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Can. Nat. and Geol., vi, 120-137. 1861.
720. — List of Plants Collbctbd in Anticosti and thb Minoin Islandii dubino
THB fiuMMBB OF 1861. Bj A. E. Verrill. (B.)
Proc. Bost. Soc. Nat. Hist., ix, 146-152. 1862.
721. — List of Plants Collbctbd on thb BIaodblbn Islands, bt Jambs Rich-
abdson, 1879. Named by John Maconn. (A.)
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724. — List of Plants Gathbbbd bt D. N. Saint-Ctb, on thb Nobth Shobb,
FBOM St. Paul's Bat to Onatchechon, and in thb Islands of Mur-
OAN, Anticosti, and Gband Mecatina, dubino thb Summeb of 1882,
AND Month of July, 1885, dubino thb Lbisubb Houbs of His Two
Tbips to thb Lowbb St. Lawbbncb and thb Gulf. (B.)
Sessional Papers (Quebec), No. 37, 66-79.
725. — Catalogue of Plants in the Museum of the Deft, of Pubuc Instbuc-
TioN, Gathbbbd bt D. N. Saint-Ctb up to 1885, ob Acquibbd bt Bx-


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726. — Plant Notes fbom Temiscouata County, Canada. By J. I. North-
rop. (B.)

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727. — Floba Tbmiscouatbnsis. By Henri M. Ami. (A.)

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John I. Northrop and Alice B. Northrop. (B.)

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730.— Floba of Cap-a-L»Aiole, P. Q. By Robert Campbell. (B.)

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Local Floras of the United States and British America, 296


731. — List op Plakts pound Growiho as Indigenous in the Neighborhood
OF Prescott, C. W. By W. E. Billings. (B.)
Can. Nat. and Geol., iii, 39-50 ; v, 14-24, 18bU
732. — List op Plants pound Growing in the Neighborhood op Hamilton
DURING the Years 1859 and 18t>0. By Alex. Logie. (B.)
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733. — List of Plants Collected on the South and East Shores op Lake
Superior and on the North Shore op Lake Huron in 1860, by
Robert Bell. By B. Billings. (B.)
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734. — Contributions to the Local Flora op Kingston. By A, T. Dmm-
mond. (B.)
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736. — List op Plants Observed Growing Principally within Four Miles op
Prescott, C. W., and for the most part in 1860. By B. Billings. (B.)
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736. — List op Plants Collected by Mr. B. Billings in the Vicinity op the
City op Ottawa during the Summer op 1866.
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737. — The Acrooens op Lake Superior. By D. A. Watt. (B.)

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738. — Notes on the Botany op a Portion op the Counties op Hastings
AND Addison. By B. J. Harrington. (B.)
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739. — Notes on the Flora of Hamilton, Ont. By J. M. Buchan.

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740. — List op Plants Collected in the Manitoulin Islands. By John
B«ll. (B.)
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edition of the same volume, 501-524. 1871.
741. — List op Plants Collected in the Vicinity op the Town op Barrie,
Ont. By H. B. Spotten.
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742. — ^The Rare Plants op the Province op Ontario. By J. Macoan and
J. Gibson.
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743.— Catalogue op the Plants Collected by Dr. Robert Bell along the
MicHiPicoTEN River and in the Southern Part op the Basin of
Moose River. By John Macoun. (B.)
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744. — The Lake Erie Shore as a Botanizing Ground. By T. J. W. Burgess.
Reprint, 8vo. pp. 41-59. Read before the Biological Section of the Hamil-
ton Association, Feb. 15, 1889.

Annals N. Y. Acad. Sci., V, July, 1890.— 20

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296 Local Floras of the United States and British America.

745. — ^Thb a. a. a. S. Botanical Club's Trip to the Lakes of Mcskoka,
Ontakio, Aug. 31 to Sept. 2, 1889. By David F. Daj. (B.)
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746. — Flora Ottawabnsib. Bj James Fletcher. (A.)

