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amount from both sources not to exceed $200 annually.

The Seminary has a limited number of full scholarships, pro-
ducing an income of $200 a year each. These are available in
cases in which it is best for a man to be aided in this way rather
than by the Boards. With the present pressure on the scholar-
ship funds of the Seminary, none but members of the three
•regular classes will ordinarily receive full scholarships.

Graduate students, and students not in the three regular
classes, receive scholarship aid only on condition of their giving
their time to the studies of the Seminary as fully as regular
students are required to do.

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Scholarship aid from the Seminary is conditional on the stu-
dent's being in actual attendance, and is subject to reduction for
all absences, either at the beginning of the term, or later.

Preaching by Students. — The Seminary has no ecclesias-
tical authority, and nothing to do with the licensure of men to
preach ; but it insists that no preaching shall be done by stu-
dents which shall interfere with effective work in the studies of.
the course.

Employment. — Some of the students secure employment as
private teachers during a few hours of the week. Such as may
be competent musicians occasionally find employment in choirs
and churches on the Sabbath. Members of the Senior class
who are licentiates have frequent invitations to supply vacant
pulpits. The same reasons which forbid a student to preach
steadily during term time also forbid his engaging in other occu-
pations, to the extent of thus using time or strength which
ought to be devoted to Seminary work.


Location. — Auburn is a city of about twenty-five thousand
inhabitants, and is celebrated for its healthfulness and beauty.
Its citizens, including the members of the five Presbyterian
churches, take a warm interest in the Seminary, and welcome
the students to social and religious fellowship. Its extended
and increasing railroad facilities bring it within easy reach
both of the great commercial centers and of a very numerous
and intelligent body of evangelical churches, thereby rendering
it an excellent point both for the concentration of means of
culture and the distribution of Christian workers. The Semi-
nary grounds are on an elevation in the heart of the city, and
cover about ten acres. The Seminary combines, in an unusual
degree, the advantages generally sought in large cities with
those of rural quiet and seclusion.

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The Dodge-Morgan Library Building. — This was erected
by the Hon. William E. Dodge of New York, and the Hon.
Edwin B. Morgan of Aurora, It was completed in 1872, and
has a capacity for a library of 60,000 or more volumes.

Morgan Hall. — The building for students was completed
in 1876. It was erected in memory of Mr. Alonzo D. Morgan,
and was principally the gift of his father, the Hon. Edwin B.
Morgan. It is 216 feet long by 45 wide, and will accommodate
seventy -six students, each with a study and bedroom. All the
rooms are heated by steam, and supplied with gas and city

The Welch Memorial Building and Willard Chapel.
— These are combined in one building. There is a handsome
chapel, and six lecture rooms, with a Professor's room connected
with each lecture room. The chapel is the gift of the daugh-
ters of the late Sylvester Willard, M. D., of Auburn. The
part containing the lecture rooms is built with funds left for
that purpose by the late Professor Ransom B. Welch, D. D.,
LL. D. The building fund has been supplemented by a large
gift from Mr. Henry A. Morgan, of Aurora, and by smaller
gifts from other friends of the Seminary.

The buildings are heated from a boiler house that has been
erected north of Morgan Hall. To make complete its facilities
in the way of buildings, the Seminary needs an adequate


Since the issue of the last annual Catalogue, the Seminary
has secured $50,000 as the basis of an endowment for the chair
of the President of the Seminary, and a President has been
chosen and inaugurated. The new lecture rooms are already
in use, and, through the kindness of churches and individuals,
have been handsomely furnished, and the chapel will be com-
plete at no very distant time. The response made by the stu-

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dent public to our announcement of enlarged facilities has been
most gratifying. The number of students is much larger than
ever before. Morgan Hall is full, and about twenty men are
rooming outside the building.

To maintain and widen this enlarged prosperity, Auburn
Seminary still has needs, for the supply of which it appeals to
the generosity of its friends :

First, an adequate fund for general expenses.

Second, funds for making large immediate purchases of books
for the library, with sufficient increase of the library endow-
ment to provide for future purchases of books, and for employ-
ing a permanent librarian.

Third, a gymnasium.

