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fee - -I ^159
^ Jj? x <? 1899-

7 7 8^ 1900

This book presented by

Irs. Francis K. Newcomer nee

Mary Brunot Roberts

of San Antonio. Texas
From the estates or her fatbs

Thomas Paschall Roberts

of Pittsburgh and her sister
Eleanor Roberts Raltzftll

Digitized by the Internet Archive

in 2010 with funding from

University of Pittsburgh Library System


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• »

flDcpcr Jonasson & Co.

-Manufacturing Retailers of*

Xatoes' ©titer (3arment&

Pittsburg Establishment,

Sixth and Liberty Sts*


Broadway & 12th Sts. Cite Parades No. 5.


Tremont & Boylston Sts.



you should be up-to-date,
your table service perfect,
your Art Pottery and Bric-
a-Brac rich and attractive.
When seeking something
suitable for a

Weddiiig, Birthday or
Anniversary Remembrance,

a selection from our vast
display of


will prove most acceptable. All our fine China is hand-
decorated, the latest designs, etc. Our Cut Glass the richest
and latest cuttings and finest Crystal Glass. Here are a few
suggestions :


Dinner Sets

Ice dels

Chocolate Sets

< hop Sets

M.at Beta

Ice Cream Sets

Pish Beta

Weter sets

Art Vases.



I ut OlsM Sets



Wine Sets in

Belgian, Austrian,

BohemJen and

A niorican



T. G. EVANS & CO.,

235 Fifth Ave. - Pittsburg.




H. Anderson Librarian.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburg, Schenley Park, Pittsburg, Pa. Donated to the city by
Andrew Carnegie in 1895. Total number of volumes, 80,000.

Lawrenceville Branch— 279 Fisk Street.

West End Branch — Cor. Wabash Ave. and Neptune Street.

Wylie Ave Branch — Wylie ave., head of Green Street.

Branches at Hazel wood" and Mt. Washington now in process of erection.

Edwin H. Anderson Librarian.

Wm. Richard Watson Ass't Librarian.


(Department of the Carnegie Institute.)

W. J. Holland, Ph. D., LL. D Director.

John A. Shafer Curator.

The following are domiciled in the Carnegie Library Building, Pittsburg:

Art Gallery — John D. Beattie, Director.

Carnegie Museum, W. J. Holland, Director.

Art Society.

Academy of Science and Art.

Iron City Microscopical Society.

Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania,

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania.

Amateur Photographers' Society.

Pittsburg Architectural Club.

Art Students' League— Mrs. H. B. Pears. Sec.


Abbott, William L 543 Wood, P.

Acheson, Hon. M. AV., U. S. Cir. Court,...

Federal bldg., Room 306, P

Aiken, E. M. .". 47 Seventh, P.

Albree. Chester B 14 to 30 Market, A.

Allen, Col. E. J Braddock ave., E. E., P.

Alston, J. M 341 Sixth ave., Room 29, P.

Allyn, G. W., Dr

Forbes ave head Morehead, E. E., P.

Allyn, G. W., Mrs

Forbes ave., head Morehead, E. E., P.

Anderson, E. H., Librarian

4512 Centre ave., E. E., P.

Berger, Henry

Universitv Place, Observ. Hill, A.

Bidwell, D. W. C 431 Water, P.

Bissell, J. B., 6825 Penn ave., P.

J Blair, W. R.,

.... St. Nicholas bldg., 4th ave., Room 25, P.

Boyce, J. C Carnegie bldg., Room 1116, P.

Brashear, J. A, Prof.. .. 260 Perrysville ave., A.

V ^ Breed, H. A., Maj P. O. Box 1006, P.

Brown, T. S 253 N. Dithridge, E. E., P.

Buchanan, J. I Vandergrift bldg., P.

Bughman, H. C 11 Wood, P.

A. Caldwell, J. Treas Westinghouse A. B. Co

Wilmerding, Pa.

Carnegie, Andrew

5 West 51st, New York, N. Y.

Carhart, Daniel, Prof

1410 Centre, Station D., P.

Childs, Harvey L 249 Water, P.

Clapp, D. C P. O. Box 755, P.

Clapp, Geo. H 325 Water, P.

Clarke, Louis S 827 Water, P.

Clarke, C. J 314 Wood, P.

