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**# A presentation copy to Mr. Graham, from W. H. Huntington.

[ ] Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists. A Medley.

By Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Author's revised edition. New
York: 1860. sm. 4to. pp. 465. pis.

^*# The plates are in duplicate, one set being impressions on india paper.

The Works of. New edition, revised. New York:

1853- 15 vols. 8vo.

Adventures of Capt. Bonneville. Knickerbocker's New York.

Alhambra. Life and Voyages of Columbus.

Astoria. Oliver Goldsmith.

Bracebridge Hall. Mahomet.

Conquest of Granada. Sketch Book.

Crayon Miscellany. Tales of a Traveller.

Wolfert's Roost and other papers, now first collected.

New York: 1855. 121110. pp. 383.

Life of George Washington. New York: G. P. Put-
nam. 1856- 5 vols. 4to.

*% A large paper copy, with the illustrations on india paper. Extra-illus-
trated by the insertion of 20 pages of the MS., many rare portraits, and
.autograph letters of: Washington (1. s.), Franklin, Gage (1. s.), Artemas
Ward (1. s.), John Hancock, John Adams, John Thomas, Burgoyne, Lord
Howe (1. s.), Mercy Warren, Jonathan Trumbull, Edward Everett, Roger
Sherman, Gates, Robert Morris, Benedict Arnold, Alexander Hamilton,
Kosciusko (2), Rochambeau, Cornwallis, Jefferson (1. s.), James Monroe,
Charles Carroll, Patrick Henry, Bushrod Washington, Earl of Bellomont,
Major Napier, Steuben, W. Howe, Lord Dorchester, R. Peale, and A. Burrt

[ ] A History of New York, from the Beginning of the

World to the Enfl of the Dutch Dynasty; by Diedrich Knicker-
bocker. The author'^ revised edition. New York: 1860. sm.
4to. pp. 472. port, and pis.

[ ] The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. New

York: 1860. 8vo. pp. 465. port, and pis.

[ ] Tales of a Traveller. By Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.

Author's revised edition. New York: 1860. 8vo. pp. 477.

Salmagundi; or, the Whim-Whams and Opinions of

Launcelot Langstaff, Esq., and others. By William Irving,
James Kirke Paulding and Washington Irving. Printed from
the original edition, with a preface and notes by Evert A.

. Duyckinck. New York: 1860. 8vo. pp. 412. pi.


IRVINGIANA: A memorial of Washington Irving. New York:
1860. 4to. pp. 64.

*** A large paper copy of which 1 10 copies only were printed. Inserted
are about seventy-five portraits and autograph letters of Irving, W. Allston,
Walter Scott, William Cullen Bryant, Fitz Greene Halleck, Newton, J. K.
Paulding, George Bancroft, H. T. Tuckerman, E. H. Chapin, N. P. Willis,
John P. Kennedy, James Kent, Bishop Wainwright, George William Curtis,
F. S. Cozzens and James Hogg.

*** See also Bryant, W- C.

Italy, with Sketches of Spain. See Beckford, W.
Italian Pictures. See Manning, S.

IVES (Charles). Chips from the Workshop. Parnassus, The
Outlaw's Dream, or The Old Man's Counsel, and Other Poems.
New Haven: MDCCCXLIII. 8vo. pp. 180.

IVES ( J. C.). Military Map of the Seat of War in Italy, com-
piled from the most reliable authorities. New York: 1859.
folded 8vo.

IVES (L. S.)- The Trials of a Mind in its Progress to Cath-
olicism: A Letter to His Old Friends. London: 1854. 8vo.
pp. 219.

JACK and the Giants. See Pleasant and Delightful.
Jack Downing' 1 s Letters. See Smith, Seba.
JACKSON (A.). Report of the Committee of Arrangements
of the Common Council of the City of New York, upon the
Funeral Ceremonies in commemoration of the Death of Gen.
Andrew Jackson, Ex-President of the United States. New
York: 1845. 8vo. pp. 134-303.

