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I2tno. pp. 544. pi.

Guide to Italy. Edinburgh: 1869. i2mo. pp. 294.
The BLACK BOOK ; or Corruption Unmasked. Being an ac-
count of Places, Pensions, and Sinecures, the* revenues of the
clergy and landed aristocracy; The Salaries and Emoluments
in Courts of Justice and the Police Department; The expendi-
ture of The Civil List; The amount and application of the
droits of the crown and admiralty; The Robbery of Charitable
Foundations; The Profits of the Bank of England, arising
from the Issue of its Notes, Balances of Public Money, Manage-
ment of the Borough Debt, and other Sources of Emolument;
The Debt, Revenue, and Influence of the East-India Company;
the state of the finances, debt and sinking-fund. To which is
added, Correct Lists of both Houses of Parliament; showing
their Family Connections, Parliamentary Influence, the Places
and Pensions held by themselves or Relations; distinguishing
also those who voted against Catholic Emancipation, and for
the Seditious Meeting and Press-Restriction Bills; the whole
forming a complete Exposition of the Cost, Influence, Patron-
age, and Corruption of the Borough Government. London:
Printed and published by John Fairburn, Broadway, Ludgate-
Hill. 1820. 8vo. pp. 480.

#** The "Lexow " revelations of A. D. 1820, but with peerage and clergy
figuring as the wrong-doers.

BLACKBURN (Henry). Travelling in Spain In the Present
Day. With Illustrations, by the late John Phillip, R. A.,
E. Lundgren, Walter Severn, and the Author. And an Ap-
pendix of Routes, Fares, &c. Second edition. London: 1869.
8vo. pp. 256.

BLACKLOCK (Thomas). Poems on Several Occasions. Ed-
inburgh: M,DCC,LIV. 8vo. pp. xvi, 181.


[BLACKMORE (Sir Richard)]. The Kit-Cats, a Poem. To
which is Added The Picture, in Imitation of Annacreon's
Bathillns. As also the Coquet Beauty, By the Right Honour-
able the Marquis of Normanby . . . London: Printed and
Sold by H. Hills, in Black-fryars, near the Water-Side. 1709.
8vo. pp. 16.

BLAGDEN (Isa). Poems by the late Isa Blagden. With a
memoir. Edinburgh and London: MDCCCLXXIII. i2mo. pp.
1 66. .

BLAIR (George). Biographic and Descriptive Sketches of
Glasgow Necropolis. Glasgow: MDCCCLVII. 121110. pp. 388. pi.

BLAIR (Rev. John). The chronology and history of the
World, from the creation to the year of Christ, 1753. London:
printed in the year MDCCLIV. Ig. folio.

BLANCHARD (Emile). The Transformations (or Metamor-
phoses) of Insects, (Insecta, Myriapoda, Arachnida, and Crus-
tacea), being an adaptation for English Readers, of M. Emile
Blanchard's "Metamorphoses, Moeurs et instincts des insects;"
a compilation from the works of Newport, Charles Darwin,
Spence Bate, Fritz Miiller, Packard, Lubbock, Stainton, and
others. London and New York: [1870]. 8vo. pp. 480. pis.

BLAKE, (William). See Flaxman, J.

BLAEUW (G.). Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica Ac
Hydrographica Tabula. Auct: Guiljelmo Blaeuw / Excudebat
Gulielmus Blaeuw / Amsterodami . . . / Ja / Vanden Ende
sculpsit / [16 ?]. oblong 4to. i sheet.

BLESSINGTON (Margaret P., Countess of). A Journal of Con-
versations with Lord Byron. With a sketch of the Life of the
Author. Boston: 1859. 121110. pp. 381. port.

BLEWITT (Octavian). A Hand-Book for Travellers in Cen-
tral Italy. London: 1850. 121110. pp. 684.

BLODGET (Lorin). The Commercial and Financial Strength
of the United States, as shown in the balances of foreign trade
and the increased production of staple articles. Philadelphia:
1864. 8vo. pp. 56.

