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In Rutland.
Eunice [of Stark, N. H., in int.] (d. Daniel and Lois, a. 19) and

Daniel C. McFarland, Dec. 4, 1849.
Mary R. of Rutland and Lewis H. Reed, int. May 28, 1824.

MILLER, Chloe of Westren and Simson Bell, int. Nov. 17,

James of New Braintree (s. Comfort and Polly, a. 25) and Julia

Ann Lincoln, Nov. 28, 1848.

MILLS, Janet and Joshua Smith of Rutland, int. May 9, 1790.
Sally and Jonas Marsh of Warwick, int. April 27, 1783.

MOLHOLEN, Martha and Alexander Gordon of Murrayfield,
int. April 5, 1767.

MOOLIT, John of Barre and Mrs. Parsis Woodis, int. July 16,

MOON, Abigail and Justus Weld of Sturbridge, Sept. 6, 1826.

MOORE (see Moores), Ashbel and Sarah Woodis, int. Sept. 4,

Mrs. Lucy of New Braintree and William Whitaker 2d, int. June

25> 1797-
Sally of Rutland and John Crawford, int. Nov. i, 1826.


Moore, Ruth and Abijah Shumway of Sterbridge, April 6, 1824.
Samuel of Barre and Jane Felton, int. April 27, 1791.

MOORES, Sarah and Archibald Forbes, int. Nov. 13, 1781.

MORSE, Electa B. and James T. Holbrook, May 6, 1841.
Hiram C. (s. Eliakim and Lucinda, a. 23) and Maria A. Knight,

May I, 1844.
Jasper P. (s. EUakim and Lucinda, a. 25) and EUzabeth C.

Bullard, May i, 1849.
John N. and Sarah A. Holbrook, Dec. 25, 1841.
Joseph W. and Susanna Lamb of Leicester, int. April 2, 1808.
Julia F. and Eliab Holbrook Jr. of Bellingham, June 23, 1842.
Lucinda and Dexter Aldrich, both of Smithfield, R. I., July 24,

Samuel and Betsy Davis, int. Sept. 23, 1804.

MORTON, Phineas and Sarah Ann Fairbank, Aug. 23, 183 1.


Phineas and Mary Augusta Clapp, April 20, 1834.

MOSELEY, John of Bethel, Vt., and Lydia C. Knight, int. Feb.
20, 1832.

MOULTON, Joseph S. and Marrion M. Goddard, July 4, 1847.

MULLET, Abraham Jr. of Rutland and Susannah Forbes, June
24, 1813. C.R.

MUNROE, Jonas and AUice Butler, int. Aug. 10, 1801.

MUNROWE, Jonas of Spencer and Sally Whitaker, int. Nov.

30, 1797-
MURRAY, Samuel and Sally Brown, April 16, 1798. In Rutland.

NEWCOMB, Charles and Bathsheba Underwood, Sept. 3, 1814.
Charles Jr. of Spencer and Lucy R. Hunter, March 31, 1842.
James and Rhoda Partre[dge] of Barre, int. Nov. 17, 1805.
Louis of Rutland and John Adams, int. Dec. 11, 1808.

NEWEL [Newhall in int.], Wid. Diana and Dea. Nathan^Heard
of Worcester, Nov. 22, 1812. c.r.

NEWELL, Joel and Elsy Varney, int. March 5, 1815.

NEWTON, Daniel and Lucretia Davis, March 10, 18 18.
Edmund of Spencer and Sally Britton, int. Sept. 4, 1786.

* Intention not recorded.


Newton, Richard W. and Sophia C. Rainger of North Brook-
field, May 20, 1840. At North Broolcfield.
Wilham of Hadley and Susan Harrington, March 31, 1835.

NICKLES, Betsey of New Braintree and WiUiam Foster, int.
Aug. 25, 1799. See Field.

NORTON, Burrows and Bettey Bullard, int. May 12, 1793.

