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A. M., Univ. Nebraska, '91; Ph. D., Univ. Chicago, '03.

Janet Huntington McKelvey-Szvift {Mrs. Clarence F.) (A. M.
97), Fall River, Mass., 339 Lincoln ave.

Mary Lucinda Regal, Musician, West Springfield, Mass., 91 Elm


1883 Literary ^~

Helen Evangeline Ange\l-H olmcs (Mrs.) (L. B.), Teacher, Oak

Park, 111., Hotel Plaza.
A. M., Ada Normal Institute, '85.
Julia Maria Bacon-Horr (Mrs. Walter S.), Duluth, Minn., 1205

E. 4th St.
Olivia Lee Barnes-Dodds {Mrs. William E.), Riverside, Cal.

Chicago Kindergarten Coll., '91; Chicago Kindergarten Institute, '95.



*Orielle Elizabeth Burgntx-McKee, *Portlancl, Mich., July 29,
Celia Owens Clemans, Physician, North Dover, O.

M. D., Cleveland Med. Coll.. '93.
Jennie Elizabeth Ds.vxds.on-Warner (Mrs. Arthur L.), Molina,

111., 1604 nth ave.
Alice May Gardner, Fulton, N. Y.
*Sarah Emily YidAX-Thompson, *Albina, Ore., December 21, 1885.
Lillie Belle Yi'a.ynts-Kimmel {Mrs. Martin A.), Poland, O.
Adelaide Wells YiiW-Lampman {Mrs. Thomas S.), Quincy,

Mich., R. F. D. 2.
Sarah Margaret McConneW- Pur pie {Mrs. Charles W.), Minne-
apolis, Minn., 124 Bedford ave. S. E.
*Nannie Keith WxWtr-Nutting, *Wauseon, O., July 6, 1885.
*Anna Eliza Nettleton, *Lexington, O., October 4, 1885.
Mary Evelyn Percival (L. B.), Supt. Sanitarium, Castile, N. Y.
Kate Lucetta Safford-C/iwrr/i {Mrs. Thomas T.), Salem, O., 31
Lincoln ave.
*Edna Thom^son-Robbins , *Trenton, N. J., April 5, 1903.
Ruth Belle Willey-Gw^ {Mrs. Willey M.) (L. B.), Denver,

Colo., 1420 Adams st.
Hattie Celestia Williams-C/arfe {Mrs. Charles E.), Lincoln,

Neb., 334 N. 17th St.
Gabriella Wilson.

1884 Classical (A, B.)
Harry Ainsworth, Business, Moline, 111., 1025 I5J/4 st.

L,Iv. B., Harvard, '87.
Frank Seldon Buckley, Dentist, Constantinople, Turkey, 13 Rue
des Petit Champs.
D. D. S., Univ. of Mich., '89.
Edward Benjamin Burwell, Business, Seattle, Wash., Box 125.
Clarence Henry Carson (A. M. '94), Superintendent Public

Schools, Marengo, la., 411 Marengo ave.
Cyrus Alonzo Clark (A. M. '97), Missionary A. B. C. F. M.,
Miyazaki, Kobe, Japan (Add. 1904-05, Oberlin, O., Tank
Orville Lee Cook, Minister, Lexington, O.

Leonidas Howard Davis (A. M. '98), Minister, Grand Rapids,
Mich., 74 Bostwick st.
Union Sem., '87.
Franklin Calvin Freeman (A. M. '88), Physician, Chelsea, Ga.
M. D., Homoeopathic Med. Coll., Chicago, '89.


Luther Donnell Hamilton, Farmer, Clarksburg, Ind.

Sidney Marsh Haskell, Journalist, Pomona, Cal., Union Block.

Edward Lucius Hotchkiss (A. M. '93), Business, Havana, Cuba,

Box 822.
James Eli McConnell, Minister, Northfield, Minn.

Union Sem., '87.

John Jay McKelvey, Lawyer, New York, N. Y., 66 Broadway,
Res., Spuyten Duyvil.

A. M. and LL. B.. Harvard, '87.

Clark Henry Nye, Probate Judge, Painesville, O., Court House.

James Putnam O'Brien, Supt. for Mo. and Ark., Congregational
S. S. and Pub. Soc, Kansas City, Mo., 4005 Genesee st.

Leland Dee Rathbone, Minister, Berkeley, Cal., 2025 Virginia st.
D. B., Pacific Sem., '88.