JACQUEMART (A.). Les Merveilles de la Ceramique ou Part
de fagonner et decorer les Vases en Terre Cuite, Faience, Gres
et Porcelaine, Depuis les temps antiques jusqu'a nos jours.
Troisieme partie Occident (temps modernes) contenant 48 vig-
nettes sur bois et 833 monogrammes par J. Jacquemart. Paris:

1869. 161110. pp. 371.

JAENISCH (C. F. de). Chess Preceptor: A new analysis of

the Openings of Games. Translated from the French, with
notes, by George Walker. London: 1847. 8vo. pp. 291.

JAMES I. (of England), Court of. See Williams, R. F.

JAMES I. (of Scotland). The King's Quair, a poem : by James
the First, King of Scots. With explanatory notes, a glossary,
&c., by Ebenezer Thomson. Air: 1815. 8vo. pp. 96.

JAMES (G. P. R.). The Life and Times of Louis the Four-
teenth. London: 1851. 2 vols. i2mo. port.

The History of the Life of Richard Cceur-de-Lion.

London: MDCCCLIV. 2 vols. 121110. port.

The Cavalier. An Historical Novel. Philadelphia:

[n. d.] i2ino. pp. 391. port.

JAMESON (Mrs. A. M.). Memoirs and Essays illustrative of
Art, Literature, and Social Morals. London: 1846. 8vo. pp.

Sacred and Legendary Art. London: 1850. sm. 4to.

pp. xv, 483. pis.


JAMESON (Mrs. A. M.). A Commonplace Book of Thoughts,
Memories, and Fancies, original and selected. New York:
1856. i2ino. pp. 329.

Memoirs of Early Italian Painters, and of The Progress

of Painting in Italy. Cimabue to Bassano. London: 1868.
8vo. pp. 328. ports.

[Works.] Boston: 1863. 8 vols. i6mo. ports, and pi.

Diary of an Ennuyee. Memoirs of the Loves of the Poets.

Legends of the Madonna. Sacred and Legendary Art.

Legends of the Monastic Orders. Sketches of Art, Literature and Char-
Memoirs of the Early Italian Painters. acter.

The History of Our Lord, as exemplified in works of

art: with that of his types; St. John the Baptist; and other
persons of the Old and New Testament. Commenced by the late
Mrs. Jameson. Continued and completed by Lady Eastlake.
London: 1864. 2 vols. sm. 4to. pis.

JAMIESON (Alexander). A Grammar of Rhetoric and Polite
Literature. New Haven: 1836. 8vo. pp. 306.

JAMIESON ( J. ). Dictionary of the Scottish Language ;
Abridged by John Johnston. A new edition,, revised and en-
larged, by John Longmuir. Edinburgh: 1867. 8vo. pp. 635.
.JAMISON (D. F.). The Life and Times of Bertrand du
Guesclin: A History of the Fourteenth Century. In two vol-
umes. Charleston: MDCCCLXIV. 2 vols. 8vo. port.
#% On a fly leaf is written :

"New York, Oct. nth, 1873.
My Dear Lorrie

The last time I saw you, was at the close of a day's work bric-a-brac-ing
in Paris.

I doubt whether you found anything more rare and curious than these vol-
umes (considering the subject, its treatment, and the publication being the
only books, so far as I can learn, ever copyrighted by the defunct 'Confed-
erate States of America.')

I know no place so fitting for them as your Library, where you will please
place them and oblige

Yours ever sincerely, W. J. A. Fui^ER.

James Lorimer Graham."

JANIN (Jules). L'Amour des Livres. Paris: 1866. i6mo.
pp. 61.

Les Rois Contemporains Biographies des Souverains

de P Europe par MM. Jules Janin, Andre* Van Hasselt, Auguste
Orts, Theodore Juste, Emma de Villers, Van Limburg, le cap-


itaine de Bormans, Engine Ganssoin, Eugene Gens, Ferdinand

Carron, etc., etc. Bruxelles: 1849. r ^- 8vo. PP- 4 22 - ports.

