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MARLOW(C). Hero and Leander. A Poem. By Christopher
Marlow, and George Chapman. A new edition, revised and
corrected; with a critical preface. Chiswick: M DCCC XXL
I2tno. pp. 124.

MARMION (Shakerley). Cupid and Psyche. A Legend.
Chiswick: M DCCC xx. I2ino. pp. x, 124.

x*x This is a metrical version of the original of Apuleius, written, as old

Anthony Wood tells us, by "a goodly proper gentleman," early in the

seventeenth century.

MARRYATT (F.). Coinplete Works. Philadelphia: 1851. 2
vols. rl. 8vo.

MARSH (George P.). Man and Nature; or, Physical Geo-
graphy as modified by human action. London: 1864. 8vo.
pp. 560.

*% A presentation copy from the author.

MARSHALL (C.). Passages From the Diary of Christopher
Marshall, kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster during the Ameri-
can Revolution. Edited by William Duane, member of the
Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Vol.1. 1774-1777. Phila
delphia: 1839-1849. 8vo. pp. 174.

*** Presentation copy from the editor to Mr. Graham.

MARSHALL (Samuel). A Treatise on the Law of Insurance.
In two volumes. Philadelphia, 1810. 2 vols. 8vo.

MAHfeiLLAC (J.). La Vie de Guillaume Penn, Fondateur de
la Pensylvanie; Premier Le"gislateur connu des Etats-Unis de
l'Ame"rique. Ouvrage contenant 1'Historique des premiers fon-
demens de Philadelphie, des Loix et de la Constitution des
Etats-Unis de 1'Amerique, des principes et actions de la Socie*te
des Amis (vtilgairement connus sous le nom de Quakers, etc.).
Par J. Marsillac. A Paris, 1791. 2 vols. 8vo.

MARSOLLIER (B. J.). Arnill, on le Prisonnier Ame'ricain,
comedie en prose, en un acte, Paroles de Marsolier. Musique
de Dalayrac. Represented sur le Theatre de la rue Favart. A
Paris: Chez Barba, Libraire, au Magasin de Pieces de Theatre,
rue Saint-Andre'-des-Arts, No. 27. 1797. 8vo. pp. 44.

MARSTON (John). The Works of John Marston. Reprinted
from the original editions. With notes, and some account of


his life and writings. By J. O. Halliwell. London: 1856. 3
vols. 1 2 mo.

MARTELET (E.). Bernard Palissy. Paris: 1868. 241110.
pp. 50.

MARTIN (C.). See Kirkland, C. M. S.

MARTIN (Henri). Martin's History of France. The Age of
Louis XIV. Translated from the fourth Paris edition. By
Mary L. Booth. Boston: 1865. 2 vols. 8vo. port.

Martin's History of France. The Decline of the French

Monarchy. Translated from the fourth Paris edition, By Mary
L. Booth. Boston: 1866. 2 vols. 8vo. port, and map.

MARTIN (R. Montgomery). China; "Political, Commercial,,
and Social; in an official report to Her Majesty's government.
London: MDCCCXLVii. 2 vols. 8vo. maps.

MARTIN (Theodore). The Life of His Royal Highness the
Prince Consort. London: 1875. Svo. pp. 516. ports. & pis.

MARTINIERE (Bruzen de la). Introduction a 1'Histoire de
1'Asie, de 1'Afrique, et de l'Amerique. Pour servir de suite a
1' Introduction a 1'Histoire du Baron de Puffendorff. A Am-
sterdam, M.DCC.XXXV. 2 vols. i2ino. maps.

MARTINEAU (Harriet). The History of England during the
Thirty Years Peace: 1816-1846. London: 1849- 2 vols. rl. Svo.

*** Preceded by an "Introduction to the History of the Peace from 1800 to-
1815, London: 1851," which forms a separate volume.

"Marvel, Ik." See Mitchell, D. G.

MARVIN (Henry). A Complete History of Lake George: em-
bracing a great variety of information and compiled with an
especial reference to meet the wants of the travelling commu-
nity; intended as a Descriptive Guide: together with a complete
history and present appearance of Ticonderoga. New York:
1853. i6mo. pp. 102. map.

