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of Common Prayer of the Church of England: being the sub-
stance of everything liturgical in Bishop Sparrow, Mr. P Es-
trange, Dr. Comber, Dr. Nichols, and all former Ritualists,
Commentators, and. others upon the same subject. London:
MDCCCLIII-. 121110. pp. 532. pi.

WHEELER (David Everett). The New York Harbor, and the
improvements necessary for its accommodation of commerce,
and the removal of the dangers at Hell Gate. A Paper read
before the American Geographical and Statistical Society, in
the City of New York, May 15, 1856. New York: 1856. 8vo.
pp. 20. map.

WHEELER (W. A.). A Dictionary of the Noted Names of
Fiction; including also familiar pseudonyms, surnames be-
stowed on eminent men, and analogous popular appellations
often referred to in literature and conversation. By William A.
Wheeler. A new edition. London: 1870. 8vo. pp. 410.

WHEWBLL (William). Astronomy and General Physics con-
sidered with reference to Natural Theology. London: 1852.
I2ino. pp. 328. port.

WHIPPLE (Edwin P.). Essays and Reviews. New York:

MDCCCXLVIII. 2 Vols. 8vo.

[WHITCHER, Mrs. Frances Miriam (Berry)]. The Widow Be-
dott Papers. With an introduction. By Frances M. Whitchen
[sic]. New York : 1865. 8vo. pp. 403. pi.
***The introduction is by A[liceJ B. N[eal].

WHITE (George S.). Memoir of Samuel Slater, the Father
of American Manufactures. Connected with a History of the
Rise and Progress of the Cotton Manufacture in England and
America. W T ith remarks on the moral influence of manufac-


tories in the United States. By George S. White. Second edi-
tion. Philadelphia: 1836. 8vo. pp. 448. ports, and pis.

WHITE (Gilbert). The Natural History of Selborne; with
observations on various parts of nature; also the Naturalist's
calendar. With additions and supplementary notes by Sir Wil-
liam Jardine. Edited with further illustrations, a biographical
sketch of the Author, and a complete index, by Edward Jesse.
With forty engravings. London: 1854. I2mo. pp. 416. pis.

WHITE (Henry Kirke). Clifton Grove, / a sketch in verse, /
with / Other Poems, / by / Henry Kirke White, / of Notting-
ham. I ... I London. / Printed by N. Biggs, Crane-court,
Fleet-street, / for Vernor and Hood, Poultry. / And sold by E.
B. Robinson, J. Dunn, and other / Booksellers in Nottingham. /
1803. / i6mo. pp. xiv, iii, (2). ports.

*** Contains an autographic marginal note in the handwriting of the


The Poetical Works of Henry Kirke White. London

1853. 1 2 mo. pp. 252. port.

WHITE (Rev. James). The Eighteen Christian Centuries.
Third Edition. Edinburgh: MDCCCLX. 8vo. pp. xvi, 511.

WHITE (John Pagen). Lays and Legends of the English Lake
Country, with copious notes. London: MDCCCLXXIII. 121110.
PP- 334-

WHITE (Richard Grant). Memoirs of the Life of William
Shakespeare, with An Essay toward the Expression of His
Genius, and An Account of the Rise and Progress of the English
Drama. Boston: 1865. 8vo. pp. 425.

"White Republican." See Fuller, H.

WHITING (William). The War Powers of the President, and
the legislative powers of Congress in relation to Rebellion,
Treason and Slavery. Seventh Edition. Boston': 1863. 8vo.
pp. 151.

WHITMAN (Sarah Helen). Edgar Poe and His Critics. New
York: M DCCC LX. 8vo. pp. 81.

WHITTIER (John G.). The Chapel of the Hermits, and
Other Poems. Boston: M DCCC Lin. I2ino. pp. 118.

Literary Recreations and Miscellanies. Boston

M DCCC LIY- 1 2 mo. pp. 431.

372 G R A H A M

WHITTIER (John G.)- The Panorama, and Other Poems.
Boston : M DCCC LVI. 121110. pp. 141.