Fourth, a complete department of physical training, to include
instruction in hygiene, gymnasium work, voice building, elocu-
tion and music

Fifth, an endowment for an annual course of lectures.

Sixth, fellowships, for assisting graduates of ability to pursue
special courses of study.

Seventh, additional scholarships. With the present number
of students, the surplus scholarship income is being rapidly
absorbed, the current income being too small to meet the
demand. $3,000 constitutes a scholarship.

Eighth, as rates of interest become lower, the principal of the
existing endowments needs to be augmented, in order to keep
up the income.


I hereby give and bequeath to the Trustees of the Theologi-
cal Seminary of Auburn in the State of New York, the sum of

...Dollars, the same to constitute a part of the

permanent funds of said institution. Or, to constitute a per-
manent scholarship in said institution.

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The Society of Missionary Inquiry.— It meets on the
second Monday evening of each month, at seven o clock. Its
object is to cultivate a missionary spirit in the Seminary by
social prayer, conference, and inquiry, upon the subject of
Missions throughout the world. It is expected that all students
will become active members of this society.

Officers for 1893.
President, - - - - George H. Feltus

Vice-President, - - - William J. Leverett

Secretary and Treasurer, - - Louis M. Sweet

Corresponding Secretary, - - William D. Crockett

Officers for 1894.
President, .... Louis M. Sweet

ViceP resident, - - • - K. Sasao

Secretary, .... George E. Jackson

Treasurer, - - - - T. Clinton Brockway

The Reading Room Association. — It maintains a reading
room, furnished with a liberal supply of newspapers and period-
icals, both religious and secular. By an arrangement with the
Seminary library, the reading room now has a full line of
reviews and magazines. It is supported by an entrance fee of
twenty-five cents, an annual due of about one dollar for each
student, and the proceeds from a sale of the periodicals.

The annual meeting for the election of officers and the sale
of papers is held on the last Thursday in September, at seven
o'clock in the evening. The secretary acts as general superin-
tendent of the room.

Officers for 1893-94.
President, .... Alfred F. Pratt

Vice-President, ' - - E. G. Rawson

Secretary and Treasurer, - - A. F. VonTobel

The Choral Club. — The students of the Seminary are
admitted to membership in this club, which is under the leader-

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ship of Mr. Tom Ward, the eminent choir master of Syracuse.
During part of the year, the weekly meetings of the club have
been held in the Seminary Library.

The Young Men's Christian Association— Through
an arrangement made by the Prudential Committee, the students
enjoy all the privileges of membership in the Y. M. C. A. of
Auburn, including the devotional meetings, the use of the
reading room and parlors, the active work, the use of the Gym-
nasium, and the instruction of the Physical Director.

Athletic Association. — This Association was formed for
the encouragement and regulation of outdoor sports on the
Seminary campus. All members of the Seminary are entitled
to membership. The officers for the current year are:
President, - - - - JOHN T. STONE

Secretary and Treasurer, - - Herbert M. Gesner

Representative of the Junior Class, Fisher Howe Booth

In addition to outdoor sports and the work done in the Gym-
nasium of the Y. M. C. A., a class in practical gymnastics has
been held regularly in the basement of the Library building,
under the charge of Mr. John T. Stone, Director.

Society of Alumni.— It was formed in 1830, and recog-
nizes as members "all who have enjoyed the privileges of this
institution, and maintained a good reputation." Its annual
meetings are held during commencement week. All persons
entitled to membership are urgently invited to attend, and also
to communicate such intelligence as they may have respecting
our brothers in any part of the world. This catalogue is sent
to all alumni whose address is known.

Officers for 1893-94.

President, - - - J. S. Riggs, 1880

Vice-President, - - - - C. P. Coit, 1870

Bibliographer, - - - A. S. IIoyt, 1878

Secy and Treas., E. W. Twichell, Parish, N. Y., 1869

Necrologist, - Wm. S Jerome, Pontiac, Mich., 1883

Preacher, 1894, - - L. M. Clarke, 1885

Alternate, - H. B. Stevenson, 1881

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OBI T U A R y LIST. 35


1826-29 — Eliphalet Kent, died March 6, 1893. aet. 93.
1830-33— Enoch Mead, died Dec. 6. 1892, jet. 83.
1838-41 — William Hunter, died March 29, 1893, xt. 80.

