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Stephen W. Williams, M.D. (C.)
Trans. Am. Med. Assoc., 1849, 863-927.
51. — Report on the Trees and Shrubs growing naturally in the Forbsts
OF Massachusetts. By Qeo. B. Emerson. (D.) Boston, 1846.
Zool. and Bot. Snry. Mass. 8to. pp. 547. 2d ed., 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 624.
Boston, 1875. 3d ed. 1878.
52. — Catalogue op the Plants growing without Cultivation within Thirty
Miles of Amherst College. By Edward Tnokerman and Chas. C.
Frost. (B.)
8vo., pamph., pp. 98. Amherst, 1875.
53. — List of the Native Trees of Massachusetts, with Notes upon certain
Naturalized Species. By F. B. Hongh. (C.)
Rep. on Forestry, 406-416. Washington, 1877.
54. — Date of Flowering of Trees and Shrubs in Eastern Massachusetts,

1880. By John Robinson. (A.)

Trans. Mass. Hort. Soc, 1880, 161-173. Also reprint, pp. 13, 1880.
55. — Date of Flowering of Trees and Shrubs in Eastern Massachusetts,

1881. By John Robinson. (A.)
Trans. Mass. Hort. Soc., 1881, 348-358.

56. — A List of Plants found growing Wild within Thirty Miles of Amherst.
By N. A. Cobb. (B.) Includes Pteridophyta, Bryophyta, Thallophyta,
and Protophyta.
Pamph., 8vo., pp. 51. Northampton, 1887.
57. — List of Dbsmids from Massachusetts. By Wm. West. (A.)
Jour. Royal Micros. Soo., 1889, 16-21.

Berkshire County.

58. — Catalogue of Plants found in the County of Bsrkshibb, Mass. By
Rev. Chester Dewey. (B.)
In '' A History of the County of Berkshire,'' 8yo. pp. 43-86. Pittsfleld,

Bristol County.

59. — Catalogue of Plants found in New Bedford and its Vicinity. By B.
W. Henrey. (A.)
Pamph., pp. 30. New Bedford, 1860.

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242 Local Floras of the United States and British America.

Dukes County.

60. — Flora of Pekikbsb Island. Bj D. S. Jordan. (A.)
Amer. Naturalist, Tiii, 193-197. 1874.

Smoz County.

61. — List op Plants Collected from March 25 to November 27, 1853, Prin-
cipally FROM North Dantbrs, with a few from Pleasant Pond,
Wbnham. By Geo. Osgood. (A.)
8al«m Gazette, May 26, June 2, 1854. Reprinted.

62. — Studies of the Essex Flora ; a complete enumeration of all Plants


adjoining. By C. M. Tracy. (B.)
8vo., pamph., pp. 87. Lynn, 1858.
63. — List of Plants collected in Salem and its Vicinitt, in 1857. By S.
B. Buttrick. (A.)
Proc. Essex Inst., ii, 233-242. Salem, 1860.
64. — A List of Trees, Shrubs, and Plants of our Cape (Cape Ann), which


In ** Pigeon Cove and Vicinity." By Henry W. Leonard, pp. 151-156.
Boston, 1873.
65. — List of t^b Ferns of Essbx County. By John Robinson. (B.)

Bull. Essex Inst, vii, 44-54, 1875 ; addenda, loc. oit., viii, 147, 148, 1875 ;
ix, 98, 1877.
66. — Flora of Georgetown, Mass. By Mrs. C. N. S. Horner. (A.)

Georgetown "Advocate," Feb. and Mar. 1876.
67. — Flora of Boxford. By Miss M. E. Perley. (A.)

Georgetown ** Advocate,** March, 1876.
68. — Notes on the Native and Extensively Introduced Woody Plants of
Essex County. By John Robinson. (B.)
Bull. Essex Inst., xi, 72-106. Salem, 1879.
69. — Flora of Essex County. (Includes Phienogams, Vascular Cryptogams,
Lichens, Mosses, Hepaticn, Characeie, and Marine Algie with extensive
notes, and historical preface and sketch of early Essex County Bota-
nists.) By John Robinson.
Pub. by Essex Institute, 8vo. pp. 200. Salem, 1880.
70. — Introduced Plants found in the Vicinity of a Wool-scouring Estab-
lishment. By William P. Alcott.
Bull. Essex Inst., xiii, 162-166. 1881. Also reprinted.
71. — Notes on the Flora of South Georgetown. By Mrs. Charlotte N. S.
Horner. (A.)
Bull. Essex Inst., xv, 107-110. 1883. Reprinted, pp. 4.
72. — List of Native and Introduced Plants observed in Flower in the
Vicinity of Salem, during the Spring of 1886, on or before Mat 1.
By J. H. Sears. (A.)
Bull. Essex Inst., xviii, 95-98. 1886.