Solon Pierce Powell, Horticulturist, Findlay, O., 1840 Fora-
ker ave.

Azariah Smith Root (A. M. '2>7), Librarian, and Professor
Bibliography, Oberlin College, Oberlin, O., 150 N. Profes-
sor st.

Charles Henry Solier, Superintendent State Hospital for the In-
sane, Evanston, Wyo.
M. D., Long Island Coll. Hospital, '88.

James Arthur Sullivan, Lawyer, Passaic, N. J., 245 Main ave.

Tully McCrea Talbot (A. M. '88), Physician, Valdosta, Ga., 201
Gordon st.

M. D., Columbus (O.) Med. Coll., '88.
Frank Louis VanCleef, Brooklyn, N. Y., Translator for Commis-
sioner of Records, 39 Fort Greene pi.

A. B., Harvard, '85; Ph. D., Univ. Bonn, '90.

Clarence Augustus Vincent, Minister, Galesburg, 111., 287 N.
Broad st.
D. D., Hillsdale Coll., '98.
George Burnside Waldron (A. M. '95), Little River, Fla.

Hartford Sem., '87.

*01iver Sheldon Wells, *Colorado Springs, Colo., June 27, 1900.
William Ira Wells, Teacher, Waiemea, Kauai, Hawaii.
Alfred Eugene Woodruff, Minister, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio,
Broad st.

Mary Lovina Atwood, Waupun, Wis.

Effie May Chapman-5<a/£?3» {Mrs. Jacob A.), Business, Miles,


Mary Eliza Church-Terrell l,Mrs. Robert H.) (A. M. '88),

Lecturer and writer, Washington, D. C, 326 T st. N. W.
Mrs. Anna Julia Cooper (A. M. '88), Principal M St. High

School, Washington, D. C, 1706 17th st.
Orra Maria Fish, Business, Cleveland, O., 204 Garfield Bldg.
Ida Alexander Gihhs-H unt (Mrs. IVilliam H.) (A. M. '92),

Tamatave, Madagascar.
Jeanie Fitch Hayford-Fac^ard {Mrs. Arthur T.), Chicago 111.,

9 St. James place.
Lucy Althea 'L^ngAon-Burwell {Mrs. Edward B.), Seattle,

Wash., 323 7th ave.
Anna Mayo Metcalf-i^oo^ {Mrs. Azariah S.), Oberlin, O., 150

N. Professor st.
Sarah Luella Miner (A. M. '97), Missionary Teacher, North

China College, Peking, China.
Delia May Thomas, Teacher, Owensboro, Ky., 203 W. 7th st.
Etta Leona Thomas, Teacher, Westboro, Mass., 4 High st.
Alice Younglove (A. M. '89), Teacher, Ventura, Cal.

A. M.. Univ. of Cal., '03.
Emma Younglove (A. M. '89), Teacher, Ventura, Cal.
A. M.. Univ. of Cal., '98.

1884 Literary
Willis Barclay Durfee, Business, Davenport, la., 1920 Grand ave.

Ella Charlotte Benham-Fowng {Mrs. Cornelius C.) (L. B.),

Cleveland, O., 76 Tilden ave.
Lettie Bennett, Supt. Public Schools, Stratford, Conn.
Lucy Bena 'Qrovin-Scott {Mrs. N. Stone) (L. B.), Cleveland,

O., 106 Bolton ave.
Ida May Bur\vell-Co/^maH {Mrs. Laurence J.), Seattle, Wash.,

716 4th ave.
Flora Annie Calkins-Tcnney {Mrs. IVilliam L.), Oak Park, 111.,

221 N. Grove ave.
Sarah Fenn Clark-£c?rfy {Mrs. Dayton /.), Medina, O.,

R. F. D. I.
Alice Welch Cowles-Doan^ {Mrs. John), Fremont, Neb., 350

W. 13th St.
Stella Amelia Davidson-^m.ywor//i {Mrs. Harry), Moline, 111.,

1025 15^ St.



