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Apophthegms, Wisdom of the Ancients, New Atlantis, and
Life of Henry the Seventh. With an introductory dissertation,
and notes, critical, explanatory, and historical. By Joseph
Devey. London: 1854. 121110. pp. 504. port.

- The Physical and Metaphysical Works of Lord Bacon,
including his Dignity and Advancement of Learning, in nine
books; and his Novuin Organnm; or, precepts for the interpre-
tation of nature. By Joseph Devey. London: 1853. 12 mo.
pp. 567.

BACQUEVILLE DE LA POTHERIE. Histoire de 1'Amerique
Septenlrionale. Divisee en quatre Tomes. Tome Premier.
Par M. de Bacqueville de la Potherie, ne a la Guadaloupe, dans
1'Amerique Meridionale, Aide Major de la dite Isle. Enrichie
de Figures. A Paris: Chez Brocas, Quay de Conti, an Pavilion
du College des Quatre-Nations, aux Armes de Mazarin.
M. DCC. LIU. Avec Approbation & Privilege du Roy. 4 vois.
121110. maps and pis.

**# The title of each volume varies.

BAEDEKER (Karl). Belgique et Hollande. Coblenz: 1862.
1 2111 o. pp. 303.

- Northern Italy. Coblenz: 1868. J2ino. pp. 430.

- Die Schweiz. Coblenz: 1868. I2mo. pp. 427.
BAII.EY (Isaac). American Naval Biography. Compiled by

Isaac Bailey. Providence (R. I.). 1815. 121110. pp. 257.
.*# Contains sketches of:

Tl onias Truxton,
Edward Prehle,
Alexander Murray,
John Rodgers,


Isaac Hull,
Stephen Decatur,
Jacob Jones,
James Lawrence,


William Bainbridge, William Henry Allen,

John Barry, Oliver H. Perry,

Nicholas Biddle, William Burrows,

David Porter, Thomas Aylwin,

Charles Morris, Thomas Macdonough.

[BAILEY (Philip James)]. Festus. / A Poem. / London. /
William Pickering. / MDCCCXXXIX. / 8vo. pp. (2) 360.

# * # This is the first edition, suppressed by the author, and very much altered
in the second edition.

The Mystic and other Poems. Boston: M uccc LVI.

1 2111 o. pp. 159.

The Age; a colloquial satire. Boston: MDCCCLVIII.

121110. pp. 208.

BAILEY (William). Records of patriotism and love of country.
Washington: Printed and published/ and may be had of all
booksellers in the U. S. 1826. 8vo. pp. xiii, 216.
**# Specially illustrated by the insertion of seventy portraits.

BAILLY (J. S.). Lettres sur T Atlantide de Platon et snr 1'anci-
enne Histoire de 1'Asie. Pour servir de suite aux Lettres sur
1'origine des Sciences, adressees a M. de Voltaire par M. Bailly.
A Londres chez M. Elmsly et a Paris: M. DCC. LXXIX. 8vo.

PP- (4), 443, ma P-

See Franklin, B.

BAIN (Alexander). A Higher English Grammar. London:
1875. i6mo. pp. 219.

BAINES (Edward, Jr.). History of the Cotton Manufacture in
Great Britain; with a notice of its early history in the East, and
in all the quarters of the globe; a description of the Great Me-
chanical Inventions which have caused its unexampled exten-
sion in Great Britain, and a view of the Present State of the
Manufacture and the condition of the classes engaged in its
several departments. London: [1835]. Svo. pp. 544. pis.
and ports.

Baked Meats. See Halpine, C. G.

BAKER (George A., Jr.). Point-Lace and Diamonds. With
illustrations by Addie Ledyard. New York: 1875. 121110. pp.

BALBO (Cesare). Vita di Dante scrittada Cesare Balbo. Edi-
zione consentita dall'autore. Firenze: 1853. i2ino. pp. 496.


BALDWIN, W. See Knapp (A.).

BALFOUR (John Hutton). Phyto-theology; or Botanical
Sketches, intended to illustrate the works of God in the struct-
ure, functions, and general distribution of plants. London and
Edinburgh. M.DCCC. Li. 161110. pp. 242. pis.

