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r' #;^^

Union College alumni
in the civil war, 1861-1865

Union University (Sclienectady, N.Y.). Graduate
Council, Tliomas Healey Fearey, Union university, .

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Hon.. Wm.H, SEWARD

Secretary of St-aU.

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1861 -1865



June 5, 1915

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EcioL-c.LLTnio. ry.(c^






Prefatory Note 3

Distiiiguished Alumni 4

Record of Faculty 5

Records of Alumni 5-86

Congressional Medals of Honor 87

Casualities 88-93

Casualilies by Classes 93

Service by Classes 94

Full Rank of Alumni 95-96

Totals in All Services 96

Alphabetical Page Index 97-102


William H. Seward Frontispiece and Opposite Page 5

Ira Harris Opposite Page 5

Henry W. Halleck Opposite Page 10

James C. Duane Opposite Page 1 5

Frederick Townsend Opposite Page 1 5

Daniel Butterfield Opposite Page 20

E. H. Ripley Opposite Page 66

Bust of Elias Peissner Opposite Page 72

Thomas H. Fearey Opposite Page 73

Tower Signal Station. Opposite Page 73

Elias Peissner Opposite Page 88

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Union College Alumni in the Cbnl War


The preparation of this Record has been a great pleasure
because of the feeling that simple justice was being done those
who served in the Civil War. It was intended to be a compila-
tion of Official Records and is to a great degree, but some
information, which seemed fairly reliable, could not be confirmed
from official sources. Such records will be easily recognized by
the absence of official dates.

The Collegiate and honor degrees are given as of last known

When officers stayed in the service after the war that fact
is indicated.

Brevet appointments were made *' for gallant and meritorious
services," which is implied where not stated.

It is hoped that the publication of this highly creditable
Civil War record of Union's Alumni will lead to the erection of
a Permanent Memorial at the College.

** Yea, let all good things av?ait
Him who cares not to be great
But as he saves or serves the state.
Not once or tivice in our rough island-stor^
The path of dut^ Tvas the iva^ to glory.**

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Alumni of Union College Who Rendered Dis-
tinguished Services to Their Country
During the Civil War

WILUAM H. SEWARD, *BK, LL.D., Class of 1820,

He was United States Secretary of State throu^^ die war period.
Hie evening that Lincob was shot Seward was savagely attacked at his
imnie, and his son, Frederick W. Seward, ^BK, LL.D., of die Class of
1549, who was Assutant Secretary of State, was seriously hurt when
to prevent die assassins entering his fadier*s room.

JOHN BIGELOW. *BK, LL.D.. Class of 1835.

He was Consul General of die United States in Paris, and United
States Minister to France during the war period. He rendered con-
^NOHOUS services in preventing die recognition of die Confederate States.

AUSTIN BLAIR, *BK. LL.D., Class of 1839.

He was the War Governor of Michigan and an ardent supporter aiiJ
he^MT of President Lincoln.

PRESTON KING. LL.D.. Class of 1827.
United States Senator from New York State.

IRA HARRIS, *BK, LL.D., Class of 1824.
United States Senator from New York State.

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Wm. H. Seward. Class of 1820.

United States Secretary of State.

This picture was taken in August, 1865,
after his partial recovery from wounds in-
flicted by Payne on July 1 4.

Ira Harris. Class of 1824.

United States Senator from New York

This picture was taken in October, 1 864.

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Faculty and Alumni Records in The Gvil War


Elias Peissner, A.M. (Munich). Professor of Cerman and PoMcal

At the age of 35 he was mustered in as Lieut. Colonel 1 1 9th
N. Y. Vols, to serve three years, August 9, 1862. Pro-
moted to Colonel Sept. I, 1862. Killed in action at
Chancellorsville, Va., May 2, 1863. A Grand Army
Post in Rochester, N. Y., is named for him.


1813 — 1821 — 1822

1813 Samuel Livingston Breese.

He was appointed Midshipman U. S. N., May 14, 1846.
The Civil War found him a Lieut. U. S. N., in command
of the Crusader. He was promoted to Lieut. Commander
July 16, 1862, and had command of the Quaker City of
the South Atlantic blockading Squadron in 1862-3, and of
the Gunboat Ottawa in 1863-4. He remained in the
service after the War.