NOYES, Alvira [Elvira in int.] and Galen A. Crawford, Aug. 8,

Charlotte P. and Austin Adams, April 9, 1843.
Dana S. and Betsey Boyden of Holden, int. Feb. 8, 1826.
Daniel and Mrs. Caroline F. Smith, June 25, 1838.
Daniel and Augusta C. Fitts, Dec. 10, 1843.
Daniel (s. Luther and Azubah, a. 30, widr.) and Mary C. Damon,

May 19, 1845.
Denny S. and Abigail Reed, July 12, 1838.
Lucy H. and Flasky Wight, July 8, 1827.
Wilham A. F. (s. Luther and Azubah, a. 21) and Harriet A.

Fitts, June 2 [or 18], 1844.

NYE, Achse and Eh Haskell of Midleborough, int. Oct. 8, 1797.

Angeline and WiUiam TomUnson, March 24, 1842.

Benjmin Jr. of Barre and Bathshebe Allen, int. May 3, 1795.

Carohne and Jonas Brimhall, March 21, 1824.

Charles of North Brookfield and Adahza Daniels, int. May 7, 1839.

Crocker and Dulcine Howe, int. April 28, 1799.

Lucinda A. and Jepthah Ripley Jr., May 18, 1819.

Lucretia and Alphieus Stone, int. Aug. 27, 1781.

Lucretia and Benjamin Felton of Barre, June 21, 1821.

Lucy of Berry and Nehemiah Packard, int. Oct. 23, 1780.

Melissa and Peres Fobes, Aug. 11, 1816. c.R.

Mary [Marcy in int.] and Bowman Chaddock, Sept. 5, 1782. In

New Braintree.
Mary W. G. A. [or H.] and John C. Potter of North Brookfield,

May 17, 1836.
Mrs. Meletiah and Calvin Chaddock, int. Oct. 28, 1792.
Rufus of Hard wick and Betsey Edson, int. Jan. 4, 1801.
Salmon S. and Jane D. Robinson, Feb. i, 1827.
Timothy and Parnal Allen, int. July 4, 1790.
[Nigh in int.] Temperance and Samuell Richardson of Barre,

Nov. 12, 1778, In Hardwick.

OLDES, Hannah and Spencer Parmenter, int. May 22, 1808.


OLDS, Juliette A. and Hiram Barrett, int. Oct. i6, 1845.

OLIVER, Forbes of Barre and Nancy Adams, Dec. 27, 1820.

OLMSTEAD, Alden of North Brookfield (s. Ira of Fairfax, Vt.,
a. 32) and Hannah F. Rice, April 4, 1848.

OSBORN (see Osburn), Anne and James Bell Jr., int. July 14,

Moley and Dea. Samuel Davis, int. Dec. 27, 1795.
Sarah and Jonathan Ashley, int. Dec. 16, 1792.

OSBURN, Hannah of Sudbury and David Lovell, int. Sept-
25, 1831.

PACKARD, Abigail F. and John Macumber, Jan. 17, 1828.

Ann of East Winthrop, Me., and Isaac Babbitt, int. May 27, 1838,

Ann and David S. Ross, April 3, 1839.

Betsey and Dexter F. Partridge, Jan. 8, 1834.

Caleb and Hepzibath Bullard, int. Aug. 7, 1791.

Ichabod Jr. and Luraina Tower of Rutland, int. Dec. 19, 1786.

James and Hannah Glazier, int. May 19, 1799.

James (s. Jonathan and Susan) and Sarah E. Ayres, April 4,

Jonathan and Susanna Crawford, int. April 14, 181 1.
Juha A. and John W. Ayres, May 6, 1843.
Lydie and Wilham ELing Jr. of New Fain, int. April 16, 1787.
Molly and Phineus [Philemon?] Houghton of Northborough,

March 13, 1783. In New Braintree.
Nehemiah and Lucy Nye of Berry, int. Oct. 23, 1780.
Parley and Anna Allen of Spencer, int. Nov. 15, 1812.
Sally and Capt. Seth Hemmenway of Shrewsbury, Sept. 24, 1834.
Susan W. and Francis Foster, March 11, 1835.
Susannah and Willard Rugals, int. Oct. 5, 1806.

PAIGE, Willard of North Brookfield and Maria Reed, April 12,


PAIN, Charles and Annie Parmenter, int. Aug. i, 1784.

