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ton ave.
Lyman Fisk Rand, Chemist, Brooklyn, N. Y., 929 Lafayette ave.

Brown Univ., '6S; Andover Sem., '74.

Lorin Roberts, Lawyer, Traverse City, Mich., 436 Washing-
ton St.
*John Alexander Steven (A. M. '83), *PIartford, Conn., June 25,


Durham White Stevens, Counsellor for Foreign Affairs to the

Korean Government, Seoul, Korea.
William Drake Westervelt, Missionary, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Arminta Victoria Sioii-Haensler (Mrs.) (A. M. '74), Physician,
Philadelphia, Pa., 329 S. 12th st.
M. D.. Woman's Med. Coll., Pa., '74.

1871 Literary

*Mary Deare Andrews-Lofigky, *Hudson, N. Y., 1892.
Eva Mary Bricker-Currie (Mrs. James), Cleveland, O., 209

Bell ave.
Kate Abbie Bushnell-i^^^'rf (Mrs. Arthur T.), Twinsburg, O.
♦Amelia Flora Clapp-Curtis, *Kirtland, O., September 20, 1885.
Alice Cole, Thurston, O.

*Ermina Jane Day (L. B.), *Mt. Vernon, O., June 2, 1900.
Anna Elizabeth Fitch, Brooklyn, N. Y., 196 Berkeley PI.
Emma Frances Gaston, Massillon, O.
M. D., Woman's Med. Coll., Pa., '76.
*Mary E. Hudson, *New York, N. Y., 1882.
*Mary Mahan Kinney-Jones, *Ann Arbor, Mich., May 29, 1882.
♦Harriet Beecher Markham-S herman, *Stockton, Kan., January
12, 1889.
Sarah Elenor Mdendy-JJ' csfcott (Mrs.).
Mrs. Anna Victoria hegge-Mumford (L. B.), Missionary,

Philippopolis, Bulgaria, Europe.
Emma Patterson, Teacher, Washington, D. C, 1532 isth st.
♦Martha Plumb, *Streator, 111., March 13, 1886.
Mary Joanna Severance-C/or^ (Mrs. Henry F.), Detroit, Mich.,

The Lenox, 64 Madison ave.
Sophia Mary Smhh-Breckenridge (Mrs.), Library assistant,

Cleveland, O., Public Library.
Mary A. Sttvens-Rohcrfs (Mrs. Lorin) , Traverse City, Mich,,

436 Washington st.
'Alice Louisa Taylor-.'Jrmor (Mrs. Samuel), Journalist, Orange,

*Emma Jane Young, *Jay, Vt., August 12, 1874.


1872 Classical (A. B.)


Edwin William Andrews, Chicago, 111., 4403 Oakenwald ave.

William James Knox Bowen, (A. M. '75), Principal Public
School, Chicago, 111., 929 S. Spaulding ave.

Andrew Brown, Lawyer, Newark, 111.

LL. B., Univ. La., '74; LL. B., Univ. Mich., '80.

Alfred Lincoln Browne, Farmer, Newark, 111.

Theodore Elijah Burton (A. M. '75; LL. D. '00), Member of
Congress, House Representatives, Washington, D. C. ;
Lawyer, Cleveland, O., 709 Society for Savings Building.

H. Dewey Chamberlin (A. M. '75), Physician and Surgeon,
Nevada, la.. Court and Linn sts.
M. D.. Univ. Mich., '76.

Jay Cobb, Business, Lorain, O., 519 E. Erie ave.

John Morgan Cummings (A. M. '76), Minister, Denmark, la.,
Box 147.

Theodore F"relinghuysen Daniels (A. M. '75), Business, Lorain,
O., 628 W. Erie ave.

Samuel Elijah Eastman, Minister, Elmira, N. Y., 118 E. Che-
mung place.
D. B., Andover Sem., '75.

Charles Seymour Fay, Supt. Schools, Wyoming, O., 325 Reilly

*James Booth Eraser, *Cleveland, O., October 19, 1884.

George Herbert Grannis, Business, Chicago, III., 298 W. Mon-
roe St.
D. B., Yale, '76.

Albert Leverett Gridley (A. M. '75), Minister, Parsons, Kan.,
1515 Morton ave.

