbitrator, arbiter, judge, umpire, referee.
Ardent, eager, fervid, hot, fiery, glowing, passionate.
Arrange, put in order, place, assort, classify, regulate, dispose, adjust
Arrest, stop, apprehend, withhold, keep back, rest ra in.
Arrogance, assumption, haughtiness, pride, loftiness.
Art, skill, tact, aptitude, adroitness, expertness, cunning, subtilty^
Artifice, trick, stratagem, machination, deception, dMit* i "


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Aitieu. iMU^ booeat, Iaj^uoos, frank, candid, unaophitticated, open.

Aacendency, tuperionty, influence, authority, sway, maatery.

Ask, request, entreat, solicit, beg, claim, demand, inrite, question.

Aspect, ligfht, yiew, appearance, complexion, feature, lineament, air,
look, mien, countenance.

Aaperity, acrimony, acerbity, harsh nrsii, amartness, pungency, poign-
ancy, tartness, roaghness.

Aaperse, aocoae falsely, malign, slander, traduce, defame, scandalize,
disparage, depreciate.

Assault, r., assaQ, attack, invade, encounter, storm.

Assemble, con g regate, collect, gather, muster, bring together.

Assembly, assemblage, collection, group, company, muster, congrega-
tion, cooTention, congress, diet, council, convocation, conclave,
synod, meeting, auditory, audience.

Assert, affirm, declare, aver, protest, maintain, vindicate, defend.

Assign^ adduce, allege, advance, bring forward, appoint, allot, appro-
priate, apportion.

Associate, colleague, ally, partner, coadjutor, comrade, companion.

Association, company, society, confederacy, union, partnership, fellow-
ship, companionship.

Assuage, compose, cahn, padfy, allay, aoothe, conciliate, appease,
tranquilize, mitigate, alleviate, palliate, mollify.

Assume, pretend to, arrogate, usurp, appropriate, affect

Assurance, confidence, certainty, cooadousnesa, conviction, efbx>ntery,

Athletic, stalwart, powerful, brawny, muscular, robust, able-bodied.

Atrocioua, heinous, enormoua, flagrant, villainoua, notorious, moiw
strous, inhuman.

Attach, affix, append, subjoin, annejt, adjoin, connect, stick, distrain.

Attachment, afiectioo, devotednesa, devotion, f ondnes s, kfve, endeafw

Attain, gain, get, procure, reach, arrive at, aoqoire, win, obtafau

Attempt, effort, exertion, endeavor, essay, trial, experin^ent.

Attend, go with, accompany, escort, wait on, listen, oearken, heed.

Attest, testify, witness, prove.

Attire, »., dress, apparel, garments, doChes, habiltments.

Attitude, posture, gesture, gesticulation, action.

Attract, draw to, allure, entice, charm, wheedle.

Attribute, quality, property, grace, accomplishment, attalnmrnt.

Audacious, assuming, forward, presumptuous.

Augment, Increase, enlarge, extend, stretch out, spread out

Auspicious, fortunate, favorable, propitioua, prosperous, hicky,

Austere, rigid, severe, rigorous, stem, harsh.

Authoritative, commanding, swaying, imperative, imperious.

Auxiliary, assistant^ helping, conducive, furthering, instrumentaL

Avail, advantage, profit, use, benefit, service, utility.

Available, profitable, advantageous, useful, beneficiaL

Avarice, covetousneas, cupidity, greediness.

Averse, adverse, hostile, reluctant, unwilling, backward.

Aversion, dislike, antipathy, hatred, repugnance, distaste.

Avocation, emplojrment, calling, business, occupauon, office, engage-
ment, function, profession, trade.

Award, adjudge, adjudicate, judge, determine.

Awkward, rough, dumsy, unpolished, untoward, backward.

Awry, crooked, wry, bent, curved, inflected, oblique.

BAD, wicked, evil, unsound, unwholesome, baneful, ddeterkms, per-
nicious, noisome, noxious.

Baffle, defeat, discomfit, bewilder.

Balance, poise, weigh, neutralize, counteract, equalize.

Balmy, fragrant, sweet-scented, odoriferous, odorous, perfumed.

Baneful, hurtful, destructive, pemidous, noxious, deleterious.

Barbarous, savage, brutal, crud, inhuman, ruthless, merciless, re-
morsdess, unrdenting, uncivilized.

Bargain, agreement, convention, compact, stipulation, covenant, coo-

Base, bad, low, mean, sordid, grovelling, ignoble, ignominious, dis-
honorable, vile, counterfdt.