PAINE, Oren of Montague and Lucy Waterman, int. March 13,

PAR , Anna and Nahum Hastings of Barhn, int. Jan, 5,

Rebekah and James Chase of Werston, int. Jan. 26, 1806.


PARKER, Clark M. (s. Moody and Millicent, a. 24) and Mary-
Jane Deputrin, Nov. 20, 1849.

Charles G. and Mary A. Watson of Holden, int. March 15, 1847.

Daniel M. (s. Moody and Millicent, a. 31) and Mary A. Brigham
of Rutland, Jan. 10, 1849.

Hannah H. of Dunbarton, N. H., and Hon. James Allen, int.
Aug. 22, 1842.

Harriet Ann and John Walker Jr., both of Barre, Nov. 16, 1841.
In Barre.*

[Rev. in int.] Leonard S. of Mansfield, O., and Caroline A. Good-
ale, Sept. 19, 1838.

Persis E. of Barre and Samuel N. Howe of Holden, June 13, 1843.
In Barre.*

Sabra (d. Stephen, a. 36) and Henry A. Shumway, both of New
Braintree, July 29, 1847.*

PARKMAN, Ebenezer Jr. of North Brookfield and Harriet Rob-
inson, July 2, 1835.
Polly and Samuel Maynard, Dec. 27, 1825.

PARMENTER, Aaron Jr. and Susannah Foster, int. Aug. 28,

Anna and Stewart Black, int. Nov. 26, 1778.
Annie and Charles Pain, int. Aug. i, 1784.

Betsey and Asaph Goofd]ale of West Boylston, int. May 7, 1812.
David of Sudbury and Sally Maynard, int. March 24, 1799.
Daniel Jr. and Lucy Dean, int. Dec. 13, 1818.
Dolley and Phinehas Bullard, int. Sept. 10, 1787.
Elizabeth and Daniel Adams of Rutland, int. April 9, 1809.

Grace and Richard Dean, int. , 1788.

Isaac and Lydia Furnace, Oct. 4, 1781. In Hardwick.
Jacob and Ruth Bellows of Rutland, int. Aug. 8, 1776.
Lucinda and John Glazier of West Boylston, Dec. 18, 1815.


Lucy and Elijah HoHis [or Holt ?] of Fitchburgh, April 17, 1781.

In Rutland.
Lucy and Thomas Conant Jr., April 4, 1819.
Mary and Jacob Watson of Spencer, int. March 17, i8n.
Melissa and David T. Tenny, int. Oct. 20, 1819.
MoUey and Amasa Maynard, int. Sept. 21, 1793.
Rebecah and William Smith of Rutland District, int. Aug. 4, 1766.
Rufus and Hannah Mann of Paxton, int. July 12, 1778.
Solomon and Lucina Perim, March 20, 1827.
Spencer and Hannah Oldes, int. May 22, 1808.

* Intention not recorded.


Paementer, Triphosa and Joseph Dwelly Jr. of West Boylston,

May 25, 1815. c.R.
William and Jenny Boyd, int. Nov. 25, 1776.
William and Kathrin Deen, int. Sept. 5, 1783.
William and Wid. Nannie Meriam, int. July 17, 1814.

PARTRE[DGE], Rhoda of Barre and James Newcomb, int. Nov.
17, 1805.

PARTRIDGE, [Mrs. in int.] Betsev and Isaac J. Pratt, May 18,

Charlotte of Barre and John P. Butterfield, int. Oct. 16, 1837.
Dexter F. and Betsey Packard, Jan. 8, 1834.
Elias and Katherine Robinson, int. March 27, 1803.

Esther and Dea. J Dean, int. July 16, 1787.

James M. of Barre and Louisa Spooner, March 21, 1837.
Lavinia [Lavinia W. in int.] and Horace Brooks of Rutland, May

23, 1826.
Sarah and Asa Briggs, May 14, 1777. In Brookfield.
Thaddeus Jr. of Barre and Dolly Woodis, May 20, 1812. c.R.

PATRICK, Jacob and Nancy Tyler, int. June 16, 1793.

PATTEN, Daniel and Wid. Susey Byham of Greenwich, int.
Aug. 28, 1796.

PENDLETON, Lucina of Northampton and James Burbank,
int. June 19, 1836.

