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South Wales, Victoria, South Australia; Their Pastures, Cop-
per Mines & Gold Fields. With numerous engravings.
Second edition, revised by the author. London: MDCCCLIII.
8vo. pp. 412.

Siege of New Orleans. See Cass, L.

SIGURD. See Wright, T.


[SiLUMAN (Benjamin)]. Remarks made on a Short Tour
between Hartford and Quebec, in the Autumn of 1819: by the
Author of a Journal of Travels in England, Holland and Scot-
land. Second Edition, with corrections and additions. New
Haven: Printed and published by S. Converse, 1824. 8vo.
PP- (2), 443- P 1 *-

SIME (D.). The Edinburgh Musical Miscellany: a Collec-
tion of the most approved Scotch, English, and Irish Songs,
set to music. Selected by D. Sime. Edinburgh: MDCCXCII-
2 vols. i2rno. pi.

SIMONIN (L.). Les Cite"s Ouvrires de Mineurs. Paris:
1867. 241110. pp. 52.

Le Mineur de Califofnie. Paris: 1866. 241110. pp. 50.

SINDING (Paul C.). History of Scandinavia, From the

Early Times of the Norsemen and Vikings to the present day.
New- York: 1858. 121110. pp. 429. port.

SISMONDI (J. C. L. Simonde de). Historical View of the
Literature of the South of Europe; translated from the original,
with notes, and a life of the author, by Thomas Roscoe.
Fourth Edition. Including all the notes from the last Paris
Edition. London: 1853. 2 vols. 8vo. ports.

A history of the Italian Republics', being a view of the

origin, progress and fall of Italian freedom. London: 1832.
8vo. pp. 378.

SKELTON (J.). Pithy Pleasaunt and Profitable Workes of

Maister Skelton, Poete Laureate To King Henry the VHIth.

. . . London : Printed for C. Davis in Pater-noster Row.

MDCCXXXVI. I2U10. pp. xiv, 294.

The Sketch-Dook. See Irving, W.
Sketches from Venetian History. See Smedley.
SKETCHES of Obscure Poets, with Specimens of Their Writ-
ings. [By R. A. Davenport.] London: 1833. i2mo. pp. 208.

Roberts, William Isaac. Bruce, Michael.

Millhouse, Robert. Brown, James.

Rushton, Edward. Franklin, Robert.

Holland, Joseph. Story, Robert.

Mitford, John. Hall, William.

Crocker, Charles. Milne, Christian.

Tannahill, Robert. Hutton, William.


"Sketchley, Arthur." See Rose, G.

The SKY-LARK: a choice selection of the most admired
popular Songs, heroic, plaintive, sentimental, humourous, and
bacchanalian. Arranged for the Violin, Flute, and Voice.
London: [1825] i2ino. pp. x, 322.

Slang Dictionary, See Hotten, J. C.

SLATER (Samuel). Poems in Two Parts. First, An Inter-
locutory Discourse concerning the Creation, Fall, and Recov-
ery of Man. Secondly, A Dialogue between Faith and a
doubting Soul. By Samuel Slater. Licensed, March 26th,
1679. London: Printed for Tho. Cockeril at the Three Legs
in the Poultry, 1679. i6mo. pp. (4), 64, (7), 52.

Slave Question. See Ambrose, P.

[SMEDLEY (Edward)]. Sketches from Venetian History.
London: John Murray, MDCCCXXXI- 2 vols. i2mo. pis.

SMITH (Adam). The Theory of Moral Sentiments; or, an
essay towards an analysis of the principles by which men
naturally judge concerning the conduct and character, first of
their neighbours and afterwards of themselves. To which is
added, A Dissertation on the Origin of Languages. New
edition. With a biographical and critical memoir of the
author, by Dugald Stewart. London: 1853. 121110. pp. 538.

SMITH (Alexander). Poems by Alexander Smith. Third
edition. London: MDCCCLIV. i6mo. pp. 248.

*** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

Poems. Boston: M DCCC uv. i2tno. pp. 190.

City Poems. By Alexander Smith, author of "A

Life Drama and Other Poems." Cambridge: Macmillan and
Co. 1857. i2ino. pp. 190.

*** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

City Poems. Boston: M DCCC LVII. i2ino. pp. 138.


Edwin of Deira by Alexander Smith. Cambridge:

1861. 121110. pp. 185.

fc** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

Dreamthorp: a book of essays written in the country.

Boston: 1864. 121110. pp. 299.

Alfred Hagart's Household. Boston : 1865, 8vo.
pp. 240.



SMITH (Alfred Charles). The Attractions of the Nile and Its
Banks. London: 1868. 2 vols. I2mo. pis.

SMITH (C. J.). Autographs of Royal, Noble, Learned, and
Remarkable Personages conspicuous in English History, from
the reign of Richard the Second to that of Charles the Second;
with Some Illustrious Foreigners; containing many passages
from important letters. Engraved under the direction of
Charles John Smith. Accompanied by concise biographical
memoirs, and interesting extracts from the original documents;
by John Gough Nichols. London: 1829. Fo. pp. xiv, (130).

55 P ls -

Historical and Literary Curiosities consisting of fac-
similes of original documents; scenes of remarkable events and
interesting localities; and the birthplaces, residences, portraits
and monuments of eminent literary characters; with a variety
of reliques and antiquities connected with the same subjects.
Selected and engraved by Charles John Smith. London:
MDCCCXLVII. 4to. pp. (2), viii, (89). 94 pis.

SMITH (George). A Collection of Designs for Household
Furniture and Interior Decoration, in the most approved and
elegant taste; with various designs for rooms, geometrical and
in perspective, shewing the decorations, adjustment of the fur-
niture, &c. Also some general observations, and a description
of each plate. Engraved on 158 plates, from original draw-
ings. By George Smith, Upholsterer Extraordinary to His
Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. London: 1808. 4to.
PP- 33. 158- pis.

SMITH (Goldwin). See Oxford Essays.

SMITH (Horace and James). Rejected Addresses: or, The
New Theatrum Poetarum. From the twenty-second London
edition, carefully revised, with an original preface and notes by
the Authors. Boston: M uccc LI. 121110. pp. 191.

[SMITH (Horace)]. Horace in London: Consisting of Imi-
tations of the first two books of The Odes of Horace. By the
authors of Rejected Addresses, or the New Theatrum Poetarum.
Fourth Edition. London: 1815. i6mo. pp. 127.

[ ]. The Tin Trumpet; or, Heads and Tails for the

Wise and Waggish. A new American edition, with alterations
and additions. New York: 1859. 121110. pp. 262.


SMITH (H. W.). Nuts For Future Historians to Grack.
Collected by Horace W. Smith. Philadelphia: 1856. 8vo.
pp. (2), 90.

SMITH (Horatio). Festivals, Games, and Amusements.
Ancient and Modern. With additions, by Samuel Wood worth.
New- York: 1831. i6mo. pp. 355. pis.

SMITH (J. F. D.). Voyage dans les Etats-Unis de 1'Ame'ri-
que, fait en 1784; Con tenant une description de sa Situation
presente, de sa Population, Agriculture, Commerce, Con tu tries
et Mceurs de ses Habitans, des Nations indiennes, et des prin-
cipales Villes et Rivieres, avec quelques Anecdotes surplusieurs
Membres du Congre"s et Officiers generaux de 1'armee Ameri-
caine. Par J. F. D. Smith. Traduit de 1'Anglois par M. de
B . . . . 'Tome Premier. A Paris, Chez Buisson, Imprimeur
et Libraire rue Haute-Feuille, No. 20. 1791. 2 vols. 8vo.
pp. xii, 206, (4), 272.

