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The Political Showman At Home ! Exhibiting his cabinet of curiosities
and Creatures All Alive! With twenty-four cuts. Twentieth Edition.
London: 1821. 8vo. pp. 30.

The Right Divine of Kings to Govern Wrong. Dedicated to the Holy Al-
liance. London: 1821. 8vo. pp. 60.

Buonapartephobia. The Origin of Dr. Slop's Name. Tenth Edition.
London : 1820. 8vo. pp. 16. port.

Bank Note. I pi.

The Bank restriction barometer, pp. 2.

A Slap at Slop and the Bridge-Street Gang. With Twenty-seven Cuts.
London : 1822. 8vo. pp. 56.

Aspersions Answered: An explanatory Statement, addressed To the Public
at Large, and to every reader of The Quarterly Review in particular. Sixth
edition. London: 1824. 8vo. pp. 68.

Another Article for The Quarterly Review. Second edition. London: 1824.
8vo. pp. 32.

The Three Trials of William Hone, for publishing Three Parodies; viz.
The Late John Wilkes's Catechism, The Political Litany, and The Sinecur-
ist's Creed ; on Three Ex-Officio Informations, at Guildhall, London, during
Three Successive Days, December 18, 19, & 20, 1817; before Three Special
Juries, and Mr. Justice Abbott, on the First Day, and Lord Chief Justice El-
lenborough, on the last two days. London: 1818. 8vo. pp. 48, 45, 44.

Trial By Jury and Liberty of the Press. The Proceedings at the Public
Meeting, December 29, 1817, At the City of London Tavern, for the purpose
of enabling William Hone to surmount the difficulties in which he has been


placed by beiug selected by the ministers of the Crown as the object of their
persecution. Mr. Waithuian in the Chair. Seventh Edition. London: 1818.
8vo. pp. 28.

HONE (William). The Every-Day Book and Table Book;
or, Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, Sports,
Pastimes, Ceremonies, Manners, Customs, and Events,, inci-
dent to Each of the Three Hundred and Sixty-five Days, in
past and present times; forming a complete history of the year,
months, and seaspns, and a perpetual key to the almanac.
With four hundred and thirty-six engravings. London: 1838-
3 vols. 8vo.

The Year Book of Daily Recreation and Information;

concerning remarkable men and manners, times and seasons,
solemnities and merry-makings on the plan of the Every-Day
Book and Table-Book. With one hundred and fourteen engrav-
ings. London: 1839. 8vo. pp. 1643. P^-

"Hood," (Robin). See Robin Hood.

[HooD (Thomas)]. Odes and Addresses to Great People.
London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock & Joy. 1825. i6mo.
pp. (6), 136.

The Comic Annual. London: MDCCCXXXIV. I2mo.

pp. 175. pis.

The Comic Annual. London: MDCCCXXXV. i2mo.

pp. 180. pis.

Hood's Own: or, Laughter from Year to Year. Being

former runnings of his comic vein, with an infusion of new
blood for general circulation. London: MDCCCXLVI. 8vo. pp.
568. port, and pis.

Poems of Wit and Humour. Fifth edition. London:

1853. i2ino. pp. 282.

Poems. Sixth edition. London: 1853. i2ino. pp.

388. port.

Tylney Ha41. Boston: 1860. i2ino. pp. 479.

Up the Rhine. A new edition, with a preface by his

daughter. London: 1869. i2ino. pp. 344. ports, and pis.

Thomas Hood. Illustrated by Gustave Dore*. London:

1870. Fo. pp. 63.

The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood. Edited, with a


critical memoir, by William Michael Rossetti. Illustrated by
Gustave Dore". London: [n. d.]. 8vo. pp. 400. port, and

[HOOD (Thomas)]. Choice Humorous Works, ludicrous ad-
ventures, bon mots, puns and hoaxes. With a new life of the
author, portraits by Maclise and D'Orsay, caricatures and fac
similes. London: [1873?]. 8vo. pp. v, 583.