PENNIMAN, Henry of New Braintree and Lucy Allen, int. Dec.
19, 1806.

PEPPER, Maria and Thomas Haskel, April 2, 1821.
Nathaniel C. of Ware and Elizabeth G. Waterman, int. Dec. 17,

Philena and Nelson Haskel, April 29, 1830.

PERHAM, Jacob of Spencer and Mrs. Sarah Hall, int. Nov. 19,

PERIM, Lucina [Mrs. Lovina in c.R.] and Solomon Parmenter,
March 20, 1827.

PERKINS, Calvin and Catherine Bothwell, Dec. — , 1788. In

New Braintree.
Elsey and Peter Battese, Nov. 22, 1836.


Perkins, Wid. Hepzibeth and Philip Lee, int. Sept. 9, 1781.
Horatio W. (s. Sheppard, a. 26) and Ann P. Gibbs, May 4,

PERRY, Dorcas [Dorcas S. in int.] and John Stone, Sept. 18, 1838.
Louisa F. and Charles Hooker of Rutland, Feb. 21, 1843.
Mary E. and Marshall P. Robinson of Barre, Sept. 14, 1834.
William of Barre and Polly Felton, Oct. 2, 1791. In Barre.

PHILLIPS, Patience of Rutland and Levi Brown, Oct. 25, 1781.
In Rutland.

PHINEY, Joseph of Boston and Betsy Hammond, int. Dec. 13,


PIERCE, Asa H. of Barre (s. Mrs. Lucy, a. 26) and Lucretia S.

'^"^ Kelley, Nov. 28, 1844.

Ebenezer of Barre and Hannah Spooner, March 7, 1820.

PIM, James A. and Caroline Harrington, both of Boston, Sept.
19, 1842. At New Braintree.*

PIPER, James and Mrs. Marey Roper of Rutland, int. Oct. 16,

Silas (s. Greenwood of Pa.) and Roxana Adams of Barre, April 18,


POLAND, Albert L. of North Brookfield (s. Dea. Barnet of N. B.)
and Mary Ann Knight, May i, 1844.

PORTER, Cynthia E. of Wendall and Timothy C. Thrasher,

-" int. March 28, 1846.

Sally and Zadock Foster, int. Jan. 18, 1789.

POTTER, Aaron of New Braintree and Abigail Rawson, Oct. 22,

Frederick A. of North Brookfield and Mary P. Fobes, int. April

8, 1832. ^

John C. of North Brookfield and Marj^ W. G. A. Nye, May 17,


POWERS, Eunice E. of Greenwich and Jonathah W. Allen, int.

March 24, 1839.
John Jr. and Clarisa Preshoe, int. July 14, 1805.
Joseph of Enfield and Mary Hall, Feb. 7, 1838.
Lydia and Reuben Woodis^ int. May 14, 1798.

* Intention not recorded.


Powers, Marey and Robert Powers of Berlin, int. June 28,

[Tower in c.r.] Maryanne and Preston Day, Aug. 16, 1825.
Miriam and Thomas Green of Barre, Aug. 8, 1776. In Barre.
Robert of Berlin and Marey Powers, int. June 28, 1802.

PRAT [Pratt in c.r.] Seth Jr. of Barre and Ruth Whitman, May
24, 1819.

PRATT, Abigail of Reading and Dr. Horace P. Wakefield, int.

Dec. 17, 1837.
Hannah of Spencer and Benjamin Conant, int. Sept. 30, 1804.
Isaac J. and Betsey Partridge, May 18, 1836.
Levi of New Braintree and Pattie Black, int. Dec. 17, 1797.
Polly of Barre and Alpha Green, Dec. 13, 1795. In Barre.
Sarah and Benjamin H. Durant, both of Barre, Dec. 9, 1841.*

PRESHO (see Preshoe), Eliza Ann and Edwin Hoar of New

Braintree, int. May 30, 1846.
William and Mehssa Crawford, March 31, 1818. c.r.

PRESHOE (see Presho), Clarisa and John Powers Jr., int. July

14, 1805.
[Presho in int.], Frederick A. and Mary Fitts, Jan. 22, 1817.

