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biographique et critique sur Camoens, par Ferdinand Denis.
Paris: MDCCCXLI. i2ino. pp. 372.

CAMPADELLI (F.). Abraham Lincoln, ou Le Triomphe de
1' Union Americaine. Dedie a 1' Honorable Monsieur Bigelow,
Minister des Etats-Unis. [Paris: 1865.] 8vo. pp. (3).

CAMPAN (Mme. J. L. H. G.). Memoirs of the Private Life of
Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarre. To which are
added recollections, sketches, and anecdotes, illustrative of the
Reigns of Louis XIV., Louis XV. and Louis XVI. By Madame
Campan, First Lady of the Bed- Chamber to the Queen. Third
edition. London: 1824. 2 vols. 8vo. ports.

CAMPANIUS HOLM (T.). Kort Beskrifning / Om / Provincien /
Nya Swerige / uti / America, / Som nu fortjden af the Engelske
kallas / Pensylvania. / Af larde och trowardige Mans skrifter
och berattelser ihopale-tad och sammansrrefwven samt med
athskillige Figurer / utzirad af/ Thomas Campanius Holm./
Stockholm Tryckt uti Kongl. Boktr. hos Sal. Wankijfs / Anki-
a med egen bekostnad af J. H. Werner. Ahr MDCCII.* Sin. 4to.
pp. (16), 190, (i), 7 maps and pis.

CAMPBELL (C.). The orderly book of the American Army
stationed at or near Williamsburg, Va., under the command of
General Andrew Lewis, from March i8th, 1776, to August 28th,
1776. Printed from the original manuscript, with Notes and


Introduction by Charles Campbell, Esq. . . . Richmond, Va.
Privately printed. 1860. Sm. 4to. pp. (4), xi, 100, (2).

3.% 1 10 copies only printed.

CAMPBELL (G. D.). See Argyle, Duke of.

CAMPBELL (George). The Philosophy of Rhetoric. London:
MDCCCL. 8vo. pp. 415.

CAMPBELL (Thomas). Gertrude of Wyoming, and other
poems. London: Printed by T. Bensley, Bolt Court. Pub-
lished for the author by Longman, Hurst, Rees and Qrme,
Paternoster Row. 1809. 4to. pp. (2), 134.

s* # The first edition of a poem "which established the reputation of the
author as a poet." Campbell's conception of frontier life can be judged by
the following lines :

Perchance, along thy river calm at noon
The happy shepherd swain had nought to do
From morn till evening's sweeter pastime grew,
Their timbrel, in the dance of forests brown
When lovely maidens prankt in flowret new;
And aye, these sunny mountains halfway down
Would echo flagelet from some romantic town.
Then where of Indian hills the daylight takes
His leave, how might you the flamingo see
Disporting like a meteor on the lakes.

The Book of Pleasures: containing The Pleasures of

Hope, by Thomas Campbell; The Pleasures of Memory, by
Samuel Rogers, and The Pleasures of Imagination, by Mark
Akenside. New York: 1848. 241110. pp. 187.

An Essay on English Poetry; with Notices of the

British poets. London: 1848. 8vo. pp. 436.

Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell. Edited by

William Beattie, M. D. , one ot his executors. Second edition.
London: 1850. 3 vols. 8vo. port, and 2 pis.

The Poetical Works of. Philadelphia: 1854. 8vo. pp.

344. port, and pis.

CANARY-BIRDS Naturaliz'd in Utopia. A Canto. London:
Printed and Sold by the Booksellers of London and West-
minster. Price 2 pence. [170-?] 8vo. pp. 24.

[CANEDO (Estanislao)]. De la Revolution au Mexique.
[n. p.] Mars 1860. 8vo. pp. 43.

CANOVA (A.). See Albrizzi, I.

CAPASSO (B.). II Tasso e La Sua Famiglia a Sorrento.
Ricerche e narrazioni storiche di Bartolommeo Capasso. Na-
poli: 1866. i2mo. pp. 292. port.


CAPPONI (G.). Catalogo dei Manoscritti possednti dal Mar-
chese Gino Capponi. Firenze: 1845. 8vo. PP- y i'> 2 ^8.

Storia Delia Republica di Firenze. Firenze: 1875.