Battle, combat, engagement, action, conflict, contest, fight

Bear, hold up, sustain, support, endure, earns maintain, convey, trans-
portf wall, sofias, lelarate, uadargo, put up wiiib.

Bearing, manner, deportment, demeanor, bdutvior, conduct

Beat, strike, knock, hit, belabor, thump, dash, vanquish, overpotPCft

conquer, defeat
Beau, sweetheart, wooer, lover, suitor, fop, dandy, coteom ^
Beautiful, degant, beauteous, handsome, fair, pretty.
Beautify, adorn, decorate, embellish, deck, ornament
Becoming, befitting, comdy, decent, fit, proper, suitable.
Beg, ask, entreat, crave, solidt, beseech, implore, supplicate.
Beguile, amuse, entertain, decdve, mislead, Impose upon.
Bdief, faith, credence, credit, trust, confidence, reliance, convtetk^

Below, underneath, beneath, under, lower. Inferior, snbordlnate.
Bend, lean, incline, distort, stoop, descend, condescend.
Beneficent, benevolent, bountilul, bounteous, munificent, Ubersl, gem

Benefit, advantage, good, profit, service, ability, avail, use.
Benevolence, beneficence, benignity, kindness, generosity.
Benign, benignant, benevolent, kind, gracious, bland, tender, good.
Bent, «., hiclhiation, disposiUon. tendency, bias, prepo6sessk)Q, prm

penalty, predilection, prooeness.
Bereave, dqyrive, strip, dispossess, disarm, divest
Better, improve, amend, ameliorate, reform, rectify.
Bewail, frail, bemoan, lament, mourn over.
Bewilder, confound, perplex, embarrass, entangle, puzzle.
Beviritch, entrance, enchain, fasrinatr, charm, enchant, enrapture, cap

tivate, enamor.
Biaa, bent, indmation, predilection, tendency, partiality, prejudice.
Bid, offer, proffer, tender, propose, call, invite, summon.
Bind, Ue, restrain, restrict, connect, link, engage, oblige.
Binding, astringent, oostive, valid, obligatory, stringent, constrahk

Bluer, harsh, pungent, poignant, stinging.
Black, dark, murky, plCchy, inky, Cimmerian.
Blacken, defame, calumniate, slander, scandalize, asperse.
Blamable, culpable, censurable, reprehensible, reprovable.
Blame, reprove, reprehend, censure, condemn, reprobate, rcproadt
Blameleaa, Inculpable, guDtless, sinless, bmocent, immanilatc, m^

sullied, unblemished, spotless.
Bland, soft, gentle, mild, kind, gracious, benign, benignant
Blast, r., blight, wither, shrivel, destroy.
Blatant, noisy, damoroua, braying, bdlowfaig, vociferous.
Blemish, tr., stain, bhir, sully, 8pot,\)bscure, dim, ruin, spoil, mar.
Blemish, «., fiaw, speck, spot, blur, defect, hnpcrfection, fault
Bllaa, ecstacy, fdldty, blessedness, blissfumess.
Bloodshed, carnage, slaughter, butchery, massacre.
Bloody, gory, sanguinary, ensanguined, murderous.
Bloom, blossom, bud, sprout, ger mi nate, shoot forth.
Blot, stain, blur, speck, flaw, blemish, defect
Blot out, wipe out, erase, expunge, ddete, obliterate, cancel, dlMi^

anni hl lflt ^ i
Bluff, blustering, burly, swaggering, hectoring, bullying.
Blunt, pointless, obtuse, edgdess, unpoUte, rough, rude.
Boast, glory, triumph, vatmt, brag.
Boiateroua, violent, furious. Impassioned, Impetuous, vehement

stormy, turbulent
Bold, fearless, undaunted, dauntless, brave, daring, adventurous. In*

trepid, audacious, impudent, contumadous.
Bondage, slavery, thraldom, vassalage, servitude, serfdom, captivity*

Imprisonment, confinement
Bound, limit, drcnmscribe, confine, restrict, restrain, terminate.
Boundless, unlimited, unbounded, infinite. Interminable.
Bounty, munificence, liberality, generodty, benevolence, beneficence,

charity, benignity, humanity.
Brand, stigmatize, denounce, mark.
Brave, courageous, gallant, chivalrous, daring, adveikiurous, valorous

heroic, valiant, bold, dauntless, intrepid, magnanimous, fearless.
Brawny, muscular, athletic, sinewy, powerful, robust, stalwart, abloi

bodied, strong.
Break, burst, rend, rack, violate. Infringe, transgress, demolish, d»

Breed, hatch, brood, incubate, brpct, engender, generate, {
Bravity, shortness, coociaeoem oucdnctncas

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Brtef , anorv, cooctte, eoanpendloitt, gncctnct. witniiMny.

