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For the Training School.

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Flowers for graduation from Mr. Donald Mackay.
Ten dollars from Dr. Ellsworth Eliot, Jr., for piano.

For Training School Library.

Thirty volumes from Mr. William F. Havemeyer.

Set of Thackeray's novels from Mrs. George R. Fisk.

Number of books from Mr. J. Lamb.

Outlook from Miss Sara Ivison.

Five dollars from Miss Margaret Schioler. '

One doUsir from Miss Stella Andrews.


To The Board of Managers of the Presbyterian Hospital.

Gentlemen: In presenting the Ninth Annual Report of the
Training School for Nurses, I would state that the ever increasing
and widening work of the Hospital continues to be met by the
pupils and graduates with promptness and efficiency. The three
years' course, with its additional number of pupils, has proved emi-
nently successful. In broadening the work the third-year pupil
gains valuable experience in extended time in the care of private
patients, or acting head nurse of wards, as third assistant in the
office, or in substituting for the night superintendent, thus gain-
ing an insight into the management and discipline of the School
and Registry that tends greatly to increase her usefulness and
efficiency in whatever branch of the profession she may select
after graduation.

There is little doubt that a preparatory course of theoretical train-
ing, consisting of daily lessons in Anatomy and Physiology, nursing
and household economics, with practical demonstrations in cooking,
housekeeping and care of rooms, would be of tlie greatest possible
advantage to the pupil.

During this time also could be tested her powers of observation,
accuracy, and adaptability, so that much valuable time and expense
might be saved the School by rejecting at an early period the un-
promising candidate.

Our branch work continues by our connection with the Sloane
Hospital for Obstetrics, the Minturn and Foundling Hospitals for
contagious diseases. The class in Anatomy and Physiology is con-
ducted by Dr. Welt-Kakels. The pupils continue to receive in-
struction in massage from Miss Gudrun Holm, and in invalid cook-
ing in the New York Cooking School.

There were graduated in the Class of 1901 seventeen (17) pupils;
one member absent on account of illness has been transferred to
the present Senior Class.

The Class of 1902 numbers twenty-four (24), one member having
dropped out during the year.


The Intermediate Class of 1903 numbers seventeen (17), six (6)
falling out through tlie past year— three (3) from inefficiency and
three (3) from ill-health.

Applications for admission to the Training School during the
year numbered one thousand two hundred and seven (1,207); oi the
fifty-one (51) probationers received in forming the new class twen-
ty-one (21) have been accepted, eight (8) are still on pro-
bation and twenty-two (22) proved unsatisfactory.

The present staff consists of

Superintendent 1

First Assistant Superintendent 1

Second Assistant Superintendent 1

Night Superintendent 1

Graduate Head Nurses 6

Third Year Pupil Head Nurses 3

Graduates for Special Duty 4

Senior Class for 1902 24

Intermediate Class, 1903 17

Junior Class, 1904 21

Probationers for Class, 1904 8

Total 87

Calls upon the Registry for Nurses to attend private cases number
one thousand and two (1,002) ; of these eight hundred and
eighty-seven (887) were filled, one hundred and fifteen (115)
were referred to other Registries.

One of the most pleasing and gratifying events of the year v/as
the generous thought of Mr. J. Kennedy Tod in extending the hos-
pitality of his beautiful home, "Innis Arden," to the pupils of the
School. Every advantage was taken of this invitation during the
extreme heat of the past summer, and many nurses found rest and
invigoration in their visits to this cool retreat. Drives and even-
ing entertainments were made possible during the entire sum-
mer through the generous gifts of Mr. Donald Mackay and Mr.
Frederick Sturges. The reception to the graduating class was
furnished through the generosity of Mr. John S. Kennedy, Mr.
William B. Isham, Mr. Donald Mackay, Mr. Hugh D. Auchin-
closs, Mr. Alexander Maitland and Mr. Frederick Sturges.
Valuable additions to the library have been made by Mr. Will-
iam F. Havemeyer and other friends.


