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Life. With illustrations and facsimiles. (Second edition.)
London, [n. d.] 121110. pp. 367.

*% "Theodore Taylor" is a pseudonym of John Camden Hotten.

Thackeray the Humourist and the Man of Letters.

The Story of his Life and Literary Labours, including a selec-
tion from his characteristic speeches, now for the first time
gathered together. By Theodore Taylor. To which is added
In Memoriam By Charles Dickens, and A Sketch, by Anthony
Trollope. With portrait and illustrations. New York: 1864.
8vo. pp. 242.


Tea Table Miscellany. See Ramsay, A.

"Tell Truth (John)." See Le Blanc.

TEMPLE (R). See Miiller, M.

TEMPLE (Neville) and Edward TREVOR. Tannhauser; or
The Battle of the Bards. A Poem. Fourth edition. London:
1862. 121110. pp. 117.

Temple of Fame. See Yalden.

TENNEMANN (W. G.). A Manual of the History of Philoso-
phy. Translated from the German. Revised, enlarged, and
continued, by J. R. Morell. London: 1852. I2ino t pp. 532.

[TENNYSON (Alfred)]. In Memoriam. Boston: M DCCC LII.
121110. pp. 216.

Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington. By

Alfred Tennyson, poet laureate. London: Edward Moxon,
Dover Street. 1852. 8vo. pp. 16.

Poems. In two volumes. A new edition. Boston:

M DCCC LIII. 2 vols. 1 2 mo. port.

Maud, and Other Poems. Boston: MDCCCLV. I2mo.

pp. 1 60.

Idyls of the King. Boston: M DCCC LIX. I2mo. pp.


Enoch Arden, &c. Boston: 1864. i2mo. pp. 204.

Enoch Arden. Boston: 1865. I2mo. pp. 78. pis.

*** A presentation copy from Bayard Taylor to Mr. Graham.

Enoch Arden. Boston: 1865. 121110. pp. 58. pis.

and port.

Enoch Arden, &c. Boston: 1869. 24mo. pp. 136.

The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson. Boston:

1868. 2 vol. 241110. port.

Queen Mary: A Drama. London: 1875. i2mo. pp.


Elaine, by Alfred Tennyson. Illustrated by Gustave

Dore*. London: Edward Moxon and Co. [n.d.j Fo. pp.
$4. pi.

Vivien, by Alfred Tennyson. Illustrated by Gustave

Dore. London: Edward Moxon and Co. 1867. Fo. pp. 49. pis.

TERENTIUS AFER (Plubius). The Comedies of Terence,


and the Fables of Phsedrus. Literally translated into English
Prose, with notes, by Henry Thomas Riley. To which is
added a metrical translation of Phsedrus, by Christopher Smart.
London: MDCCCLIII. 8vo. pp. 535. pi.

TERNAUX-COMPANS (H.). Notice Historiqne sur la Guyane

Franchise. Paris: 1843. 8vo. PP- y i"> I 9 2 -

^*3. The last twenty-two pages are a "Bibliographic de la Guyane Fran-

TERRINGTON (William). Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks.
A collection of recipes for "Cups" and Other Compounded
Drinks and of general information on beverages of all kinds.
London: 1869. I2mo. pp. 223.

THACKERAY (William Makepeace). Ballads. Boston: M DCCC
LVi. i2ino. pp. 228.

The Four Georges: Sketches of Manners, Morals, Court

and Town Life. With illustrations. London: M.DCCC.LXI..
I2ino. 8vo. pp. 226.

**# Contains quotation from lyandor in Sala's handwriting, and his signa-

See Meadows.

Thalatta See Longfellow, S.

THELOALL (Simon). Le digest des Briefes originals, et des~
choses concernantseux, compose per Simon Theloall. Londini.
In ^dibus Richardi Tottelli. Octobris decitno quarto. 1579.
Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. i6mo. pp. (16), 424.