MARYLAND. Votes and Proceedings of the Senate of the State
of Maryland. April Session, 1792. Being the Second Session
of the Fourth Senate, [n. p. n. d.] Fo. pp. 59-66.

MASCHKA (Giuseppe). Dizionario Tedesco-Italiano e Italiano-
Tedesco. Milano 1872. 2 vols. 161110.


[MASERES (Francis)]. Occasional essays on various subjects,
chiefly political and historical; extracted partly from the publick
newspapers, during the present reign, and partly from tracts
published in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles L,
King Charles II, and from Bishop Burnet's History of his Own
Times. London: printed by Robert Wilks, 1809. 8vo. pp. 607.

**# Essays on the American Revolution, the government of the Province
of Quebec, Parliamentary Government, Libels, Slave-Trade, Toleration, and

MASON (C. P.). English Grammar. London: 1874. i6mo.
pp. 266.

MASON (G. H.). The Costume of China, illustrated by Sixty
Engravings: with Explanations in English and French. Lon-
don: MDCCC. Lg. 4to. 60 pis. and text.

MASSACHUSETTS (Trees of). See Emerson, G. B.

MASSEY (Gerald). Poems and Ballads. New York: 1854.
12010. pp. 228.

Poems. Boston: M.DCCC.LXVI. 24010. pp. 423. port.

MASSINGER (Philip). The / Great Dvke / of / Florence. / A
Comicall Historic. / As it hath beene often presented with good /
allowance by her Ma ties Servants at the / Phoenix in Drurie Lane. /
Written by Philip Massinger. / London: / Printed for John Mar-
riot. 1636. / Sm. 4to. 39 11.

MASSON (Gustave). La Lyre Franaise. London: 1867. i6mo.
pp. 440.

Materials for History. See Moore, F.

MATHEWS (Charles). Catalogue Raisonnee of Mr. Mathew's
Gallery of Theatrical Portraits, Now exhibited for the first time,
and forming a nearly complete dramatic record from the year
1659 down to the present time. London: 1833. 4to. pp. 74.

[MATHIAS (T. J.)]. The Pursuits of Literature. A Satirical
Poem In four Dialogues With notes. The fourteenth edition
with the citations translated and with a complete Index. Lon-
don: Printed for T. Becket, 81 Pall Mall. 1808. 8vo. pp. 579.

[ ] A translation of the passages from Greek, Latin,

Italian, and French writers, quoted in the Prefaces and Notes to
the Pursuits of Literature; a Poem, in four dialogues. To which
is prefixed, a Prefatory Epistle, intended as a General Vindica-
tion of the Pursuits of Literature, from various Remarks which


have been made upon that Work. By the Translator. The
third edition. London: Printed forT. Becket, Pall-Mali. 1798.
8vo. pp. 104.

MATHIAS (T. J.). Canzoni Toscane di T. J. Mathias Londra
1808 410.

Per la Morte di Federico North de'Pari dell'Inghilterra

Conte di Guilford Cancelliere dell'Universita' delle Isole lonie
Fondata Sotto la Protezione del Governo Britannico. Napoli
1827. i6mo. pp. 16.

*** A presentation copy from the author, with a letter from him concern-
ing the book inserted. Privately printed.

Per la Morte dell' Onore-volissimo Cavaliero Gug-

lielmo Drummond gia' Inviato Straordinario e Ministro Plen-
ipotenziario di Sua Maesta' Britannica presso la Corte di Napoli.
. . . Morto in Roma ai 29 di Marzo 1828. Napoli 1828.
i6mo. pp. 13, (i).

MATTHEW OF WESTMINSTER. The Flowers of History, espe-
cially such as relate to the affairs of Britain. From the begin-
ning of the world to the year 1307. Collected by Matthew of
Westminster. Translated from the original by C. D. Yonge.
London: MDCCCLIII. 2 vols. I2mo.

