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#** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

My Diary in America in the midst of War. London:

1865. 2 vols. 8vo.

*** On a fly leaf is written:
"To James Lorimer Graham, Junior,

Endeared to me for a hundred reasons: always tolerant of my infirmities,
patient under my irritability, forbearing with my many madnesses, and my
good friend anyhow and, let him be assured that had I not been pledged
prior to my departure to dedicate my Book to ' Bull Run Russell,' it would
have been to him that it would have been inscribed by

George: Augustus: Sala.

And I believe that (errors excepted) there is more good than evil to Amer-
ica contained in its pages.

London: January 26th, 1865."

From Waterloo to the Peninsula. Four Months' Hard

Labour in Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Spain. London:
1867. 2 vols. 8vo.

*** On a fly leaf is written :

"James Lorimer Graham Junior

from his inimical friend and amicable foe

George: Augustus: Sala.

V. S.

Paris March 1867."

*V. S. may be understood to mean either "Victorious Scribe," " Villa nous Scoundrel"
(see New York Tribune), " Vilipended Sufferer," or " Vanquished Secesh."


SALA (George Augustus). Notes and Sketches of the Paris
Exhibition. London: 1868. 8vo. pp. 396.

^*^. Dedicated to James Loriraer Graham, and a long letter of Sala inserted.

Rome and Venice, with other Wanderings in Italy, in

1866-7. London: 1869. 8vo. pp. 477.

SALIGNY (Vicomte Dubois de). Question Mexicaine. En-
quete et Sentence Judiciaire sur la Plainte de M. de Saligriy.
Paris: 1861. 8vo. pp. 31.

SALKELD (Joseph). A First Book in Spanish ; or A Prac-
tical Introduction to the Study of the Spanish Language. New
York: 1849. i2mo.

[Same.] New York: 1857. I2mo.

SALLIN. See Franklin, B.

SALLUSTIUS (Caius Crispus). Sallust, Florus, and Velleius
Paterculus. Literally Translated, with copious notes and a gen-
eral index. By John Selby Watson. London: MDCCCLII. 8vo.
pp. 560.

SAMPSON (William). An Anniversary discourse delivered
before the Historical Society of New- York, on Saturday, De-
cember 6, 1823 5 showing the origin, progress, antiquities,
curiosities, and nature of the common law. New York: 1824.
8vo. pp. 68.

SAMUELSON (James). Humble Creatures. The Earthworm
and the Common Housefly in Eight Letters. By James Sam-
uelson, assisted by J. Braxton Hicks. With Microscopic Illus-
trations, by the Authors. London: MDCCCLVIII. i2mo. pp. 78.

Sancho Panza 1 s Proverbs. See Cervantes.

[SANDS (Robert Charles)]. The Bridal of Vaumond; A
Metrical Romance. New- York: 1817. 24ino. pp. 186.

SANGER (William W.). The History of Prostitution. Its
extent, causes and effects throughout the world. (Being an
official report to the Board of Alms-House Governors of the
City of New York.) New York: 1858. 8vo. pp.685.

SANSON D' ABBEVILLE (Nicolas). L'Ameriqve, /en Plvsievrs
Cartes / Novvelles, et Exactes, &c. / En Divers Traitez/de
Geographic, et d'Histoire. / L& ou sont descrits succinctement,
& auec vne / belle Methode, & facile. / Ses Empires, ses
Monarchies, ses Estats, &c. / Les Moevrs, les Langves, les Re-


ligions, / le Negoce et la Richesse de ses Pevples, &c. / Et ce
qu'il y a de plus beau & de plus rare dans toutes/ses Parties,
& dans ses Isles. / Par le S. Sanson d' Abbeville, Geographe
ordinaire du Roy. / A Paris, /Chez 1'Avthevr, rue S. lacques,
a 1'Esperance. / Avec Privilege du Roy pour vingt ans.
[1657?] 4to. pp. (2), 112. 15 maps.