BALLADS. [London and other places: 1790-1820.] 4to.

**# A collection of over three hundred ballads, mostly narrow quarto,
mounted in a volume. In the early part of this century these leaflets had
an enormous sale all over England, being sold by itinerant chapmen, who
advertised their wares by singing them in succession, thus selling tune as
well as words to would-be customers. The concert hall has pretty well done
away with the picturesque trade, but it is still occasionally to be met with in
the "East End ;" and at the doors of certain variety-show places in London,
it is still the vogue for the audience to purchase the songs to be sung, in
order that they may join in the chorus, thus oftentimes supplying ^the best
part of the programme. The following is a list of the ballads in this collec-
tion, many of which will be recognized as works known even to-day to
greater numbers, aud better loved, than many of the ''best hundred books":

Richard of Taunton Dean.

Whistle, My Love, and I'll Come


Funny Eye, or, Female Fashions.
The Devil and Little Mike.
Drum Major.

Flashy Back and Hungry Belly.
Pray Remember the Poor.
The Lass wi' the Bonnie Blue E'en.
The Thorn.
Lovely Anne.

From Night Till Morn I Take My Glass.
The Smile and the Tear.
The Nightingale.
The Wounded Hussar.
Spring Water Cresses.
Howls of the Farmers.
Liverpool Landlady.
Harry Bluff.
The Caledonian Maid.
Fate of Poor Anna.
Heaving the Lead.
Heroes of England.
The Lovely Sailor.
The Answer to the Boatman.
I'm Often Drunk and Seldom Sober.
The Landing of Royal Charlie.
Tlmrot's Defeat.
I Love Somebody.

Dear Mary, or, Farewell to Old Eng-

Fairlop Fair.

The Answer to Burn's Lovely Jean.

The Fuddling Day, or, Saint Monday.

Foot of the Hill.

The Fox Chase.

The Fighting Day.

Christmas Day, and Plumb Pudding.

Friendship Out of Fashion.

Fairest Flower.

O Never Fall in Love.

Smiling Nan.

Rodnev's Glory.

Bewildered Maid, or, Slow Broke the

The Oyster Girl.

City Carting ; or, The Charlies are

The Bold Boatswain of Dover.


The Oyster Girl. (No. 2).

Fair Ellen.

Answer to Chit Chat.

The Old Woman and the Spanish

Old Woman and Her Cats.

Faithful Henry.

Merry Piper.



Marian's My Lily, and Flora's My


The Merry Swiss Girl.
A Three Part Parody on Cherry Ripe.
The Trumpeter.
Times are Altered, or, The Grumbling

Madam Sneak.

My Lodging is on the Cold Ground.
Mary-le More.
Tom Moody.
Plato's Advice.
Fair Evelyn's Bower.
Tally O the Hounds.
Come Where the Aspens Quiver.
The New Mariners.
Colin and Phoebe.
In My Cottage Near a Wood.
Auld Lang Syne.
The Turkish Lady.
Cherry Ripe.
My Heart & Lute.
Careless Billy
Second Thoughts are Best.
Oh, No ! We Never Mention Her.
Sandy and Jenny.
Larry O'Gaff.
The Lamenting Maid.
Answer to The Lamenting Maid.
The Grand Chorus of Huntsmen in

Der Frieschutz.
Love Has Eyes.
Lovely Nan.
In the Bay of Biscay O !
Oh! 'Cruel.

The Answer to Oh ! Cruel.
The Sequel to Britons. Strike Home.
Greenland Whale Fishery.
The Trotting Horse.
The Sailor's Tear.
I've Been Roaming.

Henry's Come from the Wars.
Cold Winter is Past.
The Curly Headed Boy.
The Knight of the Golden Crest.
The Minstrel Boy.
Single Life for Me.
Queer Little Man.

The Queen's Ascension to the Throne
of England.

The Kiss, Dear Maid.

What D'ye Think of the New Spanish

The Queen of Hearts.