Songs of Labor, and Other Poems. Boston : M DCCC LVI.

I2mo. pp. 118.

Home Ballads and Poems. Boston : M DCCC LX. I2mo.

pp. 206.

The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier. Bos-
ton: 1869. 2 vols. 241110. port.

Widow Bedott Papers. See Whitcher, Mrs. F. M. B.

WIGHT (A.). A Catalogue of the Entire Library of Andrew
Wight, of Philadelphia. Prepared by Joseph Sabin. To be
Sold by Auction June 6th, 1864, and following days. N. Y. :
1864. 8vo. pp. 315.

"Wilbur, Homer." See Lowell, J. R.

WILD (R.). Iter Boreale, with large Additions of several
other Poems being An Exact Collection of all hitherto Extant.
Never before Published together. The Author, R. Wild, D. D.
London, Printed for John Williams, in Cross-Keys-Court in Little
Britain. 1670. i2mo. pp. 122, (14).

WILDE (Jakob de). Selecta Numismata Antiqua; ex musseo
Jacobi de Wilde. Amstelodami, Sumptibus Authoris. CID IDC
LXXXXII. 4to. pp. (8), 212, (20). port. 30 pi. map. 2 vign.

Signa Antiqua e museo Jacobi de Wilde veterum poe-

tarum carminibus illustrata et per Mariam filiam seri inscripta.
Sumptibus Auctoris Amstelaedami. MDCC. 4to. (14) pp. port.
67 pi.

..*. Two plates are wanting.

WILKESON (Samuel). How Our National Debt may be a
National Blessing. The Debt is Public Wealth, Political Union,
Protection of Industry, Secure Basis for National Currency, the
Orphans' and Widows' Savings Fund. Issued by J. Cooke,
General Subscription Agent of the Government Loans. Phila-
delphia: 1865. 8vo. pp. 16.

WILKINS (G. M.). See Mott, V.

WILKINS (W. W.). Political Ballads of the Seventeenth and
Eighteenth Centuries annotated by W. Walker Wilkins. Lon-
don: MDCCCLX. 2 vols. i2ino.

WILKINSON (Sir J. Gardner). A Popular Accoifnt of The


Ancient Egyptians. Revised and abridged from his larger
work, by Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson. Illustrated with Five
Hundred Woodcuts. New edition. London: 1874. 2 vols.

WiLLER (T. I.). La Question de PEsclavage aux E^tats-Unis.
La Haye, Martinus Nijhoff. Sept. 1862. 8vo. pp. 61.

WiLLEY (Benjamin G.). Incidents in White Mountain His-
tory. To which is added An Accurate Guide from Various Cities
to the White Mountains. Boston: 1857. 121110. pp. 324, (6).

WILLIAM (Monk of Malmesbury). William of Malmesbury's
Chronicle of the Kings of England. From the earliest period
to the reign of King Stephen. With notes and illustrations.
[Edited] By J. A. Giles. London: MDCCCXLVII. I2mo. pp.

**# According to Usher: "the chief of our historians;" and the Eucyc.
Britau. says he is the first of "our historical writers in whom the critical faculty
is to any extent discernible."

WILLIAMS (Edwin). The Statesman's Manual: containing
the Presidents' Messages, inaugural, annual and special, from
1789 to 1851. With their memoirs, and histories of their ad-
ministrations. Together with a very valuable collection of
national and statistical documents, &c. Compiled from official
sources, by Edwin Williams. New York: [1853]. 4 vols. 8vo.

WILLIAMS (Helen Maria). Poems. The second edition.
London: M. DCC. xci. 2 vols. I2mo. pi.

[WILLIAMS (R. F.)]. The Court and Times of James the
First; illustrated by authentic and confidential letters, from
various public and private collections. Edited with an intro-
duction and notes. London: 1848-49. 2 vols. 8vo.

WILLIBALD. See Wright, T.

WILLIS (N. P.). The Miscellaneous Works of N. P. Willis.
New York: 1847. 8vo. PP- 2 5 I- 356, 220, 224.