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747. — List of Mosses Collected in the Neighborhood op Ottawa. Bj John
Maconn. (B.)
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748. — On the Botant of the Red River Settlement and the Old Red
River Trail. Bj John C. Schulta. (B.)
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749. — List of Plants Collected during the SumiERS of 1873-74 in thk
Vicinity of the Forty-Ninth Parallel, Lake of the Woods to thr
Rocky Mountains. Bj Geo. M. Dawson. (B.)
Rep. Geologj and Resources of the Region in Vioinitj of 49th Parallel,
N. A. Boundarj Comm., Appendix F. 1875.
750. — Botanical Notes on the Southern Part of the Prairie Region. By
John Macoun.
Rep. Dept. Interior, Canada, 1880, 29-41.
751. — List of the Plants and Botanical Report on the Peace River Dis-
trict AND the Northwest Territories. Bj John Maooun. (B.)
Rep. Progr. Can. Pac. R. R., 56-98. 1874.


752. — Notice of a Collection of Algji made on the Northwest Coast of
North America, Chiefly at Vancouver's Island, by David Lyall,
IN THE Years 1859-61. Bj W. J. Hooker.
Journ. Linn. Soo., vi, 157-177. 1861.
753. — Account of the Botanical Collection made in Northwest America.
Bj David Ljall, Surgeon and Naturalist to the North American Boau-
darj Commission. (C.)
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754. — Report on British Columbia and the Peace River, and Cataloock
OF THE Plants of the Region. Bj John Macoun. (B.)
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755. — On a Collection of Plants from British Columbia made by Mb.
James Richardson in 1874. Bj G. Barnston. (B.)
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756. — List of Plants from the Queen Charlotte Islands, Collected bt
Dr. G. M. Dawson in 1878. Bj J. Macoun. (A.)
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Local Floras of the United States and British America. 297

757. — List op Plakts Collectbd by G. M. Dawson in thb Northebn Pabt op
Bbitish Columbia and thb Pbace River Countbt, 1879. By John
Maooun. (B.)
Rep. Geol. Snrv. Canada, 1879-80, 143 B-146 B. 1881.
758. — Notb on Distbibution op the mobe Important Tbbes op Bbitish
Columbia. By Geo. M. Dawson. (C.)
Canad. Nat. (II), iz, 321-313, 1880, and in Rep. Geol. Surv. Canada,
1879-80, 167 B-177 B. 1881.
759. — List op Plants Obtained by Dr. G, M. Dawson on Vancouvbb's
Island and Adjacbnt Coasts in 1885. Bj John Macoan. (B.)
Ann. Rep. Geol. Sarv. Canada, ii, 115 B-120B. 1887.
760.— List op Plants Collected by Dr. G. M. Dawson in the Yukon Dis-
trict AND Adjacent Nobthbrn Portions op British Columbia in
1887. By Prof. J. Maooun. (B.)
Ann. Rep. GeoL Surv. Canada, iii, 2I5B-228B. 1889.


761. — Dbscbiption op ▲ New Species op Potentilla pbom the West Coast
OP Greenland, with some Account op the Arctic Flora. Bj R. K.
Greville. (B.)
Mem. Wern. Soc., iii, 416-436. 1821.
762. — Botanical Appendix to Narrative op a Journey to the Shores op
the Polar Sea in the Years 1819, 1820, 1821, and 1822, by John
Franklin. By John Richardson. (C.)
Narrative, pp. 729-768, pi. 27-30. London, 1823. Also reprinted, pamph.,
4to. pp. 65.
763. — Catalogue op Plants Collected in the Island op Melville, etc.
By Robert Brown. (C.)
App. Parry's 2d Voy., Supplement. London, 1824.
764. — ^Remarks on the Climate and Vegetable Productions op the Hud-
son's Bay Countries. By John Richardson, M.D. (C.)
Edinb. Phil. Journ., 1825. Reprinted, pp. 35.
765. — List op Plants Collected bY Mr. Richabd King during the Progress
OP Capt. Back's Arctic Land Expedition. ' By W. J. Hooker. (B.)
Narrative Back's Exp., 523-531. 1836. (Many of the plants from Lake
Winnepeg and the Saskatchewan region.)
766. — On the Geographical Distribution op Plants in the Country North
*op the 49th PARALI.EL OP LATITUDE. By Johu Rlchardson. (B.)
Richardson's Journal of a Boat Voyage, etc., ii, 264-353, London, 1851 ;
New York Ed., 408-471, 1852.
767. — Notes on Flowering Plants and Alga Collected During the Voyage
OP THE " Isabel." By G. Dickie.
In "A Summer Search for Sir John Franklin," by Commander E. A.
Inglefield, Appendix. London, 1853.

