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Elizabeth and John French, int. April 5, 1804.
Freeman and Hannah D. Bellows, April 26, 1827.
Hannah and Zenas Ripley, int. June 23, 1805.
Isaac and Cathirene Davis, int. Dec. 27, 1808.
Jane [S.] (d. Freeman and Hannah, a. 19) and Edmund P.

McCuller, May 4, 1847.
John and Mrs. Patty Fitch of New Braintree, int. March 26,

John and Elizabeth French, int. April 5, 1804.
Nabby and Arunah Gillert of Stockbridge, Vt., int. Dec. 22, 1799.
Nancy D. and Samuel G. Henry, Dec. 14, 1836.
Sally E. and Alvan Lyon of Braintree, Vt., Feb. 11, 1821.
Susannah and Samuel Brewer of Spencer, int. March 18, 18 10.

FRINCH (see above), Rhoda and Benjamin Green, int. Nov. 22,

FULLER, Albert K. (s. Amasa, a. 29) and Maria L. Crawford,

June 17, 1845.
Edwin (s. Amasa and Orinda, a. 24) and Laura D. F. [or R.]

Crawford, May 10, 1846.
Leonard and Mary Shattuck, int. June 4, 1826.
Leonard and Emily Joslyn of New Braintree, Nov. 9, 1836.
Mary and Nathan Brown, Oct. 8, 1832. c.R.
Mercy and Edmund WilHs of Hardwick, int. Feb. 24, 1777.

FURNACE [Furnas in int.], Lydia and Isaac Parmenter, Oct. 4,
1 781. In Hardwick.

FURNASS, Abigail and Robert Green, int. Oct. 9, 1768.

FURNIS, Mary and Silas Bullard, April 4, 1770.


GAFFIELD, Silas and Sally Bothwell, both of Spencer, Feb. i,

GATES, James F. of Barre (s. William and Rebecca, a. 25) and
Caroline E. Foster, March 22, 1849.

GAULT (see Gaulte), David and Sally Rainger of Brookfield,

int. May 20, 18 10.
John and Rebecah Kenney, int. June 28, 1801.
Mary Ann and Warren Harrington, Oct. 24, 1838.
Persis G. and Sumner Harrington, May 4, 1842.
Capt. William and Mrs. Ann Kelley of Uxbridge, int. March 27,


GAULTE, William [2d in int.] and Caroline Wilson of Spencer,
Feb. 19, 1835.

GETCHEL (see Gitchel), Lusindy and Moses Bullard, int. March
28, 1791.

GIBBS, Ann P. (d. Jonathan, a. 27) and Horatio W. Perkins,
May 4, 1845.

GILBERT (see Gillert), Aaron of Brookfield and Wid. Marcy

Allen, int. Oct. 17, 1791.
Abigail A. and Hasky Wight, March 30, 1826.
Elisha and Submit Glazier of Hardwick, int. Oct. 30, 1768.
Elizabeth, late of Brookfield and Asahel Clap, int. Feb. 23, 1767.
Jonathan and Susey Bothwell, int. Aug. 28, 1791.
Moses of Putney and Anna Hayden, June 22, 1786. In Rutland.

GILLERT (see Gilbert), Arunah of Stockbridge, Vt., and Nabby
French, int. Dec. 22, 1799.

GILL, Gieles and Aaron Crawford, int. July 31, 1768.

GITCHEL (see Getchel), Huldah S. (d. John and Huldah Lester,
wid., a. 31) and Stephen Chamberlain, March 15, 1846.

GLAZIER, Hannah and James Packard, int. May 19, 1799.

John and Dorothy Goodale, int. Oct. 8, 1797.

John of West Boylston and Lucinda Parmenter, Dec. 18, 18 15.


Submit of Hardwick and Elisha Gilbert, int. Oct. 30, 1768.

GLEASON, Dolly and Richard K. Shattuck, [int. July 24, 183 1].

GODDARD, Gardner and Sophia Rice of Rutland, Dec. 11, 1782.
In Holden.

* Intention not recorded.


GoDDARD, Marrion [Marian in int.] M. and Joseph S. Moulton,
July 4, 1847.