1813 John J. Young.

Appointed Midshipman U. S. N., June 17, 1814.
The Civil War found hin Captain U. S. N.
He became Commodore July 16, 1862, and was ktet
retired as Commodore.

1821 John W. Proudfit, A.B., D.D.

Appointed Hospital Chaplain of Vols. June 20, 1862.
Honorably mustered out, Aug. 21, 1865.

1822 George W. Codwise, A.B., M.D.

Surgeon's Mate, U. S. N., May 14, 1825.
Surgeon U. S. N., Dec. 4, 1828.
Retired. April 30, 1861.

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Union College Alumni in the Civil War

1826—1827—1828— 1829

1826 John V. Van Ingen, A.B., D.D.

Chaplain 8th New York Cavalry. Nov. 18. 1861.
Discharged. January 22, 1864.

1827 Samuel Wooten Beall. A.B.

Private 18th Wis. Vols.. 1861.

Lieut. Colonel 18th Wis. Vols.. 1862.

Desperately wounded in the battle of Shiloh.

Resigned, Aug. 3. 1863.

Major 1 St Veteran Reserve Corps. Sept. 28, 1 864.

Discharged, Dec 20, 1865.

Commandant of Prison Camp at Elmira, N. Y., 1864-5.

1827 Theodore B. Hamilton. A.B.

2nd Lieut. 8th N. Y. Cavalry, Nov. 1861.

Resigned, June 11,1 862.

Captain 33d N. Y. Vols., 1862.

Lt. Colonel 62d N. Y. Vols.. Dec. 27, 1862.

Brevet Colonel, August 1, 1864.

Mustered out with Regiment, Aug. 30, 1865.

1828 Robert Toombs.

After the election of Lincoln he left the U. S. Senate and
led the secession movement in Georgia. He was one of the
Chief organizers of the Confederate Government, and was
a prominent candidate for President. He was Secretary of
State for a few months and then resigned to become
Brigadier General C. S. A. in Lee*s Army. He fought
with distinction at Manassas and Sharpsburg, but was too
insubordinate to make a successful commander, so in 1864
he resigned and returned to Georgia^ He disliked President
Davis and opposed his policies. After the war he would
not take the oath of allegiance so he was debarred from

1829 George Chandler. A.B.. M.D.

Medical Director at Fort Monroe in 1862.

1 829 WiLUAM Lyman. A.B.. M.D.

Asst. Surgeon U. S. Vols.. June 24, 1861.
Passed Asst. Surgeon, June 22, 1864.
Died in 1865.


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Union College Alumni in the Civil War


1829 Charles N. Rowley, ^bk, A.B.

He was a Brigadier General C. S. A. and commanded the
6th Brigade of Louisiana Militia.

1829 Samuel Jordan Wheeler, A.M.. M.D.

Served in C. S. A. near the end of Civil War.

1829 Charles Yates, A.B.

He was mustered into the U. S. Service in 1861 as Brigadier
General and given command of the Depot for Volunteers in
New York Gty, \^ere he remained until Jan. 25, 1862.
He then commanded at Fenwick, Pa., and in the Gettysburg
Campaign had the First Brigade of Dana's Division in the
Department of the Susquehanna from June 19 to July 20.

1830 Frank Hastings Hamilton, ^bk, M.D., LLD.

Major and Surgeon 31st N. Y. Vols., May 25, 1861.
Surgeon U. S. V., Aug. 3, 1861.

Medical Director 4th Army Corps in 1862 and Lieut.
Colonel and Medical Inspector, Feb. 9, 1863.
Resigned. August 29, 1863.

1831 John Cochrane, A.B.

Age 45. Enrolled for 3 years.

Colonel 65th N. Y. Vols., June 1 1 , 1 86 1 .

Brigadier General U. S. Vols., July 17, 1862.

Resigned, Feb. 25. 1863.

Attorney General N. Y. State, 1863-5.

1831 Samuel Gilbert Hatheway. Jr., ^bk. A.M.

Age 47. Colonel 1 4 1 st N. Y. Vols., Aug. 9. 1 862.
Discharged. Feb. 1 1. 1863. Died in 1864.