#*x The author was a Benedictine monk, who probably lived in the early
part of the fourteenth century. The first part of the work is a mere abridg-
ment of the Bible, and the Greek and Roman periods are very briefly treated.
The fabulous stories of I/ear, Merlin, Vortimer and Vortigern then follow,
after which, as the writer approaches the period of his own times, the nar-
ration becomes valuable, though colored by monastic views. It is, however,
in this period one of the most valuable authorities known.

MATIHEW PARIS. Matthew Paris's English History. From
the year 1235 to 1273. Translated from the Latin by the Rev.
J. A. Giles. London: 1852- 3 vols. 121110. pi.

*** Of great value for the period covered, for the author, a monk of St.
Alban's Abbey, not merely spoke from his own knowledge, but as well had
studied and condensed "from former writers" all that he could find. As
most of these chronicles have not been preserved they are only known by this

MAUNDER (Samuel). The Treasury of Knowledge, and Li-
brary of Reference. London: 1851. 2 vols. 121110. pis.

The Treasury of Knowledge and Library of Reference.

Revised throughout by B. B. Woodward, assisted by John
Morris and W. Hughes. London: 1870. 161110. pp. 899. pi.


MAUNDEVILLE (Sir John). The Voiage and Travaile of Sir
John Maundeville, Kt. which treateth of the way to Hierusalem .
and of marvayles of Inde, with other ilands and countryes. Re-
printed from the Edition of A. D. 1725. With an introduction,
additional notes, and glossary, by J. O. Halliwell. London:
M.DCCC. xxxix. 8vo. pp. xiv, xvii, 326.

See Wright, T.

MAUNDRELL. See Wright, T.

MAURY (Sarah Mytton). The Progress and Influence of the
Catholic Church in the United States of America; described in
a memoir of John [Hughes], Bishop of New York. London:
MD ccc XLVII. 8vo. pp. 40. port.

MAYOR (William). Historical account of the most celebrated
voyages, travels, and discoveries, from the time of Columbus to
the present period. Vol. xxv. London: 1801. i6mo. pp.
279. pis.

#*# Consists of Wilds' and Rochefoucauld-Liancourt's travels in America.

MAXWELL (W. H.). Life Military and Civil of the Duke of
Wellington. Digested from the materials of W. H. Maxwell,
and in part re-written, by An Old Soldier. With some account
of his public funeral. London: 1852. I2mo. pp.497, pis.

[ ] The Victories of Wellington and the British Armies.

New Edition, completed to the present time. London: 1852.
I2ino. pp. 528. pis. and ports.

MAYER (Brantz). Captain Canot; or twenty years of an Afri-
can slaver; being an account of his career and adventure on the
coast, in the interior, on shipboard and in the Wesf Indies;
written out and edited from the Captain's journals, memoranda
and conversations, by Brantz Mayer. M.DCCC. LIV. i2mo. pp.
448. pis.

MAYER (Charles Joseph de). Vie Publique et Prive'e de
Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, ministre d'Etat; discours
Couronne' par I'Acade'mie d' Amiens, le 25 aout 1788. Par
Monsieur de Mayer. A Paris. Chez Maradan, Libraire, rue
Saint- Andrd-des- Arcs, hotel de Chdteau-Vieux. 1789. 8vo.
pp. (8), 226, (2). port.

MAYHEW (Henry). London Labour and the London Poor; a
Cyclopaedia of the Condition and Earnings of Those That Will"


Work, Those That Cannot Work, and Those That Will Not
Work. London: 1851. 3 vols. 8vo. pis. and port.

MAYNK (John). Glasgow. A poem. London: 1803. 121110.

PP- 5 1 -

M AZORES. See Ancelot.

