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229-231. (1889.)


448. — A Catalogue op Plants Collected in the North-western Territory
BY Thomas Say in the Year 1823. By Lewis D. DeSchweinitz. (C.)
Keating's Narrative of Long's 2d Exped. to source of St. Peter's River, ii,
379-400. London, 1824. Also in ed. 1825, 105-123.
449. — Botany of the North-eastern Geological District of Minnesota. By
Thomas Clark. (A.)
Rep. of State Geologist for 1865, 73-82.
450. — A Catalogue of the Plants of Minnesota. By I. A. Lapham. (B.)

Rep. of State Horticult. Soc. St. Paul, 1875.
451. — Fungi of Minnesota. By Dr. A. E. Johnson. (B.)

5th Rep. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv. Minn., 66-87. 1877.
452. — ^Thb Filical Flora of Minnesota. By W. H. Leonard, M.D. (A.)

Bull. Minn. Acad. Nat. Sci., i, 303, 304. 1876.
453. — ^The Mycological Flora of Minnesota. By A. E. Johnson, M.D. (C.)
Bull. Minn. Acad. Nat. Sci., i, 203-302; 325-344; 353-373. 1877, 1878.
Also in 5th Ann. Rep. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv., 64-87. 1877.
454. — The Plants of the North Shore of Lake Superior. By B. Juni. (C.)

7lh Ann. Rep. Geolog. Survey, 35-46. 1879.
455. — Plants of the North Shore op Lake Superior* By Thos. S.
Roberts. (B.)
8th Ann. Rep. SUte Geol. Minn., 138-149. 1880.
456. — List of Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous Plants Identified by 0. E.
Garrison in the Region of the Head-Waters op the Crow-Wing
River, the White Earth Reservation, Itasca Lake, and the Upper
Mississippi. (A.)
9th Ann. Rep. Geolog. Snrvey, 175-223. 1881.
457. — Catalogue of the Flora of Minnesota, including its Phjenogamous
AND Vascular Cryptogahous Plants, Indigenous, Naturalized, and
Adventive. By Warren Upham. (B.)
12th Ann. Rep. Geol. and Nat. Hist. Snrvey, Minn., part vi ; also reprint,
pamphlet, 8vo. pp. 193. Minneapolis, 1884.
458. — ^The Wild Flowers of Lake Pepin Valley. By Miss Sara Manning.

Ann. Rep. Minn. Horticult. Society for 1884, 83-116.
459. — Report on Botanical Work in Minnesota for the Tear 1886. By
J. C. Arthur and others. (C.)
Bull. No. 3, Geol. and Nat. Hist. Surv. Minn., 8vo. pp. 56. St. Paul, 1887.

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274 Local Floras of the United States and British America.

Big Stone Coimty.

460. — List op the Tsbbs and Shrubs of the Bio Woods and of Big Stosb
Lake. By N. H. WinchoU. (A.)
2d Ann. Rep. Geol. Surv., 210-212. 1874.

Fillmore County.

461. — The Tbbes and Shrubs of Fillmore County. By N. H. Winchell. (B.)
4th Ann. Rep. Geolog. Survey Minn. 29, 30. 1876.

Freeborn County.

462. — List of Trees and Shrubs of Freeborn County. By N. H. Win-
cheU. (A.) •

3d Ann. Rep. Geol. Survey, 154. 1875.

Hennepin County.

463. — List of Plants, mostly Herbaceous, in the Neighborhood of St.
Anthony, Minnesota — Principally pound on the University Gbopkds,
1869-1872. By Professor E. H. Twining. (A.)
1st Ann. Rep. Geol. Surv., 123-129. 1873.

Hennepin and Houston Counties.

464. — List of Shrubs and Trees. By N. H. Winchell. (A.)
Sib Ann. Rep. Geolog. Survey, 142, 143. 1877.

Mower County.