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Local Floras of the United States and British America, • 243

Middlesex County.

73. — Catalooub op Ambbicak akd Fokeioh Plahts Cultivated in thb
Botanic Gabdbn, Caubbidob, Mass. By W. D. Peck. (A.)
Pamph., 8vo. Cambridge, 1818. Also Appendix to Rep. and Joum.
Mass. Hort. Soc., v, part 1. 1818.
74. — ^Noticb of some Plants pound in this Vicinity (Chblmspobd), Mabch,
1840. By J. L. Russell. (A.)
Hovey's Mag. Hortio. Bot., etc., vii, 130, 131. 1841.
75. — ^Floea op Medpord. By Geo. Davenport. (B.)

♦*Medford Chronicle," 1875-1876.
76. — A List op Plants Growing without Cultivation in Malden and Med-
pord, Mass., with some Contributions to a Flora of Middlesex
CouNTT. Published by the Middlesex Institute. (B.)
Pamph., 8vo. pp. 19. Maiden, 1881.
77. — A Partial List op the Native Flora op Waltham, Mass. By the
Botany Club of Waltham. (A.)
Pamph., pp. 36. Waltham, 1883.
78. — ^Flora op Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. By L. L. Dame and F. S
Collins. (B.)
8vo. pp. 201. Maiden, Middlesex Inst., 1888.

Nantucket County.

79. — Catalogue op Plants Growing without Cultivation on the Island op
Nantucket. By Maria L. Owen. (A.)
In ** Island of Nantucket: what it was and what it is." Compiled by
Edw. K. Goodfrey, 38-47. 1882.
80. — ^A Catalogue of Plants Growing without Cultivation in the Cousty
OP Nantucket, Mass. By Maria L. Owen. (B.)
Pamph., 8vo. pp. 87. Northampton, 1888. See, also, J. H. Redfield, in
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci., Phila., 1885, 378, 379.

Norfolk County.

81. — List op Trees and Plants Growing Naturally in Milton, Mass. By
J. R. Churchill. (B.)
History of Milton, Mass., published by a Committee of the Town, 600-613.
Also Pamph., 8vo. pp. 16. 1887.

Suffolk County.

82. — ^Florula Bostoniensis ; a Collection op the Plants op Boston and its
Vicinity. By Jacob Bigelow, M.D. (D.)
8vo. pp. 268. Boston, 1814. 2d ed., pp. 424, 1824 ; 3d ed., pp. 468, 1840.
83. — Beautiful Plants Growing Wild in the Vicinity op Boston. By E.
B. Kendrick. (D.)
Hovey's Mag. Horticulture, Botany, etc., i, 368-377; 411-418; 453-458,
1835; ii, 14-17; 65-57; 131-134; 171-174,1836.
84. — List op Fungi Found in the Vicinity op Boston. By W. G. Farlow,
M.D. (A.)
Bull. Bussey Inst., i, 430-439, 1876 ; and ii, 224-252, 1878.

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244 Local Floras of the United States and British America.

85. — Catalogue op the Floba of ''Oak Island," Revbbe, Mass., with Not^.
Bj Herbert A. Young. (B.)
Ball. Essex Inst., xiv, 141-157. 1882. Reprinted.

'Worcester County.

86. — Notice op Some Rare akd Beautiful Plants found at Hubbabdston,
Mass., Mat to August, 1837. By J. L. Russell. (A.)
Hovey^s Mag. Hortic Bot., etc., iii, 410-413. 1837.
87. — Catalogue op the Phjbnooamous and Yasculab Cbtptogamous Plantp
Pamph., 8vo. pp. 48. Worcester, 1883. Pablished by the Worcester
Natural History Society.
88. — Catalogue op the Phanogamous and Yasculab Cbtptogamous Plants
OP FiTCHBUBO AND ViciNiTT. By E. Adams Hartwell and others. (B.)
Pamphlet, 8vo. pp. 39. 1885.


