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Riley. London: MDCCCLXIII. Sm. 4to. pp. 319.

Dictionary of Latin Quotations, Proverbs, Maxims,

and Mottos, classical and mediaeval, including law terms and
phrases. With a selection of Greek Quotations. Edited by
H. T. Riley. London: 1866; i2mo. pp. 556.

RIPLEY (G.). The Home Cyclopedia. Cyclopedia of Liter-
ature and the Fine Arts; comprising complete and accurate
definitions of all terms employed in belles-lettres, philosophy,
theology, law, mythology, painting, music, sculpture, architec-
ture, and all kindred arts. Compiled and arranged by George
Ripley and Bayard Taylor. New York: 1857. I2mo. pp.
647. pis.

*% A presentation copy to Mr. Graham from Bayard Taylor.


Rise in Harlem. See Barker, Fordyce.
Rita, An Autobiography.. See Aide*, H.
[RiTSON (J.)]. A Select Collection of English Songs. Lon-
don: MDCCLXXXIII. 3 vols. i2ino. pi.
*** Vol. Ill contains airs of the song.

ROBERT (Cyprien) See Ranke.

ROBERTS (David). The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia T
Egypt, & Nubia. After lithographs by Louis Maghe from
drawings made on the spot by David Roberts. With historical
descriptions by the Revd. George Croly. New York. [1855-.]
6 vols. Rl. 8vo. port, and pis.

*** In Vol. VI. the descriptions are by Wm. Brockedon.

"Robertson." See Voyage de.

ROBERTSON (William). The History of America. Contain-
ing the history of Virginia, to the year 1688; and the history of
New England to the year 1652. A new edition. Basil: MDCCC.
8vo. pp. 1 60.

ROBIN (Claude C.)., Nouveau /Voyage / dans / I'Amerique
Septentrionale, / en 1'annee 1781; / et / Campagne / de I'arme'e /
de M. le Comte de Rochambeau. / Par M. 1'Abbe Robin. / A
Philadelphie, / Et se trouve a Paris, / Chez Moutard, Imprimeur-
Libraire de la Reine, / de Madame, & de Madame Comtesse
d'Artois, / rue des Mathurins, Hotel de Cluni. M. DCC. LXXXII.
8vo. pp. ix. , 222.

*** Portrait of Rochambeau inserted.

ROBIN HOOD: ballads and songs relating to that celebrated
outlaw; with anecdotes of his life. From Ritson and others.
Boston: 1866. 24ino. pp. 336.

ROBIN HOOD'S Garland; being A Complete History of all the
Notable Exploits performed by Him and His Merry Men. In
which is given a Preface; containing A more full and particular
Account of his Birth, &c., than any hitherto published. York:
Printed by and for Thomas Wilson and Son, High Ousegate.
1811. 24mo. pp. 106.

#*+ A chap book.

"Robinson Crusoe." See De Foe.

ROBINSON (Henry Crabb). Diary, Reminiscences, and Cor-
respondence. Selected and edited by Thomas Sadler. London:
1872. 2 vols. 8vo. port.


ROBINSON (William Davis). Memoirs of the Mexican Revo-
lution: including a Narrative of the Expedition of General
Xavier Mina. With some observations on the Practicability of
Opening a Commerce between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans,
through the Mexican Isthmus in the province of Oaxaca, and
at the Lake of Nicaragua; and on the future importance of such
commerce to the Civilized World, and more especially to the
United States. Philadelphia: 1820. 8vo. pp. 396.

ROCHEFORT (H.). La Lauterne. Par Henri Rochefort.
Prix 40 cent. Bureaux: 3 Rue Rossini & Rue Coq He*ron 5.
Paris: 1868-. 8 vols. i6mo.

ROCHESTER (John Wilmot, Earl of). The History of In-
sipids, a Lampoon, by the Lord Roch r. With his Fare-
well. 1680. Together with Marvil's Ghost. By Mr. Ayloff.
London: Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in Black-fryars, near
the Water-side. 1709. 8vo. pp. 16.

