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mentioned in Shakspeare's plays. With upwards of eighty
illustrations. London: 1842. 121110. pp. 270. port.

PAU (Jules). La Delivrance de Paris. Recit complet des 8
Journees de Mai Operations Militaires Pillages. Incendies.
Executions. Faits Curieux et Inedits. Paris, 1871. 8vo.
pp. 69.

[PAULDING (J. K.)]. Letters from the South, written during
an excursion in the summer of 1816. By the author of John
Bull and Brother Jonathan, &c. &c. In two volumes. New
York: 1817. 2 vols. I2ino.
*** See also Irving, Washington.

PAULI (R.). The Life of Alfred the Great. Translated from
the German. To which is appended Alfred's Anglo-Saxon
Version of Orosius. With A Literal English Translation, and
an Anglo Saxon Alphabet and Glossary. By B. Thorpe. Lon-
don: MDCCCLIII. 121110. pp. 582. port and pi.


[PAULIAN (Aime* Henri)]. L'iSlectricite / soumise / a un
Nouvel Examen, / Dans differentes Lettres Addressees / a M.
1'Abbe Nollet, / Et dans quelques Questions de Physique,/
presentees sous la forme Scholastique: / Le tout, selon une
Theorie nouvelle, appuyee sur/les Experiences les plus in-
contestables. / Avec Figures. / Par 1'Auteur du Dictionnaire
de Physique. / A Avignon, / Chez la Veuve Girard & Frang.
Seguin, / Imprimeurs-Libraires, Place S. Didier. / M. DCC.-
LXVIII. / Avec Permission des Supe'rieurs. / 121110. pp. xlviij\
286. 2 pis.

[PAUW (Corneille de)]. Recherches Philosophiques sur les
Americains, ou Memoires interessants pour servir a 1'Histoire
de 1'Espece Humaine. Par Mr. de P * * * Avec une Disserta-
tion sur I'Amerique & les Am^ricains, par Don Pernety.
Tome I. A Londres, M. D. cc. LXX. 2 vols. I2mo.

[ ] Defense des Recherches Philosophiques sur les

Americains. Par Mr. De P * * * Tome III. A Berlin,

M. DCC. LXX. I2tno. pp. 256.

PAYEN (A.). L'Eclairage au Gaz. Paris : 1867. 241110.
pp. 50.

PAYNE (A. H.). Berlin and Its Treasures. Being a series
of views of the Principal Buildings, Churches, Monuments,
etc., with a selection of subjects from the Royal Picture Gal-
lery and other collections of paintings; together with interior
views of the New Museum and copies of the modern pictures
which adorn its walls. Accompanied by an historical descrip-
tive account of the Prussian Capital. Engraved in the first
Style on Steel. Leipzig & Dresden, [n. d.] 410. pp. 252. pis.

Payne's Book of Art. [Leipsic:] [n. d.] 4to. pp. 163.


Payne's Royal Dresden Gallery: being a selection of
subjects engraved after pictures, by The Great Masters, Berchem,
Bol, Cranach, Canaletto, Caravaggio, Carlo Dolce, Claude Lor-
rain, Correggio, Guercini, Guido Reni, Metzu, Mieris, Netscher,
Ostade, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Teniers, Vandyke,
Wouvermann, etc. etc. With accompanying notices consisting
of Tales, Biographies, etc. Dresden & Leipzig, [n. d.] 2 vols.
4to. pis.


PAYNE (A. H.). The galleries of Munich. Published for
the Proprietors by A. H. Payne, Dresden & Leipzig [n. d.]
2 vols. 4to. pis.

PAYNE (J.). Select Poetry for Children: with brief ex-
planatory notes. Arranged for the use of schools and families
by Joseph Payne. London: 1858. 161110. pp. 310. pi.

PAYNE (J. B.). Haydn's Universal Index of Biography from
the creation to the present time, for the use of the statesman,
the historian and the journalist. Edited by J. Bertrand Payne.
London: 1870. 8vo. pp. (84), 586.