BLUNT (Ellen Key). Bread To My Children. Philadelphia:
1856. 121110. pp. 124.

BLUNT (G. W.). See Lefferts.


BLUNT (Joseph). A Historical sketch of the formation of
the Confederacy, particularly with reference to the provincial
limits and the jurisdiction of the general government over the
Indian tribes and the public territory. . . . New York: Pub-
lished by Geo. & Charles Carvill. 1825. 8vo. pp. 116.

BOADEN (James). Memoirs of The Life of John Philip
Kemble, Esq. Including A History of the Stage, from the
time of Garrick to the present period. Philadelphia: 1825.
8vo. pp. 607.

BOCCACCIO (G.). II / Decameron / di Messer / Giovanni Boc-
cacci / Cittadin Fiorentino. / Di nuouo ristampato, e riscontrato
in Firenze con testi / antichi, & alia sua uera lettione ridotto. /
Dal Cavalier Lionardo Salviati / Deputato dal Sereniss. Gran
Duca di Toscana, con / permessione de' Superiori. / Et in qve
stavltima impressione / adornato di bellissime figure appropriate a
ciascheduna Nouella. /All'illvstriss. Mo. et/eccellentissimo Mo. /
signore / il signer lacopo Bvoncompagni, / Duca di Sora, Gouer-
nator Generale di Santa Chiefa, &c. / In Venetia, / Appresso
Alessandro Vecchi. M.D.CII. / 4to. pp. (20), 400.

II Decameron di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio. Tomo I.

Italia. Co' Caratteri di F. Didot: MDCCCXVI. 4 vols. Fo. port.

The Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment, of Boc-
caccio: translated from the Italian. To which are prefixed,
Remarks on the Life and Writings of Boccaccio; and an adver-
tisement, By the Author of Old Nick, a Piece of Family Biog-
raphy, &c. London: 1820. 8vo. pp. 579. port.

BODEL (Jean). La / Chanson des Saxons / Publiee pour la
premiere fois / par / Francisque Michel / Paris / J. Techener
Libraire place du Louvre / M DCCC xxxix / 2 vols. 121110.

[BODENHAM (John)]. Wits Common-Wealth: or, A Treas-
ury of Divine, Moral, Historical and Political Admonitions,
Similies and Sentences. For the Use of Schools. Newly Cor-
rected and Enlarged. London: Printed for W. Taylor, at the
Ship and Black Swan, in Pater-Noster-Row. MD CCC xxn.
I2mo. pp. (2), ii, 270, (4).

BOECKH (Augustus). The Public Economy of Athens; to
which is added, A Dissertation on The Silver Mines of Laurion.
Translated by George Cornewall Lewis. Second edition, re-
vised. London: M.DCCC.XLII. 8vo. pp.688.


BOHN (Henry G.). The Hand-Book of Games: comprising
new or carefully revised treatises on Whist, Piquet, Ecarte",
Lansquenet, Boston, Quadrille, Cribbage, and other card games;
Faro, Rouge et Noir, Hazard, Roulette ; Backgammon,
Draughts; Billiards, Bagatelle, American Bowls; etc., etc.
Written or compiled by professors and amateurs. Edited by
Henry G. Bolni. London: M.DCCC.L. 121110. pp. 617.

A Hand- Book of Proverbs. Comprising an entire re-
publication of Ray's Collection of English Proverbs, with his
additions from foreign languages. And A Complete Alphabet-
ical Index; in which are introduced large additions, as well of
proverbs as of savings, sentences, maxims, and phrases, col-
lected by Henry G. Bohn. London: MDCCCLV. 121110. pp. 583.

The Pictorial Handbook of London, comprising its

antiquities, architecture, arts, manufacture, trade, social, liter-
ary, and scientific institutions, exhibitions, and galleries of art;,
together with some account of the principal suburbs and most
attractive localities. Illustrated with two hundred and five
engravings on wood, by Branston, Jewitt, and others; and a
new and complete map, engraved by Lowry. London: 1854.
121110. pp. 910.

A Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs, comprising French,

Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Danish, with
English Translations and a General Index. London: 1867,
121110. pp. 579.

BOILEAU DESPREAUX (N.). CEuvres de Boileau, avec un
choix de notes des meilleurs commentateurs et pre*cedees d'une
notice par M. Amar. Paris: 1848. 121110. pp. 594. port.

The Art of Poetry. Written in French by The Sieur

de Boileau.- In Four Canto's. Made English, By Sir William
Soames. Since Revis'd by John Dryden, Esq; London:
Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in Black-fryars near the Water-
side. 1710. (Price three Pence.) 8vo. pp. 40.

BOKER (George H.). Poems of the War. Boston: 1864.
121110. pp. 202.

Our Heroic Themes. A Poem read before the Phi

Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University, July 20, 1865.
Boston: 1865. 121110. pp. 20.

Reception tendered by the members of the Union


League of Philadelphia to George H. Boker, Minister of the
United States to Turkey. Friday Evening, December 22,
1871. Philadelphia: 1872. rl. 8vo. pp. 71. port.

BONAPARTE (N. and J.). The Confidential Correspondence
of Napoleon Bonaparte with his brother Joseph, sometime King
of Spain. Selected and translated, with explanatory notes,
from the "Memoires du Roi Joseph." New York: M.DCCC.LVI.
2 vols. 8vo. ports.

BONAPARTE (Louis). See Napoleon III.

Bone to Gnaw for Democrats. See Cobbett, W.

"Bon Gaultier." See Aytonn, W. E.

"Bonhomnie Richard." See Franklin.

BONNET (J. E.)- Reponse atix Principales Questions qui
peuvent tre faites stir les Etats-Unis de I'Amerique, Par tin

citoyen adoptif de la Pensylvanie A Lausanne, De

1'Imprimerie d' Henri Vincent. M. DCC. xcv. 2 vols. 8vo.

BONTIUS (Jacobus). Animadversiones et observationes.
[n. p., n. d.?] 241110. pp. 212, (4).
**# Lacks title.

Book of Ballads. See Ay ton n, W. E.
Book of Gems. See Hall, S. C.
BOOK OF HOURS. 321110.

*** A charming little MS. volume, written on vellum with illuminated and
miniature initial letters and borders.

The BOOK of Humorous Poetry. With illustrations by
Charles A. Doyle. Edinburgh: 1873. I2ino. pp. 464.

Book of the Sonnet. See Hunt, L.

The BOOK- WORM. Edited and illustrated by J. Ph. Berjeau.
London: 1866- 3 vols. Svo.

YE BOOKE of Ye Goode Fellowes. 4to. 98 leaves.

..* '* A volume personal to Mr. Graham, being one in which his various
friends have left memorials of the pleasant hours passed with him. Among the
most notable are poems by Bayard Taylor, C. P. Cranch, George H. Boker, E.
C. Stedman, W. H. Huntington, Boughton, Lord Houghton, B. W. Procter
(Barry Cornwall), Robert Browning, Longfellow, T. B. Read, G. P. Marsh,
Frances Trollope, W. H. Hurlbut, Ouida (de la Ramee), Emerson and Swin-
burne ; sentiments by Simonds, Booth, G. A. Sala, Worden, Sheridan, Meade,
Lamartine, Charlotte Cushman, C. G. Leland, W. T. Sherman, McClellan and
Grant ; sketches by Hiram Powers, Holman Hunt and F. E. Church ; music by
Goldschmidt ; and signatures of Gifford, Aldrich, Parke Godwin, Greenough,


Bancroft, and Jenny Lind. The most interesting contribution, however, is the
opening, or prefatory poem of R. H. Stoddard, which so charmingly describes
the purpose of the volume, that it is here reprinted.

' Every book must have a name. An he be not a good fellow !

Meaning much or meaning little ;

This of course must have the same : Turn the leaves, and you will see

Let me see, Such a goodly company :

What shall it be ? " Poets, with their careless lines,

I have hit it, to a tittle : (Made beforehand eveiy one !)