Carrie Elizabeth Day, Oberlin, O., i66 N. Pleasant st.
Frances Hazelton Ensign, State Secretary W. C. T. U., Madi-
son, O.
Kate Cordelia Ford-Whitman (Mrs. Bryant F.), Pres. Ohio

Branch, W. B. M. I., Cleveland, O., 2473 Euclid ave.
Julia Elizabeth Gage-Gerrish (Mrs. William B.), Oberlin, O.,

143 E. College st.
Sarah Lavina Greer-S later (Mrs. Edwin S.), Minneapolis,

Minn., 1900 Kenwood Parkway.
Helen Alice HaW-Sanford (Mrs. Wayland W.) (L. B.), Duluth.

Minn., 2432 E. ist st.
*Edith Phillips Johnson, ^Springfield, Mass., July 6, 1892.
Jessie Fremont 'Lt.t.-Spencer (Mrs. Herbert R.), Duluth, Minn.,

5935 Oneida st.
Cora Elizabeth Lewis, Principal Belle Plaine School, Chicago,

111., Sta. X, 515 Byron st.
Mary Shaw 'Lyon-Satcr (Mrs. John E.), Columbus, O., 114

Buttles ave.
Ednah Jane Mason-Walker (Mrs. .Moses P.), Steubenville, O.,

Union Hotel, Market st.
Mary Rebecca Matter (Ph. B. '89), Business, Brodhead, Wis.,

613 Clinton ave.
Ida Augusta McLennan- ff-^/uV^ (Mrs Schuyler S.), Missionary,

A. B. C. F. M., Tsuyama, Japan.
Katharine Maria Roy-Stevens (Mrs. Frank V.), Whitewater,

Wis., Center st.
Estelle Avery Sharpe, Fremont, O.
Helene Sm\ts-Peckham (Mrs. William H.), Clay Center, Kan.,

511 Clarke st.
*Rena Olive Sorter-5^rr3), *Denver, Colo., April 28, 1890.
Almeda Sprague (L. B.), Teacher, Brooklyn, N. Y., 2909

ave. C. s^

Lillie Estelle Starr, Teacher, Litchfield, O.
Harriet Elizabeth Symonds (L. B.) (Ph. B. '95), Business,

Clifton, Ariz.
Mary Elizabeth Templeton-//o/'^«i.y (Mrs. Ernest R.), Oberlin,

O., 160 Woodland ave.
Fannie Eliza Thomson (Ph. B. '95), Teacher, Medina, O.
*Ruth Maria Tracy-Strong, *At Sea, October 11, 1903.
Antoinette Walworth, South Bend, Ind., 322 W. Wayne.


Flora Isabel Wolcott (L. B.), Assistant registrar, Oberlin Col-
lege, Oberlin, O., Baldwin Cottage.
Jean Belle WooA-Downes {Mrs. C), New York, N. Y.

1885 Classical (A. B.)

*John Batchelder Abell, *Toledo, O., October 6, 1901.
Frederick Anderegg (A. M. '89), Professor of Mathematics,
Oberlin College, Oberlin, O., 207 E. College st.

A. M.. Harvard, '89.

*William Perry Arbuckle, *Shelton, Conn., August 11, 1894.
Henry Bardwell Chapman, Lawyer, Cleveland, O., 3750 Euclid

LL. B., Harvard, '90.

Ephraim Bechtel Clemmer (A. M. '94), Austinburg, O.

E. B., Kutztown State Normal School, Pa., '77, and E. M., '79.
Charles Newton Dubs, Missionary, Changsha, Hunan, zia

Hankow, China.
Edmund Minor Fairfield, Business, Omaha, Neb., Bee Bldg.
Marston Stanley Freeman, Minister, Kent, O.
Charles Martin Hall (A. M. '93), Business, Niagara Falls, N. Y.,

136 Buffalo ave.
Charles Allen Hodges, Professor Ashland College, Ashland, O.

A. B., Univ. Chicago, '97.
John Leonard Hoffman, Business, Ingram, Pa., 149 Ingram ave.
Homer Hosea Johnson, Lawyer, Cleveland, O., 1009 American

Trust Bldg.

A. M., and LL. B., Harvard, '88.

*Thomas Jones, *Kansas City, Mo., December 5, 1902.

LL. B., Cincinnati Law School, '87.

Amos Morrell Kent, Lawyer, Pleasanton, Kan.

Allen Martin Lambright, Lawyer, Las Animas, Colo.
*Dwight Spencer Mason, *Vernon Center, N. Y., March 6, 1900.
*George Lyman Maxfield, *Laurel, la., February 28, 1886.