Peter Stryker Van Nest, D. D., died Sept. 21, 1893, xt. 80.
1840-43 — John Vinson Downs, died Oct. 19. 1893, xt. 86.
1841-44 — James Frederick Calkins, died Nov. 7, 1893, set, 78.
1848-51 — Josiah Addison Priest, D. D., died March 11, 1893, aet. 71.
1849-52— John Newbanks, died Aug. 29, 1893, xt. 69.
1856-59— Benjamin Franklin Willoughby, died April i, 1893, aet. 59.
i 8 74-77 — Julius Edward Werner, died July 10, 1893, aet. 44.
1881-84 — James Wither ell Serlye, died March 27, 1893, aet. 35.

Allen Gatch Daniels, died March 30, 1893, aet 42.
1887-90— John Fremont Ames, died Aug. 19. 1892, aet. 34.
1888-91 — David Lovejoy Bradley, died Sept. 15, 1893, aet. 29.
1891-94— Eugene McClellan Armstrong, died Dec. 15, 1893, aet. 28.

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Tuesday, May 8th, 9 a. m. — Examinations begin, continuing
until Wednesday afternoon.
7:80 P. M. — Annual meeting of the Society of Missionary
Inquiry. Address by Geo. W. Knox, D. D. Subject :
" The Gospel for the Gentiles."
Wednesday, May 9th, 4:20 p. m. — Alumni meeting, in the
library building.
7:30 p. m. — Sermon before the Society of Alumni, by Rev.
L. M. Clarke.
Thursday, May 10th, 9 a. m. — Meeting of the Board of Com-
missioners. Meeting of the Board of Trustees.
12 M. — Meeting of the Western Education Society.
1:00 P. M. — Dinner for the members of the Seminary Boards/

the Alumni and guests.
7:30 P. M. — Addresses by members of graduating class ;
address to graduating class by President Booth.
All the public addresses of the Anniversary week will be at
the First Presbyterian Church.

The citizens of Auburn are accustomed to entertain the Trus-
tees, Commissioners, Alumni and other friends of the Seminary,
who are in attendance during the Anniversary week.

SESSION OF 1894-95.

Wednesday, Sept. 19th, 10 a. m. — Examination of candidates

for admission to the Seminary.
5 P. M. — Term .begins. Prayers.
7:30 p. M. — Inauguration of the Rev. Theodore Weld

Hopkins as Hyde Professor of Ecclesiastical History

and Church Polity.

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The Theological Seminary






K^pp.PECK.\ThoryjaoN- Printers ■
1 895.

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1 820- 1 89 £.

Auburn Seminary celebrates this year its seventy-fifth anni-
versary. Suitable public services will be held during the anni-
versary week. Some space is given in this catalogue to such
illustrations and historical matter as befit the year.

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To Incorporate the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, established by
the Synod of Geneva, at Auburn, in the County of Cayuga.

(Passed April 14, 1820).

Whbrbas, It has been represented to this Legislature, by the Committee appointed by, and
on behalf of the said Synod, that they have established a Theological Seminary at Auburn, in
the County of Cayuga, for the purpose of completing the education of pious young men for
the Gospel Ministry, and have obtained funds to a considerable amount ; and that an act of
incorporation would better enable them to obtain and manage the necessary funds for the
accomplishment of their benevolent object. Therefore :

Be it enacted by the People 0/ the State of New yorh* represented in Senate and Assembly,
That John Lincklaen, Glen Cuyler, Henry Davis, David Hyde, Thaddeus Edwards, Henry
M'Neil, Levi Parsons, Benjamin B. Stockton. Dirck C. Lansing, William Wisner, Henry
Axtel, Ebenezer Fitch, David Higgins, Seth Smith, and William Brown, and their successors,
to be appointed as hereinafter is provided, shall be, and hereby are constituted a body corpo-
rate and politic in fact and in name, by the name of " The Trustees of the Theological Semi-
nary of Auburn in the State of New York," and by that shall have succession and be in law
capable of suing and being sued, defending and being defended, in all Courts and places, and
in all manner of action, suits and causes whatsoever, and may have a Common Seal, and
change the same at pleasure ; and by that name and style be capable in law of taking, pur-
chasing, holding and conveying, both in law and equity, any estate, real or personal : Provided
nevertheless, that the clear annual value or income of their real estate shall not exceed three
thousand dollars, and that of their personal estate, seven thousand dollars.