ROCOLES (Jean Baptiste de). Introdvction generale / A 1'His-
toire, / Contenant ses veri tables Cara- / cteres, &son parfait vsage./
Avec vn Ordre Svccinct / des Noms & Families de tons les
Mo-/narques & Potentats du / Monde, viuans. / Par lean Bap-
tiste de Rocoles, / Conseiller du Roy, son Historiographe, / Pro-
thonotaire du S. Siege & Chanoine / de Paris en 1' Eglise Col-
legiale / de Saint Benoist. / Troisiesme Edition. / A Paris; /
Chez Denys Bechet, rue S. lacques au / Com pas d'Or, & a
PEscu au Soleil. M. DC. LXIV. / Avec Privilege dv Roy. / i6mo.
(34 11), PP- 477-

*** Vol. I. only.

ROGER (Charles). A Week at Bridge of Allan. Comprising
an account of the Airthrey Spa, and a series of six excursions
to the interesting scenery around this rising watering-place.
Illustrated with numerous highly-finished engravings. Edin-
burgh: 1852. I2mo. pp.228. Maps and pis.

ROGERS (D). The New- York City-Hall Recorder, for the
year 1816. Containing Reports of the most interesting trials
and decisions which have arisen in the various Courts of Judi-
cature, For the Trial of Jury Causes in the Hall, during that
Year, particularly in the Court of Sessions. With notes and
remarks, critical and explanatory. By Daniel Rogers, Coun-
sellor at Law. Printed by Charles N. Baldwin, No. 49 Divi-
sion-Street. 1817. 8vo. pp. iv., 204.


ROGERS (Robert). A Concise Account of North America:
containing A Description of the several British Colonies on
that Continent, including the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape
Breton, &c. As to Their Situation, Extent, Climate, Soil, Pro-
duce, Rise, Government, Religion, Present Boundaries, and the
Number of Inhabitants supposed to be in each. Also of The
Interior, or Westerly Parts of the Country, upon the Rivers St.
Laurence, the Mississipi, Christine, and the Great Lakes.
To which is subjoined An Account of the several Nations and
Tribes of Indians residing in those Parts, as to Their Customs,
Manners, Government, Numbers, &c. Containing many Useful
and Entertaining Facts, never before treated of. London:
MDCCLXV. 8vo. pp. 264.

See Hough, F. B.

[ROGERS (Samuel)]. The Pleasures of Memory, a Poem, in
two parts. By the Author of "An Ode to Superstition, with
Some Other Poems." London: Printed by J. Davis. Sold by
T. Cadell, in the Strand. M DCC xcn. 4to. pp. vi, 71.

*** A four line stanza, in the autograph of the author, and signed, inserted.

Italy, a poem. With cuts. Paris: 1840. i2mo. pp.

252. pi.

Italy. A Poem. Illustrated with 12 elegant mez-

zotinto engravings. Philadelphia: [n. d.] i2mo. pp. 272.

Poetical Works Illustrated with engravings executed

"by the first artists, from designs by Lawrence, Stothard,
Turner, and Vasan. Philadelphia: 1852. sq. i2tno. pp.
451. port.

Poems. With a memoir. New York: 1853. 241110.

pp. 340. pi.

Poetical Works. London: Edward Moxon. 1856.

i6mo. pp. 472. port, illus.

Recollections of the Table-Talk of Samuel Rogers.

To which is added Porsoniana. [By Wm. Maltby.] New
York: D. Appleton & Co. 1856. I2mo. pp. 346.

See Campbell, T.

ROGET (Peter Mark). Thesaurus of English Words and
Phrases; so classified and arranged as to facilitate the expres-


sion of ideas and assist in literary composition. Revised and
edited, with a list of Foreign Words Defined in English, and
other Additions, by Barnas Sears. Boston: 1855. I2mo. pp.

ROGRON (J. A.). Code Civil Explique par ses motifs, par
des exemples et par la jurisprudence. Douzieme edition, aug-
mentee du texte des arrets-principes. Paris, 1843. i6mo. pp.

Rome in the Nineteenth Century. See Eaton, C. A.