John Milton Putnam Metcalf (A. M. '93), Professor, Talladega
College, Talladega, Ala.

Union Sem., '88.

Walter Thomas Mills (A. M. '91), Teacher and Lecturer, Chi-
cago, 111., 6626 Ellis ave.
A. M., Wooster Univ., '89.

Gerdon Wallace Noble, Business, Omaha, Neb., 638-640 Bee



Harry Nyce, Minister, Peru, Ind., 132 E. 5th st.

Union Sem., 'SS.

*Thomas Rahl Patton, *St. Louis, Mo., November 18, 1894.
Solomon Johnson Payne, Farmer, Garrettsville, O.
William Hathaway Pound, Minister, Rogers Park, Chicago, 111.,

731 Morse ave.
Philo Perry Safford, Lawyer, New York, N. Y., 76 William st.

LIv. B., Columbia, '88.
John Long Severance, Business, Cleveland, O., 480 The Arcade.
William Bristol Shaw (A. M. '92), Journalist, New York, N.

Y., 13 Astor Place.
Jonathan Green Smith, Minister, Tomah, Wis.
Alpheus Melancthon Sp-mglcr, Minister, Mittineague, Mass., 9

Hampden st.

D. B., Hartford Sem., '88.

William Lawrence Tenney, District Secretary, A. M. A., Chi-
cago, 111., 153 La Salle st.
D. D., Knox Coll., 'O.S.

Florence Emeline kWo^n-McCrca (Mrs. Harry F.), Denver,

Colo.. 1417 Downing ave.
Olive Ann Atwood-Humphrcy (Mrs. Robert), Mattapoisett,

Laura Charlotte Herrick-/?fl/i',y (Mrs. Francis IV.) (A. M, '92),

Missionary, A. B. C. F. M., Mt. Salinda, Melsetter Dis-
trict, Rhodesia, Africa.
Mary Clark Uattocks-McKchcy (Mrs. John J ), New York, N.

Y., Spuyten Duyvil.
*Martha Ellwood McLennan, *Salinevillc, O., September 23,

Dorrie St^hl-Birlczv (Mrs.), Doctor of Osteopathy, Pasadena,

Cal., 222 N. RajTDond ave.
Mary Catharine Vpp-Abcll (Mrs.), Oberlin, O., 131 Forest st.
*Janet Whitcomh-J ohnson, ^Cleveland, O., November i, 1890.
Mrs. Mary Woostcr-Mills (A. M. '91), Principal Bethlehem

Missionary Training School, Cleveland, O., 23 Fowler st.
A. B., '85. and A. M., 'S8, Wooster Univ.


1885 Literary

Anna Belle 'Qon^r-Clcmcnt (Mrs. Hugh B.), White Plains,

N. Y., 18 Ridgeview ave.
Flora Bridges (A. B. '87, A. M. '88), Secretary to the President,

Oberlin College, Oberlin, O., 97 Elm st.
Lois Beth CampheW-Klinefclfcr (Mrs. J. S.), Salem, O., 236

Ellsworth ave.
Rosa Lucinda Campbell-i'/n;'//; (Mrs. JVilliam A.), Columbus,

O., 1097 Sycamore st.
Nellie Fay Canon-BHvcn (Mrs. JVilliam E.), Tacoma, Wash.,

404 C St.
Harriet Augusta Chrk-Afidrczus (Mrs. George IV.), Oberlin,

O., 19s Forest st.
Josephine Lucretia Cody-Bentley (Mrs. Frederic IV.) (L. B.),

Chicago, 111., 81 E. 48th St.
May Ellis-Nichols (Mrs. Louis L.) (Ph. B. '89), Brooklyn,

N. Y., 386 Stuyvesant ave.
*Annie Louise Harwood (L. B.), *Dillon, Mont., April 11, 1902.
Minnie Schcper ^uichms-Dingee (Mrs. Samuel S.), Wilmette,

Merion Laphcn McIntosh-Ty/^r (Mrs. George W.), Hyde Park,

Mass., 92 Beacon st.
Minnie Minton-Crrgor (Mrs. Robert B.), Lebanon, Ky., R.