PEACOCK (Thomas Love). The Works of Thomas Love Pea-
cock, including his novels, poems, fugitive pieces, criticisms,
etc., with a preface by the Right Hon. Lord Houghton, a bio-
graphical notice by his grand-daughter, Edith Nicolls, and por-
trait. Edited by Henry Cole. London: MDCCCLXXV. 3 vols.
1 2 mo. port.

PELLICO (Silvio). Le Mie Prigioni, Memorie di Silvio Pellico
da Saluzzo. Torino: 1832. 8vo. p'p. (8), 339.

*% Autograph writing of author inserted; also autograph of Piero Maron-
celli; and letter from Emily Weld.

Mes Prisons ou Memoires de Silvio Pellico. Traduc-

tion Nouvelle Dediee a la Jeunesse. Par M. 1'Abbe" Bourasse.
Tours: 1850. 121110. pp. 283. pi.

CEuvres de Silvio Pellico. Mes Prisons suivies du

Discours sur les Devoirs des Hommes. Traduction de M. An-
toine de Latour. Huitieme edition revue et corrigee. Avec
des chapitres inedits, les Additions de Maroncelli et des Notices
Litteraires ou Biographiques sur Plusieurs Prisonniers du Spiel-
berg. Ouvrage Adopte par 1'Universite. Paris: 1845. 8vo.
pp. 442.

PENHALLOW (Samuel). The History of the Wars of New-
England with the Eastern Indians, or a Narrative of their con-
tinued perfidy and cruelty, from the loth of August, 1/03, to
the peace renewed i3th of July, 1713, and from the 25th of July,
1722, to their submission i5th December, 1725, which was
ratified August 5th, 1726. Cincinnati: Re-printed from the
Boston edition of 1726, with a memoir and notes, for W. Dodge,
1859. 4to. pp. 129.


PENNSYLVANIA. Journal of the Senate of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania. Commencing on Tuesday, the second Day of
December, in the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred
and ninety-four, and of the independence of the United States
of America the nineteenth. Philadelphia: Printed by Zacha-
riah Poulson, Junior, Number eighty, Chesnut-Street. [n. d.J
Fo. pp. 289. map.

Report of the Register-General of the State of the

Finances of Pennsylvania, for the year M DCC xciv. Philadel-
phia: Printed by Zachariah Poulson, Junior, Number eighty,.
Chesnut-Street. [1795-] pp- *9-

Pensylvanie, Histoire . , . de la. See Surgy.

PERCEVAL (Spencer). An Inquiry, or Delicate Investiga-
tion, into The Conduct of Her Royal Highness the Princess of
Wales; before Lords Erskine, Spencer, Grenville, and Ellen-
borough, The Four Special Commissioners of Inquiry appointed?
by His Majesty in the year 1806. Reprinted from an authentic
copy, superintended through the press By the Right Hon. Spen-
cer Perceval. Fourth Edition. London: Printed by R. Ed-
wards, Crane-Court, Fleet-Street, And Published by W. Lind-
sell, Wigmore-street. Reprinted and published by J. Fairburn r
Broadway, Ludgate-Hill. 1820. 8vo. pp. 246, no. 2 ports,
and pi.

*** The engraved title reads:

Fairburn's Genuine Edition of The Book, including The Defence of Her
Royal Highness the Princess of Wales. As prepared by Mr. Spencer Per-
ceval. London: 1820.

*% Inserted are autographs of George III., Lord EHenborough, Sir Sid-
ney Smith and Lord Grenville, and fourteen portraits.

PERCIVAL (James Gates). The Poetical Works of James
Gates Percival. With a biographical sketch. Boston: M DCCC-
LXV- 2 vols. 24010. port.

PERCY (Bishop Thomas). Reliques of Ancient English Poetry:
consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other pieces of our
earlier poets; together with some few of later date. By Thomas
Percy. Reprinted entire from the author's last edition. With
Memoir and Critical Dissertation by the Rev. George Gilfillan.
Edinburgh: M. DCCC. LVIII. 3 vols. 8vo.