In reviewing the list of our graduates we find the field of work
extending. Several are in charge of hospitals, others are engaged
in settlement work, district nursing and private nursing in this and
other cities. Within the past eighteen months two of our graduates
have established themselves in private work in Paris, France. They
are gaining a permanent foothold there, and a third has gone to join

Miss Katherine Demetrius Stephanova, Class of '98 (a convert
to Christianity from Macedonia, Turkey, Europe), married after her
graduation from the School the Rev. Gregory M. Tsilka, a graduate
of the Union Theological Seminary, and returned with him to en-
gage in missionary work in their own country. They established
themselves in Kortcha, Albania, and, in addition to their work of
relief and religious instruction, they opened a boarding school for
girls in order to get into closer touch with the family life, and thus
influence the lives and character of the people more fully.

Mme. Tsilka had, while in training, special preparation for
Eastern work. In addition to a large surgical experience, she
took a supplementary course in obstetrics at Cornell University.
An extract from a letter dated Kortcha, May i6th, 1901, is as fol-
lows: 'T have opened an abscess in the breast, and was very suc-
cessful, so much so that the doctors (whose diplomas are marked
"good only for the Orient") have reported me to the Government,
but the Government, instead of stopping me, asked me to become
a Government nurse; that is, to be paid by the Government and
sent to visit any case they may ask. But, of course, I told them
that my object is not money, but to help the needy."

Mme. Tsilka was captured, in company with Miss Ellen Stone,
on September 3d, while returning from a mission, and is now in

Again our ranks have been broken, and we are called upon to
record the death of one of our brightest graduates. Miss Elvina Mc-
Dade, a member of the first class, died suddenly of pneumonia on
January i6th, 1901, at the Hospital. In the death of Miss McDade
the school has lost an able teacher and a loyal supporter.

We again extend expressions of appreciation for the unfailing
interest and co-operation of the corps of lecturers, the House Staff
and to Dr. Thacher for his attendance upon the sick nurses.

Your rare kindness and liberality in granting me a long holiday


Ethel May Read, now Mrs. Laing, at home, Victoria, B. C.
Bertha Frederica Warman, now Mrs. Long, at home, New York City.
LnjAS Fraser Savage, New York City.
Grace Wiltsie, private duty, New York City.

Beatrice Landon Goodrich, now Mrs. Murphy, at home, New York City.
Elizabeth Fehrmann, private duty, Paris, France.
Helen Sill, at home, Argyle, N. Y.

Kate Linden Rippard, at home, Baltimore, Md. '

Mary Georgiana Bates, private duty, Boston, Mass. i

Julia Christina Grant, now Mrs. Lawson, at home, Wythville, Va.
Joan Robertson, now Mrs. Daniels, at home, Princeton, N. J.
A. Gertrude Odell, Superintendent Columbian University Hospital, Wash-
ington, D. C.


Grace Stebbins, "Sister Grace," All Saints' Home, Baltimore, Md.

Georgiana Scranton Collester, now Mrs. Johnston, Tacoma, Wash.

Margaret Sutherland Hamilton, private duty, New York City.

Anna Adelia Davidson, Head Nurse, The Presbyterian Hospital, New York

Meriel Richards White, private duty. New York City,

Marcia P. ScHETKY, now Mrs. Coon, Pittsburg, Pa.

Rye Morley, at home, Canada.

Constance Baillie Rose, now Mrs. Lewis Ripley, at home, New York City.

Elizabeth Russell, private duty, New York City.

Frances Richards White, at home, Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, N. J.

Kathleen de Puy Nichols, private duty, New York City.

Jeanette Grace Bonner^ now Mrs. Schoonmaker, Schenectady, N. Y.

Agnes Elizabeth Hatton, private duty. New York City.

J. Rutherford Oliver, at home, Goderich Canada.

Charlotte Cowdry, now Mrs. Brown, at home, Clififside, N. J.

Mary Magoun Brown, "Nursing Settlement," 265 Henry Street, New York

Amy Aims Chamberlain, now Mrs. James H. McGuinness. at home, Ches-
ter, N. Y.

Jessie Wilson Mewhort, private duty. New York City.

Mary Winifred Chisholm, now Mrs. Needier, at home, Toronto, Canada.