Cooper, Prof. H. B Central High School, P.

Connelley, C. B., Prof

Page and Manhattan, A.

Coster, R. J., Rev 4502 Fifth ave., P.

Craig, H. S 427 Diamond, P.

Cunningham, C. R

Supt. Carnegie Lib. bldg. P.

Daggette, A. S., Dr 281 Craig, E. E., P.

Darlington, H

431 Sixth ave., Room 17, P.

Davis, Chas County Eng., Court House, P.

Davis, Geo. C Castleman, Shadyside, P.

DeArmit, W. P Westinghouse bldg., P.

Dempster, Alex

Stanton and Euclid aves., E. E., P.

Denniston, Col. G. F 431 Wood, P.

DePuv, Dr. Hiram

232 Fifth ave., Hussey bldg., P.




- ^ ^ tfvw y^^^ ^ rf 1 ^ ■


Duquesne Way, near Sixth Street,

Pittsburg Pa*









Open day and night the entire year. Turkish, Swimming and Tub Baths.
Largest Enamel Swimming Pool in the United States. Water clear as crystal and
heated by steam.

LADIES' DAY, FRIDAY ONLY, from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.



Dickey, D. D., Mrs Winebiddle ave., P.

Die9cher, Samuel

Hamilton bldg., Room 714, P.

Dilworth, Lawrence 957 Penn ave., P.

Dilworth, H. P Penn bldg., Room 611, P.

Donnelly, Charles

Fifth and S. Negley, aves., P.

Dysart, Prof. P. M

Pgh. Central High School, P.

Eaton, John 213 and 215 Water, P.

Edwards, W. B 308 Fourth ave., P.

Ferguson, E. M

Fourth ave., Ferguson blk., P.

Ferguson, J. M

Ferguson blk., Room 709, P.

Fessenden, Prof. R. A

Western Universitv, A.

Frew, W. N Carnegie bldg., Room 1306, P.

Frick, H. C P. O. Box 250, P.

Frost, Prof. A. E Western University, A.

Fundenberg, Dr. W. H Lewis blk., P.

Friesall, F. Chas. Dr 6200 Penn ave., P.

Gaither, Francis 1225 Carnegie bldg. P.

Gilg, H. F P. O. Box 488, P.

Gill, W. M., Dr 13612 Fifth ave., P.

Graham, W. H., Hon 139 North ave., A.

Guffey, J. M 341 Sixth ave., Room 10, P.

Halfem, Mrs. Eva 1819 Bedford ave., P.

Hamilton, W. R., Dr 128 Ninth, P.

Harbinson, S. P Brighton Road, A

Harnack, A. J 228 N. Fairmount ave., P.

Harrer, Henry Allegheny Observatory, A.

Hartley, Thomas R , Penn ave. and Third, P.

Hastings, J. M Bank of Commerce bldg., P.

Hays, W. H Westminster Place, E. E., P.

Hazzard, T. L. Dr. ...56 Montgomery ave., A.

Hartman, Galen C 433 Fifth ave., P.

Heckert, S. F 341 Sixth ave., P.

Heeren, Otto Eighth St. and Penn ave., P.

Heeren, William, Eighth St. and Penn ave., P.
Herron, J. B. Jr

Linden ave. near Reynolds, E. E., P.

Hetzel, James, Prof Somerset, Pa.

Hirsch, Isaac E 527 Smithfleld, P.

Holland, W. J., Rev., D. D.,

Fifth and Bellefield aves., E. E., P

Holmes, Nathauiel 309 Market, P.

Home, Durbin

Near Penn and Lang aves., E. E., P.

Hostetter, D. H 60 Water, P.

Humbird, J. S 11 Wood, Room 64, P.

Hunter, A. S., Prof., Western University, A.

Jackson, J. B 341 and 343 Fourth ave., P.

Jennings, B. F., Major Chm'n

Jennings Steel Co., Lt., h. 152 Fayette, A.
Johnson, T. H., Ch. Engr., S. W. S., Penna

Lines Penn ave. and Tenth, P.

Jones, B. F., Jones & Laughlin, Ltd

Southside, P.

Jones, W. L., Fire Ins 541 Wood, P.

Keeler, J. E., Prof., Mt. Hamilton

Lick Observatory, Cal.

Keller, E. E., Edgewood Park, P. R. R., A.

