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pain in salpingitis 299

A thirty-five pound uterine fibroid, complicated by umbilical hernia. . . 783

Rudlsch. Diabetes in children 356

Rupture, spontaneous, of pyosalpinx into peritoneal cavity. Bonney 690


Sacroiliac joint, the. Albee 53a

Safeguarding of early life from a pediatric point of view, the conditions per-
taining to the. Rotch 700

Salaam convulsions, case of. Agatson 845

Salpingectomy: a single-stitch amputation. Dickinson 103

Salpingitis, adhesion of sigmoid to the tube and broad ligament as a cause of

pain in. Royster 299

total epiploitis complicating. Mauclaire 327

tubercular, and ovarian cyst. Grad 95

Salpingooophoritis, treatment of. Cheron 970

Sampson. Intramural abscess of the puerperal uterus 385, 511

Sanes. Colpoceliotomy and its place in pelvic surgery 252

Intrapartum vaginal myomectomy for intraperitoneal fibroids obstruct-
ing labor - 68

Scarlatina and erysipelas. Roger and Margarot 1035

and measles, feeding in convalescence from. Merklen 1035

contagion and semiology of. Lesage 568

in children, double infection with. Brudzinski 1034

Scarlet fever, difficulties in the diagnosis of. Schamberg 720

Schaudinn, the spirocheta pallida of, in the livers of embryos and macerated

fetuses, and the new-bom. Girauld 966

Schlivek. Cerebrospinal syphilis 847

Congenital muscular dystrophy 556

Schloss. Extensive paralysis due to anterior poliomyelitis 166

Helminthiasis in children 852

Schumann. Suppuration of a uterine fibroid with unusual manifestations. . . 453

Sclerosis, utero-adnexal, outside of the menopause. Brignolles 328, 687

Scoliosis, contribution to the treatment of. Mencifere 718

Scott. The effect of animal extracts upon uterine contractions 766

Secretion of the lactating breast, checking the. Storrs 528

Semiology of scarlatina, contagion and. Lesage 568

Septic abortion, the treatment of. Pinkham 413, 493

Septicemia from bacillus of Eberth and paratyphoid bacillus in the nursling.

Triboulet, Ribadeau-Dumas and Boy^ 175

Serotherapy, intensive, in the treatment of severe angina and diphtheritic

paralysis. Weill-Hall^ and Parturier 568

Serum diagnosis of badllary dysentery in infants. Lucas, Fitzgerald, and

Schover 863

therapy of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis. Flexner 566

Sex, the determining cause of. Billon 128

Sexuality in the human species. Moty 804

Shannon. Tetany in a child eleven months old 846

Shock, operative technic in its relation to. Rakestraw 403

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INDEX. 1055

Shoemaker. A double uterus with laceration of the cervices 454

Sichel. Hematosalpinx 797

Sigmoid, adhesion of the, to the tube and broad ligament as a cause of pain

in salpingitis. Ro3rster 299

flexure of colon for mucous colitis. Noble 443

Significance of atj^ical metrorrhagia and alterations of the endometrium in

relation to the development of malignant tumors of the ovary.

Alfieri 802

Sill. Diphtheria in children 987

Smith. Heart disease in infancy and childhood 830

Terminal events in gallstone disease , .. , 1

Two cases oi tubal pregnancy 248

Soliloquy of a fallen woman. DeForest 90

Soper. Progressive muscular atrophy 553

Spasmodic affections, acute, of the larynx, use of morphine in. Delearde and

Swynghedauw 714

paralysis due to hereditary syphilis in the child. Marfan 569

Spastic paral3r8is, the new treatment of, by resection of posterior spinal nerve

roots. Clark 168

Spinal anesthesia in labor. Newell 284

Spirocheta pallida of Schaudinn in the livers of embryos and macerated

fetuses, and the new-born. Girauld 966

Spontaneous rupture of pyosalpinx into peritoneal cavity. Bonney 690

rupture of the uterus during labor. Broadhead 285

Starch digestion in infants. Cautley 576

Stark. Premature menopause 664

Statics of the pelvic visceral and relationship to operative treatment of utero-
vaginal prolapse. Casalis 806