JARVES (James Jackson). The Art-Idea: sculpture, painting,

and architecture in America. New York: 1866. i6mo. pp. 381.

# * A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

Art Thoughts. The experiences and observations of

an American amateur in Europe. London: 1870. 8vo. pp.


*% A letter of the author to Mr. Graham laid in.

JAURET (Georges). Le Mexique devant les Chambres. Paris:

1866. 8vo. pp. 48.

JAY (John). See Hamilton, A.

JEANNEL (Dr. J.). De 1'Air. Proprietes Chimiques. Paris:

1867. 24mo. pp. 33.

JEFFERSON (Peter). See Fry, Joshua.

[JEFFERSON (Thomas)]. Observations / sur / la Virginie, /
Par M. J. * * * / Traduites de 1'Anglois. / A Paris, / Chez Bar-
rois, 1'aine, Libraire, rue du / Hurepoix, pres le pont Saint-
Michel. / 1786. / 8vo. pp. (2), viij, 390, (4), errata, map.

Notes / on the / State of Virginia, / Written by / Thomas

Jefferson. / Illustrated with / A Map, including the States of
Virginia, Mary- / land, Delaware and Pennsylvania. / London: /
Printed for John Stockdale, opposite / Burlington-House, Picca-
dilly. M. DCC. LXXXVII. 8vo. pp. (4), 382. map.

JEFFERYS (Thomas). A New Chart / of the / River St. Lau-
rence, / from the / Island of Anticosti / To the Falls of Riche-
lieu: / with all the / Islands, Rocks, Shoals, and Soundings. /
Also / Particular Directions / For Navigating the River with
Safety. / Taken by Order of / Charles Saunders, Esqr. / . . .
. . / Published by Command of / The Right Honourable the
Lords Commissioners of the/ Admiralty. / [London: 1760.] One
sheet, elephant Fo.

JEFFREY (Lord Francis). Contributions to the Edinburgh
Review. Philadelphia: 1846. 8vo. pp. 762. port.

JELF (George Edward). The Secret Trials of the Christian
Life. London: MDCCCLXXIV. 121110. pp. 341.

JENKINSON (C.). See Liverpool, Lord.

[JENYNS (Soame)]. Miscellaneous Pieces, in Two Volumes.


Volume I. Containing Poems, Translations, and Essays. Lon-
don: Printed for R. and J. Dodsley, at Tully's Head, in Pall
Mall. M DCC LXI. i2tno. pp. 287.

#% Volume i. only. Autograph of Horace Walpole on title, and his book-
plate on cover.

JERDAN (William). The Autobiography of William Jerdan.
With his Literary, Political, and Social Reminiscences and Cor-
respondence during the last fifty years. London: 1852- 4 vols.

*** See also Stoddard, R. H.

JERROLD (Blanchard). The Life of Napoleon III. derived
from state records, from unpublished family correspondence,
and from personal testimony. London: 1874- 4 vols. 8vo.
ports, fac-simile.

Volumes i. and n. only.

JERROLD (D.). Specimens of Douglas Jerrold's Wit: together
with selections, chiefly from his contributions to journals, in-
tended to illustrate his opinions. Arranged by his son, Blanch-
ard Jerrold. Boston: M DCCC Lix. i2mo. pp. 291.

#*x See also Meadows.

JESSE (Edward). Favorite Haunts and Rural Studies; in-
cluding Visits to Spots of Interest in the vicinity of Windsor
and Eton. With numerous illustrations. London: 1847.
i2ino. pp. 365.

Jest- Book, The. See Lemon, M.

Johannes Secundus. See Propertius.

"John Bull." See Bowles, W. L.

JOHN II. (Le bori). Letter from King John of France to his
son Charles. [London: 1858.] 8vo. pp. 6.

# % Privately printed by Lord Hough ton.

JOHNSON (A. B.). The Banker's Common-Place Book. Bos-
ton: 1851. i2mo. pp. 137.

# * # A reprint of Johnson's "Treatise on Banking," with the addition of
J. W. Gilbart's "Ten Minutes' Advice on Keeping a Bank," and the laws
and rules of banking.