Bngut aeat , lucid, craiM|Mrenc, umpid, luscroas, oanslncent, difntny,
bnlliaai, luminous, radiant « g^leaniing.

Brisk, Active, a^ile, nimble, lively, quick, ^Migfatly, prompt, alert, as-
siduous, rigorous, vt^plant

Br%Md. «nde, large, ampie, expanded, eztentiTe.

Brotnerty traienuu, Aflecuonate, kind.

Bruise, break, crusb, squeeze, pulverize, kngate, Ultufate.

Brutality, savageneas, feroaty, tiarbanty.

Bruusl), cruel, inhuman, meraiess, ferodoot, remorselesB. mthleas,
barbarous, savage, irratmnai. senroal.

Bud. sprout, germinate, blossom, bloom, tboot forth.

Build, erect, construct, raise, found.

Bulk, site, dimension, magnitude, greatness, buIkinesB, bigness, large-
ness, maasiveoess.

Buoyancy, lightness, elasticity, animatinn, spirit, Tivadty.

Burst, break, crack, spUi^ rend.

Bury, mter, mhume, entomb, immmre.

Bystander, onlooker, spectator, beboJder, obaerrw.

CAJOLE, coax, wtieedle, flatter, fawn.

Calamitous, disasuous^ la&ai, unfortunate, imhicky. haplf , hrikw,

llMated, Oi-aiarTed.
Calculate, reckon, guess, snppoae, oompute, ranmatf
Call together, convene, convoae, assemOte, muster , collect, gather.
Called, named, termed, designated, denominated, ycleped.
Calling, «., employment, business, avocauon, vocation, porrait,

engagement, oc cup ati o n, trade, profession, office, duty, func-
Callous, bard, obdurate, tmpemtent, unfeeling, Insrmribte, I mfinll lf e,

Calm, o., tranquillize, kUay, appease, qoiet, hush, pacify, assiiage«

soothe, compose.
Calm, «., quiet, andistnrbed, serene, placid, c o mp ose d , c oO ected ,tiB"

perturbable, tranquil, pacific, unrafBed, still.
Calumniate, vilify, revile, accuse faiaeiy, aq)erse, traduce, malign,

slander, defame, scandahte, disparage.
Calumny, slander, false accusation, aspersioo, defamation.
Cancel, bkn out, oblnerate, expunge, efface, wipe out, rub oat, erase,

quash, abolish, annul, repeal, abrogate, revoke, destroy, invalidate,

Candid, fair, sincere, honest, opeq, artless, in g e nu o us , frank, plafai.
Canvass, discuss, dispute, contest, controvert, sift, fTsminr, soUdt,

apply for.
Capable, able, qualified, co m p et en t , efficient, fitted, susceptible, clever,

Capacioua, roomy, ample, spacious.

Capacity, capability, skill, ability, faculty, power, talent, efficiency.
Caprice, freak, whim, humor, crotchet, fancy.
Captious, touchy, testy, cross, petulant, peevish, fretfut
Captivate, charm, enchant, fascinate, enrapture, bewitch, cntr aa oe

enchain, enamor, confine, imprison.
Captivity, imprisonment, confinement, bondage, slavery, thraldom

servitude, serfdom.
Care, anxiety, solicitude, concern, attentioo, regard, drcumspectkxi,

Career, history, course, race, passage, Hfe.
Careful, attentive, aniimi^, solicitous, heedful, provident, drctmw

Careless, negligent, heedless, supfaie, hiattentive, incautious, thought-
less, remiss, indolent, listless.
Caress, foodie, hug, embrace.
Carnage, butchery, bloodshed, slaughter, massacre.
Carnal, fleshly, sensual, voluptuous, luxurious, secular, worldly.
Carry, bear, suitain, convey, transport.