SARGENT (F. W.). Les E^tats Confrere's et 1'Esclavage.
Paris: 1864. 8vo. pp. (4), 176, (4).

*% First -published in Philadelphia. Contains an autograph presentation
copy from the translator, Elie Reclus.

SARGENT (Nathan). Public Men and Events from the com-
mencement of Mr. Monroe's Administration, in 1817, to the
close of Mr. Fillmore's Administration, in 1853. Philadelphia:
1875. 2 vols. 8vo.

Sartor Resartus. See Carlyle.

SAUVIGNY . (E. L. B. de). Vashington / ou la Libert du
Nouveau Monde, / Tragedie, / En quatre Actes; / Par M. de
Sauvigny. / Represented pour la premiere fois le 13 / juillet 1791,
sur le theatre de la Nation. / Prix 30 sols. / A Paris, / Chez
Maillard d'Orivelle, Libraire, quai / des Augustins, No. 43, au
Contrat social. / 1791. / 8vo. pp. (2), 56.
**. A portrait of Washington inserted.

SAVAGE (John). See Gray, B.
"Savonarola, J." See Mahony.

A SAVOURY DISH for Loyal Men. Philadelphia: Printed for
gratuitous distribution. 1863. 8vo. pp. 16.

SAXE (John G.). Poems. Fifth edition, enlarged. Boston:
M DCCC Liv. 1 2 mo. pp. 192. port.

The Money-King, and Other Poems. Boston :

M DCCC LX. 1 2 mo. pp. 1 80. port.

Clever Stories of Many Nations. Rendered in rhyme

by John G. Saxe. Illustrated by W. L. Champney. Boston:
1865. i2mo. pp. 192.

SAY (Thomas). The Complete Writings of Thomas Say on
the Entomology of North America. Edited by John L. Le
Conte. With a memoir of the Author by George Ord. New
York: 1859. 2 vols. 8vo. pis.


SAYVE (Comte de). Etude sur la Revolution des Etats-Unis.
Paris: 1863. 8vo. pp. 47.

SCALIGER (Julius Csesar). lulii Caesaris Scaligeri Viri
Clarissimi, Poetices libri septem. I Historicvs, II Hyle, III
Idea, IIII Parasceve, V Criticvs, VI Hypercriticvs, VII
Epinomis, Ad Syluium filium. Editio Tertia. Apud Petrum
Santandreanum. M. D. LXXXVI. 8vo. pp. (24), 945, (67).

*** With autographs of Joannes Priceus, S. Parr and W. C. Prime on title
page. The former has written many marginal notes.

Scare- Crow, The. See Cobbett, W.

Scarronides. See Cotton.

SCHERER (Georg). Illustrirtes Deutsches Kinderbuch. Alte
und neue Lieder, Marchen, Fabeln, Spriiche und Rathsel.
Leipzig, 1869. sm. 4to. pp. 200.

SCHERER (Jean-Benoit). Recherches Historiques et Geo-
graphiques sur le Nouveau-Monde. A Paris, * Chez Brunet,
Libraire, rue des Ecrivains. M. DCC. LXXVII. 8'vo. pp. xii,
(4), 352.

SCHILLER (J. C. Friedrich von). The Robbers: a Tragedy.
Translated from the German by the Rev. W. Render, teacher
of the German language in the University of Cambridge. Lon-
don: 1799. 8vo. pp. 195. pi.

The Ghost- Seer! From the German of Schiller.

London: 1849. 2 vols. i2mo. pp. 163.

The Works of Frederick Schiller. 'London: 1853-

4 vols. 8vo. ports, and pi.

SCHLEGEL (August Wilhelm von). A Course of Lectures on
Dramatic Art and Literature, by Augustus William Schlegel.
Translated by John Black. Revised, according to the last Ger-
man edition, by A. J. W. Morrison. London: 1846. I2ino.