THEOCRITUS. The Idylls of Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus,
and the War-Songs ' of Tyrtaeus. Literally translated into
English Prose, by J. Banks. With metrical versions by J. M.
Chapman. London: MDCCCLIII. 8vo. pp. 343. port.

THEODORETUS and EVAGRIUS. A History of the Church.
Translated from the Greek: with memoirs of the authors.
London: MDCCCLIV. 12010. pp. 480.

THEODOROS et Juarez. Paris: 1868. 8vo. pp. 30.


Theorie des Sentimens Agreables See Pouilly.

THIERRY (Augustin). History of the Conquest of England
by the Normans; Its causes and its consequences, in England,
Scotland, Ireland, & on the Continent. Translated from the


Seventh Paris edition, by William Hazlitt. London: MDCCC-
XLVII. 2 vols. 121110. ports.

THIERS (Adolph). Histoire du Consulat et de 1' Empire.
Bruxelles: 1845- 6 vols. rl. 8vo. ports.

The History of the French Revolution. Translated^

with notes and illustrations from the most authentic sources, by
Frederick ShoberL With engravings. New York: M.DCCC.-
UV. 4 vols. 8vo. ports, and pis.

The Mississippi Bubble: a memoir of John Law. To

which are added Authentic Accounts of the Darien Expedition,
and the South Sea Scheme. Translated and edited by Frank
S. Fiske. New York: 1859. I2mo. pp. 338.

Discours prononces au Corps Legislatif Les 9 and io>

juillet 1867 par M. Thiers sur Le Mexique. Tours: 1867.
121110. pp. 64.

A THIRD Letter to Dr. Mead, concerning A New Edition of
Thuanus's History. London: Printed by S. Buckley in Amen-
Corner, 1730. 8vo. pp. 40.

*"% The letter is signed: S. Buckley.

THOMPSON (H.). History of Roman Literature; with an In-
troductory Dissertation on the sources and formation of the
Latin language. "Edited by Henry Thompson. Second Edi-
tion, revised and enlarged. London: 1852. 8vo. pp. 462.
pis. and ports.

THOMSON (James). Spring. / A / Poem. / By Mr. Thomson. /

. . . / London, / Printed : and sold by A. Millar, at Buchanan's /

Head over-against St. Clement's Church in the Strand; /and

G. Strahan, at the Golden Ball in Cornhill. / MDCCXXVIII. /

8vo. pp. 57, (2).

#*# The first edition.

Autumn. A Poem. By James Thomson. The Second

Edition. London: Printed by N. Blandford, for J. Millan,.
Bookseller near Whitehall. M DCC xxx. 8vo. pp. 72.

The Seasons. By James Thomson. From the Chis-

wick Press, by C. Whittingham. Sold by R. Jennings, Poultry,.
London: 1818. 161110. pp. 158.

*** 5 1 plates inserted.

The Poetical Works of James Thomson. With Life,

Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev.
George Gilfillan. New York: M.DCCC.LIV. 8vo. pp. xx, 372.


THOMSON (R.). A Faithful Account of the Processions and
Ceremonies Observed in the Coronation of the Kings and Queens
of England: exemplified in that of their late Most Sacred
Majesties King George the Third, and Queen Charlotte: with
all the other interesting proceedings connected with That Mag-
nificent Festival. Embellished with Elegant Engravings.
Edited by Richard Thomson. London: 1820. 8vo. pp. 99.
2 pis. and folding pis.

THORNTON (Henry). Family Prayers, and Prayers on the
Ten Commandments, &c. To which is added, a Family Com-
mentary upon the Sermon on the Mount. Edited by Manton
Eastburn. Twentieth thousand. New York: 1855. 121110.
PP- 354-

*** Also a copy of the edition of 1860.

THORPE (B.). Yule-Tide Stories. A collection of Scandina-
vian and North German Popular Tales and Traditions, from
the Swedish, Danish, and German. Edited by Benjamin
Thorpe. London: MDCCCLIII. 121110. pp. 504.

[THORPE (Thomas)]. Autograph Catalogue. London: 1839.-
8vo. pp. 181.

