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BROUGHAM (John). A Basket of Chips. New YORK :
MDCCCLV. 1 2 mo. pp. 408.

BROWN (Rev. John). A Concordance to the Holy Scriptures
of the Old and New Testaments. New York: 1850. 241110.
pp. 272.

BROWN (Samuel R.). The Western Gazetteer; or Emigrant's
Directory. Containing a geographical description of the West-
ern States and Territories, viz., the States of Kentucky, Indiana,
Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi; and the Territories
of Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Michigan and North-Western.
With an appendix, containing sketches of some of the Western
counties of New- York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; a descrip-
tion of the great northern lakes, Indian annuities, and directions
to emigrants. By Samuel R. Brown. Auburn, N. Y. Printed
by H. C. South wick, 1817. 8vo. pp. 360.

#** Autograph presentation copy, from Robert Goodloe Harper.

BROWN (William Wells). The American Fugitive in Europe.
Sketches of Places and People Abroad. With a Memoir of the
Author. Boston: 1855. i2mo. pp. 320. port.

*% The brownness of skin and not of name was the cause of the author's
flight to Europe.

[BROWNE (C. F.)]. ArtemusWard. His book. With notes
and a preface by the Editor of the Biglow Papers. London:
1865. i6mo. pp. 167.

Artemus Ward's Lecture. (As delivered at the Egyp-
tian Hall, London.) London: 1869. 8vo. pp. 196. port.

Betsey Jane Ward (Better-half to Artemus), hur Book

of Goaks. With a hull akkownt of the coartship and maridge
to a4said Artemus, and Mister Ward's cutting-up with the Mor-
inon fare seeks. London: [n. d.] 161110. pp. 192.

BROWNE (James). A History of the Highlands and of the
Highland Clans; with an extensive selection from the hith-
erto inedited Stuart papers. A new edition, with engravings.
London: 1854. 4 vols. 8vo. map and port.

BROWNE (John). Joannis Browne, weyland Koniglichen
Englischen Chirurgi Ordinarii, Verteutschte neue Beschreibung
Derer In dem menschlichen Corper befindlichen Musculen, Dar-
innen Eines jeden Nahmen mid naturliches Lager in Kupffer-
Stichen vorgestellet; Auch derselben Urspriinge, Einpflantz-


ungen und Gebrauch, deutlich beschrieben wird-nebst dem was
so wohl der Autor als andere aufFs neueste hierinn entdecket
Mit Einigen neuen Kupffer-Blatten. Samt Einer Vorrede Von
dem Fundamentis Myologiae, Und durchgehends Nothigen
Anmerckungen vermehret von Christian Maximilian Spener
Med. D. Konigl. Preussischen und Chur-Brandenb. Hoff-
Medico, Der Kayserl. Acad. Nat. Cur. wie auch Brandenb.
Konigl. Societat der Wissenschafften Collega. Leipzig Zu
finden bey Johann Herbord Klossen Buchhaiidl. Im Jahr 1715.
Fo. pp. (24), 98, 4 (4), pis.

BROWNE (J. R.). Report of J. Ross Browne, on the Mineral
Resources of the States and Territories west of the Rocky
Mountains. Washington: 1868. 8vo. pp. 674.

BROWNE (R. W. ). A History of Roman Classical Literature.
London: 1853. 8vo. pp. xx, 556.

BROWNE (Sir Thomas). The Works of. Edited by Simon
Wilkin. London: MDCCCLII. 3 vols. i2ino. port.

BROWNING (Robert). Men and Women. Boston: M.DCCC.-
L,vi. i2ino. pp. 351.

The Poetical Works of Robert Browning. Fourth

edition. London: 1865. 3 vols. 121110. port.

*** Oil the fly leaf is written, "Robert Browning ought to have given this
book, instead of merely his best wishes and thanks, to Mr. J. Lorimer
Graham. London, March 5, 67."

The Ring and The Book. London: 1868. 121110.

Balaustion's Adventure: including a transcript from

Euripides. London: 1871. I2mo. pp. 170.