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298 Local Floras of the United Stages and British America.

768.— Odtlihbs of thb Dibtbibution op Abctic Plants. By Jos. D.
Hooker. (C.)
Trans. Linn. Soo., zxiii, 251-348. 1860.
769. — Ak Account of thb Plants Collbcted by Dr. Walkbr in Obebnland
AND Abctic Ambbica ddbino thb Expedition of Sir Fbancib McOlin-
TOCK, R. N., IN thb Yacht **Fox." By J. D. Hooker. (B.)
Joum. Linn. Soc., v, 79-88. 1861.
770. — Notice of Flowering Plants and Ferns Collected on both Sidbb op
Davis's Straits and Baffin's Bay. By James Taylor. (B.)
Edinb. New Phil. Joum., xvi, 76-87, 1862, and Trans. Bot. Soc. Edinb.,
vii, 323-334, 1862.
771. — List of Arctic Cryptooamous Plants, etc., Collected bt Robbbt
Bbown, Esq., during the Summer of 1861, on the Islands of Green-
land, IN Baffin's Bay and Davis Straits. By John Sadler. (B.)
Trans. Bot. Soc. Edinb., vil, 374, 375. 1863.
772. — Enumeration of the Abctic Plants Collected by Dr. I. I. Hayes in
His Exploration of Smith's Sound between Paballels 78 and 82
DUBiNG the Months of July, August, and the BtoiNNiNO of Septem-
ber, 1861. By E. Darand, Thos. P. James, and Samuel Ashmead. (C)
Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 1863, 93-96.
773. — Notes on Lichens Collected by Sib John Richardson in Arctic
America. By W. A. Leighton. (C.)
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774. — Notes on Mosses, etc., Collected by Mr. Jambs Taylor on the Shores
OF Davis's Strait. By Geo. Dickie. (B.)
Joum. Linn. Soc., x, 461-467. 1869.
776. — List of Plants Collected by Dr. Bell Abound the Shores op Hud-
son's Bay and Along the Churchill and Nelson Rivers in 1877 and
1879. By John Macoun. (B.)
Rep. Progr. Geol. Surv. Can., 1878-79, 63C-60C. 1880.
776. — List of Plants Collected by Dr. R. Bbll in the Hudson's Bat
Region IN 1880. By John Macoun. (B.)
Rep. Geol. Surv. Canada, 1879-80, 59 C-69 C. 1881.
777. — List of Plants Collected at Lake Mistassini, Rupert Ritbr, and
Rupert House, 1885. By Jas.. M. Macoun. (B.)
Ann. Rep. Geol. Surv. Canada, 1885, 36D-44D.
778. — Notes on Abctic Alg-«, Based Principally on Collections made at
Ungava Bay, by L. M. Tubner in 1884. By W. G. Farlow. (C.)
Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts and Sci., xxi, 469-477. 1886.
779. — ^Remarks on the Flora of the Northern Shores of America with
Tabulated Observations made by Mr. F. F. Payne on the Develop-
ment OF Plants at Cape Prince of Wales, Hudson Strait, during
1886. By Geo. Lawson. (C.)
Trans. Roy. Soc. Canada, v, sec. iv, 207-212, 1887. Reprinted.