Simeon Sanderson Haines, Minister, Columbia, Mo., 504 Broad-

George Edward Hall, Minister, Dover, N. H., So Silver st.
D. B., Yale, '75; D. D., Dartmouth, '93.

Lyman Bronson Hall (A. M. '78), Professor of History, Ober-
lin College, Oberlin, O., 209 W. College st.

D. B., Harvard, '77.

Thomas Alonzo Hall, Business, Chicago, 111., Old Colony Build-
*Samuel Lee Hillyer, *Cleveland, O., November 27, 1877.
D. B., Yale, '75.


Lucius Orren Lee, Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., Marash, Turkey,
via Alexandretta.
D. D., Tabor Coll.. '97.
Charles Finney Morgan (A. M. '75), Lawyer, Cleveland, O.,
628 Citizens Bldg.
♦Lewis Havens Morse, *Troy, Mich., April 20, 1897.
*Milan Packard, *Chatham, O., August 8, 1891.
Edward Anson Paddock, Financial Agent, Idaho Industrial In-
stitute, Weiser, Ida.
Lester Beach Piatt, Business, Washington, D. C, 344 Pennsyl-
vania ave., N. W.
Jacob P. Reidinger (A. M. '75), Minister, West Park, O.
Alexander Montraville Rowe (A. M. '79). Supt. Public Schools,

Payette, Ida.
Theodore Frank Shotwell, Lawyer, Detroit, Mich., Rooms 16
and 17, McGraw Bldg.
*Woodford Demaree Smock, *LaGrange, 111., December 25, 1894.
D. B., Yale, '78.
Edward Strieby Steele (A. M. '75), Clerk, National Museum,
Washington, D. C, 1522 Q st.
♦Marvin Chester Stone, *Washington, D. C, May 19, 1899.
Joel Frederick Vaile, Lawyer, Denver, Colo., 420 Equitable Bldg.
Oliver Seymour Warner, Business, Akron, O., Beach st.
Albert Halsey Weed (A. M. '75), Lawyer, Cleveland, O., 723
E. Madison ave.
*Edward Harvey White, *Topeka, Kan., September 20, 1885.
Jacob Winslow, Minister, Interlachen, Fla.

♦Marshall Woodford (A. M. '75), *Warren, O., September 7,

Sara Olivia Morgan-Fraser (Mrs.), Nashville, Tenn., 1033
James st.

Harmonia Watt\es-Woodford (Mrs.) (A. M. '75), Dean of Con-
servatory Women, Oberlin, O., 166 Hm st.

Anna Jane Wright, Teacher, Cleveland, O., 94 State st.

1872 Literary

Mary Anna Baker, City Missionary, Salt Lake City, Utah, 654
E. Third South st.

Mary Elizabeth Beach-Searle (Mrs. Lumen B.), East Chatta-
nooga, Tenn.


Harriet P. Bedortha.

Clara H. Clarke- W^oorf {Mrs. Henry W. S.), Geveland, O., 763
Willson ave.

Laura Austria Clarke, Oberlin, O., 118 W. Lorain st.

Emma L. Fairfield- fFiV/^t- {Mrs. Henry M.), Chattanooga,
Tenn., 1023 Twelfth st.
*Ada Estelle Hitchcock-//a//, *Milwaukee, Wis., August 18, 1892.

Mary Gertrude Hitchcock-i'ior^i {Mrs. Albert L.), Milwaukee,
Wis., 57 Loan and Trust Bldg.

Sarah B. Paddock- W-^o/co// {Mrs. Henry B.), Richmond, Jamai-
ca, W. L
*Antoinette Naomi Vxtrct-Goldshurg, *Kirksville. Mo., April 28,

Cynthia Antoinette 'Rttvt-Simons {Mrs. Ernest A.), Cleveland,
O., 242 Amesbury ave.

Adelia Reynolds-TMc^^'r {Mrs. Theodore B.), Toledo, O., 132
loth St.

Lucy Jane Rider-M'e:y^r {Mrs. J. S.) (A. M. hon. '80), Mission-
ary, Chicago, 111., 4949 Indiana ave.
M. D., Northwestern Univ., '87; A. M., Cornell Coll., la., '04.

Adelia Narena Royce (L. B.), Oberlin, O., 118 W. College st.