1831 Anthony Ten Eyck.

Major and Additional Paymaster of Volunteers, June I,


Honorably mustered out, Sept. 23, 1865.

1831 Ferdinand DeW. Ward, D.D.

Chaplain 104th N. Y. Vols., July 17. 1862, to Sept 16,
1862. and from Dec. 24, 1862. to Nov. 25, 1863, when
he was discharged for disability.

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Union College Alumni in the Civil War


1832 Ferris Forman.

Colonel 4th California Infantry, Nov., 1861.
Resigned, August 20, 1863.

1832 Cornelius L. Russell, A.B.

Private in 100 days' Regiment N. Y. Vols, 1st call. 1861.

1832 Jesse C. Smith. ^BK, A.M.

Brigadier General commanding 3d Brigade, 1st Division,
Department of Susquehanna from June 1 6 to July 24, 1 863,
during the Gettysburg campaign.

1834 Gaius M. Blodgett, A.M.

Captain and Hospital Chaplain, July 15, 1862.
Mustered out, July 26, 1865.

1834 James Fuller.

Age 54. Colonel 1 05th N. Y. Vols., March 26. 1 862.
Resigned, Aug. 2, 1862.

1834 Lewis Hamilton.

U.S. Army, 1863-8.

1834 Henry H. Northrop, ^BK, A.B.

Appointed Chaplain 13th Michigan Vols., Jan., 1862.
Resigned, Dec. 26, 1862.

1 834 Lemuel G. Olmstead, LL.D.

Hospital Chaplain Vols., June 4, 1862.
Honorably mustered out, Aug. 10, 1865.

1834 Montgomery Schuyler, A.B., DD.
Chaplain U. S. A., 1861-2.

1834 John Hills Woodward.

Chaplain 1st Vermont Cavalry, Nov., 1861.

Known as the fighting Chaplain, having led the charge at

New Market. Resigned, July 1 7, 1 863.

1835 Chauncey C. Joslin, A.M., M.D.

Age 49. Asst. Surgeon 84th N. Y. Vols., July 1 3. 1 863.
Discharged for disability, Jan. 7, 1864.

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Union College Alumni in the Civil War


1835 James Nichols, ^bk, A.M.

Age 50. Chaplain 108th N. Y. Vols.. Aug. 13. 1862.
Discharged. March 14. 1863. Died in 1864.

1835 Cornelius Van Santvoord, ^BK, D.D.

Age 44. Chaplain 80th N. Y. Vols.. Oct 10. 1861.
Discharged, Nov. 18. 1862.

1836 Samuel R. Beardsley.

Age 45. Lieut. Colonel 24th N. Y. Vols.. May 1 6. 1 861 .

Wounded in action at Groveton. Va.. Aug. 29. 1862.

Colonel. Jan. 16. 1863.

Mustered out with Regiment, May 29, 1863.

Died in 1863.

1836 Jacob Bockee. <e>BK, AM.. M.D.

Asst. Surgeon 13th Illinois Cavalry. Feb.. 1862.

Major and Surgeon U. S. Vols., May 15, 1862.

Stationed at Fort Pickens on Gen. Arnold's staff, dien at

at New Orleans in charge of St. James Hospital, and at

U. S. Marine Hospital. Later in Baton Rouge, La.

Brevet Lieut. Colonel for meritorious services, March, 1865.
1836 Henry Callahan, ^BK, A.B.

Chaplain 1 14th N. Y. Vols., Sept. 8. 1862.

Discharged, Sept. 29. 1863.

1836 George H. Camp.

Age 45. Private 1 76th N. Y. Vols., Dec. 18, 1862.
Captured in action at Brashear City, La., June 23, 1 863.
Paroled, Aug. 17, 1863. Corporal, December, 1863.
Discharged, Jan., 1864, for promotion to 2d Lieut. 87th
U. S. Colored Infantry, Jan. 23, 1864.
Discharged, Nov. 26, 1864.