F. D. 3.
Emily Rebecca Morrison (L. B.), Teacher, New York, N. Y.,

414 W. Ii8th St.
Caroline Phoebe Fost-Mctcalf (Mrs. John M. P.), Talladega,

Susannah Rumbaugh (L. B.), Physician's assistant, Chicago,

O., cor Woodbine and Park sts.
Grace Safiord-Sheldon (Mrs. Harry D.), Lorain, O., 313 Wash-
ington St.
Minnie Adeline Stow, Teacher, Tallmadge, O.
Mary Anne Waddell-Rodgcr (Mrs. James G.) (L. B.), Long

Beach, Cal., 100 Eliot st.
Mary Charlotte Woodruff-Z/armon (Mrs. Richard H.), Lake

View, la.
Rosa Sherma.n-G laiser (Mrs. Charles H.), San Diego, Cal, 1040

5th 9t.



1886 Classical (A, B.)

Frank Clyde Baker, Business, New York, N. Y., 220 Broad-
D. B. Yale, '90; LL. B., New York Law School, '00.
Frederick Widmer Burrows, Minister, Braintree, Mass.

D. B., Yale, '89.

Benjamin Hardin Burtt (A. M. '89), Minister, Ludington,

Mich., 109 N. Harrison st.
Charles John Cole, Lawyer, Bloomin8;ton, III, 205 Griesheim


LL. B., '94, and LL. M., '95, Univ. of Mich.
Laurence Locke Doggett (A. M. '90), President International
Y. M. C. A. Training School, Springfield, Mass., 60
Northampton ave.

Ph. D.. Univ. Leipzig, '95.

Efner Augustus Farrington, Principal, Los Nietos Valley Union
High School, Downey, Cal.

William Blanchard Gerrish, City engineer, Oberlin, O., 143 E.
College St.

Robert Aimer Harper (A. M. '91), Professor, Univ. of Wis-
consin, MadisOn, Wis., 324 N. Carroll st.

Ph. D., Univ. Bonn, Germany, '96.

Benjamin Franklin Hastings, Lawyer, Grant, Neb.
Walter George Hull (A. M. '89), Minister, Lyons, N. Y., 91
William st.

D. B., Drew Sem., '90.

Charles Henry Kirshner, Lawyer, Kansas City, Mo., 3605 Oak st.

LL. B., Cincinnati Law School, '88.

Robert Swann Mcintosh, Business, New York, N. Y., 128

Franklin st.
James Langdon McKee, Business, Grand Rapids. Mich., 202 and

203 Houseman Bldg.
Adolphus Alexander Moll, Teacher. Chicago, 111., 6132 Prairie

Forrest Franklin Parker, Business, Watertown, Mass., 156

Spruce St.
*Martin Loyal Phinney, *Morrison, 111., July 28, 1887.
George Washington Rexford, Business, Hollister, Cal.

D. B., Chicago Sem., '91.
Harry Dodd Sheldon, Minister, Lorain, O., 313 Washington st.
Edmund Bruce Stiles, Lawyer, Manchester, la.
Ernest Dean Swezey, Teacher, Sumner, Wash.
Sherman Thompson, Urbana, O.


William Lamarcus Thompson (A. M. '89), Medical missionary,
Mt. Salinda, Melsetter Dist., Rhodesia, Africa.

M. D., Univ. New York, '89.

William Wiedenhoeft, Minister, Vernon, Mich.

D. B.. Yale, '89.

Herbert Franklin Wilbor, Business, Erie, Pa.

John Oscar Whitney, Business, Boston, Mass., 176 Federal st.

Benson Newell. Wyman, Minister, Savannah, N. Y.

D. B.. Yale, '91.

Isabel Florence BzXdyfm-Betts (Mrs. Fred), Los Angeles, Cal.,

2639 Monmouth ave.
Louise Eudora Bnce-Jones (Mrs. Asahel IV.) (A. M. '89),

Youngstown, O., 147 W. Rayen ave.
Mary Angeline Clark-C/ziW (Mrs. Bernard V.) (A. M. '89),

Bellevue, O., R. F. D. i.
Martha Farrington-i^tV^ {Mrs. John H. /.), Oberlin, O., 269

N. Professor st.
Almira Stevens Freeman (A. M. '90), Teacher, Everett, Mass,

100 Cleveland ave.
M. B., Los Angeles Univ., '91.
Helen Frances Yioppm-Renton {Mrs. Henry H.), Kohala,

Nettie Esther Smith-VanG order (Mrs. William B.) (A. M.