Casualty, accident, contingency, incident, occurrence, event, adven-
Cstch, overtake lay hold on, grasp, seize, capture, grip, clutch, snatdi,

arrest, apprehend.
Catching, infectious, contaf^ous, pestilentia], miasmatic, Insidioos.
Cause, «., motive, reason, incen ti ve, hvluocincnt, indtcmiml, impulse,

ifiofftf woclCf opcraikuk

Causa, v., occasion, make. Induce, orlginits, give fiss to, evoke, pi<^

voke, incite.
Caution, care, vigilance, drcnmspectloa, sdmonftlon, warning, nodoa
. Cautious, careftil, watchful, prudent, wary, rigilattt, drcumsp ect.
Celebrate, commend, applaud, laud, extol, magnify, glorify.
Celebrated, famous, renowned, far-famed, illiBtrious, glorious.
Celerity, q uicknes s, speed, rapidity, vciodty, swiftness, fleetness.
Celestial, heavenly, divine, godlike, seraphic, sngrlir,
Censure, v., blame, r e p rov e , reprehend, reprobate, ooodema upbraid.
Ceremony, form, observance, rite, solemnity.
Certain, sure, indubitable, unquestionable, rnifsilfag, secure, reaL

actual, posmve.
Certify, tenify, vouch, declare.
Cesaauon, mtermissioa, rest, patise, disoootiiiuanca.
Champion, leader, dueftam, head.
Cbance, arodrnt, fortune, casualty, haxard, luck.
Change, »., alter, vary, omnstorm, exchange, barter.
Change, »., variety, alterauon, alternation, ^n ^n^\p*Af.
Changeable, varubie, unsteady, undecided, wavering, hesitating, vac

lUatmg, flucwaong, moonstanc, unsttadfast, unstable, fickle, vcfw

aatue, restiess, fltlui, capricious.
Character, cast, cum, tone, d cscnpu on, nature, di spo siti on, reput*-

Charge, c, aocuae. Impeach, arraign. Inculpate.
Charge, »., care, custody, ward, crust, management, cost, price, ex-
pense, account, lee, bill, sswiinll, shock, onset, attack, sccnsstion,

impeach m ^**t^ tf**p*'T*Tf*^
Chanty, sinrtnrss. benigmty, b e neficence, benevoienoe, tenderness.
Charm, enctum, laacinace, tiewuch, enrapture, captivate, enamor.
Chat, chatter, prattle, prate, bablMe, gossip.
Cheat, »., defraud, gtUi, dupe, tnck, beguHe, deceive, ddude, hood-

Cheat, •., dec ep tion. Imposture, fraud, dfluslnii, artifice, deceit, trick,

Check, curti, restrain, rqvess, control, countersct, dude, icprimaiidf

reprove, rrtwise.
Cheer, eihilarsie, antmafr, inspirit, faispire, enliven, gladden, comfort*

Cheerfuineaa, gaycty, sprightliness, merriment, mirth, UveUness, vi

vaoty, joviality.
Cheerless, broken-hearted, comfortless, disconsolate, inconsolable, des*

olate, forloriL
Chenah, nourish, nurture, nurse, foster, snstaliL
Choose, prefer, select, elect, call, pick.
Circuitoua, roundabout, tortuous, flexuous, tiresome.
Circulate, spread, diffuse, disseminate, propagate.
Circumspection, caution, watchfulness, vigilance, dellberatioo,

thoughtfulness, wanness.
Circumstance, situation, condition, posltioo. fact, InddenL
Cite, quote, adduce, summon, caU.
Civil, polite, complaisant, affable, comteou s, obliging, vbane, wdl-

Claim, r., ask, demand, diallmge, caU for, plead.
Clamor, outcry, fuss, noise, hubbub, tqtroar.
Clandeatine, hidden, secret, private.
Class, «., order, rank, degree, grade, category, caste, tribe;
Clause, stipulation, proviso, term, article.
Clean, v., cleanse, clarify, purity.

Clear, r., absolve, acquit, liberate, deliver, rdease, set free, unbind.
Clear, «., apparent, palpable, visible, obvious, plain, evioent, manifest

unmistakable, distinct, intelligible, ludd, tran^Muent, limpid.
Clemency, leniency, mercy, mildness, mitigation.
Clever, skillful, expert, dexterous, adroiL
Cling, hold, stick, adhere, attach.
Close, v., conclnde, shut, end, terminate, finUu
Cloac, «., compact, solid, hrm, dense.
Clothes, garments, vestments, dress, habQiments, sppard, attire, amj^

raiment, vesture, drapery.
Cloudy, dim, obscure, dark, dusky, murky, IndistiiKt, i

Clumsy, awkward, tmpoUsbed, uncourtly, pooderooi.
Clutch, giavL lay hold on, catdi, seiK,gi^

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Coslttion, fuuoa, Attmnem, «oofedencT« league, oomoination.