[Same.] 1840. 8vo. pp. 205.

Three Courses and a Dessert See Clarke," W.

THRING (Edward). The Elements of Grammar Taught in
English; With Questions. New edition. London: 1872.
161110. pp. 136.

THUCYDIDES. The History of the Peloponnesian War, by
Thucydides. A new and literal version, from the text of
Arnold, collated with Bekker, Goller, and Poppo. By Henry
Dale. London: MDCCCLIII-. 2 vols. 8vo. port.

TIBULLUS. The Elegies and Epic Poem of Albius Tibullus,
translated into English Verse. By Laurence Reynolds. Lon-
don: 1841. 121110. pp. 272.

** # A presentation copy to Mr. Graham from George P. Philes.

See Catullus.

TIMES (John). Curiosities of London: exhibiting the most
rare and remarkable objects of interest in the metropolis; with
Nearly Fifty Years' Personal Recollections. London: MDCCCLV.
1 2 mo. pp. 800. port.



TIMES (John). Things Not Generally Known, Familiarly
Explained. A book for old and young. London: MDCCCLVI.
161110. pp. 247. pi.

Knowledge for the Time: A Manual of reading, refer-
ence, and conversation on subjects of living interest, useful
curiosity, and amusing research. Illustrated from the best and
latest authorities. London: M D ccc LXIV. 121110. pp. 294. pi.

Notable Things of Our Own Time. A supplementary

volume of ''Things Not Generally Known." London: M DCCC
Lxviri. i2ino. pp. 246.

Abbeys, Castles, and Ancient Halls of England and

Wales; their legendary lore, and popular history. London:
[1870?] 2 vols. I2ino. pis.

The Year- Book of Facts in Science and Art: exhibit-
ing the most important discoveries and improvements of the
past year in mechanics and the useful arts; natural philosophy;
electricity; chemistry; zoology and botany; geology and miner-
alogy; meteorology and astronomy. London: MDCCCLXXI.
161110. pp. 288. port.

Clubs and Club Life in London. With anecdotes of

its famous coffee houses, hostelries, and taverns, from the seven-
teenth century to the present time. With numerous illustra-
tions. London: [1872]. 121110. pp. 544. pis.

Anecdote Lives of the Later Wits and Humourists:

Canning, Captain Morris, Curran, Coleridge, Lamb, Charles
Mathews, Talleyrand, Jerrold, Rogers, Albert Smith, Hood,
Maginn, Thackeray, Dickens, Poole, Leigh Hunt, Father
Front, etc. London: 1874. 2 vols. 121110.

Tin Trumpet See Smith, Horace.

TIRABOSCHT (G.). Storia Delia Letteratura Italiana di Giro-
lamo Tiraboschi. Milano MDCCCXXII-. 16 vols. 8vo. port.

TISSANDIER (Gaston). En Ballon Pendant le Siege de Paris.
Souvenirs d'un aeronaute Paris 1871 121110. pp. 318.

TITUS (SilasX Killing / no / Murder:/ Briefly Discoursed/
In Three Questions./ By Col. Titus, alias .William Allen./
. . . / London:/ Reprinted in the year M. DCC. xxxiv. 8vo.
PP- 34-

TODD (John). See Alexander, J. W.


TOLLER (Samuel). The Law of Executors and Administra-
tors. Philadelphia: 1803. 8vo.

The Law of Executors and Administrators. The third
edition corrected: with additions. New York: 1815. 8vo.
pp. 522, (72).

TOMASINI (J. P.). lacobi Philippi / Tomasini Patavini /
Episcopi ^Emoniensis / Petrarcha / Redivivvs. / Integram Poetae
celeberrimi Vitam Iconibus sere / caelatis exhibens. / Accessit
Nobilissimae Feminae / Lavrae / Brevis Historia. / Editio altera
correcta & aucta. / Cui addita Poetae Vita / Pavlo Vergerio,
Anonymo, lannozzo / Manetto, Leonardo Aretino, / Et Lvdo-
vico Beccadello / Auctoribus. / Item, V. C. Fortvnii Liceti ad
Epist. Tomasini / de Petrarchae cognominis ortographia Re-
sponsum. / Patavii clolocl. / Typis Pauli Frambotti Biblio-
polae. / Superiorum permissu. / 4to. pp. (14), 270, (18). port.