Fifine At The Fair. London: 1872. I2mo. pp. 171.

[BROWNING (Miss Elizabeth Barrett, Mrs.}~\. An Essay on
Mind, with other poems. London: MDCCCXXVI. 121110. pp.

xi", (i), i, 152.

**# Published when the author was only seventeen.

The Poems of. A new edition, carefully corrected by

the last London edition. With an introductory essay. New
York: M.DCCC.Liv. 2 vols. I2mo.

Prometheus Bound, and other poems; including Son-
nets from the Portuguese, Casa Guidi Windows, etc. New
York: M DCCC LIV. i2ino. pp. 234.


[BROWNING (Miss Elizabeth Barrett, Mrs.)']. Aurora Leigh.
New York: 1857. i2ino. pp. 366.

# ** Also a copy of the loth edition. London: 1870.

Poetical Works. Eighth Edition. London: 1870. 5

vols. 121110. port.

BRYANT (William Cullen). Poems. New York: M.DCCC.-
xxxn. i2tno. pp. 240. port.

Poems. Collected and arranged by the author. Phil-
adelphia: 1853. i2mo. pp. 378.

* # Also an edition, New York: 1870.

A discourse on the life, character and genius of Wash-
ington Irving, delivered before the New York Historical Society
at the Academy of Music in New York on the 3d of April, 1860.
New York: 1860. 8vo. pp. 63.

*% Each page of text has been inlaid in 4to, and autographs of Longfellow,
Paulding, G. P. Putnam, and many portraits, inserted.

Letters from the East. London: 1869. i2mo. pp.256.

The BRYANT Festival at " The Century." Illustrated Edi-
tion. New York: Published by the Century Association.
M.DCCC.LXV. 410. pp. 88.

*** 150 copies printed on large paper. Inserted in this copy is the original
programme, notification, and ticket of admission to the "Festival," and let-
ters of George Bancroft, W. C. Bryant, C. M. Sedgwick, N. P. Willis, and
H. T. Tuckerman, concerning the book, as well as the whole of the MS. pro-
ceedings and letters which constitute the text of the book, including the fol-
io wing papers:

Address of George Bancroft ; Reply by Mr. Bryant ; Poem of Bayard Taylor;
Letter of Richard H. Dana; Remarks of R. W. Emerson ; Poems of George H.
Boker and Charles Sangster; Letters of Goldwin Smith and C. M. Sedgwick ;
Poems of Mary H. C. Booth and Lydia Huntley Sigourney; Letters of Daniel
Huntington, Asher B. Durand, Christopher P. Cranch, and William Allen;
Poem of H. N. Powers; Letters of W. A. Muhlenberg, Charles T. Brown, A.
Cleveland Coxe, James Pierpont, Charles Sprague, H. W. Longfellow, J. R.
Lowell, Edward Everett, G. C. Verplanck ; Address of William M. Evarts ;
Letters of Fitz-Greene Halleck (2), and N. P. Willis (2); Poems of E. A.
Stansbury, Alfred B. Street, and R. H. Stoddard ; Letter and Poem of
H. T. Tuckerman ; Letters of George Bancroft, Alfred B. Street, Charles
Saugster, Julia Ward Howe, R. W. Emerson, John G. Whittier, R. H. Dana,
Jr., Fitz-Greene Halleck, Charles Godfrey Leland, T. Buchanan Read, George
H. Boker, C. M. Sedgwick, O. W. Holmes', H. N. Powers and Henry T. Tuck-
erman ; the original subscription list to the large paper copies, the newspaper
accounts of the "Festival," and many portraits, specially inserted. The
whole prefaced by a water-color title.

**# There are also two other copies of the large paper and of the small
paper edition, the whole having been carried through the press by Mr.


[BRYDGES (Egerton)]. Censura Literaria. Containing Titles,
Abstracts, and Opinions of Old English Books, with original
disquisitions, articles of biography, and other literary antiqui-
ties. London: 1805. 4 vols. 8vo.

Restituta; or, Titles, Extracts, and Characters of Old

Books in English Literature, Revived. London: 1814- 4 vols.

