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Aubigny [pseud. ] Paris : 1815. 8vo. pp. 51.

BAUDRILLART (Henri). Vie Jacquard. Paris: 1866. 241110.
pp. 69.

La Propriety. Paris: 1867. 241110. pp. 52.

L' Argent et ses Critiques. Paris: 1867. 241110. pp. 52.

Le Credit Populaire. Paris: 1867. 241110. pp. 52.

Le Salariat et 1'Association. Paris: 1867. 24010. pp.


Les Bibliotheques et les Cours Populaires. Paris:
1867. 241110. pp. 52.

Philippe de Girard. Paris: 1868. 24mo. pp. 70.

Luxe et Travail. Paris: 1868. 24010. pp. 72.

Des Habitudes d' Intemperance. Paris: 1868. 24010,

PP- 5 1 -

BAUDRY DES LOZIERES (L. N.). Second Voyage a La Louisi-
ane, faisant suite an premier de 1'auteur de 1794 a 1798. Con-
tenant la vie militaire du general Grondel, doyen des armees de
France, qui commanda long-temps a Louisiana, et honorede cent
dix ans deservice: un Detail sur les productions les plus avanta-
geuses, les plus extraordinaires de cette belle Colonie, et sur ses
quartiers les plus fertiles et les pins lucratifs: de nouvelles Re-
flexions sur les Colonies en general, et le Regime necessaire aux
personnes des Colonies pendant le premiere annee de leur ar-
rivee. Par Baudry des Lozieres. Tome premier. A Paris,.
Chez Charles, Imprimeur, Rue Guenegaud, No. 18. An xi,
1803. (Mars.) 8vo. 2 vols. pp. xv, 414; xvj, (i), folding
table; 410 (2).

BAXLEY (H. Willis). Spain. Art-Remains and Art-Reali-
ties, Painters, Priests, and Princes. Being notes of things
seen, and of opinions formed, during nearly three years' resi-
dence and travels in that country. London: 1875. 8vo. z
vols. map.

BAYARD (Ferdinand-M.). Voyage dans 1'Interieur Des Etats-
Unis, a Bath, Winchester, dans la Vallee de Shenandoah, etc.,
etc., Pendant 1'Ete de 1791. Seconde edition, Augmentee de
descriptions et d'anecdotes *sur la vie militaire et politique


de Georges Washington. Par Ferdinand-M. Bayard, De la
Societe libre des Sciences, Lettres, et Arts de Paris. A Paris,
Chez Batilliot. An Vie. 8vo. pp. xxv, 349.

[BAYLY (Lewis)]. The Practice of Pietie: Directing a
Christian how to walke that he may please God. Amplified by
the Author. The last Edition, Newly overseene & corrected.
Printed at Delf by Abraham Jacobs, for the good of Great Bri-
taine. [n. d.] 321110. pp. (16), 553, (4).

*** Contains an autograph poem of Samuel Butler on a fly-leaf.

BAZAINE (Marechal F. A.). L'Arinee du Rhin depnis le 12
Aout jusqu'au 29 Octobre 1870. Paris: 1872. 8vo. pp. 308.

BEALE (Lionel S.). How to Work with the Microscope. A
course of lectures on microscopical manipulations and the prac-
tical application ' of the microscope to different branches of
investigation, delivered during the winter session of 1856 and
1857. London: 1857. 121110. pp. 124.

BEAUJOUR (F. de). Apergu des Etats-Uiiis, au commence-
ment du xixe. siecle, Depuis 1800 jusqiren 1810, avec des tables
statistiques. Par le Chevalier Felix de Beaujour, aiicien mem-
bre du tribunat. A Paris, Chez L. G. Michaud. M.DCCC.XIV.
8vo. pp. 272.