# ** A presentation copy to Mr. Graham from R. H. Stoddard.

TOMLINSON (J. S.). A Discourse on the nature and advant-
ages of a Liberal Education; delivered at the annual commence-
ment of Augusta College, in August, 1838, at the solicitation
of the Union and Jefferson Societies of the Institution; and, in
October following, before the Kentucky Annual Conference in
Danville, in compliance with a previous resolution of that body.
Augusta, Ky. : 1838. 8vo. pp. 26.

TOOKE (John Home). Epea pteroenta, or The Diversions of
Purley. A new edition, revised and corrected by Richard Tay-
lor. With Numerous Additions from the copy prepared by the
author for republication : to which is annexed his Letter to John
Dunning. London: 1829. 2 vols. 8vo. pi.

*%. See also J. A. Graham.

TOPFFER (R.). Nouvelles Ge"neroises. Precedees d'une lettre
adressee a 1'editeur par le comte Xavier de Maistre. Paris:
1851. i2ino. pp. 439.

Premiers Voyages en Zigzag on Excursions D'un Pen-

sionnat en Vacances dans les Cantons Suisses et sur le Revers
Italian des Alpes Illustre's, d'aprs les dessins de 1'Auteur, d'un
grand nombre de vignettes dans le texte. Et de 54 grandes
gravures hors texte Par MM. Calame, Girardet, Franc.ais, Dau-
bigny, etc. Sixieme Edition. Paris: M DCCC LXXIV. rl. 8vo.
pp. 474. pis.


M (Edward)]. Letters from Edinburgh; Written in the
"Years 1774 and 1775: containing Some Observations on the
Diversions, Customs, Manners, and Laws of the Scotch Nation,
during a six months residence in Edinburgh. Dublin: [n. d.]
.2 vols. I2ino.

The TOWN and Country Magazine; or Universal Repository
of Knowledge, Instruction and Entertainment. Vol. XV; for
the year 1783. London : [n. d.] 8vo. pi.

*%So the title-page: but the numbers included are March, May-July, Dec.,
11769; Feb., June-Aug., Oct., Nov., 1770; Nov., 1775; Jan., 1783, being those
-.numbers which discussed the poet Chatteron. Bound with this are some pages
of the "Monthly Visitor," Vol. I.. 1/97, containing a notice of Chatterton.

Tracts^ written in the years See Leigh, Baron.

TRAIN (George Francis). An American Merchant in Europe,
Asia, and Australia: A Series of Letters from Java, Singapore,
China, Bengal, Egypt, The Holy Laud, The Crimea and Its
Battle Grounds, England, Melbourne, Sidney, etc., etc. With
an introduction by Freeman Hunt. New York: 1857. 8vo.
pp. 512.

Le TRE Porte del Battistero di San Giovanni di Firenze
Incise ed Illustrate. [Ital. and French.] Firenze MDCCCXXI.
Presso Luigi Bardi E Comp. Negoziantidi Stampe Borgo degli
Albizi N. 460. Fo. pp. (3), 8, 12, 8. 45 pis.

TRELAWNY (E. J. ). Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley
and Byron. London: 1858. 8vo. pp. 304. port, and pis.

TRENCH (Mrs. Richard). See Houghton, Lord.

TRENCH (Richard Chenevix). On the Study of Words.
Lectures addressed (originally) to the pupils at the Diocesan
Training-School, Winchester Thirteenth edition revised and
enlarged. London: 1869. i6mo. pp. 308.

A Select Glossary of English Words used formerly in

senses different from their present. New York: 1859. J2ino.
pp. 218.

TREVOR (E.). See Temple, N.