BUACHE (P.). Considerations /Geographiques / et / Phisiques /
Sur les Nouvelles Decouvertes an Nord-Est de PAsie et / an
Nord-Ouest de PAmerique, / Avec les Memoires relatifs / pre-
sentees a 1' Academic Roy ale des Sciences / par Phil. Buache /
Premier Geographe du Roi / et de la inline Academic. / A Paris /
Chez Dezauche. / . . . . / Du 15. Novembre, 1781. Fo.
Title & 16 maps.

See L'Erle, G.

BUCHANAN (George). The History of Scotland, translated
from the Latin ; with notes and a continuation to the Union in
the reign of Queen Anne. By James Aikman. In four vol-
umes. Glasgow: 1827. 4 vols. 8vo. ports, and map.

BUCHANAN (R.). Ballad Stories of the Affections. From
the Scandinavian. By Robert Buchanan. London: 1869.
161110. pp. 176.

BUCHANAN (W. M.). A Technological Dictionary: explain-
ing the terms of the arts, sciences, literature, professions, and
trades. London: 1846. 241110. pp. 755.

BUCHNER (L.). Man in the Past, Present and Future. A
popular account of the results of recent scientific research as
regards the origin, position and prospects of the human race.
From the German. By W. S. Dallas. London: 1872. *8vo.

PP- 363-

BUCKHURST, JLord. See Surrey.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE (John Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave and
Duke of}. An Essay on Poetry: By the Right Honourable the
Earl of Mulgrave. London: Printed and Sold by H. Hills, in
Black-fry ars, near the Water-side, 1709. 8vo. pp. 16.

The Poetical Works of John Sheffield, Duke of Buck-
inghamshire. To which is prefixed the Life of the Author.
Cooke's Edition. Embellished with superb engravings. Lon-
don: [1/98]. 161110. pp. 71.


[BuLLAR (Joseph)]. Evening Thoughts. By a Physician.

2d ed. London : M.D.CCC.Lll. 121110. pp. 143.

BULWER(H. L. E., Baron}. France, social, literary, political.

New York: 1857. 2 vo ^ s - i2mo.

BULWER-LYTTON (E. G. E. L., Baron}. [Novels]. London:

1845. 17 vols. 121110. pis.

Paul Clifford, Eugene Aram, Zanoni,

Pelham, Ernest Maltravers, Leila and Calderon,

Pilgrims of the Rhine, Night and Morning, Harold,

Last of the Barons, Last Days of Pompeii, " My Novel,"

Godolphiu, The Disowned, The Caxtons.

Rienzi, Devereux,

[ ] The Student. A series of papers. Philadelphia:

1851. 2 vols. 241110.

[ ] Falkland. Philadelphia: 1851. 241110.

The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Sir Edward Btil-

wer Lytton. London: 1852- 5 vols. 121110. pis. and ports.

Athens: Its Rise and Fall; with views of the litera-
ture, philosophy, and social life of the Athenian people. New
York: 1856. 1.21110. pp. 324.

[ ] England and the English. New York: 1857. i2ino.

2 vols.

King Arthur. A poem. London: 1870. 121110. pp.

443- Pi-

BUNYAN (John). The Pilgrim's Progress from This World
to That Which Is To Come. Delivered under the Similitude
of a Dream. In two parts. With Original Notes, by Thomas
Scott. Hartford: 1844. 121110. pp. 360. port, and pis.

Banyan's Pilgrim's Progress. With Illustrations by

Charles Bennett and a Preface by Charles Kingsley. New York:
1860. 8vo. pp. 399. port.

BURDETT (Charles). Margaret MoucriefTe; the First Love of
Aaron Burr. A Romance of the Revolution. With a fac-
simile of the celebrated Cipher Letter and Key. New York:
1860. 121110. pp. 437.