*** The inside title gives : "Dashes at Life with a free pencil." 4 parts.

Trenton Falls, Picturesque and Descriptive: edited by

N. Parker Willis; embracing the original essay of John Sh.r-
man, the first proprietor and resident. The principal illustra-
tions from original designs by Heine, Kummer, and Miiller.
New York: 1851. i2mo. pp. 90, (i).


WiLUS (N. P.). Paul Fane; or, Parts of a Life Else Untold.
A Novel. New York: 1857. i2mo. pp. 402.

WILLIS (William). Bibliography of State of Maine. See
Norton's L/iterary Letter.

WiLLMOTT (R. A.). The poets of the nineteenth century.
Selected and edited by the Rev. Robert Aris Willmott. Illus-
trated with one hundred engravings, drawn by eminent artists,
and engraved by the brothers Dalziel. London: 1857. 8vo.

PP- 399-

[WiLSON (Charles Henry)]. The Myrtle and Vine; or, Com-
plete Vocal Library. Containing a Judicious Collection of the
most popular and captivating Songs 6n every subject that can
charm the ear, or enliven the heart. Selected from the Har-
monic Treasures of the Sister Muses of the Three Kingdoms.
Interspersed with many Originals and Translations. With an
Essay on Singing and Song Writing. To which is added,
Biographical Anecdotes of the most celebrated song writers.
Ornamented with Twelve Portraits of Eminent Vocal Charac-
ters. Dublin: [n. d.] 2 vols. 121110. ports.

*** 6 portraits only, and 2 engraved title pages.

WILSON (Henry). W T onderful Characters: comprising Mem-
oirs and Anecdotes of the most Remarkable Persons of Every
Age and Nation. Collected from the most authentic sources
By Henry Wilson. London: 1821-22. 3 vols. 8vo. ports.

"Wilson, Jasper." See Currie, James.

WILSON (John). The Recreations of Christopher North.
Complete in one volume. Boston: 1854. 8vo. pp. 307. port.

WiLSON (John M.). Nelsons' Hand-Book to Scotland: For
Tourists. Illustrated by Maps, Plans, and Views. London:
MDCCCLX. iamo. pp. 536.

Tales of the Borders, and of Scotland; Historical, tra-
ditionary and imaginative. New York : [185*4]. 5 vols. 8vo.
port, and pis.

WILSON (Robert Thomas). History of the British Expedition
to Egypt; to which is subjoined, a Sketch of the Present State
of That Country and Its Means of Defence. Illustrated with
maps, and a portrait of Sir Ralph Abercromby. Philadelphia:
1803. 8vo. pp. 317, 135.


WIMPFFEN (Emmanuel Felix de). Sedan. Par Le Ge"ne"ral
De Wimpffen. Deuxieme Edition. Revue et corrigee. Paris:
1871. 8vo. pp. 382. map.

WINCKELMANN (Johann Joachim). The History of Ancient
Art, Translated from the German by G. Henry Lodge. Boston:
1849. 2 v l s - 8vo. pis.

*% Vol. II. only.

WINDSOR-CASTLE: A Poem. Inscrib'd to the Immortal
Honour of our most Gracious Soveraign, Anne, Queen of Great
Britain, France and Ireland. To which is added, Britain's
Jubilee; A New Congratulatory Song, &c. . . . London,
Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in the Black-fryars, near Water-
side, For the Benefit of the Poor. 1708. 8vo. pp. 16.

WINE, a Poem. ... To which is added, Old England's New
Triumph: Or, the Battle of Audenard. A Song. London:
Printed and Sold by H. Hills in Black-fryars, near the Water-
side, 1709. 8vo. pp. 1 6.

WINTER ( ). See Plumstead.

WINTER (William). The Queen's Domain, and Other Poems.
Boston: M DCCC Lix. i2tno. pp. 144.

WINTERBOTHAM (W.). An historical, geographical, com-
mercial, and philosophical view of the American United States,
and of the European settlements in America and the West-
Indies. London: 1795. 4 vols. 8vo. port., maps and pis.
*** Two maps are but fragments.