465. — List of Trees and Shrubs of Mower County. By N. H. Winchell. (A.)
3d Ann Rep. Geol. Survey, 172, 173. 1875.

Olmsted, Dodge, and Steele Counties.

466.-t— List of Shrubs and Trees. By M. W. Harrington. (A.)
4th Ann. Rep. Geolog. Survey Minn., 82-84. 1876.

Ramsey County.

467. — List of Shrubs and Trees. By N. H. Winchell. (A.)
6th Ann. Rep. Geolog. Survey, 73-76. 1878.

Rioe County.

468. — List op Shrubs and Trees. By L. B. Sperry. (A.)
6th Ann. Rep. Geolog. Survey, 119, 120. 1878.

469. — Report on the Medical and Economical Botany of Iowa. By Dr.
Ranch. (C.)
Proc. Iowa Stote Med. and Chirug. Soc., 2d Ann. Meeting, 11-52, 8vo.
Keokuk, 1851.
470. — ^A Catalogue of the Indigenous Forest Trees of Iowa. By C. A.
White, M.D. (A.)
Rep. Geol. Survey of the State, i, 138. Des Moines, 1870.
471. — Contributions to the Flora of Iowa. By C. E. Bessey. (B.)
4th Bien. Rep. Iowa Agrio. College, 90-127. Des Moines, 1871.

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liOcal Floras of the United States and British America. 275

472. — CovTBiBUTioirs to thb Flora op Iowa ; a Catalogue op thb Phjbnooa-

Mous Plants. Bj J. C. Arthar. (A.)

870., pamph.y pp. 44, Charles City, 1876. Additions in Proo. Davenport

Acad. Sci.,ii, 126,1877; 268-261,1878; iil, 169-172; iv, 27-30; 64-75.

(Additions by A. S. Hitchcock, Bull. Torr. Bot. Qub, xvi, 69, 70. 1889.

473. — Ov Injubious Fdnoi — The Bliohts (Ertsiphbi). Bj C. E. Bessej. (D.)

7th Bien. Rep. Iowa Agric. Coll., 1877. Reprint, pp. 20.
474. — List op Species op Fbesh-watbr Alo/b pouhd ik Iowa. By C. M.
Hobby, M.D. (A.)
Proc. Iowa Acad. Sci., Iowa City, 1876-1880, 28. 1880.
475. — Dbscriptioitb op Iowa Ubomtcbs. By J. C. Arthur. (D.)

Appendix, vol. ii, Bull. Minn. Acad. Sci., 13-39. 1883.
476.— PRELiMiirART LisT OP Iowa Ubedinbji ahd Mbhobandum of Iowa
UsTiLAOiNRfi. By J. C. Arthur. (C.)
Bull. Bot. Dept. Iowa Agric. Coll., 1884, 161-174.
477. — The Saprophytic Fukoi op Bastbbk Iowa. By T. H. McBride. (D.)

Bull. Labor. State Univ. Iowa, i, 30^44. 1888.
478. — The Pbroiiosporbs op Iowa. By T. H. McBride and A. S. Hitch-
cock. (B.)
Bull. Labor. State Univ. Iowa, i, 46-62. 1888.
47^. — Frbumikart List op the Wbeds op Iowa. By Byron D. Halsted. (B.)

Bull. Bot. Dept. State Agric. Coll., 1888, 34-64.
480.— Provisional List op Provisional Spbcies op Fungi. By Byron D.
Halsted. (C.)
Bull. Bot. Dept. State Agric. Coll., 1888, 102-112.

Scott County.

481. — List op Phjbnogahous Plants Collected in the Vicinity op Davenport,
Iowa, during 1870 to 1876. By J. J. Nagle and J. G. Haupt. (A.)
Proc. Dav. Acad. Sci., i, 163-164. 1876.
482. — Review op some Botanical Observations, made Principally in thb
Vicinity op Davenport and Rock Island. By C. C. Parry. (B.)
" Davenport Gazette," Oct. 14, 1847.