BURGER (G. A.). The / Chase, / and / William and Helen: /
Two Ballads, / from the / German / of / Gottfried Augustus
Burger. / Translated by Walter Scott Esqr. Advocate. / Edin-
burgh: / Printed by Mundell and Son, R. Bank Close, / for


Manners and Miller, Parliament Square; / and sold by T. Cadell,
Jun. and W. Davies (successors to / Mr. Cadell) in the Strand,
London. / 1796. / 410. pp. v, 41.

x*x A presentation copy from the translator to George Chalmers.

*% Scott's first literary production, of which he himself wrote, "My adven-
ture proved a dead loss . . . and a great part of the edition was condemned
to the service of the trunkmaker."

BURGOYNE (Sir John). A / State / of the / Expedition / from /
Canada, / as laid before the / House of Commons / by / Lieutenant-
General Bnrgoyne, / and verified by evidence; / with a / collec-
tion of authentic documents, / and / an addition of many cir-
cumstances which were prevented / from appearing before the
House by the / prorogation of Parliament. / Written and col-
lected by himself, /and / dedicated to the officers of the army he
commanded. / The Second Edition. / London: / Printed for J.
Almon, opposite Burlington-House, Piccadilly. / MDCCLXXX.
8vo. pp. ix, (2), 191, cix, 6 maps and folding table.

The Dramatic and Poetical Works of the late Lieut.

Gen. J. Burgoyne; to which is prefixed Memoirs of the Author.
Embellished with copper plates. London: 1807. 2 vols. 241110.

See O'Callaghan, E. B.

BURKE (Sir F. Bernard). Anecdotes of the Aristocracy and
Episodes in Ancestral Story. London: 1849. 2 vo ^ s - 1-2 mo.

The Romance of the Aristocracy: or Anecdotes and

Record's of Distinguished Families. New and revised edition.
London: 1855. 3 vols. i2ino.

The Rise of Great Families, other essays and stories.

London: 1873. 121110. pp. 371.

[BuRKE (Edmund)]. Histoire des Colonies Europeennes dans
1'Ame'rique, en six parties. A Paris: M. DCC. LXVII. 2 vols.
1 2 mo. maps.

[ ] Beschreibung der Europaischen Kolonien in America.

Leipzig: 1778. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. xx, 311; x, 304. 2 maps.

Edmund Burke's Jahrbucher der neuern Geschichte der

Englischen Pflanzungen in Nord-Amerika. . . . Danzig: 1777-
3 vols. 1 2 mo.

# * # The title pages of volumes two and three differ from volume one.

[ ] Geschichte der Englischen Kolonien in Nord-Amer-
ika. Leipzig, 1775. 2 vols. 121110. pp. (8), 452, (8); (8),
424, (8).


BURKE (Edmund). Extracts from Mr. Burke's Table Talk,
at Crewe Hall. Written down by Mrs. Crewe. [u. p. n. d.].
Sm. 4to. pp. 62.

*** Privately printed by Lord Houghton.

The Works of Edmund Burke, with a Memoir. New-
York: 1851. 3 vols. 8vo. port.

BURKE, (W.). Trial of William Burke and Helen M'Dougal,
before the High Court of Justiciary, at Edinburgh, on Wednes-
day, December 24, 1828, for the Murder of Margaret Campbell,
or Docherty. Edinburgh: MDCCCXXIX. 8vo. pp. 200. pi.
and ports.

#*x Messrs. Burke and Hare for some time conducted the neat business of
supplying bodies to surgeons. Nature not furnishing sufficient of their stock
in trade, they supplemented the supply by occasionally killing some one.
Unfortunately for science, they were detected in the killing of their seven-
teenth victim. Bound up with the above pamphlet, is a "supplement" and
a series of pamphlets, broadsides, songs and caricatures relating to the series
of trials that occurred.

BURNET (John R.). Tales of the Deaf and Dumb, with Mis-
cellaneous Poems. Newark, N. J. 1835. 121110. pp. 230. pi.

BURNS (R.). The Works of Robert Burns, with an account
of his life, and a criticism on his writings. To which are pre-
fixed, some observations on the character and condition of the
Scottish peasantry. In four volumes. The fourth edition.
London: 1803. 4 vols. 8vo. port.