WlRT (William). Life of Patrick Henry. Fourth edition,
corrected by the author. New- York: 1831. 8vo. pp. 443, (19).

WISE (John R.). Shakspere: his Birthplace and Its Neigh-
bourhood. Illustrated by W. J. Linton. London: M.DCCC. LXI.
i2mo. pp. 164.

*** Contains many MS. notes by Mr. Graham.

[WISEMAN {Cardinal Nicholas)]. Fabiola; or The Church of
the Catacombs. London: [pref. 1854]. i2tno. pp. 385. pi.

Wit and Humour. See Hunt, L.

WISHART (George). Memoirs of The Most Renowned James
Graham, Marquis of Montrose. Translated from the Latin.
With An Appendix, containing many curious Papers relating
to the History of these Times; several of which never hitherto
published. Edinburgh: M DCC LVI. 8vo. pp. xxvi, 412.


WISHART (George). Memoirs of the most renowned James
Graham, Marquis of Montrose. Translated from the Latin.
To which are added, sundry original letters, never before pub-
lished. Edinburgh: 1819. 8vo. pp. 530. port.

*% A presentation copy from James Lorimer Graham, Jr., to his brother,
Robert M. Graham.

WITHER (George). Speculum Speculativum: or, A Consid-
ering-Glass; Being an Inspection Into the present and late sad
Condition Of these Nations; With some Cautional Expressions
made thereupon, by George Wither, Immediately after his
Majesties Restauration: To preserve in himself and others a
Christian Obedience to God's various Dispensations. Hereby
also are some Glimmerings discovered Of what will probably
ensue hereafter. London, Written June xm. MDCLX. and there
imprinted the same year. i2ino.. pp. (12), 166.

Hymns and Songs of the Church. With an introduc-
tion by Edward Farr. London: 1856. i2mo. pp. 1, 304. port.
8 pp. music.

Hallelujah, or Britain's Second Remembrancer; bring-
ing to remembrance, (in praiseful and penitential hymns, spirit-
ual songs, and moral odes,) meditations, advancing the glory
of God, in the practice of piety and virtue. Composed in a
three-fold volume, by George Wither. With an introduction
by Edward Farr. London: 1857. i2tno. pp. xxxii, 399. port.

The Wits. See Stevenson, M.

Wits Common- Wealth. See Bodenham, J.

The WOES of War: a Letter of Sorrow. By a Southern Lady.
Second edition. London: 1862. 8vo. pp. 25.

*** With a preface signed "Pauline V. D. Vyver, London." The original
letter purports to have been written from Louisiana.

[WOLCOTT (J.)]. The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq. With a
copious index. London: [1825]. 8vo. pp. 330. port.

WOLF (C.). See Hunter, W.

WOLOWSKI (L.). De la Monnaie. Paris: 1868. 24010. pp. 72.

Le Travail des Enfants dans les Manufactures. Paris:

1868. 24010. pp. 51.

Wonderful Stories. See Mitchell, S. W.

WOOD (J. G.). The Common Objects of the Country. With


illustrations by Coleman, printed in colours by Evans. London:
1858. i6mo. pp. 182.

WOOD (J. G.). Homes without Hands. Being a description
of the habitations of animals, classed according to their prin-
ciple of construction. With new designs by W. F. Keyl and E.
Smith. Engraved by G. Pearson. London: 1865. 8vo. pp.
632. pis.