[BEAUMARCHAIS (P. A. C. de)]. Influence du Despotisme de
1'Angleterre sur les Deux Mondes. Les Rois & les Peuples out
pour Juges leur siecle & la poste'rite; c'est a la fidelite de 1'His-
toire de les accuser, come elle peut les absoudre. Prix, trente-
six sols. Imprint a Boston: [n. d.] 8vo. pp. 145.

x*x "Attributed to Beaumarchais by Chardon de La Rochette, but not in-
cluded in the 'CEuvres' of Beaumarchais." Querard. The imprint is purely
fictitious, the work having been printed either in Holland or Switzerland, for
surreptitious circulation in France.

BEAUMONT (J.). Bosworth-Field: a Poem. Written in the
year 1629, and Dedicated to King Charles I. By Sir John
Beaumont, Baronet, with several Verses in Praise of the Author,
and Elegies on his Death, by the greatest Wits then living.
London: Printed and Sold by H. Hills in Black-fryars, near the
Water-side, 1710. 8vo. pp. 39.

BEAUMONT (Princess de). Le Magasin des Adolescents, ou
Dialogues entre une sage gouvernanite et ses eleves, Pour servir


de suite au Magasin des Enfans. -Avec figures. Paris: 1816.
4 vols. in 24. 241110. pis.

BEAUMONT (Princess de}. Le Magasin des Jeunes Dames, ou
Instruction pour les personnes fui entrent dans le monde et se
marient; leurs devoirs dans cet e*tat et envers leurs enfans.
Paris: 1820- 4 vols. 24mo. pis.

The BEAUTIES of the Anti-Jacobin; or, Weekly Examiner;
containing Every Article of Permanent Utility in that Valuable
and Highly Esteemed Paper, literary and political; the whole
of the excellent Poetry; together with explanatory notes, bio-
graphical anecdotes, and a Prefatory Advertisement, by the
editor. London; Printed by J. Plymsell, at the Anti-Jacobin
Press, Peterborough Court, Fleet Street, for C. Chappie, No. 66,
Pall Mall. 1799. 121110. pp. xii, 311.

*** Chiefly by W. Gifford, Canning, Frere and Ellis, and directed against

Fox and his party. Compared with the Anti-Jacobin, the mouthpiece of

English toryism, the lowest political outpourings of to-day in America seem


BEAUVOIR (L. , Marquis de). Australie. Voyage autour du
Monde par le Comte de Beauvoir. Ouvrage enrichi de deux
grandes cartes et de douze gravures-photographies par Des-
champs. Sixieme Edition. Paris, Henri Plon, 1872. i2ino.
pp. 363. maps, pis., and port.

Java, Siam, Canton. Voyage autour du Monde par

le Comte de Beauvoir. Ouvrage enrichi d'une grande carte
speciale et de quatorze gravures-photographies par Deschamps.
Sixieme Edition. Paris, 1872. I2mo. pp. 451. maps and pis.

Pekin, Yeddo, San Francisco. Voyage autour du

Monde par le Comte Beauvoir. Ouvrage enrichi de quarte
cartes, et *de quinze gravures-photographies par Deschamps.
Sixieme Edition. Paris, 1872. I2mo. pp. 355. maps and pis.

BECHSTEIN (J. M.). Cage and Chamber-birds, their natural
history, habits, food, diseases, management and modes of cap-
ture. Translated from the German. With considerable addi-
tions on structure, migration, and economy, compiled from
various sources by H. G. Adams, incorporating the whole of
Sweet's British warblers, with numerous illustrations. London:
MDCCCLIII. i6mo. pp. 500.

BECHSTEIN (Ludwig). As Pretty as Seven and other Popular


German Tales, collected by Ludwig Bechstein. With one hun-
dred illustrations by Richter. A companion to Grimm's German
Popular Stories. London [n. d.]. I2ino. pp. 367. pis.

[BECKFORD (William)]. Vathek. / A Lausanne, / Chez Isaac
Hignou & Compe. / M. DCC. LXXXVII. / i6mo. pp. iv, 204.

[ ] Vathek, eine arabische Erzahlung. Aus dem

Franzosischen iibersezt. Mannheim: 1788. 161110. pp. 235.