Status lymphaticus, pathology of thymic hyperplasia and. Warthin 177

Stein. Cystitis, and so-called cystitis 800

Functional disorders of the bladder in the female simulating cystitis. . . 769

Hematometra in an aged woman 107

Stem pessary. Carstens 691

Stenosis, cicatricial, of the uterus of therapeutic organ, treatment of. Mau-

claire and Bumier 689

hypertrophic, of the pylorus. Stillman 57 1

Sterilized linen for nurslings, use of. Weill 182

Stewart. A note on postpartimi hemorrhage 80

Stockard. A case of malformation identical in both arms 245

Stokes. The symptoms and ultimate treatment of hydatidiform degeneration

of the chorion, with report of a case 307

Stomach, motility of the. Chapin 1017

Stone. Enteroptosis 236

Strauss. Amaurotic family idiocy 340

Streptococcic infection in diphtheria. Mathiesen 176

Stricture, congenital, of the urethra. Gallois 719

Sturmdorf. Adenocarcinoma of the corpus uteri 312

Interstitial ectopic pregnancy and tubo-ovarian abscess in the same

patient 313

Lipoma of the labium majus 311

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1056 INDEX.

Sturmdorf. Metrorrhagia and uterine fibrosis 880

Substitute feeding, the results of, in premature infants 1016

Summer diarrhea, treatment of. Dunn 573

Suppuration of a uterine fibroid with unusual manifestations. Schumann . . 453

Supra83rmphyseal or extraperitoneal Cesarean operation. Jeannin 124

Supravaginal amputation of the uterus with the adjoining pyosalpinges and

intimately adherent vermiform appendix. Boldt 659

Surgical jimk, a brief discussion of some of the, demanding further surgical

interference. Price 296

treatment of varicocele of the broad ligament. Tracy 1 29

Surgery of the thymus. Veau and Olivier 715

Swelling of all the lymph glands with rothein. Homberger and Schey 715

Syndrome, adipose-genital hypophyseal. Launois and Cleret 975

Syphilis and pregnancy. P^ard and Girauld 526

cerebrospinal. Schlivek 847

diagnosis of. Kiost 343

pathology of. Brennemann 343

skin manifestations of congenital. Anthony 342

s)rmposium on congenital. Butler 342

Wassermann reaction in different periods of. Minassian and Viana . . 533


Talbot. The treatment of intestinal indigestion in children on the exami-
nation of the stools and caloric values 559

Tate. Gangrene of gall-bladder 267

Taylor. Demonstration of a case after limited resection 170

Ectopic pregjnancy. Removal of gestation without removal of the tube. 1 02

Fibroma uteri. Pregnancy. Myomectomy 656

Technic of conservative Cesarean section by the old method. Couvelaire. . . 804

of the conservative Cesarean section. Doleris 126

Temperature in children, reduction of. HoUopeter 720

Teratoma strumosum thyreoideale ovarii. Proescher and Roddy 619

Testicle, undescended, malignant ttmior of. Pfaff 265

Testis, undescended, value of the. • Bland Sutton 859

Tetany in a child eleven months old. Shannon 846

prolonged infantile. Gerstenberger 574

Therapeutics, infant, morphine in. Laubry 383

Thymus, surgery of the. Veau and Olivier 715

Typhobacillosis of Landouzy and late localizations of acute tuberculous infec-
tion in the child. Weill and Mouriquand 717

Thrombosis, diabetic, of femoral artery. Broun 99

Thrush. DeForest 131

Thymic hyperplasia and status lymphaticus, pathology of. Warthin 177

Tonsil and cervical lymph nodes, tuberculosis of the. Carmichael 717

Toxemia of pregnancy, pathology of eclampsia and. Welch 526

of pregnancy, the incidence and clinical causes of the. Davis 577

Transmigration, internal, of the fecundated ovule. Schwartz and Boyer 128

Transplantation of the ovaries. Cramer 686

Treatment of advanced extrauterine preynancy. " Peterson 302

of advanced uterine cancer. Boldt 976

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INDEX. 1057

Treatraent of ananteuterine pelvic abscess by sequestration and drainage.