Coarse, roughs rude, ragged, grvfl, banh.

Coeval, contcfflporaneoua, oocemporary. cootemporary.

Cogent, lorcibte, strong, valid, nresisUbie, resiauen.

Colleague, teliow, c o m pee r , companion

Collect, 9., gatber, aaaemPie, musier. co n gregate, accumulate, hoaxd.

Coloaaal, laxge, gigantic^ Huge, enonnous, immense, vast.

Color, hue, Qn^ unge^ complexion.

Combat, «., engagemen^ conflict, contest, figbt, action, battle

Combat, v., oppoae, resist, witbsiand, tbwart.

Combination, aHiancr, onK», leagne, confedcracj, coalition, con-

Comfort, solace, console, encourage, reyrtre,

Comfortleaa^ cheerless, tonom, disconsolate, tocons o ia b ie, d e so l a te ,

Comic, tunny, mnghabte, drofl, ludicrous.

Command, m,^ ordet, decree, mjuncuon, mandate, precept, behest.

Commence, oegtn. enter upon.

Commend, ».. praise, appiaud, extoi, emogize, recommend.

Comment, obserrauon, remark, aonotauon, emcidaiKKL

Commerce, deaung, trade, traffic, mieroourae, interchange, rec^Moo-

Commit, perpetrate, do. intrust, confide, consign.

Commodioua, convenient. uaelUi, suitable.

Common, vuigar m>w, mean, Irequent, ordinary, usual, gcnenL

Communicate, make known, divuige, disciose, revea*, impart.

Communication, mtercourse, correspondence, commrToe» Inteiw

Commumty, society, commonwealth, social state.

Commute, change, aites. excnange, KMuter.

Companion, comrade, coadjutor^ partner, ally, associate, contederate,
fellow, colleague.

Company, association, society, assemble, assemblage, andience, audi-
tory, corporauon^ body croop, oorde. crew.

Comparison, simiie, simuitude^ uiusiration.

Compassion, pity, commiseration, sympathy, condolence.

Compatible, consistent, ooosonaot, accordant

Compel, loroe. ooosiram, coerce, cnlorce. oblige, necessitate.

Compendious, bnel, ahon. succinct, concise

Compensate, recompense, maice amends, remunerate, requite.

Competent, abie, capable, etficicni, quaiibed, htied, clever, lidllfnl,
sufficient, adequate

Complete, &., accompitslu tuiffi. realize, execute, effect, achieve, coo-
dude, consummate, bniab end, bi. up. lerminaie.

Complexion, aspect, appearance, leature. tineamcni. lOOk.

Complicated, complex, compound, mvoived. mtncate.

Compliment, praise, flatter, aduiace, appiaud.

Comply, yield, accede, assent, consent, acquiesce.

Compose, form, compound, put u>jether,cuosutute, soothe, calm, quiet,
lull, bush, frame, mdite.

Composed, serene, piacid, calm, collected.

Comprehend, comprise, take m, embrace, contain, embody. Include,
conceive, imagine, apprehend, understand.

Comprchenaion, capacity, capability, knowledge, tmeiligence, under-

Compress, condense, press, squeeze.

Comprise, contain, include, comprehend, embody.

Compromise, coticede, implicate, involve, entangle, embarrass.

Compulsion, constraint, force, coercion.

Compute, calculate, count, sum, niiint>er, accouat, redton, estimate,
rate, measure.

Comrade, assonste. companion, ally.

Conceal, hide, secrete, disguise, dissemble.

Concede, give up, ddiver, yield, compromise, allow, grant, admit.

Conceited, proud, vain, egotistical.

Conceive, think of, imagine, suppose, comprehend, understand.

Concern, affair, business, matter, care, regard, interest.

Concerted, joint, cooperative, designed, wrought out, studied, elabo-

Concise, brief, short, succinct.

Conclude, end, close, finish, terminate.

Conclusion, end, upshot, event, inference, dednctioQ.

C o nc or d, conc er t, chorus, namooy, uiitty«

Concourse, crowd, oontluence, conflux.

Concui^ acquiesce, agree, comcide.

Condemn, blame, reprobate, reprove, reproach, upbraid, censure, rep
rebend, doom, sentence.

Condense, compress, press, squeeze, concentrate, epitomize.

Condition, state, plight, case, predicament, category, supuiaoon, ootv
naui, arucie, term.

Condolence, sympathy, commiseraUon, compassion.

Conduce, contribute, subserve, tead, tend, maine.