PERDONNET (A.). Les Chemins de Fer. Paris: 1866. 241110.
pp. 72.


PERDONNET (A.). De l'Utilit de 1' Instruction pour le
Peuple. Paris: 1867. 24mo. pp. 72.

PERNETY (A. J.). Dissertation / sur / PAinerique / et les /
Americains, / centre les / Recherches Philosophiques / de Mr. de
P. / Par Dom Pernety, / Abb de 1'Abbaye de Biirgel, des
Academies / Royales de Prusse & de Florence, & Biblio-the'caire
de Sa Majeste* le Roi de Prusse. / A Berlin, / M.DCC.LXX. /
i6mo. pp. 136.

See Pauw, C. de.

PERRAULT (Charles). Les Contes de Perrault prece'de's d'une
preface par J. T. de Saint Germain. Paris: [1865]. not paged.
8vo. port, and pis.

PERSIUS. See Juvenalis.

PETERS (Richard). Admiralty Decisions in the District Court
of the United States, for the Pennsylvania District, by the Hon.
Richard Peters, comprising also Some Decisions in the Same
Court, by the late Francis Hopkinson, Esq. To which are
added cases determined in other districts of the United States.
With an Appendix. Philadelphia: 1807. 2 vols. 8vo.

*** Volume II. only.

PETTIGREW (Thomas Joseph). Chronicles of the Tombs. A
select collection of Epitaphs, preceded by an essay on epitaphs
and other monumental inscriptions, with incidental observations
on sepulchral antiquities. London: 1864. i2tno. pp. 529.

PETRARCA (Francesco). Rime di Francesco Petrarca. Pisa
Dalla Tipografia Delia Societa Letteraria MDCCCV. 2 vols.
Fo. port.

The Sonnets, Triumphs, and Other Poems of Petrarch.

Now first completely translated into English Verse by Various
Hands. With a life of the. poet by Thomas Campbell. Lon-
don: MDCCCLIX. 8vo. pp. 416. pis.

*** See Yomasini: Woodhouslee.

Peuple Instruit. See Shebeare.

[PEYRERE (Isaac de la)]. Men before Adam. Or A Dis-
course upon the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth Verses of
the Fifth Chapter of the Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the
Romans. By which are prov'd, That the first men were created


before Adam. London: Printed in the Year 1636. i2mo.
pp. (16), 61, (18), 351. map.

PHLEDRUS. See Terentius.

PHALARY (Lemolt). See Raphael.

PHELAN (Michael). The Game of Billiards. New York:
1857. i2ino. pp. 237.

PHILIPS (Ambrose). Pastorals, by Mr. Philips. London:
Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in Blackfryars, near the Water-
side, 1710. (Price Two-pence.) 8vo. pp. 24.

PHILLIPS (Sir R.). The French Anas. London: Printed
for Richard Phillips. 1805. 3 vols. i6mo. vign. ports.

PHILLIPS (Samuel). Guide to the Crystal Palace and Park.
London: 1855. i2mo. pp. 197. plans and pis.

PHILO JUD^US. The Works of Philo Judaeus, the Contem-
porary of Josephus, translated from the Greek, by C. D. Yonge.
London: 1854- 3 vols. i2mo.

VANIA. Report of the Committee appointed by the Philoma-
thean Society of the University of Pennsylvania to translate the
inscription on the Rosetta Stone. Second Edition. [Philadel-
phia: 1859]. pp. 152, (8). pis. 4to. 1859. PP- 24-

#*# This book, the production of three collegians, was at the time of its
printing one of the most scholarly and also artistic books of American pro-
duction. Bound with this is a "Catalogue of Members."

[PiCHON (Thomas)]. Lettres / et / Memoires / Pour servir a /
THistoire / Naturelle, Civile et Politique Du. Cap Breton,/
depuis / Son e'tablissement jusqu'a la reprise de cette Isle par/
les Anglois en 1758. / A La Haye, chez Pierre Gosse, / et se
trouve / a Londres, chez Jean Nourse, / MDCCLX. / 121110. pp.
xvi, 327.