SMITH (J. J. and J. F. WATSON). American Historical and
Literary Curiosities; consisting of Fac-Similes of Original
Documents Relating to the Events of the Revolution, &c. &c.
With a variety of Reliques, Antiquities and Modern Auto-
graphs. Collected and edited by J. Jay Smith, and John F.
Watson. Fifth edition, with additions. New York : 1852.
Fo. 66 lithographic pis.

SMITH (John Pye). The Relation between The Holy Scrip-
tures and some parts of Geological Science. Fifth edition.
With a short sketch of the literary life of the author, by John
Hamilton Davies. London: MDCCCLIV. I2mo. pp. 468.

[SMITH (Seba)]. Jack Downing's Letters. By Major Jack
Downing. Philadelphia: 1845. 8vo. PP- IT 9-

SMITH (Sydney). The Works of the Rev. Sydney Smith.
Boston: 1854. rl. 8vo. pp. 480. port.

[ ] Letters on the subject of The Catholics, to My

Brother Abraham, who lives in the country. By Peter Plym-
ley. Twenty-first Edition. London: 1838. 8vo. pp. 194.

Wit and wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith, being

selections from his writings and passages of his letters and
table-talk with a biographical memoir and notes By Evert A.
Duyckinck New York : 1856 i2mo. pp. 458. port, and


SMITH (William). Histoire de la Nouvelle-York, depuis la
Decouverte de Cette Province Jusqu'a Notre Siecle, Dans
laquelle on rapporte les demeles qu'elle a eus avec les Canadiens
& les Indiens ; les Guerres qu'elle a soutenues contre ces
Peuples; les Traites & les- Alliances qu'elle a faits avec eux,
&c. On y a joint Une Description Geographique du Pays, &
une Histoire Abre'ge'e de ses Habitans, de leur Religion, de leur
Gouvernement Civil & Ecclesiastique, &c. Par William
Smith. Traduite de 1'Anglois par M. E. * * * A Londres.
M. DCC. LXVII. i6mo. pp. xvi, 415.

[SMITH (Rev. William)]. Relation / Historique / de / 1'Expe"-
dition, / contre / Les Indiens de 1' Ohio /en MDCCLXIV. / Com-
mandee par le Chevalier Henry Bouquet, Co- / lonel d'lnfan-
terie, & ensuite Brigadier-General en / Amerique; contenant ses
Transactions avec les In-/diens, relativement a la delivrance
des prisonniers / & aux Preliminaires de la Paix; avec un Recit/
introductoire de la Campagne precedente de 1'an 1763, / & de la
Bataille de Bushy-Run. / On y a joint des Memoires Militaires
contenant des / Reflexions sur la guerre avec les Sauvages; une
Me- / thode de former des e*tablissemens sur la Frontiere : /
quelques details concernant la contree des Indiens: avec une
liste de nations, combattans, villes, distan-/ces, & diverses
routes. / Le tout enrichi de Cartes & Tailles-douces. / Traduit
de 1'Anglois, / Par C. G. F. Dumas./ A Amsterdam, / Chez
Marc-Michel Rey, / M.DCC.LXIX. / 8vo. pp. xvi, 147, (10). 3
pis. and 3 maps.

SMITH (William). Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geog-
raphy. Illustrated by numerous engravings on wood. ' Boston:
. 1854- 2 vols. 8vo. maps.

SMOLLETT (Tobias). The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias
Smollett, Complete in one Volume, with Memoir of the Author,
by Thomas Roscoe. New Edition, illustrated by George
Cruikshank. London: 1853. 8vo. pp. 966. port.

The Comical Adventures of Roderick Random and his

Friend Strap, With their Voyage to South America, &c.
Adorned with curious Copper-Plates. London: Printed for H.
'Turpin, at No. 104, St. John's-Street, West-Smithfield. 1776.
And sold by J. Bew, No. 28, and Fielding and Walker, No. 20.
in Pater-noster-Row; and S. Chandler, No. i, Holborn-Bars.
(Price bound six-pence.) sq. 32010. pp. 119. pis.


SMOLLETT (Tobias). See Hume, J.