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Local Floras of the United States and British America. 299


Orihxell Land. By A. W. Greeley. (C.)
Rep. Proc. International Polar Exp., ii, 11-18. 1888.
781. — List op Plants Ck>LLBCTED on tue Rupert and Moose Rivebs along
THE Shores op James Bat and on tub Islands in James Bat ddbino
the Summers op 1885 and 1887. By J. M. Maoouu. (B.)
Ann. Rep. Geol. Surv. Canada, iii, 63 J-74J. 1889.
782. — Notes on the Flora op James Bat. By James M. Macoan. (B.)
Bot. Gaz., xiii, 116-118. 1889.


783. — Catalogue op Plants Growing without Cultivation in Ripon, Wis-
consin, AND THE NEAR ViciNiTY. By Mrs. C. T. Traoy. (B.)
Pamph., pp. 26. Ripon, 1889.
784. — Fresh Water Alojb op Cook Countt, Ilunois. By L. N. Johnson and
C. B. Atwell. (B.)
Rep. Dept. Natural History, Northwestern University, 1890, 18-21.
Evanston, 1890.
785. — Tabulated List op the known Flora op the Channel Islands opp the
Coast op Southern California to 1890. By Lorenzo G. Yates. (B.)
9th Ann. Rep. State Mineralogist, California, 1890. Also iu reprint
entitled ''Channel Islands,'* 13-20.
786. — List op Plants Collected bt Dr. Edward Palmer in 1888 in Southebn
Caupobnia. By George Vasey and J. N. Rose. (C.)
Contrih. U. S. Nat. Herb., i, 1-8. 1890.
787. — Wild Grasses op Alabama. By P. H. Mell. (C.)

Pamph., 8vo. pp. 35 ; 25 plates. Aubarn, 1886. (Contrib. No. 1, from
Biol. Lab. State Polytechnic Inst.)
788. — ^Aufiahluno einiger Pplanzbn ads Labrador. By Franz von Paula
von Sohrank. (C.)
Denkschrift Regensb. Bot. Gesell. i, Abth. 2, 1-30. 1818.
789. — LiSTE DBS Plantes Rencontrer aux Isles de la Madeline. By L.
Provancher. (A.)
Le Nat. Canad., xix, 346. 1890.
790. — ^Recent Additions to Canadian Filicinejb. By T. J. W. Bargess. (C.)

Trans. Roy. Soc. Can., iv, sec. iv, 9-18. 1886.
791. — List op Mosses in the Babcock Herbarium and in the Collections
OP Dr. Vaset and Dr. Lapham, now in the Herbarium op the North-
western Universitt (mainly from Illinois). [By Chas. B. Atwell.] (B.)
Rep. Dept. Nat. Hist. N. W. Univ., 1889, 14-19.


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300 Local Floras of the United States and British America.


No. 21. The real title is :

The New Plants of Maiitb. A List Sufplbhentabt to the Portland

'< Home and Farm/' October 22, 1881, 2d page.
No. 429. The place of publication is :

The Crawford Avalanche, July, 1882.

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[ A Descriptive List of Species of the

Genus Heuchera. -

By Wm. e. wheelock.

(Reprinted from the Bulletin of thb Tobret Botanical Clvb, Vol. XVII., No. 8, Aug., 1890.)

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A Descriptive List of Species of the Genus Heuchera.

By \Vm. E. Wheelock.

The genus is accepted as defined by Bentham and Hooker,
Gen. PI. 1. 638.

The description of the calyx given below, including its dimen-
sions, refers in every case to the calyx at the time of flowering ;
the fruiting calyx being, as a rule, much larger and quite differ-
ent in form.

j^ I . Stamens exserted sooner or later.

f Flowering calyx i" to lyi" Jong.

* Inflorescence loosely paniculate or cymose-paniculate.

1. //. Jiugflii.

2. //. glabra,

3. H. micrantha.

4. H. villosa.

** Inflorescence cymose-subspicate.

5. H, mi It uti flora.

*** Inflorescence a long, narrow panicle ; flowers clustered.

6. //. pihsissima.

ff Flowering calyx i^^" to 3" long.