PICKERING (Charles). The Races of Man; and Their Geo-
graphical Distribution. New Edition. To which is prefixed
an analytical synopsis of the 'Natural History of Man. By John
Charles Hall. London: 1854. I2mo. pp.445, map and pis.

PiCTET(C). Tableau de la Situation Actuelle des tats-
Unis d'Ame'rique, d'apres Jedidiah Morse et les Meilleurs Au-
teurs Ame'ricains. Par C. Pictet, de Geneve. Tome Premier.
A Paris. Chez Du Pont, Imprimeur-Libraire, Rue de la Loi,


No. 1232. L'An III de la R6publique. 1795. 2 vols. 8vo.

Pictorial Handbook of London. See Bohn, H. G.

PICTURES OF SOCIETY. Grave and Gay. From the pencils
of Celebrated Artists and the pens of Popular Authors. New
York: M DCCCLXVI. 8vo. pp. 226. pls. %

*** Reprints of the pictures from English periodical " London Society."

PIERS PLOUGHMAN. The Vision and Creed of Piers Plough-
man. Edited, from a contemporary manuscript, with a histori-
cal introduction, notes, and a glossary, by Thomas Wright.
Second and revised edition. London: 1856. i2mo.

x*# Piers Ploughman is ascribed to a monkish pen, and with some authority
to Robert Langlande, of Shropshire. It is an allegory chiefly aimed at the
political and religious corruptions of the fourteenth century, and in its time
achieved as great a popularity with the common people as did Bunyan's later
prototype. Its chief interest to-day is due to the fine old Anglo-Saxon form,
now best known in Chaucer; but unlike that poet the author has not adopted
the poetic form, introduced by the Normans into England, of making the
concluding words of lines rhyme, but retains the older poetic form of the
northern nations, of a very regular alliteration, the rhythmic form being ob-
tained by two rises and two falls in the voice, indicated by the alliterative

PIKE (James S.). The Financial Crisis: Its evils and their
remedy. Republished from the New York Tribune. New
York: 1867. 8vo. pp. 38.

Pilgrim of the Hebrides. See Hoyle, C.

PILKINGTON (Matthew). A General Dictionary of Painters:
containing memoirs of the lives and works of the most eminent
professors of the art of painting, from its revival by Cimabue,
in the year 1250, to the present time. With an introduction,
historical and critical, by Allan Cunningham. A new edition,
with supplement. Containing the names of Allen, Bonnar,
Brockedon, Chalon, Clint, Daguerre, Delaroche, Etty, Field-
ing, Hollins, Martin, M'lan, Nash, Prout, Shee, Waechter,
and Turner. London: MDCCCLVII. 8vo. pp. ci, 631. port.

PINDAR. The Odes of Pindar, literally translated into Eng-
lish Prose. By Dawson W. Turner. To which is adjoined a
metrical version, by Abraham Moore. .London: MDCCCLII.
8vo. pp. 434. port.

"Pindar, Peter." See Wolcott.

PISANO (Andrea). See Tre porte.


PITMAN (Robert Birks). A Succinct View and Analysis of
Authentic Information Extant in Original Works on the Prac-
ticability of Joining the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by a ship
canal across the Isthmus of America. London: 1825. 8vo.
pp. 229. map.

PiTTi. Pitture del Salone Imperiale del Palazzo di Firenze.
Si Aggiungono le Pittvre del Salone e Cortile delle Imperiali
Ville della Petraia e del Poggio a Caiano. Opere di Vari
Celebri Pittori Fiorentini in Tavole XXVI. Date ora la Prima
Volta in Luce. In Firenze Anno MDCCLI. Elephant Fo.
Title and advertisement, 2 11. 27 pis.