SMYTH (Mrs. A. G.)]. Olympia Morata, Her Times, Life and
Writings, arranged from contemporary and other authorities.
Second edition. London : 1834. I2mo. pp. 383. pis. and

SMYTH (William). Lectures on Modern History; from the
Irruption of the Northern Nations to the close of the American
Revolution. London: 1854. 2 vols. I2mo.

SOAMES, StrW. See Boileau.

SOCIETE DES AQUA-FORTISTES. Eaux-Fortes Modernes Origi-
nales et inedites Deuxieme anne. Deuxie"me Volume 1863-
1864. Public par Cadart & Luquet, Editeurs. Paris: [n. d.]
Ig. Fo. pp. (4), 61. pis.

la Societe Evangelique de France Trente-troisieme Anni-
versaire. Paris 1866. 8vo. pp. 54.

Societes Secretes. See Washington, G.

SOCRATES SCHOLASTICUS. The Ecclesiastical History of
Socrates, surnamed Scholasticus, or the advocate. Compris-
ing a History of the Church, in seven books, from the accession
of Constantine, A. D. 305, to the 38th year of Theodosius II.,
including a period of 140 years. -Translated from the Greek:
with some account of the author, and notes selected from
Valesius. London: MDCCCLIII. i2mo. pp. 449.

SOLIS (Don Antonio de). Historia / de la Conqvista / de
Mexico, / Poblacion, Y Progresses / de la America Septentri-
onal, / conocida por el nombre / de Nveva Espana. / Escriviala /
Don Antonio de Solis, / Secretario de su Magestad, y su
Chronista / mayor de las Indias. / Y la pone a los pies del / Rey
Nvestro Senor, / por mano del / Excelentissimo Seiior / Conde de
Oropesa. / En Madrid. / En la Imprenta de Bernardo de
Villa- Diego, Impressor de su Magestad. / Ano M. DC. LXXXIV.
Fo. pp. (32), 548, (16).

Histoire de la Conquete du Mexique, ou de la Nouvelle

Espagne. Traduite de 1'Espagnol de Don Antoine de Solis.
A Paris, Chez Antoine Dezallier, rue Saint Jacques, a la
Couronne d'Or. M. DC. xci. Avec Privilege dv Roy. 4to.
pp. (30), 630. pis. and map.

*** Portrait of the author inserted.


Sous (Don Antonio de). A History of the Conquest of
Mexico by the Spaniards. In two volumes. Translated into
English from the original Spanish of Don Antonio de Solis,
Secretary and Historiographer to his Catholick Majesty, by
Thomas Townsend; . . . The whole translation revised and
corrected by Nathanael Hooke. London: Printed for John
Osborn, at the Golden Ball in Paternoster Row. M. DCC.
xxxvin. 2 vols. 8vo. port., pis. and maps.

SOME Remarks On a late Letter to Thomas Burnet, Esq. ;
Said to be Written by a Son of Dr. Beach. In a Letter to the
Author of that Pamphlet. London: Printed for T. Cooper, at
the Globe in Paternoster-Row; and Sold at the Pamphlet Shops
in London and Westminster. M.DCC.XXXVI. Price 6 d. 8vo.
pp. 36.

Something New on Men. See Hake, Mrs. L.

SOPHOCLES. The Tragedies of Sophocles: in English Prose.
The Oxford translation. New edition, revised according to the
text of Dindorf. London: MDCCCXLIX. 8vo. pp. 339. port.

SoRET (H.). Histoire du Conflit Americain de ses causes, de
ses resultats. Tarbes: 1863. 8vo. pp. 46.

SouLES (Frangois). Histoire / des Troubles / de / 1' Amerique
Anglaise, / Ecrite sur les Memoires les plus autheutiques;/
De"diee / a Sa Majeste* Tres-Chretienne; / Tome Premier. / Avec
des Cartes. / . . . / A Paris, / Chez Buisson, Libraire, Hotel
de Mesgrigny, / rue des Poitevins, No. 13. / 1787. 4 vols. 8vo.
PP- (8), 379, ( 6 ); (4), 3 6 5I (4), 420; (4), 272, 43. 3 maps.