A TRIBUTE to the Fair: comprising a collection of Vers de
Societe. Published In Aid of the Sanitary Commission. New
York: 1864. 121110. pp. 253.
*** The author was Mr. Peter Marie.

TROLLOPE (A.). See Taylor, T.


TROLLOPE (T. Adolphus). A History of the Commonwealth
of Florence, from the earliest independence of the Commune to-
the fall of the Republic in 1531. London: 1865. 4 vols. 8vo.
*% A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

La Beata. A Tuscan Romeo and Juliet. London:

1866. 1 2 mo. pp. 329.

*% Inserted is a MS. note by Mr. Trollope.

Paul the Pope, and Paul the Friar. A story of an

interdict. A new edition. London: 1870. 121110. pp. 392.

In Memoriam. A Wreath of Stray Leaves to the

Memory of Emily Bliss Gould, ob. 3ist Aug. 1875. Rome:

MDCCCLXXV. 121110. pp. 277. port.

TROLLOPE (Theodosia). Social Aspects of the Italian Revo-
lution, in a series of letters from Florence, reprinted from the
Athenaeum; with a sketch of subsequent events up to the present
time. London: 1861. i2ino. pp. 309.

TRUMBULL (John). M'Fingal: An epic poem. With intro-
duction and notes by Benson J. Lossing. New York: 1860.
rl. 8vo. pp. 322. port.

# *# A large paper copy.

TRUSLER (J.). See Hogarth, W.

TUCKER (Josiah). A Treatise* concerning Civil Government,
in Three Parts. London: Printed for T. Caclell, in the Strand.
M.DCC.LXXXI. 8vo. pp. 428.

TUCKERMAN (Henry T.). Thoughts on the Poets. Third
edition. New York: 1848. 121110. pp. 318.

Characteristics of Literature, illustrated by the Genius

of Distinguished Men. Philadelphia: 1849. 8vo. pp. 269.

Characteristics of Literature, illustrated by the Genius

of Distinguished Writers. Second series. Philadelphia: 1851.
8vo. pp. 282.

Poems. Boston: M DCCC LI. 121110. pp. 175.

[ ] Miscellaneous Poems by C. K. T. London: [n. d.]

1 2 mo. pp. 1 68.

# * # A presentation copy from the author to Mrs. Graham.

[ ] Leaves from the Diary of a Dreamer. Found among

his pipers. London: 1853. 12 mo. pp. viii., 165.

A Month in England. New York: 1854. 121110.

8vo. pp. 243.


TUCKERMAN (Henry T.). The character and portraits of
Washington. New York: 1859. 4to. pp. 104.

*** 'S^ copies printed. Extra illustrated by the insertion of a letter of the
author and many portraits of Washington, including two of the rare Camp-
bell prints, one of them being the folio Sept. 1775, print, which was the first
engraved-portrait of Washington (fictitious) ever made.

TUKE (Daniel Hack). Illustrations of the Influence of the
Mind upon the Body in Health and Disease. Designed to elu-
cidate the action of the Imagination. London: 1872. 8vo.
pp. 444.

TURGOT See Mirabeau.

TURNER (Wm. W.). Jack Hopeton; or, The Adventures of
a Georgian. New York: 1860. 8vo. pp. 364.

Tutti Frutti See Piickler-Murkau.

"Two Brothers" See Hare.

TYLER (Royall). Reports of Cases argued and determined in
the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Vermont.
Commencing with the nineteenth century. New York: 1810.
8vo. pp. 488.

*% Vol. II only.

TYMMS (Samuel). Camden's Britannia Epitomized and Con-
tinued; being A Compendious Account of the Antient and
Present State of the Counties of England. London : [n. d.]
5 vols. 161110. maps.

*** Vols. I. -IV., and VII. Preface of Vol. VII.. dated 1842.

TYNDALL (John). Contributions to Molecular Physics in the
domain of Radiant Heat. London: 1872. 8vo. pp.446, pis.

TYNG (S. H.). See Alexander, J. W.

TYR-T^EUS See Theocritus.