Cleora Almira StoX^-Mnrray {Mrs. James S.), Evanston, 111.,
320 Greenwood boul.
*Louise Walters (L. B.), *New York, December 13, 1897.

Theano Wattles-Ca.y^ {Mrs. Franklin E.), Canton, O., 1717 N.
Market st.

Julia A. Wilmot (L. B.), Principal, Normal Training School,
Cleveland, O., 1278 Cedar ave.

1873 Classical (A. B.)

William Scott Ament (D. D. '98), Missionary, A. B. C. F. M.,
Peking, China.
Union Sem., '77.
Cyrus Grandison Baldwin (A. M. 'y6, D. D. '96), Minister, Palo

Alto, Cal., 727 Bryant st.
Samuel Joshua Bryant, Lawyer, New Haven, Conn., 407 Ex-
change Bldg.
D. B.. Yale. '76, and LL. B., '95.
Samuel Silonas Cryor (A. M. '91), Minister, Dixon, 111.
♦Wallace Clark Fagley, *Ironton, O., February 3, 1883.


Alexander Hadden, Judge Probate Court, Cleveland, O., 1670

Lexington ave.
Thomas Bronson Jewell, Lawyer, Washington, D. C, 1416 F st.

LL. B.. Univ. N. Y.. '75.
Albert Hamilton Kennedy (A. M. '86), Business, Rockport, Ind
Robert Bayless Leonard, Business, Ft. Collins, Colo., 229 Whed-

bee St.
Henry Ferris Markham, Minister, North Topeka, Kan., R. F.

D. 5.
John Milton Merrill, Minister, Oberlin, O., 228 Oak st.
Hale Giddings Parker, Lawyer, Chicago, 111., 81 Clark st.
Willis Cyrus Richmond, Minister, Boston, Mass., 51 Clarendon

D. B., Rochester Sem., '76.
*William Clayton Rogers, *Wellington, O., September 7, 1898.

Andover Sem., '77.

*Wilbur Vernon Rood (A. M. '77), *Akron, O., June 21, 1898.
Edward Avery Shedd, Business, Chicago, 111., 309 Home Ins.

Bldg., 205 LaSalle st.
Millard Isaac Todd, Farmer, Wakeman, O.

^Augustus Goodnow Upton (A. M. '76), *Colorado Springs,
Colo., November 20, 1901.
D. D., Univ. Idaho, '97.
William Rockwell Wickes (A. M. '80), Teacher, University

High School, Chicago, 111., 6231 Kimbark ave.
Herbert Hornell Wright (A. M. '76), Dean; Professor, Fisk
University, Nashville, Tenn, 931 Salem st.

Julia Adelaide Sherman-Sf. John {Mrs. Philo D.) (A. M. '77),
Physician, Wichita, Kan., 412 E. Elm st.
S. B., Upper Iowa Univ., '66; M. D., Univ. Mich., '81.

1873 Literary

Florence Backus (Ph. B. '00), Teacher, Keokuk, la., 123 N.

9th St.
Ella Viola Billings-5a/t/wm {Mrs. Cyrus G.) (L. B.), Palo

Alto, Cal., 727 Bryant st.
Frances Elizabeth Bosworth-IFng/if {Mrs. Herbert H.), Nash-
ville, Tenn., 931 Salem st.
*Sarah M. Bosworth-5'^^x'<?M, *Hartford, Conn., September 14,

*Mary Burnham (L. B.), *Burlington, Kan., September 22, 1901.



Angeline Chapman-Co«^ (Mrs. William B.), Seattle, Wash.,

Station L.
*Minnie Loretta Cheesman, *Oberlin, O., September 5, 1903.
Sarah Kate CYishee-Perry (Mrs. Arthur H.), Physician, Berea,

Alice Cowles Conkling, Teacher, Fort Worth University, Fort

Worth, Tex.
Sarah Electa 'Edward?,-! ones (Mrs. John H.), Youngstown, O.,

1041 Mahoning ave.
*Alice Cowles Fairchild, *Oberlin, O., October 10, 1876.
Sarah Susanna Ferguson, Creal Springs, 111., Creal Springs


A. M., Pierre Coll., S. Dak.

Mary Christiana Freeman- fF/irr/rr (Mrs. Robert F.), Hartford,

Conn., 47 Fairmount st.
*Laura Gregg, *October 18, 1884.
Mary Emma Henry, Teacher, New York, N. Y., 125 Lexington