Anna Beatrice Fletcher, private duty. New York City.

Nancy Elizabeth Cadmus, Superintendent, Faxton Hospital and Training
School, Utica, N. Y.


Florence Isabel Brown, now Mrs. Beyers, Nelson, B. C.

Annie Maud Deinstadt, private duty. New York City.

Martha McClure, New York City. >

Annie Lora Hyde, Head Nurse, Operating Pavilion, Sloane Hospital.

Alice DeForet Seaborn, private duty. New York City.

Edith Johnson Wyman. private duty. New York City. ^

Charlotte Marcella Webster, private duty. New York City.

Annie Paton Letham, private duty, Paris, France.

Inez Avery Newman, private duty. New York City. ''

Gertrude Emily Strain, private duty, New York City.

Mrs. Jennie Banford Christie, private duty, New York City.

Jessie Mackellar Fergusson, private duty. Nevv York City.

Emily Clatworthy, private duty, New York City.

Katerina D. Stephanova, now Mrs. Gregory Tsilka, Missionary nursing,

Kortcha, Albania, Turkey.
Mary Gilfillan, private duty. New York City.


Lucy Fidelia Ryder, private duty, New York City.
Georgia Wadsworth Bellinger, private duty, New York City.
Grace Irving Cameron, private duty. New York City.
Carrie Stryker, private duty, Neew York City.


Grace Elrida Moore, private duty, New York City.

Mrs. Laura Antoinette Hesseleerg, private duty. New York City.

Helen Catherine Claxton, private duty. New York City.

Louise Mitchell Fobes, private duty, New York City.

George Waldo Vinton, private duty. New York City.

Cornelia Emmell Voorhees, at home, Morristown, N. J.

Cordelia Newland Townsend, private duty. New York City.

Jessie Leonard Clausen, Superintendent, Whitmarsh Hospital, Providence,

R. I.
Mabel Walker, private duty, Carberry, Manitoba.
Stella Moore, now Mrs. Thayer, at home. New York City.
Alice Jayne, at home, Tarrytown, N. Y.
Elizabeth Thompson Davison, at home, Baltimore, Md.
Harriet Davis DeBard, private duty, Greenup, Ky.
Ida Elizabeth Coull, private duty, New York City.
Ruth Gardner Clark, at home, Dundas, Canada.
Katherine Bunce Spencer, Head Nurse, The Presbvterian Hospital, New

York City.
MiNA Betsy Bebee, private duty, New York City.
Etha Etta Pearce. private duty. New York City.
Rose Hoffman, Head Nurse, Operating Pavilion, The Presbyterian Hospital,

New York City.
Winifred Estelle Vaux, at home, Canada.
Charlotte Dunning, Head Nurse, The Presbyteri^^n Hospital, New York

Astrid Engelsted Lund, Head Nurse, The Presbyterian Hospital, New York

Henrietta Lillian Weiss, private duty. New York City.
Margrethe Schioler, at home, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Florence Mary Grant, Head Nurse, The Presbyterian Hospital, New York

Harriette Livermore, private duty, New York City.
Helen Erskine Laidlaw, private duty. New York City.
Sara Homans Strain, Night Superintendent, The Presbsrterian Hospital, New

York City.
Frances Weatherston, private duty. New York City.
Edith Granger, private duty. New York City.

Alice Britton Haughwout, The Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.
Katherine Greenwood, pri^^ate duty. New York City.
Mary Collins Melville, at home. Newport, R. I.
Severina Wilson, private duty. New York City.

Alberta Maud MacKean, The Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.
Anna Louise Hartwell, private duty. New York City.
Edna Whitelaw, private duty, Montclair, N. J.
Elsie Thayer Patterson, private duty. New York City.
Glenna Lindsley Bigelow, private duty. New York City.
Gertrude Reid Smith, private duty, Baltimore, Md.
.\gnes Louise Warner, The Presbyterian Hospital, New York City.


From October 1st, 1900, to September SOth, 1901.

Abscess :
Alveolar ....









Multiple 6

Pelvic 2

Perilaryngeal 1

Perinephritic 2

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