(Fellow authors be not jealous,) Artists, with their quaint designs,

"Tis ' Ye Booke of ye Goode Fellowes.' Future pictures here begun ;

Critics, (spare me, dreadful men !)

Not a man shall figure here, Masters of the Brush and Pen.

(Soon you'll see a score appear,) Some are famous now, and some

Be his talent what it will, Will be in the years to come ;

With the pencil, or the quill, (Poets can the future tell us,)

Old or young, or crude or mellow, And all the very best good fellows."

BORMANS (de). See Janni, J.

BORY (de). See Franklin, B.

Bossu (N.). Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes Occidentals;
Contenant une Relation des differens Peuples qui habitent les
environs du grand Fleuve Saint- Lpuis, appelle vnlgairement le
Mississipi ; leur Religion; lenr gonvernement ; leurs inoeurs ;
leurs guerres & leur commerce. Par M. Bossu, Capitaine
dans les Troupes de la Marine. Premiere Partie. Seconde
Edition. A Paris, M. DCC. LXVIII. 2 vols. 121110. 4 pis.

Nouveaux Voyages dans 1'Amerique Septentrionale,

contenant Une collection de Lettres Writes stir les lieur, par
1'Auteur, a son ami, M. Douin, Chevalier, Capitaine dans les
troupes du Roi, ci-devant son camaradedans le nouveau Monde.
Par M. Bossu, Chevalier de 1'Ordre Royal & Militaire de
Saint-Louis, ancien Capitaine d'une Compagnie de la Marine.
A Amsterdam, Chez Changuion, a la Bourse. M. DCC. LXXVII.
8vo. pp. xvj, 392. 4 pis.

BOSSUET (J. B.). An Universal History, from the beginning
of the World, to the Empire of Charlemagne. Translated from
the I3th edition of the original. By Mr. Ephilstone. New
York: Published by Robert Moore, bookseller. J. & J. Harper,
printers. 1821. I2mo. pp. 405.

*% Interesting as an early issue of this famous firm.

BossuiT (F. van). Cabinet de PArt de Schulpture. Par le
fameux Sculpteur Francis van Bossuit. Execute^ en Yvoire ou
Ebauche" en Terre, Gravies d'apres les desseins de Barent Graat.
Par Mattys Pool. A Amsterdam. Chez Mattys Pool sur le
Leidse graft proche de Heere graft. MDCCXXVII. 4to.


BOSWELL(J.). The/ Life / of / Samuel Johnson, LL.D. /
Comprehending / an account of his studies / and numerous
works, / in chronological order; / a series of his epistolary cor-
respondence / and conversations with many eminent persons; /
and various original pieces of his composition, / never before
published. / The whole exhibiting a view of literature and lit-
erary men / in Great-Britain, for near half a century, / during
which he flourished. / In two volumes. / By James Boswell,

Esq. / / London: / Printed by Henry Baldwin, / for

Charles Dilly, in the Poultry. / M DCC xci. / 2 vols. 4to. port,
and 2 pis.

*** "Every one who can buy a book has bought Boswell," but few have
been able to buy a copy of the first edition.

Boswelliana. [n. p. n. d.] sm. 4to. pp. 27.

#% Transcribed from a note book of Boswell and prefaced by Lord
Hough ton.

BOTTA (Anne C. Lynch). Hand-Book of Universal Litera-
ture. Boston: 1863. 8vo. pp. 567.

#** Presentation copy from Mrs. Botta to Mr. Graham.

Poems by Anne C. Lynch. With illustrations by Du-

rand, Huntington, Darley, Duggan, Rothermel, etc. New
York : 1853. 8vo. pp. 203, (i).

#*# A presentation copy from the author.

BOTTA (Carlos). Histoire de la Guerre de 1'Independance
des Etats-Unis d'Amerique. Traduite de PItalien, et precedee
d'une Introduction, par Mr. L. De Sevelinges. Paris: 1812-
4 vols. 8vo. pis.