Conduct, IS., behavior, demeanor, carnage, walk, deportment.

Conduct, ».> guide, tead. direct, manage.

Contet besum give, discourse, converse.

Conlerence. meeting, oonvcrsauon, taik^ colloquy, dialogue, parley.

Confess, acknowledge, avow, own, recognize.

Confide trusL 'repose, depend, reiy

Confidence^ assurance, trusi, faith, reliance, hope.

Confident dogmaucai, posiuve, absoiute, bold, presumptuous, aan>

Confine, umn, bound, circumscribe, restrict, restrain, shut up.

Confirm, raufy. establish, substantiate, corroborate, s ett l e .

Conflicting famng. discordant, irreconcilable.

Contused mudd«ed. mixed, promiscuous, indisnnrf , deranged, dlaov*
dered, disorganized, oewudered.

Confusion^ disorder, derangement, dIsorganiTanon, chaos, anarcfaj;

Confute, refute, disprove, belle.

Conjure, »., adjure, beseech, entreat, laploro.

Connect. Join, onk^ bind.

Connection, uniofL, at nance, coaliuoa. Junction, Int er co ur se, coaH
merce. affimty. relauonship.

Conquer, vanquish, subdue, overcome, subjugate, sarmount.

Consecrate, sanctify, hauow, devote, dedicate.

Consent. ».. assent, acquiescence, concurrence, approval

Consequence, effect resuit, event, issue, sequence.

Consider reflect, regard, weigh, ponder, deUt>erace.

Consistent consonant, compauble acco r da nt .

Console sotace, comloTL. sootbe.

Conspicuous, disunguisbed. noted, marked, prominent, eminrnt, pt^

emment, uiustnous. tamed.
Constancy, brmness. stabiuty, s t e a dines s.
ConstanUy ever, always, continuauy. perpetually, incessantly, eveiw

Consutute make, form, compose, mould.
Consutuuonai, lega*, regiuated, organized, radical, rooted, fundlp

Consult advise with, take counsel, deliberate, det>ate.
Consume, bum. absorb, spend, swallow, imbibe, engulf, devour.
Consumption, decay decline, waste.
Contagious, inlectious. pesuientiai, miasmatic
Contain comprise, comprehend, m c l u d e , embrace, hold. Incorporate,

Contemplate, meditate, muse, think.
Contemporary con lemporaoeous. coeval, simultaneous.
Contemptible, mean, vile, despicable, pitiful, paiiry.
Contend, contest, det>ate, argue, distwtc cope, iinvc, vie.
Contingency casualty, accident, incident, occurrecce, adventurei

Continual, unceasing, incessant, continuous, perpetual, uninterrupted

unremitung, endless everlasting.
Contort, diston, iwist, wnthe, wrest, wrench.
Contract, f ., abbreviate, curtail, shorten, condense, abridge, retreocil

Contract, «., agreement, compact, bargain, stipulation, covenant
Contradict, oppose, deny, gainsay, controvert.
Contrary, adverse, opposite, antagonistic, repugnant, hostile.
Contribute, give to, cooperate, conspire.
Contrition, rcpcnlancc, penitence, remorse.
Control, check, curb, repress, rcstram, govern.
Convene, call together, brmg together, convoke, assemble, congregaa^

Convention, assembly, oieetlng, convocation, company.

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Conventional, usual, ordinary, fashionable.

Conversant, acquainted with, familiar, relating^ to, concerning.

Converse, v., spcalc, talk, discourse, commune.

Convert, change, turn, transform.

Convey, carry, transport, bear, take, waft.

Convivial, joyous, fntal, social, sociable.

Convulse, upheave, upturn, shake.

Cool, cold, frigid, dispassionate, unimpassioned, calm, undisturbed,

Co-operate, work with, conspire, conduce, contribute.

Copious, ample, abundant, rich, aiBoent, exuberant, plentiful, plente-
ous, full.

Corpulent, portly, stout, histy, plethoric.

Correct, o., put right, mend, amend, rectify, better, reform, improve.

Correct, «., accurate, exact, precise, proper, faultless, punctual, strict

Corrupt, v., contaminate, deflle, taint, pollute, infect, adulterate, demor-
alise, deprave.

Corrupt, «., depraved, debased, vitiated, demoralized, profligate.

Corruption, defilement, contamination, pollution, infection, adultera-
tion, vice, depravity, cormpiBesB.

Cost, price, charge, expense.

Costly, expensive, valuable, preekwi, sumptuous.

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