JOHNSON (A. R.). See Emory, W. H.

JOHNSON (Ben, psetid}. Ben Johnson's Jests: or, the Wit's
Pocket-Companion. Being A new Collection of the most in-
genious Jests, diverting Stories, pleasant Jokes, smart Repartees,
excellent Puns, wise Sayings, witty Quibbles, and ridiculous


Bulls. To which is added A choice Collection of the newest
Conundrums, best Riddles, entertaining Rebuses, satirical Epi
grams, humorous Epitaphs, facetious Dialogues, merry Tales,
jovial Songs, Fables, &c., &c., &c. The Seventh Edition. With
great Additions and Improvements. London: Printed in the
Year MDCCLXI. i6mo. pp. 160.

*% " Great Care has been taken, in this. Collection, to omit all those that
are in Joe Miller."

JOHNSON (Samuel). The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.
With an Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy.
New York: 1851. 2 vols. 8vo. port.

JOHNSONIANA; or, Supplement to Boswell: being Anecdotes
and Sayings of Dr. Johnson, collected by Piozzi, Hawkins,
Tyers, Hoole, Steevens, Reynolds, Cumberland, Cradock, Sew-
ard, Murphy, Beattie, Miss Hawkins, Windham, Nichols,
Humphry, Hannah More, Parr, Mad. D'Arblay, Home, Baretti,
Lady Knight, Northcote, Percy, Stockdale, Parker, Rose,
Green, Reed, Kearsley, Knowles, Smith, Warner, King,
Boothby, Pepys, Carter, &c. &c. &c. London: MDCCCXXXVI.
8vo. pp. 530. ports, and pis.

JOHNSON (William). Reports of Cases argued and determined
in the Supreme Court of Judicature; and in the Court for the
Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors, in the
State of New York. Albany: 1818. 8vo. pp. 619.

*** Volume xiv. only.

JOHNSTONE (W. B.). Catalogue, descriptive and historical,
of the National Gallery of Scotland, under the management of
the Board of Manufactures. Edinburgh: 1861. 8vo. pp. in.

Board of Manufactures. Official Catalogue of the

Exhibition of Industrial and Decorative Art, 1861, in the Na-
tional Gallery Buildings. Edinburgh: [1861]. 8vo. pp. 89.

JONES (Arthur T.). A Horse Story, by An Old Gray Horse,
continued by Arthur T. Jones. New York: January,. 1856.
8vo. pp. 337.

^*. The history of a horse case in the New York courts.

JONES (John). Attempts in Verse, by John Jones, an old
servant: with Some Account of the Writer, written by himself:
and an Introductory Essay on the Lives and Works of Our Un-
educated Poets, by Robert Southey. London: MDCCCXXXI.
i2ino. pp. 332.


JONES (T. Percy). Firmilian. A "Spasmodic" Tragedy.
New York: 1854. i2ino. pp. 165.

JONES (T. W.). See Moore, S. S.

JONES (W. Alfred). Essays Upon Authors and Books. New
York: 1849. 8vo. pp. 236.

JONSON (Ben). The Works of Ben Jonson. With a bio-
graphical memoir, by William Gifford. London: 1853. rl.
8vo. pp. 819. port.

JOSEPHUS (Flavius). The Works of Flavins Josephus, the
learned and authentic Jewish historian. Translated by William
Whiston. New York: 1851. 8vo. pp. 880. port, and pi.

JossE (A. L.). Nouvelle Grammaire -Vspagnole Raisonnee
Augmentee. Paris: M DCCC XLV. 8vo. pp. 392.

JOURNAL of a Party of Pleasure to Paris, in the month of
August, 1802; by which any person intending to take such a
journey may form an accurate idea of the expence that, would
attend it, and the amusement he would probably receive. To-
gether with thirteen views from nature, illustrative of French
scenery; Aquatinted by J. Hill, from Drawings by the Author.
London: 1814. Svo. pp. 112.

"Journeyman Mason." See Miller, A.