Story Coimty.

483. — Preliminary Lists op the Protophytes, Zygophytbs, Oophytbs, Carpo-
phytbs, and Bryophytbs op the Akbs Flora. By C. E. Bessey. (B.)
Bull. Bot, Dept. Iowa Agric. ColL, 1884, 133-160.


484. — Systematic View op Plants gathered on a Tour on the Missouri.
By Maximilian, Prince of Wied-Neuwied. (C.)
4to. London, 1843.
485. — Catalogue op thb Trees and Shrubs op Missouri. By G. C. Swal-
low. (B.)
2d Ann. Rep. Geol. Survey, 2?1. 1866.

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276 Local Floras of the United States and British America.

486. — ^Distribution op Trbbb and Shrubs in Missouri. By Q. C. Broadhead.
2d Anu. Rep. M<k Stete Board Agrie., 97-89. 1867.
487.^ — ^Trbbs, Shrubs, and Vikbs op Missouri. By G. C. Swallow. (C.)
1st Ann. Rep. Comm. Statistics to the General Assembly of the State of
Missouri, 112, and 2d Am. Rep. Mo. SUte Board AgHo. 79-96. 1867.
488. — Cataloour op thb Phjbnooamous and Vascular CRTPTOOAMons Plahts
OP Missouri. By S. M. Tracy. (B.)
Pamphlet, 8vo. pp. 106, Jefferson City, 1886. Also in 18th Ann. Rep.
Missouri State Board of Agricaltare, 397-500 (1885).
489. — The Grasses op Missouri. By B. T. Galloway. (B.)

18th Ann. Rep. Mo. State Board Agric, 70-123 ; 33 plates. 1885.

CaM County.

490. — Botany and Gboloot op Cass County, By G. C. Broadhead. (B.)
2d Ann. Rep. Mo. SUte Board Agric, 226-229. 1867.

Jaokson County.

491. — Flora op Jackson County. By Frank Bash. (B.)

8vo., pamphlet, pp. 16, Independence, 1882. 1st Snpplement, pp. 8, 1885.

Llnooln Connty.

492. — Tub Exogenous Flora op Lincoln Co., Mo., from Ootobbr to May. Bj
Martha B. Flint. (B.)
Bot. Gaz. vii, 74-76, 79-81. 1882.


493. — List of Nebraska Caricbs. By Chester Dewey. (B.)

Trans. Amer. Philoe. Soc., xii, 210-212. 1863.
494. — Catalogue of the Flora of Nebraska. By Samnel Anghey. (B.)

Pabl. by (Jniversity of Nebraska. 8vo. pp. 37. Lincoln, 1875.
495. — List of Forest Trees and Shrubs op Nebraska, with Notbs on thbib
Distribution. By Samnel Anghey. (B.)
Sketches of Phys. Geog. and Geol., Nebraska, 84-96. Omaha, 1880.
496. — Grasses and Forage Plants op Nbbraska. By C. E. Bessey. (B.)
Reprinted from Ann. Rep. State Board Agric, for 1887 (including lists of
grasses in the several botanical regions of the State), pp. 15 ; 20 plates.
497. — A Preliminary Enumeration of thb Rusts and Smuts of Nebraska.
By Herbert J. Webber. (C.)
Bull. No. 11, Agric. Exp. Sto. Neb., 37-82. 1889.
498. — Annual Rbport of the Botanist upon thb Grasbbs and Fobaoi
Plants of Nbbraska. By C. E. Bessey. (B.)
Ann. Rep. State Board Agric. 1888, 131-142 (including lists of grasses of
Lancaster, Custer, Howard, Thomas, Hitchcock, Dundy, Furnas, and
Box Butte Counties). 1889.
499. — The Fresh Water Aloa of the Plains. By Herbert J. Webber.
Amer. Nat., xxiii, 1011-1013. 1889.