2 vols. rl. 8vo.

CARCANO (G.). Angiola Maria. Storia domestica Di Giulio
Carcano. Firenze: 1861. i2mo. pp. 534.

CARDS left on Mr. Graham in the years 1871 and 1874.
Mounted on sheets and bound in two volumes, folio.

**# A curious collection, including many well-known names, titled and
untitled. In some cases a few words in writing are added to the card, pre-
sumably in the autograph of the leaver.

CAREW (T.). Poems. / By / Thomas Carevv, / Esquire. / One
of the Gentlemen of the / Privie-Chamber, and Sewer / in Or-
dinary to his Majesty. / The second Edition revised and en-
larged. / London, / Printed by I. D. for Thomas Walkley, / and
are to be sold at the signe of the / flying Horse, betweene Brit-
tains / Burse, and Yorke-House. / 1642. / i6mo. pp. (2), 219, (i).
** Contains: "Coelurn Brittanium," a "maske" at Whitehall, in 1633, by
Carew and Inigo Jones, in which Charles ist took part.

A Selection from the Poetical Works of. London:

1810. I2ino. pp. xvi, 95.

CAREY (Henry). Poems on several Occasions. London:
Printed and Sold by J. Kent, at the Black Swan in St. Paul's-
Church-yard; A. Boulter, at the Buck, and J. Brown, at the
Black-Swan without Temple bar; and by most Booksellers.
1713. i2mo. pp. (6), 86.

** A portrait inserted.

CAREY (Phoebe). Poems and Parodies. Boston: M DCCC Liv.
1 2 mo. pp. 200.

CARLEN (E. F.). The Bride of Omberg. From the origi-
nal Swedish. New York: 1*853. 8vo. pp. 220.

CARLI-RUBBI (G. R., Conte di\ Lettres Ame'ricaines, Dans
lesquelles on examine POrigine, PEtat Civil, Politique^Militaire
& Religieux, les Arts, P Industrie, les Sciences, les Mceurs, les
Usages des anciens Habitans de P Ame"rique; les grandes Fpoques
de la Nature, Pancienne Communication des deux Hemispheres,
& la derniere Revolution qtii a fait disparoitre PAtlantide: pour
servir de suite aux Me*moires de D. Ulloa. A Boston, M. DCC.-
ixxxvm. 2 vols. 8vo. maps.


CARLIER (Auguste). Le Mariage aux Itats-Unis. Paris:
1860. 121110. pp. 264:

[CARLYLE (Thomas)]. Sartor Resartus. Boston: MDCCC-
xxxvu. 8vo. pp. 300.

Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. Philadelphia: 1854.

8vo. pp. 568.

Life of Robert Burns. Mostly by Thomas Carlyle.

New York: 1859. 24mo. pp. 203.

CARNARVON (Henry John George Herbert, 3d Earl of}. Rem-
iniscences of Athens and the Morea. Extracts from a journal
of travels in Greece in 1839. London: 1869. i2mo. pp. 230.

CARON (E.). Tribunal Civil de La Seine (ler Chambre)
Prdsidence de M. Benoit-Champy. Memoire pour les Etats-
Unis d'Amerique centre MM. Annan, Erlanger, Voruz, Dubi-
geon, Jollet et Babin, Mazeline, et la Societe des Chantiers et
Ateliers de 1' Ocean. [Paris: 1867]. 4to. pp. 220.
*"%. An argument on Confederate prizes of war.

CARPENTER (J. E.). Routledge's Comic Reciter. London:
[n. d.j 241110. pp. 248.

Songs and Ballads. A new edition. London: 1844.

i6mo. pp. 202.

CARPENTER (William B.). The Microscope and its Revela-
tions. Second Edition, illustrated by three hundred and seventy
wood engravings. London: MDCCCLVII. i6mo. pp. 719.

CARRERA (Pietro). A Treatise on the Game of Chess. Con-
taining games of odds, various openings of even games, different
methods of winning and drawing the game. Also Numerous
Critical Situations on Diagrams. To which are added, the Art
of Playing Without Seeing the Board, and an account of the
most celebrated chess players of his time. First published in
1617. Translated from the Italian, with additional notes and
remarks, by W. Lewis. London: 1822. 8vo. pp. 300.