1836 David E. Fowler, A.B.

Captain and Commissary U. S. Vols., Feb. 19, 1863.
Served with the 1 1 th Army Corps until the end of the
Gettysburg Campaign. In 1864 was assigned to Gen.
Jones' brigade of the 20th Army Corps and later was made
Major and Commissary of 2nd Division 20th Army Corps
on Gen. Geary's staff, on Sherman's march to the sea.
Brevet Colonel U. S. Vols, for meritorious services, June 24,
1865. Mustered out, June 30, 1865.

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Union College Alumni in the Civil War

1836 — 1837 — 1838

1 836 Edward Martindale, ^bk, A.M.

Captain and Q>nimis8ary Vols., Sept. 19, 1861.
Lieut. Colonel 26th New Jersey Vols., Jan. 6, 1 863.
Mustered out with Regiment, June 27, 1863, reverting to
his rank of Captain and Commissary.
Resigned, May 2, 1 864.

Colonel 83d U. S. Colored Infantry, Feb. 1, 1864.
Colonel 81st U. S. Colored Infantry, Aug. 6, 1864.
Resigned, Aug. 7, 1865.

1836 Samuel W. Wilson, M.D.

Asst. Surgeon 4th Wisconsin Cavalry, 1861.

Surgeon, April 1 , 1 864.

He served through the War and was Surgeon of the National

Soldiers* Home at Augusta, Me., after the War.

1837 Henry Wager Halleck, ^BK, LL.D.

He had served as an officer in the U. S. Elngineer Corps from
July 1 , 1 839, to the acceptance of his resignation as Captain
on August 1, 1854. He was Captam by brevet in 1847
for gallant and meritorious services in Mexico and California.
He became Secretary of State in California and in 1861
offered his services to the Government and was made Major
General U. S. A., Aug. 19. 1861.

He was Commander in Chief of the Army from July 23,
1862, to March 9, 1864, and continued in the service after
the War.

1838 Isaac G. Duryea, A.B.

Age 51. Chaplain 81st N. Y. Vols., Oct 1 7, 1862.
Mustered out with Regiment, Aug. 31,1 865.

1838 Samuel Fairbanks, A.B.

He was Captain and Acting Quartermaster C. S. A. and
served on Gen. Finegan's staff in Florida.

1 838 T. DwiGHT Morris, A.B.

Colonel 14th Conn. Vols., Aug., 1862.

Brevet Brigadier General, 1 863.

Resigned, Aug. 14. 1863.

Commanded 2nd Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps.


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Union College Alumni in the Civil War

1838 Livingston G, Parker, A.B.

Captam 5th Kansas Cavalry, April 29, 1865; transferred
to 15th Kansas Cavahry, Aug. 22, 1865.
Mustered out, Dec 7, 1 865.

1838 Warren Taylor.

Served in Ohio Vols.

1838 Robert Townsend.

He served as an officer of the U. S. Navy from Aug. I,
1837, until April 7, 1851, v^ta his resignation as Lieut
U. S. N. was accepted.

He was appointed Acting Lieut U. S. N., Sept 1 7, 1861,
and became Commander, July 1 6, 1 862, Captain, July 25,
1 866, and died in the service, Aug. 1 5, 1 866.

1838 Peter S. Van Nest, DD.

Chaplain 36th Wisconsin Vols., March, 1864.
Discharged, Jan. 6, 1 865.

1839 Edward Cooper, DD.

Chaplain 8th Ohio Cavalry, June 30, 1864.
Mustered out, July 30, 1865.

1839 George Erskine Danforth.

Colonel 1 34th N. Y. Vols., July 9, 1862.
Resigned in 1863.

1839 George R. Fairbanks, A.M.

Major A. Q. M. C. S. A. at Atlanta.

1839 Alfred Taylor, A.M., M.D.

Surgeon 2nd Ohio Cavalry, Sept, 1861.
Discharged, April 1 8, 1 863.

1840 Cyrus Sumner Brown, A.B.

1st Lieut 1 1th Missouri Vols., April 4, 1862.
Discharged, Stspt. 1 , 1 862.


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Umon College Alumni in the Civil War


1840 Peter H. Burghardt, ^bk, A.M.

Age 50. Chaplain 65th N. Y. Vols.. June 1 1. 1861.

Dismissed, March 21,1 863.

Reinstated, June 6, 1 863.