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Local Floras of the United States and British America, 277

500. — A Cataloodb op thb Plants op Nebraska. By H. J. Webber. (B.)
Ann. Rep. State Board Agrio. for 1889 (now in press). 1890.

Box Batte and Cheyenne Counties.

501. — Grasses op Box Bdttb and Chbtbmnb Couktibs, Nebraska. By J.
G. Smith. (B.)
Amer. Nat., xxiv, 181-183. 1890.

Lanoaster County.


County, Nebraska, during the Summer op 1889. By Rosooe Pound. (C.)
Ball. No. 11, Agric. Exp. SU. Neb., 83-91. 1889.


503. — List op Plants Collected during the Subvet op the Northern and
Western Boundary Line op the Creek Country (Kansas). By T.
T. Woodbouse, M.D. (B.)
Exec. Doc. No. 104, 35tb Congress (H. R.), April 16, 1858, 5-8.
504. — Catalogue of Kansas Plants. By J. W. Carruth. (B.)

8vo., parapblet, pp. 29. 1872.
505. — Catalogue op Plants seen in Kansas. By J. H. Carrntb. (A.)

Trans. Kans. State Board Agric. for 1872, 346-374. 1873.
506. — Reports on the Botany op Kansas. By J. H. Carrntb. (A.)

Trans. Kans. Acad. Soi., 1873, 9-14; 1874, 23-26; vi, 40-42, 1878; viii,
32, 33, 1883; ix, 142-144, 1885.
507. — Centennial Catalogue op the Plants op Kansas. By James W.
Carrath. (B.)
Trans. Kans. Acad. Sci., v, 40-59. Topeka, 1877.
508. — Botanical Notes prom the Southwest. By B. B. Smytb. (C.)

Trans. Kans. Acad. Sci., vii, 50-60. 1881.
609. — A List op some op thb Larger Fungi. By Mrs. E. C. Jewell. (A.)

Trans. Kans. Acad. Sci., vil, 131. 1881.
610.— Kansas Fungi. By J.B.Ellis, W. A. Kellerman, and W.T. Swingle. (D.)
BnlL Torr. Bot. Club, xi, 114-116 ; 121-123, 1884. ^oum. Mycol., i, 2-4,
1885 ; ii, 3, 4 ; 81, 1886 ; iii, 102-105 ; 126-127, 1887 ; iv, 26, 27 ; 93-95,
1888; V, 11-14; 72-78. 1889.
511.— Contributions to the Knowledge op Kansas Lichens. By H. Wil-
ley. (B.)
Bull. Wasbbum Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist., i, 16, 17; 176. Additions by F.
W. Cragin, 1. c, 64, 65. 1884-1886.
512.— Contributions to the Knowledge op Kansas Algjb. By Francis
Wolle. (B.)
BuU. Wasbbum Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist., i, 17, 18 ; 62-64; 174, 175 ; ii, 64.
513. — Contributions to the Knowledge op Kansas Mosses. By Eugene A.
Rau. (B.)
BuU. Wasbbum CoU. Lab. Nat. Hist., i, 18; 60-62; 114; 171-173.

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278 Local Floras of the United States and British America.


MTCBTB8 OF Kakbas. Bjt F. W. Cragin. (C.)
Bull. Washburn Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist., i, 19-28 ; 33-42 ; 66-67. 1884, 1885.
515. — ^Annotated List of Fbrks fodhd ib Kakbas. By Rev. James Wil-
son. (B.)
Bull. Washburn Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist., i, 56-58. Additions by F. W.'
Cragin, L c, 58-60 ; 175, 176. 1885-1886.
516.«-A CoNTBiBUTioB TO THB Flora OF KANSAS — Gramibbjb. By F. Lamsoii
Soribner. (C.)
Trans. Kans. Aoad. Soi., ix, 115-123 ; 3 plates. 1885.