GOODALE (see Goodie), Asaph of West Boylston and Betsey

Parmenter, int. May 7, 1812.
Azubah Newton and Timothy Clark of Sherburn, int. Sept. 7,

Azubah Newton and Paul Goodale Jr. of Holden, int. March 20,

CaroHne A. and Leonard S. Parker of Mansfield, O., Sept. 19,

David Jr. and Eunice Wilder of Starhng, int. June — , 1800.
Dorothy and John Glazier, int. Oct. 8, 1797.
Eunice and Ezra Estabrook of Worcester, int. May 17, 1795.
Ezekiel of Halowell and Betsy Stone, int. Jan. 13, 1804.
Harriet of West Boylston and Willard Cheney, int. April i, 1838.
Levi of West Boylston and Unice Brimhall, int. Sept. 23, 1810.
Mary M. and EUjah Dean Jr., [int. May 8, 183 1].
Mehnda and Simeon Fowler Jr. of Orrington, Oct. 21, 1813.


Paul Jr. of Holden and Azubah Newton Goodale, int. March 20,

GOODENOW (see Goodnoe), Eunis and Jabesh Ayer of New
Braintree, int. April 10, 1791.

GOODLE (see Goodale), Enoch and Lucy Lincoln, July 19,
1814. C.R.

GOODNOE [Goodnow in int.], David and Clarissa Whitaker,
Dec. 19, 1813. C.R.

GOODSPEED, Seth and Hannah Stone, int. Feb. 13, 1804.

GOODWIN, William S. of Worcester and Abigail R. Earle, Sept.

14, 1842.

GORDON, Alexander of Murrayfield and Martha Molholen, int.
April 5, 1767.

GORUM, Desire of Barre and James Richmond, int. July 12,


GOULD, Rufus and Mary Henry, April 8, 1824.

GRA (see Gray), David B. of Amhurst and Isabel Field, int. Aug.
20, 1804.


GRAVES, Betsey and John M. Collough of Rutland, int. May
23, 1819.

GRAY (see Gra), Elihu of Palham and Pattie Willson, int. Sept,
II, 1791.

GREEN, Alpha and Polly Pratt of Barre, Dec. 13, 1795. In

Bar re.
Azubah and Aron Brown, int. Oct. 10, 1786.
Benjamin and Rhoda Frinch, int. Nov. 22, 1793.
Charles B. [Belcher] and Catherine Briant of Orange, April 29,

[Mrs. ?] Eliza and Skelton Felton, May 5, 1828.
Elizabeth and Charles Curray, int. Feb. 25, 1770.
Elizabeth and Richard Sawdey, Feb. 10, 1815.
Keziah of Barre and Benjamin Forbes, int. April i, 1804.
Lucretia and Peter S. Winn, Dec. 19, 1834.
Lydia of Rutland and Samuel Hunt, int. April 17, 1803.
Mrs. Maria and James W. Sloan, April 11, 1841.
Mrs. Mary and Hubbard Woodbury of Barre, int. May 4, 1797.
Robert and Abigail Fumass, int. Oct. 9, 1768.
Sarah and Adin Hudson, Oct. 5, 1789. In New Braintree.
Thomas of Barre and Miriam Powers, Aug. 8, 1776. In Barre.
William Jr. and Betty Hudson, int. Nov. 12, 1785.

GREENLEAF, Caroline H. of Ware and Dr. Albert White, int.
June 8, 1828.

GREENWOOD, Adeline of Winchendon and Harrison Harwood,
int. May 18, 1840.

GROUT, Catharine E. of Grafton and Daniel Clapp, int. Sept. 25,

Emeline of Spencer and Joseph Dean, int. Nov. 2, 1845.

HAGAR (see Hager), James and Mary H. Shattuck of Barre,

int. June 20, 1841.
Mary (d. Asa and Abigail Shattuck, wid., a. 29) and Samuel B.

Ripley. April 3, 1848.
Mary L. (d. Wid. Lucy) and John Robinson 2d, April 14, 1844.

HAGER (see Hagar), Wid. Anne and James Blair, int. Dec. 22,

David and Lucy Preshoe, int. Nov. 21, 1802.
Polly and Joseph Blair, int. Oct. 6, 1800.