'90), Worthington, Ind.
Lora Almira Sorter-Lara.y/i (Mrs. George I.) (A. M. '90), La

Moille, III.
Rosa Maritta Thompson (A. M. '89), Instructor in English and

Latin, Oberlin Academy, Oberlin, O., 99 E. Lorain st.
Anna Zipporah Woodrufi-Weage (Mrs. Arthur D.) (A. M.

90), Seattle, Wash., 2577 4th ave. N.

1886 Literary

Lilla Estelle Appelton (L. B.) (Ph. B. '90), Teacher, Chicago,
111., 5825 Drexel ave. (Permanent add. Victory, Vt.)

Ph. M., '03, and M. S., '04, Univ. of Chicago.
Janet Elizabeth Baldwin-7^^m (Mrs. William S.). Janesville,

Wis., 202 S. Franklin st.
Ardelia Lee Barker-Z-mco/n (Mrs. Andrew P.), Wellington, O..
R. F. D. I.


Adelaide Sarah Battles-Straight (Mrs. Howard S.) (L. B.),

Cleveland, O., Edge Hill road, Euclid Heights.
Harriet Louisa Brewster- A/^oyc^ (Mrs. George T.), Trenton,

Amelia Elizabeth Buck\and-H astings (Mrs. Benjamin F.),

Grant, Neb.
Mary Morris Burnett-Talbert (Mrs. William H.) (L. B.).

Bufifalo, N. Y., 521 Michigan st.
*Myra Belle Chapman, *0berlin, O., June 23, 1892.
Lavinia Russ Davis (Ph. B. '94, A. M. '97), Physician, Oneida,

N. Y., 35 Chestnut st.
M. D., Univ. Syracuse, '96.
Carrie Bell 'Dtvaxng-Hopkins (Mrs. Elmer E.), Lorain, O., 2014

Penfield ave.
Mary Sophia Fish (L. B.), Teacher, Germantown, Philadel-
phia, Pa., Walnut Lane School. Home add. Berlin

Heights, O.
Grace Laura Gibson (Ph. B. '90, A. M. '99), Teacher, Toledo.

O., 13 E. Woodruff ave.
Mary Long Goldshuvy-Chaiinon (Mrs. Irzing M.) (Ph. B. '90),

Missionary, A. B. C. F. M, Kusaie, Caroline Islands, N.

Pacific Ocean.
Ruth Booth Hall-Fu/t (Mrs. Job), Yonkers, N. Y., 604 S.

Kate Houseman (Ph. B. '98), Physician, Muncie, Ind., 115K'

W. Charles st.

M. D., Eclectic Med. Institute, Cincinnati, '97.

Mary Burnham Kinsman, Kinsman, O.

Jennie Lusk 'La\.\\?Lm-McRoberts (Mrs. Thomas R.), Charlotte,

Harriet May Mason, Journalist, Cleveland, O., 275-283 St. Clair


Corinne WxWf^r-Kriebel (Mrs. Oscar S.), Pennsburg, Pa.

Calista Eudora Fa\ge-Hull (Mrs. Walter G.) (L. B.), Lyons,
N. Y., 91 William st.

Ida May Pope, Principal Kamehameha School for Girls, Hono-
lulu, Hawaii, Box 389.

Ethelind Race-Bishop (Mrs. Elijah), Long Beach, Cal., R. F.
D. I.

Janet Dickey Reid (L. B.), Teacher, Chicago, 111., 588 E. 60th st.

Anna Mayo R\ch-Leadingham (Mrs. John), Elyria, O., 1310
East ave.


*Harriet Putnam Strttt&r-Rathbone , *Redwood City, Cal., Octo-
ber 30, 1892.
Anna Mary Wickes-J^f^(/ {Mrs. Alexander H.) (L. B.), Ti-
conderoga, N. Y., 79 W. Exchange st.

1887 Classical (A. B.)

*Ernest Richmond Atwater (A. M. '92), *near Fenchow Fu,
Shansi, China, August 15, 1900.

Harry Hudson Baker, Muncie, Ind., 2000 E. Main st.

William Embert Chambcrlin, Chemist, New York, N. Y., iii
Water st.
Ph. D.. Johns Hopkins, '94.

Irving Monroe Channon (A. M. '98), Missionary A. B. C. F.
M., Kusaie, Caroline Islands, N. Pacific Ocean.

Robert George Clapp, Business, Cleveland, O. ; residence, Men-
tor, O.