The PLAGUE of Marseilles: a Poem. By a Person of Quality.
London: Printed for J. Bateman, at the Hat and Star, and J.
Nicks, at the Dolphin and Crown, both in St. Paul's Church-
Yard. 1721. 8vo. pp. 30.

PLANCHE (J. R.). The Pursuivant of Arms; or Heraldry
Founded upon Facts. London; [1873] i2mo. pp. 299. pis.

PLAUTUS (TiTus MARCIUS). The Comedies of Plautus,
literally translated into English Prose, with notes, by Henry
Thomas Riley. London: MDCCCLII. 2 vols. 8vo.

See Fielding.

The PLEASANT and Delightful History of Jack and the
Giants. Part the first. Nottingham: Printed for the Running
Stationers, [n. d.] 2 parts. i6mo.

#\ A chap book.

The PLEASANT History of Reynard the Fox. Translated by
the late Thomas Roscoe. Illustrated with nearly one hundred
designs by A. T. Elwes and John Jellicoe. London: 1873.
8vo. pp. 136.

Pleasures of Memory. See Rogers, S.

PLINIUS SECUNDUS (Caius). The Natural History of Pliny.
Translated, with copious notes and illustrations by the late
John Bostock, and H. T. Riley. London: MDCCCLV. 5 vols.

"Ploughman, Piers." See Piers Ploughman.

PLUMSTEAD (W. H.). The Beauties of Melody; a collection
of the most popular Airs, Duets, Glees, &c. of the Most Es-
teemed Authors, Ancient and Modern: comprising those of


Arne, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Winter, Weber, Bishop, &c.
Also a selection of the best and most approved Irish Melodies;
with appropriate words, written expressly for them. The
Symphonies and Accompaniments Entirely New, and composed
for this work. Interspersed with many of the beautiful Scotch
Melodies, singing at the theatres, concerts^ &c. Arranged for
the Voice, with an Accompaniment for the Piano-Forte, &c.
To which is prefixed, observations and instructions on music,
particularly Vocal and Accompaniment. The whole compiled,
composed, selected, and arranged, by W. H. Plumstead, of the
Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane. London, Printed and sold by
Dean & Munday, Threadneedle-Street. [1827.] 8vo. PP-
xxviii, 13-344. port.

La PLUS grande question du sie"cle Que Vaut une Dette
d'Honneur? Paris: 1868. 8vo. pp. 23.
*** On the Mexican debt.

" Plymley, Peter." See Smith, Sidney.

POE (Edgar A.). The Raven and Other Poems. By Edgar
A. Poe. New York: Wiley and Putnam, 161 Broadway. 1845.
I2mo. pp. (8), 91.

Tales. By Edgar A. Poe. New York: Wiley and

Putnam. 1845. i2mo. pp. (6), 228.

*** The above two works are bound together ; the first precedes. Poe's
own copy, with many MS. marginal corrections and additions, evidently
intended as the basis for a new edition. This was afterwards the property
of R. W. Griswold, Poe's editor, and has his autograph on a fly leaf.

The Works of the late Edgar Allan Poe with A Me-
moir by Rufus Wilmot Griswold and notices of his life and
genius by N. P. Willis and J. R. Lowell. New York: 1853.
3 vols. 8vo. port.

The Poetical Works of Edgar Allan Poe. Illustrated
by Waller H. Paton, John M'Whirter, Clark Stanton, C. J.
Staniland, J. Lawson, and other eminent artists. Engraved by
R. Paterson. Edinburgh: [n. d.] 410. pp. 176.

A POEM in Defence of the Church of England, In Opposition
to the Hind and Panther written by Mr. John Dryrlen. Lon-
don: Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in Black-fryars, near the
Water-side. 1709. 8vo. pp. 24.

A POEM On the Taking St. Mary's. [London 170-?] 8vo.
pp. 8.


Poems by a Painter. See Paton, J. N.

Poems by J. C. See Cleveland, J.

Poems by J. D. See Donne, J.

Poems by the Author of John Halifax. See Craik, D. M.