PP- 535- P rt -

SCHLEGEL (J. F. W.). Upon the Visitation of Neutral Ves-
sels under Convoy; or, an Impartial Examination of a Judg-
ment pronounced by The English Court of Admiralty, the nth
June, 1799, in the case of the Swedish Convoy; with some
additions and corrections. Translated from the Danish, under
the inspection of the author, by Mr. De Juge; and thence into
English. London: Printed for J. Debrett, opposite Burlington-
House, Piccadilly. 1801. 8vo. pp. 187.


SCHLEGEL (K. W. Friedrich von). The Philosophy of Life,
and Philosophy of Language, in a Course of Lectures. Trans-
lated from the German by A. J. Morrison. London: 1847.
i2mo. pp. 567.

Esthetic and Miscellaneous Works: Comprising Let-
ters on Christian Art An Essay on Gothic Architecture Re-
marks on the Romance Poetry of the Middle Ages and on
Shakspere On the Limits of the Beautiful On the Language
and Wisdom of the Indians. Translated from the German by
E. J. Millington. London: 1849. 12010. pp. 533.

A course of lectures on Modern History; to which are

added historical essays on the beginning of our history, and on
Csesar and Alexander. Translated by Lyndsey Purcell &
R. H. Whitelock. London: 1849. i2mo. pp. 423.

The Philosophy of History, in a course of lectures,

delivered at Vienna. Translated from the German, with a
memoir of the author, by James Burton Robertson. Sixth
edition, revised. London: 1852. I2mo. pp. 498.

SCHOBERT (Baron). Paix a L'Amerique. Paris: 1862.
8vo. pp. 32.

^** Presentation copy from the author, who was an "officier supe"rieur

School Days at Rugby. See Hughes, T.

SCHOUW (Joachim Frederic). The Earth, Plants, and Man.
Popular pictures of nature. And Sketches from the Mineral
Kingdom. By Francis von Kobell. Translated and edited by
Arthur Henfrey. London: 1852. I2ino. pp. 402. pis.

[SCHROTER (J. F.)]. Algemeine Geschichte der Lander
und Volker von America. Nebst einer Vorrede Siegmund
Jacob Baumgartens. Halle, bey Johann Justinus Gebauer.
1752- 2 vols. 4to. pis. and maps.

SCHUBERT (F. L.)- Concordia. Anthologie classischer
Volkslieder fur Pianoforte und Gesang. Herausgegebeu und
bearbeitet von F. L. Schubert. Erster Band. Vierte Auflage.
Leipzig, Verlag von Moritz Schafer. [n. d.] 8vo. pp. 351.

SCHULTES (Henry). Flowers of Fancy, Exhibited in a Col-
lection of Similes. Taken from various Authors and Alpha-
betically arranged. London: 1829. 8vo.


Science du Bonhomme Richard. See Franklin.

Science Populaire. See Ruelle, C.

SCOTT (J.). The United States Gazetteer: Containing an
authentic description of the Several States. Their Situation,
Extent, Boundaries, Soil, Produce, Climate, Population, Trade
and Manufactures. Together with the Extent, Boundaries and
Population of their Respective Counties. Also, an Exact ac-
count of the Cities, Towns, Harbours, Rivers, Bays, Lakes,
Mountains, &c. Illustrated with Nineteen Maps. By Joseph
Scott. Philadelphia: Printed by F. & R. Bailey at Yorick's-
Head, No. 116 High Street. 1795. (Published according to
Act of Congress.) i2mo. maps.

SCOTT (Thomas). Letters and papers of the late Rev.
Thomas Scott. Never before published: with occasional ob-
servations. By John Scott. Boston: 1825. i2mo. pp. 324.

[ScoTT (Sir Walter)]. English Minstrelsy. Being A Selec-
tion of Fugitive Poetry from the Best English Authors, with
some Original Pieces hitherto unpublished. In two volumes.
Edinburgh: 1810. 2 vols. i6mo.

[ ] Tales of the Crusaders. The Betrothed. Phila-
delphia: 1825. 2 v l s - 8vo.