Isaac and Sarah Joslyn of New Braintree, int. March 28, 1791.
Lucy and David Hager, int. Nov. 21, 1802.
Zadok and Betsey Robinson, May 5, 1817. c.r.

PROUTY (see below), Wid. Huldah and Benjamin Forbes, Jan.

31, 1821.
Sage and Alexander Dean, March 18, 1784. In Spencer.
Sarah [Mrs. Sally Proutey in int.] of Spencer and James Bothwell,

Oct. 2, 1797. In Spencer.
Susannah of Spencer and John Bothwell Jr., Dec. 26, 1799. In


PROWTEE (see above), James of Spencer and Huldah Whita-
ker, int. Dec. 23, 1804.

PUTNAM, Daniel V. (or Q.) and Cleopatra R. Bryant, Oct. 11,

Rufus W. and Mary E. Levering, int. Aug. 27, 1843.

RAINGER, Sally of Brookfield and David Gault, int. Mav 20,

♦ Intention not recorded.


Rainger, Sophia C. of North Brookfield and Richard W. New-
ton, May 20, 1840. At North Brookfield,

RANDAL, Lucy of Stow and Joseph Baker, int. March 2, 1767.

RAWSON, Abigail and Aaron Potter of New Braintree, Oct.

22, 1840.
Nancy (d. Daniel, a. 25) and Capt. Russell Ripley, Sept. 17, 1844.

READ (see Reed), Arethusa and Josiah Howe, int. July 15, 1810.

Benjamin and Betsey Conant, int. Jan. 29, 1809.

[Reed in int.], Elizabeth and Israel Rice, June 9, 1795. In Spencer

REDDING, Sally and Eleazer Spooner 2d, Dec. 22, 181 2. c.r.
Zackeriah of New Braintree and Wid. Rachel Dun, int. July 16,


REED (see Read), Abigail and Denny S. Noyes, July 12, 1838.
Jonathan and Betsey Temple, int. Sept. 3, 1826.
Lewis H. and Mary R. Miles of Rutland, int. May 28, 1824.
Maria and Willard Paige of North Brookfield, April 12, 1838.
Ruby S. and Hiram Conant of West Boylston, March 31, 1828.
Seraph [Seraph A. in int.] and Silas Bemas Jr. of Barre, May 14,

Silas Jr. and Lucy Horr of North Brookfield, int. April 2, 18 14.
Silas Jr. and Polly Horr [Hoar, c.R.], Oct. 4, 1819.
Silas and Zillah Bellows of Paxton, int. Feb. 24, 1828.
Susan C. and Cyrus French, May 16, 1833.

RICE, Benjamin Jr. of Barre and Philena Ruggles, Dec. 15,

1814. c.R.

Wid. Esther and Phineas Bullard, int. Oct. 17, 1815.

Hannah F. (d. Nathan and Hannah, a. 24) and Alden Olmstead

of North Brookfield, April 4, 1848.
Henry and Julia Ann Marsh, March 4, 1841.
Isaac D. (s. Joseph and Mary, a. 44) and Juha Ann Rice, April

19, 1846.
Israel and EHzabeth Read, June 9, 1795. In Spencer.
Josiah M. of Stoddard, N. H. (s. Wid. , a. 25) and Mary

Ann W. Robinson, June 4, 1845.
Juha Ann (d. Richard K. and Rhoena Marsh, wid., a. 25) and

Isaac D. Rice, April 19, 1846.
Nathan Jr. and Catherine Woodis of North Brookfield, int. Feb.

22, 1846.
Sally and John Lovering, May 24, 18 18.
Sophia of Rutland and Gardner Goddard, Dec. 11, 1782. In



RICHARDS, Emery of Sturbridge and Abigail W. Chickering,
April [16 or] 26, 1828.

RICHARDSON, George and Dinah Dunbar, int. July 30, 1786.
Samuell [Jonathan in int. and Barre Records] of Barre and Tem-
perance Nye, Nov. 12, 1778. In Hardwick.

RICHMOND, Abia L. and Silas Knight Jr., int. May 20, 1810.
James and Desire Gorum of Barre, int. July 12, 1778.