Ella C. l{o\hro6k-Waugh (Mrs.), Lima, O., 419 W. High st.
Emma A. Holbrook-Mrarf (Mrs. Homer L.), Centralia, Wash.
Hannah Metelill Huntington, Pulaski, N. Y.
Mary E. ¥i.t\\Q.y-N orton (Mrs. Albert B.), Missionary, Dehound,

Poona Dist., India.
Margaret Kirkbride, Farmer, Oberlin, O., R. F. D. 2.
Alice Ermina 'Loughridge-Bishop (Mrs. John B. M.), Toledo,

*Charlotte Cheney Morison, *Cleveland, O., February 12, 1898.
Martha Louise Morison, Cleveland, O., 866 Prospect st.
Mary Jane Nettleton-5a// (Mrs. Francis K.) (A. M. hon. '82),

Exeter, N. H.
Martha Jane Noragon-^//fM (Mrs. Albert C), Wheatland,

Martha Minerva 'Rttd-Rogcrs (Mrs.), Teacher. Wellington, O.,

Forest st.
Mary Snyder-Hazeltine (Mrs. William E.), San Jose, Cal., 596

S. loth St.
Ella A. Warren-Harrison (Mrs. Richard DeA.), Princeton, 111.,

90s S. Church St.
Sarah Clark WilUams-Brezvster (Mrs. Robert L.), Madison, O.,

R. F. D. I.
Lucy Yter\d-Culler (Mrs. Jacob H.), Wapakoneta, O.


1873 Scientific (S. B.)

John Fletcher Starr (S. M. '76), Business, Newkii-k, Okla.

1874 Classical (A. B.)

Matthev/ Anderson (A. M. '77), Minister, Philadelphia, Pa.,
1926 S. College ave.

D. D., Lincoln Univ., '04.

*Robert Bruce Bagby, *Indianapolis, Ind., January 24, 1903.
Benjamin Franklin Bellows, Business, Cleveland, O., 74 Frank-
fort St.
John Adams Ewalt, Minister, Winchester, O., Main st.

D. D., Wooster Univ., '98.
Frederick John Thomas Fischer, Physician, Elmhurst, 111., 203
York St.
A. M., Wheaton Coll., '77; M. D., Ohio Med. Coll., '78.
Rupert Preston Hodge, Farmer, Hartland, Wis., P. O. Box 226.
*Charles Holway, *Philadelphia, Pa., July 17, 1892.
George Franklin Housley, Horticulturist, South Hadley, Mass.
Frank Pierce Johnson, Physician, St. Louis, Mo., 3744 Finney

M. D., Cleveland Med. Coll., '77.
♦Benjamin Franklin Koons (A. M. '78), *Storrs, Conn., Decem-
ber, 17, 1903.

Ph. B., Yale, '81, and Ph. D., '83.

Frank Theodosius Lee, Minister, Maywood, 111.

D. B., Yale, '77.
Thomas Wentworth Lincoln (A. M. '77), Journalist, Long
Beach, Cal., 321 W. 2nd st.
*Reuben Henry Markham, *May 15, 1885.

LL. B., Univ. Mich., '77.

*Benjamin Marshall, *Galveston, Tex., November 30, 1900.
Raymond Green McClelland (A. M. '87), Minister, Frederick-
town, O.
Frank McConaughy, Minister, Deer Park, Wash.
Aden Marsh McConoughey (A. M. '88), Lawyer, Chicago, 1002
Tacoma Bldg.
LL. B., Univ. Mich., '76.
Nicholas Messer (A. M. '78), Los Angeles, Cal., 615 66th

ave. N.
Moses Mcllvain Sayre, Lawyer, Urbana, O., 127V2 N. Main st.
A. B., Yale, '74.



Albert Temple Swing- (A. M. '94, and D. D. '01), Professor,
Oberlin Theological Seminary, Oberlin, O., 90 S. Profes-
sor St.
D. B., Yale, '77.
*Frank Hudson Taylor, *Seattle, Wash., July 20, 1884.
James Harvey Teller, Lawyer, Pueblo, Colo., T,2y Central Block.
William Edgar Wolcott, Minister, Lawrence, Mass., 30 E.
Haverhill st.
Andover Sem., 'SI.
*Thomas Stanley Wood, ^Allegheny City, Pa., March 18, 1892.