* Inflorescence a large, densely flowered, narrow thyrsus.

7. //. maxima,

** Inflorescence paniculate or cymose-paniculate.

8. //. Amc-ricatia.

9. //. loitgipctala.

10. H. Orizabensis,

11. //. rubi'sci'Hs,

*** Inflorescence glomerate-spicate, often secund.

12. //. brackata.
ftt Flowering calyx 3" to 5" long.

Inflorescence an open, spreading panicle.

13. H. pubescens.
Inflorescence a narrow panicle.

14. H. hispida.



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§ 2. Stamens always included.

t Flowering calyx i" to 2" long.
X Flowering calyx campanulate.

* Inflorescence a long, narrow, racemose panicle.

15. //. Nova^Mexicatta,

** Inflorescence a short racemose panicle.

16. //. If alia.

XX Flowering calyx almost rotate, limb flat, dilated.

17. //. pandfolia .

t+ Flowering calyx 2" to 5" long.

* Inflorescence a loose, few-flowered raceme.

18. //. raccmosa.
IQ. //. Williavtsii.

** Inflorescence thyrsoid.

20. //. sangtiinca.

*** Inflorescence more or less spicate.

21. //. cylhuirica.

j5 I. Stamens exserted sooner or later.

f Flowering calyx i" to i^" long.

* Inflorescence loosely paniculate or cymosc-paniculate.

1. H. RUGELll, Shuttlcw.; Kunze, Linnsea, xx. 43,(1847).

Slender stems, 6'~2° high, and also petioles, glandiJlar-hirsute
to lanate- villous; leaves 2' to 5' broad, round- reniform, slightly
7 or 9 lobed, lobes broad ; calyx at time of flowering campanu-
late, about \" long, beset with scattered soft hairs; petals small,
linear-spatulate, two to three times as long as calyx lobes; sta-
mens much exserted.

North Carolina. — Broad River, Rugel, Porter ; Macon Co.,
Boynton ; Burke Co., Torr. Herb.; Transylvania Co., J, D. Smith.
Tennessee. — Warmsprings, Rugel ; Cumberland Mts., Gattinger.
Illinois. — Union Co., French ; Makanda, Forbes.

2. H. GLABRA, Willd.; Roem and Schult Syst. vi. 216, (1820).

Tiarella colorans, Graham, Edinb. Phil. Journ., 349, {1829).

H. divaricata, Fisch.; Seringe, D.C. Prodr. iv. 51, (1830).

Slender; stems, usually bearing one or two leaves, 1° to 2'
high, almost glabrous up to the minutely glandular pedicels;
root- leaves 2' to 3' broad, glabrous or nearly so, incised, lobes 7
or 9, acute ; calyx at time of flowering about \" long, campanu-
late, glandular-pubescent; petals rather narrowly spatulate with
a slender claw, about three times as long as calyx lobes ; stamens
much exserted.

Oregon. — Tolmie. Washington. — Tweedy ; Base Mt. Paddo

Digitized by



(Adams), Suksdorf, No. 546 ; Fort Vancouver, Hooker. British
Columbia. — Tolmie, McKay; Selkirk Range, Macoun ; Norfolk
Sound, Eschscholtz ; Observatory Inlet, Scouler. Alaska, — Sitka,
Bischoflf. Bongard; Popoff St, DalL; Kodiak, Kellogg, No.
257 ; Harrisburg, Meehan.

3. H. MICRANTHA, Dougl.; Lindl. Bot. Reg. xv. t. 1302. (1830).
H, Barbarossa, Presl. Rel. Haenk. ii. 56, (1835).

Stems, usually bearing a few leaves, 1° to 2° high, glabrous or
slightly villous with rusty hairs ; petioles and larger veins of the
leaves on the lower surface more or less villous ; root-leaves 2' to
3' broad, ovate- cordate, unequally 5 to 9-lobed, veins on lower
surface distinct ; calyx at time of flowering campanulate, about
\" long, lobes sparsely covered with fine hairs; petals narrowly
spatulate, two to three times as long as calyx lobes ; stamens
moderately exserted.