HOOK (Theodore Edward). Killing no Murder. A farce, in
two acts. As performed with great applause at the Theatres
Royal : with the original Prefaces, and the scene suppressed by
order of the Lord Chamberlain. London: 1817. 8vo. pp. 44.

HOPKINS! (John). See Sternhold, T.

HOPKINSON (F.). See Peters, R.

Horace in London, See Smith, H.

[HORAM, son of Asuiar"]. Tales of the Genii: or Stories of
Amusement and Delight: a sequel to the Arabian Nights En-
tertainments. Translated from the Persian by Sir Charles
Morell. London: MDCCCXLV. 241110. pp. 480. pi.

HORATIUS FLACCUS (Q.). The Works of Quintus Horatius
Flaccus. Illustrated chiefly from the remains of ancient art. With
a life by Henry Hart Milman. London: MDCCCXLIX. 8vo. pp.
490. pis.

The Works of Horace. Translated literally into Eng-
lish Prose, by C. Smart. A new edition, revised, with a co-
pious selection of notes, by Theodore Alois Buckley. London:
MDCCCLIII. 8vo. pp. 325.

The Odes of Horace, translated into English Verse,

with a life and notes, by Theodore Martin. Bgston: M DCCC LXVI.
i2tno. pp. 358.

[HORNE (Richard Hengist)]. Exposition of The False Me-
dium and Barriers Excluding Men of Genius from the Public.
London: 1833. 8vo. pp. 330. port.

HORNER (Susan). The Tuscan Poet, Giuseppe Giusti, and
his times. London and Cambridge: 1864. 121110. pp. 374.

HORNER (Susan and Joanna). Walks in Florence. With
illustrations. London: 1873. 121110. pp. 463. pi.

*** Volume II. only.

HORNOR (Thomas). Prospectus. View of London and the


surrounding country; taken with mathematical accuracy from an
observatory purposely erected over the cross of St. Paul's cathe-
dral; to be published in four engravings. London: 1822. 8vo.
pp. 31. folding pi.

[HoRNOT (Antoine)]. Anecdotes / Ame'ricaiues, / ou / Histoire
Abrege"e / des / principaux evenements / Arrives dans le Nouveau
Monde, depuis sa / decouverte jusqu'a 1'epoque presente. / A
Paris: / Chez Vincent, Imprimatur- Libraire, rue /des Mathurins,
hotel de Clugny. / M DCC LXXVI. Avec Approbation & Privi-
lege du Roi. 121110. pp. xv, 782.

[HoTTEN (J. C.)]. The Slang Dictionary; or, the vulgar
words, street phrases, and "fast" expressions of high and low
society. Many with their etymology, and a few with their his-
tory traced. London: 1865. 121110. pp. 305. pL

[ ] Charles Dickens, the story of his life. By the author

of the "Life of Thackeray." London: [1870]. 8vo. pp. 367.
ports., pi. and fac sim.

See Larwood, J.

HOUGH (Franklin B. ). Papers relating to Pemaquid and
parts adjacent in the present state of Maine, known as Cornwall
County, when under the Colony of New-York, Compiled from
Official Records in the office of the Secretary of State at Albany,
N. Y. Albany: MDCCCLVI. rl. 8vo. pp. vii, 136.

Papers concerning the attack on Hatfield and Deer-
field by a party of Indians from Canada, September nineteenth,
1677. New York: 1859. rl. 8vo. pp. 82. map.

# * # Edited for, and 100 copies printed by, the Bradford Club.

Diary of the Siege of Detroit in the War with Pontiac.

Also a Narrative of the Principal Events of the Siege, by Major
Robert Rogers. A Plan for Conducting Indian Affairs, by Col-
onel Bradstreet; and other authentick documents, never before
printed. Edited with notes by Franklin B. Hough. Albany,
N. Y. : M.D.CCC.LX. Sm. 4to. pp. xxiii, 304.

HOUGHTON (Lord}. Palm Leaves. By Richard Monckton
Mlines. London: MDCCCXLIV. 121110. pp. 202.
*** Autograph of author on title.