The Lady of the Lake; A Poem. A new edition, with

the author's latest corrections. New York: 1849. i2mo. pp.
300. port, and pi.

Waverley Novels : Library Edition. From the last

revised edition, containing the author's final corrections, notes,
&c. Parker's edition. Boston: 1853- 27 vols. 8vo.

See Burger, G. A.

SCOTT (Winfield). Memoirs of Lieut. -General Scott, LL. D.
Written by Himself. New York: 1864. rl. 8vo. pp. 653.

*% A large paper copy.

The SCOTTISH Minstrel A Valuable Selection of Popular
Songs With Music adapted for the Voice, Violin, & German
Flute. Edinburgh: [1813.] i2mo. pp. 220. pi.

SCOTTO (I.). See Gozzini.

SCRIBE (Eugene). CEuvres Illustre*es de M. Eugene Scribe
De 1' Academic frangaise Dessins par Tony et Alfred Johannot,

LIBRARY. . 313

Staal, Pauquet, etc. Vialat et Cie. Paris: 1854. rl. 8vo.
pp. 319.

SCROSOPPI (E}douard). L' Empire Ottoman Au Point de
Vue Politique Vers le Milieu de la Seconde Moitie du XIX e
Sie'cle Premiere Partie Des Elements Constitutifs. Exem-
plaire N 17. Florence: 1875. rl. 8vo. pp. 277.

SEARS (Barnas) and B. B. EDWARDS, and C. C. FELTON.
Classical Studies: Essays on Ancient Literature and Art. With
the biography and correspondence of eminent philologists.
Boston: 1843. 8vo. PP- 4 J 3-

SEARS (R.). The Wonders of the World, in Nature, Art,
and Mind; comprising a complete library of useful and enter-
taining knowledge; illustrated with several hundred engrav-
ings. Carefully compiled by Robert Sears, from the best and
latest sources. Eighth edition. New York: M DCCC XLV.
8vo. pp. 528.

La SECESSION aux Etats-Unis et son origine par Un Journal-
iste Americain. Paris: 1861. 8vo. pp. 30.

*** The " avant-propos " is signed "J. M.," and dated Paris, September,


SEELEY (J. R.). See Abbott, E. A.

Select Collection of English Songs. See Ritson, J.

SEMMES (R.). The Cruise of the Alabama and the Sumter.
From the private journals and other papers of Commander R.
Semmes and other officers. London: 1864. 2 vols. 8vo.
ports, and pis.

SENAULT (L.)- Hevres Nouvelles Tiroes de La Sainte
Ecriture Ecrites et granges par L. Senault. A Paris Chez
1'Autheur rue du Petie Lion au Fauxboiwg St Germain en la
Maison de Mr Frontie". Et Chez Claude De Hansy sur le Pont
au Change a 1' Image St Nicolas, [n. d.] i2mo. pp. 260. pis.

SERMENT (J. H.). Sur Une Gravure Stances. A Abraham
Lincoln. Paris [1865], 8vo. pp. 32.

SEVIGNE. (Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de). Lettres
de Mme de Sevigne", pre'ce'dees d'une notice sur sa vie et du
traite" sur le style e"pistolaire de Madame de SeVigne, par M.
Suard. Paris: 1846. i2ino. pp. 651. port.

[SEWARD (William)]. Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons,

314 t GRAHAM

chiefly of the Last and Two Preceding Centuries. Illustrated
by engravings. London: 1804. 4 vols. 8vo. ports, pis. and

[SEWARD (William)]. Biographiana. By the compiler of
Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons. London: M,DCC,XCIX.
2 vols. 8vo. ports., pis. and music.

SEWARD (W. H.). Expose de la situation politique et
militaire aux Etats-Unis. Circulaire addrese"e aux consuls des
Etats-Unis en Europe. Protestation des habitants de la Caro-
line du Nord centre la continuation de la guerre. Avec une
carte coloriee indiquant les progres des armes federales depuis
le commencement de la guerre. Paris: 1863. 8vo. pp. 32, map.