RIPLEY, Allen of Wilton, N. H., and Nancy Weeks, int. July

28, 1811.
Eunice and John McClintock Knox of Pembroke, N. H., Sept.

26, 1836.
Jepthah and Marcy Brimhall, int. Sept. 25, 1808.
Jepthah Jr. and Lucinda A. Nye, May 18, 1819.
Rebekah and Joseph Demmond, int. July 8, 18 10.
Capt. Russel and Sophronia Berry, Dec. 13, 1832. c.R.
Russell (s. Zenas, widr., a. 40) and Nancy Rawson, Sept. 17, 1844.
Samuel B. (s. Jeptha and Mary, a. 30) and Mary Hagar, April 3,

Sybil and Silas Clapp, June 29, 1825.
Thomas and Betsy Addams of Barre, int. March 24, 181 1.
Zenas and Hannah French, int. June 23, 1805.

ROBINSON, Abraham F. of Cincinnati, O., and Louisa Lincoln,

July 29, 1830.
Adaline W. and Levi P. Knight of Medway [int. Nov. 14, 1830].
Betsey and Zadok Preshoe, May 5, 1817. c.R.
Caroline Malvina (d. William and Jane, a. 17) and Avery C.

BuUard, Nov. 10, 1847.
Catharine and Page Austin, April 22, 1836.
Eliza Ann and William P. McFarland of Roxbury, int. Nov. 24,

Harriet and Ebenezer Parkman Jr. of North Brookfield, July 2,

Jane D. and Salmon S. Nye, Feb. i, 1827.

Jeremiah and Julia M. Boyden of Brookfield, int. April 22, 1832.

John and Susan Stone, Dec. 2, 1824.

John 2d (s. WilHam and Jane, a. 24) and Mary L. Hagar, April

14, 1844.
Katherine and Elias Partridge, int. March 27, 1803.
Lorania and James C. Fairbank, June 9, 1825.
Marshall P. of Barre and Mary E. Perry, Sept. 14, 1834.
Martha H. and Washington Stone, April 12, 1838.


Robinson, Mary Ann W. (d. John, a. 26) and Josiah M. Rice

of Stoddard, N. H., June 4, 1845.
Moses of Bennington and Susanna Howe, int. Sept. 11, 1803.
Peter and Mary Bullard, int. Nov. 10, 181 1.
Sally and Isaac Stone Jr., Feb. 27, 1815. c.r.
Susan and Otis Stone, June 9, 1818. c.r.

Susan B. and Sumner Barr of New Braintree [int. Oct. 20, 1828].
Susan M. (d. John) and Constant B. Thrasher, Aug. 3, 1845.
Susan M. (d. Alpheus and Lucretia Stone, wid., a. 42) and John

Hammond, both of Worcester, Dec. 31, 1846.*
Thomas B. (s. William and Jane, a. 23) and Mary Jane Stone,

Nov. 26, 1846.

ROCK WOOD, Electa of New Braintree and Cheney Bothwell,

int. Aug. 19, 1810.
Samuel and Mrs. Sarah Thompson, int. June 4, 1843.

ROGERS, Benjamin of Spencer and Lucy Blair, int. July 8, 1792.
Mary Jane of West Brookfield and Isaiah Howe, int. March 28,

Seraph and John Boyd 2d, April 13, 18 18.

ROLPH, Aaron of Princeton and Mary Emily Sargent, Jan. ir,

RONEY, Eliza and Joseph Willard of Petersham, Jan. 5, 1832.


ROPER, Mrs. Marey of Rutland and James Piper, int. Oct. 16,

ROSS, David S. and Ann Packard, April 3, 1839.

RUGALS (see Ruggles), Merriam and Ebenezer Footte Jr., int.

May 25, 1806.
Willard and Susannah Packard, int. Oct. 5, 1806.

RUGGLES (see above). Constant and Wid. Sarah Hudson, int.

Oct. 28, 1792.
Hannah and Samuel W. Smith of Barre, int. Oct. 20, 1822.
Lucinda P. of Ware and Festus Spooner, int. Nov. 2, 1844.
Philena and Benjamin Rice Jr. of Barre, Dec. 15, 1814. c.r.