The King ! God Bless Him.

Draw the Sword, Scotland.

The Sprightly Irishman.

Love's Ritornella.

The Gallant Sailor.

The Gospel Provision. An Hymn.

When Vulcan Forged the Bolts of Jove.

New Version of Adam and Eve.

When Bucks a Hunting Go.

Grand Conversation Under the Rose.

He Loves and He Rides Away.

Sylvia's Request, and William's De-

Mary's Dream.

Corinthian's Diary.

Mrs. Monday.

Cupid, the Pretty Plough Boy.

Bowls and Rubbers ! or the Holiday

The Wild & Wicked Youth.

Sweet Jane of Tyrone.

The Sailor's Hymn.

The Contented Wife.

Sally Carter.

The Forsaken Maid.

Castle Hyde.

The Lass of Dundee.

The Willow Tree.

The Winter's Evening, or Deploring

Sprig of Shillelah.

Safely Follow Him.

Sailor and His True Love.
Delia's Complaint for the Loss of Her
Shepherd, Gone to Fight in America.

Woodland Mary.

Highland Lad.

Betsy of Dundee.

The Redemption. An Hymn.

Billy O'Rooke.

The Gossiping Husband.

Going to Chelsea to Buy a Bun.

The Pilgrim.

Sheep Shearing Over.



A Word of Advice.

How Sweet in the Woodlands.

Come Landlord, Fill a Flowing Bowl.

Scots wha hae wi' Wallace Bled.

The Coal-Hole.

Conversation Betwixt the Old and New
London Bridge.

The Generous Farmer, or, Poor Sol-

Grageral Macgree.

Winter Piece.


Johney Lowre.

The Swaggering Man.

The Unkind Shepherdess.

Soldier's Life.

Under the Willow Tree.

Poor Dicky and His Scolding Wife.

The Poor Man's Wish for a Wife.

Howls of the Farmers.

Helen the Fair.

Curly Headed Plough Boy.

Sally's Love for a Sailor.

Gipsy Loddy.

The Garden Gate.

Poverty's No Sin.

Poor Joe the Marine.

I'll Stay for My Jack and He'll Wed

Tarpauhng Jacket.

Sarah Wilson.

New York Streets.

Shipwreck'd Tar.

While Pensive I Thought on My Love.

The Golden Glove.

Answer to The Light Guitar.

The Cottage in the Grove.

The Maid of Lodi.

Mr. Walker, The Two Penny Postman^

The Roving Bachelor.

The Gown of Green.

The Highland Laddie.

The Disabled Tar.

Downfall in Beer.

Drinking Song.

The Dauntless Sailor.

Affectionate Soldier.

Duke William's Frolic.

A Bit of the Brown.

Answer to Sweet Home.

An Appeal to the Benevolent.

1 he Arethusa.

The Youth of the Garden.

Merry Piper.

The Orphan Wet with the Rain.

I've been Roaming.


The Young May-Moon.

Henry's Gone to the Wars.

The Bold Cobler.

Colin and Phoebe.

In my Cottage near a Wood.

Forecastle Sailor, or the Guardian Frig-

The Trumpeter.

Feyther's Old Sow.

Old England forever shall Weather the

Brandy for ever shall Cheer up the

A new Boxing Song.

Away with Melancholy.

A New Dialogue.

Answer to the Garden Gate:

Dick the Dustman.

Ellen Aureen.

Answer to Isabelle.

The Lass of Richmond Hill.

At Close of Day.

Oh! 'Tis Love.

Our Ship she lays in Harbour.

Jemm5''s Farewell.

On Board of The Victory.

Beadle of the Parish.

The Banks of the Dee.

The Beggar.

A Flounce to Your Gown.

Jack's the Lad.


The Thumping Glass of Gin.

Bonny Moon.

Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue.

The Blue Bonnets are over the Border.

Great Flopping Bonnets are now ah
the Order.

The Banners of Blue.

The Cuckoo.

Battle of the Nile.

The Disconsolate Lover.

Fanny Blair.



Daring Highwayman.

