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Queen Victoria.


NSTIS (John). Chronological data of the Coronation
Days of the Kings and Queens of England, from Alfred
the Great to George the Fourth. London: July,
MDCCCXXI. 8vo. pp. (12).

BANKS (T. C.). An historical and critical account of the In-
stitution of the Coronation Ceremony; its indispensability; the
high and official services of the day. The Origin of Inunction.
A disquisition upon the Kingly Office, and Right of Succession.
With critical observations. London: MDCCCXXX. 8vo. pp.
viii., xviii., 159.

[BARNARD .(Edward)]. Virtue the Source of Pleasure.
[Verse.] London: MDCCLVII. 8vo. pp. vii., 319.

BOHN (Henry G.). A Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery,
Porcelain, and other objects of vertti. Comprising an il-
lustrated Catalogue of the Bernal Collection of Works of Art,
with the prices at which they were sold. . . . Added, An Essay
on Pottery and Porcelain, and an engraved list of marks and
monograms. 3d ed. London: 1872. 121110. pp. xxxviii.,
504. pi.

[ ] (Editor], Chronicles of the Crusades, being con-
temporary narratives of the Crusade of Richard Coeur de
Lion, by Richard of Devizes and Geoffrey de Vinsauf ; and of
the Crusade of Saint Louis, by Lord John De Joinville. With
illustrative notes. London: 1848. i2ino. pp. vi., 562. pi.

BYRON. Letters and Journals of Lord Byron: with notices
of his life. By Thomas Moore. New-York: 1830. 2 vols. 8vo.

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (M.). The exemplary novels of Mig-
uel de Cervantes Saavedra: to which are added El Buscapie", or,
The Serpent; and La Tia Fingida, or, The Pretended Aunt.

( 387 )


Translated from the Spanish by Walter K. Kelly. London:
1855. i2mo. pp. xii., 484. port.

CONFERENCES faites a la gare Saint-Jean, a Bordeaux.
Paris: Librairie de L. Hachette et C ie - 1867-68. 2 vols.
24mo. il,

#*# The lectures forming this and the following collection appear in this
Catalogue under the names of their authors.

CONFERENCES populaires faites a L'Asile Imperial de Vin-
cennes sous le patronage de S. M. I'lmperatrice. Paris: Li-
brairie de L. Hachette et C ie - 1866-69. ZI vo ^ s - 24ino. il.

CONTE (Antoine). Biographic de M. Antoine Conte, directeur
general des postes. Paris, 1839. 121110. pp. 24.

COREAL (Francisco). Voyages de Francois Coreal aux Indes
Occidentales, contenant Ce qu' il y a vu de plus remarquable
pendant son sejour depuis 1666. jusqu' en 1697. Traduits de
1' Espagnol. Avec une Relation de la Guiane de Walter Ral-
eigh, & le Voyage de Narbrough a la Mer clu Sud par le Detroit
de Magellan, &c. Nouvelle 'Edition. Revile, corrigee, & aug-
mentee d' une nouvelle Decouveite des Indes Meridionales &
des Terres Australes, enrichie de figures. A Paris, Place de
Sorbonne, Chez Robert-Marc d' Espilly, a Sainte Ursule.
MDCCXXII. 2 vols. i6mo. pi. maps.

[CowLEY (Mrs. H. P.)]. A Day in Turkey, or The Russian
Slaves. Comedy, [n. p. n. d.] [London: 1792?] 8vo. pp.
(2), 86, (i).

DiEREViLLE ( ?). Relation du Voyage du Port Royal de
1'Acadie, ou de La Nouvelle France. Dans laqtielle on voit un
Detail des divers mouvemens de la Mer dans une Traversee de
long cours; la Description du Pai's, les Occupations des Fran-
gois qui y sont e"tablis, les Manieres des differentes Nations
Sauvages, leurs Superstitions & leurs Chasses; avecune Disser-
tation exacte sur le Castor. Par Mr. DieVeville embarqne a la
Rochelle dans le Navire la Royale-Paix. Ensuite de la Rela-
tion, on a ajotite* le Detail d' un combat donne" entre les Fran-
9ois & les Acadiens, centre les Anglois. A Rouen, Chez Jean-
Baptiste Besongne, rue Ecuyere, au Soleil Royal. M.DCCVIII.
i6mo. pp. (14), 236, 7, (2).

* # A narrative in prose and verse. This traveller has given his name to a
variety of honeysuckle, named after him " Diervilla," by Tournefort.


EGAN (Pierce). Life in London; or, The Day -and Night
Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and Corinthian Tom, accom-
panied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in their Rambles and Sprees
through the Metropolis. A new edition. Embellished with
thirty-six scenes from real life, designed and etched by I. R. &
G. Cruikshank. . . London: [1821]. 8vo. pp. xvi.,376. il.
col. pi. 6 pp. music.

FOURNEL (Henri). oup d'oeil historiqtie et statistique sur Le
Texas. Paris. Avril, 1841. nar. 4to. pp. 57. map.

Les FRANCS-Ma9ons et La Commune de Paris Du role qu' a
jone" la Franc-Magonnerie pendant la guerre civile. Par Un
Franc-Magon. Paris E. Dentu 1871. i6mo. pp. 64.

