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and every of there appurtenances Priviledges and Commodities
to the Same belonging or Appurtaining or Which now are or for-
merly have been accepted reputed taken or known Used Accepted
E[ ] to or with the Same as' Part Parcel or Member there-

of and also the Reversion and Reverson and Reversons Remainder
or Remainders Rents and Services of all and Singular the Said
Premises above Mentioned and of Every Part and Parcel thereof
with their and every of there Appurtenance And also all the Estate
Right title Interest Claim and demand Whatsoever both in Law
and Equity of them the Said Parties of the first Part and which
they have hold Possess or Enjoy as Commissioners as afToresaid of

580 Appendix

in or to the same and of in and to Every Part and Parcel thereof
With th[e appurten[ances TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and
Singular the Said Marsh or thatch bed heriditaments and Swamp
[above] Mentioned and Every Part and Parcel thereof With their
and Every of there appurtenances Unto the Said Daniel Cock his
heirs and Assigns to their only Proper Use and Behoof of the Said
Daniel Cock his heirs and Assigns for Ever

[In Witne]ss Whereof the Parties to these Presents Have
hereunto Set their hands and Seals the Day and Year first [above]

Signed Sealed and Delivered Jacob Coles O

in the Presence of Samuel Cock O

Charles Thorn Silvanus Townsend O

William Cock
John Cock {Parts eaten away.)

TO ALL PEOPLE to whom these Presents shall come Greet-
ing, know ye that I J[ohn] Weekes of the Town of Oyster-Bay,
in Queens County, in the Colony of New York for & [in] con-
sideration of the Sum of four hundred and forty eight Pounds
twelve shillings & one Pen[ne]y [lawful] Money of New York
to me in Hand before the Ensealing hereof well & truely paid
by J[ames] Farley of Oyster-Bay aforesaid. The Receipt whereof
I do hereby acknowledge & myself [therewith] fully satisfied
& contented, & thereof & every Part & Parcel thereof do exon-
erate acquit & [discharge] the S^^ James Farley his Heirs Execu-
tors Administrators for ever by these Presents, Have given
[grant] ed bargained Sold aliened conveyed & confirmed, & by
these Presents do freely fully & absolut[ely] grant bargain, sell
alien convey & confirm unto him the S'^ James Farley his Heirs
[executors and] Assigns forever one Certain Piece of Wood
Land & cleared Land lying near the Town [of Oysterbay] con-
taining by Estimation thirty Seven acres and two Square Rods
[of land] beginning at the North East Corner of Elizabeth
Weekes's Land & bounded [north by the highway [ that leads from
Townsend Weekes's house to Joseph Lattings, on the Ea[st by
] Land, on the South & west by Samuel Birdsalls Land
on the South [by ] on the West by Elizabeth Weekes's

Land to the first Bounds to h[ave and to hold all of the above-
said] bargained Premises, with all the Appurtenances Priviledge[s
and commodities thereto belonging] or in any wise Appertaining to
him the Said James F[arley his heirs and assigns ] &

their only Proper use, benefit & behoof for ever [and the said
John Weekes for myself my heirs] Executors Administrators do
covenant Promis[e and declare to the said James Farley his
heirs] & assigns that before the Ensealing hereof I a[m the true
sole and only owner of the above barg]ained Premises & am

Appendix 681

lawfully Seized & Pos[sessed thereof and have in myself] a
good Perfect & absolute Estate of Inheri[tance and have in
myself just] Right full Power & lawful Authority t[o bargain sell
demise and grant the above mentioned] Premises in manner as
above Said [and that the said James Farley his heirs and assigns]
shall & may from time to time & at a [11 times hereafter forever
by virtue of these] Presents lawfully Peaceably & quietly have
h[old possess and enjoy all the above] bargained Premises with
all the Appurtenances free & [clear and freely and clearly] dis-
charged of from all & all manner of former (or) other G[ifts
grants sales leases] Mortgages Wills Entails Jointers dowries
Judgments Exec[utions, encumbrances or conveyances whatso-
ever] Furthermore I the S'l John Weekes for myself my Heirs
[executors administrators and assigns covenant] & engage the
above demised Premises to him the S'^ J[ames Farley his heirs
executors and assigns] against the lawful claim or demand of any
Person or Persons [whatsoever here] after to warrant secure &
defend And Jane Weekes wife of [the above said John Weekes]
doth by these Presents freely willingly give yield up & Surrender
all her Rig[ht of dower and] Power of thirds of in & unto the
above demised Premises unto him the S'* James [Farley his]
Heirs & assigns In witness whereof we have hereunto Set our
hands & Seal[s this ] day of the third Month Seventeen

Hundred & eighty two. 1782.

Signed Sealed and delivered John We [ekes]

in the Presence of Jean Weekes

Sam' Hare
Abraham Van wyck (A large portion eaten away.)

This Indenter Made this Twelveth Day of June one thousand
Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven between John Cock of the
township of Oysterbay in Queens County on Nassaw Island and
in the State of New York of the one part and Daniel Cock Ju^
of the Township and County aforesaid of the other part wit-
nesseth that the said John Cock for and [in the consideration]
of the Sum of one Hundred Forty Nine Pound fourteen Shil-
lings Good Current [lawful money of] New York Aforesaid
to Me in hand well and truly paid before the [Ensealing and de-
livery hereof] the Receipt thereof I do Acknowledge My self
therewith to be fully satis [fied contented and paid] and from
Every Part and Percel thereof do Acquit Release Exonerate and
fully D[ischarge the said] Daniel Cock his heirs and Assigns
forever all that peice of Clear^ Land adjoining the [highway that
leads] from Matinacock Meeting house to Woolver hollow that
formerly belonged to Penn [Cock deceased and which] was sold
by Charles Thorn to the said John Cock which May Appear by
a dee[d of sale bearing even] Date With these presents Which

682 Appendix

May More fully Appear by A' deed [from the executors of the
said] Penn Cock deces^^ Estate to Charles Thorn Bareing date
th[e one thousand seven hundred] and

Eighty Seven Beginning at the Northwest Corner by the High-
way [that leads from the aforesaid] Meeting house to Woolver
hollow Runing North Eighty Nine degrees East fifty [
rods and ] Links of Chane by Noah Townsends Land

thence South fourteen Degrees West Eight Rods [and ]

Links of Chane by Samuel Cocks Land thence South Sixteen
Degrees and a half East thirty five Rods and one Link of Chane
by said Samuel Cocks Land thence North Seventy Eight Degrees
East twenty five Rods by said Samuel Cocks Land thence South
five Degrees and a half West twenty six Rods by Bornt Snede-
kers Land to a Larg

Online LibraryN.Y Oyster BayOyster Bay town records (Volume 3) → online text (page 75 of 85)