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had made done or Sufered to be Done by him ye S'^ David Rodgers
or any other Person or Persons by from or under him or by his
order & procurement & further ye S^ David rodgers doth Engage to
warrant and Defend ye S*^ Nathaniel Harzard his Heirs & assignes
in ye Peaceable possesion of all ye aboves'^ Premises from him ye
S** David Rodgers his heirs Executors & admr^ & from any Person
or persons whatsoever Claiming by from or Under him In Teste-
mony where of he ye S^ David Rodgers hath Sett to his hand and
ffixed his Seall the Day and Yeare first Above Written
Signed Sealed And Delivered David Rodgers O

In The Presences of us
Jonah Rodgers
Samuel Smith »

{Half of page 442, and all of pages 443 and 444 are blank.)

(p. 445) — To all Christian People To Whome these presents Shall
Come Greeting Now Know ye that I Wright frost of matinacock
In ye Towne Shipe of oysterbay In Queens County one the Island

Book E 317

of Nassaw & In ye province of New York yeoman for and In ye
Cons . 450) — To all Christian People To Whome these presents Shall
Come or in any wise appeartain Be itt Kowne that I Joseph
Ludlam Eldest Son of Joseph Ludlam Deceased of Hodge Island
In ye Townshipe of oyster bay in Queens County on Nassaw Island
in ye province of New York for and in Consideration of My
Natuarell love good Will and affection which I have and Do Beare
towards my Brother Charles Ludlam of the Towne Shipe of oyster
bay afore Said and for other Good Caueses Consideration of His
part Or portion out of our Fathers Estate Or Inheritance Me there
Unto Especealy Moveing have giveen granted Freely and Cleary
Volentary granted & abslutly granted (sic) Alenated Infifeoffed
Assigned make Made over and Confirmed and By these presents
Do give grant AHenate Infeffe assigne Make over & Confirm Unto
my Brother Charles Ludlam Aforesaid all and Singluar all that of
Severall Tracts or parcalls of Land upland medows Swamps and
priveledges Lying Scituate and Being all within ye Towne Shipe of
Oyster Bay Afore Said the perticalers here followeth that is to
Say all my Right Title and intrest of and In A cartain Neck of
Upland and Swamps Lying and Being Upon Hodge Island So
Called Commonly ye Great Neck the ffirst bounds Begining one
West by ye Sea or harbour and So along Shore Untill itt Comes To
Epenezer Pratts Land That Was formerly Given in Exchang to
S*^ Epenezer Pratt for other Lands by Mother and thece along
the North S*^ by Epenezer Pratts Land given As afore Said and
from thence one ye Northeas and East Along Shore till itt Comes
to ye Great Medow Creek and one the South by the Creek and great
Medows West to the first bounder or Sea To Gether with all my
Right in Harveys Neck and Litle Neck So Called lying and Being
Upon Hodge Island Afore Said being bounded one the West By
the Great Medows and the Great Medow Creek and one the East
by the Sea or harbour Up along Southerly to my Land Commonly
Called androwses fieled that is all my Right of Upland and Swamps
Containg In ye S*^ Neck to gether with all free Egress and Regress

322 ^^^^ ^

Through my Land and to Gether with the Mojety or Equeal halfe
part of all My Medowes both Solt and ffreish Upon hodge Island
afore Said Excepting ye Medow We joyntly bought of Jeremiah
Pratt Equealy to be Devded betwen Us or our heirs or Assignes
To gether With all an equal Priviledge In ye Great medows Creeks
and Thach and Like wise In all Slips and peaceics of Undevided
Medows ponds and Sedges Upon hodge Island to Gether w*** ye
Mojety or one halfe part of a Cartain tract of Land Lying In the
old purchas of oyster bay So called the bounds Wheie of may be
made to appeare by the Record of oyster bay {This deed stops thus
at the bottom of page 450, zvithout explanation. It is again recorded,
in full, on pages 453 and 454 of the record.)

(^, 452)— To all Christian People to Whome (these) presents Shall
Come Know ye that I Adam Wright of the Towne Shipe of oyster
bay In Queens County on ye Island of nassaw In ye Provence of
new york yeoman for & Inconsideration of ye Sum of thirty Six
pounds of Currant Law full Money of new york to be me In Hand
Paid before ye Ensealing & Delivery of these Presents By John
Haflf of the towne Shipe of oyster bay afores^ wever by trad the
Recepte where of I do here by acknoledge & my Slfe there with
to be fully Satisfied Contented and paid & there of and of Every
part and parcall there of Do Exonrate Acquitt and fully Discharge
ye S^i John hafif His heirs Executors and Admr^ forever by these
presents have Given Granted Bargained Sold allienated Conveyed
and Confirmed by thes Presents Do freely fully & Absolutely Give
Grant Bargain Sell AUnate Convey & Confirm Unto ye S** John
Hafif his Heirs asigns for Every all yt of four Lott of Land Situate
Lying & being In ye new General Purchace of Oysterbay being
Number twenty three twenty f oure and twenty five and thirty first
and ye Litle Lotts So Called as may more Att Large appeare by
the Records of oyster Bay In Libar C foleo ye 18^^ with all the
timber trees Grase water ponds or what Else Is Standing groing
or becoming Due Upone the Same To Have and to hold all and
Singluar ye S^ granted & bargained premises with there & Every
of theire Appurtences priviledges and Commoditis to the Same
belonging or in any wise appeartaing to him the Said John Hafif his
heirs and assignes for ever More to his & theire only proper Use
benefit and be hoofe for ever and I the Said Adam Wright for me
my heirs Executors & admr^ Do Covenant promise grant and agree
to and with the Said John Haflf (his) heirs & assignes that before
the Ensealing here of I am the true Soleo and LawfuU owner of
ye above bargained premises & am Lawfully Seized of the Same
in mine one proper Right full Power & as a Good perfect & absolute
Inheritance and have in my self good Right full power & Lawfull
Authority to grant bargain Sell Convey and Confirm ye Said
granted and bargained Land & premises In manner as above Said

Book E 323

and that ye S

Online LibraryN.Y Oyster BayOyster Bay town records (Volume 3) → online text (page 36 of 85)