Poems, Legendary and Historical. By Richard Monck-
ton Milnes. A new edition. London: Edward Moxon, Dover
Street. MDCCCXLIV. i2ino. pp. 154.

*** Autograph of author on fly leaf.


HOUGHTON (Lord}. Memorials of Many Scenes. By Rich-
ard Monckton Milnes. A new edition. London : Edward
Moxon, Dover Street. MDCCCXLIV. lamo. pp. 203.

*** Autograph of author on fly leaf.

The Real Union of England and Ireland. London:

1845. 161110. pp. 87.

Poems of Many Years. Boston : MDCCCXLVI. i2mo.

pp. 275.

To the Men of Birmingham. An Ode, composed for

the opening of their First Public Pleasure-Gronnd, by Richard
Monckton Milnes, M. P. To be sold at a bazaar, for the "Ad-
derley Park" Library, August, 1856. Birmingham: Beilby
and Wright, Temple Buildings, New Street. 1856. 8vo. 12 11.

Address on the Punishment and Reformation of Crim-
inals. By Richard Monckton Milnes, M. P. Reprinted from
the Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion
of Social Science, 1859. 8vo. pp. 20.

[ ] The Luggie, and other Poems. By David Gray.

With a Memoir by James Hedderwick, and a Prefatory Notice
by R. M. Milnes, M. P. Cambridge and London: 1862. 8vo.
pp. 10.

#* # A review of the above work.

[ ] The Remains of the late Mrs. Richard Trench; being

Selections from her Journals, Letters, and other Papers. Edited
by her Son, the Dean of Westminster. London: 1862. 8vo.
pp. 23.

**# A review, separately printed from some magazine.

Royal Institution of Great Britain. Weekly Evening

Meeting, Friday, May 2, 1862. The Rev. John Barlow, M. A.,
F. R. S., Vice- President, in the Chair. R. Monckton Milnes,
Esq., M. P. On the International Exhibition for 1862. [Lon-
don: 1862]. 8vo. pp. 4.

Selections from the Poetical Works. London : 1863.

121110. pp. 284.

*** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

Inaugural Address delivered at the opening of the

Leeds Congress of the British Archaeological Association, Oct.
12, 1863. And Observations on the History of Thomas, Earl of
Lancaster. By The Lord Houghton, M. A., D. C. L., President.


[From the Journal of the Association.] London: Printed by
T. Richards, 37 Great Queen Street. 1864. 8vo. pp. 18.

[ ] Atalanta in Cal ydon : a tragedy. By Algernon Charles

Swinburne. [London: ,n. d.] 8vo. pp. 15.

** # A review, originally printed in some magazine, and a few copies pri-
vately reprinted in separate form.

[HOUGHTON (Lord]}. Notice of a Fragment of a Sarum
Breviary, in the Possession of John Eliot Hodgkin. [n. p., n.
d.] 8vo. pp. 7. 2 fac similes.

*** Privately printed.

[ ] A Reminiscence of Cardinal Wiseman. By a Pro-
testant, fn. p., n. d.] pp. ii.

*** Privately printed.

HOUSEHOLD Words. Conducted by Charles Dickens. Leip-
zig: 1851- 18 vols. i6mo.

HOUSSAYE (Arsene). Histoire du 4i rae Fauteuil de P Acad-
emic Franchise. Paris: MDCCCLVII. i2ino. pp. 406.

HOVEDEN (Roger de). The Annals of Roger de Hoveden,
comprising the history of England and of other countries of
Europe from A. D. 732 to A. D. 1201. Translated from the
Latin with notes and illustrations by Henry T. Riley. In two
volumes. London: MDCCCLIII. 2 vols. i2ino.

*** The author is said to have been a professor of theology at Oxford,
and later clerk or chaplain to Henry II. The present work is in two parts,
the first professing to be a continuation of Bede's Ecclesiastical History,
commencing in 732, and ending with 1154. The second part brings the his-
tory down to 1201. From the year 1192, "his circumstantiality is such that
we might almost imagine ourselves reading a newspaper account."