CARREY (Emile). Grandeur et Avenir des Etats-Unis.
Paris: 1863. 8vo. pp. 48.

CARRON (F.). See Janin, J.

CARTWRIGHT (Thomas). The Diary of. Bishop of Chester,
London: M.DCCC.XLIII. Sm. 410. pp. no.


CARVER (J.). Voyage dans les Parties InteVieures de PAme'r-
ique Septentrionale, Pendant les anne'es 1766, 1767 & 1768. Par
Jonathan Carver, Ecuyer, Capitaine d'nne compagniede troupes
provinciales pendant la gnerre dn Canada entre la France &
1' Angleterre. Onvrage tradnit sur la troisieme edition Angloise,

par M. de C avec des remarqnes & quelques additions

du traducteur. Yverdon: M. ncc. LXXXIV. i2mo. pp. xxxvi,

43 6 -

GARY (Rev. Henry Francis). The Early French Poets, a
series of Notices and Translations. London: MDCCCXLVI.
i6mo. pp. Ixiv, 279.

CASONI (G.). Ode / dell' ill vstre, / et eccellentissimo / signore
Gvido Casoni / dedicate / All'illustrissimo, & Reuerendissimo /
Sig. Cardinale / Cinthio Aldobrandino. / Con Privilegio. / In
Venetia Appresso Gio. Battista Ciotti. MDCII. 4to. pp. (8), 179.

The CASQUET of Gems: Choice Selections from the Poets.
Edinburgh: [n. d.] i2mo. pp. 717. pi.

CASS (Lewis). A Discourse pronounced at the Capitol of the
United States, In the Hall o^f Representatives, before the Amer-
ican Historical Society, January 30, 1836. To which are pre-
fixed its constitution, and the names of its officers. Washington:
1836. 8vo. pp. 58.

[ ] The Siege of New Orleans (from the American Quar-
terly Review.) [A review of] "A Narrative of Events in the
South of France, and of the attack on New Orleans in 1814 and
1815. By Captain John Henry Cook, late of the 43rd Regiment
of Infantry. London: 1834." [New York: 1835]. pp. 57, map
& folding table.

[ ] Remarks on Stephens's "Incidents of Travel in

Egypt, Arabia, Petraea, and the Holy Land." First published
in the "North American Review," No. 102. Cambridge: 1839.
8vo. pp. 80.

Castle of Otranto. See Wai pole, H.

Catalogue of a Collection. See Evans.

Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits. See Evans.

CATTERMOLE (R.). Sacred Poetry of the Seventeenth Cen-
tury: including the whole of Giles Fletcher's Christ's Victory
and Triumph; with copious selections from Spenser, Davies,


Sandys P. Fletcher, Wither, Bishop King, Quarles, Herbert,
Milton, etc. In two vols. With an Introductory Essay and
Critical Remarks, by the Rev. R. Cattermole. London: 1836.
I2ino. 3 vols. port.

[CATTON (Charles)]. The English Peerage. London :
M,DCC,XC. 3 vols. 4to.

*** Volume in only.

CATULLUS CQ. V.). The works of Catullus and Tibullus, and
the Virgil of Venus. A literal prose translation, with notes, by
Walter K. Kelly. To which are added the metrical versions of
Lamb and Grainger, and a selection of versions by other
writers. London: MDCCCLIV. 8vo. pp. 400. port.

GAUNTER (John Hobart). The Poetry of the Pentateuch.
London: 1839. 2 vols. 8vo.

CAVALCASELLE (G. B.). See Crowe, J. A.

CELLINI (B.). Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini, a Florentine
Artist; Written by Himself. Containing a Variety of Informa-
tion respecting the Arts, and the History of the Sixteenth Cen-
tury. Third edition. Corrected ajid enlarged from the last
Milan edition. With the notes and observations of G. P. Car-
pani, now first translated by Thomas Roscoe. London: MDCCO
xxiii. 2 vols. 8vo. port. *

Censura Liter aria. See Brydges, E.

CENTURY ASSOCIATION. Twelfth-Night at the Century Club,
January 6, 1858. New York: 1858. 8vo. pp. 93.

See Bryant, W. C.