Kellv, J. A 28th and Smallman, P.

King, H.J 215 Fifth ave., P.

Koeing, Adolph. Dr 108 Ninth, P.

Koethen, J. Ludewig, Jr 434 Diamond, P.

Lanahan, Miss Susanne K

5726 Centre ave., E. E., P.

Lane, T. H 304 Wood, P.

Langley, S. P. Prof., Smithsonian Institute,

Washington, I). C.

Laughlin, J. , Jr Third ave. and Try, P.

Lawrence W. W., Water, below Penn ave., P.

Lewis, J. L 136 Craig .St., E. E., P.

Lippincott, J. A.. Dr 435 Penn ave., P.

Lloyd, D. McK 241 Fourth ave., P.

Lockhart Chas 541 Wood, P.

Ludwig, W. R 516 Liberty ave., P.

Lyne, W. C, Mgr. Nat. Life Ins. Co., of Vt.

Hamilton bldg., P.

McClelland, Henry T., Rev., D. D

226 Dithridge, E. E., P.

McClelland, J. H., Dr.,

Fifth and Wilkins aves., E. E , P.

McClintock. Oliver 219 Fifth ave., P.

McCollum, J. P., P>-of

Hostetter bldg., Fourth ave. P.

McCounell, E. M., New Castle,

Lawrence Co., P.

McCrea, James 1003 Penn ave, P.

McCutcheon, W. A 239 Fourth ave., P.

McDowell, J. C Vandergrift bldg, P.

McKenna, Chas. F.. Col

Maeder Law bldg., 433 Fifth ave., P.

McMabon, William Home Hotel, P.

McPherson, Logan G 820 Penn ave., P.

McRoberts, J. H., 400 Grant, P.

Mahon, J. S., Dr., Rooms 305-6-7, Home Office

bldg., 515 Penn ave., P.

Macbeth, G. A., Telephone bldg., P.

McFarlane, J. R., 434 Diamond, P.

Magee, Christopher, Judge

Forbes and Boundry, E. E , P.

Magee, Christopher, Jr 414 Grant, P.

Magee, W. P.. Forbes and Boundr~V, E. E., P.

Marron, J. F 416 Grant, P.

Mellon, A. W 214 Smithfleld, P.

Mellor, C. C 319 Fifth ave., P.

Metcalf. William 208 Ferguson blk., P.

Miller, Florence C P. O. Box 664, P.

Miller, Z. T., Dr., 2013 Carson, South Side, P.

Miller, Reuben 242 First ave , P.

Morgan, G. O P. O. Box 590, P.

Moorhead, ,H. R

Fifth and Belletield aves., E. E„ P.

Morrison, John, Dr

Houston ville, Washington Co., P.

Morrow, E. S City Hall, P.

Xeeb, C. W 4 Stockton ave., A.

Negley, A. J Hamilton bldg.. Room 501, P.

Neglev, H. H.....600 N. Negley ave., E. E., P.

Nicola, F. F 204 Fifth ave., P.

Oliver, G. T Care Oliver Wire Co., P.

Oliver, Henry W P-

O'Neill, Florence

415 Morewood ave., Shadyside, P.

Orth, G. H 341 Sixth ave., Room 36, P.

Peebles, Andrew

Schmidt bldg, Room53, P.

Pflauni, Magnus Bakewell, Law bldg. P.

Phillips, F.C., Prof P. O. Box 126, A.

Phipps, Henry, Jr

Carnegie bldg., Room 325, P.

Pitcairn, Robert. ..Union Station, P. R. R., P.

Prentice, W. J., 1009 Liberty ave., P.

Proctor, W. Ross 341 Sixth ave., P.





& Co.


Importers and
Retailers of



Also the finest of St. Gall Laces, French and German Hos-
iery, and the standard makes of French Kid Gloves. Sole
Agents in Pittsburg and Allegheny for the renowned
Reynier Kid Glove of Paris.

Exclusive Styles in Paris and

London Millinery. Tailor Made

Gowns and Costumes to Order.

40 Rue d'Hautville,

71 Little Brittain St.,E.C.

47 Lispenard Street.

Penn Avenue
a Fifth St,





Prugh, John H., Rev., D. D

202 Coltart Square, P.

Reed, J. H., Hon.,

Carnegie bldg., Room 1027, P.