MAZZEI (Filippo). . Recherches / historiques et politiques / sur
les Etats-Unis / de / PAmerique septentrionale, / Ou 1'on traite
des e*tablissemens des treize Colonies, / de leurs rapports & de
leurs dissentions avec la /Grande-Bretagne, de leurs gouverne-
inens avant & / apres la revolution, &c. / Par un Citoyen de Vir-
ginie. / Avec quatre Lettres d'un Bourgeois de New-/ Heaven
\sic\ sur 1' unite* de la legislation. / Premiere partie. / A Colle, /
Et se trouve A Paris, / Chez Froulle", libraire, quai des Augus-
tins, /au coin de la rue Pavee. / 1788. / 4 vols. 8vo. pp. (4),
xvj, 383, (i); (4), 259; (4), 292; (4), 366.

MEADOWS (F. C.). A New French and English Pronouncing
Dictionary. New- York: 1836. 121110. pp. 352, 376.

MEADOWS (K.). Heads of The People, or Portraits of the
English. Drawn by Kenny Meadows. London: [1838-]. 2
vols. 8vo.

^** A series of sketches, by Douglas Jerrold, Thackeray, Leigh Hunt, Wil-
liam Howitt and others.

Medal, The. See Dryden, J.

Meditations. See Zschokke, H.

MEDWIN (Thomas). Conversations of Lord Byron: noted
During a Residence with His Lordship at Pisa, in the years
1821 and 1822. London: 1825. 2 vols. I2ino. port.

[MEHEE DE LA TOTJCHE (J. C. H.)]. Touquetiana, ou Bio-
graphic Pittoresque d'un Grand Homme, En reponse a cette
Question: Qu'estce que Monsieur Touquet? Par M. Molto-
Curante, Biographe a demi-solde, Membre de trente ou quar-
ante Societes plus ou moins savantes. Paris, 1821. i6mo.
pp. 223. port.

MELVIL-BLONCOURT (S.). Au Dernier Defenseur de 1'Escla-
vage Reponse a M. Poussielgue Auteur de: Hamme ou Singe ou
La Question de 1'Esclavage aux Etats-Unis. Paris: 1861. 8vo.
pp. 14.

*** A presentation copy from the author.


MELVILLE (Herman). Omoo: A Narrative of Adventures in
the South Seas. Sixth edition. New York: 1852. I2ino. pp.
389. map.

Typee; A Peep at Polynesian Life, during a Four

Months' Residence. In a Valley of the Marquesas; the revised
edition, with a sequel. New York: 1852. i2mo. pp. 307. map.
MEMOIRE / contenant le / Precis des Faits / avec leurs / Pieces
Justificatives, / Pour servir de Reponse aux Observations \ en-
voyees par les Ministres d'Angleterre, / dans les Cours de P Eu-
rope. / Sur 1'imprime. / De 1'Imprimerie Royale. / M.DCCLVI.
8vo. pp. 198, "Avis "(2), "Memoire," 17, "Ordonnance" (i),
"Reponse," (2), 38, blank (i), " Avertissement" (i), "Declara-
tion," 3-6, "Ordonnance" (2).

*%. This edition is unknown to all bibliographers. Both QueVard and the
British Museum Catalogue make J. N. Moreau the author, but if he had any-
thing to do with the preparation, it could only be as editor, for the work
is a compilation.

#** " In 1754, Virginia, alarmed at the French occupation of the valley of
the Ohio, sent a young officer, with a small body of men, to dispossess the
French. They stole upon the intruders by night, fired on them, and drove
away those they did not kill. There can be little doubt that the intention
was to precipitate a war between France and England, and it quickly pro-
duced it. The French in turn retaliated, and captured the Virginians, and as
part of the prize of war, the journal of this young officer. Nations at that
time went to war without justification, but were therefore doubly anxious to
justify themselves ; and the French prepared this volume to prove how
wronged they had been, and printed as evidence thereto the journal of this
young officer, charging that this night attack, when the two countries were
at peace, was absolute murder. That young officer was Major Washington,
or as it is printed in this French journal, ' Wasinghton,' and this French
translation is the only form in which his journal exists. Perhaps an even
more curious incident connected with this matter was later added during the
Revolution ; for when France came to our assistance in 1778, one of her rea-
sons for declaring war against England, as printed in her M&moire justificatif,
was this so-called ' assassination ' committed twenty-four years before by the
Washington to whose assistance she was about to lend her aid."