Kelly 921

of cancer of the cervix uteri by abdominal hysterectomy and pelvic

removal. Pauchet 974

of cancer of the uterus and vagina with the ultrapenetrating rays of

radium. Charon and Duval 975

of cicatricial stenosis of the uterus of therapeutic origin. Mauclaire

and Burnier 689

of complicated hare-lip and cleft-palate. Roberts 863

of constipation in children. Dunlop 572

of eclampsia a century and a half ago. Carroll 646

of eclampsia by continuous sugar-water instillation. Jacobson 871

of eclampsia, the use of chloroform in the. Ward 437, 508

of gonococcic infection in woman, application of the antimeningococcic

senmi of Flezner to the. Le Masson 809

of inevitable and incomplete abortion. Pool 421, 493

of infantile bronchopneumonias by inhalations of oxygen. Weill 1032

of infantile dysentery, use of antidysenteric polyvalent senmi in the.

Coyne and Auch6 175

of inguinal hernia in the child. Dam 719

of intestinal indigestion in children on the examination of the stools

and caloric values. Morse and Talbot 559

of metrorrhagia, new method of. Pollosson 97 1

of nonpuerperal pelvic infections of the upper pelvic zone. Gillmore. 596

of osteomalacia by adrenalin. Bernard 689

of placenta previa. DUhrssen 969

of placenta previa. Veit 685

of postpartiun hemorrhage. Schwarzbach 970

of puerperal convulsions. Little 323

of puerperal infection. Barsony 805

of puerperal infections. Pinard 683

of salpingoophoritis, uterine fibromata, and sclerosis by the ultra-
penetrating rays of radium. Cheron 970

of scoliosis, contribution to the — auto-modeleur of Menci^re, with

pneimiatic pressure. Menci^re 7 18

of septic abortion. Pinkham 413, 493

of spastic paralysis by resection of posterior spinal nerve roots. Clark. 168

of summer diarrhea. Dunn 573

of the onset of acute anterior p)oliomyelitis. Kerr 567

of tuberculous sinuses with bismuth paste. Ely 860

Tubal gestation, unilateral twin. Pool 606, 664

occlusion, mechanism of. Young 807

pregnancy, bilateral. Findley 949

pregnancy, two cases of. Smith 248

Tubercular salpingitis and ovarian cyst. Grad 95

Tuberculosis inflammatory, dysmenorrhea of tuberculous origin. Cotte 532

in nurslings. Barbier 179

joint, with special reference to its pathology. Ely 183

of the tonsil and cervical lymph nodes. Carmichael 717

Tuberculous diseases, bismuth-paste treatment of. Ridlon and Blanchard. . 716

infections of the peritoneum. Allport 691


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1058 INDEX.

Tuberculous joint disease, Bier treatment of. Ely 860

peritonitis, case of. Peterson 703

sinuses, treatment of, with bismuth paste. Ely 860

Tumor, fibroid, complicating pregnancy. Baer 909, 959

fibroid, complicating pregnancy and the puerperium. Krusen 458

large retroperitoneal. Grad 668

malignant, of undescended testicle. Pfaff 265

of the breast, benign, malignity of. Lop 532

rapid development of, during pregnancy. Monforte 524

uterine, with bilateral ovarian tumors. Boldt 794

Tuttle. Relationship between rectal diseases and those of the female pelvic

oigans 784

Typhoid bacilli in breast-milk. Lawrence 184

fever, diagnosis of, in young children. Acker 361

fever in children, intestinal perforation during. Jopson and Gittings. 570

fever in young children, the diagnosis of. Acker 294


Ulcer, duodenal, relation of, to atrophic conditions of infants. Helmholz. . . 180

gastric. Lund 717

gastric, in childhood. Bowes 534, 553

Umbilical hernia, a thirty-five-pound uterine fibroid, complicated by. Royster. 783

hernia in the child. Kirmesson 570

Undescended testis, value of the. Bland Sutton 859

Unicomate and bicornate uterus. Brothers 45> 94

Unilateral twin tubal gestation. Pool, v 6c6, 664

Ureter, voluminous polypoid tumor of the, in a girl of three years. Villeon. . 570