Fanny Forester R\ce-Stnith (Mrs.) (A. M. '77), Oberlin, O.,

245 N. Pleasant st.
Ellen Am.elia Sherman, Physician, National, la.

M. D., Univ. Mich., '79.
Isabel Willcox-5';or£',v (Mrs. William), Oberlin, O., 176 W. Col-
lege st.

1874 Literary

Mary Jane Alvord-Longhcad (Mrs.), Cleveland, O., 1263 Lex-
ington ave.

Catherine Goodwin Clapp, Willoughby, O., R. F. D. 2.

Edith Dickson (A. B. '85), Librarian, Oberlin Conservatory of
Music, Oberlin, O., 172 Elm st.

Lucy Dunlavy -Kencagy (Mrs. Horace G.), Chicago, 111., 1320
W. Adams st.
♦Amelia Lodema Ferris (L. B.), *Milwaukee, Wis., October 16,

*Margaret Bingham Flack-Paferson, *Montgomery, Ala., De-
cember 12, 1904.

Mary Ellen Kennedy-Egglcsfon (Mrs. DelVitt C.) (L. B.),
Sound Beach, Conn.

Lucetta Melescent King-Dozv (Mrs.), Jefferson, O.

Rebecca Catherine Koons-Pope (Mrs. G. Stanley), Yankton, S.
Dak., 901 Pearl st.

Martha Jane Maltby (A. M. hon. '82; Ph. B. '95), Teacher, Co-
lumbus, O., 171 Lexington ave.
*Georgietta Thompson McClelland-Z^«n/a/', *Leland, Mich., Au-
gust 17, 1893.

M. D., Woman's Med. Coll., Philadelphia, '81.


Emma Ann McCormick-H'^t^^/ow {Mrs. Jacob), State Field
Secretary, Florida C. E. Union, Interlachen, Fla.

Mary Katharine Monroe (L. B.), Oberlin, O., 47 College Place.

Orrie Louise Warner-f^F^an {Mrs. U^atson R.) (L. B.), Wel-
lington, O.
*Mary Belle W^Ws-Rood, *Akron, O., March 31, 1891.

Elizabeth W\\\inty-H osier {Mrs. Francis M.) (L. B.), Wash-
ington, D. C, 1204 S St. N. W.

1874 Scientific (S. B.)

Joseph Howard Wood, Farmer, Madison, O.

1875 Classical (A. B.)

Dudley Peter Allen (A. M. '83), Surgeon, Cleveland, O., 260
Euclid ave.
M. D., Harvard, '79.
Kersey Smith Blake (A. M. '78), School Principal, Newark, N.
J., 795 A Ridge st.
Ph. D., New York Univ., '93.
*Dwight Blachley Bradley, *Northboro, Mass., September 10,
Harry LeRoy Brickett (A. M. '78), Minister, Marion, Mass.,
cor. Front and Vine sts.
Andover Sem., '82.
James Perry Wertz Brown, Business, Chicago, 111., 1498 Ful-
ton St.
Arthur Tappan Burnell (A. M. '79), Principal Emerson Normal
Institute of A. M. A., Mobile, Ala., 266 b. Scott st.

Ph. D., Pacific Univ., '88.

*William Benton Chamberlain (A. M. '80; D. D. '00), ^Chicago,

111., March 7, 1903.
*Izaak Walton Fitch, *Bonaca Island, Honduras, April 13, 1892.
David Hadley Flett, Lawyer, Racine, Wis., 525 Wisconsin st.

LL. B.. Univ. of Wis., 'SO.

Dennis Goodsell, Minister, Cottonwood, Cal.

D. B., Chicago Sem., '79.
Hastings Hornell Hart (A. M. '92, LL. D. '98), Supt. 111. Chil-
dren's Home and Aid Society, Chicago, 111., Room 601, 79
Dearborn st.
Andover Sem., '80.


*Azel Hatch, *Lexington, Ky., January i, 1889.
Union Sem., '80.

John Johnston, Lawyer, Akron, O., Room 27, The Arcade.
*Byron Burrett Longhead, *Ravenna, O., December 24, 1900.
M. D., Cleveland Med. Coll., '77.