Henry's couie from the Wars.

The Curly Headed Boy.-

Cold Winter is Past.

The Knight of the Golden Crest.

The Soldier's Gratitude.

The Sequel to Britons, Strike Home.

The Deep, Deep Sea.

The Indian Maid.

Poll of Wappiug Stairs.

The Wounded Hussar.

Lover's Meeting.

The Country Girl.

The Moon is on the Hill.

Soldier's Boy.

Mr. Simpkin.

The Soldier's Orphan.

Return, O My Love.

The Banks of Allan Water.

I'm his Only Daughter.

Reform and King William Forever.

In my Cottage near a Wood.

Good Lord Fauconbridge's generous Irish Providence.


The Gospel Provision. An Hymn.
The Bold Forty-Second.
Britain's Guardian Angel.
Bung Your Eye.
Poor Joe the Marine.
Moses Number'd Men.
Under the Willow Tree.
The Maid of the Mill.
My Nannie O.

Englishman's Wife, God Bless Her.
Love was Once a Little Boy.
Oh! 'Tis Love.
Blue Ey'd Mary.
Bleak was the Morn. Or the Sailor's


The Bold Irishman.
I'attle of Barossa.
Bar net Races.
Braham's Beautiful Maid.
Listen 's Beautiful Maid.
The Banks of Band.
Brown Jug.

Mary's Dream.

Woodland Mary.

Huzza for the Jacket so Blue.

The Keel Row.

The Merry Swiss Girl.

The Queen of Hearts.

Quite Politely.

Going to Chelsea to Buy a Bun.

The Pilgrim.

The Milkman.

Merry Piper.

The Ghost of Maria.

The Musing Lover.

The Duke of Marlborough.

Sailor and His True Love.

Pensioner's Complaint Against I


Death of General Wolfe.
Parody on the Bee Proffer's Honey.
The Cottage in the Grove.
The Golden Glove.
The Good Humoured Fellow.
Times are Altered.

Exploits of Teddy Blink and Bandy The Nightingale.

For Tenderness Form'd.

The Female Auctioneer.

Four and Twenty Fiddlers.

The Elopement of Pretty Polly.

O Come to Me When Day Light Sets.


Behold How Brightly Breaks the Morn.
Heroes of England.
Pretty Polly Hopkins.

Ballad Stories. -See Buchanan, R.

BALLANTINE (James). Poems by James Ballantine. Edin-
burgh: Thomas Constable and Co. London: Hamilton, Adams
and Co. MUCCCLVI. 121110. pp. 312.

*** A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

BALLANTYNE ( ?). Refutation of the Misstatements and
Calumnies contained in Mr. Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter


Scott, Bart., respecting the Messrs. Ballantyne. By the trustees
and son of the late Mr. James Ballantyne. Second Edition.
London: 1838. 8vo.

BALZAC (H. de). Illusions Perdues. Bruxelles: 1837. 241110.
pp. 298.

La Peau de Chagrin, Roman Philosophique. Brux-
elles: 1837. 2 Vols. 241110.

Physiologic du Mariage, on Meditations de Philoso-
phic Eclectique sur le Bonheur et le Malheur Conjugal. Brux-
elles: 1839. 2 vols. 24mo.

Petites Miseries de la Vie Conjugale. Bruxelles: 1846.

24mo. pp. 307.

Les Contes Drolatiques Colligez et Abbayes de Tou-

raine et mis en lumiere par le sieur de Balzac pour I'esbattement
des pantagruelistes et 11011 aultres. Cinquiesme edition Illustree
de 425 dessins par Gustave Dore. Se trove a Paris. MDCCCLV.
8vo. pp. 614. plates.

BANCROFT (George). Poems. By George Bancroft. Cam-
bridge: From the University Press. Hilliard & Metcalf. 1823.
121110. pp. 77.

*% On a fly-leaf is written: "To James Lorimer Graham, Jr., these boyish
follies, of no value in themselves, but a token of friendship and regard from
George Bancroft."

History of the United States, from the discovery of

the American continent. Twenty-fifth edition. Boston: 1874.
9 vols. 8vo. maps, ports and pis.