[ ] Vathek. Translated from the Original French.

Fourth Edition, revised and corrected. London: MDCCCXXIII.
121110. pp. 284. pi.

Vathek : An Arabian tale. By William Beckford.

With notes, critical and explanatory. London: 1849. I2mo.

pp. 396. pi.

*** Also contains: "The Castle of Otranto, " a Gothic story by Horace
Walpole, Earl of Orford, and "The Bravo of Venice:" a romance, trans-
lated from the German by Matthew Gregory Lewis.

[- -] The Story of Al Raoui, A Tale from the Arabic.
London: 1799. i6mo. pp. 59.

[ ] Italy; with sketches of Spain and Portugal. By

the author of "Vathek." London: 1834. 2 vols. 8vo.

BECKMANN (John). A History of Inventions, Discoveries and
Origins. Translated from the German, By William Johnston.
Fourth Edition, carefully revised and enlarged by William Fran-
cis and J. W. Griffith. London: 1846. 2 vols. 121110. port.

BEDE (the Venerable). The Venerable Bede's Ecclesiastical
History of England. Also the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. With
illustrative notes, a map of Anglo-Saxon England, and a gen-
eral index. Edited by J. A. Giles. Second edition. London:
M.DCCC.XLIX. i2ino. pp. 515. map.

BEDFORD (Gunning S.). Clinical Lectures on the Diseases
of Women and Children. Third edition, carefully revised and
enlarged. New York : 1856. 8vo. pp. 602.

" Bedott, Widow." See Whitcher, Francis M.

BEECHER (Henry Ward). Star Papers ; or, Experiences of
Art and Nature. New York: 1855. 121110. pp. 359.

Life Thoughts, gathered from the Extemporaneous
Discourses of Henry Ward Beecher. By one of his congrega-
tion. Fifteenth thousand. Boston: 1858. 121110. pp. 299.

# % Compiled by Edna Dean Proctor, the poetess.


BEECHER (Henry Ward). Freedom and War. Discourses on
Topics Suggested by the Times. Boston: 1863. 8vo. pp. 445.

Report of the Speeches delivered at public meetings

in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and London;
and at the farewell breakfasts in London, Manchester and Liv-
erpool. Manchester: 1864. 8vo. pp. (4), 175.

BEGER (L.)- Thesaurus ex Thesauro Palatine Selecttis, sive
Gem in arum et Numismatum qvae in Electorali Cimeliarchio
continentvr Elegantiorum sere expressa, et convenienti com-
mentario illvstrata Dispositio avthore L. Begero, serenissimi
electoris palatini antiqvario et bibliothecario. Heidelbergae,
Typis Philippi Delborn, M. DC. LXXXV. Lg. folio, pp. (14),
421, (i). port, and pi.

BELDING, KEITH & Co. United States Bonds and Securi-
ties. What They Are Their Cost And the Interest They
Pay. With illustrations of the Exchange of Sterling into
American Currency, and vice versa; And many other Items
which may be of interest to those desirous of information con-
cerning American Finances and Exchange. By Belding,
Keith and Co., American Bankers and Merchants, 80 Lombard
Street, London. London: 1867. 8vo. pp. u, (12).

BELL (A. N.). A Knowledge of Living Things, with the
laws of their existence. New York: 1860. I2ino. pp. 318. pis.

[BELL ( Jared)]. Advice to a Young Christian on the Import-
ance of Aiming at an Elevated Standard of Piety. By a Village
Pastor. With an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. Dr. Alex-
ander. New York: 1854. i6mo. pp. 196.

[BELLEGARDE (J. B. Morvan de)]. Histoire Universelle des
Voyages faits par Mer et par Terre dans 1'Ancien & dans le
Nouveau Monde,. Pour eclaircir la Geographic aucienne &
moderne. A Amsterdam, Chez Isaac Elzevier, Libraire an
grand Monarque. M. DCCVIII. 121110. pp. (12), 50, (6), 458. pi.