Letters addressed To Clarinda, &c. First American

edition. Washington City: 1818. 121110. pp. 60.

Fac-simile of Burns' celebrated poem, entitled The jolly

beggars, from the original manuscript, in the possession of
Thomas Stewart, Esq., Greenock. Glasgow: 1823. 4 to - Title,
pp. 4, 16 11.

The Poetical Works of Robert Burns. London: 1839.

3 vols. i2ino. port.

The Poems, Letters and Land of Robert Burns: illus-
trated by W. H. Bartlett, T. Allom and other artists. With a
new memoir of the Poet, and notices, critical and biographical,
of his works by Allan Cunningham. London: [1840]. 2 vols.
4to. pis.

The Correspondence between Burns and Clarinda.

With a memoir of Mrs. M'Lehose (Clarinda), arranged and


edited by her grandson, W. C. M'Lehose. Edinburgh: MDCCC.-
xun. 121110. pp. 297.

BURNS (RA The Scottish Keepsake, or, The Songs of the
Ayrshire Bard. Mauchline, Ayrshire: 1857. 32ino. pp. 133.
**. Bound in boards from the "barn roof of Mossgiel while occupied by

The Life and Works of Robert Burns. Edited by

Robert Chalmers. New York: 1858. 4 vols. i2ino.

The Poetical Works of Robert Burns. Edited by the

Rev. Robert Aris Willmott. Illustrated by John Gilbert. Lon-
don: 1869. 1 2 mo. pp. 478.

The Works of Robert Burns. Edited by The Ettrick

Shepherd and William Motherwell. London and Edinburgh:
[n. d.] 5 vols. i2mo. port, and pi.

See Cromek, R. H.

BURR (Aaron). The Private Journal of Aaron Burr during
his residence of four years in Europe; with selections from his
correspondence. Edited by Matthew L. Davis. New York:
1838. 2 vols. 8vo.

[BuRRiEL (Andres Marcos).] Histoire / Naturelle et Civile /
de la / Californie, / contenant / Une description exacte de ce
Pays, de son / Sol, de ses Montagues, Lacs, Rivieres / & Mers, de
ses Animaux, Vegetaux, / Mineraux, & de sa fameuse Pecherie
des / Perles; les Moeurs de ses Habitans, leur / Religion, leur
Gouvernment, & leur / fag on de vivre avant leur conversion au /
Christianisme; un detail des differens / Voyages, & Tentatives
qu'on a faites / pour s'y etablir & reconnoitre son Golfe / & la
Cote de la Mer du Sud. / Enrichie de la Carte du Pays & des
Mers / adjacentes. / Traduite de PAnglois, par M. E. / Tome
Premier. / A Paris. /ChezDurand, Libraire, rue Saint-Jacques,
/ a la Sagesse. / M.DCC.LXVII. Avec Approbation & Privilege
du Roi. 3 vols. i2ino. pp. (2), xxij, 360; map; viij, 375;
viij, 354 (2).

# * # After the Memoirs of Miguel Venegas. Translated by A. Eidons.
BURTON (J. H.). Letters of Eminent Persons, addressed to
David Hume. From the papers bequeathed by his nephew to
the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Edinburgh and London:
MDCCCXLTX. 8vo. pp. 334.

^% A presentation copy from the editor, J. H. Burton, to Mr. Graham.


BURTON (J. H.). The Book-Hunter, etc. Edinburgh and
London: MDCCCLXII. 8vo. pp. 384.

# * # A presentation copy to Mr. Graham from the author.

BURTON (R. F.). Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-
Medinah and Meccah. By Richard F. Burton, Lieut. Bombay
Army. With introduction by Bayard Taylor. New York:
1856. 121110. pp. 492. map and pis.

BURTON (W. E.). Cyclopaedia of Wit and Humor, of Amer-
ica, Ireland, Scotland, and England. New York: 1858. 2 vols.
rl. 8vo. ports.

Bibliotheca Dramatica. Catalogue of the Theatrical

and Miscellaneous Library of the late William E. Burton, the
distinguished comedian. To be sold at auction by J. Sabin &
Co. New York: 1860. 8vo. pp. 463. port.