Thomas McClelland (A. M. "88), President Knox College.
Galesburg, 111.
Andover Sem., '80; D. D., Tabor Coll., '91.

Jerome Dolson Mills, Accountant, Ivlinn. State Board of Con-
trol, St. Paul, Minn., Capitol.
Lanman James Nettleton, Business, Tabor, la.
D. B., Yale, '79.

Gurney Mahan Orvis, Minister, Dubuque, la., 108 Delhi st.

D. B., Yale, '78; D. D., Lenox Coll., '94.
Hobart Kingsbury Painter, Minister, Fairmount, Minn., 323 S.
Park St.
Litt. D.. Knox Coll., '01.
John Fisher Peck (A. M. '80), Principal Oberlin Academy,

Oberlin, O., 163 Elm st.
Harlan Page Roberts, Lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn., 506 Bank of
Commerce Bldg.
D. B., Yale, 'IS.
John Raphael Rogers, Business, Brooklyn, N. Y., 251 Gates ave.
*Frank Albert Rose (A. M. '80), *01msted Falls, O., March 12,
Charles Jackson Ryder (A. M. '87), D. D. '94), Corresponding
Secretary and Editor A. M. A., New York, N. Y., 287 4th
William Saunders Scarborough (A. M. '78), Professor and Vice
President, Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, O., Tret-
ton Place.

LIv. D., Liberia Coll., W. Africa, '82; Ph. D., Kentucky State Univ., '92.
*Willis Parsons Spring, *Minneapolis, Minn., March 22, 1905.
M. D., Harvard, '79.

Merritt Starr (A. M. '78), Lawyer, Chicago, 111., 916 Monad-
nock Bldg., 98 Jackson boul.
A. B., Griswold Coll., '76; A. B. and LL. B., Harvard, '81.
Henry Stone, Lawyer, Marshalltown, la., 105 W. Grant st.
*George Richey Thompson, *Kansas City, Mo., April 26, 1902.
William Huntington Tibbals (A. M. '79), Business, Salt Lake
City, Utah, 209 Dooly Block, P. O. Box 76.
Ph. D.. Gale Coll., Wis.. '89.


Frederick Kirtland Tracy, Lawyer, Scranton, Pa., Room 6io

Commonwealth Bldg.
Columbus C. Vennum, Business, Stratton, Neb.
*John Allen Winters, *Rolla, Mo., February ii, 1881.
Stanley Wood, Journalist, Chicago, III, 3838 63rd PI.

Althea Rosina Sherman (A. M. '82), Wichita, Kan., 600 N.
Topeka ave.

1875 Literary

Calista Andrews, Danvers Center, Mass., 137 Holton st.

Ellen Josephine Bnckett-P rescott {Mrs. Orin /.), Manchester,
N. H., 395 Hanover st.

Nelly Fidelia Comings, Teacher, St. Paul, Minn., 1272 County

Emma Irene QrumY'm&-Bishop {Mrs. Albert IV.) (A. M. hon.
'83), Teacher, Kansas City, Mo., 722 Tracy ave.

Celia Rosetta Doolittle-Lac/d {Adrs. Join: S.), E. Chatham,
N. Y.

Elizabeth Patterson Graham-Kimrnel {Mrs. Horatio E.),
Pomona, Cal., 760 N. Ellen st.
*Ellen Julia YiaW-Kinsey, ^Vienna, Austria, May 17, 1S82.

Anna Holland Jones (A. M. hon. '92, Ph. B. '93), Teacher, Kan-
sas City, Mo., 1213 Bellefontaine ave.
A. M., Wilberforce Univ., '93.

Mary Editha Kenney, Oberlin, O., 10 S. Prospect st.

Henrietta May Loring, Pasadena, Cal., 1582 Morton ave.

Margaret Olive McKmn^y-White {Mrs. Clinton L.), Sacramen-
to, Cal., 1314 7th St.

Florence Cornelia Nichols-5a/fr {Mrs.) (L. B.) (A. M. hon.
96), Physician, Minneapolis, Minn., 2946 Bloomington ave.