BELLET (Louis). La Verite sur les Obligations Mexicaines.
Paris: 1867. 8vo. pp. 14.

BELLEW (C.). The Merry Circle. A book of New, Graceful,
and Intellectual Games and Amusements. Edited by Mrs. Clara
Bellew. With two hundred illustrations. London: [1872.]
161110. pp. 2831 pis.


BELI.EW (Frank). The Art of Amusing. A Collection of
Graceful Arts, Games, Tricks, Puzzles, and Charades. Intended
to amuse everybody and enable all to amuse everybody else.
With two hundred illustrations. London: [n. d.] 161110. pp.
299. pi.

BELLEYME (Adolphe de). La France et le Mexiqne. Paris:
1863. 8vo. pp. 23.

BELLIER (A.). La Prevoyance et la Charite. Paris: 1868.
241110. pp. 71.

BELLIN (Jacques Nicolas). [Cartes de la Nouvelle France.
Paris: 1743-4]. 4to. 27 maps.

#** A very scarce and valuable atlas, the maps being prepared by the offi-
cial hydrographer of the French Department of Marine.

' Remarques / sur la Carte / de / 1'Amerique / Septentri-

onale, / Comprise entre le 28e et le 726 dgre / de Latitude, /
avec / une Description Geographique / de ces parties; / par
M. Bellin, Inge'nieur de la Marine & du Depot des / Cartes,
Plans & Journaux, Censeur Royal, de 1'Aca- / demie de Marine,
& de la Societe Royale de Londres. / A Paris, / De 1'Imprimerie
de Didot, Quai des Augustins, / a la Bible d'or. / M. DCC. LV. /
4to. pp. 131.

Remarques sur le Detroit de Belle- Isle, et les cotes

septentrionales de La Nouvelle France, Depuis la Riviere
S. Jean, jusqu'au Cap Charles: Tirees des Journaux de Naviga-
tion qui sont au Depot des Cartes & Plans de la Marine, pour
le service des Vaisseaux du Roi ; par le Sieur Bellin, Inge'nieur
de la Marine & du Depot des Plans; le premier Mars 1758. [at
end: "De 1'Imprimerie de Didot."] 4to. pp. 16. 2 maps.

BELOE (William). Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce
Books. London: 1807- 6 vols. 8vo.

The Bells. See Aldrich, T. B.

BEMIS (George). Precedents of American Neutrality, in re-
ply to the speech of Sir Roundell Palmer, Attorney General of
England, in the British House of Commons, May 13, 1864.
Boston: 1864. 8vo. pp. viii, 83.

*% A study of Genet's privateers in 1793, and of the cases of the ships
Cassius, Santissima Trinidad, Armistad de Rues, and Alabama.

American Neutrality: Its Honorable Past, Its Exped-
ient Future. A protest against the proposed* repeal of the


neutrality laws, and a plea for their improvement and consoli-
dation. Boston: 1866. 8vo. pp. 211.

BENEDETTI (Vincerite, Comte). Ma Mission En Prusse. Paris:
1871. 8vo. pp. 446.

BENNET (J. Henry). Winter and Spring on the Shores of
the Mediterranean: or, The Riviera, Mentone, Italy, Corsica,
Sicily, Algeria, Spain, and Biarritz, As Winter Climates.
Fourth edition. London: MDCCCLXX. 8vo. pp. 621. pis. and

BENJAMIN of Tudela. See Wright, T.

BENNETT (W. C.). Songs by a Song-Writer. First hundred.
London: 1859. 121110. pp. 142.

The Worn Wedding-Ring, and other Poems. London,:

1861. 121110. pp. 192.

BENJAMIN (Judah P.). The African Slave Trade. The
Secret Purpose of the Insurgents to Revive It. No treaty stipu-
lations against the slave trade to be entered into with European
powers. Judah P. Benjamin's intercepted instructions to L. Q.
C. Lamar, styled Commissioner, etc. Philadelphia: 1863. 8vo.
pp. 24.