Ricketson, J. H 10 Wood, P.

Riddle, Matthew B. Dr 287 Ridge ave., P.

Roberts, T. P., Col

Room 25, Iron Exc. bldg., Wood, P.

Ruud, Edwin, Fuel-Gas & Mfg. Co

Brinton, P. R. R., Pa.

Rvnearson, Edward, Prof

615 Belief on te, E. E., P.

Samson, Hudson 433 Sixth ave., P.

Sawyer, W. J 254 North ave , A.

Scaife, 0. P 421 Wood, P.

Scaife, W. Lucien

Scaife F'dry & Mch, Co., P.

Schoonmaker, J. M., Col

313 Sixth ave., Room 701, P.

Scott, C. F., Westinghouse El. & Mfg. Co

East Pittsburgh, Pa.

Scott, William 450 Fourth ave., P.

Scovel, C. W Carnegie bldg., Room 1004, P.

Shafer, J. D., Judge Shaspsville, Pa.

Shaw, W. A., M. & M. Nat. Bk

61 Fourth ave.. P.

Shields, J. M 501 Fifth ave., P.

Siebeneck, J. G 62 Beech, A

Simpson, G. L. Dr.. ..67 Westinghouse blag., P.

Singer. W. H 83 Water, P,

8nyder, Antes Blairsville, Indiana Co., P.

Speer, J. T Fifth and Duquesne Way, P.

Sterrett, J. R 427 Diamond, P.

Stupakoff, S. H.. U. S. & S. Co

P. R. R., Swissvale, P.

Shillito, G. M., Dr 160 Sandusky, A.

Swearingen, T. Brent, Maj

409 Fourth ave , P.

Taggart, C. C, Lewis blk. Room 406, P.

Taylor, Chas. E., Dr

Irwin, Westmoreland, Co. P.

Taylor, E. B 1003 Penn ave., P.

Thaw, Benjamin 421 Wood, P.

Thaw, Josiah C P. O. Box 1086, P.

Thompson, W. R P. O. Box 946, P.

Tingley, J., Prof 70 Sturgeon, A.

Utley.E. H., Carnegie bldg., Room 414, P.

Walker, John 132 Western ave., A.

Walker, S. C 280 Ridge ave., A.

Wallace, D. H

Germania Sav. Bk. bldg., Wood, P.

Webster, Beveridge, Prof

Hostetter bldg., Fourth ave., P.

Weil, A. Leo,

509 South Highland ave., E. E., P.

Weldon, W., Methodist Book Room

Penn ave, P.

Wells, Calvin Pgh. Forge & Iron Co., P.

White, J. H

Bakewell Law bldg., Room 29, P.

White, Wm., Jr Times bldg., P.

Wilson, Adam 541 Third ave., P

Wilson, D. Leet Fort Pitt Nat. Bk., P.

Winslow, G. H

Rooms 82.83, Schmidt bldg ., P.

Woodburn, S. S. Dr 17 ResacaPlace, P.

Woodward, M. A

...-Cor. Aiken and Fifth aves, Shadyside, P.
Wright, E. S , Col., Western Penitentiary, A.

Woods, Edward A Tradesmens bldg., P.

Zug, Christopher Thirteenth and Etna, P.



Henry H. Negley, President.
T. S. Brown, Vice President. James Horner, Treasurer.

T. W. MacConnell, Recording Secretary. John A. Shafer, Corresponding Secretary.

Wm. Falconer,
James J. Booth,


Aschman F T
Armstrong T M
Brown T S
Booth Jas J
Burke George
Bader John
Beers Cora B Miss
Beers Sara E Miss
Collier F H Hon
Clapp Geo H
Clarke Chas J
Crawford Oswin S
Childs Howard
Dickson Jos N Dr
Dickson J Z
Davis Charles
Deens Annie M Miss
Dalv W H Dr
Davis T D Dr

Elliott W J
Ferguson John
Eraser David
Fisher H W Prof
Falconer Wm
Fulwood Arthur T
George James
Gosser Jennie Miss
Holland W J Rev
Houston M E Miss
Hindman Jennie Miss
Henderson T P
Henderson T P Mrs
Hartje August
Horner James
Haskell Emma E Miss
Judd A F
Koenig A Dr
Kennedy W M

Dr. Adolph Koenig,
T. S. Randolph.

