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mary Gall free Negore Woman of oysterbay wife to thomas Gall
free Neger the Recept whereof I Do here by acknoled and Discharge
ye Same mary Gall & thomas gall there Executors admar^ and As-
signes have granted Bargained and Sold and by these presents Do
grant bargaine and Sell Unto Said Mary Gall and thomas Gall a
Cartain Negroe Slave Named obed With his appurtences to hold
Use and Enjoy with all his Use proficts and Sarvises to them ye S. 35 {folio) i7)— Butt By Statute Mesure two hun-
dered & ninty Six Acres out of Which there are five 4 (sic) acres to
be Taken Outt Erro j- Excepted Proformed by me James Town-
send Suarvayere of oyster bay

oysterbay ye 6: March 1685/6

Where as itt has bine Surmised & Reported that ye w'Mn men-
tioned land was Conveyed to Me & my heirs as my proper &
parsonall Estate I do by these presents owne and Decleare that
I Never wase Legally possesed of ye Same by my Deed or Con-
vances & Do by these presents Debare me & my heirs from any
Right or title to the Same by any pretences what Soever as to
my parsonaly Estate Butt as Executedrs (executors) to the will
of Cap* nathaniel Sylvester I Do Noe wayes Concarn my Selfe
in ye above writtening witness my hand ye Day & Yeare above

Robart Cooper ^r James Loyde

John Newman

January ye 22 Day 1716/17

Then Laid oute a peice of Land in ye old purchas of oyster
bay to Robart White Upone His Wright ye ffirs Bounds is A
Chesnutt tree by the parting of the two pathas in Nans hollow
So Called Raing South Seventeen Degrees west 20 Rods thence

416 Book E

South 15°: Degrees East 24 Rods to his former Lands from
thence Rainging East 15 Dergrees North 53 Rods from thenc
By the high way to the ffirst bounds Containg Seven Acres and
a halfe Pear formed by me

James Townsend Survaer

Oyster bay March ye 20*^ 1728/9

Then Laid out An open Highway by James Dickinson & Sam"
macoone Commissonsers of the Highways Requested By twelve
or More of the free Holders of the Towne above Said Begining
Att the Streate and Rainging Northwardly Betwene Henry Town-
send Land and Zebuland Dickinsons Land & partly by Richard
Butlers Medow and partly by the S'^ henry Townsends Land &
absolam Townsend Medow & Jotham Townsends medow Throw-
out to the Sea of twenty ffeete (feet) Wide ye aforesaid highway
being vewed and Aprised Acording to Law In that Case made &
provided we do by the Same authority Afouresaid Stope & Shutt
Up ye fformer highway that Rune neare or ajoyning to ye aboves''
way that was In old John Dickinsons time Deceased and Now In
ye possesion of ye aboves'* Zebuland and In Consideration ye S'^
Zebuland Doth Vallentorely Give In to the highway Ten ffoot
wide of his one Land ye hoi Lenth of ye Way being halfe of ye
Sd Way Above Mentioned In Witness Where of I ye S"* Zebu-
land Dickinson Have here Unto Sett my hand and Seal This
Sceond Day of March 1729/30

Sealed & Delivered in Zebuland Dickinson O

ye presences of James Dickinson

Tho : Feeman Sam" macoon

Peter Underbill

{p. 36) — A Towne meeting Held in oyster Bay ye 7*'» Day of
April 1730 ffor ye Chuising of Towne ofifeciers ffor ye Ensewing
Yeare and att ye Above Said Meeting by A Uininamos By Voite
of the fifreeholders Sam" Underbill Choasen Towne Clarke for
ye Ensewing (year) and Josuah Townsend Choasen Constable
& Collecter for ye Ensewing Year and Jarvis Mudge & Sam"
Underbill Choasen Asse(ss)ors for ye Ensewing Yeare and David
Jones Superviser for ye Ensewing Year and John Aspinwall
Choasen Constable for musktecove for ye Ensewing Year and
Jacob Townsend Thomas Carpenter Simon Losee & Thomas
Weekes att ye South all Choasen for Survearyers of Highways
for ye Ensewing Yeare and Zebuland Dickinson & William Wright
Choasen ffences Vewers for ye Ensewing Yeare and Zebuland
Dickinson & Jotham townsend Choasen To Take ye Care of all
ye Intested Estats for ye Ensewing year And Barrick Coles is
Choasen for to take Care to pay the Quitt Rent att New York
for ye Ensewing Yeare and make Retuirne to the Book and

Book E 417

Joseph White Choasen Pounder for ye Ensewing Yeare and the
Voitte of ye ffreeholders att ye abovesaid meeting is yt the
pounder Shall have for Every Neate Kind or Horse Kind fore
pence hapeney for turning the Kee Upon ye Same So pounded
and for keeping ye Said pounded afifter notis Is given for Every
twenty four ours foure pence hapene they not Redemeing ye
Same So pounded ye Said pounder is hereby Inpowered to make
Sail of them to tlie Hies bider and ife there be any over Pluish
When all ye Charges is paid is to be Retuirned to ye oners Jona-
than Tailer Choasen Whiper for ye Ensewing year

old purchas may ye 7'^ 1730 that where as In and aboutt

ye yeare of our Lord Christ 1716/17 or in ye month of January
1716/17 I & James townsend Sen'' of oysterbay being Towne
Survears Did then Surveay & Lay out Unto Barak Coles one
Cartain parcall of Land In ye old purchas of oysterbay So Called
& ye Same being Lost or Nott to be fifound I Have This Day first
above written Resurveyed ye Same Land to him ye S'^ Barick
Coles on ye Right yt Dervied to him by his ffather Nathaniel
Coles Deceased ye first bounds where of Begineth att a cartain
Black oack tree west ward of yeallow Cots Hollow So Called
to the westward of ye Land of Joseph youngs Died In ye pos-
sesion of thence Rainging west 5 Degrees South 100 Rods thence _
North 5 Degrees west 24 rods thence North 25 Degrees East 28
Rods & thence East 3 Degrees & a halfe North 86 rods & from
thence To The ffirst bounds and bounded on or by ye path In ye
hollow on ye west Containg In Quantity 27 acres & 47 rods this
Laid out or Resurvayed by me ^^^^^ Townsend

(p. 37 (folio) 18)—

Upon The Pet

Online LibraryN.Y Oyster BayOyster Bay town records (Volume 3) → online text (page 46 of 85)