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Philadelphia, 1857. 8vo. pp. 160.
*% Nos. i to 4, being all ever printed.

AMERICAN Thanksgiving Dinner, at St. James' Hall, London.
Thursday, November 26th, 1863. London: 1863. Svo. pp. 94.

Amerique du Nord. t See Bellet.

AMES (F.). Works of Fisher Ames. With a selection from
his Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his sou, Seth
Ames. Boston: 1854. 2 vols. Svo. port.

AMPERE (J. J.). Voyage en Egypte et en Nubie. Paris: 1868
Svo. pp. 577.

Amymone. See Lynn, E.

ANACHARSIS. See Barthelemy.

ANACREON, Bion, and Moschus, with other translations. By
Thomas Stanley. First printed 1651. A new edition, with a
preface, critical and biographical. London: From the Private


Press of Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown. 1815.
121110. pp. xxvii, (4), 276.

ANACREON. The Odes of Anacreon. Translated by Thomas
Moore. With fifty-four illustrative designs by Girodet de
Roussy. Now first produced in England. London: John
Camden Hotten, Piccadilly. [1869.] oblong 121110. pp. 225. pis.

[ANBUREY (Thomas)]. Voyages dans les Parties Interieures
De 1'Amerique, pendant le cours de la derniere guerre; Par un
Officier de 1'Armee Royale. Traduit de 1'Anglois. Tome
premier. A Paris, Chez Briand, Libraire, rue Pavee-Saint-
Andre-des-Arcs, no. 22. 1790. 2 vols. 8vo. pis.

*** Anburey was, or claimed to be, an officer in Burgoyne's army. His
narrative is, however, so largely plagiaristic from Burgoyne's narrative, and
from certain well known books of travel, that the probabilities are that the
book was worked up in Grub street, without the author ever having been in
this country. His account is as truthful, however, as most English travels
in America.

ANCELOT ( ?) and MAZERES. L'Espion, drame en cinq actes
et en prose, par Mm. Ancelot et Mazeres, represente pour la pre-
mie're fois sur le Theatre Frangais, le 13 Decembre 1828.
Paris: 1829. 8vo. pp. 136.

#** A dramatization of Cooper's "Spy."

Ancient Poetry of Spain, See Bowring, J.

Ancient Spanish Ballads. See Lockhart, J. G.

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian). Danish Fairy Legends and
Tales. Translated by Caroline Peachey. With a memoir of
the author. Third Edition, Enlarged. With 120 illustrations,
chiefly by foreign artists. London: 1870. i2mo pp. 456. pis.

The Improvisatore: or, Life in Italy. From the

Danish. By Mary Howitt. London: [n. d.] 121110. pp. 340.

Tales and Fairy Stories. Translated by Madame de

Chatelain. New edition. Illustrated by Henry Warren. Lon-
don: [n. d.] i6mo. pp. 401. pis.

ANDREW (John A.). Address of his Excellency to the two
branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts, January 9, 1863.
Boston: 1863. 8vo. pp. 80.

ANDREWS (Israel D.). Communication from the Secretary of
the Treasury, transmitting, in compliance with a resolution of
the Senate of March 8, 1851, the Report of Israel D. Andrews,
Consul of the United States for Canada and New Brunswick, on


the Trade and Commerce of the British North American Colo-
nies, and upon the Trade of the Great Lakes and Rivers; also,
notices of the internal improvements in each state, of the Gulf
of Mexico and Straits of Florida, and a paper on the cotton crop
of the United States. Washington: 1854. 8vo. pp. 851.

ANDREWS (J.). History / of the/War/ with /America, France,
and Spain, / and Holland; / commencing in 1775 and ending in
1783. / By John Andrews, LL. D. j f In four volumes with por-
traits, maps and charts. I ... I London: / Published by his
Majesties royal licence and authority. / For John Fielding,
Pater Noster Row; and John Jarvis, in the Strand.
MDCCLXXXV- 4 vols. 8vo. ports, and maps.

Anecdotes Amcricaines. See Hornot, A.

ANECDOTES du Temps de la Terreur. Paris: 1859. 121110.
pp. 210.