By F. W. Cragin. (C.)
Bull. Washburn Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist., i, 67-72. 1885.
518. — ^A Partial List of thb Kansas Parasitic Fungi, toobther with thbis
Host Plants. By W. A. Kellennan, Ph.D. (B.)
Trans. Kans. Acad. Sci., is, 79-86, 1885 ; and Bull. Washburn Coll. Lab.
Nat. Hist., i, 72-81. 1885.
519. — ^NoTBS ON Fungi from Wbstbrn Kansas. By W. T. Swingle. (B.)

Journ. Myool., iv, 27-29. 1888.
520. — Second List of Kansas pARAsrric Fungi, together with their Host
Plants. By W. A. Kellennan and M. A. Carleton. (B.)
Trans. Kansas Aoad. Sci., x, 88-99. 1887.
521. — Thb Kansas Forest Trees Identified bt Leaves and Fruit. By W.
A. Kellennan and Mrs. Kellerman. (D.)
Trans. Kansas Acad. Sci., x, 99-111. 1887.
522. — Analytical Flora of Kansas. By W. A. Kellerman and Mrs. Keller-
man. (B.)
8vo. pp. 198. Manhattan, 1888.
523. — An Artifical Key to the Kansas Grasses. By W. A. Keller-
man. (D.)
Trans. Kansas Acad. Sci., xi, 87-101. 1889.
524.«-A List of the Kansas Species of Peronosporacejb. By W. T.
Swingle. (C.J
Trans. Kans. Acad. Sci., xi, 6a-87. 1889.
525. — ^A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Qrasses of Central
Kansas. By Joseph Henry.
Bull. Washburn Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist., ii, 61-63. 1889.
526. — Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Kansas. By
Bernard B. Smyth. (B.)
Bull. Washburn Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist., ii, 43-61. 1889.
527. — The Native Grasses of Kansas. By W. A. Kellerman. (D.)
Quart. Rep. Kans. State Board Agric, March, 1889, 53-122.

Montgomery County.

528. — A Preliminary Notice of the Flora of Montgomery County. By B. N.
Plank. (A.)
Trans. Kans. Acad. Sci., viii, 33, 44. 1883.

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LoctU Floras of the United States and British America. 279

529. — Catalogue op Plakts Collected in the Ezploratioit of the Red
RiVEB, BY Capt. R. B. Marct. By John Torrejr. (C.)
8vo. Washington, 1853. Appendix G, 277-304 ; 20 plates.
530.— List op Some op the most Intebestino Plahts Collected in the
Indian Tehritort. By G. D. Batler. (B.)
Bot. Gaz., iii, 65-68 ; 74-78. 1878.


531. — Descriptions of New Species and Genera of Plants in the Natural
Order Compositji, Collected in a Tour Across the Continent to
the Pacific, a Residence in Oregon, and a Visit to the Sandwich
Islands and Upper California during the Tears 1834 and 1835. By
Thomas Nuttall. (D.)
Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., vii (new series), 282-453. 1841.
532. — ^LiST OF Plants Collected on a Military Rbconnoissancb from Port
Leavenworth, Mo., to San Diego, Cal. By John Torrejr. (C.)
Emory's Report of Reoonnoissanoe, 135-156; 12 plates. Washington,
533. — List of Plants Collected bt Lieut. J. W. Abert, on a Journey from
Fort Leavenworth to Bent's Fort. By John Torrej. (B.)
Emory's Rep., 386-414. 1848.
534. — Botany of the United Spates and Mexican Boundary Survey. By
John Torrey. The Cactaoee, by Geo. Engelmann ; Introdaotion by C.
C. Parry. (C.)
Rep. U. S. and Mex. Bound. Survey, vol. ii, 270 + 78 ; 61 + 75 plates.
Washington, 1859.
535. — The Bryologia of the Survey of the 49th Parallel of Latitude.
By Wm. Mitten. (C.)
Proo. Linn. Soc. London, viii, 13-54; plates 5-7. 1864.
536. — Botany of the Region along the Route of the Kansas Pacific Rail-
way, through Kansas, Colorado, I^ew Mexico, Arizona, and Cali-
fornia. By C. C. Parry. (B.)
" New Tracks in North America," by Wm. A. Bell, ii, 285-302. 1869.