HALL, Betsey and Cheney Hatch of Leicester, June 10, 18 19.
Edward and Narcissa Stearnes of Spencer, int. April 10, 183 1.


Hall, Judith of Cornish and John Boyd int. May 13, 1781.

Mary and Simeon Haskell, April 11, 18 16. c.R.

Mary and Joseph Powers of Enfield, Feb. 7, 1838.

Percival 2dof New Braintree,and Betsey White, int. July 3, 1791.

Percival Jr. and Viana White, June 15, 1826.

Mrs. Sarah and Jacob Perham of Spencer, int. Nov. 19, 1804.

HAMM[ON], Abigal and Ebenezer Cobb of Boston, int. Nov.
3, i8[o6].

HAMMOND, AureUa and Ezra Maynard, April 12, 1827.
Betsy and Joseph Phiney of Boston, int. Dec. 13, 1807.
Isabella and Roswell Taylor of Spencer, Nov. — , 18 16. c.R.
John and Adahne Stone, June 29, 18 18. c.R.
John (s. Elijah, widr., a. 56) and Susan M. Robinson, both of
Worcester, Dec. 31, 1846.*

HAPGOOD, Luther of Westboro (s. David and Lydia, a. 24)
and Harriet Dean, Sept. 28, 1848.

HARDY, Sarah of Brookfield and James Deen, int. May 25, 1777.

HARPER, Catherine and John Forbush, Nov. 22, 1774. In

Eunice and Wilham Bothel, int. April 24, 1769.
George and Riuth Wolcott of New Braintree, Sept, 18, 1783.

In New Braintree.
Jenet and James Hassett of New Braintree, int. Dec. 23, 1783.
Joseph and Abigail Bacon, Dec. 13, 1781. In New Braintree.
Mary and William Stevenson, int. June 26, 1768.
Rachel and John Aiken, int. March 16, 1782.
Robert and Sarah McFarland, int. Oct. 13, 1766.
Susannah and John Henderson of Salem, N. Y., int. Oct. 17, 1786.

HARRINGTON, Austin and Sophia Ware, Oct, 14, 1821.
Caroline R. and Samuel HilUard of New Braintree [int. March

20, 183 1].
Caroline and James A. Pim, both of Boston, Sept. 19, 1842. At

New Braintree.*
Charles of New Braintree and Almary Cushman, Oct. 2, 1843.
Cheney and Susan Smith, int. June 26, 1836.
Isaac S. of Grafton (s. Isaac of Shrewsbury, widr., a. 30) and

Mary Adeline Flint, June 25, 1844.
Levi Jr. and Miriam Barnes of Palmer, int. Feb. 5, 1832,
Lois H. and Samuel F. Shattuck of Worcester, Dec. 31, 1834.
Sumner and Persis G- Gault, May 4, 1842.

* Intention not recorded.


Harrington, Susan and William Newton of Hadlcv, March 31,

Warren and Mary Ann Gault, Oct. 24, 1838.

HARWOOD, Harrison and Adeline Greenwood of Winchendon,
int. May 18, 1840.

HASKEL (see Haskell), Nelson and Philena Pepper, April 29

Simeon and Mary Hall, April 11, 1816. c.r.
Thomas and Maria Pepper, April 2, 182 1.

HASKELL (see Haskel), Daniel and Marcia Jennison, Oct. 27,

Eli of Midleborough and Achse Nye, int. Oct. 8, 1797.
Elijah P. and Mrs. Mary Brown, Nov. 28, 1835.
George and Betsey Howe, int. Feb. 3, 1798.
Judith and Henry Church of Hadley, Nov. 25, 1834.
Loring of Athol and Sally Lincoln, Feb. 2, 1819.
Mark (s. Simeon and Ruth, a. 34) and Nancy H. Jones, April 18,


HASSETT, James of New Braintree and Jenet Harper, int. Dec.
23, 1783-

HASTINGS, Hezekiah H. and Mary Lovel of Worcester, int. Oct.

14, 1819.
Jonathan L. (s. Hezekiah H. and Mary, a. 25) and Susan M.