ANECDOTES, Historical and Literary; or a Miscellaneous:
Selection of curious and striking passages, from Eminent Mod-
ern Authors. London: 1/96. 8vo. pp. xiv (2), 464.

ANECDOTES of Books and Authors. London: MDCCCXXXVI.
i2ino. pp. 260.

Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons. See Seward, W.

An Elegy. See DeFoe.

ANTHON (Charles). First Greek Lessons. New York: 1842.
121110. pp. 238.

ANTOMMARCHI (F.). The Last Days of the Emperoi Napo-
leon. By Dr. F. Antommarchi, his physician. London: 1825.
2 vols. 8vo.

ANVERS (N. d'.) Elementary History of Art. An Introduc-
tion to Ancient and Modern Architecture, Sculpture, Painting,
Music. With a preface by T. Roger Smith. Illustrated with
one hundred and twenty woodcuts, London: 1874. 8vo.
pp. 646.

ANVILLE (J. B. Bourguignon d'). Canada / Louisiaue / et /
Terres Angloises. / . . . / Novembre MDCCLV. i sheet, ele-
phant fo.

APIANUS (Petrus). Cosmographia, / sive / Descriptio / Vui-
versi Orbis, / avctoribvs / Petro A piano, et Gemma Frisio, /
mathematicorvm insignivm. / Cuius huic editioni additus est


de Astrolabe Catholico libellus, / nunc primum a Martino
Euerartho in Epitomen contractus. / Csetera vide pagima
quinta. / Antverpise: / Ex officina Arnoldi Coninx. /
M.D.LXXXIIII. Sm. 410. pp. (16), 209. map.

#** Clement states that this is the best edition.

APICIAN Morsels; or, Tales of the Table, Kitchen and Larder:
containing A New and Improved Code of EATics; select Epicu-
rean precepts; nutritive maxims, reflections, anecdotes, &c.,
illustrating the veritable science of the mouth; which includes
the art of never breakfasting at home, and always dining abroad.
By Dick Humelbergius Secundus. London: 1829. 121110. pp.
348. pi.

Appletoii 1 s Cyclopaedia of Biography. See Hawks, F. L.

APULEIUS. The Works of Apuleius. Comprising the Meta-
morphoses, or Golden Ass, the God of Socrates, the Florida, and
his Defence, or a discourse on Magic. A new translation. To
which are added, a metrical version of Cupid and Psyche, and
Mrs. Tighe's Psyche, a poem in six cantos. London: MDCCCLIII.
121110. pp. 533. port.

Les Metamorphoses: ou 1'Ane d'or d'Apulee. Philo-

sophe Platonicien. Nouvelle Edition. A Chatillon-sur-Seine.
L'an V. 8vo.

See Marmion.

[ARBELLE ( ?)]. Les Renards, les Dindons, et le Mexique.
Bordeaux: 1863. 8vo. pp. 24.

ARCO (Carlo d'). Istoria della Vita e delle Opere di Giulio
Pippi Romano Con tavole. Mantova: A Spese Dell'Autore
M. DCCC. xxxvin. Fo. pis.

ARCULF. See Wright, T.

AREY (Henry W.). The Girard College and Its Founder.
Containing the Biography of Mr. Girard, the history of the
institution, its organization and plan of discipline, with the
course of education, forms of admission of pupils, description of
the buildings, &c. &c., and The Will of Mr. Girard. Philadel-
phia: 1856. 121110. pp. 85. pi. and port.

ARGYLL (G. D. Campbell, Duke of}. Primeval Man. An
Examination of some Recent Speculations. London: 1869.
121110. pp. 200. pi.


ARIOSTO (Lodovico). L' Orlando Furioso di Lodovico Ari-
osto. Totno I. Pisa. Dalla Tipografia Delia Societa Lette-
raria. MDCCCix. 5 vols. Fo. port.

*% For another edition of Orlando Furioso, see Harrington, J.

The Orlando Furioso. Translated into English Verse r

from the Italian of Ludovico Ariosto, with notes by Wil-
liam Stewart Rose. New Edition. Illustrated with engravings
on steel. London: 1858. 2 vols. 121110. port, and pis.