WOOD (Shakspere). The new Cvriosvm Vrbis: a guide to
Ancient and Modern Rome. London: 1875. ^vo. PP- 3^4-

WOOD (William). A Survey of Trade. In Four Parts. I.
The great Advantages of Trade in General, and the Particular
Influence of it on Great-Britain. II. The Marks of a Beneficial
Trade, and the Nature of our Commerce in its several Branches;
with an Examination of some Notions generally received of the
Prejudices we suffer by other Nations in Trade. III. The great
Advantages of our Colonies and Plantations to Great-Britain,
and our Interest in Preserving and Encouraging Them ; and how
They may be further Improved. IV. Some Considerations on
the Disadvantages our Trade at present labours under, and for
the Recovery and Enlargement of it. Together with Consider-
ations on our Money and Bullion. Its Exportation discuss' d.
Scarcity of Silver Coin accounted for. The Means of procuring
a Plenty and free Circulation of both Species. The Second
Edition. London: Printed for John Walthoe, jun. over-against
the Royal-Exchange, in Cornhill. M DCC xxn. 121110. pp.
xiv, 373.

[WOODHOUSELEE (Alexander Fraser Ty tier, Lord}']. An His-
torical and Critical Essay on the Life and Character of Petrarch.
With a translation of a few of his Sonnets. Illustrated with
portraits and engravings. Edinburgh: 1810. 8vo. pp. 269, (i).

WOOLSEY (Miss S. C.). See Coolidge, S.

WORDEN (John L.). To the Honorable Senate and House
of Representatives in Congress assembled: Washington, D. C.
November 20, 1874. 4to. Broadside.

*** A memorial in behalf of the officers and crew of the Monitor. With a
presentation letter from Admiral Worden (John Lorimer Worden) to his
cousin James I^orimer Graham. Bound with it are the pamphlets on the
Monitor by William Swinton and E. P. Dorr, catalogued elsewhere in this


WORDSWORTH (Charles). On Shakspeare's Knowledge and
Use of the Bible. London: 1864. 8vo. pp. 309.

WORDSWORTH (Christopher). Greece: Pictorial, Descriptive,
and Historical. A New Edition, carefully Revised. With
numerous engravings illustrative of the scenery, architecture^
costume, and fine arts of that country. And A History of the
Characteristics of Greek Art, by George Scharf. London:
1859. 8vo. pp. 452. pis.

Journal of a Tour in Italy, with reflections on the

present condition and prospects of religion in that country.
Second edition. London: 1863. 8vo.

WORDSWORTH (William). The Poems of William Words-
worth. A new edition. London: 1851. rl. 8vo. pp. 619. port.

*"% The illustrated title page is dated 1847.

Poems. New York: 1851. i6mo. pp. 281. pi.

Earlier poems. Corrected as in the latest editions.

With preface, and notes showing the text as it stood in 1815.
By William Johnston. London: 1857. i2mo. pp. 435.

The Poetical Works. A new edition. London: 1857.

6 vols. i2mo. port.

See Hoyle, C.

WORMS (E.). Quelques Considerations sur le Mariage.
Paris: 1867. 24mo. pp. 48.

WORNUM (Ralph N.). Descriptive and Historical Catalogue
of the Pictures in the National Gallery: with Biographical
Notices of the Painters. Foreign Schools. Revised by Sir
Charles Lock Eastlake. By Authority. Thirty-third edition.
London: 1861. 8vo. pp. 287.

WORTLEY (Lady Emmeline Stuart). &c. By the Lady
Emmeline Stuart Wortley. London: MDCCCLIII. I2ino. pp.
450. pi.

WOTTON (Sir H.). Poems by Sir Henry Wotton, Sir Walter
Raleigh and others. Edited by the Rev. John Hannah. Lon-
don 1857 I2mo. pp. 136.

WRAXALiv (Lascelles). Hand-book to the Naval and Mili-
tary Resources of the Principal European Nations. London:
MDCCCLVI. 8vo. pp. 228.


WRIGHT (Miss, Frances Mme. D'Arusmont). Voyage aux
^Etats-Unis d'Ame'rique, on Observations sur la socie'te', les
moeurs, les usages et le gouvernement de ce pays, recneillies en
1818, 1819 et 1820. Par Miss Wright. Traduit de 1'Anglais
sur la seconde Edition, Par J. T. Parisot, ... A Paris: 1822.
2 vols. 8vo.

WRIGHT (Thomas). Four Pastorals, entitled Spring, Sum-
mer, Autumn, and Winter. London: 1749. 8vo. pp. 46.