Stone, March 30, 1848.
Julia and Adam H. Fay of Barre, June 5, 1834.
Mary M. of Barre and Stephen Holt of West Boylston, Oct. 2,

Nahum of Barlin and Anna Par , int. Jan. 5, 1806.

HATCH, Cheney of Leicester and Betsey Hall, June 10, 1819.

HATHAWAY, Lorenzo of Norway, Me. (widr., a. 38) and Avis
B. Jones, Oct. 15, 1846.

HATHEWAY, Edward of Wardsberey and Mrs. Charlotte
Chaddock, int. July 31, 1796.

HAVEN, Clarissa and John Crawford, Jan. 2, 1823.
Betsey of Dana and John Bothwell, int. Nov. 22, 1818.

HA WES, Amherst H. and Sophronia Thompson, Feb. 24, 1836.

* Intention not recorded.


HAYDEN, Anna [Amey in int.] and Moses Gilbert of Putney,

June 22, 1786. In Rutland.
Joel and Lucy Flynt, int. Jan. — , 1777.

HEARD, Dea. Nathan of Worcester and Wid. Diana Newel,
Nov. 22, 1812. C.R.

HEMMENWAY, Capt. Seth of Shrewsbury and Sally Packard,
Sept. 24, 1834.

HENDERSON (see Henerson), EHza and Reuben Thomas of

New Braintree [int. Nov. 27, 183 1].
John of Salem, N. Y., and Susannah Harper, int. Oct. 17, 1786.
Jonathan and Esther Dean, int. Jan. 7, 1788.
Mary and Alexander Crawford, Sept. 6, 1813. c.r.

HENERSON (see above), Betsy and John Whitaker, int. July 14,

HENRY, Mary and Rufus Gould, April 8, 1824.

Nancy and James R. Foster of New Braintree, Aug. 22, 1822.

Samuel G. and Nancy D. French, Dec. 14, 1836.

Wid. Susanna and Thomas Farman of Rutland, int. May — , 1766.

HILL, Erastus of North Brookfield and Hannah Whittier, int.
March 27, 1831.

HILLIARD, Samuel of New Braintree and Caroline R. Har-
rington, [int. March 20, 183 1].

HINDS, Catherine of Barre and Nathan Bruce, Nov. 15, 1787.

In Barre.
Hannah of Rutland and Skelton Foster, int. Dec. 29, 1766.
Lucy E. and Francis W. Maynard, Oct. 29, 1835.

HIXON, Rev. Asa and Charlotte Baker of Franklin, int. May 30,

HOAR, Edwin of New Braintree and Eliza Ann Presho, int.
May 30, 1846.

HODGES, John W. and Catharine Upton of Templeton, int.
April 3, 1831.

HOLBROOK, Eliab Jr. of BeUingham and Julia F. Morse, June

23, 1842.
James T. and Electa B. Morse, May 6, 1841.
Mary B. and Asahel C. Boyd, July 15, 1838.
Sarah A. and John N. Morse, Dec. 25, 1841.


HOLDEN, Harriet and Milton Stone, both of Hubbardston,

March 29, 1843. I^ Hubbardston.*
Mrs. Milly of Templeton and Dea. Samuel Kendall, int. Feb. 17,


HOLLAND, Joan C. and Daniel W. Flint, June 16, 1845.
Nathaniel 2d and Mehitable Spooner, June 22, 1818.*

HOLLIS, Ehjah of Fitchburgh and Lucy Parmenter, April 17,
1 781. In Rutland.

HOLMES, Caroline B. and Leonard W. Davis, Nov. 20, 1838.

HOLT, Ahjah of Fitchburgh and Lucy Parmenter, int. Feb. i,
1 781. [Probably same as Elijah Hollis above.]

Eliza and Joshua Brimhall, int. Oct. 27, 1816.

Stephen of West Boylston and Mary M. Hastings of Barre, Oct.
2, 1842.*

HOOKER, Charles of Rutland and Louisa F. Perry, Feb. 21,

HOOPER, Ebenezer and EUzabeth Staples of Leicester, int. Sept.

14, 1823.
John and Wid. Ruth Whitman, int. Nov. 25, 1790.