ARIST^NETUS. See Propertius.

ARISTOPHANES. The Comedies of Aristophanes. A new
and literal translation, from the revised text of Dindorf, with
notes and extracts from the best metrical versions. By William
James Hickie. London: MDCCCLin. 2 vols. i2ino. port.

ARISTOTELES. The Politics and Economics of Aristotle,
translated, with notes, original and selected, and analyses. To
which are prefixed an introductory essay and life of Aristotle,
by Dr. Gillies. By Edward Walford. London: MDCCCLIII.
121110. pp. 338. port.

The Organon, or Logical Treatises, of Aristotle. With

the introduction of Porphyry. Literally translated, with notes,
syllogistic examples, analysis, and introduction. By Octavius
Freire Owen. London: MDCCCLIII. 2 vols. 121110.

The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle. Translated,

with notes, original and selected; an analytical introduction;
and questions for the use of students. By R. W. Browne.
London: 1853. 121110. , pp. 347.

Aristotle's Treatise on Rhetoric, literally translated

from the Greek. With an analysis by Thomas Hobbes, and a
series of questions. New edition, to which is added a supple-
mentary analysis containing the Greek definitions. Also the
Poetic of Aristotle, literally translated, with a selection of notes,
an analysis, and questions. By Theodore Buckley. London:
MDCCCLIII. 121110. pp. 500.

Arliquiniana. See Cotolendi.
ARNE. See Plumstead.

ARNOLD (Matthew). Poems. Third edition. London: 1857^
121110. pp. 252.


ARNOLD (Matthew). Merope. A tragedy. London: MDCCO
LVIII. i6mo. pp. 138.

The Popular Education of France, with notices of

that of Holland and Switzerland. London: 1861. 8vo. pp.

A French Eton; or, Middle Class Education and the

State. London and Cambridge: 1864. i6mo. pp. 122.

Essays in Criticism. London and Cambridge: 1865.

121110. pp. 302.

#*x Contains the following essays :

The Function of Criticism at the Pres- Pagan and Mediaeval Religious Senti-
ent Time. ment.

The Literary Influence of Academies. Joubert.

Maurice de Guerin. Spinoza.

Eugenie de Gue'rin. Marcus Aurelius.

Heiurich Heine.

On The Study of Celtic Literature. London: 1867.

i2ino. pp. 181.

Culture and Anarchy: An Essay in Political and

Social Criticism. London: 1869. 8vo. pp. 272.

Poems. London: M DCCC LXIX. 2 vols. i2mo.

St. Paul and Protestantism; with an introduction on

Puritanism and the Church of England. London: 1870. 121110.
pp. 176.

Friendship's Garland : being the Conversations, Let-
ters, and Opinions of the late Arminius, Baron von Thunder-
Ten-Trouckh. Collected and edited, with a dedicatory letter

*to Adolescens Leo, Esq., of "The Daily Telegraph." London:
1871. i2ino. pp. 172.

"Artemtis Ward." See Brown, C. F.

ARTHUR, Prince. See History of the Renown.

ARVINE (Kazlitt). The Cyclopaedia of Anecdotes of litera-
ture and the fine arts; containing a copious and choice selection
of anecdotes on the various forms of literature, of the arts, of
architecture, engravings, music, poetry, painting and sculpture,
and of the most celebrated literary characters and artists of
different countries and ages, etc. With numerous illustrations.
Boston: 1855. rl. 8vo. pp. 698.

ASH (John). The New and Complete Dictionary of the


English Language. In which All the Words are introduced,
The Different Spellings preserved, The Sounds of the Letters
occasionally distinguished, The Obsolete and Uncommon Words
supported by Authorities, And the Different Construction and
Uses illustrated by Examples. To which is prefixed, a Com-
pendious Grammar. In two volumes. London: Printed for
Edward and Charles Dilly in The Poultry; and R. Baldwin in
Pater-Noster Row. MDCCLXXV. 2 vols. 8vo.