HOWARD (Sir R^.). The Duel of the Stags, a Poem, Written
by the Honourable Sir Robert Howard. Together with An Epis-
tle to the Author, By Mr. John Dryden. London: Printed and
Sold by H. Hills, in Blackfryars, near the Water-side. 1709.
8vo. pp. 16.

HOWE (Julia Ward). The World's Own. Boston : M DCCC LVII.
i2tno. pp. 141.

HOWKLL (James). Lexicon Tetraglotton, an English-
French-Italian-Spanish Dictionary: Whereunto is adjoined A
large Nomenclature of the proper Terms (in all the four) be-
longing to several Arts and Sciences, to Recreations, to Profes-
sions both Liberal and Mechanick, &c. Divided into Fiftie two


Sections; With another Volume of the Choicest Proverbs in all
the said Toungs, (consisting of divers compleat Tomes) and the
English translated into the other Three, to take off the reproch
which useth to be cast upon Her, that She is but barren in this
point, and those Proverbs She hath are but flat and empty.
Moreover, There are sundry familiar Letters and Verses running
all in Proverbs, with a particular Tome of the Brittish or old Cam-
brian Sayed-Sawes and Adages, which the Author thought fit to
annex hereunto, and make Intelligible, for their great Antiquity
and Weight: Lastly, there are five Centuries of New Sayings,
which, in tract of Time, may serve for Proverbs to Posterity.
By the Labours, and Lucubrations of James Hovvell, Esq. ;
London, Printed by J. G. for Samuel Thomson, at the Bishops
head in St. Paul's Church-yard. 1660. Fo.

HowELLS (W. D.). Venetian Life. New York: MDCCCLXVI.
8vo. pp. 359.

Venetian Life. Second edition. London: 1867. 8vo.

pp. 340.

*** A letter of the author to Mr. Graham is inserted.

Italian Journeys. London: 1868. 8vo. pp. 320.

*** A letter of Howells's is inserted.

HowiTT (Mary). Pictorial Calendar of the Seasons, exhibit-
ing the pleasures, pursuits, and characteristics of country life
for every month in the year, and embodying the whole of Aikin's
Calendar of Nature. London: 1854. 121110. pp. 567.

HOWITT (William). The Rural Life of England. London:
1838. 2 *ols. 8vo.
x*x See also Meadows.

Visits to Remarkable Places; Old H*alls, Battle Fields,

and scenes illustrative of striking passages in English history
and poetry. Philadelphia: 1842. 2 vols. 8vo.

Homes and Haunts of the Most Eminent British Poets.

London: M.DCCC.XLVII. 2 vols. 8vo.

HOWITT (William and Mary). Stories of English and For-
eign Life. With twenty engravings. London : MDCCCLIII.
1 2 mo. pp. 496. ports.

Hows (J. W. S.). The Practical Elocutionist, and Academ-
ical Reader and Speaker, designed for the use of Colleges,
Academies and High Schools. New York: 1853. 8vo. pp. 430.


[HOYLE (Charles']. The Pilgrim of the Hebrides: a Lay of
the North Couutrie. By the Author of "Three Days at Kil-
larney. " London: 1830. 8vo. pp. (8), 296, (4).
*% Autograph of William Wordsworth on fly leaf.

HOYT (Ralph). Sketches of Life and Landscape. New- York:
1858. i2ino. pp 174..

HUBNER (Julius). Catalogue de la Galerie Royalede Dresde.
Avec une introduction historique et des notices speciales sur
1'acquisition des tableaux dont se compose cette collection.
Traduction de J. Grangier. Revue par A. Maillard. Dresde.
1862. 1 2 mo. pp. 462, table.

HUDDESFORD (George). The Poems of. London: 1801. 2
vols. I2ino.