[BENTON (Thomas)]. Thirty Years' View; or a history of
the working of the American government for thirty years, from
1820 to 1850. Chiefly taken from the Congress debates, the
private papers of General Jackson, and the speeches of ex-
Senator Benton, with his actual view of men and affairs; with
historical notes and illustrations, and some notices of eminent
deceased cotemporaries: By a senator of thirty years. In two
vols. New York: 1854- 2 vols. rl. 8vo. port, and pi.

BERARD (E. Paul). Economic Domestique de 1'Eclairage.
Paris: 1867. 241110. pp. 50.

La Matiere des Vege'taux ou Cellulose. Paris: 1867.

241110. pp. 52.

La Chaux. Paris: 1868. 24mo. pp. 51.

BERJEAU, ( J. P. ) See Book- Worm.

BERKELEY (Grantley F.). Fact Against Fiction. The Hab-
its and Treatment of Animals Practically Considered; Hydro-
phobia and Distemper; with some remarks on Darwin. In two
volumes. London: 1874. 2 vols. 8vo.


BERNARD (A. H.). Legends of the Rhine. Translated by
Fr. Arnold. Frankfort, 1847. i6mo. pp. 285.

Lays and legends of the Rhine, to which are added:

Translations of German poems and songs and a selection from
Grattans' Rhenish legends. Mayence [186-?]. 161110. pp.
320. pi.

BERNARD (Frederic). Bibliotheque des Merveilles. Les
Evasions Celebres. Par Frederic Bernard. Ouvrage illnstre
de 25 vignettes par Emile Bayard. Paris: 1869. 121110. pp.
358. pis.

**.* Contains histories of the following cases :

<Aristotnene. 684 av. J.-C. Duguay-Trouin. 1694. '

Hdgesistrate. 475 av. J.-C. L'Abbe Comte de Bucquoy. 1700-

Deme'trius Soter. 162 av. J.-C. 1702.

Marius. 85 av. J.-C. Forster, Mac-Intosh, Robert de Keith,

Attains. Sixieme Siecle. Nithisdale. 1715.

Richard, due de Normandie. Dixieme Charles-Edouard. 1746.

Siecle. Stanislas Leczinski. 1734.

Louis II, Comte de Flandre. 1347. Le Baron de Trenck. 1746-1763.

Le due d' Albany. Quinzieme Siecle. Casanova de Seingalt. 1757.

Secundus Curion. Seizieme Siecle. Latude. 1750-1784.

Benvenuto Cellini. 1538. Beniowski. 1771.

Marie Stuart. 1568. Pretres Sauves par Geoffroy Saint-

Caumont de la Force. 1572. Hilaire. 1792.

Henri IV. 1573. De Chateaubrun. 1794.

Charles de Guise. 1591. Sidney Smith. - 1797.

Marie de Medicis. 1619. Pichegru, Ramel, Barthdlemy, de

Grotius. 1621. Larue. 1797.

Isaac Arnaud. 1635. Le Colonel de Richemont. 1809.

Le due de Beaufort. 1648. Le Capitaine Grivel. 1810.

Le Cardinal de Retz. 1654. Lavallette. 1815.

Quiqudran de Beaujeu. 1671. Giovanni Arrivabene, Ugoni et Seal-
Charles II. 1686. vini. 1822.

Blanche Gamond. 1687. Marrast, Guinard, Godefroy Cavaig-

Jean Bart et le Chevalier de Forbiu. nac. 1834.

1689. Rufin Piotrowski. 1846.

BERNARD (M.) See Miiller, M.
BERNARD, the ^vise. See Wright, T.

BERNSTEIN (A.). 1870. Deutscher Kalender fiir Jedermann
aus dem Volke von A. Bernstein. Zum Debit fur's Ausland.
Berlin: [n. d.] 161110. pp. 224, 119. pis.

BERQUIN (Arnaud). CEuvres Complettes. A Paris, An dix
(1802). 28 vols. 24ino. pis.