RONDELET (Antonin). L' Economic Politique dans la Vie
Pratique. Paris: 1868. 2/ pp. 52. '

ROPER (Robert Wm.). Oration on celebration of the 66th
Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Moultrie, delivered at Sul-
livan's Island, by request of the town council of Moultrieville,
on the 28th of June, 1842. Charleston: 1842. 8vo. pp. 21.

ROSCOE (Mrs. Henry). Vittoria Colonna: Her Life and
Poems. London: 1868. 8vo. pp. 371. ports.

ROSCOE (Thomas). The Tourist in Spain and Morocco.
Illustrated from drawings by David Roberts. London: MDCCC-'
xxxvin. 8vo. pp. 292.

ROSCOE (William). Additional Observations on Penal Juris-
prudence and the Reformation of Criminals; containing re-
marks on prison discipline, in reply to an article in the
Edinburgh Review, and on the punishment of criminals by
solitary confinement, as proposed in some of the United States
of America. With an Appendix, containing a correspondence
on that subject, and the latest reports of the state prisons of
Philadelphia, New York, Massachusetts, &c. London: 1823.
8vo. pp. 141, 118.

The Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth. Sixth
Edition, revised by his son, Thomas Roscoe. London: 1853.
2 vols. 1 2 mo. port.

The Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called The Magnifi-
cent. Tenth edition, revised by his son, Thomas Roscoe.
London: 1862. i2ino. pp. 564. port.

ROSCOMON (W. D., Earl of). An Essay on Translated Verse.
By the Earl of Roscomon. London: Printed and Sold by H.
Hills, in Black-fryars, near the Water-side. 1709. 8vo. pp. 16.


[ROSE (George)]. Mrs. Brown .at the Sea-side. By Arthur
Sketchley. London: [n. d.] i6mo. pp. 126.

[ ] Mrs. Brown up the Nile. By Arthur Sketchley.

London: [n. d.] 161110. pp. 152.

[ ] Mrs. Brown's Visits to Paris. By Arthur Sketchley.

London: [n. d.] 161110. pp. 149.

RossE (A.). A most Barbarous and Unprecedented Oppres-
sion Exposed, for Necessary Self-defence; In a Letter from
Andrew Rosse, One of the Professors of the University of Glas-
gow, to all and sundry, whether his Countrymen, or English,
or of Ireland, who have been his Scholars at any Time; with
the Lybel, Defences, &c. (to be continued) of a Depending Pro-
cess for wrongous Imprisonment and Defamation of the said
Professor, against a pretended Rector of the said University and
others. And Extracts of Original attested Writings, ready to
be laid before the Justice of the Scots Nation, and of a British
Kingdom, as irrefragable Documents for proving the said
Lybel and for destroying all Defences offered, or that possibly
can be offered by those pursued. Edinburgh, Printed, and to
be sold at Mr. Rosse's Lodging at the Foot of the College- wynd;
and in the Bookseller's Shops of Edinburgh, and Coffee-houses
there. [1729?] 8vo. pp. (4), 48 [z. e., 64].

ROSSE (J. Willoughby). An Index of Dates. Comprehend-
ing the principal facts in the chronology and history of the
world, from the earliest to the present time. Alphabetically
arranged. Being a complete index to the enlarged edition of
Blair's Chronological Tables. London: 1859. 2 vols. i2mo.

ROSSETTI (Dante Gabriel). Poems. Sixth edition. Lon-
don: 1872. 8vo. pp. 282.

ROSSETTI (William Michael). Swinburne's Poems and Bal-
lads. A Criticism. London: 1866. i6mo. pp. 80.

Rossi (G. G. di). See Rubeis.

ROTHSCHILD (C. and A. de). The History and Literature
of the Israelites according to the Old Testament and the
Apocrypha. With a map of Palestine, and a map showing the
journeys of the Hebrews in the desert. Second edition. Lon-
don: Longmans, Green & Co. 1871: 2 vols. 8vo. map.

*** Vol. I. The historical books.

Vol. II. The prophetic and poetical writings.


ROUCHE (Eugene). Le Systeme du Monde et le Calendrier.
Paris: 1867. 24mo. pp. 52.