"Southern Lady." See Woes of War.

SOTJTHEY (Robert). Poems:/ containing/ The Retrospect,/
odes, elegies, sonnets, &c. / By /Robert Lovell, /and / Robert
Southey, / of Baliol College, Oxford./. . ./Bath, Printed by
R. Cruttwell, / and sold by / C. Dilly, Poultry, London. /
M DCC xcv. / i2mo. pp. viii, 131.

The Life of Nelson. Boston: 1866. i6mo. pp. 324.

The Doctor, &c. Edited by his son-in-law, John Wood

Warter. New edition, complete in one volume. London :
1849. 8vo. pp. 694. ports, and pi.

The Poetical Works of Robert Southey. Collected by
himself. A new edition, including "Oliver Newman and


other poems" now first published. Illustrated with eight
fine steel engravings from drawings by Kenny Meadows,
Corbould, Westall, and Middleton. New York: MDCCCXLVIII..
rl. 8vo. pp. 841. port, and 7 pis.

SOUTHEY (Robert). The Life and Correspondence of Robert
Southey. Edited by his son, the Rev. Charles Cuthbert
Sou they. New York: MDCCCLI. 8vo. pp. 579. port.

See Cottle Jones, J.

SOUTHWELL (Robert). The Poetical Works of the Rev,,
Robert Southwell, now first completely edited by William B..
Turnbull. London: 1856. lamo. pp. 168.

SOVICHE (Doctenry). Lettre au Courrier de Saint-Etienne sur
1' Intervention Franchise au Mexique Saint-Etienne 1862 8vo.

PP- 93-

SOYER (A.). The Pantropheon or, History of Food, And its
Preparation, from the earliest ages of the world. Embellished
with forty-two steel plates, illustrating the greatest gastronomic
marvels of antiquity. London : MDCCCLHI. 8vo. pp. 474.
port, and pi.

SOZOMENUS (S. H.). The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen,
comprising a History of the Church, from A. D. 324 to A. D.
440. Translated from the Greek: with a memoir of the author.
Also the Ecclesiastical History of Philostorgius, as epitomised
by Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople. Translated by Ed-
ward Walford. London: MDCCCLV. i2mo. pp. 536.

SPARKS (Jared). The Life of Gouverneur Morris, with
Selections from His Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers;
detailing events in the American Revolution, the French
Revolution, and in the political history of the United States.
Boston: 1832. 3 vols. 8vo. port.

The Life "of Benjamin Franklin; containing the auto-
biography, with notes and continuation. Boston: 1845. 8vo.
pp. 612. ports, and pis.

Correspondence of the American Revolution; being

letters of eminent men to George Washington, from the time
of his taking command of the army to the end of his Presidency.
Edited from the original manuscripts by Jared Sparks. Bos-
ton: 1853. 4 v l s - 8vo.


Specimens of British Poetesses. See Dyce, A.

Specimens of Early English . . . Romances. See Ellis, G.

SPENCE (Elizabeth Isabella). Sketches of the Present Man-
ners, Customs, and Scenery of Scotland, with incidental
remarks on the Scottish character. London: 1811. 2 vols.

SPENSER (Edmund). The Works of Edmund Spenser. With
a Selection of Notes from Various Commentators; and a Glos-
sarial Index: To which is prefixed, some account of the life of
Spenser, by the Rev. Henry John Todd. London: 1852. rl.
8vo. pp. 562. port.

Spirit of the Farmer 1 s Museum. See Dennie, J.

SPOONER (Edward). Parson and People; or, Incidents in
the Every-Day Life of a Clergyman. From the second London
edition, with an introduction, by An American Clergyman.
[Leonard Woolsey Bacon.] New York: 1865. I2ino. pp.
260. pi.