HUDSON (John). A Complete Guide to the English Lakes,
with Minute Directions for Tourists; and Mr. Wordsworth's
description of the scenery of the country, etc. ; also Five Letters
on the Geology of the Lake District, by the Rev. Professor
Sedgwick. London: 1859. i2ino. pp. 270. pi.

HUGHES (John, Arch-bishop). Speech delivered on the i6th,
I7th and 2istdays of June, 1841. Being a review and refutation
of theremonstrance of the Public School Society and the argu-
ment of Hiram Ketchum, Esq., their counsel, before a commit-
tee of the Senate of the State of New York, against the report
of the Secretary of State on the subject of Common School
Education. New York: 1841. 8vo. pp. 56.

**# Relates to the Know Nothing crusade against the Roman Catholics.

A Lecture on the Mixture of Civil and Ecclesiastical

Power, in the Governments of the Middle Ages, delivered at the
Tabernacle on Monday evening, December 18, 1843, by request
of the Irish Emigrant Society. New York: 1843. 8vo. PP- 24.

[HUGHES (Thomas)]. School Days at Rugby. By an Old
Boy. Boston: M DCCC Lix. 121110. pp. 405.

HUGO (Victor). Les Contemplations. Edition Elzevirienne.
Ornements par E. Froment. Paris: 1869. 2 vols. 161110. pis.

Quatrevingt-Treize. Paris: 1874. 3 vols. 8vo.

HULSE (Georgie A.). Sunbeams and Shadows, and Buds and

Blossoms; or, Leaves from Aunt Minnie's Portfolio. New York:

M. DCCC. LI. I2I110. pp. 262.


HUMBOLDT (Alexander von). Cosmos; a sketch of a Physical
Description of the Universe. Translated from the German, by
E. C. Otte. London: 1849- 4 vols. i2mo. port.

Views of Nature; or, Contemplations on the Sublime

Phenomena of Creation; with scientific illustrations. Trans-
lated from the German by E. C. Otte and Henry G. Bohn.
London: 1850. 121110. pp. 452. pi.

HUMBOLDT (Alexander von). Personal Narrative of Travels
to the Equinoctial Regions of America, during the years 1799-
1804. By Alexander von Humboldt and Aime Bonplaud.
Translated and edited by Thomasina Ross. London: 1852.

Cosmos essai d'une Description Physique du Monde.

Traduit par H. Faye Un des astronomes de 1'Observatoire de
Paris. Milan: 1854. 5 vols. 8vo.

#*x " Tome 5 m e (posthume) " is a "traductisn sur T original allemand par
Ernest Sergent."

HUME (David). The History of England, from the invasion
of Julius Csesar to the abdication of James the Second, 1688. A
new edition, with the author's last corrections and improvements.
To which is prefixed a short account of his life written by him-
self. Boston: Phillips, Sampson & Company, 1853. 5 vols.
8vo. port.

HUME (D.) and T. SMOLLETT. Hume & Smollet's cele-
brated History of England, from its first settlement to the year
1760, accurately and impartially abridged. And a continuation
from that period to the Coronation of George IV., July 19,
1821, embracing a period of nearly 2,000 years. [Edited] by
Rev. John Robinson, D. D. New York: 1847. ^ vo - PP- 49^-
ports, and pis.

The HUMMING Bird: or, a Compleat Collection of the most
esteemed Songs. Containing Above Fourteen Hundred of the
most celebrated English, Scotch, and Irish Songs, in which are
included All the Favourite New Songs sung at the Theatres
Royal, Vauxhall, Ranelagh, and Polite Concerts In the Last
Season. Canterbury: MDCCLXXXV. Sq. i2ino. pp. xxiv, 408.

HUMPHREYS (F.). Homeopathic Mentor or Family Adviser
in the use of Specific Homeopathic Medicine. New York: 1872.
8vo. pp. 364.


HUMPHREYS (H. Noel). The Coin Collector's Manual, or
guide to the numismatic student in the formation of a Cabinet
of Coins: comprising an historical and critical account of the
origin and progress of coinage, from the earliest period to the
fall of the Roman Empire; with some account of the coinages
of Modern Europe, more especially of Great Britain. London:
1853. 2 vols. i2ino. pis.