Joy as de la Persia Espafiola. See Vingut.

JUNIUS: including letters by the same writer under other sig-
natures; to which are added his confidential correspondence with
Mr. Wilkes, and his private letters to Mr. H. S. Wood fall; a
new and enlarged edition, with new evidence as to th'e author-
ship, and an analysis by the late Sir Harris Nicolas. [Edited]
by John Wade. London: 1850. 2 volumes. I2mo. facsimile.
**. See also Graham, J. A.

JUSTE (T.). See Janin, J.

JUSTINUS. Justin, Cornelius Nepos, and Eutropius, literally
translated, with notes and a general index. By John Selby
Watson. London: 1853. &vo. PP- 55 1 -

JUVENAUS. The Satires of Juvenal-, Persius, Sulpicia, and
Lucilius, Literally Translated into English Prose, with notes,
chronological tables, arguments, &c. By Lewis Evans. To
which is added the metrical version of Juvenal and Persius, by
the late William Gifford. London: MDCCCLII. 8vo. pp. 512.

e mbre


!|^i^ : %*&&

'ANE (Elisha Kent). Arctic Explorations: The Second
Grinnell Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853,
'54, '55. Illustrated by upwards of three hundred engrav-
ings. From Sketches by the Author. Philadelphia: 1856. 2
vols. 8vo. pis. and maps.

KANT (Itnmannel). Critique of Pure Reason. Translated
from the German. By J. M. D. Meiklejohn. London: MDCCCLV.
i2ino. pp. 517.

KARR (Alphonse). Voyage Autour de Mon Jardin. Paris:
1861. 121110. pp. 326.

KAVANAGH (Julia). Nathalie; a tale. New- York: 1852.
i2ino. pp. 518.

KEATsQ.). Poems, /by /John Keats. /. . ./ London: /Printed
for / C. & J. Oilier, 3, Welbeck Street, / Cavendish Square. /
1817. / i2ino. pp. (6), 121.

Lamia, / Isabella, / The Eve of St. Agnes, / and / Other

Poems. / By John Keats, /author of Endymion./ London:/
Printed for Taylor and Hessey, / Fleet-Street. / 1820. / i2mo.
pp. (8), 199, (9).

Another Version of Keats's "Hyperion." [n. p., n. d.].

8vo. pp. 24.

#*x Edited and privately printed by Lord Houghton.

The Poetical Works of John Keats. With a memoir

by Richard Monckton Milnes. London: 1854. 4to. pp. 375.

*** A presentation copy from Lord Houghton to Mr. Graham.

The Poetical Works of John Keats. With a memoir

by the Rt. Hon. the Lord Houghton. A new edition. London:
1868. i2mo. pp. 291.

KEIGHTLEY (Thomas). The Fairy Mythology, illustrative of
the Romance and Superstition of various countries. London:

MDCCCL. 1 2 mo. pp. 560. pi.



KELLAND (Philip). Transatlantic Sketches. Edinburgh:
MDCCCLVIII. 121110. pp. 77.

KELLEY (W. D.). The South, its resources and wants. Em-
bracing his address to the citizens of New Orleans; address at
Montgomery, Ala., and his address to his constituents. Wash-
ington, D. C. [1806.] Svo. pp. 20.

[KELLY (W. K.)]. History of the House of Austria, from
the accession of Francis I. to the Revolution of 1848. In con-
tinuation of the history written by Archdeacon Coxe. To which
is added Genesis; or details of the last Austrian Revolution.
By an Officer of State [Count Hartig]. Translated from the
German. London: 1853. ^ vo - PP- 4^- port.

The History of Russia, from the Earliest Period to the

Present Time. London: MDCCCLIV. 2 vols. 121110. port.

JCEMBLE (Frances Anne). See Butler, F. A.

KEMBLE (J. P.). See Lee, N.

KENDRICK (A. C.). The Life and Letters of Mrs. Emily C.
Judson. New York: 1860. Svo. pp. 426. port.