Mustered out with detachment, Sept. 12,1 864.

At Fair Oaks, where all the field officers were killed or

wounded, he took command of his Regiment and led it back

into action.

1840 Isaac O. Fillmore, ^bk, D.D.

Chaplain 15th N. Y. Cavalry, May 18, 1864.

1840 Thales Lindsley, ^bk, A.B.

Captain, Major and Brigadier General.

1840 Charles Martin, AM.. M.D.

Asst. Surgeon U. S. A., Sq>t. 5, 1 848.

Major and Surgeon U. S. N., April 22, 1861.

Retired as Medical Director, Aug. 21,1 884.

He was on the Cumberland when sunk by the Merrimac in

the Monitor fight.

1840 Wm. H. p. Paddock, A.M.

Hospital Chaplain Vols., July 5, 1862.
Honorably discharged, March 28, 1 863.
Hospital Chaplain Vols., June 1 9, 1 863.
Honorably mustered out, May 7, 1867.

1840 Bernard F. Schemerhorn, AB.

Major 46th Indiana Vols., Nov., 1861.
Mustered out with Regiment, Dec. 1 , 1 864.

1840 James L. Van Ingen, M.D.

Surgeon 18th N. Y. Vols., May 17. 1861.

Resigned, Aug. 4, 1861.

Surgeon 5th N. Y. Vols., Sept. 14, 1861.

Discharged on report of Examining Board, Feb. 14, 1862.

Disability removed June 22, 1 864.

1841 James F. Calkins, ^bk, AB.

Chaplain 149th Pa. Vols., June 3. 1863.
Mustered out with Regiment, June 24, 1865.


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Union College Alwnni in the Civil War

1841 ~ 1842

1841 Wm. E. Eacker. A.B.

Quartermaster on General Fonda's statf.

1841 Lewis Sylvester Hough.

Private 9th N. J. Vols.. 1863 to 1865.

1 84 1 Robert Chaffee Morgan, A.B.

He had served as 1st Lieut, and Regimental Quartermaster
of the 10th U. S. Infantry from April L 1847, and as
Captain from May 8, 1848, until August 26» 1848, "whtn.
the command was disbanded

He became Captain and A. Qm. U. S. A., June 1 8, 1 862.
Brevet Major U. S. Vols, and Brevet Colonel U. S. Vols.,
March 13. 1865.
Mustered out, Oct. 1 , 1 867.

1841 Wm. H. Stewart.

1st Ueut. 29th 111. Vok, 1861.
Resigned, March 4, 1 862.
Captain 95th 111. Vols., Sept. 4, 1862.
Mustered out with Regiment, Aug. I 7, 1865.

1842 Duncan Campbell, <e>bk, A.M.

1st Ueut. 24th N. Y. Vols., Aug. 30, 1862.
Mustered out with Regiment, May 29, 1 863.
Captain and Asst. Adjutant General N. Y. Vols.

1842 RuFUs King, ^BK, A.B.

Private 3 1 St Wis. Vols., 1861.
1st Lieut, and Regiment Quartermaster, 1863.
Captain and Quartermaster, April 1 7, 1 864.
Mustered out with Regiment, June 20, 1 865.

1842 Henry A. Prendergast, A.B.

Major and Paymaster U. S. A., Nov. 13, 1862,
Served until his death in 1863.

1842 George L. Robinson.

Post Chaplain U. S. A., Fort Leavenworth, Kan,

1 842 Charles E. Smedes.

Brigadier General C. S. A., 1863.


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Union College Alunm in the Civil War

1842—1843 — 1844

1842 Thomas B. Van Buren.

Ueut Colonel 102d N. Y. Vols., Dec 16. 1861.
Colonel 102d N. Y. Vols.. Feb. 8. 1862.
Resigned, Dec. 13, 1862.
Brevet Brigadier General U. S. Vols., March 13. 1865.

1842 James Wood. ^bk. A.M.

Age 42. Colonel 1 36th N. Y. Vols., Aug. 8, 1 862.
Brevet Brigadier General N. Y. Vols., March 8, 1865.
Brevet Major General N. Y. Vols., March 13, 1865.
Mustered out with Regiment, June 13, 1865.
He wrote a History of the Atlanta Campaign.