M. D., Hamline Univ., '97.

Martha Jeannette Nichols-Phillips {Mrs. Sceva S.) (L. B.) ;

(Ph. B. '01 ), Unadilla, N. Y.
Mary Alice Vtn'ntld-Amcnt {Mrs. IVilUam S.), Missionary,

A. B. C. F. M., Peking, China.
*Mary Almanda Prosser-//ar^ *Worthington, Minn., May 31,

Frances Amelia Sifw&w's.-Gulick {Mrs. John T.), Oberlin, O.,

47 W. Vine st.
Emma Dorinda Tennant-Kcnncdy {Mrs. Albert H.), Rockport,



1875 Scientific (S. B.)

James Monroe Marks, Lawyer, Los Angeles, Cal., 2520 Trinity


1876 Classical (A. B.)

Henry Liberty Bates (A. M. 'So), Principal Tualatin Academy,

Forest Grove, Ore.
Willard Burr (A. M. '79), Musician and Composer, Boston,

Mass., 12 Wayne st.
Henry Northrup Castle, Business, New York, N. Y., 109 Wav-

erly Place.
♦Clarence John Chase (A. M. '86), *Medina, O., January 13, 1888.
Darius Daniel Clayton (A. M. '93) Lawyer, Upper Sandusky, O.
Elijah Cook (A. M. '83), Lawyer, Buffalo, N. Y., 427 Mooney-

Brisbane Bldg.
Henry Francis Derr (A. M. '87), Business, Fostoria, O., 431 W.

North St.
Burt Erastus DeYo, Lawyer, Eau Claire, Wis., 236 Hudson st.

LL. B., Harvard, '81.
Edwin Kellogg Fairchild, Lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn., 40 Minn.

Loan and Trust Co. Bldg.
William Goodell Frost (A. M. '79, D. D. '94), President Berea

College, Berea, Ky.

Ph. D., Wooster Univ., '91.
John Jay Hanshue, Business, Lansing, Mich.
*John Columbus Harris, *Antwerp, O., March 29, 1880.
* William Andrew Hobbs (A. M. '80), *Traer, la., April 20, 1904.
Sylvanus Converse Huntington, Lawyer, Pulaski, N. Y.
Orion John Jolliffe, Professor of Classics, Ottawa, Canada, 329
Metcalfe st.
A. B., Victoria Univ., '76; A. M., Toronto Univ., '82.
Frank Gardner Lee, Business, Marblehead, O.
Charles Lundy Lewis, Justice Supreme Court Minnesota, St.
Paul, Minn., State Capitol.
*Edward Joseph Malle, *Georgetown, D. C, August 9, 1876.
Charles Beebe Martin (A. M. '80), Professor of Greek, Oberlin

College, Oberlin, O., 97 Elm st.
Frederick William Meadows, Business, Chicago, III, Room 1515,

yy Jackson boulevard.
Julius Sinclair Ogan, Lawyer, Ottawa, O.
IvL. B., Univ. Mich.^ '78.


*William Otterbein Pringle, *March 4, 1889.
*George Thompson Reeves, *Newark, N. Y., April 16, 1876.
Dan M. Richards, Principal Preparatory Dept. New Mex. Col-
lege of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Las Cruces, N.
Clayton Brown Rockhill, Business, Oklahoma City, Okla., 225

W. 3rd St.
Rovillus Rollin Rogers, Superintendent Public Schools, James-
town, N. Y., 627 E. 6th St.
Frederick Shelton Smedley, Business, Berea, O.
John Ogilvie Stevenson (A. M. '87), Minister, Waterloo, la., 611
Washington st.
D. B., Yale, '75; D. D., Tabor Coll., '93.
Seth Sanford Wheeler, Lawyer, Lima, O.
Robert John White, Minister, Buffalo, N. Y., 85 Laurel st.
D. D., Lebanon Valley Coll., '02.

Alice Lee Armsby-P^ar.yoM {Mrs. Arthur H.) (A. M. '80),

Oberlin, O., 234 N. Professor st.
Clara Evangeline Babcock-GoWwaw {Mrs.), Oberlin, O., Chil-
dren's Home.
*Lucy Ella Wnghi-W kittle sey (A. M. '80), *Woonsocket, R. I.
October 17, 1882.

1876 Literary

Sara Ruth Allen, Teacher, Evanston, 111., 2121 Central st.
*Helen Heslop Bell, *Orangeville, Mich., August 30, 1897.
Henrietta Maria Clapp-Loomt.y {Mrs. S. B.), Augusta, Kan.
Louisa Hannah Clark-Lee {Mrs. James L.), Akron, O., 245 Mill


Mary Alton Clemans, North Dover, O., R. F. D. i.