Memoire Hislorique. See Choiseul-Stainville.

MEMOIRE / pour les Ministres /d'Angleterre, / centre / P Amiral
Byng, /et centre l'aute f ur/du Peuple Instruit, / Otivrage traduit
de PAnglois. M.DCC. LVII. I2ino. pp. (8), 103.

*% Translated by K. J. Genet.
Memoire sur la Conduit? . See Lesur, C. L.
Alemoires et Observations. See En gel, S.
Mem&ires Historiqitc. See Le Mascrier.


MEMOIRES / sur la Louisiana / et la Nouvelle-Orleans, / Ac-
compagne's d'une Dissertation sur / les avail tages que le Com-
merce de 1' Empire /doit tirer de la stipulation faite par 1'article/
VII du Traite" de cession, du 30 Avril 1803, / Par M * * *. /
Suivis d'une Traduction de diverses Notes sur cette / colonie,
publiees aux Etats-Unis peu de terns apres / la ratification du
Traite"; / Termines par un ^crit traitant cette question: / Est-il
Avantageux a la France / de Prendre Possession de la Louisiane?
A Paris, / Chez Ballard, Imprimeur-Libraire, rue / J. J. Rous-
seau, no. 14. / AN xiu. 1804. / 8vo. pp. viij, 176.

Memoirs of . . . Lord Byron. See Watkins, J.

Memorial of John Allan. See Duyckinck, E. A.

Memorials of Columbus. See Spotorno.

Men before Adam. See Peynere, G. de la.

Mencius. See Confucius.

MENZEL (Wolfgang). German Literature, translated by C. C.
Felton. Boston: M.DCCC.XL. 8vo.

*** Vol. I and in. only.

The History of Germany, from the earliest period to

the present time. Translated by Mrs. George Horrocks. Lou-
don: MDCCCLII. 3 vols. 8vo. ports.

MERCATOR. Theatre du Monde. By ludocus Honius, Ger-
ardi Mercatoris and loannes Mercator. [Amsterdam: 1609.]
Lg. Fo. pp. 712, (38). maps.

x*# Lacks title.

MEREDITH (George). Vittoria. London: MDCCCLXVII. 8vo.

"Meredith, Owen." See Lytton, Sir E. R.

MERIMEE (P.). Letters to An Incognita With recollections
by Lamartine and George Sand Edited by Richard Henry
Stoddard New York 1875 i2ino. pp. 350.

METEYARD (Eliza). The Hallowed Spots of Ancient London.
Historical, biographical, and antiquarian sketches. London:
1862. Sin. 4to. pp. 291. pis.

METZ. Campagne et Negociations par un officier superieur
de 1'armee du Rhin *Accompagne d'une carte des environs de
Metz. Paris 1871. 8vo. pp. 512. map.

MICHAUX (F. A.). Voyage a P Quest des Monts Alleghanys,
dans les Etats de POhio, du Kentucky et du Tennessee, et Re-


tour a Charleston par les Hautes- Carolines; Con tenant des details
sur Petat actuel de 1' agriculture et les productions naturelles de
<:es contrees, ainsi que des renseignemens sur les rapports com-
merciaux qui existent entre ces Etats et ceux situes a Pest des
montagneset la Basse-Louisiaue; Entrepris pendant 1'an x-i8o2,
.sous les auspices de Son Excellence M. Chaptal, Ministre de
1'Interieur. Avec Une Carte Tres-Soignee des Etats dn Centre,
-de 1'Ouest et du Sud des Etats-Unis. . . . De PImprimerie de
Crapelet. A Paris, Chez Levrault, Schoell et Compagnie, Li-
braires, rue de Seine, Hotel de la Rochefoucault. An XII
1804. 8vo. pp. (4), vi, 312. map.

MICHAUX (F. A.). The North American Sylva, or a descrip-
tion of the Forest Trees of the United States, Canada and Nova
Scotia, considered particularly with respect to their use in the
arts, and their introduction into commerce; to which is added
a description of the most useful of the European forest trees.
Translated from the French. Paris: 1819. 2 vols. 8vo. pis.