WRIGHT (Thomas, M. A.}. Early Travels in Palestine, com-
prising the narratives of Arculf, Willibald, Bernard, Ssewulf,
Sigurd, Benjamin of Tudela, Sir John Maundeville, De la Broc-
quiere, and Maundrell. Edited, with notes, By Thomas Wright.
London. MDCCCXLVIII. i2mo. pp. 517. plan.

Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English, con-
taining words from English writers previous to the nineteenth
century which are no longer in use, or are not used in the same
sense. And words which are now used only in the provincial
dialects. London: MDCCCLXIX. 2 vols. 121110.

WYATT (William Edward). Christian Offices, for the use of
Families and Individuals; compiled from the liturgy of the
Protestant Episcopal Church, and from the devotional writings
of various authors; together with selections of Passages of Scrip-
ture, and a calendar, pointing out a suitable portion of Scripture
for the family worship of every day in the year. Fifth edition.
New- York: 1858. i2mo. pp. 498.

Wybor Poezyi Polskiey. See Browning, J.

Wybor Z Bdsnictwi Ceskeho. See Browning, J.

WYLIE (J. A.). The Road to Rome via Oxford; or Ritualism
Identical with Romanism. London: 1868. 121110. pp. 300.

WYNNE (James). Private Libraries of New York. New
York: MDCCCLX. rl. 8vo. pp. 472. pi.

** One hundred copies printed on large paper. There is also a copy of
the edition in small paper. The work contains a brief notice of Mr. Gra-
liam's library.

[WYSS (J. D.).] The Swiss Family Robinson: or Adven-
tures in a Desert Island. With Twenty-four Page Illustrations.
London: [n. d.] 121110. pp. 323.

WYTFLIET (C.). Histoire / Vniverselle / des Indes / Occi-
dentales / et Orientales, / et de la Conver- / sion des Indiens. /



Diuiseeen trois Parties, par Cor- / nille Vvytfliet, & Anthoine /
Magin, & autres / Historiens. / Premiere Partie. / A Dovay, /
Chez Francois Fabri, / L'An 1611. Fo.
Part I. Title, 3 11., pp. 108, 4 11., 19 maps.

II. Title, 5 11., pp. 66, 4 maps (on 2 pages).

III. Title, pp. 54, 2 11.

ENOPHON, the ATHENIAN. The Anabasis, or Expedi-
tion of Cyrus, and the Memorabilia of Socrates. Literally
translated from the Greek of Xenophon. By J. S. Wat-
son. With a geographical commentary, by W. F. Ainsworth.
London: MDCCCLIV. 8vo. pp. 518, (i). port.

The Cyropaedia, or Institution of Cyrus, and The Hel-
lenics, or Grecian History. Literally translated from the Greek
of Xenophon. By J. S. Watson, and Henry Dale. With bio-
graphical notice, chronological table, and index. London:
MDCCCLV. 8vo. pp. 579.


[WALDEN (Rev. Dr. Thomas).] The Temple of Fame, a
Poem. Inscrib'd to Mr. Congreve . . . London. Printed
4L and Sold by H. Hills, in Black-fryars, near the Water-side.
1709. 8vo. pp. 15.

YATKS (Edmund). Running the Gauntlet. A Novel. New
Edition. London: 1867. I2mo. pp. 446.

YONGE (Charles Duke). Parallel Lives of Ancient and
Modern Heroes. London: 1858.- i2mo. pp. 269.

[YONGE (Charlotte May)]. Heartsease; or, The Brother's
Wife. By the author of "The Heir of Redclyffe." New
York: 1855. 2 vols. 8vo.

YONGE (Edward). The Complete Works, poetry and prose,
of the Rev. Edward Young. Revised and collated with the
earliest editions. To which is prefixed, A Life of the Author,
by John Doran. With eight illustrations on steel, and a por-
trait. London: MDCCCLIV. 2 vols. I2tno. port, and pis.