[CERISIER (Antoine Marie)]. Histoire de la Fondation des
Colonies des Anciennes Republiques, adapted a la dispute pre-
sente de la Grande Bretagne avec ses Colonies Americaines.
Traduite de 1' Anglais. A la quelle on a ajoute Trois Lettres
inteVessantes sur la mme dispute & les Articles de i'Union
d'Utrecht compare's aux Articles de I'Union des Colonies de
1'Amerique Septentrionale. A Utrecht, Chez J. van Schoon-
hoven & Comp. MDCCLXXVIII. 8vo. pp. (8), 247, (i).

[ ] Observations Impartiales d'Un Vrai Hollandois, Pour

servir de R^ponse au Discours d'un soi-disant Bon Hollandois
d ses compatriotes. A Arnhem, chez Nyhof; Amsterdam,
Guerin; Dord, Blusse"; La Haye, Gosse; Leiden, Luzac & Van


Damme; Rotterdam, Bennet Hake; Utrecht, B. Wild; & dans
toutes les autres Villes des Provinces-unies. [1778.] 8vo. pp.
(4), 60.

*** Bound up with this is the following:

Discours d'un soi-disant Bon Hollandois a ses compatriotes Pour servir de
Reponse au Observations Impartiales d'Un Vrai Hollandois, a ses compa-
triotes. Arnhem, chez Nyhof. [n. d.] 8vo. pp, 60.

[CERISIER (Antoine Marie)]. Suite des Observations Impar-
tiales d'nn Vrai Hollandais, Sur les interets & l'e*tat present
des affaires politiqnes de la France, de 1'Angleterre, des Pro-
vinces-Unies des Pays-Bas &des Etats-Unisde 1'Amerique avec
des Reflexions stir les dernieres deliberations des Etats de
Hollande & snr le memoire de Mr. 1'Amb. de S. M. B. a L. H.
P. A Arnhem, chez Nyhof. [1779.] 8vo. pp. (4), 74.

[ ] L'Avocat Pour et centre, ou resume* Historique et

Philosophique De tout ce qti'on a e"crit sur la liberte" du Com-
merce des munitions navales; suivi Du Jugement des Plaideurs.
A Bruxelles & dans toutes les Villes des Pays-Bas. MDCCLXXIX.
8vo. pp. (4), 67.

[ ] Le Destin de 1'Amerique ou Dialogues Pittoresques

dans lesquels On developpe la cause des evenemens actuels, la
politique et les interets des puissances de 1' Europe relativement
a cette guerre, Et les Suites Qu'elle Devroit Avoir pour le
bonheurde I'Humanite', Traduit fidelement de PAnglois. Lon-
don: Printed for J. Bew, No 28 Paternoster Row; and may be
%had of all Booksellers and News-Carriers in Town and Country.
[178.2?] 8vo. pp. 124.

[CERUTTI (J. A. J.)]. L'Aigle et Le Hibou, Fable. Ecrite
pour un jeune Prince que 1'on osoit blamer de son amour pour
les Sciences et les Lettres. A Glascow, Et se trouve a Paris,
Chez Prault, imprimeur du roi, quai des Augustins, a rimmor-
talite. 1783. 8vo. pp. 58.

CERVANTES UE SAAVEDRA (M.). Don Quixote de la Mancha.
Translated by Charles Jarvis. Carefully revised and corrected.
With Eight Hundred Illustrations, from designs by Tony
Johannot. London: 1840. 3 vols. 8vo.

[ ] Sancho Panza's Proverbs, and others which occur in

Don Quixote; with a literal English Translation, Notes, and an
introduction by Ulick Ralph Burke. London: 1872. i2ino.
pp. 44.


CHAFFERS (William). Marks and Monograms on Pottery and
Porcelain of the Renaissance and Modern Periods; with Histor-
ical notices of each manufactory, preceded by an introductory
essay on the vasa fictilia of England, of the Romano-British, and
mediaeval eras. With 2200 potters' marks and illustrations.
London: cio. ioccc. LXX. 8vo. pp. 777.

CHALKHILL (John). Thealma and Clearchus. A Pastoral
Romance. First published by Isaac Walton, 1683. A new
edition, revised and corrected. Chiswick: M DCCC xx. 121110.
pp. xviii, 134. pi.