KENNEDY (William). Fitful Fancies. Edinburgh: 1827.
i2mo. pp. 191.

KENNY (Thomas). The Life and Genius of Shakespeare.
London: 1864. Svo. pp. 414. ports.

KENT (James). An anniversary discourse delivered before
the New- York Historical Society December .6, 1828. New
York: 1829. Svo. pp. 40.

' *** On the history of the State of New York.

KENT (W.). See Butler, B. F.

"Kerr (Orpheus C.)." See Newell.

KETTELL (Thomas Prentice). Southern wealth and Northern
profits, as exhibited in statistical facts and official figures: show-
ing the necessity of union to the future prosperity and welfare
of the republic. New York: 1860. Svo. pp. 173.

[KEY (Francis S.)]. The Star Spangled Banner. Illustrated
from drawings by F. O. C. Darley. Music adapted from A. W.
Berg's arrangement, by permission of Firtfo, Pond & Co., by
Francis H. Brown. New York: [1861]. 410. pp. (14).

Kick for a Bite. See Cobbett, W.


Killing no Murder. See Titus, S.

KING (C. W.). Handbook of Engraved Gems. With numer-
ous illustrations. London: 1866. 121110. pp. 396. pi.

The Natural History of Gems or Decorative Stones.

London: 1867. 8vo. pp. 377. pi.

KING (R. J.). See Miiller, M.

KING (T. B.). Lettre a S. Exc. M. Le Ministre du Com-
merce. Par T. Butler King. Dele'gue de 1'Etat de la Georgie.
Paris: 1861. 8vo. pp. 48.

KING (William). Political and Literary Anecdotes of His
Own Times. Second edition. London: 1819. I2mo. pp. 252.

King and the Commons. See Morley, H.

KINGLAKE (A. W.). Eothen, or Traces of travel brought
home from the east. London: 1845. 8vo. PP- 4 2 3- P^-

*** This copy lacks the title. One of the most brilliant bdbks of Eastern

travel ever written.

KINGSLEY (Charles). Andromeda, and other poems. Boston:
MDCCCWIII. i2ino. pp. in.

New Miscellanies. Boston : MDCCCLX. 8vo. pp. 375.

KINGSLEY (Henry). Ravenshoe. Boston: 1862. I2ino. pp.


KIRBY (R. S.). Kirby's Wonderful and Eccentric Museum;
or, Magazine of Remarkable Characters. Including all the Curi-
osities of Nature and Art, from the remotest period to the pres-
ent time, drawn from every authentic source. ' Illustrated with
one hundred and twenty-four engravings. Chiefly taken from
rare and curious prints or original drawings. London: 1820. 6
vols. 8vo. pis.

KIRBY (William). On the Power, Wisdom and Goodness of
God as Manifested in the Creation of Animals and their History,
Habits and Instincts. New Edition with notes by Thomas
Rymer Jones. London: MDCCCLIII. 2 vols. 121110. pis.

KIRKLAND (Mrs. C. M. S.). The book of home beauty. With
twelve portraits of American ladies, from drawings by Charles
Martin, engraved on steel by eminent artists. "New- York.
G. P. Putnam. MDCCCLII. Fo. pp. 145. 12 ports.

Kit-Cats'. See Blackmore.


KiTTo (John). Scripture Lands; described in a series of his-
torical, geographical, and topographical sketches. And illus-
trated by a Complete Biblical Atlas, comprising twenty-four
maps, with an index of reference. London: 1850. I2ino. pp.
276. ^

KNAPP (Andrew) and William BALDWIN. Criminal Chro-
nology; or, The New Newgate Calendar, being Interesting
Memoirs of Notorious Characters, Who have been convicted of
Outrages on The Laws of England, during the seventeenth cen-
tury, and brought down to the present time, and chronologically
arranged. . . . Containing a number of interesting Cases never
before published: with occasional Essays on Crimes and Pun-
ishments, Original Anecdotes, and Observations on particular
cases: explanations of the criminal laws; the speeches, confes-
sions, and Last Exclamations of Sufferers. To which is added,
A correct Atcount of the various Modes of Punishment of Crim-
inals in different Parts of the World. London: Liverpool, 1809-
4 vols. 8vo. pis. and ports.