ROUGE (Georges Louis le). Curiosites de Paris, de Versailles,
Marly, Viiicennes, Saint-Cloud, et des environs. Nouvelle
Edition, Augmentee de la Description de tous les nouveaux
Monumens, Edifices & autres Curiosites, avec les changemens
qui out ete faits depuis environ vingt ans. Par M. L. R. in-i2,
3 vol. Prix. 9 liv. relies. Tome Premier. A Paris, Chez les
Libraires Associes. M. DCC. LXXI. Avec Approbation & Priv-
ilege du R. 2 vols. I2tno. pis.

x*# The third volume is lacking.

Atlas Ameriquain Septentrional Contenant les de-
tails des differentes provinces, de ce vaste continent. Traduit
des Cartes levees par ordre du Gouvernement Britannique.
Par le Major Holland, Evans, Scull, Mouzon, Ross, Cook,
Lane, Gilbert, Gardner, Hillock, &c. &c. A Paris. Chez le
Rouge Ingenieur Geographe du Roi, Rue des grands Angus-
tins. 1778. Avec Privilege du Roi. Fo. 24 maps and i pi.

*** Besides the maps belonging to the work there are bound with it 4
others : Carte de 1'isle de Saint Christophe, par le S. Bellin. 1758; Carte de
1'isle Minorque; Plan du Fort St. Philippe (these 2 about 1782); and
Nouveau plan du Port Mahon. Chez Dezauche. 1782.

ROUHER (Engine). Discours de S. Exc. M. Rouher dans
les Seances du Corps Legislatif des 10 et 12 mai 1864. Paris:
1864. 8vo. pp. 112.

^% This and the following title relate to Mexico.

Discours prononce par S. Exc. M. Rouher Ministre

d'Etat et des Finances dans la seance du Corps Legislatif du 10
juillet 1867. Paris: 1867. 8vo. pp. 75.

See Corta, C. E.

ROUSSEAU (J. J.). The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau. Period
First. New York: 1856- 2 vols. 8vo. port.

Emile ou de 1' Education. Paris, 1848. i2mo. pp.
643. port.

CEuvres de J. J. Rousseau. Nouvelle Edition. A
Paris: Chez Ledoux et Tenre", Libraires. 1819. 20 vols. i6mo.
port, and pis.

ROUSSY (G. de). See Anacreon.

Routledge's Comic Reciter. See Carpenter, J. E.


ROUTLEDGE'S Illustrated Reading Book. With five hun-
dred and twenty engravings. London, [n. d.] 8vo. pp. 158.

Rowlandson (T.). See Combe, W.

"Rowley, Thomas." See Chatterton, T. '

The ROYAL Gallery of British Art. London: published by
J. Hogarth, 5 Haymarket. 1851. Fo. 48 pis. and text.
**# Proofs before titles on India paper.

The ROYAL Literary Fund. Report of the Anniversary.
Members of the Corporation. Donors Not Qualified as Mem-
bers. Annual Reports. 1866. Corrected to October 24. Lon-
don: Printed by John James Metcalfe, Grocers' Hall Court,.
E. C. [n. d.] 8vo. pp. 109.

*** Contains an address by the President, Lord Houghton.

Royal Merchant, The. See Norris, H.

R\_oya~\l Register. See Combe, W.

ROYER (Ernest). Les Gaz Pernicieux du Foyer. Paris:
1867. 241110. pp. 46.

RUBEIS (J. J. de). Insigniores Statvarvm / Vrbis Romae
Icones: / Antiqvitatis / Stvdiosis / et virtutis amantibus / Liber
Primvs/ loannes lacobus de Rubeis / Formis Romae/ Romae
superioru permissu. [n. d.] Fo. 140 pis.

[RuELLE (Charles)]. La Science Populaire de Claudius..
Simples Discours sur Toutes Choses. Sur la vie De Franklin.
Paris: 1837. 24ino. pp. 214.

RUFFINI (Giovanni Vincenzo). Doctor Antonio. A Tale of
Italy. New York: 1857. 8vo. pp. 430. pi.