Storia della Gnerra dell'Independenza Degli Stati Uniti

D' America Scritta da Carlo Botta. Terza Edizione con alcune
correzioni dell'autore. Milano, 1819. 8vo. 4 vols. port,
and maps.

BOUDINOT (Elias). A Star in the West; or, A Humble At-
tempt to Discover the long lost Ten Tribes of Israel, prepara-
tory to their return to their beloved city, Jerusalem. Trenton,
N. J. 1816. 8vo. pp. 312.

[BoUGY (Hue de Carpiquet, Marquis de]\. L'lvtat devant les
flections. Le Mexique. Paris: 1863. 8vo. pp. 16.

BouiLLET (N. ). Dictionnaire Universel des Sciences, des
Lettres et des Arts. Troisieme edition revue et corrige'e. Paris:
1857. 8vo - PP-


BouiLLET (N.). Diction naire Universe! d'Histoire et de
Geographic. Nouvelle Edition (Vingt et Uiiie'me) avec un
supplement. Paris: 1869. 8vo. pp. 2040.

[BOURGEOIS, de La Rochelle]. Christophe Colomb, / on /
I'Ameriqne/ De"couverte, / Poeme. / Premiere Partie. / A Paris, /
Chez Moutard, Libraire de Madame la Danphine, / qnai des
Augustins, pres du Pont S. Michel. / M. DCC. LXXIII. / Avec
Approbation & Permission du Roi. / 2 vols. 8vo. pp. (2), xv,
(i), 217, pi.; 266, (3), pi.

[ ] Voyages Interessans dans Differentes Colonies Fran-

caises, Espagnoles, Anglaises, &c. Contenant des Observations
importantes relatives a ces contrees; & un Memoire sur les Mal-
adies les plus communes a Saint-Domingue, lenrs remedes, &
le moyen de s'en preserver moralement & phisiquement: Avec
des Anecdotes singulieres, qui n' avaient jamais e^e" publiees.
Le tout redige & mis au jour, d' apres un grand nombre des
manuscrits, par M. N. A Londres; Et se trouve A Paris, Chez
Jean-Francois Bastien. M. DCC. LXXXVIII. 8vo. pp. vii, (i), 507.

*** Written by Nougaret, from the papers of Bourgeois, but usually cata-
logued under the latter. See Sabin's Dictionary.

BovEE (C. N.). Intuitions and Summaries of Thought.
Boston: M DCCC LXII. 2 vols. i2ino.

*** A. presentation copy to Mr. Graham from the author, with a number of
MS. corrections in the text.

BOWDICH (T. Edward). Mission from Cape Coast Castle to
Ashantee, with a Statistical Account of That Kingdom, and
Geographical Notices of Other Parts of the Interior of Africa.
London: 1819. 410. pp. 512. maps, pis. and music.

BOWLES (Samuel). Across the Continent: a summer's jour-
ney to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific
States, with Speaker Colfax. Springfield, Mass.: 1865. 121110.
pp. xix, 437. map.

BOWLES (W. L.). The Invariable Principles of Poetry: in a
letter addressed to Thomas Campbell, Esq.; occasioned by some
critical observations in his Specimens of British Poets, particu-
larly relating to the Poetical Character of Pope. London:
1819. 8vo. pp. 46, errata slip.

[ ] Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Byron. By John Bull.

London: 1821. 8vo. pp. 64.


BOWLES (W. L.)- Two Letters to the Right Honourable

Lord Byron, in answer to his Lordship's letter to , on

the Rev. Wm. L. Bowles's Strictures on the Life and Writings
of Pope: More particularly on the question, Whether Poetry be
more immediately indebted to what is sublime or beautiful in
the Works of Nature, or the Works of Art. London: 1821.
8vo. pp. 104.

[ ] A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Byron, Protesting

against the immolation of Gray, Cowper, & Campbell, at the
Shrine of Pope. London: 1821. 8vo. pp. 34.
*** Signed Fabius.