TYRWHITT (R. St. John). Christian Art and Symbolism,
with some hints on the Study of Landscape. With illustrations.
London: 1872. I2ino. pp. 292. pis.

Tytler* s History of Scotland Examined. See Fraser, P.

OFFORD (Hezekiah G.). An Elementary Treatise on Logic;
comprising the Essential Principles and Different Modes
of Reasoning, in the form of question and answer. New-
York: 1823. I2ino. pp. 192.


UNITED STATES. Acts passed at a Congress of the United
States of America, begun and held at the City of New-York, on
Wednesday the fourth of March, in the year M,DCC,LXXXIX.
And of the Independence of the United States, the thirteenth.
Being the Acts passed at the first session of the First Congress
of the United States, to wit, New-Hampshire, Massachusetts,
Connecticut, New- York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,
Maryland, Virginia, South-Carolina, and Georgia; which eleven
states respectively ratified the Constitution of government for
the United States, proposed by the Federal Convention, held in
Philadelphia, ou the seventeenth of September, one thousand
seven hundred and eighty-seven. New- York: Printed by
Francis Childs and John Swaine, Printers to the United States.

PP- 93-

Acts passed at the Second Session of the Congress of

the United States of America, begun and held at the City of
New- York, on Monday, the fourth of January, in the year
M,DCC.XC: and of the Independence of the United States, the
fourteenth. Published by Authority. New-York: Printed by
Francis Childs and John Swaine, Printers to the Congress of
the United States, pp. 226, (2).

An Act, establishing Rules and Articles for the Gov-
ernment of the Armies of the United States; -with the Regula-
tions of the War Department respecting the same. To which
are added, The several Laws relative to the Army; the Militia
when in actual service; Volunteers; Rangers; Ordnance De-
partment, and the Quarter Master's and Commissary General's
Departments. Albany: Printed by Websters and Skinners:
1812. 121110. pp. 1 1 8.

Laws relating to the Military Establishment of the

( 354 )



United States of America, in force July I, 1813: Together with
the Regulations for the Several Departments in the Army
Thereof. To which is annexed a List of the General Staff,
And Tables of the Pay and Emoluments Allowed to Officers
and others attached to the Army; with the Fortifications in the
U. States, Showing their distances from New-York. New York :
July, 1813. 121110. pp. 214.

The UNITED / STATES in general, and to the politicians of
Connecticut and Massachusetts / in Particular. / A new edition. /
Philadelphia:/ Published by William Reynolds,-Daniel Griffin,
New York;-J. Campbell, Baltimore,- / and P. Boyle, New
Jersey. / 1815. / A. Griggs & K. Dickinson, printers, White-
hall. / 121110. pp. 215. ports.

A rare portrait of Cobbett laid in.

its purposes and its work. Compiled from documents and
private papers. Published by permission. Boston: 1863. 121110.

pp. 299.

*\ By Miss K. P. Wormeley.

The UNIVERSITY College, London. Calendar for the Session
MDCCCLXIII-LXIV. London: [n. d.] 8vo. pp. 483.

URE (Andrew). The Philosophy of Manufactures: or, An
exposition of the scientific, moral and commercial economy of
the Factory System of Great Britain. Second edition, corrected.
London: MDCCCXXXVI. 121110. pp. 480. pis.

sACQUERIE (Auguste). Mes Premieres Annees de Paris.
[Verse.] Paris, 1872. 8vo. pp. 352.
Vade Mecumfor Malt Worms. See Ward, E.
V^NIUS (Otho). See Veen.

VALENTINE (D. T.). Manual of the Corporation of the City
of New York For 1860. [n. p. n. d.] i2ino. pp. 630. maps
and pis.

VALORI (Prince Henry de). L' Expedition du Mexique Re*-
habilitee an triple point de vne Religieux, Politique et Com-
mercial. Paris: 1864. 8vo. pp. 39.
VAN DYK (H. S.). See Bowring, John.

VAN LENNEP (Henry J.). The Oriental album: twenty illus-
trations, in oil colors, of the people and scenery of Turkey, with
an explanatory and descriptive text. New York: Anson D. F.
Randolph, 1862. Fo. pp. 48. 21 pis.