Frank S. Clark (A. M. '90), Physician, Cleveland, O., 339 Hark-
ness ave.

M. D., Western Reserve, '90.

Walter Hiram Comstock (A. M. '91), Teacher, Chicago, 111.,
6010 Normal ave.
*Willis Bartlett Currier, *Omena, Mich., September 10, 1900.
Selden Curtis Dickinson (A. M. '90), Minister, Eaton, Colo.
Rudolf Sumner Dubs, Physician, Chicago, 111., 1454 Belmont ave

M. D.. Univ. Berlin, '93.

Charles Telford Fairfield, Journalist, Rutland, Vt., 66 N. Main


Allen Ayrault Griffith, Business, East Orange, N. J., 17 Am-
herst st.
Joseph Benton Hendee, Lawyer, Eaton Rapids, Mich.
Leonard Paul Howland (A. M. '94), Lawyer, Cleveland, O.,
600 Schofield Bldg.
IvL. B., Harvard. '90.
David Austin Lambright, Superintendent Public Schools, Ken-

dallville, Ind., 288 W. Williams st.
*Victor Ebenezer McConoughey, *San Diego, Cal., November
20, 1903.
Robert Charles Martin, Kansas City, Mo., 545 Tracy st.
*Benjamin Woodbury Minton (A. M. '92), *ToIedo, O., January
28, 1897.
M. D., Toledo Med. Coll., '92.


Louis Lee Nichols, Physician, Brooklyn, N. Y., 386 Stuyvesant

M. D., Long Island Med. Coll., '90.
Francis Ernest Regal, Journalist, Springfield, Mass. ; Residence,

West Springfield, Mass., 91 Elm st.
George Sackett Rowe, Business, Akron, O.

William Seward Sheldon, Business, Omaha, Neb., 2428 Grant st.
James Hervey Smith, Teacher, Chicago, 111., 217 N. Central ave.

A. M., Baldwin Univ., '92.
John Jay Sullivan, Physician, Passaic, N. J., 51 Passaic ave.

M. D., Albany Med. Coll., '90.
Harold Claire R. Wall, Business, Muncie, Ind., 220 S. Jeffer-
son St.
Worrallo Whitney (A. M. '92), Teacher, Chicago, 111., 5743 Mad-
ison ave.
A. B., Harvard, '90.

Florence GiW-Kirkendall (Mrs. Charles S.). Frnita, Colo.
Adelaide Eva Heter-W Iiitney (Mrs. Worrallo'), Chicago, 111.,

5743 Madison ave.
Emma Henderson-HiWrrrf (Mrs. George A.), Napoleon, O.
*Adell Holliday-//flM.y^r, *Vienna, O., January 6, 1891.
Frances Barnett Sht\don-B olley (Mrs. Henry L.), Fargo, N.

Dak., 701 loth ave. N.
Martha Lois Tay\or-T heilmann (Mrs. Robert H.), Somerton.

Anna Maria Vetter-Bassett (Mrs. Franklin H.), Edmonds,

Clara May V^ehster-Woodzvorth (Mrs. Reuben G.), Pueblo,

Colo., Kretchmer Block.
Helen Josephine White-Martin (Mrs. Charles B.). Oberlin, O.,

97 Elm St.
Mary Esther Woodruff-H okvay (Mrs. John IV.), Kirkland,


1887 Philosophical (Ph. B.)

Toyokichi lyenaga, Professorial lecturer. University of Chicago,
Chicago, 111.
Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, '90.


Junzo Kawamoto, Physician-in-Chief, Doshisha Hospital, Kyoto,

M. D., Univ. Penn., '90.

Yeijiro Ono, Business, Tokyo, Japan, Bank of Japan.

Ph. D., Univ. Mich., '90.

Clara Pollard Ho-ward-Sheldon (Mrs. William S.), Omaha,
Neb., 2428 Grant st.

1887 Literary

*Anna Grace AWyn-Smith, *Tomah, Wis., July 6, 1901.
Anna Barnard-A'iw^;naj; (Mrs. Dclos O.) (L. B.), Whitewater,

Sarah BeW-Sanders (Mrs. William H.), Missionary, A. B. C. F.