89. — Catalogue op Plants Collected bt the Botanical Department of the
Protidence Franklin Socibtt, Principallt in Rhode Island, in 1844.
(By a Committee consisting of S. T. Olney, George Hunt, George Thur-
ber, and Henry B. Metcalf.) (A.)
Published by the Franklin Society. 8vo., pamph., pp. 8. Providence,
90. — Additions to the Published Lists of the Providence Franklin Societt.
By S. T. Olney. (B.)
Proc. Providence Franklin Soc, i, 1-42, 1846 and 1847.
91.-»Algjb Rhodiacbjb. A List op Rhode Island Alga. By Stephen T.
Olney. (B.)
Pamph., 8vo. pp. 13. Providence, 1871. Also in Lens, 1, 129-135.
Chicago, 1872.
92. — Contributions toward a Complete List of Rhode Island Diatoms. By
S. A. Briggs (addition to Olney's Catalogue). (A.)
Lens, ii, 161-163. Chicago, 1873.
93. — Native Plants op thb Island op Rhode Island. (A.)

Proc. Newport Nat. Hist. Soc., 1884-1885, 87-89 ; 1885-1886, 13-15.
94. — Plants op Rhode Island, being an Enumeration op Plants Gbowing
WITHOUT Cultivation in the State op Rhode Island. By Jas. L.
Bennett. (B.)
8vo. pp. 128. Providence, 1888. Proceedings of Providence Franklin

95.— List op the Marine Alo-« Growing in Long Island Sound withix
TwENTT Miles op New Haven. By F. W. Hall. (B.)
Bull. Torr. Bot. Club, vi, 109-112. 1876.
96. — List op Lichens Growing within Twbntt Miles of Yalb College. B/
F.W.Hall. (B.)
Amer. Naturalist, xi. 170-175. 1877.

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Local Floras of the United States and British America. 245

97. — Catalogue op thb Flowbbino Plants A5d Higher Cryptogams Growing
WITHOUT Cultivation within Thirty Miles op Yale College. (B.)
Pabd. bj the Berzelias Soo., 8vo., pamph., pp. 72. New Haven, 1878.
98.^-A Catalogue op all Phjenogamous Plants at present known to Grow
without Cultivation in the State op Connecticut. (From the Report
of the Sec. Conn. Board Agrio., 1885.) By James N. Bishop. (B.)
Pamphlet, 8vo., pp. 16. Hartford, 1885.

Litchfield County.

99. — List op Plants Growing Spontaneously in Litchpield and in its
Vicinity. By John P. Brace. (B.)
Silliman's Jonrnal (I), iv, 69-86 ; 292-309. 1822.
100. — ^Thb Pteridophyta op Litchpield Co., Conn, By Lncien M. Under-
wood. (B.)
Boll. Torr. Bot. Club, xi, 7, 8. 1884.

New Haven County.

101. — Catalogue op the Phjbnogauous Plants and the Ferns Growing with-
out Cultivation within Five Miles op Yalb College. By William
Tullj, M.D. (A.)
From Appendix to Baldwin*s Hist. Yale College. 8vo., pamph., pp. 38.
New Haven, 1831.
102. — Catalogue op the Phanooamous and Vascular Cryptogamous Plants
POUND Growing in Meriden, Conn. By Emilj J. Leonard. (A.)
Trans. Scientif. Assoc. Meriden, i, pp. 40. 1885.
103. — ^Plants pound Growing in Meriden, Conn., since issue op Catalogue
in 1885. Mrs. B. B. Kendrick. (B.)
Trans. Meriden Sci. Assoc., ii, 64-57. 1886.
104. — A List op Forest Trees and Shrubs to be pound in Meriden, Conn.
By Chas. H. S. Davis, M.D. (C.)
Trans. Sci. Assoc. Meriden, iii, 46-78. 1888.
105. — Diatoms and other Alg^ op New Haven Harbor and Adjacent
Waters. By Wm. A. Terry. (B.)
Amer. Month. Micros. Joum., ix, 225-227. 1888.

New London County.

106. — A Catalogue op Wild Plants Growing in Norwich and Vicinity,
arranged in the Order op Flowering por the Year 1882. By Geo.
R. Case and Wm. A. Setchell. (A.)
Pamphlet, 8vo. pp. 12. Norwich, 1883.


107.— Flora op the Northbrn and Middle Sections op the Unfted States,
North op Virginia. By John Torrey, M.D. (D.)
8vo. pp. 512. Albany, 1824.