Mexico, — Hacienda de Regla, Dr. Halsted. California. —
Monterey, Parry ; Nevada Falls, Redfield, No. 97 ; Marin Co.,
Vasey, No. 174; Yosemite Valley and Mts., Torrey, No. 151;
Yosemite Valley, Brewer, No. 1,667; Yuba, Bigelow, Bridges,
No. 128; Aptos, Pringle, Bolander, Nos. 2,463 and 6,351;
Oakland Redwoods, Bolander, No. 121; San Luis Obispo, Pal-
mer, No. 124; Canon S. of Diablo, Brewer, Nos. 1,100 and
M55; Plumas Co., Mrs. Ames; Spanish Peak, Mrs. Austin;
Oakland Hills, Kellogg and Harford, No. 243 ; Mendocino Co.,
Vasey, Bolander, No 6,531 ; Santa Lucia Mts., G. R. Vasey,
No. 173. Oregon. — Nuttall, Lieut. Mullen, Elihu Hall, No. 159;
Klickitat Co., Suksdorf. Washington. — Yakima, Brandegee, No.
298; Cascades, Kellogg and Harford; Columbia River, Nuttall,
Suksdorf, Scouler, Barclay ; Puget Sound, U. S. Explor. Exp.
Vancouver's Island. — Lyall, Macoun ; Mt Benson, Macoun.
British Columbia. — Agassiz, Macoun ; Franklin's Journey,
Hooker; Victoria, Dawson.

4. H. VILLOSA, Michx., Fl. i. 172, (1803).
H. caulescens, Pursh., Fl. i. 188, (18 14).

H. acerifolia, Raf, Med. Fl. i. 241 and 244, (1828).

H. parviflora, Bartling, Ind. Sem. h. G(Ktt., (1838).

H. Curtisii, Graiyy AmGV. Journ. Sci. (I.), xlii. 15. (1842)?

Stems, naked or bearing a few small leaves, r to 3° high, at

base villous with rusty hairs, as are also the petioles and the

larger veins on the lower surface of the leaves ; the entire plant,

in some specimens, nearly or quite glabrous; root- leaves 3' to 5'

Digitized by



broad, acutely or obtusely 7 or 9-lobed ; calyx at time of flow-
ering about i" long, campanulate ; petals linear-spatulate, about
twice as long as calyx lobes ; stamens much cxserted.

The species as here accepted exhibits a remarkable variety of
leaf forms.

West Virginia, — On New River, Porter. Virginia, — Porter ;
Natural Bridge, Gray and Carey, Dr. and Mrs. Britton ; South
Peak of Otter and Bedford Co., Curtiss; Giles Co., Canby, Red-
field; Wytheville, Shriver. North Carolina. — Porter, Curtis,
Carey, Vasey; Mitchell Co., Redfield ; Macon Co., Highlands,
J. D. Smith ; Rich Mts., Transylvania Co., J. D. Smith. South
Carolina, — Nuttall; Caesar's Head, J. D. Smith. Tennessee. —
Warmsprings, Rugel; Cumberland River, Nashville, Canby;
Roan Mt, Dr. and Mrs. Britton ; Mountains, Gattinger. Ken-
tucky. — Lexington, Short; Banks of Kentucky River, Peter.
Glabrous forms. South Carolina. — Bridal Vail Falls, J. D. Smith.
Georgia. — ^Tococa Falls, Curtiss, No. 860.

The specimen on which H. Curtisii was founded does not
appear to exist in either the Torrey or the Gray Herbarium.

** Inflorescence cymose-subspicate.

5. H. MINUTI FLORA, Hemsley, Diag. PL Nov. pars iii. p. 50,


*' Stems, often bearing three or four leaves, 1° to i )4° high,
villous below, as are also the petioles; leaves round- cordate, 1'
to 2' broad, somewhat lobed, crenate- denticulate, 7 nerved,
smoothish on both sides; calyx at time of flowering about i"
long, rather broadly campanulate, lobes oblong, obtuse ; petals
linear, hardly longer than calyx lobes ; stamens included at first,
but at length slightly exserted."