M., American Mission, Benguella, Africa, via Lisbon.
Margaret Cahill (Ph. B. '92), Teacher, Jersey City, N. J., 29

Clinton ave.
Lucy Jane Cobb (L. B.), Teacher, Pittsburg, Pa., Swissvale

Sta., Institution for Deaf.
Ellen Whittlesey Conant, Teacher, St. Joseph, Mich., 845 Wis-
consin ave.
Ella HuAXty- Murray (Mrs. Andrew), Stellenbosh, S. Africa.
Mary Louise Fowler, Business, Cleveland, O., 1319 Williamson

Bldg., Home, Oberlin, O., 103 Forest st.
Helen Louise Harwood, Teacher, Los Angeles, Cal., 820

Figueroa st.
L,. B.. Univ. of Cal., '97.
Harriet Sophia Hildrup (L. B.), Columbus, O., State Hospital.
Elizabeth Jeffreys (Ph. B. '95), Teacher, Clyde, 111.

Ph. D., Univ. Chicago, '98.

Mina Louana Lewis-5"o/owon (Mrs. Isaac), Salt Lake City,

Utah, 323 loth St. E.
Jessie McClelland (L. B.), Teacher, Columbus, O., The Lenox.
Elizabeth Josephine McLennan-Gfl/Ztf^ (Mrs. William H.),

Morgantown, W. Va., 126 Willey st.
Jennie Lee McWade-Lambright (Mrs. David A.), Kendall-

ville, Ind., 288 W. Williams st.
Georgiana Mead, Oberlin, O., 255 N. Pleasant st.
Lillis Russell Morley-Nutting (Mrs. John D.), Cleveland, O.,

739 Republic st.



Mary Almeda Nettleton-5oof/t {Mrs. George H.), Lake City,

Cora Louise 'bl or th-W inter (Mrs. T. Homer), Marshall, Minn.,

Marshall st.
Mabel Eldora Feck-Wagner (Mrs. Frank C), Terre Haute,

Ind., nil S. 6th st.
Susan Dow Rundell-Do^(?r (Mrs. William /.), Cleveland, O.
Frances Corrine Sptar-Pershing (Mrs. James E.), Vinita, Ind. T.
* Jennie Delight T odd-Laird, *Chicago, 111., July 15, 1895.
Mary Agnes Treat, Tallmadge, O.
Alice Warren (L. B.), Teacher, Hinsdale, 111.
Helen Lucy WeWs-Kelsey (Mrs. Henry £.), Claremont, Cal.
Ella May Whitlock-Dudley (Mrs. Arthur L.), North Amherst,

O., R. F. D. I.

1888 Classical (A. B.)

Homer Abbott, Lawyer, Chicago, 111., 125 La Salle st.
Oliver Jones Bennett (A. M. '92), Physician, Western Peni-
tentiary, Allegheny, Pa.
M. D., Univ. Pa., '92.

Arthur Willis Brett (A. M. '94), Lawyer, Des Moines, la., 218
Clapp Block.

LL. B., Drake, '02.

Henry Alfred Brown, Post Chaplain U. S. Army, Baltimore,
Md., Ft. McHenry.

Frank Byrd Carpenter, Lawyer, Cleveland, O., 69 Bellflower ave.

Frank Luther Case, Lieut. 12th Cav., U. S. A., Manila, P. I.

Charles Joseph Chamberlain (A. M. '94), Instructor in Botany,
Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111.
Ph. D.. Univ. Chicago, '97.

John Rogers Commons (A. M. '90), Professor, Univ. of Wis-
consin, Madison, Wis., 212 S. Carroll st.
*David Dennis, *Salt Lake City, Utah, June 25, 1895.

George Day Fairfield (A. M. '92), Instructor, Syracuse Univ.,
Syracuse, N. Y., 72? Crouse ave.

Job Fish, Jr., Business, Yonkers, N. Y., 604 S. Broadway.

Nathan Eddy Fuller, Minister, Middletown, N. Y., 123 Wick-
ham ave.


Charles David Gibbons, Lawyer, Warren, O., 29 Washington

A. B., Harvard, '89.

Arthur Colburn Griffith, Business, St. Marys, Pa., Accounting

department, Pgh. Shawmut & Northern R. R.
*Arthur Thompson Hatch, *Grand Rapids, Mich., August 24,

Gregory Willis Hayes, President Virginia Seminary, Lynch-
burg, Va.
Albert Marion Hyde, Minister, Toledo, O., 1914 Jefferson st.

D. D., Ripon Coll., '00.

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