The KNICKERBOCKER GALLERY. A testimonial to the editor
of the Knickerbocker Magazine. From its contributors. New
York: MDCCCLV. 8vo. pp. 505. 48 ports.

x*x Articles by and portraits of
Washington Irving, James T. Fields,

Oliver Wendell Holmes,
Samuel Osgood,
George Lunt,
Donald G. Mitchell,
George H. Boker,
Frederick W. Shelton,
William Cullen Bryant,
Bayard Taylor,
Thomas W. Parsons,
Epes Sargent,
William Pitt Palmer,
George W. Bethune,

W. H. C. Hosmer,
Donald MacLeod,
John G. Saxe,
Ralph Roanoke,
C. A. Bristed,
Frederick S. Cozzens,

John W. Francis,

George P. Morris,

Henry Theodore Tuck-

Thomas Ward,

P. Hamilton Myers,

Henry Wadsworth Long-

Henry J. Brent,

Theodore S. Fay,

J. L- McConnel,

Charles G. Leland,

George William Curtis,

George D. Prentice,

J. M. Legar,

R. S. Chilton,

T. B. Thorpe,

James Russell Lowell,

Richard B. Kimball,
Park Benjamin,
Samuel S. Cox,
Charles Astor Bristed,
H. W. Rockwell,
Henry R. Schoolcraft,
Robert T. Conrad,
George Wood,
Rufus W. Griswold,
N. P. Willis,
Charles G. Eastman,
Alfred B. Street,
Richard Henry Stod-


William H. Seward,
George H. Clark,
Charles F. Briggs,
John T. Irving,
Fitz-Greene Halleck.

KNIGHT, (C.). See Stoddard, R. H.


KNIGHT (Mrs. Helen C.). Hannah More; or Life in Hall and
Cottage. New York: [n. d.]. 8vo. pp. 282.

vols. 8vo.

KOSSUTH (Louis). Select Speeches of Kossuth. Condensed
and abridged, with Kossuth's express sanction, by Francis W.
Newman. New York: M.DCCC. Liv. I2mo. pp. 445. port.

KOTTENKAMP (F. ). History of Chivalry and Ancient Armour,
with descriptions of the Feudal System, the usages of knight-
hood, the tournament, and trials by single combat, translated
from the German, by the Rev. A. Lowy. London: MDCCCLVII.
Oblong 410. pp. no, (4), 62. pis.

KOTZEBUE (A. von). The Natural Son; A Play, in five acts,
by Augustus Von Kotzebue, Poet Laureate and Director of the
Imperial Theatre at Vienna. Being the original of Lovers' Vows,
now performing, "with universal applause, at the Theatre Royal,
Covent Garden. Translated from the German by Anne Plump-
tre. Who has prefixed A Preface, Explaining the Alterations
in the Representation; and A Life of Kotzebue. Fifth edition.
Revised. London: 1798. 8vo. pp. 83.

Pizarro; a Tragedy, in five acts; as performed at the

Theatre Royal, in Drury-Lane: taken from the German drama
of Kotzebue; and adapted to the English stage by Richard
Brinsley Sheridan. Twenty-second edition. London: 1800.
8vo. pp. 76.

KRUEDNER (B. J. de). Valerie. Nouvelle edition, avec une
preface de M. Sainte-Beuve. Paris, 1846. i2mo. pp. 336.

KRUMMACHER (F. W.). Elijah the Tishbite. Translated
from the German. New York: [n. d.]. i6mo. pp. 458.

KUGLER (F. T. ). Handbook of Painting. The Italian Schools.
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**# The " appendice " contains translations of Buchanan's last message to
Congress, Seward's letter to C. F. Adams, and "La politique de Louis XVL
et de la France a Pe"gard de I'Ame'rique " and "Politique de Napoleon (first)
a 1'egard des Etats-Unis."

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