MICHIGAN SOUTHERN R. R. The Charter and Laws of the
states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois, relating to the
Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Rail-Road Company.
New- York: 1855. 8vo. pp. 218.

*% Inserted is a legal opinion of Daniel Lord (autographic ?) on the famous
"secret issue" case of the Michigan Southern, together with a letter from
Edwin C. Litchfield, protesting against Mr. Garner (Mrs. Graham's brother)
selling out some of the stock which had been pledged as collateral for notes.

MIDDLETON (Conyers). The History of the Life of Marcus
Tullius Cicero. London: MDCCCXXXIX. 8vo. pp. 330.

MIGNET (F. A.). History of the French Revolution, from
1789 to 1814. London: MDCCCXLVI. 8vo. pp. 424. port.

Petits Traites publics par 1' Academic des Sciences Mor-
ales et Politiques. Vie de Franklin, a P usage de tout le monde.
Par M. Mignet, de la section d'Histoire ge'ne'raleet philosophique.
Premiere partie. Paris: 1848. i6mo. pp. 230.

MILFORT (LE CLERC, known as). Me"moire / ou / Coup-d'CEil
Rapide / Sur mes difFe'rens voyages et mon se"iour / dans la nation
Creek. / Par le Gal. Milfort, / Tastane"gy ou grand Chef de
guerre de la / nation Creek, et Ge'ne'ral de brigade au service /
de la Re"publique frangaise. / A Paris, / de PImprimerie de
Giguet et Michaud, /Rue des Bons-Enfans, No. 6. / An XL
(1802). 8vo. pp. (4), 331, (i).


*** Signed on reverse of title-page by the author. "A very curious book.
Gen. Milfort resided many years among the Creeks, was adopted into their
nation, and was made their 'T&stanegy ' or Great War Chief."

MILL (John Stuart). Autobiography London, MDCCCLXXIII.
8vo. pp. 325.

MILLAIS (J. E.). The Parables of Our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ: With pictures by John Everett Millais. Engraved
by the Brothers Dalziel. London: 1864. 410. ff. 48. 20 pis.

[MILLAR (John)]. Letters of Crito, on the causes, objects and
consequences of the Present War. London: 1806.

*** Lacks title page.

MILLARD. See Hartmann.

MILLARD (Henry B.). The Climate and Statistics of Con-
sumption. A paper read before the American Geographical and
Statistical Society. With extensive additions by the author.
New- York: 1861. 121110. pp. 108.

[MiLLER (Hugh)]. Poems, written in the leisure hours of a
Journeyman Mason. Inverness: MDCCCXXIX. I2mo. pp. 268.

The Old Red Sandstone; or, New Walks in an Old

Field. Edinburgh: MDCCCXLII. 121110. pp. 311. pis.

First Impressions of England and Its People. Edin-
burgh: MDCCCLVII. I2mo. pp. 368.

Scenes and Legends of the North of Scotland, or the

Traditional History of Cromarty. Edinburgh: MDCCCLVII.
121110, pp. 487.

The Testimony of the Rocks; or, geology in its bear-
ings on the two theologies, natural and revealed. Edinburgh:
MDCCCLVII. i2mo. pp. 500. pi.

The Cruise of the Betsey; or, a summer ramble among

the fossiliferous deposits of the Hebrides. With Rambles of a
Geologist; or, ten thousand miles over the fossiliferous deposits
of Scotland. Edinburgh: MDCCCLVIII. i2ino. pp. 486.

My Schools and Schoolmasters, or The Story of My

Education. Edinburgh: MDCCCLIX. i2ino. pp. 562.

Sketch-Book of Popular Geology; being a series of

lectures delivered before the Philosophical Institution of Edin-
burgh. With an introductory preface, giving a resume of the


progress of geological science within the last two years. By
Mrs. Miller. Edinburgh: MDCCCLIX^ i2ino. pp. 358.