CHALMERS (George). An Estimate of the comparative
strength of Great-Britain, during the present and four preced-
ing reigns; and of the losses of her trade from every war since
the Revolution. To which is prefixed a dedication to Dr. James
Currie, the reputed author of ''Jasper Wilson's Letters. " A new

edition London: M.DCC.XCIV. 8vo. pp. (4), cxvi,

xi, 254, (16).

***. The dedication is 96 pages long, and is really an answer to Jasper Wil-
son's "Letter."

CHALMERS (Thomas). On the Power, Wisdom and Goodness
of God as manifested in the Adaptation of External Nature to
the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man. With the
author's last corrections. To which is prefixed A Biographical
Preface, by John Cumming. London: 1853. 8vo. pp.438, port.

[CHAMBERLAYNE (John)]. L'Etat Present de la Grande.
Bretagne et de 1'Irlande Sous le Regne de George II. A La
Have, MDCCXXVIII. 3 vols. 121110. map, port, and pi.

#** Translated by de Neuville.

CHAMBERS (Robert). Traditions of Edinburgh. Edinburgh:
1825. 2 vols. 121110.

History of the Rebellions in Scotland under the Mar-
quis of Montrose, and others, from 1638 till 1660. Edinburgh:
Constable & Co., 1828. 121110.

%Only Volume II. It forms Volume XXXII. of "Constable's Mis-

The Picture of Scotland. Edinburgh: MDCCCXXX.

121110. pp. 416. pis.

Poems, by Robert Chambers. Edinburgh, Printed for
Private Circulation, by T. Constable, i Thistle Street.
M. DCCC. xxxv. 410. pp. 48.


**# A presentation copy from the author, and an autograph letter of his
concerning the book is inserted.

[CHAMBERS (Robert)]. Vestiges of the Natural History of
Creation. With a sequel. Cincinnati: 1858. 121110. pp. 288.
The Chameleon. See Atkinson, T.

CHAMPAGNAC (J. B. J.). Sagesse et Bonheur ou Le Toit
Paternel. Histoire propre a servir a 1' Education morale de" la
Jeunesse de notre siecle. Paris: [n. d.] 121110. pp. 288. pis.

Champ-d" Astie. See L'He'riter.

CHAMPFLEURY (J.). Histoire de la Caricature au Moyen
Age. Paris: [1871.] i2mo. pp. 270. pis.

CHAPIN (E. H.). Discourses on the Lord's Prayer. Boston:

Characters in the Gospels. New York: 1852.

Discourses on The Beatitudes. Boston: 1855.

, Christianity True Manliness. New York: 1856.

Duties of Young Men. Boston: 1856.

Discourses on Various Subjects. Boston: 1856.

Duties of Young Women. Boston: 1856.

Extemporaneous Discourses. New York: 1860.

Humanity in the City. New York: [n. d.].

The CHAPLET, a Collection of Poems; partly original and
partly selected from the most approved authors. Ipswich:
1805. 321110. pp. 204. pis.

CHAPMAN (G.). The Hymns of Homer; the Batrachomyo-
machia; and two Original Poetical Hymns. By George Chap-
man. With an introductory preface. By S. W. Singer. Chis-
wick: MDCCCXVIII. 121110. pp. Ixiv, 153, 47. port.

The Works of George Chapman: Poems and Minor

Translations. With an introduction by Algernon Charles
.Swinburne. London: 1875. 121110. pp. 435.

See Marlow, C.

Character of a Diurnal-maker. See Cleveland, J.
Characteristicks. See Shaftesbury.
Charides. See Quincy, J.

CHARLETON (W.). Two Discourses I. Concerning the Dif-
ferent Wits of Men: II. Of the Mysterie of Vintners. By


Walter Charleton D. M. and Physitian in ordinary to his Maj-
esty. The second Edition enlarged. London, Printed by F. L.
for William Whit wood at the Sign of the Golden-Bell in Duck-
lane near Sinithfield, 1675. 161110. pp. (14), 235.

** Each discourse has also a separate title. On the main title is the sig-
nature of Sir Hans Sloane, and a portrait of him is inserted.

The CHARMS of Liberty: a Poem, By the late Duke of D .