South Mexico, — Popocatapetl, H. Christy, (fide Hemsley).

**♦ Inflorescence a long, narrow panicle ; flowers clustered.

6. H. PILOSISSIMA, Fisch. and Mey., in Ind. Sem. h. Petrop. v.
36, (1838).

H. hispida, Hook, and Arn. Bot. Beechey, 347, (1841); not
of Pursh.

H. hirtiflora, Torn and Gray, Fl. N. A., i. 582, (1840).

Villous with rusty, viscid hairs ; stems, usually bearing a few
leaves, 1° to 2° high ; root-leaves rough, 2' to 3' wide, broadly
ovate-cordate, lobes rather obtuse, crenate-dentate ; calyx at
time of flowering short and broad, open, about I ^" long, densely

Digitized by



hairy ; petals narrowly spatulate, hardly longer than calyx lobes ;
stamens very slightly exserted.

California, — Douglas, Coulter, No. 182, Kellogg and Har-
ford, No. 245 ; Big River, Mendocino City, Bolander, No. 4,830.

Var. Hartwegi, Watson, in Herb. Gray.

Panicle loose and more open ; stems 2° to 3° high ; the entire
plant, but especially the calyx, less hairy.

California, — Hartweg. No. 1,742; Clark's Creek, S. Luis
Obispo, Palmer, No. 124; Mendocino Co., Bolander, with 4,830
and=4,82o; Santa Lucia Mts., Brandcgee, Vasey, No. 173.

This plant seems to stand between H. micrantka and H.
pilosissima, often much resembling the former in its foliage as
well as in the shape of its panicle.

•(-f Flowering calyx i}^" to 3" long.

* Inflorescence a large, densely flowered, narrow thyrsus.

7. H. MAXIMA, Greene, Bull. Calif Acad. Sci. ii. p. 149, (1886).
Stout leafy peduncles and equally long petioles villous, or

hirsute and glandular, arising from brown, ^' thick, decumbent
stems, rough with the persistent bases of former leaves ; leaves
large, round-cordate to broadly-ovate cordate, 3' to 6' broad,
obtusely 5 to 9-lobed, lobes crenate-dentate, the teeth bristle-
pointed, ciliate; calyx at time of flowering rather short-campan-
ulate, somewhat acute at base, minutely glandular, 2" to 3" long,
lobes obtuse, pubescent; petals i" to 1^2" long, lanceolate with
a prominent central vein; stamens slightly exserted.
Island Santa Cruz, Coast of California, Greene.

** "Inflorescence paniculate or cymose-paniculate.

8. H. Americana, L. Spec. PI. i. 226, (1753).
H. scapigera, Moench, Meth. 674. (1794).
H, corUisa, Michx. FI. i. 171, (1803).

//. viscida, Pursh, Fl. i. 187, (18 14).

H, foliosa, Raf , fide spec. Herb. Torr.

//. renifonnis, Raf in Herb. Phil. Acad.

Stems more or less glandular-hirsute, 2° to 3° high, naked, or
bearing a few small leaves ; root-leaves 3' to 4' broad, ovate-cor-
date, with 7 or 9 rounded, crenate-dentate lobes, the older leaves
usually with short, scattered hairs on the upper surface ; calyx at
time of flowering broadly campanulate, open, i y." to 3" long,

Digitized by



minutely glandular ; petals very small, usually not projecting be-
yond calyx lobes ; stamens much exserted.

Ontario. — Amherstburg, Macoun. Connecticut. — Wheelock.
New Jersey. — Beck ; Princeton, Torrey ; Hudson Co , D. C.
Eaton. Pennsylvania, — Near Philadelphia, Redfield ; Chester
Co., Canby ; Easton, Schweinitz. Delaware, — Wilmington, Can-

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