Banker's Commonplace Book. See Johnson, A. B.

[BARBAROUX (O.) and A. LARDIER]. Voyage du General
Lafayette aux Etats-Unis d'Amerique, en 1824 et J ^ 2 5' A Paris,
1826. 121110. pp. 364. port.

BARBF, MARBOIS (Marquis de}. Complot d' Arnold, / et / de
Sir Henry Clinton / contre / les Etats-Unis d'Amerique / et
contre / le General Washington. / Septembre 1780. / Orne de
deux portraits et d'une carte / Chez P. Didot, 1'aine, / . . . / A
Paris, . . . / MDCCCXVI. 8vo. pp. (2), xliv, 184. map and 2

**# Marbois was Secretary of the French legation in the United States at
the time of Arnold's treason, and his account is still the best yet written.

Histoire / de / la Louisiane / et / de la cession de


cette colonie par la France aux / Etats-Unis cle PAmerique sep-
tentrionale; / precedee / d'un discours sur la constitution et le
gouvernment des Etats-Unis. / Par M. Barbe-Marbois, / Avec
une carte relative a l'e*tendue des pays cedes. / Paris, / Iinprim-
erie de Firmin Didot. / . . . / 1829. 8vo. PP- (6), 45- map.
BARBIER (Antoine-Alexandre). Dictionnaire des Ouvrages
Anonymes et Psendonymes Composes, tradtiits on publics en
frangais, avec les noms des Auteurs, Traducteurs et Editeurs.
Paris, M. DCCC. vi. 8vo. pp. 678.

***. Volume II. only.

BARBIER (Auguste). ianibes et Poemes. Treizime Edition,
revue et corrige'e. Paris: 1862. i2mo. pp. 291.

BARDSLEY (Charles Wareing). Our English Surnames: Their
Sources and Significations. London: [n. d.] 121110. pp. 543.

[BARHAM (R. H.)]. The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth and
Marvels, by Thomas Ingoldsby Esquire. Eleventh edition.
London: MDCCCLV. 3 vols. 8vo. pi.
-SeeStoddard (R. H.).

[BARKER (Fordyce)]. The Rise in Harlem. A Comedy. In.
Five Acts. New York: 1864. 8vo. pp. 67.

# * # A presentation copy from the author to Mr. Graham.

BARKER (W. B.) Lares and Penates: or, Cilicia and Its Gov-
ernors; being a short historical account of that province from the
earliest times to the present day: together with a description of
some household gods of the ancient Cilicians, broken up by
them on their conversion to Christianity. Edited by William
Francis Ainsworth. London: 1853. 8vo. pp. 394. map and

BARLOW (Joel). Advice to the Privileged Orders, in the
Several States of Europe, resulting from the Necessity and Pro-
priety of a General Revolution in the Principle of Government.
Part I. London Printed: New- York Re-printed by Childs
& Swaine. M.ncc.xcii. 8vo. pp. 118.

# ** Mr. Barlow was for a self leveling of the ancient regime, and attempted
to prove the advantage of his theory in this pamphlet. Though the "age of
reason," neither classes nor masses paid much heed to his arguments, how-
ever cogent and logical. But Mr. Barlow was as well one of the few Ameri-
cans of his time who dabbled in inventions and experiments and by this, and
by his aid of Fulton, unconsciously blazed the path, which, culminating in the
American railroads and steam reapers of to-day, has "leveled" the land-
holders of Europe more than all republican and democratic writings.


"Barry Cornwall". See Procter, B. W.

BARTHELEMY (J. J.). Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in
Greece, during the middle of the fourth century before the
Christian sera. By the Abbe Barthelemy. Translated from the
French. In six volumes; and a seventh, in quarto, containing
maps, plans, views and coins, illustrative of the geography and
antiquities of ancient Greece. The sixth edition: carefully re-
vised, corrected and enlarged, by the last improved Paris edi-
tion prepared for the press by the author; with Memoirs of
the life of J. J. Barthelemy, written by himself, and embellished
with his portrait. London: 1825. 7 vols. 8vo. & 4to.
*** Translated by \V. Beaumont, and first printed in 1806.