SANFORD, Philo of Med way and Bathsheba French, April 28,


SARGEANT, Azubah of Hubbardstown and James Dean Jr.,
int. Nov. 15, 1807.

* Intention not recorded.


SARGENT, John of Spencer and Wid. Esther Dean, int. April 23,

Mary Emily and Aaron Rolph of Princeton, Jan. 11, 1839.

SAWDEY, Richard and Elizabeth Green, Feb. 10, 181 5.

SCOTT, Asa and Hannah Wadsworth of Grafton, int. June 8,

Ebenezer B. and Ann Thompson of Spencer, April 28, 1838.

SHATTUCK, Asa of Barre and Abigal Conant, int. Sept. 23, 1810.

Dr. Caleb of Paxton and Patty Kelley, int. May 28, 1800.

Hannah C. and Otis Stone, March 23, 1824.

Harriet J. and David H. Field of Brookfield, Jan. 12, 1825.

Lucy B. of Barre and Lewis Allen, int. April 3, 1836.

Martha C. and George Fay, March 28, 1820.

Mary and Leonard Fuller, int. June 4, 1826.

Mary H. of Barre and James Hagar, int. June 20, 1841.

Richard K. and Dolly Gleason [int. July 24, 183 1].

Samuel F. of Worcester and Lois H. Harrington, Dec. 31, 1834.

SHUMWAY, Abijah of Sterbridge and Ruth Moore, April 6,

Henry A. (s. Alpheus and Candace, a. 36) and Sabra Parker,

both of New Braintree, July 29, 1847.*

SKERRY, Samuel H. and Mary Thompson of North Brookfield,

int. April 25, 1830.
Martha W. and Stephen Lincoln Jr., [int. March 8, 1829].

SIMMONS, Cook and Mary Earned of New Braintree, int. Nov.

15, 1818.
Phebe and Jonas Bellows Jr., March 29, 1820.

SLADE, Dorcas of Smithfi[eld], R. I., and Charles Starbuck, int.
May 15, 1808.

SLOAN, James W. and Mrs. Maria Green, April 11, 1841.

SMITH, Mrs. Caroline F. and Daniel Noyes, June 25, 1838.
Emmons of Hubbardston and Mary W. Davis of New Braintree,

Jan. 20, 1842. In New Braintree.*
John of Barre and Caroline F. Lilley, int. March 29, 1835.
Joshua of Rutland and Janet Mills, int. May 9, 1790.
Leander of Palmer and Roxana Francis of Barre, Feb. 24, 1844.*
Lemuel of Springfield and Mary Humphrey, int. Nov. i, 1845.
Lucy of Rutland and Calvin Stephens, int. Aug. 14, 1814.

* Intention not recorded.


Smith, Parcis of Paxton and Thomas Chaddock, int. Oct. 25,

Rebekah of Rutland and Abner Lincoln, int. May 8, 1808.
Samuel W. of Barre and Hannah Ruggles, int. Oct. 20, 1822.
Susan and Cheney Harrington, int. June 26, 1836.
WilHam of Rutland District and Rebecah Parmenter, int. Aug.

4, 1766.

SNOW, Joseph Jr. of Brookfield and Perces Knight, int. Oct. 15,

Mrs. Sarah of Lime, N. H., and Daniel Towns, int. Oct. 17, 1842.

SNYDER, Alexander of Hudson, N. Y., and Mary H. Starbuck,
June 13, 1825.

SPEAR, William S. [Sullivan] (s. Luther and Hannah, a. 23) and
Adahne W. Ayres, April 15, 1847.

SPOONER, Andrew and Sally Adams of Barre, int. Nov. 24, 1805.

Caleb and Lucina A. Titus of Ware, June 3, 1835.

Celinda and Dexter Field of Leverett, March 8, 1837.

Edwin Charles and Elmira Ann Davis of New Braintree, int.