And be it further enacted ', That there shall forever hereafter be fifteen Trustees of the
said Corporation, who shall be divided into three classes, to be numbered one, two and three :
The places of the first class, shall become vacant on the first Wednesday of September, in the
year eighteen hundred and twenty-one ; the places of the second class in one year thereafter,
and the places of the third class, in one year from that time ; and the vacancies in the said
several classes occasioned by the expiration of the time of service as aforesaid, or by resigna-
tion, death or otherwise, shall be from time to time, filled up in the manner hereinafter men-
tioned and provided.

And be it further enacted* That the said Trustees, and their successors, shall have the
immediate care of the said Seminary, and the management of the estate, both real and per-
sonal, of the said Institution, and shall have power to sell and otherwise dispose of the same,
for the purpose of benefiting the funds of the said Institution, and of applying the avails of
those funds from time to time, to the purposes of the said Institution, in such way and manner
only, and in such sums as shall be appointed and directed by the Board of Commissioners
hereinafter mentioned, and shall have power to make necessary By-Laws and Ordinances for
the management of the said Seminary, provided, that the same be not inconsistent with the
laws or constitution of this State or of the United States. And further, it shall be the duty
of the said Trustees, to keep a record, and make an annual report to the said Board of Com-
missioners, of their doings, of the state of their funds, and of the names of those whose term
of service is about to expire, and of such other matters as they shall think proper, and also
to report the state of their funds to the Legislature, as often as they shall be thereunto
required. Provided, however, that no student of any Christian denomination shall be excluded
from a participation in the privileges of this Institution, on the ground of his religious

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And be it further enacted* That the aforesaid John Lincklaen, Glen Cuyler, Henry Davis T
David Hyde, Thaddcus Edwards, Henry M'Niel, Levi Parsons, Benjamin B. Stockton, Dirck
C. Lansing, William Wisner, Henry Axtel, Ebenezer Fitch, David Higgins. Seth Smith, and
William Brown, be the first Trustees of the said Corporation, and that they shall hold their
first meeting at Lynch's Inn, in the village of Auburn on the second Wednesday of July next,
when they shall proceed to divide themselves by lot into three classes, as aforesaid.

And Whereas* The said Committee, on behalf of the said Synod, have further represented
that there are other Presbyteries within the State of New York, not connected with the said
Synod, who are disposed to associate with them, for the purpose of aiding in the accomplish-
ment of the aforesaid benevolent object : Therefore,

Be it further enacted* That a representation annually to be chosen, of two clergymen and
one layman, from each of the following Presbyteries (and such other Presbyteries as shall
hereafter associate with the said Synod, for the purpose aforesaid), to wit : The Presbyteries
of Niagara, Genesee, Rochester. Bath, Ontario, Geneva, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida and
St. Lawience, shall compose a Board of Commissioners, who shall have the general superin-
tendence, management and control of the aforesaid Institution ; and who shall have authority
to fill the places of the aforesaid Trustees as they shall become vacant ; to appoint the Tutors,
Professors, and other officers of the said Institution ; to fix and determine the salary and other
compensation of the said officers ; to authorize and direct all such appropriations of their
funds, as they shall think proper ; to make by-laws and regulations for themselves ; to choose
their own President and other officers, and to determine what number of their Board shall form
a quorum for doing business.

And be it further enacted* That the first meeting of the said Board of Commissioners,
shall be holdcn at Lynch's Inn, in the village of Auburn, on the second Wednesday of July
next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, and that the said Board of Commissioners shall meet
afterwards on their own adjournment.

And be it further enacted* That in case the. funds of the aforesaid Institution shall at any
time hereafter be applied to any purpose other than wtat is hereby expressed or intended, then
and in that case all the privileges and powers hereby granted, shall cease and be utterly void.