(King's Survey.) By Sereno Watson, D. C. Eaton, and others. (C.)

(Catalogue of the Known Plants of Nevada and Utah.)
Rep. of Exploration, vol. v, 4to, pp. 525 ; 40 plates. Washington, 1871.
538.— List of Plants Collected by the North Pacific R. R. Expedition of

1873, UNDER Gen. D. S. Stanley. By J. A. Allen. (Plants determined

by Dr. Geo. Vasey.) (B.)
Proc. Best. Soo. Nat. Hist., xvii, 70-86. 1874.
Annals N. Y. Acad. Sci., V, June, 1890.— 19

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280 Local Floras of the United States and British America.


N0RTHER5 Pacific Railroad. By J. S. Newberry. (B.)
Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci., iii, 242-270. 1884. Repnnted.
540. — List of Fungi Collected in 1884 along the Northern Pacific Rail-
road. By A. B. Seymoar. (C.)
Proc. Boat. Soc. Nat. Hist., xxiv, 182-191. 1889.


541.— Cataloode of Plants Collected in Long's Second Expedition to the
Northwestern Territory, bt Mr. Thos. Sat in the Year 1823. By
L. D. DeSchweiuitz. (C.)
Keating's Rep. of Expedition, ii, 379-400. Philadelphia, 182^
542. — List of Plants Collected bt Mr. T. A. Culbertson on an Expedition
TO the Madvaises Terres and Upper Missouri in 1850. By Thoe. C.
Porter. (B.)
5th Ann. Rep. Smithsonian Inst., 133-136. 1850.
543.— Plants Collected during the Exploration of the Upper Missouri,
BY F. V. Hatden. By George Eugelmann. (B.)
Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., xii (new ser.), 182-212. 1863. (The plants
enumerated are mostly from Nebraska, with some from Iowa, Dakota,
and Montana.)
644. — Catalogue of Plants Collected in Nebraska and Dakota. (B.)
Prel. Rep. Expl. in Nebr. and Dakota in the years 1855-56-57, by Lieut.
G. K. Warren. Reprint, Washington, 1875, 107-125. (Most of the
species were determined by Dr. Engelmann, and a list of Nebraska
Carices is given by Prof. Chester Dewey.)


545.— The Sylva of Montana. By J. G. Cooper. (A.)

Amer. Nat., iii, 405-422. 1870.
546. — Agricultural Grasses of Central Montana. By F. Lamson Scribner.

Proc. Soc. Prom. Agric. Scl. 1883. Extract, pp. 12.
547. — ^FuNGi OF Helena, Montana. By F. D. Kelsey and F. W. Anderson. (B.)

Journ. Myool., v, 80-84. 1889.
548. — Grasses of Montana. By George Vasey. (C.)
Rep. Commissioner Agric, 1888, 317-324; 13 plates.

549. — Botanical Outlines of the Country Marched over by the Sstbkth
United States Cavalry during the Summer of 1877. By V.
Havard. (C.)
Ann. Rep. Chief of Engineers, U. S. A. Appendix Q.Q., 1681-1687. 1878.

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Local Floras of the United States and British America, 281

650. — Catalogub op Phjbnooauous and Vascular Cryptooamoub Plants
Collected duhino the Summers of 1873 and 1874 in Dakota and
Montana, by Dr. Elliott Coues ; with which are Incorporated
those Collected in the same Region at the same Times, bt Mr. G.
M. Dawson. By J. W. Chiokering. (B.)
Bull. a. S. Geol. and Geog. Stirv., iv, No. 4. 1878.
551.— ^Botany op the Black Hills op Dakota. By Asa Gray. (C.)