William H. Seward's Travels Around the World.

Edited by Olive Risley Seward. With numerous illustrations.
New York: 1873. 8vo. PP- 7&8. port.

SEWELL (Miss E. M.). The Child's First History of Rome.
New York: MDCCCLI. i2tno. pp. 250.

[Same.] New York: M.DCCC.LVI. i2mo. pp. 255.

Thoughts for The Holy Week, For Young Persons.

New York: 1858. i6mo. pp. 184.

SEYBERT (Adam). Annales Statistiques des Etats-Unis, Par
Adam Seybert. Traduit de P Anglais par C. A. Scheffer. A
Paris: 1820. 8vo. pp. xv, vi, 455.

[SHAFTSSBURY (Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3d Earlsi )]. Char-

acteristicks. Printed in the Year M.DCC.XLIX. 3 vols. i6mo.

#*# Volume I. A Letter concerning Enthusiasm. Sensus Comnmnis; an

Essay on the Freedom of Wit and Humour. Soliloquy, or Advice to an


Volume II. An Inquiry concerning Virtue and Merit. The Moralists; .a
Philosophical Rhapsody.

Volume III. Miscellaneous Reflections on the Preceding Treatises, and
other Critical Subjects. A Notion of the Tablature, or Judgment of Hercules.
With A Letter concerning Design.

Shakers See Summary View.

SHAKESPEARE (W.). The Dramatic Works of William Shak-
speare; illustrated: embracing a Life of the Poet, and notes,
original and selected. Boston: 1850- 7 vols. rl. 8vo.

The Plays of William Shakespeare, carefully edited
by Thomas Keightley. Boston: 1866. 6 vols. 24mo.


SHAKESPEARE (W.). The Poetical Works of William Shaks-
peare ; with Notes illustrative and explanatory; together with a
supplementary notice to the Roman plays. Boston: 1851. rl.
8vo. pp. 442. port, and pi.

Shakespeare's Sonnets; reproduced in facsimile by the

New Process of Photo-Zincography in use at Her Majesty's
Ordnance Survey Office. From the unrivalled Original in the
Library of Bridgewater House, by permission of the Right
Hon. the Earl of Ellesmere. London: Lovell Reeve & Co.,
Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. 1862. sm. 4to.

**# A gift to Mr. Graham from R. H. Stoddard, with his name on title,
and two presentation poems inserted.

Shakespeare's Sonnets Boston Ticknor and Fields

1865 sq. i6mo. pp. 160.

*** Contains a presentation poem from R. H. Stoddard to Mr. Graham.

Songs and Sonnets of. Edited by F. T. Palgrave.

London: 1865. i6mo. pp. 255.

*** L/acks title.

The Beauties of Shakspeare; Selected from his Works.

To which are added, the principal Scenes in the same Author.
The Seventh Edition, corrected, revised and enlarged. Lon-
don: [n. d.] 8vo. pp. xii, 393. port, and pi.

*** First published in 1784.

Shakspeares Seven Ages of Man illustrated. Pub-
lished January 24, 1799, by W. Bromley, Jessamine House,
Hammersmith, [n. d.] Fo. pp. 14. 8 pis.

*** Stothard's drawings, engraved^ by Bromley. The plates in this copy
are colored by hand.

See Cowden Clarke ; Collier ; Furness ; Illustrations ;

Jephson ; Kenny ; Palmer ; Patterson ; White ; Wise ; Words-

Shakespeare Jests Book. See Hazlitt.

"Shandy, Tristram." See Sterne, L.

SHARPS (Samuel). The History of Egypt, from the earliest
times to the conquest by the Arabs, A. D. 640. London: 1870.
2 vols. 8vo. pis. and maps.