To which is added, Epigrams, Poems and Satyrs. Written by
several Hands. London: Printed in the Year, MDCCIX. 8vo.
pp. 1 6.

CHAS (Jean). Histoire Politiqueet Philosophiqnede la ReV-
olution de PAme*riqne septentrionale; Par les Citoyens J. Chas
et Lebrun. A Paris, an ix. {1801]. 8vo. pp. (8), viij, 458, (2).

CHASTELLUX (Francois Jean, Marquis de). Voyage / de Mr.

Le Chevalier / de / Chastellux / en / Ame'rique. / [Cassel:] 1785.

8vo. pp. 228.

# * # The second edition. Chastellux printed 24 copies of the first edition
of this book, intending it entirely for private circulation. By some means
copious extracts were obtained and published in a periodical. These were at
once gathered, and printed as a surreptitious edition of the voyage, as above.

Voyages de M. le Marquis de Chastellux dans I'Ame'r-

iqne Septentrionale. Dans les anne'es 1780, 1781 & 1782. Tome
Premier. A Paris, Chez Pranlt, Imprimenr du Roi, Quai des
Angnstins, a P Immortal he". 1786. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 8, 390,
map; (4), 362, (2), 2 maps and 2 plates.

% The first authorized published edition.

Travels in North- America, in the years 1780, 1781, and

1782. By the Marquis de Chastellux, one of the Forty Mem-
bers of the French Academy, and Major General in the French
Army, serving under the Count de Rochambeau. Translated
from the French by An English gentleman, who resided in
America at that period. With Notes by the Translator. Vol-
ume I. London: Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, Pater-
Noster Row. M DCC LXXXVII. 2 vols. 8vo. maps and pis.

,% An autograph of Washington inserted. Another copy belonged orig-
inally to R. R. Livingston, and has his autograph and book plate.

[ ] Discours sur les Avantages on les De*savantages qui

re"sultent, pour 1'Europe, de la Dcouverte de PAmrique. Ob-
jet du Prix propose* par M. PAbbe* Raynal. Par M. P. * * *,
Vice-Consul, a E * * *. A Londres, Et se trouve a Paris,


Chez Prault, Imprimeur du Roi, quai des Augustins, a 1'Im-
mortalite. 1787. 8vo. pp. 8, 68.

[CHATEAUVIEUX (J. Lullin de)]. Manuscrit venu de St
Helene, d'une Maniere Inconnue. London: 1817. 8vo. pp.

(4), IS'-

[CHATTERTON (Thomas)]. Poems, supposed to have been
written at Bristol, By Thomas Rowley, and Others, in the fif-
teenth century; the greatest part now first published from the
most authentic copies, with an engraved specimen of one of the
MSS. To which are added, an introductory account of the sev-
eral pieces, and a glossary. London: MDCCLXXVII. 8vo. pp.
xxv, 307.

CHAUCER (G.). The / Works / of / Geoffrey Chaucer, / Com-
pared with the / Former Editions, and many valuable Mss. //
Out of which, Three Tales are added which were never before
Printed;/ By John Urry, / Student of Christ-Church, Oxon.
Deceased: / Together with a / Glossary, / By a Student of the
same College. / To the Whole is prefixed / The Author's Life,
newly written, and a Preface, giving an Account / of this Edi-
tion. / London, / Printed for Bernard Lintot, between the Tem-
ple Gates. MDCCXXI. / Fo. pp. (50), 626, (81), 2 ports.

CHEEVER (G.). Cyclopaedia of Moral and Religious Anec-
dote, with an introductory essay by the Rev. George Cheever.
London and Glasgow: [n. d.] larno. pp. 380.

CHENIER (ANDRE\ Poesies. Precedees d'une notice par M,
H. de Latouche. Paris: 1852. I2mo. pp. 283. port.

CEwres en Prose. Precedees d' une notice litteraire

par Eugene Hugo, et d' une notice historique contenant toutes
les pieces relatives a son proces devant le Tribunal Revolution-
naire, par Le bibliophile Jacob. Paris: 1840. I2ino. pp. 332.

The CHESS Monthly, and American Chess Serial. Edited by-
Daniel Willard Fiske. Volume I., 1857. New York: [n. d.}
8vo. pp. 393.