MILLER (Joaquin). Songs of the Sierras. London: 1871.
i2tno. pp. 301.

MILLER (Joe). See Mottley, J.

MILLEVOYE (Charles Hubert). Poesies de Millevoye avec
une notice par M. de Pongerville. Paris, 1851. i2mo. pp. 319.

MILLON (Charles). Histoire des Descentes qui ont eu lieu en
Angleterre, Ecosse, Irlande et Isles adjacentes, depuis Jules-
Cesar jusqu'a nos jours; Suivie d' Observations sur le Cliinat,
les Qualites du Sol; les Productions, la Population, 1' Agricul-
ture, le Commerce, les Manufactures, la Litterature, les Sci-
ences, les Arts, les Finances, la Marine, &c. &c. Avec Trois
Cartes Geographiques. A Paris: 1798. 8vo. pp. xvj, 150.

MILLOT (Abbe C. F. X. ). Elements of general history. Trans-
lated from the French. London. Printed for W. Strahan; and
T. Cadell, in the Strand. 1778- 5 vols. 8vo.

MILLS (Abraham). The Poets and the Poetry of the Ancient
Greeks; With an historical introduction, and a brief view of
Grecian Philosophers, Orators, and Historians. Boston: 1854.
8vo. pp. 485.

MILMAN (R.). The Life of Torquato Tasso. In two vol-
umes. London: 1850. 8vo.

MILTON (John). Paradise lost. / A / Poem / in / Ten Books. /
The Author / John Milton. / London, / Printed by S. Simmons,
and are to be sold by / T. Helder at the Angel in Little Bfit-
tain. / 1669. / Sm. 4to.

A Defence of the People of England, by John Milton:
In Answer to Salmasius's Defence of the King. [n. p.] Printed
in the Year 1692. 121110. pp. (6), xxii, 246.

*** On the title page is the autograph of William Walton, the old New
York merchant.

II Como favola boschereccia di Giovanni Milton, rap-

presentata Nel Castello di Ludlow Nell' anno mdcxxxiy, alia
presenza del Conte di Bridgewater, Presidente del Paese di
Galles, Tradotta in Italiano Da'Gaetano Polidori Da Bientina.
Terza Edizione Migliorata, e Corretta. Parigi, Da' Torch] di


Firmin Didot, Tipographo dell' istituto Imperiale. MDCCCXII.
8vo. pp. xii, (i), 80.

#*# The Masque of Cotnus.

MILTON (John). Prose Works. With a preface, preliminary
remarks, and notes, By J. A. St. John. London: [1848-]. 5
vols. 8vo. pi. and port.

Complete Poetical Works. With life, critical disserta-
tion, and explanatory notes, by George Gilfillan. New York:

M.DCCC.UV. 2 VOls. 8vO.

Poetical Works. A New Edition, carefully Revised,

from the text of Thomas Newton. To which is prefixed a Bio-
graphical Notice. With illustrations by William Harvey. Lon-
don: 1867. i2ino. pp. 570. pis.

MILTON'S Sublimity Asserted: In a Poem. Occasion'd by a
late Celebrated Piece, Entituled, Cyder, a Poem; In Blank
Verse, By Philo-Milton. London: Printed for W. Hawes, and
Sold by J. Morphew near Stationer's-Hall, and Stephen Fletcher,
Bookseller in Oxford. 1709. Price 3 d. 8vo. pp. 30, (2).

MINIERES (Ernest Bellot des). La question Americaine, suivie
d'un appendice sur le coton, le tabac et le commerce ge'ne'ral
des anciens Etats-Unis. Deuxieme edition. Paris: 1861. '8vo.
pp. 48.

MIRABEAU (H. G. R., Comte de). Considerations sur 1'Ordre
de Cincinnatus, on Imitation D'un Pamphlet Anglo- Americain.
Par le Comte de Mirabeau. Suivies De plusieurs Pieces rela-
tives a cette Institution; D'une Lettre signee du General Wash-
ingjon, accompagnee de Remarques -par 1'Auteur Frangois; Et

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