ASHK (Thomas). Travels in America, performed in 1806,
For the purpose of exploring the Rivers Alleghany, Monon-
ga'hela, Ohio, and Mississippi, and Ascertaining the Produce
and Condition of their banks and vicinity. By Thomas Aslie,
Esq. In three volumes. . . . London: Printed for Richard
Phillips, Bridge Street; By John Abraham, Clement's Lane.
1808. 3 vols. 121110.

*** See Thomson's Bibliography of Ohio for an estimate of this work.

Assess Life of Alfred. See Giles, J. A.

Asylum for Fugitive Pieces. See Almon.

Atalanta in Calydon. See Hough ton, Lord.

ATHENJEUM Club. Commemorative proceedings of the
Athenaeum Club on the death of Abraham Lincoln, [n. p.
n. d.] 8vo. pp. 36. port;.

ATHEN/EUS. The Deipnosophists; or, Banquet of the Learned
ot Athenseus. Literally translated by C. D. Yonge. With an
appendix of poetical fragments, rendered into English Verse by
various authors, and a general index. London: MDCCCLIV. 3
vois. 1 2 mo.

ATHOLE (Jane, Duchess of}. Letters of the Duchess of Athole
and Lady Catherine Stewart, [n. p. n. d.] 8vo. pp. 20.
*%. Privately printed by Lord Hough ton.

ATKINSON, (Edward). On the Collection of Revenue. Bos-
ton: 1867. 8vo. pp. 70. *

[ATKINSON, (Thomas)]. The Chameleon. Second edition.
London: MDCCCXXXII. 8vo. pp. 312. pi.

The ATLANTIC Club-Book, being Sketches in Prose and
Verse, by various authors. New-York: 1834. 121110. pp. 312,

*** Vol. II. only. Stories, poems, etc., by the authors of the day.

AUBERTEUIL (Hilliard d'). Essais / Historiques et Poli-
tiques/sur'les / Anglo-Americains. / Par M. Hilliard d'Auber-


teuil. / Tome Premier. / Premiere Partie. / A Bruxelles. /
M.DCC.LXXXII. 2 vols. 410. pp. xij, 135; map and port. ; xij,.
303; 3 maps, 2 plates and port.

*% " The plates in this edition, by Le Barbier and others, are finely en-
graved, and include the Assembly of Congress, Portraits of Hancock, Wash-
ington, Franklin and Pitt, Death of Warren, Montgomery, Fire in New York,
Plan of the Battle of Monmouth," etc. At the end of Vol. II. are a number
of Epitaphs upon American officers, and the work contains a list of French
officers who received commissions from Congress during the revolution. The
second volume has a different title, as follows :

Essais / Historiques et Politiques / sur la / Revolution / de 1'Amerique /
septriouale. / Par M. Hilliard d'Auberteuil. / Tome second. / Premierre
Partie. / A Bruxelles, / Et se trouve / A Paris. / Chez 1'Auteur, rue des
Bons-Enfans-Saint-Honore. / M DCC.LXXXII. / 4to. pp. vj, 152, 2 maps, 2
ports, and pi. xii, 153-315, 3 maps.

Histoire / de 1' Administration / de Lord North, /

Ministre des Finances en Angleterre, / depuis 17/0 jnsqu'en
1782, / et de la Guerre de 1'Amerique septentrionale, jusqu'a la
Paix: / Suivie du Tableau Historique des finances / d' Angleterre,
depuis Guillaume III jus- / qu'en 1/84. / . . . / A Londres, / Et

se trouve A Paris. / / M.DCC.LXXXIV. 2 vols. 8vo.

pp. xx, 276, map; (4), 180, 80.

^% The u Tableau," which forms the last 80 pages of the second volume,
has a separate title, as follows :

Nouveau / Compte Rendu / ou / Tableau / Historique /des Finances / d'An-
gleterre, / Depuis / le regne de Guillaume III, /jusqu'eu 1784. / A Londres./
et se trouve A Paris. / /M.DCC.LXXXIV.

#*# "The author says, that after having translated the ' View of the History
of Great Britain during the Administration of Lord North,' he thought he
might substitute in its place a less prolix and more complete history, preserv-
ing all that was useful, agreeable, and interesting in the English work ; and
adding a narrative of events which would comprise a complete account of the
American War."