Rep. on Geol. and Resources of the Black Hills by Henry Newton and
W. P. Jenney. 531. Washington, 1880.
552. — List o? Plants Collected in the Black Hills during the Summer
OP 1874 (Collected by Prop. Donaldson). By John M. Coulter,
Editor, Botanical Bulletin. (A.)
Bot. Bull., i, 4. 1875.


553. — Catalogue op Plants Collected during a Journey to and prom the
Rocky Mountains during the Summer op 1820. By E. P. James. (B.)
Trans. Amer. Phil. Soc., Phila. (n. ser.), ii, 172-190. 1825. (Includes
many species from the Plains, and east of the Mississippi.)

554- — Some account op a Collection op Plants made during a Journey to


P. James, M.D. By John Torrey. (C-)
Ann. N. Y. Lye. Nat. Hist., ii, 161-206. 1828.
555. — Catalogue of a Collection op Plants made chibply in the Valleys
OP the Rocky Mts., or Northern Andes, toward the Sources of the
Columbia River, by Nathaniel B. Wybth. By T. Nuttall. (C.)
Journ. Phila. Acad. Nat. Sci., vii, 5-60. 1834.
556. — Catalogue of Plants Collected by Lieut. Fremont in his Expedition
TO the Rocky Mountains. By John Torrey. (C.)
Fremont's Rep. Exp., 77-94. 1843.
557. — Grasses of the Plains and Eastern Slope of the Rocky Mountains.
Author not given. (B.)
Rept. Dept. Agric, Washington, 1870, 217-226.
558. — Catalogue op Plants Collected during the Expedition op F. V. Hay-
den TO the Headwaters of the Yellowstone River, in the Summer
OP 1871, with a Small Number Gathered by Dr. George Smith in
August, 1871, on Gray's Peak and near Georgetown, Colo. By T.
C. Porter. (The Mosses by L.Lesquereux, and Lichens by E. Tucker-
man.) (C.)
U. S. Geol. and Geog. Snrv. Montana and Adjacent Terr., 477-498.
Washington, 1871.
559. — Catalogue op Plants Collected in Wyoming and Colorado, by F. V.
Hayden and Mr. B. H. Smith, 1868, 1869, 1870. By T. C. Porter. (C.)
U. S. Geol. Surv. Wyoming and Contiguous Territory, 1870, 472-483.
Washington, 1872.

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282 Local Floras of the United States and British America.

660. — ^A List of Plavts Collbotbd by G. Thomas or Eastuui Colorado

AHD N. E. New Mexico ditbiho the Subyet of 1866. B7 0. C.

Parry. (A.)
U. S. Geol. Sarv. Wyoming and Contiguous Territory, 1870, 484-487.

Washington, 1872.
661. — A Catalogue of Plakts Collected iv 1872 nr Portions of Moktaha,

Idaho, Wyomiko, and Utah. By J. M. Coulter. (Cyperaoes, by S. T.

Obney ; Gramine», by Geo.Yasey ; Mnsci, by Leo Lesquereux ; Lichenee,

by Henry Willey ; Fungi, by Chas. H. Peck.) (C.)
6th Ann. Rep. U. S. GeoL Surv. Terr. (Hayden), 747-792. Washington,

1873. ^


562.— Endmebation of the Species of Plants Collected by Db. C. C. Parry
AND Messrs. E. Hall and J. P. Habboub, dubino thr Summeb and
Autumn of 1862 on and heab the Rocky Mts. in Colobado Terr.,
Latitude 380 to 410. By Asa Gray. (C.)
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1863, 65-80.
563.— Synopsis of the Flora of Colorado. By T. C. Porter and J. M.
Coulter. (C.)
U. S. Geol. and Geog. Sunr. Terr., Misc. Public, No. 4, 870., pp. 180,
pamphlet. Washington, 1874.
564.— List of Colorado Musci and Hepaticj:, Collected by T. S. Brae-
DEGEE in 1873-75. By E. A. Ran, with the assistance of C. F. Austin
and T. P. James. (A.)
Bull. Torr. Bot. Club, vi, 89, 90. 1876.
565. — The Flora of Southwestern Colorado. By T. S. Brandegee. (B.)
Bull. U. S. Geol. and Geog. Surv. Terr., vol. ii. No. 3, 227-248. Wash-
ington, 1876.
566.— Report on the Botanical Features of the Bighorn Mountains. Bj
J. H. Patzki. (C.)
Rep. of Inspection made in Summer of 1877 by Generals P. H. Sheridan
and W. T. Sherman, of country north of N. P. R. R., 19-26. Wash-
ington, 1878.
567. — Colorado Plants. By I. C. Martindale. (B.)