SPOONER (Shearjashub). A Biographical and Critical Dic-
tionary of Painters, Engravers, Sculptors and Architects
from ancient to modern times: with the monograms, ciphers
and marks used by distinguished artists to certify their works.
New York: 1853. rl. 8vo. pp. 1131. port, and pi.

SPORTORNO (G. B.). Memorials of Columbus: or A Collec-
tion of Authentic Documents of That Celebrated Navigator,
now first published from the original manuscripts, by order of
the Decurions of Genoa; preceded by A Memoir of His Life
and Discoveries. Translated from the Spanish and Italian.
London: 1823. 8vo. PP- c ^ x ) 255. port, pi. and 2 facsim.

SPRAGUE (W. B.). See Alexander, J. W.

SPRAT (Thomas). See Waller.

SPRENGEL (M. E.). Geschichte der Revolution von Nord-
America. Frankenthal, Ludwig Bernhard Friederich Gegel.
1785. 8vo. pp. (10), 272, map.

*% Contains a three page list of books on America, from which the author

compiled his account.

SQUIRE (Peter). Companion to the last edition of the British
Pharmacopoeia, comparing the strength of its various prepara-
tions with those of the London, Edinburgh, Dublin, United


States, and other foreign pharmacopoeias. With practical
hints on prescribing. Eighth Edition. London: MDCCCLXXI.
8vo. pp. 397.

STACQUEZ (Ifacteur). L'Egypte la Basse Ntibie et le Sinai.
Relation d'apres des notes tenues pendant le voyage que Son
Altesse Royale Monseigneur le Due de Brabant fit dans ces
centres, en 1862 et 1863, par le Docteur Stacquez. Liege: 1865.
8vo. pp. 390. pis.

STAEL-HOLSTEIN (A. L. G. Neckar, Baronne de). Corinne
ou 1' Italic. Paris, 1850. 121110. pp. 495. port.

[Same.] Paris: 1866. 121110. pp. 495. port.

Delphine. Nouvelle edition. Preceded d' line preface,

par M. Sainte-Beuve. Paris 1851. i2mo. pp. 640.

STANLEY (George). A classified synopsis of the principal
Painters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, their scholars,
imitators and analogists. Including an account of some of the
Early German Masters, connected with those of Flanders and
Holland. London: MDCCCLV. i2ino. pp. 416.

STANSBURY (J.). See Odell, J.

Star Spangled Banner. See Key, F. S.

STAUNTON (Howard). The Chess-Player's Companion; com-
prising a New Treatise on Odds, and a Collection of Games
contested by the author with various distinguished players dur-
ing the last ten years; including the Great French Match with
Mons. St. Amant; to which are added a selection of new and
instructive problems. London: 1870. 121110. pp. 510. pis.

The Chess-Player's Handbook. A popular and scien-
tific introduction to the Game of Chess, exemplified in games
actually played by the greatest masters, and illustrated by nu-
merous diagrams of original and remarkable positions. New
Edition. London: 1870. I2ino. pp. 518. pi.

Chess Praxis. A supplement to The Chess-Player's

Handbook, containing all the most important modern improve-
ments in the openings, illustrated by actual games; a revised
code of chess laws; and a collection of Mr.-Morphy's matches,
&c. , in England and France. London: 1871. 121110. pp. 622.

The Chess Tournament. A collection of the games

played at this celebrated assemblage, illustrated by copious


diagrams, and notes, critical and explanatory. London: 1852.
I2mo. pp. 377.

STEARNS (J. F.). See Alexander, J. W.

STEDMAN (Edmund C.). Alice of Monmouth. An Idyl of
the Great War, with Other Poems. New York: M.DCCCLXIV
I2ino. pp. 151.

# * # A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

Poems, Lyrical and Idyllic. By Edmund Clarence

Stedman. News York: Charles Scribner, 124 Grand Street.
1860. 1 2 mo. pp. 196.