Koeller F Dr
Kay James J
Kay Frederick C
King SCJrs
Lippincott J A Dr
Lewis Mark
Lewis Maria Miss
Ludwig Julius
Mellor C C
Moffitt S A
Matthews W Z Miss
Means S J Mrs
Murdoch A M
Medsger O P
Mellou R B
Miller James M Dr
MacConnell Thos
MacConnell T W
MacConnell John A

McGuinness Margaret

McKelvey W H
McAdams W J
McLean Chas B
Negley Henry H
Negley Alexander J
Ollig Joseph
Oehmler R C
Oesterlie George
Ogden J G Prof
Patterson B H Prof
Patterson M M
Patterson Graham C
Roberts T P Col
Rubinski John
Reed R R
Ralston Clarence E
Ralstun Ivan R


Steinway, Chickering, Krakauer,
Mellor and Chauncey Pianos,




Music, etc.


If it is any=
thing musical,
and is the best,
we have it.



The distinguishing characteristic of the Vocalion is its tone. The
Vocalion costs nothing for repairs, occupies little space, and costs
much less than a regular pipe organ of the same capacity.


The ^olian performs all the works of the great masters and with the
true orchestral effect so necessary to their proper enjoyment. Any
one can play the ^olian. Prices from $75 to $2,500.


The Pianola is an instrument with which any one can play the piano,
and play the most difficult works with perfect technique and ex-
pression. Price $250 to $275.

Our instruments gladly shown to the merely curious as well as to
intending purchasers.



319=321 Fifth Avenue.



Robinson J Frank Shafer John D Hon Smith M A Thompson M

Robinson J Frank Mrs Scaife W L Smith W H Von Wagonen M E

Randolph P S Shafer John A Smith Wm J Mrs

Rynearson Edw Prof Salsbury M K Semple James Van Andrew

Shafer E A Stewart F L Thompson John M Walker John
Williams Minnie Miss WolffBFJr

Club House, 410 Penn Ave., P.

Abbott, W. L Bradford, Wm 142 S. Negley ave., P.

Room 302, Bank of Commerce bldg., P. Brakes, James

Ahlberg, G. A. F 222 Stratford ave., P Lyon Mountain, Clinton Co., N. Y.

Ahlen, William Brashear, John A 260 Perrysville ave., a!

care Carnegie Steel Co., Duquesne, Pa. Brown, Alba Fisk ." 271 40th, P.

Aiken, Henrv 403 Lewis blk., P. Browne, George H Westinghouse bldg., P

Albree, Chester B 16-30 Market, A. Brown, W. R City Hall, p!

Albree, Ralph 187 Western ave., A. Bryan, Chas. W Edge Moor, Del.

Anderson, John W., Gen. Mgr Brynn, Pierre ShifHer Bridge Co., P.

Carbon Steel Co., P. Buente, C. F... Perrysville ave and Charles, A.

Arms, Walter F Punxsutawney, Pa. Cadman, A. W 63 Water, P.

Armstrong, H. W., Gen. Mgr Camp, J. M

Verona Tool Works, Verona, Pa. Duquesne Steel Works and Blast Furnace,

Arras, John W P. O. Box 485, P. Duquesne, Pa.

Arrott, James W., Jr Card, W. W P. O. Box 273, P.

.Standard Mfg. Co., 581 Preble ave., A. Carhart, Daniel 1410 Centre, Station D, P.

Aschman, F. T 419 Standard bldg., P. Carlin, T. H 181 Robinson, A.

Ashmead. Frank M Carnegie, Andrew. . 5 W. 51st, New York, N. Y.

A. V. Ry. Co., 11th & Pike, P. Chambers, J. S., Jr 19 Church ave., A.

Ashworth, A. Kennedy 349 Lehigh ave., P. Chess, H. B 531 Wood, P.

Ashworth, Daniel 326 Fourth ave., P. Chester, D. Herbert 317 Third ave., P.

Atwater, R. M Chester, J. N 317 Thiru ave., P.

The Solvay-Process Co., Syracuse, N. Y. Clapp, G. H 325 Water, P.

Atwood, J. A Beaver, Pa. Clifford, William 232 Fifth ave., P.