VAN NEST (A. R.). Memoir of Rev. George W. Bethnne.
New York: 1867. 8vo. pp. 446. port.
*** A presentation copy from the author.

VARNUM (Joseph B., Jr.}. The Seat of Government of The
United States: a review of the discussions, in Congress and else-
where, on the site and plans of the Federal City; with a sketch
of its present position and prospects; also, remarks on monu-
mental structures and the Smithsonian Institution. Second
edition, with an alphabetical index. Washington: 1854. 8vo.

pp. 121, v. map.

*** A presentation copy from the author to his nephew, Mr. Graham.

The Washington Sketch Book. By Viator. New
York: 1864. 121110. pp. 273. pi.

**. "A new edition in an abridged and more popular form " of Varnum's
"Seat of Government," in connection with other articles and selections
which had been published at various times in the Knickerbocke r Magazine
and New York Observer.

VASARI (Giorgio). Lives of the most eminent painters,
sculptors and architects: translated from the Italian. With
.notes and illustrations, chiefly selected from various commenta-



tors. By Mrs. Jonathan Foster. London: MDCCCL-. 5 vols.
1 2 mo. port

#** Another copy is dated 1855.

Vathek.Szz Beck ford, W.

VATTEMARE (A.). Collection de Monnaies et Medailles de
1'Ame'rique du Nord de 1652 a 1858. Offerte a la Bibliotheque
Imperiale tant au nom du Gouvernement Federal et des ci toy ens
des divers e"tats de 1' Union Ame'ricaine qu' en son propre nom,
par Alexandre Vattemare Catalogue avec notices historiques
et biographiqnes. Par M. Alexandre Vattemare. Paris : Im-
primerie de Ad. Laine'etJ. Havard. 1861. i2mo. pp. 134, (i).

VAUGHAN (Henry). Olor Iscanus. / A Collection / of Some
Select / Poems / and / Translations, / formerly written by / Mr.
Henry Vaughan Silurist. / Published by a Friend. / . . . /Lon-
don, / Printed by T. W. for Humphrey Moseley, / and are to be
sold at his shop, at the / Signe of the Prince's Arms in St.
Pauls / Church-yard, 1651. / i6mo. pp. (16), 158, (i).

VAUGONDY (Robert de). Carte des pays / connus sous le nom
de, Canada, / dans laquelle sont distingue*es, les possessions fran-
oises, & angl, / Dedie*e et presente'e / a Monseigneur le Comte
D'Argenson / Ministre Secretaire d'Etat / pour le departement
de la guerre, / par le S. Robert de Vaugondy fils / Grographee
ordinaire du Roi. Paris: 1753. / Fol. i sheet.

VAUX (Calvert). Villas and Cottages. A series of designs
prepared for execution in the United States. Illustrated by 300
engravings. New York: 1857. 8vo. pp. 318. pi.

VAUX (Lord}. See Surrey.

VAUX (Roberts). Memoirs of The Life of Anthony Benezet.
Philadelphia: 1817. i2tno. pp. 136.

VEDDER (David). Memoir of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. With
critical notices of his writings. Compiled from various Authen-
tic Sources. Dundee: 1832. I2tno. pp. 96.

VEEN (Octaviovan). Amorvm / Emblemata, / figvris seneis
incisa / stvdio Othonis VaenI / Batavo-Lvgdvnensis. / Antver-
piae, / Venalia apud Auctorem, / Prostant apud Hieronymum /
Verdussen. / M. DC. nx. / Oblong 121110. pp. 247. plates.
*.** The text is in Latin, Italian and French.

VELLEIUS PATERCULUS (Cains). See Sallustius.


"Vera." See Light, B.

"VERACRUZANO (El)." Ligero Bosquejo de la Actual Situ-
acion en Mejico. Articulo publicado For "El Veracruzano"
en sus nurneros correspondientes a los dias 7 y 10 de octubre

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