HORR (see Hoar), Lucy of North Brookfield and Silas Reed Jr.,

int. April 2, 1814.
[Hoar in c.r.] Polly and Silas Reed Jr., Oct. 4 [27, c.r.], 1819.

HOUGHTON, Charles E. and Polly D. McCuUock, int. May 12,

. 1839.
Phineus of Northborough [Philemon of Marlborough in int.] and
Molly Packard, March 13, 1783. In New Braintree.

HOWARD, John F. of Boston and Charlotte Adams, Nov. i,

Maria W. and George C. Thacher of Boston [int. June 5, 1825.]

HOWE, Betsey and George Haskell, int. Feb. 3, 1798.

Dulcine and Crocker Nye, int. April 28, 1799.

Frances Ann of Shrewsbury and WiUiam S. Walker, int. Nov. i,

Isaiah and Mary Jane Rogers of West Brookfield, int. March 28,

Josiah and Arethusa Read, int. July 15, 18 10.
Levi of Shrewsbury (widr. a. 55) and Harriet Fales, Feb. 11, 1845.

* Intention not recorded.


Howe, Samuel N. of Holden and Persis E. Parker of Barre,

June 13, 1843. Ii^ Barre.*
Susanna and Moses Robinson of Bennington, int. Sept. 11, 1803.

HOYT, Benjamin of Princeton and Wid. Elizabeth Berry, int.
Sept. 8, 1799.

HUDSON (see Hutson), Adin and Sarah Green, Oct. 5, 1789.
In New Braintree.

Wid. Abigael and Frederick Munrow Stone, int. Jan. 6, 1793.

Betty and William Green Jr., int. Nov. 12, 1785.

Enos and Patie Brown, int. March 3, 1783.

Molly and Ebenezer Miles of Rutland, Nov. 10, 1785. In Rut-

Pattie and Dr. Obadiah Townsend Jr. of New Salem, int. July 30,

Wid. Sarah and Constant Ruggles, int. Oct. 28, 1792.

HUMPHREY, Mary and Lemuel Smith of Springfield, int. Nov.
I, 1845.

HUNT, Samuel and Lydia Green of Rutland, int. April 17, 1803.
Warren of Douglas and Martha Kelley, July 12, 1821.

HUNTER, Abraham and Mary Wilson of New Braintree, Feb.

24, 1774. In New Braintree.
Amos and Hannah Lincoln, int. Aug. 19, 1810.
Andrew and Wid. Hannah Kelley, int. Dec. 15, 18 16.
Eunice of New Braintree and David White, int. Sept. 30, 1792.
Ira and Mary Susan BuUard, March 25, 1841.
Lucy R. and Charles Newcomb Jr. of Spencer, March 31, 1842.
Luther and Betsey Lincoln, May 6, 1813. c.R.
Nancy of New Braintree and Joel Jones, int. July 27, 1800.
Nancy and Samuel Fairbank, April 7, 1813. c.R.
Sarah T. and Fabian Tomhnson, March 28, 1816.

HUTSON (see Hudson), Joseph and Abigal Wilhams of Rutland,
int. April 11, 1779.

INGALL, Zedock and Christian Bell, int. June 15, 1782.

JACOBS, Mrs. Lucy B. and Rev. Lucius W. Clark of South Wil-

braham, April 20, 1830.
[Dr.] Simon and Lucy B. Tomhnson, June 14, 1824.

JENNISON, ]^^arcia and Daniel Haskell, Oct. 27, 1835.

* Intention not recorded.


JEWETT, WilUam H. of Norwich, Ct. (widr., a. 29), and Abigail
J. Clapp, April 4, 1847.

JOHNSON, Abiather of North Brookfield and Rhoda Dean, Feb.

19, 1829.
John of Barre and Wid. Patience Beamis, int. Aug. 14, 1793.
Lyman (of Sturb ridge) (widr.) and Mrs. Harriet Field, April 11,

Patty of Medway and Mason Clark, int. Oct. 4, 1813.
Rowena and Richard K. Marsh, int. March 29, 1818.
Zila and Elisha Fitts of Paris, Me., Feb. 17, 1822.

JONES, Avis B. (d. Joel and Nancy, a. 30) and Lorenzo Hatha-
way of Norway, Me., Oct. 15, 1846.