Auel, Carl B care Amber Club, E. E., P. Coffin, W. C..39 Cortlandt St., New York, N. Y.

Bailey, Charles 36th st. <fe A. V. R. R., P. Connelley, C. B

Bailey, James M P. 0. Box 872, P 5th Ward School, Page and Fulton, A.

Bailey, John M 325 Water, P. Conner, W. A 10 Oakland Square, P.

Bakewell, Thomas W Carnegie bldg., P. Cooper, C. A 410 Grant, P.

Baltzell, Will H Schoenberger & Co., P. Cooper, Frank I Wayland, Mass.

Barbour, Geo. H Corey, W. E

care Fort Pitt Bridge W ks., Cannonsbarg,Pa. care Homestead Steel Works, Munhall, Pa.

Barr, Lawrence C. D. & P. Tel. Co., P. Cornelius, W. A

Barrett, J. C care Homestead Steel Works, Munhall, Pa.

The Ohio Steel Co., Youngstown, O. Coster, W. H 4502 Fifth ave., P.

Barron, H. L Covell, V. R

Westinghouse Machine Co., E. Pittsburg, Pa 440 Rebecca ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa.

Bates, Onward Crooker, Ralph, Jr

C.M.& P.Rv., 1 100 Old Colonv bldg., Chicago Jones & Laughlins, Ltd., S. S. , P.

Beckfield, Chas. ..121 S Third, Steubenville, O. Cunningham, Edward W

Benner, S. A Superior ave., A 1637 Indiana ave., Chicago, 111.

Benney, Jas Curry, H. M Carnegie bldg., P.

Room 10, Westinghouse bldg., P. Daft, L. J 658 East Prospect, Cleveland, O.

Berg, W. Edward 3411 Ward, P. Davis, Charles, ( ounty Engineer..

Berg, P. T Court House, P.

Homestead Steel Works, Munhall, Pa. Davis, H. P 327 Neville, P.

Bernard, H. W 55 Wilson ave., A. Davison, G.S., Room 91, Westinghouse bldg, P.

Beutner, Victor Vandergrift bldg., P. Deforth, J. M Pittsburg Bridge Co., P.

Bigelow, E. M Dempster, Alex 232 Fifth ave., P.

Department of Public Works, P. Diescher, Samueh.Room 714, Hamilton bldg, P.

Black, Samuel W 318 Fourth ave., P. Dinkey, Alva C

Boden, Daniel Homestead Steel Works, Munhall, Pa.

Mansfield Coal & Coke Co., Carnegie, Pa. Dravo, Edward T 12 Sherman ave.. A.

Bole, Wm. A Dubbs, J. A 1942 Forbes, P.

Westinghouse Machine Co . E Pittsburg, Pa. Duckham, A. E 232 Rebecca, E. E., P.

Bonar, James 1216 Carnegie bldg., P. Dudlev, C. B Drawer 334, Altoona, Pa.

Bowman, A. M...Mahan P. O., Beaver Co., Pa. Eckert, Edward W

Bowman, F. M care Riter-Conley Co., A 452 W. 153rd, New York, N. Y.


Mk-$t* ^ .&»«. *»«. «&»«. «&te. «&?£ ^^ ^t^ ,*?£. ^ *ie. •a^ *te> -&&^!&^&£!&^!&«&te>^S&^I&^l&
«W ^P fi* *i* "ft* ^ *?4*" ^ ^ *w fi^ "/Ti* «W» «w -ft* w 'A* *»«■ ^ *%«• •?** *W» "W W































Bicycle riders new to the Columbia Bevel-Gear Chainless
often remark that the machine seems to possess an activity
and vitality of its own This is because every ounce of power
applied to the pedals is made effective. In starting, stopping,
back-pedaling, riding on the level, and especially in ascend-
ing grades, this saving of energy is manifested. We have yet
to hear of a rider of the Columbia Bevel-Gear Chainless
Bicycle who would willingly give it up for any other wheel.

Next to the Chainless in efficiency are Columbia and
Hartford chain wheels. The new driving mechanism shows
better results under riding strains than any other form of
chain gear.

Pope Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Conn.

Pittsburg Branch, 435 Wood St,


^fRl %B?W W *?i> W ftf* 'A* 'A* *A* *?4* W W 11* 1i* W *A* "A* 'A* !F









































Edeburn, W. A 410 Grant, P. Hohl, L. J... .100 Boggs, Duquesne Heights, P.