BERRYER (Pierre Antoine). Discours prononces au Corps
Legislatif les 22 & 23 juillet 1867 par M. Berryer sur la Dette
du Mexique et les Obligations Mexicaines. Tours: 1867. 121110.
pp. 63.

BERT (Paul). La Machine Humaine. Deuxieme Partie.
Equilibre de la Force. Paris: 1868. 241110. pp. 53.

BERTON (Charles). Quatre Annees en Orient et En Italic ou
Constantinople, Jerusalem et Rome en 1848, 1849, 1850, 1851.
Deuxieme edition. Paris: 1860. 8vo. pp. 472.

BERVILLE (Guyard de). The Story of the Chevalier Bayard,
from the French of the Loyal Servant, M. de Berville, and
others. By Edith Walford. With notes and introduction by
the editor. Third Edition. London: 1869. 121110. pp. 255.

[BEVERLEY (Robert)]. Histoire de la Virginie, Contenant
L'Histoire de son Etablissement, de son Gouvernement d'apre-
sent, ses Productions, la Religion, les Loix & les Coutumes des
Indiens Naturels, tant dans la Guewe que dans la Paix, & Pe'tat
present du Pays a 1'egard de la Police & de 1' Agriculture. Par
D. S. Natif & habitant du Pays. Trad nit de 1'Anglois &
enrichie de figures. A Amsterdam, Chez Claude Jordan,
Libraire, vis-a-vis du Lombart, proche la Ville de Lion.
M. DCC. xn. 161110. pp. (8), 432. pis.

BIARNES (Adolphe). Le Droit des gens. La France et Les
Yankees. Nantes: 1866. 8vo. pp. 98.

#*# At the end it is dated " Chantenay-sur-Loire, 24 Fevrier, 1866."

BIBLE. The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testa-
ments: Newly Translated out of the Original Tongues, and
with the former Translations diligently Compared and Revised,
By His Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be Read in
Churches. Oxford: Printed by Thomas Baskett, Printer to the
University. M DCC LXI. 4to.

^** Prefixed is the Book of Common Prayer, with the Psalter. L. 1756 ; and
annexed are an Index and Tables ; also A brief Concordance, carefully perused
and enlarged by John Downame. L. 1757.

The " near 300 historys" are "engraven by John Sturt."

. La Sainte Bible. [Avec les Pseaumes de David, et des

notes musicales.] A Amsterdam Chez Piene Mortier Anno 17.
Sm. 8vo.

** Unpaged. The O. T. lacks title page. The N. T. reads : " N. Edition
reveu par les Pasteurs et Professeurs de Geneve."


BIBLE. La Sainte Bible, qui contient Le Vieux et Le Nouveait
Testament : imprimee sur P edition de Paris, de P annee 1805.
Edition stereotype. A New York : La Societe Biblique Ameri-
caine. 1826. 121110. pp. 789, 207.

- La Sainte Bible revue sur les originaux, par David
Martin. New York : La Societe Biblique Americaine. 1839-40.
I2mo. pp. 819, 261.

- Psalmi / Davidis / CL. / Hebrseus textus ex optimo-
rum codicum fide editus est, / Cum versione / Johannis Coceji /
S. Theol. & Hebr. L. Professoris. / Frankerse, / Typis & im-
pensis Idzardi Alberti & Johannis Arcerii. / MDCXLVI. 241110.

- The Psalms of David translated into divers and sundry
kinds of verse, more rare and excellent for the Method and
Varietie than ever yet hath been done in English. Begun by
the noble and learned gent. Sir Philip Sidney, K. N. T., and
finished by the Right Honorable the Countess of Pembroke, his
sister. Now first printed from A Copy of the Original Manu-
script, transcribed by John Davies, of Hereford, in the reign of
James the First. [London: 1823.] i2mo. pp. xii, 295. ports.

- n K.aivri AmiVv. Novum Testamentum. Juxta Exem-

plar Joannis Millii accuratissime impressum. Editio prima
Wigorniae, Massachusettensi : Excudebat Isaias Thomas, Jun.
April, 1800. I2mo. pp. 478.