[SHEBBEARE (John)]. Le peuple / instruit; / on / Les Al-
liances dans lesquelles les Ministres/de la Grande-Bretagne ont
engage la / Nation, & 1'emploi qu'ils ont fait de ses / Escadres &
de ses Armees, depuis le / commencement des troubles sur


1'Ohio, / jusqu'a la perte de Minorque, conside- / res dans une
Quatrieme Lettre au Peu- / pie d'Angleterre. Ouvrage traduit
de 1'Anglois. / . . . /M.DCC.LVI. igmo. pp. (2), xxiv, 212.

SHEEPSHANKS (J.). Inventory of the Pictures, Drawings,
Etchings, &c. in the British Fine Art Collections deposited in
the new gallery, South Kensington. Being for the most part
the gift of John Sheepshanks, Esq. London : 1859. 8vo.
pp. 29.

SHEFFIELD (John). See Buckinghamshire, Duke of.

SHEFFIELD (John Baker Holroyd, Earlvt}. Observations on
the Commerce of the American States. By John Lord Sheffield.
With an Appendix; Containing Tables of the Imports and
Exports of Great Britain to and from all Parts, from 1700 to
1783. Also, the Exports of America, &c. With Remarks on
those Tables, on the Trade and Navigation of Great Britain,
and on the late Proclamations, &c. The Sixth edition en-
larged. With a complete index to the whole. London:
Printed for J. Debrett, opposite Burlington House, Piccadilly.
M. DCC. LXXXIV. 8vo. pp. (4), xlvii, 345, (2); .''Contents," (4),
Index (18), errata (2), xvi tables.

The SHEKINAH. Edited by S. B. Brittan. New- York:
1852- 3 vols. 8vo. ports, and music.

[SHELLEY (Mary W.)]. Frankenstein : or, The Modern
Prometheus. Revised, corrected, and illustrated with a new
introduction. By the author. London: 1849. I2ino. pp.
202. pi.

SHELLEY (Percy Bysshe). The Poetical Works of Percy
Bysshe Shelley, with notes. A new edition, revised and cor-
rected, by G. Cuningham. Illustrated on steel by G. Stand-
fast London: 1839. I2mo. pp. 498.

The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, edited

by Mrs. Shelley. With a memoir. Boston: M.DCCC. LV. 3
vols. i2mo. port.

The Revolt of Islam; a poem, in twelve cantos. By

Percy Bysshe Shelly. London : Printed for C. and J. Oilier,
Welbeck Street ; By B. McMillan, Bow street, Convent Garden.
1818. xxxii, (i), 270 (i).

*** The revision of " Laon and Cythna."


SHELLEY (Percy Bysshe). Laon and Cythna; / or, / The
Revolution / of / the Golden City: / A Vision of the Nineteenth
Century. / In the stanza of Spenser. / By Percy B. Shelley. /
. . . /London:/ Printed for Sherwood, Neely, & Jones, Pater-
noster- / Row; and C. and J. Oilier, Welbeck-Street: / By B.
M'Millan, Bow-Street, Covent-Garden. / 1818. / 8vo. pp.
xxxii, 270, (i).

** # This is the first edition of the poem, published as the Revolt of Islam.
A few copies were bound in this form but never published, Oilier the pub-
lisher being frightened by the outcry made even by Shelly's friends. For an
account of the book see the " Philobiblion," Vol. I.

Rosalind and Helen, / a Modern Eclogue; / with / Other

Poems: /by/ Percy Bysshe Shelley. / London: / Printed for C.
and J. Oilier, / Vere Street, Bond Street. / 1819. / 8vo. pp. (vi),
(i), 92, (4).

The Cenci. / A Tragedy, / in five acts. / By Percy

B. Shelley. / Italy. / Printed for C. and J. Oilier, / Vere Street,
Bond Street. / London. / 1819. / 8vo. pp. xiv, 104.

Shelley Memorials: From authentic sources. Edited

by Lady Shelley. To which is added an Essay on Christian-
ity, by Percy Bysshe Shelley: now first printed. Boston:
M.DCCC.LIX. I2ino. pp. 308.