Urethra, congenital stricture of the. Galiois 719

female, primary carcinoma of the. Manton 945

Urine and urinary tract, infection of the, by bacillus coli in infancy. Morse . . 181

lactose in the, of pregnant women. Gerard and Qui 969

Uteri fibromyomata. McDonald 129

hemorrhagic, Anspach 326

Uterine cancer, advanced, treatment of. Boldt 976

fibroid, a thirty-five-pound, complicated by umbilical hernia. Royster. 783

fibroid, suppuration of a, with unusual manifestations. Schumann. . 453

fibromata, treatment of. Cheron 970

fibrosis, metrorrhagia and. Sturmdorf 880

hemorrhage, preclimacteric, fibrosis as a cause of. Rabinovitz 51

muscle, structure and evolution of. Retterer and Lelievre 325

myomas, enucleation of. Montgomery 533

tumor with bilateral ovarian tumors. Boldt 794

Utero-adnexal sclerosis outside of the menopause. Brignolles 328, 678

Uterovaginal prolapse, statics of the pelvic viscera and relationship to operative

treatment of. Casalis 806

Uterus, acute complete inversion of the. Barrows 488

a double, with laceration of the cervices. Shoemaker 454

and vagina, cancer of the, treatment of. Charon and Duval 975

enormous fibroid growth of the. Vineberg 491

fibroids of the, complicating pregnancy, myomectomy for. La^inski. 66 1

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INDEX. 1059

Uterus, incarcerated retroflexed pregnant. Orthmann 684

inoperable carcinoma of the. Martin 327

malignant leiomyoma of the. Myer 690

nonpuerperal, injuries to the. Coc 192, 288

parturient, rupture of the, while performing version in a spastic uterus.

Polak. 287

primary adenocarcinoma of the body of the. Ballard 466

puerperal, injuries to the. Cragin 185, 288

puerperal, intramural abscess of the. Sampson 385, 511

retrodeviations of the, and their medical and surgical treatment.

Dickinson..... 272

spontaneous rupture of the, during labor. Broadhead 285

supravaginal amputation of the, with the adjoining pyosalpinges and

intimately adherent vermiform appendix. Boldt 659

unicomate and bicornate. Brothers 45» 94


Vaccine treatment of gonococcus vulvovaginitis in out-patient children.

Hamilton 837, 848

Vagina, fibromata of the. Jacob^e 329

Vaginal cysts and their histology. Murray 925

myomectomy, intrapartum, for intraperitoneal fibroids obstructing

labor. Sanes 68

Vaginismus, psychical etiology of. Walthard 327

Vaginitis. Meister 540

Vandiver. The legal status of criminal abortion 429, 496

Varicella, epidemic of. Bosse 569

Varicocele of the broad ligament, surgical treatment of. Tracy 129

Vicarious epistaxis in the menopause. Macht 645

Vineberg. Enormous fibroid growth (23 J pounds) of the uterus 491

Viscera, development of the, in the fetus. Valtorta 966

Voluminous pol3rpoid tumor of the ureter in a girl of three years. Villeon. . 570
Von Ramdohr. Malpresentation or malposition not the cause, but the

symptom of dystocia 243

Voorhees. Pyelitis occurring late during the puerperium 501

Vulvitis of children. Lespinne 177

Vulvovaginitis and vulvitis of children. Lespinne 177


Waldeyer's lymphatic chain, the r61e of, in the economy of health. Crane. . 978

Walker. Is the routine exhibition of the preoperative purge defensible ? . . . 63

Walter. Mary Putnam Jacoby 888

Ward. The use of chloroform in the treatment of abortion 437, 508

Ward, Jr. Papillary cystadenoma of the ovary: injury to the ureter with

implantation into fundus of the bladder 653

Wassermann reaction in different periods of S3rphilis. Minassian and Viana. 533

reaction with milk. Thomsen 715

Welt-Kakels. On preliminary examination of the children at the dispensary,

as a means of protection against contagious diseases 849


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1060 INDEX.

Wentworth. The estimation of chlorides in the stomach contents from

normal and from atrophic infants 1014

West. Repair of central laceration of levalfcr ani and perineimi 670

Wiener. A case of hematoma of the abdominal wall simulating a desmoid

tumor T 85, 105


Williams. Is pubiotomy a justifiable operation 721

Zentler. Oral defects a great hindrance in the proper development of children;

the state's duty to cope with these conditions 1005

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