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ye S^ Lott So runing East & joyning to the Afores"^ Joseph Lott
forty Rods East ffrom thence Southwardly To a Cartain Whitte
oack tree which Stands on the North Side of the highway So
Raingin fourty Rods Westwardly by the Said Highway thence
North Wardly to the aforsaid Rock To Have and to hold ye
Said Granted And bargained premises with all the Appurtenances
Priviledges Commoditis to the Same belonging or in any Wise
appeartaing to him the S*^ Joseph Daughty his heirs And Assignes
for ever to his and there only proper Use Benefictt and behoofe
forever and I the S'^ Iaac Daughty for me My heirs Executors
and admr^ Do Covenant promise Grant to and With the Said
Joseph Daughty his heirs and Assignes that before ye Ensealing
hereof I am the true Sole And LawfuU owner of the Above bar-
gained primises and Am Lawfully Seized & possesed of the Same
in mine owne proper Right As A good As a good {sic) perfectt
and absolut Estate of Inheritances and have In My Selfe good
Right full power Law full authority to grant — {p. 493) — Bargaine
.Sell Convey And Confirm the Said bargained premises in Manner
as above Said and that and that {sic) the S^ Joseph Daughty his
heirs and Assignes Shall and May from time to time And att all
times forever hereafter by Virtue of these presents Lawfully
peaceabley and quietly have hold Use occupy posses and Enjoy
the Said Demised and bargained premises With the Appurten-
ances free and Clare and freely and Clearly Acquitted Exonrated
and Discharged of and fTrom all Manner of former gifts grants
bargains Sails Leasses Mortguages wills Entails joyntuers Dowrys
Judgments Executions Incumbrance and troubls wht Soever
And I the S*^ Isaac Daughty Do further Covenant and bind my
Selfe my Heirs Executors admr* firmly by these presents to

362 Book E

Warrant and Defend the Said Joseph Daughty his heirs and As-
signes in quiett and peaceable (possession) of all and Singluar
the S'^ granted premises Against any Just and Law full Claim of
any passon or Parssns What Soever In Witness whereof I ye
S*^ Isaac Daughty have here Unto Sett My hand And Seal this
thirteenth Day Day (sic) of Aprial and in The Second Yeare of
his Majesties Reaigne George King of great britten Defender of
the faith and In the yeare of our Lord Christ one thousend Seven
hounddered and Sixteen

Sealed and Delivered Isaac Daughty O

In ye presences of
Dirrick Aabartson
Soloman Daughty

MeMemorundd that that (sic) one the 7^^
Day of May Annoq: Domini 1716 the above Named Isaac
Daughty Came before me George townsend one of his majesties
Justies of the peace for Queens County And acknoledged ye above
Writen Deed to be his Rail Actt And Vollentary Deed

George Townsend

To all Christian People To Whome these presents Shall Come i
or any wise Appeartaine Be itt Knowne that I Isaac Doughty j
Sen'' of New work In the Townshipe of oysterbay In Queens j
County one Nassaw Island In the Collony of New York flfor and '
in Consideration of the fatherly Love and Naturall afTection
which I Have and do beare towards by Son Josoph Doughty of ■
the Towneshipe Aforesaid and for his ffilial Dutifull and well
Demeaning him Selfe towards Me and for other Good Caueses
and Considerations me ye S^ Isaac Daughty Especally moveing
Have given Granted alenated Enfifeofed assigned Released Mad ;
over And Confirmed and by these presents fifreely Clearly and ■
absolutly Give Grant Alienate EnfiFeof assigne Releas Mak over ;
and Confirm Unto my Son Joseph Daughty his heirs and Assignes ,
for Ever A Cartain Parcall of Land where one his house now
Stand att Newwork afores^^ Bounded one ye North East Corner ,
by John turn over — (p. 494) — Woods Northwest bounder of his
Land where the fence Now Stands from thence to rune Westward
as ye fence now Stands thirty Six Rods and from thence South-
wardly to the path by The Swampe Side Just forty Rods west
from ye Rock yt is John Woods South west bounder and flfrom ■
thence Southwardly as the fence Now Stands to a Saplen marked ■
by a rock and then East fourty Rods then North to the ffirst
bounds To Gether With all that of an Equall third part of my ;
Land joyning to the Highway that Leads from musktecove to '
ye Beavill Exstending Ats fare Northward as my fence Now |
Stands and fifrom ye Said Highway Westward along as ye fence ,
Stands to ye Edge of the Hollow and thence Downe ye hollow ;

Book E 363

by maked trees to the point of Hill Easteward of John Woods
House and from thence Northwardly to the South East Corner
of John Woods Land and he ye S'^ Joseph Doughty to have the
Northwardmost part thereof To Gether With all my Right title
Intrest Claime and Demand what Soever which I the Said Isaac
Doughty now have or which any or Either of my heirs Executors
amdr^ or assignes May herafter have of to or In ye S*' granted
parcalls of Land Withall ye proficts Commoditis Housen timber
trees grass water fencees or what Else is belonig or in any wise
appeartaing or Belonging (becoming) Due upon the Same To
Have and to hold Unto him my S^ Son Joseph Doughty his heirs
and Assignes all and Singlur the Said granted parcalls of Land
and Premises With the Appurtenances Thereof to the only pro-
per Use benefictt & behoofe of him ye the (sic) S^ Joseph Daughty
his heirs & assignes I ye S*^ Isaac Doughty have putt Into A Law-
full and peaceable possesion of all and Every part and parcall
thereof by ye Delivery of Turff and Twigg and by these presents
and I ye S'^ Isaac Doughty Do fro (for) my Selfe my heirs Exer^
admr^ and Assigns further Covenant and agree to and With my
Son Joseph Doughty that itt Shall and may be law full for him
the S

Online LibraryN.Y Oyster BayOyster Bay town records (Volume 3) → online text (page 41 of 85)