RUSH (Richard). Residence at the Court of London. Third
Edition. Edited, with occasional notes, by his son, Benjamin
Rush. Also recollections of the court of Louis Phillippe, and
the French Revolution of 1848, by the same author. With an,
alphabetical index. London: 1872. 8vo. pp. 595. port.

RUSHTON (William). Rules and Cautions in English Gram-
mar founded on the Analysis of Sentences. New edition.
London: 1873. 121110. pp. 342.

RUSKIN (John). The Elements of Perspective Arranged for
the use of schools and intended to be read in connexion with
the first three books of Euclid. London, 1859. 121110. pp. 144.


RUSKIN (John). Lectures on Art delivered before the Uni-
versity of Oxford in Hilary Term, 1870. Oxford M.DCCC.LXX.
8vo. pp. 189.

The Queen of the Air: being A Study of the Greek

Myths of Cloud and Storm. London: 1869. i2ino. pp. 199.

RUSSELL (A.). See Lefferts.

RusSELL (John Earl}. Recollections and Suggestions 1813-
1873. London, 1875. 8vo. pp. 475.

[RUSSELL (William)]. The History of Modern Europe.
With an account of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire,
and a view of the Progress of Society, from the rise of the mod-
ern kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in 1763. In a series of
letters from a Nobleman to his Son. A new edition, carefully
corrected. London: 1789. 5 vols. 8vo.

*** Although the author's name is not given on the title page, yet the
dedication to the Duke of Bedford is signed. "The Epistolary Form was
chosen, as best calculated in tracing the concatenation of Events, for uniting
Accuracy of the Chronologer with the Entertainment of the Memorialist.
And the Character of a Nobleman and a Father was assumed, in order to
.give more Weight to the Moral and Political Maxims, and to entitle the
Author to offer, without seeming to dictate to the World, such Reflections
-on Life and Manners as are supposed more immediately to belong to the
higher Orders in Society."

RUSSELL (William Howard). My Diary in India, in the
year 1858-9. By William Howard Russell, LL. D., special
correspondent of " The Times." With Illustrations. London:
1860. 2 vols. 8vo. pis. ports, and map.

My Diary, North and South. London: 1863. 2 vols.

8vo. map.

RUTTENBER (E. M.). Obstructions to the Navigation of
Hudson's River, embracing the Minutes of the Secret Com-
mittee, Appointed by the Provincial Convention of New York,
July i6th, 1776, and other Original Documents Relating to the
Subject. Together with papers relating to the beacons. By
E. M. Ruttenber. Albany, N. Y. J. Munsell, 78 State St.,
MDCCCLX. sm. 4to. pp. v, 210. map.

RYAN (Richard). Poetry and Poets: being a collection of the
choicest Anecdotes relative to the Poets of Every Age and
Nation. Together with specimens of their works and sketches
of their biography. Written and compiled by Richard Ryan.
London: 1826. 3 vols. I2tno. ports, and pis.


RYCAUT (Paul). The History Of the present State of the Otto-
man Empire. Containing The Maxims of the Turkish Polity,
the most material Points of the Mahometan Religion, their
Sects and Heresies, their Convents and Religious Votaries.
Their Military Discipline, With an exact Computation of their
Forces both by Land and Sea. Illustrated with divers Pieces
of Sculpture representing the variety of Habits amongst the
Turks. In three books. By Paul Rycaut Esq; Late Secretary
to his Excellency the Earl of Winchilsea, (Embassadour Extra-
ordinary for His Majesty Charles II. &c. to the Sultan Mahomet
Han the Fourth, Emperour of the Turks) now Consul of
Smyrna, and Fellow of the Royal Society. The Fourth Edi-
tion. London, Printed for John Starkey and Henry Brome,
1675. 8vo - PP- (H). 38o, (4). pis.

RYLAND (J. E.). The Life and Correspondence of John
Foster: edited by J. E. Ryland. With notices of Mr. Foster,
as a preacher and a companion, By John Sheppard. London:
M.DCCC.LII- 2 vols. i2mo. port.

