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Gifts grants bargains Seals Leases mortguages wills Entails joyn-
tuers Dowrys Judgements Executions Incumbrances and troubls
what Soever & I ye Said Joseph priar Do further Covenant and
bind my Selfe my heirs Exer^ admr^ ffirmly by these presents to
warrant and Defend the Said William Mathews & John mott theire
heirs & assignes In Quiett and peaceable possesion of all and Sin-
gluar ye Said granted premises against any Just and Lawfull Claime
of any parson or parsons what Soever in Witness Where of I ye
Said Joseph priar have here Unto Sett my hand and Seal this
Eliventh Day of December In ye yeare of our Lord Christ one
thousand Seven hundered and twenty five

Sealed and Deliverd Joseph priar O

In ye presents of

254 Book E

Sam" Underbill Queens

Samuel priar County ^*^^ oysterbay March ye 18: 1726/7

then Came Sam" Underbill one of the

Witneses to ye within Deed pasonaly

Be for me Isaac hicks Judge of ye

Cort of Common pleas of ye County abovesaid and Decleared Upon

his Sollom Af emation yt he See Joseph Priar Signe Seal the within

Deed and acknoledge it to be his free and VoUuntory actt and Deed

I allow this Deed to be Recorded

Isaac Hickes

(p. 373) — To all Christian people to Whome these presents Shall
Come or any wise Appertaine be it knone yt I Isaac Doty Sen"" of
New work In ye Towneshipe of oysterbay In Queens County on
Nassaw Island In ye province of new York for and In Considera-
tion of ye fatherly Love and natrual affection w*^^ I have & Do
beare towards my Son Samuel Doty and for his fatherly DuteyfuU
and well Demeaning him Selfe towards me & for other good Good
(sic) Causes & Considerations me ye s'^ Isaac Doty Espeshaly move-
ing have given Granted allienated Enffeofed Assigned Released
made over and Confirmed & by these presents Do fully freely
Clearly and absolutly Give grant allienate Enffefe assigne Release
makeover and Confirme Unto my Son Sam" Doty his heirs & as-
signes forever all that and Every part and parcall of my Land
Lying and joyning on ye West of my Son Jacobs land Bounded att
ye northeast Corner by ye northwest Corner of Jacobs homsted Lott
Where ye fence Now Stands and thence Runing westwardly to a
chesnute tree marked one ye brow of ye hill & from thence by a
strate Line to A white oacke tree marked by ye Cleafte Side joyn-
ing to my Son Isaac his Land and one ye West it is bounded by
ye harboure Side and one ye South Side it is bounded partly by ye
Land of Elias Smiths and partly Jonas Greenes land and partly by
Some land my Son James had of Jonas green and Easterly it is
bounded by ye highway that Leads from muskecove to ye bevevel
and Runing from ye aforesaid highway westwardly by Jacobs
Land which it is bounded by one the North Untill it Coms to ye
Land that I formerly give Unto my Son Joseph Doty and from
thence Southwardly by ye Land that was my Son Joseph to a white
tree marked att ye Southeast Corner of s^ Land by a path or high-
way to ye Southwest Corner of Jacobs Land and from thence
Northard by Jacobs Land to ye first bounder Together with all my
Right title Intrest Claime and Demand What Soever which I ye S*^
Isaac Doty now have or which any or Either of my heirs Executors
and adma*" or assignes may here after have of to or In ye S'^ granted
Land withall ye profits housen fenceing timber trees or whate Else
priviledge are belonging or In Right is appertaing or becoming Due
upon — {p. 374) — the Same to have and to hold Unto him my Said

Book E 255

Son Sam" Doty his heirs Exe^ admr^ & assignes forever all and
Singluar ye S"^ granted land and premises with appurteanceance
there of to ye only proper Use benefitt and behoofe of him ye S'l
Sam" Doty His heirs & assignes forever & I ye Said Isaac Doty
have put my S'^ Son Samuel Doty Into a law full and A peaceable
possesion of all & Every part & parcall of S'^ granted Land with ye
water Marches housen fenceing and appurtences thereof by ye
Delivery of turff and twigg and by these presents I ye S^ Isaac
Doty Do for me my Self e my heirs Executors admr* and assignes do
further Covenant and agree to and with my Son Samuel Doty that
it Shall and may be Lawful! for him his heirs Exer^ admr^ & as-
signes Quietly & peaceable to have hold Use occupy posses and in-
joy all ye S'^ granted Lands and premises as his & theire free and
Cleare Estate of In heritance In ffee Simple for Ever without ye
Lawfull Lett or mollestation of me the S'^ Isaac Doty my heirs
Exer^ admr^ or assignes or any other parson or parsons Lawfuly
Claiming ye Same from by or Under me or any or Either of them
not withstanding any former gifts grants mortguages Doryes or
other Conveances Whatsoever and for Confirmation hereof I ye
Said Isaac Doty have here Unto Sett my hand and Seal the twenty
fifth Day of march in ye ninth yeare of his majesties Reigne and in
ye yeare of our Lord one thousand Seven hundered & twenty three
Signed Sealed and Delivered Isaac Doty O

In ye presenceancs of

i:;^i:Do"u|h.y &1°y3-bay September 29.^ 1727

then Came ye Within Named Isaac Doughty
parsonaly appeared befor me Isaac hicks Judge

of ye Cort of Common pleas of ye County A bovesaid & acknol-

edged ye Within Instrument to (be) his free & VoUuntory act and

Deed I low this Deed to be recorded

Isaac Hicks

(p. 375) — To all Christian People To Whome these presents Shall
Come greeting Know ye yt I William Thorneycrafte of ye Thoune
Shipe of oyster bay in Queens County one Nassaw Island in ye
province of New york yeoman for and In ye Consideration of ye
Sum of five pounds Currant Money of New York to me In hand
paid before insealing and Delivery here of by Samuel Doughty of
ye Thoune Shipe afore Said the Recepte Where of I Do hereby
acknoledge & my Selfe There with fully Contented & there of Satis-
fied & Co firmed & there of & of Every part and parcall there
of Do Exonrate acquitte and Discharge ye Said Sam" Doughty his
heirs Executors & administrators forever by these presents Do
freely fully & absolutly give grant brargain Sell alien Convey &

Online LibraryN.Y Oyster BayOyster Bay town records (Volume 3) → online text (page 29 of 85)