A Final Appeal to the Literary Public, relative to Pope,

in reply to certain observations of Mr. Roscoe, in his edition of
that poet's works. To which are added some remarks on Lord
Byron's Conversations, as far as they relate to the same subject
and the author. London: 1825. &vo. PP- 1 9-

BOWRING (J.). Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain.
Selected and translated by John Bowring. London: 1824. 8vo.
pp. 328.

Batavian Anthology; or Specimens of the Dutch Poets;

with remarks on the poetical literature and language of the
Netherlands, to the end of the seventeenth century. By John
Bowring and Harry S. Van Dyk. London: 1824. 121110. pp.


*** The preface contains a list of the authors, specimens of whose work are

Wybor Poezyi Polskiey. Specimens of the Polish

Poets; with notes and observations on the Literature of Poland.
By John Bowring. London: 1827. pp. 227.

Wybor Z Basnictwi Ceskeho. Cheskian Anthology :

being a history of the Poetical Literature of Bohemia, with
translated specimens by John Bowring. London: 1832. i6mo.
pp. 270.

Matins and Vespers: with Hymns, and occasional de-

votio.nal pieces. Boston: M DCCC LXVIII. i6mo. pp. 276.

BOYD'S New York City Tax-Book; being a List of Persons,
Corporations & Co-Partnerships, resident and non-resident, who
were taxed according to the Assessors' books, 1856 & '57.
New York: 1857. 8vo. pp. 251.


BOYER (A.). The Royal Dictionary Abridged. In two parts.
I. French and English. II. English and French. The Tenth
Edition, carefully Corrected, With large Additions. London:

BOYLE'S Fashionable Court and Country Guide, and Town
Visiting Directory. Corrected for January, 1853. London:
[n. d.] i6mo. pp. 731.

BOYNTON (Edward C.). History of West Point, and its Mili-
tary Importance During the American Revolution: and the
Origin and Progress of the United States Military Academy.
New York: 1864. rl. 8vo. pp. 408. maps and pis.
*** One hundred copies printed on large paper.

BRABANT (due de.} See Stacquez.

Bi'acebridge Hall. See Irving, W.

BRACKENRIDGE (H. M.). History of the late war between the
United States and Great-Britain. Baltimore: 1817. I2ino. pp.
363. pis.

Voyage to South America, performed By Order of The

American Government in the years 1817 and 1818. London:
1820. 8vo.

#* # Brackenridge was one of the American Commission sent to greet the

new South American republics, and his narrative of what he saw is highly

praised by Humboldt.

BRADFORD (Alden). History of Massachusetts, from 1764 to
July, 1775, when General Washington took command of the
American Army. Boston: 1822. 8vo. pp. 414.

BRADSTREET(G?/.). See Hough, F. B.

BRAND (John). Observations on the Popular Antiquities of
Great Britain: chiefly illustrating the Origin of Our Vulgar and
Provincial Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions. Arranged,
revised, and greatly enlarged, by Sir Henry Ellis. A new edi-
tion, with further additions. London: MDCCCXIJX. 3 vols.
8vo. pis.

BRAY (Mrs. Anna Eliza). The Novels and Romances of
Anna Eliza Bray. London: 1845. 10 vols. i2mo.

Courtenay of Walreddon. The Talba; or, Moor of Portugal.

De Foix. Trelawny of Trelawne ; or, the Proph-

Fitz of Fitz-Ford. ecy.

Henry de Pomeroy; or, the Eve of Trials of the Heart.
St. John. Warleigh ; or, The Fatal Oak.

The Protestant. The White Hoods.


BRAY (Charles). The Philosophy of Necessity; or Natural
Law as applicable to Moral, Mental, and Social Science, ad ed.
revised. London: 1863. 8vo. pp. 446.

BRAYLEY (Edward Wedlake). Londiniana; or Reminiscences
of the British Metropolis: including Characteristic Sketches,
antiquarian, topographical, descriptive, and literary. London:
1829. 4 vols. 121110. maps and pis.