Abby Manchester ¥it\A-Goodsell {Mrs. Dennis), Cottonwood,

Mary Adaline Yraytr-Burnell {Mrs. Arthur T.) (L. B.) Teach-
er, Mobile, Ala, 266 S. Scott st.

Mary Minerva Yinnt-Andrews {Mrs. Arthur C), Minneapolis,
Minn., 245 Clifton jve.

Martha Rebecca Jackson (L. B.), Teacher, Chattanooga, Tenn.,
21 Grove st.

Mary Elton McClelland, Journalist, Des Moines, la., 727 Fifth



Ella Artha McConoughey-Mor^^ {Mrs. Philip), San Diego, Cal.,

2038 E St.
Mary Amelia Vool-Sturges (Mrs. IVilliam P.), Cleveland, O., 28

The Pelton, Jennings ave.
Caroline Virginia Scott-Connor (Mrs. William H.) (L. B.),

Washington, D. C, 1634 R st. N. W.
*Sarah Caroline Thompson, *Ann Arbor, Mich., April 15, 1887.
Etta May ^^hsttr-Spring (Mrs.), Minneapolis, Minn., 2200

1st ave. S.
Jane Zurmehly (L. B.), Columbus, O., 201 W. nth ave.

1877 Classical (A. B.)

Malcolm Graeme Alexander, Business, Leadville, Colo., no E.

5th St.
William Fremont Blackman, President, Rollins College, Winter

Park, Fla.
D. B.. Yale. '80; Ph. D., Cornell, '93.
Chauncey Marvin Cady (A. M. '88), Professor, Government

College, Kyoto, Japan.
William Capell Calland, Business, Springfield, Mo., 842 Benton


Andover Sem., '80.
Frederick Arthur Churchill (A. M. '80), Physician, Seattle,
Wash., 524 Burke Bldg.
M. D.. Chicago Homoeopathic Med. Coll., '82.
*Adelbert Benjamin Coon, *Chicago, 111., December 4, 1902.
George Edward Crane, Lawyer, Kenton, O.
Albert John Gilchrist, Lawyer, Cleveland, O., 604 and 605 Perry-
Payne Bldg.
Herbert Delos Goodenough (A. M. '80), Missionary, A. B. C. F.

M., Johannesburg, Transvaal, S. Africa, P. O. Box 2494.
Evander Joseph Goodsell, Physician, Norwalk, O., 52 W. Main

M. D., Wooster Univ., '80.
Archibald Hadden, Minister, Muskegon, Mich., 125 Houston ave.

D. B., Yale, '80; D. D., Olivet Coll., '00.
Benjamin Albert Imes, Minister, Beloit, Ala.
Arthur Desaline Langston (A. M. '86), Principal Dumas School,

St. Louis, Mo., 3540 S. Jefferson ave.
Judson Oncken Leslie (A. M. '88), Principal High School,
Ottawa, 111.


♦Charles Albert Marsh, *Chicago, 111., March i6, 1889.
D. B., Yale. '80.

Charles Edwin Monroe, Lawyer, Milwaukee, Wis., 714 Gold-
smith Bldg.

hh. B., Univ. Mich., '80.
Winthrop Downes Painter, Lawyer, Binghamton, N. Y., Masonic

Erwin Hart Richards (A. M. '80), Missionary, Inhambane, E.
Andover Sem., '80; D. D., Univ. New Orleans, '97.
*Sanford Elihu Shutt, *Marion, O., October 24, 1881.
Merton Morris Squire, Business, Oberlin, O., 82 E. College st.

Mary Louisa T>rz)<i&-Murphy {Mrs. David S.), Lakeside, Mich.
Ella Jane Strong-Clayton {Mrs. Darius D.), Upper Sandusky, O.

1877 Literary

Andrew Gordon Comings (L. B.), Business, Oberlin, O., 2i7
W. College St.

Adaline Eliza Ad3.\r-Fleming {Mrs. Thomas A.), San Diego,
Cal., 4004 University boulevard.

Metta Victoria Aldrich-Dra^^ {Mrs. Charles G.), Eagle Cliff, O.

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