AUBREY (John). Miscellanies upon various subjects. The
fourth edition. London: 1857. 161110. pp. 227. port.

Aucoc (Le'on). Notions sur 1'Histoire des Voies de Commu-
nication en France. Paris: 1867. 241110. pp. 50.

AUDEBRAND (Philibert). Histoire Intime de la Revolution

du 18 Mars Comite" Central et Commune. Paris: 1871. 8vo.
pp. 311.

Un Petit- Fils de Robinson. Illustrations de G. Fath

et Freeman.. Paris, [n.d.] 8vo. pp. 364. pis.

AUDUBON (John James). The Birds of America, from draw-
ings made in the United States and their territories. New York:
1840- 7 vols. il. 8vo. colored pis.



AUERBACH (Berthold). Edelweiss. Eine Erzahlung. Stutt-
gart. Cotta'scher Verlag. 1861. 161110. pp. 409.

AUGUSTIN, Saint. Les Soliloqves, le Manvel, et les Medita-
tions de Saint Avgvstin. De la Traduction du Sr de Ceriziers,
Aumosnier du Roy. Auec les denotes pensees sur le Saint
Sacrement. A Paris, La Venue lean Camisat. M. DC. Lin.
241110. pp. (22), 373 (8).

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. See Holmes.
AUTOGRAPHS. 3 vols. 4to.

#** A very valuable and interesting series of autographs, mounted and
bound into volumes, chiefly of famous English people. The first volume is
largely formed of authors and statesmen, while the other two are entirely
theatrical. In most cases, biographical sketches, portraits, play bills, or
other germane matter, accompany each letter. The whole forms a most
rare and intrinsically valuable collection, the most notable being a letter
from Nelson to "My Dear Emma" (Lady Hamilton), a "private" letter of
Wellington's, one of Richard Cumberland, writing of his " new comedy,"
and three autograph poems of Thomas Moore. The following is a list of the
contents, the figures in parenthesis indicating portraits:
Volume I : Chambers, R.,

Ainsworth, William Harrison, Charles First (i),

Alboni, Marietta Pepoli, Charton, A.,

Alison, Sir A., Clarence, Duke of,

Anglesey, Henry William Paget, Mar- Clint, George (2),

Arnold, S. J.,
Baugniet, Charles,
Bayly, Thomas Haynes,
Belletti, Giovanni,
Bentinck, Lord G.,
Bernard, William B.,
Billington, Mrs. E. (i),
Blessingtou, Lady,
Boucicault, Dion,
Bowdler, H. M.,
Braham, John (2),
Brodrick. W.,
Brougham, Lord (2),
Byron, Lord (2),
Campbell, Thomas (i),
Canning, George (i),
Carew, Miss,
Carlyle, Thomas,
Castellan, A.,
Catzolari, Curio,
Chalon, Alfred Edward,

Cobden, Richard,
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor,
Coluian, George (i),
Cook, Eliza,
Cooke, E. W.,
Cooper, Thomas Sidney,
Cope, C. W.,
Crabbe, George,
Croley, George,
Cruikshank, George,
Cumberland, Richard,
Cunningham, -Allan,
Danby, Francis,
Daniel, George (i),
Dickens, Charles (i),
Douro, Marquis of,
Eastlake, Sir Charles (i),
Egg, Augustus,
Erskine, Lord,
Etty, William,
Formes, Carl,
Frith, W. P.,



Gardoni, T.,

George Second,

George Third (r),

George Fourth ([),

Ginglini, Antonio,

Gordon, John Watson,

Graddon, Margueritta (i),

Green, Charles,

Grenville, George,

Grisi, Giulia,

Hall, Anna Maria, Mrs. S. C.,

Hardinge, Viscount,

Haydou, Benjamin R.,

Hayes, Catherine,

Heber, Reginald, Bishop,

Hetnans. Felicia (i),

Hervey, T. K.,

Hood, Thomas (2),

Hook, Theodore E. (i),

Horn, Charles E.,

Howitt, Mary,

Hume, Joseph,

Hunt, Leigh,

Huskisson, William (i),

James, G. P. R.,

Jerrold, Douglas (2),

Kenuey, James,

Knight, Charles,

Knowles, James S. (2),

Lablache, Louis (i),

Lamlon, Lelitia E.,

Landseer, Edwin,

Lansdowne, Henry Fitzmaurice Petty,

Marquess of (i),
Lawrence, Sir Thomas (2),
Lee, Alexander,
Leslie, Charles R.,
Lind, Jenny (i),
Linley, William,
Lover, Samuel,
Lyndhurst, John Singleton Copley,