Charles M. and Deborah Foster, int. Jan. 22, 1809.

Joel and Nancy Hunter of New Braintree, int. July 27, 1800.

Nancy H. (d. Joel and Nancy, a. 26) and Mark Haskell, April 18,

JOSLYN, Emily of New Braintree and Leonard Fuller, Nov. 9,

Sarah of New Braintree and Isaac Preshoe, int. March 28, 1791.

KEEP, Ehzabeth F. of Longmeadow and Emory Lincoln, int.

Nov. 15, 1842.
William E. and Polly Wood of Monson, int. Dec. 9, 1827.

KEITH, Charles and Anna Thresher of New Braintree, int. Nov.

9, 1828.
Samuel Peterson of Middleborough and Almedia Allen, Nov. 28,


KELLEY (see Kelly), Mrs. Ann of Uxbridge and Capt. Wilham

Gault, int. March 27, 1831.
Daniel E. and EUza Conant, April i, 1824.
Eliza of Western and Charles Conant, int. March 15, 1829.
Wid. Hannah and Andrew Hunter, int. Dec. 15, 1816.
Harriet and Warren Batcheller of Providence, R. I., int. March

22, 1823.
Henrey and Lucretie Stone, int. May 19, 1793.
James M. (s. James and Mary, a. 22) and Almedia R. Lester,

both of Spencer, Jan. 17, 1847.*
Lucretia S. (d. Mariot and Ann, a. 23) and Asa H. Pierce of

Barre, Nov. 28, 1844.
Martha and Warren Hunt of Douglas, July 12, 1821.
Patty and Dr. Caleb Shattuck of Paxton, int. May 28, 1800.

* Intention not recorded.


Kellf.y, Richard of Rutland District and Martha Black, int.

Nov. 6, 1769.
Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth McCoUough of Barre, int. Jan. 18,


KELLY [Kelley in int.], Julian and Adin Woodis, June 10, 1818.


KENDALL, Dea. Samuel and Mrs. Milly Holden of Templeton,
int. Feb. 17, 1843.

KENNEY, Rebecah and John Gault, int. June 28, 1801.

KIMBALL, Esther R. of North Brookfield and Joseph C. Clark,
int. Oct. 12, 1844.

KING, John Wales of Rochester and Charlotte Norton Allen,

June 4, 1833.
Jonathan of Sutton and Ehzabeth Crawford, Oct. 17, 1815. C.R.
WilUam Jr. of New Fain and Lydie Packard, int. April 16, 1787.

KINGSLEY, Samuel and Lucy Waterman, Oct. 27, 1818.

KNIGHT, Harriet and Perley Ayres, Aug. 29, 1838.

Hiram of North Brookfield and Louisa Allen, June 19, 1838.

Hiram W. of Phillipston and Martha G. Adams, March 27, 1842.

Levi P. of Med way and Adaline W. Robinson [int. Nov. 14, 1830].

Wid. Lucy and Peter Fits, int. Sept. 28, 181 1.

Lydia C. and John Moseley of Bethel, Vt., int. Feb. 20, 1832.

Maria A. (d. Silas and Abiah, a. 19) and Hiram C. Morse, May

I, 1844.
Mary Ann (d. Silas and Abiah, a. 21) and Albert L. Poland of

North Brookfield, May i, 1844.
Patty and Solomon W. Davis, int. Oct. 15, 1810.
Perces and Joseph Snow Jr. of Brookfield, int. Oct. 15, 1810.
Silas Jr. and Abia L. Richmond, int. May 20, 18 10.

KNOWLTON, Clarinda and Joseph C. Weeks, int. Aug. 28, 183 1.

KNOX, John McCHntock of Pembroke, N. H., and Eunice
Ripley, Sept. 26, 1836.

LAMB, Lucien D. of Spencer and JuHa A. Towne, int. Nov. 6,

Nathan of Leicester and Wid. Hannah Medcalf, int. Sept. 24, 1787.
Susanna of Leicester and Joseph W. Morse, int. April 2, 1808.

LARNED, Mary of New Braintree and Cook Simmons, int. Nov.