BARTHOLDY (Felix Meldelssohn). Letters from Italy and
Switzerland. Translated from the German by Lady Wallace.
Fourth edition. London: 1867. 121110. pp. 356.

BARTLETT (John). A Collection of Familiar Quotations,
with complete indices of authors and subjects. Third edition,
with supplement. Cambridge: 1860, 161110. pp. 446.

Fourth edition. Boston: 1864.

Fifth edition. Boston: 1870.

BARTLETT (W. H.). The Pilgrim Fathers; or, The Founders
of New England in the Reign of James the First. By W. H.
Bartlett. With Illustrations. London: Arthur Hall, Virtue
& Co., 25 Paternoster Row. 1853. 8vo. pp. 240.

*% Ten plates inserted.

BARTOLOZZI (Francisco). Engravings by. [v. p., v. d.] 4to.

*** A collection of 139 prints by this famous engraver, from paintings or
designs of Cipriani, G. Reni, Rigaud, Angelica Kauffman, Guercino, Benja-
min West, E. F. Burney, F. Cotes, I. H. Bendell, P. Violet, Thomas Engle-
heart, LaSigra Rosalba, H. Bunbury, H. Ramberg, Sir Joshua Reynolds,
H. Walton, W. Hamilton, F. Wheatley, W. Harding, W. Palmer, Martin
Marian, M. Cosway, Countess Spencer, Stothard, J. R. Smith, and Richard
Cosway. For pure stipple engraving these have never been equalled, either
in beauty or technique, and are now most eagerly sought for by collectors,
making such a collection as the oresent almost impossible of duplication.
The following is a list, as far as the knowledge of the compiler has enabled
him to make it, for many of the engravings are without lettering, making
their title purely hypothetical. The numbers in brackets refer to Tuer's
lists, as printed in his Life of Barlolozzi, but several of the prints in this
collection were apparently unknown to him, though the great authority on
this subject. It is also obvious that certain of the impressions seen by Tuer
were unlettered, and are here given a title, making some confusion in identi-



fication with his lists. Especial pains have therefore been taken to make
the following accurate, that it may be used to correct and enlarge his work :

"Faith," (32).

"Hope, "(65).

"The elements "
"Fire," (uS).
"Water," (uS).
"Air," (118).
"Earth," (118).

"Jupiter and Europa," (1502).

Madonna and Child, (2016).

"Jane Shore introduced to King Ed-
ward IV." (1217).

" King Henry II., andfair Rosamond,"

"The Dowager Queen of Edward the
4th, parting with the Duke of York
to the two Archbishops," (1261),

"The Duke of Northumberland and
Suffolk praying Lady Jane Gray to
accept the Crown," (1262).

"Vortigern & Rowena, or The settle-
ment of the Saxons in Britain,"
(colored) (1267).

"Edward Prince of Wales presenting
the Captive King John of France
and his son to his father Edward the
3rd, after the Battle of Poictiers,"
(colored) (1257)-.

"The King Psammetichus of Egypt in
Love with Rhodope," (1238).

"Telemachus and Mentor in the Island
of Calypso," (1560).

"Lais," (1676).

"Lamia," (1330).

"Perseus and Andromeda," (1546).

"Perseus relating to Andromeda the
Power of Medusa's Head," (1547).

"Sylvia Overseen by Daphne."

"A Naiad," (1391).

"Jonah, an Oratorio," (897).

Pour un Billet de Banque en Province

en Bridgewater, (60).