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246 Local Floras of the United States and British America,


coKTAiiriHa Gbnbbig and Specific Dbbcbiptiohe of all the Plasts,


North op the Potomac By John Torrey, M.D. (D.)
12mo. pp. 403. New York, 1826.


L. C. Beck, M.D. (D.)
12mo. pp. 471. Albany, 1833. 2d ed. pp. 480. New York, 1868.
110.— Journal of a Botanical Excubsion in the Northeastern Parts of tee
States of Pennsylvania and New Yobk ddbino the Yeab 1807. By
Frederick Pnrsh. (C.)
8vo. pp. 87. Philadelphia, 1869. Edited by Thos. P. James.
111. — Mcsci Appalachiani ; Tickets of Specimens of Mosses collected mostly
in the Eastebn part of North America. By C. F. Austin. (C.)
8to., pamph., pp. 92. Closter, 1870. (Supplement I, 16 pp. 1878.)


112. — Catalogue of Plants Indigenous to the State of New Yobk. By
Jacob Green. (A.)
Trans. Soc. Promot. Useful Arts, pp. 40-76. Albany, 1814.
113. — Trees, Shrubs, and Plants of New York. By Jas. Macauley. (A.)
In "Natural, Statistical, and Civil History of New York," i. 521-539.
New York, 1829.
114. — Catalogue of Plants of New York State. By John Torrey, M.D. (B.)
4th Ann. Rep. Qeolog. Survey of State. Assembly Doc. No. 50, Jan. 24,
1840, 113-197. Albany, 1840.
116, — Flora of New Yobk State. By John Torrey, M.D. (D.)

2 vols. 4to. pp. 484 and 572 ; 161 plates. Albany, 1843.
116. — Catalogue of the Medicinal Plants, Indigenous and Exotic, Gbowino
IN THE State of New York. By Charles A. Lee, M.D. (C.)
8vo., pamph., pp. 64. New York, 1848.
117. — Catalogue of the Plants of the State of New Yobk, of which
Specimens abb Prbsebvbd in the Cabinet at Albany. By John
Torrey, M.D. (A.)
2d Ann. Rep. of Regents on Cabinet, 39-64. Albany, 1849.
llfi. — List op Plants Described in the State Flora ; and of Plants Dis-
covered AND Collected since the Publication of the Flora. By
John Torrey, M.D. (A.)
Cat. Cab. Nat. Hist. N. Y., 1-61. Albany, 1853.
119. — List of Plants Growing Spontaneously in the State and not in-
cluded IN Torbey's Catalogue. By G. W. Clinton. (By one of the
Regents.) (B.)
18th (197-205) and 19th (72-80) Ann. Rep. Regents on Cabinet. Albany,
1865-66. These lists and additions have been continued in the sac-
ceeding Annual Reports by Mr. C. H. Peck.

Digitized by


Local Floras of the United States and British America. 247

120. — Catalogue of Mosses Pbesbktbd to the State of Nsw Yobk (maiklt
PROM Rensselaer Co.). By Charles H. Peek. (A.)
19th Ann. Rep. Regents on Cabinet, 193-196. Albany, 1865.
121. — List of Mosses of the State of New York. By Charles H. Peek. (B.)

19th Rep. Regents on Cabinet, 42-70. 1866.
122. — List of the Ferns op New York State. By Wm. H. Leggett. (A.)
Bull. Torr. Bot. Club, vi, 268. 1878. (Addenda by Prof. L. M. Under-
wood, 1. c, viii, 78, 79.)
123. — Check List of Marine Aloa, Based ov Specimens Collected on the
Shores of Lono Island, 1839-1885. By Nicolas Pike. (B.)
Bull. Torr. Bot. Club, xiii, 105-115. 1886. Also reprinted, pamph.,
pp.10. New York, 1886.
124. — Contributions to the Botant of the State of New York. By Chas.
H. Peck. (C.)
Bull. N. Y. State Mus. Nat. Hist., 1, No. 2, pp. 66, two plates. 1887.

Albany County.

125. — Catalogue of the Plants of Albany County. By Dr. J. S. Markle and
C. H. Peck. (A.)
Bicentennial History of Albany County, by Howell and Tenney, 21-29.

Caynga County.