GENUS (S. F. D. de S.-A., Comtesse de]. Theatre a 1' usage
des jeunes personnes. A Maestricht, Chez J. E. Dufour & Ph.
Roux. M.DCC.LXXXVII. 4 vols. i6mo.

GESCHJCHTE und Handlung der franzosischen Pflanzstadte in
Nordamerika, nebst' einer zuverlassigen Nachricht von deren
Bevolkerung, ihren Einwohnern und der natiirlichen Beschaffen-
heit des Landes, wie auch einer kurzen Einleitung in die jezige
Strittigkeiten der Englander und Franzosen wegen Akadien.
. . . Stutgart, 1756. vey Johann Benedict* Mezler. 121110.
PP- (8), 37 6 - ma P-

The INTERNATIONAL. Les my stores de L' Internationale.
Son origine son but ses chefs ses moyens d' action son
role sous La Commune. Paris: E. Dentu. 1871. i6mo.
pp. 120.

KANE (E. K.). Access to an Open Polar Sea in connection
with the Search after Sir John Franklin and his Companions.
Read before the Amer. Geog. and Statistical Society, Dec. 14,
1852. New York: 1853. 8vo. pp. 24. map.

[LEWIS (John)]. On the Antiquity and Use of Seals in
England. [London : 1740.] sq. 8vo. 31 pp. il. pi. and 2
seals inserted.

NERSES (Saint\ Preces Sancti Nersetis Clajensis Armeni-
orum Patriarchae triginta tribus linguis editae Venetiis In
Insula S. Lazari. 1862. 161110. (18), 566, (2) pp. port.

NORTON'S Literary Letter. No. 4. The Bibliography of
State of Maine [by Wm. Willis], and other papers of interest;
With a Catalogue of A Large Collection of Works upon Bib-


liography and America. New York. 1859. sq. 8vo. pp. 41,
45, 66, 50 +. il.

OGILBY (John). Britannia Depicta or Ogilby Improv'd;
Being a Correct Coppy of M r - Ogilby's Actual Survey of all
y e Direct & Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales:
Wherein are exactly Delineated & Engraven, All y e Cities,
Towns, Villages, Churches, Seats, &c. , scituate on or near the
Roads, with their respective Distances in . . . Miles ... By
In- Owen of the Midd: Temple Gent. . . . Lastly Particular
& Correct Maps of all y e Counties of South Britain ... By
Eman : Bowen Engraver. The fourth Edition. Printed &
Sold by Tho: Bowles, Printer & Map Seller in S*- Paul's Ch
Yard. 1731. 8vo. pp. (6), 273. maps.

[PERION (Joachim) and Henri ESTIENNE]. Conciones Ora-
tiones ex historicis Latinis excerpta . '. Opus recognitum
recensitumque in usum Scholarum Hollandise . & Westfrisise
. . . [ab lobo Veratio]. Amstelodami, apud loannem lansson-
ivm Anno M.DC.XXXXI. 24mo. pp. 549, (22).

PORTRAITS. 21 vols. 4to. [v. d. v. p.]

#** A series of four thousand engraved portraits, chiefly English. Some
are rare, and many of them are proofs before letter, or proofs on India or
Japan paper. The arrangement is intended to be alphabetical, but is not
always carried out.

SERIE degli uomini i piu illustri nella pittura, scultura, e
architettura con i loro elogi, e ritratti incisi in rame cominci-
ando dalla sua prima restaurazione fino ai tempi presenti. In
Firenze 1' anno MDCCLXIX. LXXV. 12 vols. 4to. ports, pi.

Supplement alia Serie dei trecento elogi e ritratti degli

uomini i piu illustri in pittura, scultura e architettura o sia
Abecedario pittorico dall' origine delle belle arti a tutto 1' anno
MDCCLXXV. In Firenze MDCCLXXVI. i vol. in 2 parts. 4to. '
port. pi.

*** The 12 volumes have long biographies of 300 artists, with portraits.
Most of the first volume of the Supplement is given to short biographies of
all artists : in the second follow brief notes of the most antient artists. An-
other list gives engravers and their marks.

The STUDENT of Padua. A Domestic Tragedy. In Five
Acts. [London:] 1836. 121110. pp. x., 114.

**# A presentation copy from the anonymous author to Wordsworth, and
bearing Wordsworth's autograph.


THACKERAY (Francis). A History of the Right Honorable
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham: containing His Speeches in
Parliament; a considerable portion of his correspondence, when
Secretary of State, upon French, Spanish, and American affairs,
never before published; with an account of the Principal Events
and Persons of His Time, connected with his life, sentiments,
and administrations. In two volumes. London: MDCCCXXVII.
2 vols. 4to. portrait, facsim.

[WHITEFIELD (E.)]. Original drawings.

#% A folio volume of 73 pages, so lettered, containing water-color pic-
tures, and a few drawings, for the most part of wild flowers. The paintings
are done on octavo drawing board, and pasted in; forty of them occupying
single pages. The artist's name appears on 10 pictures, which are dated
from 1840-51.


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