Amer. Nat., xiii, 675-681. 1879. Reprinted.
568. — Une Excursion Botanique ou Colorado et dans lb Far West, par
LB Prof. Marcus E. Jones. Traduit de TAnglais par le Dr. Henri
Tousy. (B.)
Extrait du Bull, de la F^d6ration des Soci^t^ d'Horticulture de Belgique,
1879, pp. 64. Liege, 1880.
569. — ^The Vegetation of the Rocky Mountain Region, and a CoMPABiaoir
with that of other parts of the Wobld. By Asa Gray and Sir J.
D. Hooker. (B.)
Bull. U. S. Geol. and Geog. Surv., vi. No. 1. Washington, 1881.
Translated into German by F. Hock, in Engler*8 Bot. Jahrb., ii, 256-296.

Digitized by


Local Floras of the United States and British America, 283

570. — ^LisT OF Plants Gollbctbd ov Libut.-Gbnebal P. H. Sbebidan's Expe-

Pabk, etc., in 1881. Bj Surgeon W. H. Forwood. (B.)
Rep. of Exp., pamph., 36-39. Washington, 1882.
571.— Manual op the Botany of the Rockt Mountain Region prou New
Mexico to the British Boundary. Bj John M. Ck>alter.
8vo., pp. xvl + 462 + 28. New York, 1885.
672. — Flora of the Yellowstone National Park. B7 Frank Tweedj. (C.)

Pamphlet, 8yo. pp. 78. Washington, 1886.
673. — Grasses of the Yellowstone National Park. By F. Lamson Soiibner
and Frank Tweedy. (C.)
Bot. Gas., xi, 169-178. 1886.
574. — A List of Parasitic Fungi Collected in Central Colorado in July,
1886. By B. D. Halsted and C. E. Bessey. (C.)
Bnll. Iowa Agrio. College, Dept. of Botany, November, 1886, 67-59.
Cedar Rapids, 1887.
576. — ^Flora of Custer County, Colorado. By T. D. A. Cockerell. (B.)

West Amer. Sci., v, 1-6 ; vi, 10-12. 1888.
676.— ^Contributions towards a List of the Fauna and Floba of Wet
Mountain Valley, Colobado. By T. D. A. Cookerell. (B.)
West Amer. Sci., vi, 103-106 ; 134r-136 ; 163-155. 1889.


677. — List of Plants Collected by Db. E. A. Mbabns at Fobt Vebdb, and
IN THE MoooLLON AND San Fbancisoo Mts., Abizona. By N. L. Britton
and H. H. Rnsby. (C.)
Trans. N. Y. Acad. Sci., viii, 61-81. 1889.


678. — An Enumeration of Mosses Collected by John B. Lbibebg, in Koo-
tenai Co., Idaho. By Elizabeth G. Britton. (C.)
BnU. Torr. Bot. Club, xvi, 106-112. 1889.


579._^atalogub and Descbiption of Plants Collected on Stansbuby's Ex-
pedition TO THE Gbeat Salt Lake. By John Torrey. (D.)
Expl. and Snrv. Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, by Howard
SUnsbnry, 383-397. Philadelphia, 1852.
680.— Catalogue of Plants Collected on an Expedition down the Zuni and

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