[CHESSIETJX, [De La Grange de]]. La Couduite / des / Fran-
ois / justifiee, / ou / Observations / sur un ecrit anglois, intitule: /
Conduite des Frangois a Tegard / de la Nouvelle-Ecosse, depuis
son premier / Etablissement jusqu'a nos jours. / Par le Sieur
D. L. G. D. C. Avocat en / Parlement. / A Utrecht, / Et se


trouve / a Paris, chez Le Breton, Impremeur/ ordinaire du Roy,
rue de la Harpe. 1756. / i2mo. pp. viij, 256.

CHEVALIER (J. D.). Lettres a M. de Jean, Docteur-Regent de
la Faculte de Medecine, en 1'Universite de Paris. I. Sur les
Maladies de St. Domingue. II. Sur les Plantes de la meme ile.
III. Sur le Remora & les Halcyons. Par M. Chevalier, Docteur-
Regent, ancien Professeur de la meme Faculte, & ci-devant,
Medecin du Roi a St. Domingue. A Paris: M. DCC. LII. i2tno.
pp. (4), 224.

CHEVALIER (Michel). Society, Manners and Politics in the
United States: being a Series of Letters on North America.
Boston: 1839. 8vo. PP- 4^7-

CHEVREAU (Urbain). The Mirror of Fortune: Or, the true
Characters of Fate & Destiny. Wherein is Treated of the
Growth and Fall of Empires, The Destruction of Famous Cities,
The Misfortunes of Kings, and other Great Men, And the ill
Fate of Virtuous and Handsom Ladies. Whereunto is added
Moral, Politick, and Natural Reflections upon several Subjects.
Written in French by Monsieur Chevreau, and Newly Trans-
lated into English by D. Decoisnon. In the Savoy: Printed by
T. N. and are to be Sold by Sam. Lowndes, over against Exeter-
liouse in the Strand. M.DC.LXXVI. 8vo. pp. 326.

CHIABRERA (G.). Rime de Gabriello Chiabrera. Milano:
Dalla Societa Tipografica de Classici Italiani. Anno 1807- 3
vols. 8vo.

China, pictorial and aescriptive. See Corner, J.

CHIVERS (T. H.). Eonchs of Ruby. A Gift of Love. By
T. H. Chivers. New- York: Published by Spalding & Shepard.
1851. I2ino. pp. 166.

[CHOISEUL-STAINVILLE, E. F. due de\. Me"moire / Histor-
ique / Sur la ne"gociation de la France / & .de TAngleterre,
depuis le / 26 Mars 1761 jnsqu'au 20 / Septembre de la me'nie
anne"e, / avec les Pieces justificatives. / A Paris, / de 1'Imprim-
erie Royale. / M.DCCLXI. Sm. 8vo. pp. (2), iv, 196.

[ ] Me'moire / historique / sur la ne"gociation de la France /

& de 1'Angleterre depuis le / 26 Mars 1761 jusqu'au 20 / Sep-
tembre de la meme ann^e, / avec les pieces justificatives. / a
Paris, / de Tlmprimerie Royale. / MDCCLXI. i2mo. pp. (2),
iii, 147.


CHOTTEAU (Leon). Les Americains d'anjourd'hui. i. Le
President Andrew Johnson. Paris: 1868. 8vo. pp. 31.

CHRISTMAS (Henry). The Cradle of the Twin Giants, Sci-
ence and History. London: M.DCCC.XLIX. 2 vols. 8vo.

Vol. I. Mesmeric Won- Vol. II. Alchemy,

Astrology, ders, Clairvoyance, Transmutation,

Medical Astrology, Magic, Homoeopathy, Pneumatology,

Oneiromancy, Automata, Fairy Mythology, Apparitions,

The Heroic, Arithmetical Talismans and Witchcraft.
Ecclesiastical Romance, Magic. Charms,

The CHRISTMAS Treat: or Gay Companion. Being a Collec-
tion of Epigrams, Ancient and Modern. Dublin: MDCCLXVII.
I2mo. pp. 192.

CHRONOLOGICAL tables of modern history from the overthrow
of the Roman Empire in the West to the present time. Con-
taining all the great events of the Civil, Religious and Literary

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