BUTEL-DUMONT (G. M.). Histoire / et / Commerce / des /
Colonies Angloises, / dans 1'Amerique septentrionale. / Ou 1'on
trouve 1'etat actuel de leur popu / lation, & des details curieux
sur la / constitution de leur gouvernement, / principalement stir
celui de la Nouvelle- / Angeterre,' de la Pensilvanie, / de la /
Caroline, & de la Georgie. / A Londres, / M. D. cc. LV. I2mo.
pp. xxiv, 336.

[ ] Der Englandischen Pflanzstadte in Nord-America

Geschichte und Handlung Aus dem Franzosischen iibersetzk.
Stuttgard : 1755. 161110. pp. (16), 216. pi. and maps.

[ ] Histoire / et / Commerce / des / Antilles Angloises. /

Oil Ton trouve 1'etat actuel de leur popu- / lation & quelques
details sur le Com- / merce de contrebande des Anglois / avec
les Espagnols dans le Nouveau / Monde. On y a joint 1' His-
toire des / Loix priucipales qui concernent les / Colonies An-
gloises e"tablies taut dans / les isles, que sur le continent de 1'
A- / me'rique. [Paris:] M.DCC.LVIII. 121110. pp. (4), x, 6,
(4), 284. map.

[ ] Point de Vue sur les suites que doit avoir la rupture,

par les Anglois, de la negociation de la France & de 1'Angle-
terre, depuis le 26 mars jusqu'au 20 septembre 1761. Ou lettre
a M. Banquier a Bordeaux. Amsterdam. MDCCLXI. 121110.
pp. (2), 49.

See Le Mascrier.


[BuTLER (B. F.)]. Inaugural addresses delivered by the pro-
fessors of law in the University of the City of New York, at
the opening of the law school of that Institution. New York:
MDCCXXXVIII. 8vo. pp. 68.

*% Contains an address on the "Usefulness of the legal profession," by
Benjamin F. Butler (of New York); the "Rise and progress of Commercial
law in English jurisprudence," by William Kent; and the "Practice of the
law," by David Graham, Jr.

BuTLER (F. A.). Journal. By Frances Anne Butler. Phil-
adelphia: 1835. 2 vols. i2ino.

Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in

1838-1839. By Frances Anne Kemble. New York: 1863.
8vo. pp. 337.

BuTLER (G.). See Miiller, M.

BuTLER (Joseph). The Analogy of Religion, Natural and
Revealed, to the constitution and course of Nature. London:
M.DCCC.LV. i2ino. pp. 546. port.

BYRON (George Gordon, Lord}. Hours of Idleness, / a /
Series of Poems, / Original / and / Translated, / By George

Gordon, Lord Byron, / a minor. / / Newark:/ Printed

and sold by S. & J. Ridge. / / 1807. / 8vo. pp. xiii,

(i), 187.

*** It was of these volumes that Lord Brougham wrote in the Edinburgh
Review: "The poetry of this young lord belongs to a class which neither
gods nor men art- said to permit. Indeed we do not recollect to have seen a
quantity of verse with so few deviations from that exact standard. His effu-
sions are spread over a dull flat, and can no more get above or below the
level than if they were so much stagnant water . . . We counsel him that he
do forthwith abandon poetry, and turn his talents, which are considerable,
and his opportunities, which are great, to better account." And this review
in turn called out the next title in which Byron certainly squared the account
so begun.

[ ] English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers, [n. p.] 1810.

8vo. pp. 47.

*% 8 1 portraits and plates inserted.

Manfred, / a / Dramatic Poem. / / By Lord

Byron. / London: / John Murray, Albemarle-Street. / 1817. /
8vo. pp. 80, (4).

Lamento del Tasso di Lord Byron, r.ecato in Italiano

daMichele Leoni. Pisa: MDCCCXVIII. 4to. pp. (6), ix, 28. pi.

Sardanapalus, / A Tragedy. / The Two Foscari, / A


Tragedy. / Cain, / A Mystery. / London: /John Murray. / 1821. /
8vo. pp. viii, 439.