126. — Catalogue of the Plants found in the Vicinity of Aurora, 1840.
Analyzed and arranged at said place, by Qeo. W. Schenck. By Alex-
ander Thomson, M.D. (A.)
54th Ann. Rep. of RegenU, 224-226. Albany, 1841.

127.— The Catuoa Flora. Part I. By Wm. R. Dudley. (C.)

Bull. Cornell Univ. (Science), ii. pp. 132 + y. Ithaca, 1886.

Chantanqna County.

12». — ^The Chautauqua Flora. By Edward S. Burgess. (A.)
Svo., pamph., pp. 38. Clinton, 1877.

Colnmbla County.

129.— Catalog DB of the Indigenous Plants found Growing in the Vicinity
OF Kinderhook Academy. By W. V. S, Woodworth. (A.)
52d (253, 254) and 53d (208-210) Ann. Rep. of Regents. Albany, 1839^40.
130. — Trees and Shrubs of New York. By Arthur Harrison. (A list of 63
species from Lebanon Springs.) (A.)
Swiss Cross, ii, 63.

Cortland County.

131. — Catalogue op Plants Growing in the Vicinity of Cortland Academy,
Homer, Cortland County. By Geo. W. Bradford, M.D. (A.)
46th Ann. Rep. Regents, 66-71. 1833.
Delaware Connty.

132. — Plants Collected by the Botanical Class in the Delaware Literary
Institute during the Summer op 1840. By M. Piatt. (A.)
54th Ann. Rep. of Regents, 227-231. Albany, 1841.

Annals N. Y. Acad. Sci., V, May, 1890.— 17

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248 Local Floras of the United States and British America,

DntoheM County.

133. — Catalogue op Plawts Growimo in thb Vicinitt op Ambnia Seminabt,
DuTCHBBS CoD5TY. Bj A. Winchcll, A. M. (A.)
64th Add. Rep. Regents, 256-279. 1851.
134.— Catalogue op the Phakooamoub and Acrogenous Plants Orowikg
WITHOUT Cultivation within Five Miles op Pine Plains. By Lyman
H. Hoysradt. (B.) (Acrogens were not printed.)
Supplement to Bull. Torrey Club, vi, 8vo. pp. 32. New York, 187fr-79.
135. — List op Plants op Fishkill and its Vicinitt. By Winifrid A.
Steams. (B.)
16mo., pampb., pp. 24. 1880.

Srie County.

136. — Preliminary List op the Plants op Bufpalo and its Vicinitt. By
George W. Clinton. (A.)
17th Ann. Rep. Reg. on Cabinet, 24-35. Albany, 1864. Al80 in 870.,
pampb., pp. 12. Bnffalo, 1864.
137. — A Catalogue op the Native and Naturalized Plants op the Citt of
BuppALO AND ITS ViciNiTT. Bv David F. Day. (B.)
Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci., iv, 65-279. 1882-83. Also reprinted, pam-
phlet, pp. 215. Buffalo, 1883.
138. — A Catalogue op the Flowering and Fern-like Plants Growing with-
out Cultivation in the Vicinitt op the Falls op Niagara. Bj
David F. Day. (B.)
Pamph., pp. 67. Troy, 1888. (In 4th Ann. Rep. Comm. Niag. State Reser-

SMez Connty.

139. — Plants op the Summit op Mt. Marct. By Charles H. Peck. (A.)
From 7th Rep. Survey Adirondacks. 8vo., pamph., pp. 12. Albany, 1880.

Essez, Clinton, and Franklin Counttes.

140. — Notes on the Forest Trees op Essex, Clinton, and Franklin Cock-
ties, New York. By John H. Sears. (C.)
Bull. Essex Inst., xiii, 174-188. 1881. Reprinted.

Kings Connty.

141. — Catalogue op Plants, Indigenous and Cultivated, pound in the Vici-
nitt OP Erasmus Hall. By John B. Zabriskie. (A.)

48th Ann. Rep. Regents, 176-181. 1835.
142. — The Plants op Prospect Park. By S. E. Jelliffe. (A.)

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac, 75, 76. 1890. Reprinted.

Lewis Connty.

143. — Catalogue op the Indigenous, Naturalized, and Filicoid Plants ok
Lewis Countt. By Franklin B. Hough. (B.)
59th Ann. Rep. Regents, 249-283. Albany, 1846.

Madison and Onondaga Counties.