Young's Night Thoughts. With Life, Critical Dis-
sertation, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev. George Gilfillan.
New York: M.DCCC.LIV. 8vo. pp. 327.

The YORKSHIRE RACERS, a poem. In a Letter from H

S ton, to his Friend T P n. London. Printed

for the Use of all Sorts of Jockeys, whether North, South, East
or West. [1709?] 8vo. pp. 15.

The YOUNG Clerk's / Vade Mecum: / or, / Compleat Law-
Tutor. / Being a useful Collection of a great Variety / of the
most approved Precedents in the Law, /and adapted to almost
every Transaction in / Life wherein an Attention to legal Forms
is / indispensably necessary. / And consisting chiefly / of Bonds, /
Special Conditions, / Letters of Attorney, / Awards, / Articles of
Ai>ree- / ment, / Bills of Sale, / Contracts, / Covenants, / Charter
Parties, / Leases, / Proceedings upon Dis-/ tress for Rent, /As-
signments, / Deeds, / Indentures, / Mortgages, / Marriage Arti-
cles, / Wills, / Fines and Recoveries, / Writs, / Declarations and




Pro-/ceedings at Law./ To which is added, / A Collection of
English; Precedents, / Relating to the / Office of a Justice of
Peace. / Belfast Printed: / New- York, Re-printed by H. Gaine, /
in Hanover-Square. M,DCC,LXXVI. / I2mo. pp. (12), 236.

x*x A rare New York imprint.

t&PPI (G. F.). Rime Dell' Avvocato Oiovambattista Felice
Zappi e di Faustina Maratti sua consorte. Settima edizione.
Espurgata, ed accresciuta d' altre Rime de' piu celebri dell'
Arcadia di Roma. Divisa in due parti. In Venezia, MDCC-
XLVIII. Presso Francesco Storti in Merceria all' Insegna della
Fortezza. 2 vols. i6mo. pp. 348.

ZARATE (Augustin de). Histoire de la Decouverte et de la
Conquete du Perou. Traduite de 1'Espagnol D' Augustin de
Zarate, Par S. D. C. Tome Premier. A Amsterdam, Chez J.
Louis de Lorme, Libraire sur le Rockin, a la Liberte. M. DCC.
2 vols. i6mo. pis and map.

*** Zarate was sent to Peru by Charles V. as treasurer general. Prescott
says that his work has taken a permanent rank among the most respectable
authorities for a history of the time ; although ' ' his style can make but
moderate pretensions to the praise of elegance or exactness." It has been
shown by Muiioz, however, that the printed volume differs considerably from
the original manuscript, and that it has been edited in passing through the
press. " S. D. C." is S. de Broe", Seigneur de Citry et de la Guette.

[ZINZENDORF (N. L. Reichsgraf von)]. The / Remarks, /
which / The Author of the / Compendious Extract, &c. / In the
Preface to his Book, / Has friendly desired of / The Rev. of
Thurenstein, / For the Time Pastor of the Lutheran Congrega-
tion / of J. C. in Philadelphia. / . . / Philadelphia: / Printed
and Sold by B. Franklin, / M,DCC,XLII. / i2ino. pp. 24.

^** Inlaid to 4to. Four portraits and a fine letter of Franklin inserted.

ZSCHOKKE (Heinrich). Histoire de la Nation Suisse, par Mr.
Henri Zschokke. Traduite de 1'Allemand par Ch. Monnard.
Nouvelle Edition revue par le Traducteur. Arau: 1830. i2ino.
pp. 479.

Tales from the German of Heinrich Zschokke. By

Parke Godwin. Part I. New edition. New York: 1856. 2
vols. 8vo.

[ ] Meditations on Life and its Religious Duties. Trans-
lated from the German by Frederica Rowan. Boston: 1863.
I2mo. pp. 394.




[ZSCHOKKE (Heinrich)]. Meditations on Death and Eternity.
Translated from the German by Frederica Rowan. Boston:
1864. i2tno. pp. 414.

# * # The original work was one of the favorite books of the English Prince

Consort, and upon his death this translation was undertaken at the request of

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