HUNGARY and Its Revolution's, from the earliest period to the
nineteenth century. With a memoir of Louis Kossuth. By
E. O. S. London: 1854. 8vo. pp. 556. port.

HUNT (Capt. E. B.). Union Foundations: A study of Amer-
ican nationality as a fact of science. New York: 1863. 8vo.
pp. 61.

HUNT (Freeman). Lives of American Merchants. New
York: 1856. 8vo. pp. 576. port.

*** Volume I. only.

Worth and Wealth: a collection of Maxims, Morals and

Miscellanies for Merchants and Men of Business. New York:
1856. 1 2 mo. pp. 504.

HUNT (Leigh). Lord Byron and Some of His Contemporaries;
with recollections of the Author's Life, and of his Visits to Italy.
London: 1828. 4to. pp. 513. 6 pis.

The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt. Now first entirely

collected, revised by himself, and edited with an introduction
by S. Adams Lee. Boston : M DCCC LXVI. 2 vols. i2mo. port.

[Works of.] London: 1870. 5 vols. I2mo.

Autobiography. The Town.

Imagination and Fancy. Wit and Humour.

Men, Women and Books.

The Book of The Sonnet. Edited by Leigh Hunt and

S. Adams Lee. London: 1867. i2ino. pp. 340.

*** Volume I. only.

See Meadows.

HUNT (Robert). The Poetry of Science; or, Studies of the
Physical Phenomena of Nature. London: MDCCCLIV. I2mo.
pp. 421.

Elementary Physics, an introduction to the study of

Natural Philosophy. London: MDCCCLV. I2ino. pp. 486. pis.

HUNTER (W. ). Description du Pegu et de 1'Isle de Ceylan.


Renfermant des details exacts et neufs sur le climat, les produc-
tions, le commerce, le gouvernement, les moeurs et les usages
de ces contrees; Par W. Hunter, Chr. Wolf & Eschelskroon.
Traduite de PAnglois & de 1'Allemand. Par L. L. * * * A
Paris. 1793. 8vo. pp. 354.

HUREL (Abbe A.). Les Orateurs Sacres a la Cour de Louis
XIV. Paris: 1872. 2 vols. 8vo.

The HUSBAND, a Poem. Expressed in A Compleat Man.
London: Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in Black- fryars, near
the Water-side. 1710. 8vo. pp. 16.

HUTCHINSON (Lucy). Memoirs of the life of Colonel Hutch-
inson, Governor of Nottingham Castle and Town, representa-
tive of the County of Nottingham in the Long Parliament, and
the Town of Nottingham in the first Parliament of Charles the
Second, written by His Widow Lucy. From the original man-
uscript by the Rev. Julius Hutchinson. To which -is prefixed
the Life of Mrs. Hutchinson, written by herself. London: 1854.
i2mo. pp. 523. port.

HUTCHINSON (Thomas). The / History / of the / Colony /
of/ Massachusets-Bay, / from the / first settlement thereof / in
1628, / until its incorporation / with the / Colony of Plimouth,
Province of Main, &c. / By the / Charter of King William and
Queen Mary / in 1691. / . . . . / By Mr. Hutchinson, / Lieu-
tenant-Governor of the Massachusets Province. / The second
edition. / London: / Printed for M. Richardson, in Pater-noster

ROW. / MDCCLX- / 2 VOls. 8vO.

#*# The historian, James Grahame's, copy, with his autograph on the title

Hymn to Peace. See De Foe.
Hymn to the Pillory. See De Foe.

1DEES d'un Citoyen sur la Puissance du Roi et le Commerce
de la Nation, dans POrient. A Amsterdam. M. DCC. LXIII.
i6mo. pp. 40.
Illustrated Book of French Songs. See Oxenford.

The ILLUSTRATED Book of Scottish Songs, from the sixteenth
to the nineteenth century. London: 1854. I2ino. pp. 325. pi.