Ehlers, C. \V 165 Lowrie, A. Holland, W. J Fifth ave., Oakland, P.

Elliott, J. R...Rooiu 91, Westinghouse bldg., P. Holmes, A. C

Engle, Geo. U 10th and Penn ave., P. Pittsburg Meter Co., East Pittsburg, Pa.

Engstrom, Franz 3721 Bouquet, P. House, F. E Beaver, Pa.

Erickson. Edward E Conestoga bldg., P. Huber, S. V

Estrada, L. D Room 701, Lewis blk., P. 263 Madison ave., Youngstown, O.

Evans, Rawdon Hunker, William J., Supt

804 Bank of Commerce bldg., P. Allegheny County Light Co., P.

Farrar, C. J Hunter, David, Jr.. Supt

The Lorain Steel Co., Johnstown, Pa. Allegheny Citv Light Plant, A.

Fawcus, Thos R. D. Nuttall Co., A. Hussey, C. G 307" Hussey bldg., P.

Fawell, Joseph. ..312 Denniston ave , E. E., P. Hyde, Chas Room 902, Lewis blk., P.

Ferrara, Peter 228 Tenth, Milwaukee, Wis. Isaacs, Abe S 140 Sheffield. A.

Fessendeu, R. A Linden ave., A. James, Rees

Fisher, H. W 16th and Pike, P Homestead Steel Works, Munhall, Pa.

Fitzgerald, Charles 316 Evaline, P. Jenks, I. Walter 139 Locust, A.

Flanagan, G. E 143 Home, P. Jamison, W. W

Flint, Wm. P..P. O. Box 224, E. Pittsburg, Pa The Penn Mining Co., Seattle, Wash.

Fohl, W. E Jenkins, J. B...134 W. 127th, New York, N. Y.

care J. H. Somers Fuel Co., Belle Vernon, Pa. Johnson, C. M Box 101, Avalon, Pa.

Frank, I. W 54th and A. V. R. R., P. Johnson, E. S Park, Bro. <fc Co., P-

Friedlaender, Eugene Johnson, T. H 10th and Penn ave.. P.

Duquesne Steel W T orks and Blast Furnace, Jones, B. F Jones A Laughlins, Ltd., P.

Duquesne. Pa. Jones, W. L Jones & Laughlins, Ltd., P.

Frohman, E. D 23rd and Penn ave., P. Karch, Joseph P... Amber Club, P.

Frost. A E Kaufman, Gustave 812 Hamilton bldg., P.

Western University of Pennsylvania, A. Kav, James 1 426 Diamodd, P.

Fulton, L. B 34 Penn ave., P. Keller, Chas 113 Biddle ave , Station D, P-

Garrigues, W. E Loomis, Wash. Keller, E. E Edgewood Park, Pa.

Geddis, Robert Jones & Laugblin, Ltd., P. Kelly, J. A 28th and Smallman, P.

Gavlev, James Carnegie Steel Co., P. Kellv, J. W P. O. Box 13, Joplin. Mo.

Gibson, Harrv W 27 Fifth ave., P. Kellv, M. B 70 Wvlie ave , P.

Gillespie, T. A Westinghouse bldg., P. Kem'ery, Philo 227 Fisk, P.

Glafey, F A. ..care Keystone Bridge Works, P. Kemler, W. H 1823 Carson, P.

Glass, G. G La Belle Steel Works, A. Kennedv, Julian

Goldie, Wm...P O. Box 575, Wilkinsburg, Pa ! ....Room 78, Vandergrift bldg., P.

Goodyear, S. vv Kimball, F. I. ..Ocean Coal Co., Herminie. Pa.

Crescent Steel Co., Waterbury, Conn. King, T. M B. & O. R. R., Baltimore, Md.

Gow, Alex. M Kirk, Arthur 910 Duquesne Wav, P.

East Pittsburg Gas Works, E. Pittsburg, Pa. Kirtland, A. P. ..Room 1206, Carnegie bldg., P.

Grant, H. E..Chatsworth ave., Hazelwood, Pa. Klingelhofer. G. E 5515 Howe, E. E., P.

Greenwood, G. F Times bldg., P. Knotts, Geo. W Butler and 60th, P.

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