1843 Frankun B. Hough, ^BK. AM., M.D., Ph.D.

Age 45. Surgeon 97th N. Y. Vols.. July 3, 1862.
Discharged, March 10, 1863.

1843 Levi W. Norton. AM.

Age 41 . aaplain 72d N. Y. Vols.. July 1 7. 1 861 .
Discharged. April 20. 1862.

1843 Henry Pomeroy. ^bk. A.M.

Lieut Colonel 1 st Wis. Cavalry.
Resigned. Feb. 11. 1864.

1843 Rodman H. Robinson. D.D.

Chaplain 32d N. Y. Vols.. June I. 1861.
Resigned. Feb. 22. 1862.

1 844 William Allen. A.B.

Additional Paymaster Vols., June I. 1861.

Chief Paymaster of the District of the Cumberland in 1 862.

Resigned, Oct. 4. 1865.

Brevet Lieut Colonel Vols., March 13, 1865.

1844 Alexander P. Berthoud, *bk, AM.

Colonel 31st N. J. Vols.. Sept. 17. 1862.
Commanded a Brigade in the 1st Army Corps.
Mustered out with Regiment, June 24, 1863.


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Union College Alumni in the Civil War


1 844 James C. Duane, A.B.

After receiving his A.B. at Union he entered West Point
and graduated July 1, 1848. He was aiH>ointed Brevet
2nd Lieut, of Engineers. He became Giptain, August 6,
1861 ; Major, March 3. 1863. Brevet Ueut Colonel aiid
Brevet Colonel U. S. A., July 6. 1864, for faithful services.
He commanded the Elngineer Battalion in the siege of York-
town, April 12 to May 4, 1862. He built the bridge over
the Chickahominy, 2,000 feet long, August 12-14, 1862.
He was Chief Engineer of the Army of the Potomac, Sept.
8 to Nov. 5, 1862, during the Maryland Campaign.
Chief Engineer of the Department of the South, Nov. 19, ^

1862, to June 13, 1863, in the attacks on Fort McAllister,
Ga., and in operations against Charleston, S. C, and again
Chief Engineer of the Army of the Potomac from July 15,

1 863, to June 8, 1 865. Brevet Brigadier General U. S. A.
from March 1 3, 1 865, for gallant and meritorious services
during the siege of Petersburg and the defeat of Lee.
After the War he became Lieut. Colonel, Corps of Elngineers,
March 7, 1867; Colonel, Jan. 10, 1883; Brigadier General,
Chief of Engineers U. S. Army, Oct. 11, 1886, and was
retired, June 30, 1888.

He was one of the joint commission to supervise the con-
struction of the Washington National Monument, Oct. 1 1 ,
1886^Junc30, 1888.

The General Order of the Corps of Elngineers regarding
him says: " General Duane was a most distinguished officer
of the Corps of Engineers. His professional attainments
were of the highest order, and his public service was char-
acterized by a faithful devotion to every duty.'*

1844 Nathan J. Johnson, A.M.

At the age of 39 Captain 93d N. Y. Vols., Nov. 3, 1861.
Lieut. Colonel 115th N. Y. Vols., April 13, 1864.
Wounded in action, Aug. 18, 1864, at Deep Bottom, Va.;
again on Oct. 28, 1864, at Darbytown Road, Va., and
again on Jan. 1 5, 1865, at Fort Fisher, N. C.
Promoted to Colonel, ^ril 29, 1865, having been made
Brevet Colonel U. S. Vols, from March 13, 1865, for
gallant and meritorious services at the storming of Fort Fisher.
Mustered out with his Regiment, June 1 7, 1 865.


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Union College Aluntni in the Civil War


1844 Louis Livingston, A.B.

Major 29th N. Y. VoU.. May 21. 1861.

Resigned, June 2, 1861.

Captain and A. A. D. C. U. S. Vols., July 3. 1862.

Resigned, March 8, 1864.

Brevet Major U. S. Vols, for gallant and meritorious con

duct at Antietam and South Mountain, Md.

Brevet Lieut. Colonel U. S. Vols, for conspicuous service .i>


1844 Daniel McCarthy.

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