" Miscuit utile dulci," (2167).
"Nymphs after Bathing," (1534).
"St. Cicilia," (1935).
Actress [?].
"Hebe," (1480).
"Ariadne," (1411).
"Flora," (1472).
"A Muse," (1472).
Lady Beauclerc, (1627).
"Serenity," (47).
Woman's Head, (1044).
Woman's Head.
Woman Reading, (1032).
"A St. James's Beauty."
"A St. Giles's Beauty."
"The Fair Alsacien," (1359).
"Louisa Hammond," (1667).
George III., (1495?).
"Marie Antoinette, Queen of France,"


"The Unfortunate Louis i6th," (1837).
"La Sigar. Rosalba, " (1702)".
"Adelaide first seen in the Gardens of

Bagnieres," (197).
"Doctor Primrose finds his Daughter

Olivia in Distress," (219).
" Esqr. Thornhill Perswades Olivia to

Elope with Him," (270).
"Love and Honour," (79).
"Rural Innocence," (colored) (104).
"Hope Nursing Love,-' (colored) (66).
Illustrations to Orlando Furioso, (698).
Fame [?].

"Beauty looking in the Mirror

Prudence," (16).
Tragedy [?].
"Comedy," (23).
"The Nymph of Immortality."
"The Daughter of Guercino in the

dress of the Country near Bologna,"

(colored) (381).
"Cupid and Psyche," (1347).
Music Ticket, (Savoia).

of Hercules, (1491).

Group, with Drawing, (1176).
Nymphs Bathing.
Tragedy [?].
Boys Playing, (939).

Meditation [?].


"The Truth of Infancy."

"Legs," (2).

Sleeping Child.

Sleeping Child with Doll.


Classic Figure.

"Jemmy's Farewell."

"Jemmy's Return."

" Genius and Beauty."

"Prudence and Beauty."

Woman at the Side of a Stream.

Triumph of Venus.

"The Young Maid and Old Sailor."

"Romeo and Juliet," (265).

"Hamlet and His Mother," (229).

"Adelaide and Fonrose."

"Fonrose and Adelaide."

"The Water Cress Girl," (1377)-

"The Prelude to Matrimony," (279).

"The Libertine Reclaimed."

" Louisa."


"Hands," (2).

Two Women's Heads.

"Angelica and Medora," (205).

Woman with Book.

Sleeping Child.

Child with Dog.

Eastern Woman's Head.

"The Beautiful Rhodope," (1255).

"Bacchanalian Nymph," (colored).

" Dancing Nymph," (colored).*

***. See also Guercino for more of

Cupid Persuading Woman.

Tritons Carrying off Woman.

Mansion House Ball Ticket, 1775.

Giardini Benefit Ticket.

"The Judgment of Paris," (1500).

"Venus Attired by the Graces," (1594)-

" Six Senates," by Bach.

Cupid and Apollo with Lyre, (1410).

Frontispiece of Catalogue.

Venus Seated in a shell, (1606).

Woman Playing Lyre, (1388).


" Nymphs Bathing."

"Nymphs after Bathing," (1434).

" Ceres," (20).

" Pomona," (100).

Woman's Head, 1775.

[Same], 1776, (colored).

"Contemplation," (colored) (42).

"Attention," (colored) (40).

" Psyche going to Dress," (1550).

"Psyche going to Bathe," (1551).

Nude Women and Children Sleeping,


Cupid and Psyche.
" Imogen's Chamber," (234?).
"Tancredand Clorinda," (274).
"Damon and Delia," (214).
" Alcauder and Neriha," (200).
"Tancred and Erminia," (275).
" Elfrida's Vow."
"A Lecture on Gadding."
"The Fair Moralist and her Pupil."
Bartolozzi's work.

BASKERVILLE (A.). The Poetry of Germany. Consisting of
selections from upwards of seventy of the most celebrated poets,
translated into English Verse, with the original text on the
opposite page, by Alfred Baskerville. New York: 1854. 121110.

PP- 333-

Third stereotype edition. Altoona: 1870.

Batavian Anthology. See Bowring.

BATTY (R.). Hanoverian and Saxon Scenery, from Draw-
ings by Lieut. Colonel Batty, F. R. S. Member of the Impe-
rial Russian Order of St. Anne. L/ondon, Robert Jennings,
1829. rl. 8vo. pis.


[BAUDOUIN (J. M. T.)]. Washington, ou I'Orpheline de la
Pensylvanie, melodrame en trois actes, a spectacle, par M. d'

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