144. — List op Trees and Woodt Plants Growing Spontaneouslt in Madi-
son AND Onondaga Counties. By L. M. Underwood. (A.)
Oeol. Formations Mad. and Onondaga Cos., 8vo., pamph. Syracuse, 1879.

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Local Floras of the United States and British America. 249

Monroe ConntT^

145. — Catalogue of Plakts^ asd their Time op Flowbrimo, iir and about the
CiTT op Rocbbbter, for the Ybaji 1841. By Rev. Chester Dewey. (A.)
55th Ann. Rep. Regents, 265-272. Albany, 1842.

New Tork County.

146.— Cataloous Plantarum quas Spontb Crbscbmtes nr Insula Noveboraco
Obsertavit Johannes Lbconte. (A.)
Amer. Med. and ^hilsoph. Register, ii, 134-142. New York, 1812.
147.^Catalooub of the Plants Growing Spontaneously within Thirty
Miles op the City op New York. By John Torrey. (B.)
8vo., pamph., pp. 100. Albany, 1819.
148. — Synoptical View of the Lichens Qrowino in the Vicinity of the
City op New York. By Abraham Halsey. (D.)
Annals Lye. Nat. Hist., i, 3-21. New York, 1824.
149. — Catalogue op Plants gathered in August and September, 1857, in the
Terrain of Central Park. By Charles RawoUe and Ig. A. Pilat. (A.)
8vo., paxnph., pp. 34. New York, 1857.
150. — List of Trebs and Shrubs op Central Pare. (A.)

Rep. Board of Aldermen, 1857, pp. 26-35.
151. — Revised Catalogue of Plants Growing within Thirty Miles op New
York City (to Graminejb). By the Torrey Botanical Club. (B.)
Bull. Torrey Bot. Club. New York, 1870-74.
162. — List op Plants Introduced (in Vicinity op New York) with Ballast,
AND ON Made Land. By Addison Brown. (B.)
Bull. Torrey Bot. Club, vi, 265-8, 273, 353-60 ; vii, 122-126. New York,
153. — The Botany op a City Square (Manhattan Square). By L. P. Grata-
cap. (A.)
Amer. Nat., xiv, 889-892. 1880.
154. — ^Thr Fresh Water Flora and Fauna op Central Park, New York.
By L. p. Gratacap and A. Woodward. (B.)
Soient. Amer. Supplement, Dec. 22, 1884. Also reprinted, pamph., pp. 19.
New York, 1884.
155. — Preliminary Catalogue op Anthophyta and Ptbridophyta Reported
AS Growing Spontaneously within One Hundred Miles op New York
City. By a Committee of the Torrey Botanical Club. (A.)
8vo. pp. 90. New York, 1888. Two maps.

Oneida County.

156. — Catalogue op Plants pound in the County op Oneida. By P. D.
Knieskern, M.D. (B.)
55th Ann. Rep. Regents, 275-299. Albany, 1842.
167.— Catalogue op Plants pound in Oneida County and Vicinity. By
John A. Paine, Jr. (C.)
18th Ann. Rep. Regents on Cabinet, 53-192. Albany, 1865. Also reprint,
pp. 140.

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250 Local Floras of the United States and British America.

158. — ^A List of Plahts in the Vicinity op Utica fob Apbil, Mat, avd a
PoBTioN OF June. By Dr. J. V. Haberer. (B.)
Pamph., 8vo. pp. 20. Utioa, 1888. Pab. by Asa Gray Botanii^ Hub.

Onondaga County.

159. — Catalogue op Plaittb Qbowiko withiit Twenty Miles op Bbidgewateb,
Onondaga County. By Asa Gray. (A.)
46th Ann. Rep. Regento, 57-65. 1833.
160. — A Catalogue of Plants found Gbowino chiefly in the vicinity of
Onondaga Academy, Collected dubing the Summeb op 1834 and 1835«
By J. L. Hendrick. (A.)
50tb Ann. Rep. RegenU, 182-186. 1837.
161. — The Fbbns op Onondaga. Fiuces Onondagbnsbs. By Mrs. S. M.
Rust. (A.)
In •* The Sunday Courier," March 7, 1880. Reprint, pp. 1.
Orange County.


Crescentes, quas ad Methodum Cl. LiNNJti Sexualem Anno 1742, etc.,
Observavit et Desoripsit Cadwallader Colden. (D.)
Acta Societ. Reg. Sci. Upsala, 1749-53, 81-136.
Queens County.