Essays, Letters From Abroad, Translations and Frag-
ments. Edited by Mrs. Shelley. London: 1852. 2 vols.
1 2 mo.

See Trelawney.

SHENSTONE (William). The Works in Verse and Prose;
Most of which were never before printed. With Decorations.
London: M DCC LXIV. 2 vols. 8vo. port., pi. and map.

The Works, in Verse and Prose. Vol. III. Contain-
ing Letters to particular Friends, from the Year 1739 to 1763.
London: MDCCLXIX. 8vo. pp. 399.

The Works in Verse and Prose of William Shenstone.

Edinburgh: M DCC LXVIII. '2 vols. i2ino. ports, and pi.

*** At the end of volume II., Mr. Graham has written " From the library
of the French Poet Millevoye. "

SHEPARD (James B.). An address delivered before the citi-
zens, mechanics, and guards, of the City of Raleigh, July 4,
1839. Raleigh, N. C. 1839. 8vo. pp. 25.


SHEPARD (James B.). An address delivered before the two
literary societies of Wake Forest College, June 17, 1841.
Raleigh, 1841. 8vo. pp. 26.

**# On the errors and defects of college training.

SHEPHERD (Thomas H.). London and its Environs in the
Nineteenth Century, Illustrated by a Series of Views From
Original Drawings, by Thomas H. Shepherd, with Historical,
Topographical and Critical Notices. Series the first, compris-
ing the earlier edifices, antiquities, &c. London: 1829. 4 to -
pp. 172. pis.

Modern Athens! Displayed in a Series of Views: or

Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century: exhibiting the whole
of the new buildings, modern improvements, antiquities, and
picturesque scenery, of the Scottish Metropolis and Its En-
virons, from original drawings by Thomas H. Shepherd. With
historical, topographical, and critical illustrations. London:
1829- 4 to - (2), vi, (2), 88. 48 pis.

#** Bound with this is : " Scotland illustrated ;" a series of 40 plates, drawn,
except 2, by J. P. Neale ; with 86 pages of text ; 1830-31.

SHEPHERD (William). The Life of Poggio Bracciolini.
Liverpool, 1802. 4to. pp. 487.
SHEPPARD, J. See Ryland, J. E.
SHERIDAN, C. B. See Fariel, U. C.

SHERIDAN (R. B.). The Dramatic Works of R. B. Sheridan.
Containing, The School for Scandal. The Rivals. The
Duenna. The Critic. Together with the Life of the Author.
Also A Critic upon his Plays, and History of the English
Drama. London: Printed for A. Millar, and R. Cater. 1798.
i2ino. port.

*** Each play has a separate title, as follows:

The School for Scandal, a Comedy, in five acts; as it is performed at the
Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. London: Printed for A. Millar, W. Law, and
R. Cater. 1797. I2mo. pp. 77.

The Rivals, a Comedy, in five acts. As it is performed at the Theatre
Royal in Drury Lane. London : Printed for A. Millar, W. Law, and R.
Cater. 1797. I2mo. pp. 85.

The Duenna, or the Double Elopement. A Comic Opera, in three acts.
As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. London: Printed
for A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater. 1797. i2tno. pp. 42.

The Critic, or A Tragedy Rehearsed, a Dramatic Piece. In three acts; as
it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. London: Printed for
A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater. 1797. I2tno. pp. 50.


SHERIDAN (R. B.). The Dramatic Works of Richard Brins-
ley Sheridan. With a Memoir of his Life by G. G. S[igmund].
London: 1854. 8vo. pp. 563. port.

The Speeches of the Right Honourable Richard Brins-

ley Sheridan. With a Sketch of his Life. Edited by a Con-
stitutional Friend. London: 1842. 3 vols. 8vo. port.

See Kotzebue : Moore.

SHERIDAN and His Times. By an Octogenarian, who stood
by his knee in youth and sat at his table in manhood. Lon-
don: MDCCCLIX. 2 vols. 8vo. port.

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[ ] Moderation Display'd: a Poem. . . . By the Author

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