BREMER (Fredrika). The Neighbours, A Story of Every-
Day Life. And other tales? Hopes, The Twins, The Soli-
tary, The Comforter, A. Letter About Suppers, Tralinnan.
Translated by Mary Howitt. London: 1852. 8vo. pp. 520.

The President's Daughters; including Nina. Trans-
lated by Mary Howitt. London: 1852. 8vo. pp. 588.

The Home, or, Life in Sweden. And Strife and Peace.

Translated by Mary Howitt. London: 1853. 8vo. pp. 518.

A Diary, The H Family, Axel and Anna, and

other tales. Translated by Mary Howitt. London: 1853. 8vo.
pp. 510.

BRERETON (John Le Gay). The Travels of Prince Legion,
and other poems. London: MDCCCLVII. 121110. pp. 166.

BREWER (E. Cobham). Dictionary of Phrase and Fable,
giving the Derivation, Source, or Origin of Common Phrases,
Allusions, and Words that have a Tale to Tell. Second edition.
London: [n. d.] 121110. pp. 79.

BREWSTER (David). More Worlds than One: the creed of the
philosopher and the hope of the Christian. London: 1870.
121110. pp. 262.

Bridal of Vanmond. See Sands, R. C.

BRIDGES (Charles). A Memoir of Miss Mary Jane Graham,
late of Stoke Fleming, Devon. Philadelphia: 1834. 121110.
PP- 252.

A BRIEF Account of the Colosseum, in the Regents Park,
London: Comprising a description of the building, the pano-
ramic view from the top of St. Paul's cathedral, the conserva-
tory, etc. [London :] 1829. Oblong 4to.

[BRIFKAULT (Fr.)]. Le Prisonnier de Ham. Paris: 1849.
8vo. pp. (4), iii, 153. port, and fac simile.


BRIGHT (John). Speeches on Questions of Public Policy.
Kdited by James E. Thorold Rogers. London: 1869. I2ino.
pp. 582.

BRISSOT DE WARVILLE (J. P.). Nouveau Voyage dans les
Itats-Unis de rAmerique Septentrionale, fait en 1788; par J. P.
Brissot (Warville), Citoyen Francois. ... A Paris, Chez Buis-
son, Imprimenr et Libraire, rue Haute- Feuille, No. 20. Avril,
1791. 3 vols. 8vo.

** # Portrait of the author inserted. g

Lithographed signatures of the members who met at Cam-
bridge June, M.DCCC. xxxiii. With a report of proceedings at
public meetings during the week; and an alphabetical list of
the members. Cambridge: M.DCCC. xxxiii. 4to. pp. 125.

BRITISH MUSEUM. A List of the Books of Reference in the
Reading Room of the British Museum. [London :] MDCCCLIX.
Svo. pp. 413.

BRITTON (John). Architectural illustrations of Windsor Cas-
tle, by Michael Gandy and Benjamin Baud, architects. With a
concise historical and architectural account of that monarchical
edifice. London: MDCCCXLII. Fol. pp. 12. pis.

[BROCCHI (Filippo)]. Collezione Alfabetica di uotnini e
donne illustri della Toscana dagli scorsi secoli fino alia meta'
del xrx. Compilata da F. B. di G. B. Firenze: 1852. 8vo.
pp. 218.

BROOKE (Fulke, Lord}. Certaine / Learned / and / Elegant /
Workes / of the / Right Honorable / Fvlke, / Lord Brooke, /
Written in his Youth, and familiar / Exercise with / Sir / Philip
Sidney. / The seuerall Names of which Workes the / following
page doth declare. / London, / Printed by E. P. for Henry
Seyle, and are to / be sold at his shop at the signe of the Tygers /
head in St. Paules Church-yard. 1633. / 8vo. title, pp. 23-
82, 1-298.

BROUGHAM (Henry, Lord}. Lives of Men of Letters of the
time of George III. London and Glasgow: 1855. 8vo. pp.438.

** # Contains the following lives:

Voltaire, Rousseau. Hume,

Robertson, Johnson, Gibbon.

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