163. — Plantjb Plandomenbes, or Catalogue of Plants Growing near Plan-
dome, Long Island. By C. W. Eddy. (A.)
Medical Repository, xl, pp. 123-131. New York, 1807.
164. — List op Algji Collected near Glen Cove. By N. L. Britton. (B.)
4th Ann. Rep. State Board of Health, 59, 60. 1884.

Rensselaer County.

165. — Catalogue op Plants Growing without Cultivation in the Vicinity
OF Troy. By J. Wright, M.D., and James Hall (B.)
8vo., pamph., pp. 42. Troy, 1836.
166. — Description op a Few Plants prom the Vicinity op Troy. By H.
Hurlbert Eaton. (D.)
Transylvania Joum. Med. and Assoc. Sci., 1832. Reprint, pp. 8.

Riohmond County.

167. — Flora op Richmond County. By Arthur Hollick and N. L. Britton. (B.)

Svo., pamph., pp. 36. Staten Island, 1879. (Addenda in Bull. Torrey

Bot. Club, vii, 11, 12, 1880; ix, 149-161, 1882; xii, 38-40, 1885; xiU,

83, 84, 1886 ; xvi, 132-134, 1889.)

168. — A Descriptive List op Staten Island Diatoms. By E. A. Schultze. (D.)

Bull. Torr. Bot. Club, xiv, 69-73; 109-114, 1887 ; xv, 98-104, 1888.
169. — A Preliminary List op Staten Island Mosses. By Elizabeth G. Brit-
ton. (B.)
Proc. Nat. Sci. Assoc. S. I. Special No. 10. • 1890.
Soheneotady County.

170. — Catalogue of the Flowering Plants of Schenectady County. By
E. W. Paige. (B.)
8vOrT pamph., pp. 48. Albany, 1864.

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Local Floras of the United States and British America, 251

Suffolk County.

171. — Catalogue of the Phjenooamous and Acboobnous PiJbNTB of Suffolk
County. By E. S. Miller and H. W. Young. (A.)
8vo., pamph., pp. 15. Port Jefferson, 1874. (Addenda in Ballet. Torr.
Club, vi, 155, 171, 258; vii, 17» 18.) There is also an article on the
Flora of Long Island, in a newspaper called "The Watchman.''

Tioga County.

172. — Catalogue of Forest Trees Growing Wild in the Town of Nichols,
Tioga County. By Robert Howell. (A.)
• 65th Ann. Rep. Regents, 392-395. Albany, 1852.

Tates and Saneoa ConntieB.

173. — Catalogue of Plants Growing without Cultivation in the Vicinity
OF Seneca and Crooked Lakes, in Western New York. By H. P.
Sartwell, M.D. (A.)
58th Ann. Rep. Regents, 273-290. Albany, 1845.
174. — Lists of Trees and Shrubs of the New York State Agricultural
College Farm. By W. H. Brewer. (B.)
Ann. Rep. N. Y. State Agrio. Soc., 1858, 404, 405.

Westohester Connty.

175. — Catalogue of Plants Growing in the Vicinity of North ' Salem
Academy. By S. B. Mead. (A.)
44th Ann. Rep. Regents, 91-96. 45th Rep., 101. Albany, 1831-2.
176. — Report of the Flora of Westchester County. By 0. R. Willis. (B.)
Appendix to Boltofi's Hist. Westchester Co. New York, 1880. Also re-
printed, pamph., pp. 56. New York, 1882.
Additions by E. H. Day, Ball. Torr. Bot. Club, xiii, 94, 95, 1886 ; and by
J. W. Martens, Jr., loc. oit. xvi, 123, 124. 1889.


177. — Catalogue of Plants Growing without Cultivation in the State of
New Jersey, with a Specific Description of all the Violets Found
therein. By O. R. Willis. (C.)
12mo.pp.71. NewYork,1874. (Enlargededition,pp.88,NewYork,1877.)
178.— List of New Jersey Fungi. By M. C. Cooke and J. B. Ellis. (C.)
Grevillea, iv, 178-180 ; v, 30-35, 49-55, 89-95 ; vi, 1-18, 81-96 ; vii, 4-10,
37-42; and viii, 11-16. London, 1876-80.


Statbn Island. By Isaac C. Martindale. (B.)
Mem. Torrey Bot. Club, i, 87-111. 1889.
180.— A Preliminary Catalogue of the Flora of New Jersey. By N.

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