SABINE (Lorenzo). Notes on Duels and Duelling, alpha-
betically arranged, with a Preliminary Historical Essay.
Boston: 1855. 121110. pp. 394.

SACKVILLE (Thomas). See Surrey.

S^WULF. See Wright, T.

SAINTE BEUVE (Charles Augustin). Volupte". Paris: 1845.
I2mo. pp. 422.

[SAINTE-CROIX (G. E. J. Guilhem de Clermont-Lodeve)
Baron de]. De 1'etat et du Sort des Colonies, des Anciens
Peuples. Ouvrage dans lequel on traite du gouvernement des
anciennes republiques, de leur droit public, &c. avec des obser-
vations sur les Colonies des Nations modernes, & la conduite
des Anglois en Ame"rique. Philadelphie. M. DCC. LXXIX.
8vo. pp. xiv, 336.

SAINT-EDME (Ernest). La Science pendant le Siege de
Paris. Paris 1871. 8vo. pp. 228.

SAINT-GERMAIN (P. E. D. LEDUC, called}. Maitre Pierre, ou
le Savant de Village. Par Saint-Germain. Entretiens sur
Franklin. Paris, 1835. 241110. pp. (4), 174, (2).

ST. JAMES'S PARK: a Satyr. . . . London: Printed and Sold
by H. Hills, in Black-fryars, near the Waterside. 1709. 8vo.
pp. 16.

ST. JOHN (J. A.). The Hellenes: the History of the Man-
ners of the Ancient Greeks. London: 1844. 8vo.

ST. JOHN (J. H.). See Crevecceur, J. H. St. J.

SAINT-MESMIN (E. Menu de). L'Ouvrier Autrefois &
Aujourd'hui. Paris 1866. 24mo. pp. 65.

Les Habitations Econorniques. Paris: 1868. 241110.
pp. 52.

[SAINTE PALAYE (J. B. Lacurne de)]. Histoire Litte>aire
des Troubadours, contenant Leurs vies, les extraits de leurs
pieces, & plusieurs particularity sur les moeurs, les usages, &




1'histoire du douzieme & du treizieme siecles. A Paris, Chez
Durand neveti, Libraire, rue Galande. 'M. DCC. LXXIV. 3 vols.


+* # The following authors are included :

I. Berenger de Palasol,

Guillaume IX, qomte de Poitou & due Blacas & Blacasset,

Bernard de Ventadour,
Garin d'Apchier,
Pons de Capdueil,
Richard I, roi d'Angleterre,
Arnaud de Marveil,
Geoffroi Rudel,
Bernard-Arnaud de Montcuc,
Pierre Rogiers,
Azala'is de Porcairagues,
Pierre Raimond,
Guillaume de Balaun & Pierre de


Pierre de la Mula,
Alphonse II, roi d'Aragon,
Guillaume de Cabestaing,
Gavaudan le Vieux,

Folquet de Romans.


Giraud de Borneil,

Pierre d'Auvergne,

Giraud de Calanson,

Boniface de Castellane,

Izarn, missionnaire dominicain inquisi-


Savari de Maule"on,
Hugues de Mataplana,
Guillaume de Saint-Gr^gori,
Guillaume de Bergedan,

Folquet de Lunel,
Guillaume de la Tour,

Rambaud d'Orange & la Comtesse de Lanfran Cigala & Simon Doria,
Die, Hugues de Saint-Cyr,

Pons Barba, Nat de Mons,

Folquet de Marseille, e"veque de Tou- Bernard de la Barthe,

Giraud le Roux,

Bertrand de Born,

Guillaume Rainols d'Apt,

Guillaume & Raimond de Durfort,

Rambaud de Vaqueiras ou Vacheiras,

Hugues de 1'Escure,
Jean d'Aubusson,
Le Comte de Provence,
La Comtesse de Provence,
Le Moine de Fossan,
Durand, tailleur de Paernas,

Le Dauphin d'Auvergne & 1'Eveque* Aimeri de Peguilain,

de Clermont,
Bertrand de la Tour,
Deudes de Prades,
Peyrols d'Auvergne,
Albert, marquis de Malaspina,
Ogier ou Augier,
Elias de Barjols,
Gaucelm Faidit,
Elias Cairels,
Bertraud d'Alamanon,
Hugues Brunet,
Ferrari de Ferrare,
Gui ou Guigo,