LEACH, Wid. Alice and Dea. John Bacon of Brookfield, July
25, 1 78 1. In Brookfield.

LEE, Charlotte A. of Barre and Matthew F. Woods, int. Sept. 24,

PhiUp and Wid. Hepzibeth Perkins, int. Sept. 9, 1781.

LEONARD, Mrs. Anne and Levi Leonard, int. Aug. 13, 1797.
Wid. Chloe and Rev. Gaius Conant of Paxton, int. Oct. 17, 1813.
Elizabeth and Josiah Leonard, int. Feb. 15, i8ot.
Jonas of Bridgwater and Cloe Allen, int. Feb. 13, 1804.
Josiah and Elizabeth Leonard, int. Feb. 15, 1801.
Josiah L. and Mary Bartlet, int. Nov. 16, 1823.
Levi and Mrs. Anne Leonard, int. Aug. 13, 1797.
Olive and Daniel Cutler of Grafton, Dec. 26, 1820.

LESTER, Almedia R. (d. John and Huldah, a. 19) and James
M. Kelley, both of Spencer, Jan.' 17, 1847.*

LILLEY, Caroline F. and John Smith of Barre, int. March 29,

LINCOLN, Abner and Rebekah Smith of Rutland, int. May 8,

Alonzo and Elizabeth M. Dean of New Salem, int. April 2, 1837.
Betsey and Luther Hunter, May 6, 1813. C.R.
Elizabeth W. and Alfred E. Burt, Nov. 27, 1843.
Emory and Elizabeth F. Keep of Longmeadow, int. Nov. 15, 1842.
Hannah and Amos Hunter, int. Aug. 19, 18 10.
James S. and Almira Dean of New Salem, int. March i, 1841.
Julia Ann (d. Abner and Rebecca, a. 25) and James Miller of

New Braintree, Nov. 28, 1848.
Louisa and Abraham F. Robinson of Cincinnati, O., July 29, 1830.
Lucy and Enoch Goodie, July 19, 18 14. c.r.
Lydia and Aden Davis, int. Feb. 28, 1808.
Nathaniel and Wid. Ruth Delanoe, int. June 7, 1791.
Sally and Loring Haskell of Athol, Feb. 2, 1819.
Stephen and Lydia Foster, April 24, 1779. In Rutland.
Lt. Stephen Jr. and Betsey Brooks of Princeton, int. Feb. 2, 1823.
Stephen Jr. and Martha W. Skerry [int. March 8, 1829].
William (s. Stephen and Betsey, a. 22) and Mary L. Allen, June

17, 1849.

LITTLE, Lt. Benjamin of New Braintree and Hannah Allen, int.
March 3, 1805.

* Intention not recorded.


LOCK, Jonathan of Ashby and Mrs. Betsy Field, int. ,

[1806 or 1807].

LONG, Mrs. Lydie and Benjamin Foster, int. Nov. 18, 1796.

LORING, Anjeanette E. (d. Augustine L. and Elizabeth, a. 21)
and James Babbitt of North Brookfield, Feb. 12, 1846.

LOVEJOY, James and Ora Erskine of Hubbardston, int. Sept.
21, 1826.

LOVEL, Mary of Worcester and Hezekiah H. Hastings, int.
Oct. 14, 1819.

LOVELL, David and Hannah Osburn of Sudbury, int. Sept. 25,

LOVERING, John and Sally Rice, May 24, 1818.
Mary E. and Rufus W. Putnam, int. Aug. 27, 1843.

LOW, Augustus H. of Barre and Mary Bryant, Nov. 6, 1838.

LOWATER, Thomas M. and Almira C. Carpenter of Barre,
int. Dec. 24, 1837.

LUDDEN, Sanford and Martha A. Tidd, both of North Brook-
field, May 10, 1842. In North Brookfield.*

LUTTON [Ludden], Mehitabel of Spencer and Asa Blair, int.
July 20, 1800.

LYON, Alvan of Braintree, Vt.,and Sally E. French, Feb. 11,

Joseph W. of Spencer (s. Aaron and Eliza, a. 25) and Julia Boyd,

July 23, 1844.
Wid. Rebeckhah and James Black, int. May 8, 1775.