POEMS on the Death of Her late Majesty, Queen Mary of
Blessed Memory. 'London: Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in
Black-fryars, near the Water-side. 1710. 8vo. pp. 15.

Poems written in the leisure hours. See Miller, H.
POESIES -Nationales de la Revolution Francaise. [n. p. n. d.]
8vo. pp. 192.

x** Poems b)' lyebrun, Che"nier, Roucher, de Lilleferme, Dugazon, T. Rous-
seau, Trouve", Rouget de Lisle, Desausois, Desorgues, and Valcourt.

Poetic Mirror. See Hogg, J.

Poetry of the East. See Alger, W. R.

POETRY of the Woods: passages from the poets Descriptive
of Forest Scenes, etc., etc. Philadelphia: 1859. i2mo. pp.
128. pis.

POETRY of the Year: Passages from the poets descriptive of
the seasons. With twenty-two coloured illustrations from draw-
ings by eminent artists. New York: MDCCCLIV. rl. 8vo. pp.
104. pis.

Poets and Statesmen. See Dowling, W.

The POETS of the Elizabethan Age. A selection of their
most celebrated songs and sonnets. Illustrated with Thirty
Engravings. London: 1862. 8vo. pp. 83.

*** Contains an autograph inscription and a letter of R. H. Stoddard.

POGGIO (Imperial Villa del). See Pitti.

Point de Vue. See Butel-Dumont.

PQIVRE (Pierre). Notice sur la vie de M. Poivre, Chevalier
de 1'Ordre du Roi, ancien Intendant des Isles de France & de
Bourbon. Philadelphie, et se trouve a Paris chez Moutard.

M. DCC. LXXXVI. 8VO. pp. 78, (l).

Political Ballads. See Wilkins, W T . W.

Political Censor. See Cobbett, W.

Potiphar Papers. See Curtis, G. W.

POLIZIANO (Angelo). Le Stanze di Angelo Poliziano.
Firenze Presso Molini, Landi e Co. MDCCCV. Fo. pp. (3) iii.,
xxxi. i, 60. port.


POLO (Marco). The Travels of Marco Polo, The Venetian.
The translation of Marsden revised, with a selection of his
notes. Edited by Thomas Wright. London: 1854. 121110.
pp. 508.

POPE (Alexander). Poetical Works. Edited by H. F. Gary.
With a biographical notice of the author. London: MDCCCLIII.
8vo. pp f 478.

PORCHAT (J. J.). Three Months Under the Snow. The
Journal of a Young Inhabitant of the Jura. Translated from
the French. Philadelphia: [n. d.] i6mo. pp. 178. pi.

"Porcupine (Peter)." See Cobbett, Wm.

PORTE (M. de la). La Science des Negocians et Teneurs de
Livres, on Instruction Generale Pour tout ce qui se pratique
dans les Comptoirs des Negocians, tant pour les affaires de
Banque, que pour les Marchandises, & chez les Financiers pour
les Comptes. Divise'e en trois traites, Dont le contenu est a la
page suivante. Nouvelle Edition, revue, corrige'e & augmente'e.
A Paris, Chez David le Jeune, Quai des Augustins, au Saint
Esprit. M. D. cc. Liv. Avec Privilege du Roy. Oblong
I2mo. pp. 592.

PORTER (Robert). An oration, to commemorate the Inde-
pendence of the United States of North- America; Delivered at
Zion Church in Fourth-Street, Philadelphia, July 4th, 1791;
and published at the request of the Pennsylvania Society of the
Cincinnati. By Robert Porter, A. M. Philadelphia: Printed
by T. Dobson, at the Stone-House, Second-Street. MDCCXCI.
8vo. pp. 23.

[PouiLLY (Louis-jEAN LEVESQUE de)]. Theorie des Sen-
timens Agreables, Ou apres avoir indiqud les regies que la
Nature suit dans la distribution du plaisir, on e*tabiit les prin-
cipes de la Theologie naturelle & ceux de la Philosophic inorale.
A Paris. M. ncc. XLVIII. 321110. pp. 192.