ILLUSTRATIONS of Stratford-upon-Avon and the life of Shak-
speare, from original drawings. Stratford-upon-Avon, printed
and published by F. E. Ward, High Street. MDCCCLI. Fo.
Title and pp. 2; 2; 2; 2; i. 4 pis.

*** 129 portraits and many plates inserted.

Illustrations of the Lyric Poetry. See Stenhouse, W.

Imigination and Fancy. See Hunt, L.

The IMPORTANCE of Literature to Men of Business: a series
of addresses Delivered at Various Popular Institutions. Re-
vised and corrected by the authors. London: 1852. i2ino.
PP- 354-

*% A collection of sixteen addresses, by

T. N. Talfourd,

Earl of Carlisle,

Lord Mahon,

Archbishop Whately, H. G. Bell.

Charles Knight,

A. Alison,

J. P. Nichol,
Duke of Argyl,
Sir David Brewster,

Were and Maids As
8vo. pp. 96.

G. C. Verplanck,

J. F. W. Herschel,

B. Disraeli,

Lord John Manners,

John Phillips,

G. S. Smythe,

Inaugural Address. See Butler, B. F.

INCHBALD (Mrs. E.). Wives As They
They Are. A Comedy. London: 1797.

India. See Corner, J.

Influence des Despotisme. See Beaumarchais.

INGELOW (Jean). Poems. Boston: 1865. Svo. pp. 256.

A Story of Doom And Other Poems. London: 1868.

1 2 mo. pp. 294.

INGERSOLL (Edward). A Digest of the Laws of the United
States of America, from March 4th, 1789, to May i5th, 1820.



Including also the Constitution, and the old Act of Con-
federation, and excluding all Acts relating to the District of
Columbia, Acts establishing or discontinuing Post Roads, and
Private Acts. Philadelphia: 1821. 8vo. pp. 845.

INGLIS (James). The Bible Text Cyclopedia : a complete
classification of Scripture texts in the form of an alphabetical
list of subjects. London: [1860.] 8vo. pp.524.

Ingoldsby Legends. See Barham, R. H.

INGRAHAM (J. H.). The Throne of David; from the Con-
secration of the Shepherd of Bethlehem, to The Rebellion of
Prince Absalom. Being an illustration of the splendor, power,
and dominion of the reign of the Shepherd, Poet, Warrior,
King, and Prophet, Ancestor and Type of Jesus; in a series of
letters addressed by an Assyrian Ambassador, resident at the
Court of Saul and David, to his Lord and King on the Throne
of Nineveh; wherein the glory of Assyria, as well as the mag-
nificence of Judea, is presented to the reader as by An Eye Wit-
ness. Boston: 1871. I2mo. pp. 603. pis.

INGTJLPH (Abbot of Croyland). Ingulph's Chronicle of the
Abbey of Croyland with the continuations by Peter of Blois, and
anonymous writers. Translated from the Latin with notes by
Henry T. Riley. London. MDCCCLIV. i2mo. pp. 546.

INSTRUCTIONS to Vander Bank, A Sequel to the Advice to
the Poets: a Poem, Occasion' d by the glorious success of Her
Majesty's Arms, under the Command of the Duke of Marl-
borough, the last year in Flanders. London: Printed and Sold
by H. Hills, in Black-fry ars, near the Water-side. 1709. 8vo.
pp. 16.

The INSURRECTION in Paris, related by an Englishman, An
eye-witness of that frightful war and of the terrible evils which
accompanied it. Paris: 1871. 8vo. pp. 178.

IRELAND (John). See Hogarth, W.

IRVINE (William). Letters on Sicily. London: 1813. 8vo.
pp. 259.

IRVING (Joseph). The Annals of Our Time : a Diurnal of
Events, social and political, home and foreign, from the Acces-
sion of Queen Victoria. London and New York: 1871. 8vo.
pp. 1034.


[IRVING (W.)]. Bracebridge Hall; or, The Humorists. By
Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. London: 1822. 2 vols. 8vo.

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