*** The first Greek testament printed in America. See O'Callaghan's
List of Editions.

- Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ,
en francais, sur la Vulgate. Traduction de L. M. de Lacy.
Vol. II. Boston : de P imprimerie de J. T. Buckingham, 1810.
8vo.' pp. 326.

The New Testament of our Our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ, translated out of the Original Greek; and with the
former translations diligently compared and revised. New
York: 1862. i2ino. pp. 670.

- Testa-menti / Novi / editio vvlgata. / Cum loannis
Benedict! in / singula capita sum-marijs / 1565. / [Colophon r
Dilingae excudebat Sebaldus Mayer.] 8vo. pp. (2), 399.

The Apocryphal New Testament, being all the gos-
pels, epistles, and other pieces now extant, attributed in the


first four centuries to Jesus Christ, his Apostles and their com-
panions, and not included in the New Testament, by its com-
pilers. Translated and now first collected into one volume with
prefaces and tables, and various notes and references. Third
Edition. London: Printed for William Howe, 45 Ludgate Hill.
1821. 8vo. pp. 250.

*% See also Hardie, James. Selectae e Veteri Testamento ; Historise : and
L' Homond, C. F. Epitome Historise Sacrse.

Bibliotheca Parisiana. See Edwards, J.

BIBLIOTHEQUE Universelle des Romans; ouvrage pe"riodique,
Dans lequel on donne T analyse raisonnee des Romans anciens
& modernes, Frangois, on traduits dans notre Langue; avec des
Anecdotes & des Notices historiques & critiques concernant les
Auteurs ou leurs Ouvrages: ainsi que les Moeurs, les Usages du
temps, les circonstances particulieres & relatives, & les Person-
nages connus, deguises ou emble'matiqties. Fevrier 1783. A
Paris [1783]. I2ino.

**# The issues for February and March, 1783, only.

Big low Papers. See Lowell, J. R.

BILLAULT (Auguste Adolphe Marie). Expedition du Mexique.
Discours de S. Exc. M. Billault. Paris: 1863. 8vo. pp. 72.

Biographiana. See -Se ward, W.

The BIOGRAPHICAL magazine, containing portraits and
characters of eminent and ingenious persons of every age and
nation. London: Printed for Harrison and Co., No. 18 Pater-
noster Row. 1794- 8vo.

*** Small vignette portraits, with shorj biographical sketches of the fol-

Addison, Broome, Columbus,

Akenside, Buchanan, Congreve,

Anson, Buckingham, Cook,

Ariosto, Butler, Corelli,

Armstrong, Camden, Corneille,

Arne, Caracci, Cowley,

Atterbury, Cervantes, Cromwell,

Bacon, Chambers, Cunningham,

Bayle, Chatham, Da Vinci,

Blackmore, Chaucer, De Foe,

Blackstone, Chesterfield, Denham,

Boerhaave, Churchill, Donne,

Boileau, Gibber, Drake,

Bolingbroke, Clarke, Dryden,

Boyle, Coke, Dyer,



Erasmus, King of Prussia, Rousseau,

Fenelon, Kneller, Rousseau, J. B.,

Fielding, Lansdowue, Rowe,

Flamsteed, Latimer, Rubens,

Fletcher, Lely, Saunderson,

La Fontaine, Linnaeus, Shakspeare,

Fontenelle, Locke, Shebbeare,

Foote, Lyttelton, Sheustone,

Ganganelli, Marlborough, Sidney,

Garrick, Mead, Sloane,

Garth, Michael-Angelo, Smollet,

Gay, Middleton, Spenser.

Gibbon, Milton, Steele,

Goldsmith, Moliere, Sterne,

Granby, Newton, Suckling,

Gray, Otway, Swift,

Halifax, Parnell, Sydenham,

Halley, Peter the Great, Tasso,

Haller, Philips, Temple,

Hampdeu, Pitt, Thomson,

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