Baron (i),
Lyttleton, G.,

Lytton, Edward Bulwcr (2),
Macaulay, Thomas Babington,
Maclise, Daniel,
Mario, J.,

Marston, John Westland,
Melbourne, Lord,
Milford, Mary R.,

Millais, John Everett,

Miller, Thomas,

Milman, Henry H.,

Mitford, M. R.,

Molesworth, William,

Moore, Thomas (ij,

More, Hannah,

Morton, Thomas,

Nelson, Viscount (i),

Opie, Amelia,

Palmerston, Lord (2),

Parry, John,

Pasta, Madame Z.,

Peake, Richard B.,

Peel, Sir Robert,

Pelham, H.,

Perceval, Spencer,

Persiani, Fanny,

Phillips, Henry,

Piccolomini, Maria,

Pickersgill, Frederick Richard,

Pickersgill, H. William,

Planche, J. R.,

Proctor, B. W.,

Rainforth, Elizabeth (i),

Rede, William Lemau,

Reeves, John Sims,

Reynolds, Frederick,

Roberts, David,

Rogers, Samuel (2),

Ronconi, Giovanni,

Rossini, G. A.,

Russell, Lord John,

Scott, Walter (2),

Sheridan, Frances,

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley,

Shield, William,

Smith, Albert,

Solomon, Abraham,

Sontag, Henrietta Rossi,

Stan field, Clarksou,

Stanley, Lord,

Stone, Frank,

Strickland, Agnes,

Talfourd, Thomas N.,

Tamberlick, Eurico,

Tamburini, A.,

Templeton, John,

Tennyson, Alfred,

Thackeray, William Makepeace,



Tupper, Martin F.,

Uwins, Thomas,

Viardot, Pauline,

Victoria, Queen (i),

Ward, E. M.,

Warren, Samuel,

Waylett, Harriet,

Webb, Jane,

Webster, Thomas,

Wellington, Arthur Wellesley,

Of (2),

West, Benjamin,
Wilberforce, William,
Wilkie, Sir David (i),
William Fourth (i),
Wilson, John,
Witherington, W. F.,
Wordsworth, William (r).

Volume II:
Bannister, John (8),
Barry, Spranger (4),
Barrymore, William, Jr.,
Blanchard, William (i),
Cooke, George Frederick (6),
Davenport, Mary Anne (2),
Dibdin, Thomas,
Dowton, William (4),
Ellar, Thomas,
Elliston, Robert William (5),
Emery, John (4),
Fawcett, John, Junior (7),
Garrick, David (12)
Gnmaldi, Joseph (i),
Harris, Thomas,
Henderson, John (3),
Holman, J. G. (2),
Hull, Thomas (2),
Incledon, Charles (3),
Johnstone, John (2),
Jordan, Mrs. Dora (3),
Kean, Edmund (8),
Kean, Mary,
Kelly, Lydia,
Kemble, Charles (9),
Kemble, John Philip (12),
Kemble, Stephen (2),
King, Thomas (7),
Knight, Edward (3),
Lewis, William Thomas (3),
Macklin, Charles (3),

Macready, William, Senior,

Mattock, Isabella (i),

Mellon, Miss Harriot, Duchess of St

Albans (3), ^

Mossop, Henry,
Mountain, Mrs. Rose (i),
Munden, Joseph Shepherd (3,,
Oxberry, William (i),
Palmer, John (7),
Duke Petition signed by

William Dowton,

Maria Duncan,

E. Brereton,

John Johnstone,

Benjamin E. Wrench.