PoussiELGUE (E.). Ce Qui Va Arriver au Mexique. Par
M. Poussielgue. Paris: 1863. 8vo. pp. 16.

POWELL (Baden). The Order of Nature Considered in refer-
ence to the Claims of Revelation. A third series of essays.
London: 1859. i2ino. pp. 495.


POWELL (Thomas). The Living Authors of England. New-
York: 1849. 8vo. pp. 316.

POWNALL (Thomas). Memoire / Adresse aux / Souverains /
de 1'Europe, / Sur 1'etat present des Affaires de 1'ancien & du /
nouveau Monde, / Par Mr. Pownall, / Ci-devant Gouverneur,
Capitaine-Gene'ral & / Commandant en chef des provinces
Ame/ riquaines de Massachuset-Bay, nouvelle / Angjeterre &
Caroline meridionale, & mem- / bre du Parlement d' Angleterre. /
Traduit de 1'Anglois par M. * * * * * / A Londres, / Et
se trouve a Bruxelles, chez E. Flon, /Imprimeur-Libraire, pre"s
laMonnoie. / M. DCC. LXXXI. 8vo. pp. (3), 7, Hi., 82.

Practice of Pie tie. See Bayly, L.

PRAED (Winthrop Mackworth). The Poetical Works of
Winthrop Mackworth Praed. Now first collected. New
York: 1857. I2ino. pp. 311.

PRAIRIEDOM: Rambles and Scrambles in Texas, or, New
Estremadura. By a Suthron. With a map. New York: 1845.
iamo. pp. 166.

PRAROND (E.). La Mort du President Lincoln. (Concours
de 1867.) Academic Franchise. Paris 1867. 8vo. pp. 28.

PRATT (Seabred Dodge). Inklings: containing Sketches of
Life, compositions, essays, disputations, poems, etc. Auburn:
1852. I2mo. pp. 402.

PRENTISS (E.). Stepping Heavenward. New York: [1869]
8vo. pp. 426.

PRESCOTT (William H.). History of the Conquest of Mexico,
with a preliminary view of the Ancient Mexican Civilization,
and the life of the conqueror, Hernando Cortes. New York:
MDCCCLI. 3 vols. 8vo. ports, pi. and maps.

History of the Conquest of Peru, with a preliminary
view *>f the Civilization of the Incas. New York: MDCCCL-
2 vols. 8vo. ports, pi.

History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the
Catholic. New York: 1851. 3 vols. 8vo. ports, and map.

PRICE (E.). Norway and Its Scenery. Comprising the
Journal of a Tour by Edward Price, Esq. With considerable
additions. And a Road-Book for Tourists, with hints to anglers


and sportsmen. Edited and compiled by Thomas Forester.
London: 1853. i2mo. pp. 470. pis.

PRICE (Richard). Observations on the Nature of Civil
Liberty, the Principles of Government, and Justice and Policy
of the War with America. To which is added An Appendix,
Containing a State of the National Debt, an Estimate of the
Money drawn from the Public by the Taxes, and an Account
of the National Income and Expenditure since the last War.
The third edition. London: Printed for T. Cadell, in the
Strand. London: M.DCC.LXXVI. 8vo. pp. 128.

Additional Observations On the Nature and Value of

Civil Liberty, and the War with America: also Observations on
Schemes for raising Money by Public Loans; An Historical
Deduction and Analysis of the National Debt; And a brief Ac-
count of the Debts and Resources of France. The Third
Edition with Additions. London: Printed for T. Cadell, in
the Strand. M.DCC.LXXVII. 8vo. pp. 176.

PRICHARD (James Cowles). The Natural History of Man;
-comprising inquiries into the modifying influence of physical
and moral agencies on the different tribes of the human family.
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*** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

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*** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

Prince of Tunis. See Mackenzie, H.

PROBYN (J. W.). Essays on Italy and Ireland and the
United States of America. Reprinted from the "Revue des

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