McCLELLEN, Polly and Lot Conant, March 16, 1815. r.c.

McCULLER (see below), Edmund P. (s. John and Betsey, a.

23) and Jane French, May 4, 1847.
Maria C. and Jason Desper, both of Barre, July 4, 1842.*

McCULLOCK (see McCoUough), Persis Ann and Newell Young,

Dec. 13, 1842. In Rutland.
Polly D. and Charles E. Houghton, int. May 12, 1839.

McCOLLOUGH (see Collough), Mrs. Ehzabeth of Barre and
Richard Kelley, int. Jan. 18, 1786.

* Intention not recorded.


McFARLAND (see McFarlen), Daniel and Patty Bell, May 19,

1817. C.R.
Daniel C. (s. Daniel and Patty, a. 22) and Eunice Miles [of

Stark, N. H.], Dec. 4, 1849.
Margret of Addams and Reuben McFarland, int. June 15, 1782.
Reuben and Margret McFarland of Addams, int. June 15, 1782,
Sarah and Robert Harper, int. Oct. 13, 1766.
Walter and Polly Bell, May 27, 181 7. c.R.
Wiliam P. of Roxbury and Eliza Ann Robinson, int. Nov. 24,


McFARLEN, Betsey and Franklin Stearnes, int. Aug. 11, 1805.

MACUMBER, Harriot and Harvy Fales, March 26, 18 16. c.R.
John and Abigail F. Packard, Jan. 17, 1&28.
Luther and Eliza Crawford, April 11, 1833.
Polly and Samuel Thrasher Jr. of New Braintree, March 14,
1815. c.R.

MANDELL, Walter of Hardwick and Juha Ann Freeman, A.
March 17, 1829.

MANN, Hannah of Paxton and Rufus Parmenter, int. July 12,


MARSH, Elias Jr. and Myra Buss of Sterhng, int. June 14, 1819.

Eunice and Moses Brown, int. May 24, 1801.

Jonas of Warwick and Sally Mills, int. April 27, 1783.

Joseph and Polly Davis, Dec. 8, 1812. c.R.

Julia Ann and Henry Rice, March 4, 1841.

Maria Augusta (d. Richard K. and Rhoena, a. 20) and Silas B.

Thompson, June 29, 1847.
Richard K. and Rowena Johnson, int. March 29, 1818.
Stephen of Sutton and Lucy Crawford, April 29, 18 17. C.R.

MATTHEWS, Dr. Increase of New Braintree and Nabbie Willis,
int. April 7, 1799.

MAY, Mrs. Lydia and Daniel Tucker of West Brookfield, Feb.
6, 1840.

MAYNARD, Anna of PhiUipston and Francis W. Maynard, int.

April 6, 1828.
Abigail and Charles Conant, int. April 15, 1832.
Amasa and Molley Parmenter. int. Sept. 21, 1793.
Artemas and Caroline [Maria] Taylor, Dec. 29, 1836.
Ezra and Aurelia Hammond, April 12, 1827.
Francis and Zeriuah Wright, Feb. 12, 1784. In Brookfield.


Maynard, Francis W. and Anna Mavnard of Phillipston, int.

April 6, 1828.
Francis W. and Lucy E. Hinds, Oct. 29, 1835.
Mary Ann (d. Samuel and Polly, a. 19) and Eliakim C. Woodis,
N Oct. 21, 1846.
Nancy (d. William and Hannah, a. 32) and Henry G. Drury,

Jan. 28, 1845.
Ruth and Prince Spooner, int. March 8, 1795.
Sally and David Parmenter of Sudbury, int. March 24, 1799.
Samuel and Polly Parkman, Dec. 27 [22, c.R.], 1825.
Sarah and William Breton of Spencer, int. Nov. 20, 1803.

MEDCALF (see Metcalf), Wid. Hannah and Nathan Lamb of
Leicester, int. Sept. 24, 1787.

MERIAM, Wid. Nannie and WiUiam Parmenter, int. July 17,

METCALF (see Medcalf), David and Mrs. Candice Stratton, int.
Aug. 13, 1797.

MILES, Ebenezer of Rutland and Molly Hudson, Nov. 10, 1785.

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