And be it further enacted* That this act shall be and hereby is declared to be a public act,
and that the same shall be construed benignly and favorably for every beneficial purpose hereby
intended; nor shall any non-user of the privileges hereby granted to the said Corporation,
create or produce any forfeiture of the same ; and no misnomer of the said Corporation in any
deed, will, testament, gift, grant, demise or other instrument, contract or conveyance, shall
defeat or vitiate the same. Provided, the said Corporation shall be sufficiently described to
ascertain the intention of the parties.

And be it further enacted, That the Legislature may at any time hereafter amend, modify,
or repeal this Act.


AN ACT to amend the Act entitled, "An Act to incorporate the Presbyterian Theological
Seminary, established by the Synod of Geneva, at Auburn, in the County of Cayuga,"
passed April Fourteenth, Eighteen Hundred and Twenty. Passed March 13th, 1857.

The People of the State of New York* represented in Senate and Assembly* do enact as
follows :

Section i. Section five of said Act is amended so as to read as follows :
Section 5. A representation of two clergymen and one layman from each of the Presby-
teries comprised in the bounds of the Synods of Geneva, Genesee. Utica and Susquehanna,
and such other Presbyteries as shall hereafter associate with said Synods, for the purposes
aforesaid, shall compose a Poard of Commissioners, who shall have the general superin-
tendence, management and control of the afoiesaid Institution, and who shall have authority

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to fill the places of the aforesaid Trustees, as they shall become vacant ; to appoint Tutors,
Professors, and other officers of the said Institution ; to fix and determine, with the concur-
rence of the Board of Trustees, the salaries and other compensation of said officers, and with
the like concurrence, make all other necessary appropriations of their funds ; to make by-laws
and regulations for themselves ; to^hoose their own President, and other officers of their Board.
and to determine what number of their Board shall form a quorum for doing business ; the said
Commissioners first chosen by each Presbytery, after this Act shall take effect, shall be divided
into three classes, at the next Annual Meeting, and shall be numbered one, two and three r the
first class shall hold their offices for one year, the second class for two years, and the third
class for three years from the time of their respective elections; and those to be thereafter
chosen to fill the vacancies, shall hold their offices for three years. Should vacancies occur by
removal, resignation or death, the same may be filled by the Presbyteries in which they occur.
Section 2. Real and personal property may be granted and conveyed, devised and
bequeathed to the said Institution, to be'held in trust for the uses and purposes contemplated
by the Act hereby amended, provided that the clear annual income of their real estate shall
not exceed twenty thousand dollars, and that ofithcir personal estate, forty thousand dollars.
Section 3. This Act shall take effect immediately, and the Legislature may, at any lime,
alter, amend or repeal the same.

Secretary's Office. \

I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this Office, and do hereby
certify the same to be a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of said original law.

Given under my hand and seal of office, at the City of Albany,
the twenty-ninth day of May, in the year one thousand eight
hundred and fifty-seven.


Deputy Secretary 0/ State, pro tern.

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During the year the heirs of Dr. James Kichards, Auburn s
first professor of Christian Theology, have sent to the library
the manuscripts of his lectures. Such contributions of valu-
able manuscripts are welcome, and in the Seminary library they
will be accessible to persons who need to use them for purposes
of investigation. The Alumni and friends of the Seminary
are invited and strongly urged to send to the library manuscripts
or printed volumes or sermons or addresses. Historical addresses
are especially prized. All materials of this kind that may be
received will be carefully preserved.

Copies of the earlier catalogues of the Seminary are desired ;
especially those published in or before 1827, and those for
1834-35, 1840^1, 1S42-43, 1847-48, 1853-54, 1855-56,

The library has also been enriched by portraits of Professor
Samuel M. Hopkins and of Professor Ezra A. Huntington,
presented by the Alumni, and by a portrait of Professor Jona-
than B. Condit, presented by his daughters. Crayon portraits
of Professor Condit and of Professor Herrick Johnson have
also been hung on the walls of the lecture room of the depart-
ment in which they formerly served. It is desired to obtain at
least one portrait of every professor who has served in the

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