BYRON (George Gordon, Lord). Marino Faliero, /Doge of
Venice. / An Historical Tragedy, / in five acts. / With notes. /
The Prophecy of Dante, / a poem. / By Lord Byron / London:
/John Murray, Albemarle-Street / 1821. / 8vo. pp. xxi, 261.

- Werner, / a tragedy. / By Lord Byron. / London: /John

Murray, Albemarle-Street. / 1823. / 8vo. PP-

- A letter to * * * * ***** on the Rev. W. L. Bowies'
Strictures on the Life and Writings of Pope. By the Right
Hon. Lord Byron. Second edition. London: 1821. 8vo. pp. 61.

x*x See under Bowles in th'is catalogue.

- The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. New York:
M DCCC XLVII. 8vo. pp. 829. pi. and port.

- The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. London: 1854.
10 vols. I2tno. pis.

- Selections from the Writings of Lord Byron. London:
1857. 2 vols. 121110.

- Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. A Romaunt. London:
1857. i6mo. pp. 311.

- Lord Byron's Armenian Exercises and Poetry. Venice:
1870. 241110. pp. 167.

See Blessington: and Watkins.

(J.). See Cleveland, J.

CABINET of Interesting Tales, Moral and Entertaining,
The. Selected from the best authors in the English
language. Bungay: 1822. 8vo. pp. 472. pis.

CAESAR, (Caius Julius). C. Julius Caesar's Commentaries on
the Gallic War. With English notes, -critical and explanatory,
a lexicon, indexes, etc. By J. A. Spencer. New York:

M DCCCXLIX. 1211)0. pp. 408.

Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars:

with the Supplementary Books attributed to Hirtius; including
the Alexandrian, African and Spanish Wars. Literally Trans-
lated, with notes and a very elaborate index. London: M.DCCC.-
LIII. 8vo. pp. 572. port.

CAILLOT (Antoine). Voyage Religieux et Sentimental aux
Quatre Cimetieres de Paris; ouvrage renfermant un grand
nombre d' Inscriptions Fune'raires, suivies de reflexions relig-
ieuses et morales. Paris: 1809. 8vo. pp. 368.

CAINES (George). New- York Term Reports of Cases argued
and determined in the Supreme Court of that State. Second
edition, with corrections and additions. New York: 1814. 8vo.

*** Vol. II, only.

Calamities of Authors. See Disraeli, I.

CALHOUN (J. C.). The Works of. New York: MDCCCLIV.
6 vols. 8vo.

[CALLENDER (James Thomson)]. The / American Annual
Register, / or, / Historical Memoirs / of the / United States, / for
the year 5796. / Philadelphia: / Printed and sold by Bioren &
Madan, No. 77 Dock-Street. / January igth, 1797. / 8vo. pp.
vii, 288.

Sedgwick & Co., / or / a Key / to / the Six Per-cent
Cabinet. / By James Thomson Callender. / Philadelphia, /
Printed for the author, / 1798. / 8vo. pp. (i), 88.

*% A beautiful uncut copy.



CALMET (Augustine). The Phantom World: or, the Philo-
sophy of Spirits, Apparitions, &c. London: 1850. 2 vols.
1 2 mo.

[CAMDEN (William)]. The Historic of the Most Renowned
and Victorious Princesse Elizabeth, Late Queene of England.
Contayning all the Important and Remarkeable Passages of
State, both at Home and Abroad, during her Long and Prosper-
ous Raigne. Composed by Way of Annals. Neuer heretofore
so Faithfully and fully Published in English. London: Printed
for Benjamin Fisher, and are to be sold at his shop in Alders-
gate streete, at the signe of the Talbot. MDCXXX. Fo. pp.
(20), 138, 120, 148, 224, (20). port.

CAMOES, (Luiz de). Les Lusiades. Traduction Nouvelle par
MM. Ortaire Fournier et Desaules, revue, annote*e et suivie de
la traduction d'un choix des poesies diverses avec une notice

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