#*# A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

STEELE (Sir Richard). The Tatler and Guardian, chiefly by
Sir Richard Steele and Joseph Addison. And An Account of
the Authors. By Thomas Babbington Macaulay. New York:
1852. 8vo. pp. 444, 244. pis.

STEIN (Elias). Manuel de 1' Amateur du Jeu des Echecs, ou
Nouvel Essai sur ce Jeu. Le tout revu et public avec 34
planches, Par Milbons. Paris [n. d.]. 12 mo. pp. 156. pis.

STIELER (J.). Gallery of Beauties, a Collection of Thirty-
eight Female Portraits in the Roya*l Palace at Munich, painted
from life by order of H. M. King Lewis I. of Bavaria by Joseph
Steiler, painter to H. M. the King and the Royal Family.
Edited in reduced photographs. [Munich: 186-.] Sq. i2mo.
Title, contents, and 28 photographs.

STENHOUSE (William). Illustrations of the Lyric Poetry and
Music of Scotland. Originally compiled to accompany the
"Scots Musical Museum," and now published separately, with
Additional Notes and Illustrations. Edinburgh and London:
MDCCCLIII. 8vo. pp. cxxxiv, 540, xxxiv. facsimile.

STEPHENS (Mrs. Ann S.). The Old Homestead. New York:
MDCCCLV. 8vo. pp. 435.

[STERNE (Laurence).] The Life and Opinions of Tristram
Shandy, Gentleman. London: Printed for J. Dodsley, in Pali-
Mall, MDCCLXVII. 9 vols. i2mo. pi.

** Sterne's own copy, with his name in volumes v., vn., and ix.

STERNHOLD(T.). The/ Whole Book / of /Psalmes:/ collected!
into English meter / by Thomas Sternhold, / lohn Hopkins, /
and others. / Conferred with the Hebrew: with / apt notes to sing"


them withall / . . . /London, / Printed for the Companie of/
Stationers 1614. / 4to.

fl.** Imperfect.

STEVENS (G. A.). The Works of the late G. A. Stevens,
Esq. Consisting of his celebrated Lecture On Heads, and Songs.
A new and improved edition, To which is prefixed a Life of the
Author. By W. H. Badham. London: 1823. i6mo. pp. 250.

[STEVENS (Henry).] Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue
of Books relating to the History and Literature of America. To
be sold by auction, By Messrs Puttick and Simpson, on Wednes-
day, January 23, 1861, and Three following Days. 8vo. pp.


[STEVENSON (Mat.).] The / Wits: / or, / Poems & Songs / on /
Various Occasions. / Made Publick for the Delight of / the In-
genious. / By a Lover of the Muses. / London, / Printed for
Donnan Newman, at the Kings / Armes in the Poultrey, 1685.
i6mo. pp. (8), 126.

STEWART (Lady C.). See Atholl.

STEWART (Dugald). Elements of the Philosophy of the Hu-
man Mind. In two parts. With references, sectional heads,
synoptical table of contents, and translations of the numerous
Greek, Latin, and French quotations, &c. By G. N. Wright.
London: 1854. 8vo. pp. 602.

STIRLING (J.). Letters from the Slave States. London:
1857. 8vo - PP- 374- ma P-

STOCKHARDT (Julius Adolph). The Principles of Chemistry,
illustrated by Simple Experiments. Translated from the Fifth
German Edition. By C. H. Peirce. London: 1852. I2mo.
pp. 520.

STODDARD (Richard Henry). Foot-Prints. New York: 1849.
8vo. pp. 48.

Poems. Boston: M DCCC LII. i2tno. pp. 127.

Songs of Summer. Boston : M DCCC LVII. i2ino. pp.


*** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

The Loves and Heroines of the Poets. Edited by

Richard Henry Stoddard. New York: MDCCCLXI. 4to. pp.
479, xviii.

*** One volume extended to three by the insertion of the original MS. of


Mr. Stoddard, and many portraits and plates, a number of which are rare,
unusually fine proof impressions, or on india-paper.

STODDARD (Richard Henry). The King's Bell. London:

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