E. R. Edwin,

J. Glover,

Richard Wroughton,

Maria Bew,

William Lovegrove,

Alex. Rae,

Rose Mountain,

Alexander Pope,

John Bannister,

J. B. Fisher.
Pope, Alexander (i),
Pope, Miss Jane (i),
Reeve, John,
Siddons, Henry,
Siddons, Sarah (8),
Smith, William (i),
Talma, Francis J. (i),
Weston, Mrs. Mary Anne ;i
Wewitzer, Ralph (i),
Wilkinson, Tate (i),
Wrench, Benjamin E. (i),
Wroughton, Richard,
Young, Charles de (4).

Volume III:
Abbott, William (2),
Anderson, James R. (2),
Barnett, Morris,
Bartley, George (3),
Bennett, George T. (i),
Bennett, Julia,
Booth, Miss Sarah Anne (i),
Brooke, Gustavus Vaughau (i
Buckstone, J. B. (3),
Bunn, Alfred,
Celeste (Elliot) Madame,



Cerrito, Fanny,
Chatterley, Louise,
Compton, Henry (2),
Cooke, Thomas P. (2),
Cooper, Fanny (i),
Cooper, John (2),
Creswick, William (i),
Cushman, Miss Charlotte (3),
Emery, Samuel (i),
Fairbrother, Louisa,
Farley; Charles (i),
Farren, William (6),
Faucit, Helen (i),

Fitzwilliam, Fanny (ne'e Copeland) (2).
Foote, Miss Maria (Countess of Har-
rington) (2),
Foote, Samuel T. ,

Glover, Mrs. Julia (ne'e Betterton) (8),
Glyn, Isabella (i),
Grisi, Carlotta,
Harley, John Pritt (4),
Honey, Laura,

Horton, Priscilla (Mrs. German Reed),
Howard, Kate,
Hudson, James H. (i),
Jones Richard (2),
Kean, Charles John (3),
Kean, Ellen (r),

Keeley, Mary Ann (ne'e Goward) (i),
Keeley, Robert (i),
Kelly, F. H.,
Kelly, Miss F. Maria,
Kemble, Fanny (2),
Lacy, Walter,
Laporte, O. F.,
Le Clerc, Carlotta,
Listen, John (3),

Listen, Mrs. (Miss Sarah Tyre), (2),
Mackay, Charles (i),

Macready, William (4),

Marston, Henry,

Mathews, Charles (8),

Mathews, Charles J. (5),

Matthews, Frank,

Meadows, Drinkwater,

Murray, Leigh (2),

Nisbett, Mrs. (Miss Mordaunt, ne'e
Louisa Cranstoune Macnamara, later
Lady Boothby) (2),

O'Neill, Miss (2),

Orger, Mrs. Mary Anne (2),

Phelps, Samuel (4),

Power, Tyrone (2),

Raynor, Lionel B. (i),

Reynolds, Jane L-,

Ristori, Adelaide,

Robson, Frederick (r),

Sartoris, Adelaide,

Smith, Richard John (O. Smith \ (2),

Stanley, Emma,

Stirling, Mrs. Fanny (2),

Ternan, Frances E.,

Terry, Daniel (2),

Thursby, Anne (nee Humby),

Vandenhoff, John (2),

Vestris, Eliza (Mrs. Charles Mathews),

Wallack, James William (i),

Warner, Mrs. Mary Amelia (nee Hud-
dart) (3),

Webster, Benjamin (2),

West, Sarah (i),

Wigan, Alfred (r),

Wilkinson, John B. (r),

Woolgar, Sarah J. (i),

Wright, Edward (2),

Yates, Elizabeth (i),

Yates, Frederick H. (2),

AUTOGRAPHS. American Colonial autographs, mounted in
scrap book. Fo.

*** Contains : Hannah Arnold (body of letter in handwriting of Benedict
Arnold); Deposition of sailors regarding Benedict Arnold's sloop, "The
Charming Sally ;" Benedict Arnold; Daniel Boone ; Morgan Lewis ; C. Law-
rence; Lambert Smith ; Joe Winslow ; Edward Antill; James Hamilton; A.
Mascarene ; and I. Moncreffe.

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De"cembre 1870. i2ino. pp. 27.



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