March 21, 1848.
Eleazer 2d and Sally Redding, Dec. 22, 181 2. c.r.
Mrs. Elenor and Selvenas Conant, int. July 31, 1796.
Festus and Lucinda P. Ruggles of Ware, int. Nov. 2, 1844.
Hannah and Ebenezer Pierce of Barre, March 7, 1820.
Joshua of Brookfield and Harriet S. Waterman, Nov. 19, 1833.
Louisa and James M. Partridge of Barre, March 21, 1837.
Lucius and Mary Woodis, int. Aug. 18, 181 1.
Marcus E. and Mary Bacon of Barre, int. April 12, 1835.
Marcy and John Burbank, int. Sept. 2, 1798.
Mehitable and Nathaniel Holland 2d, June 22, 1818.*
Prince and Ruth Maynard, int. March 8, 1795.
[Spooner], Mrs. R[ube] and Ehjah Whitting of Barre, int. ,


STAPLES, Elizabeth of Leicester and Ebenezer Hooper, int.
Sept. 14, 1823.

STARBUCK, Charles and Dorcas Slade of Smithfi[eld], R. I.,

int. May 15, 1808.
Mary H. and Alexander Snyder of Hudson, N. Y., June 13, 1825.
Capt. Moses of Nantucket and Bethia Waterman, int. Dec. 28,


* Intention not recorded.



STEARNS, Almira (d. Isaac and , a. 26), and Austin

Adams, Oct. 14, 1846.

STEARNES, Franklin and Betsey McFarlen, int. Aug. 11, 1805.
Narcissa of Spencer and Edward Hall, int. April 10, 1831.

STEPHENS, Calvin and Lucy Smith of Rutland, int. Aug. 14,

STEVENS, [Capt. in int.] Abraham of Barre and EUza Clark,

May 8, 1825.
[Stevenson in int.], Robert and Mary Adams of Brookfield, June

18, 1775. In Brookfield.
Simon S. of Paris, Me., and Mrs. Mary P. Felton, int. Oct. 9, 1836.

STEVENSON, William and Mary Harper, int. June 26, 1768.

STONE, Abigail and Heman Bassett, int. May 26, 1776.

Abigal and Lt. Asa French, int. Oct. 5, 1806.

Achcy and William Broad, int. Oct. 22, 1803,

Adaline and John Hammond, June 29, 1818. c.r.

Allice and Peres Fobes, int. Aug. 21, 1808.

Alpheus and Lucretia Nye, int. Aug. 27, 1781.

Betsy and Ezekiel Goodale of Halowell, int. Jan. 13, 1804.

Daniel of Westren and Nabbie Field, int. April 15, 1798.

Frederick Munroe and Pattie Bullard, int. May 18, 1784.

Frederick Munrow and Wid. Abigael Hudson, int. Jan. 6, 1793.

Hannah and Seth Goodspeed, int. Feb. 13, 1804.

Harriot and Jesse Fitts, March 19, 1816. c.r.

Isaac Jr. and Hannah Bullard, int. April i, 1782.

Isaac Jr. and Sally Robinson, Feb. 27, 181 5. c.r.

John and Dorcas [Dorcas S. in int.] Perry, Sept. 18, 1838.

Louisa and Joel Brimhall, int. May 19, 1822.

Lucretie and Henrey Kelley, int. May 19, 1793.

Lucy and Benjamin Waterman, int. June 30, 1805.

Luke and Lydia Conant, Aug. 23, 181 2. c.r.

Mary Jane (d. Otis and Hannah, a. 18) and Thomas B. Robin-
son, Nov. 26, 1846.

Milton and Harriet Holden, both of Hubbardston, March 29,
1843. In Hubbardston.*

Otis and Susan Robinson, June 9, 1818. c.r.

Otis and Hannah C. Shattuck, March 23, 1824.

Patty and Rev. John Strickland, Oct. 29, 1767.

Patty and Lot Conant, Sept. 30, 1813. c.r.

Samuel Jr. and Kattie Blair, int. Oct. 20, 1795.

Sukey and James Conant Jr., Dec. 24, 1816. c.r.

* Intention not recorded.


Stone, Susan and John Robinson, Dec. 2, 1824.

Susan M. (d. Otis and Hannah, a. 17) and Jonathan L. Hastings,

March 30, 1848.
Washington and Martha H. Robinson, April 12, 1838.

STRATTON, Mrs. Candice and David Metcalf, int. Aug. 13, 1797.

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