Guillaume Magret,

Lombarda, & Bernard-Arnaud d'Ar-

Mathieu de Querci,
Pierre Vidal,

Bernard de Rovenac ou de Rovanas,
Raimond Jordan, vicomte de Saint-


Aicarts del Fossat,
Aimeri de Belenvei ou Belenoi ou


Aimeri de Belmont,
Barthelemi Giorgi & Boniface Calvo,


Pierre Bremond-Ricas-Novas ou Rich- Raimond de Castelnau,

ard de Noves, Richard de Barbesieu,

Aubert de Puicibot ou le Moine de Guillaume de Montagnagout,

Puicibot, Guillaume de Mur,

Arnault de Carcasses, Raimond de Tor ou de la Tour, de

Raimond de Miravals, Marseille,

Guillaume-Pierre de Casals, Guillaume de Saint-Didier ou Saint-

Aimeri de Sarlat, Leidier,

Austau d'Orlhac, Bernard Marti ou Martin le Peintre,

Bertrand Carbonel ou Bertrand de Paulet de Marseille,

Marseille, Pierre Durand,

Bertrand de Gordon, Pierre III. roi d'Aragon,

Bertrand de Paris de Rouergue, Pierre de Buciguac ou Rosignac,

Guillaume Figueira ou Figuira, Le Moine de Montaudon,

Donna Castelloza, Maitre Bernard d'Auriac,

Le Chevalier du Temple, Albert de Sisteron,

Le Comte de Foix, Raimond Gaucelm de Be"siers,

Cercamons, Amanieu des Escas,

Clara d'Anduse, Bernard de Venzenac,

Arnaud Daniel, Pierre de Corbian ou Corbiac,

Giraud, Pierre & Austois de Maenzac,

Giraud de Cabreira, Pierre Cardinal,

Guillaume Adhemar. Guillaume Boyer de Nice,

III. Thibaut de Bliuon,

Gui d'Uisel, Raimond Vidal de Be"saudun,

Gujbert Amiels, Hugues de Penna,
FreVleric, roi de Sicile, & le Comte Pons de la Garda,

d'Empurias, Rambaud,

Arnaud Catalans, Gerveri de Girone,

Guionet, Natibors, ou Madame Tiberge,
Gui de Cavaillon & Bertrand d' Avignon, Raimond de Salas,

Guillalmet, Pons de Montlaur,

Tomiers & Palazis, Giraud Riquier,
Guillaume de Baux, prince d' Orange, Arnaud de Tintiguac,

Arnaud de Comminges, Jean Esteve de Be"siers.
Arnaud de Marsan,

[SAINTK PALAYE (J. B. Lacurne de].) The Literary History
of the Troubadours. Containing their Lives, Extracts from
their Works, And many Particulars relative to the Customs,
Morals, and History of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries.
Collected and abridged from the French of Mr. De Saint- Pelaie.
By the Author of the Life of Petrarch. London, Printed for
T. Cadell, in the Strand. MDCCLXXIX. 8vo. pp. xxiv, 495.

** Translated by S. Dobson.

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CEuvres choisies de Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, contenant

Paul et Virginie, La Chaumire Indienne, Le Cafe de Surate,
Voyage en Silesie, A 1'Ile de France, L'Arcadie; De la Nature
de la Morale; Vceux d'Un Solitaire. Paris, 1851. I2mo. pp.
492. port.

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Massimiliano 1. dal 1864 al 1867 Corredato da Bollettini, Pro-
claim, Ordini del Giorno. Napoli: 1867. i6mo. pp. 115, (i).
# *# A presentation copy from the author.

SALA (George Augustus). Looking at Life; or, Thoughts
and Things. London: 1860. i6mo. pp. 473.

**# With characteristic scribbling of the author on title-page, being a long
presentation note to Mrs. Graham.

Quite Alone. London: 1864. 3 vols. 12010.

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