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territorial legislature, 19.

Cisna, Stephen, petition for relief from
imprisonment for debt, 45.

Clarksville, 41.

Clerk of territorial legislature, directed
to draft certain bills, 34, 35, 36, 37,
41, 42; compensation of, 36; directed
to publish resolution relative to drink-
ing places, 40.

Coroners, law relative to duties and pow-
ers of adopted, 44.

Correction, houses of, law authorizing
proposed, 29.

Courts, law proposed to regulate practice
of, 29; proposed repeal of territorial
laws establishing, 34.

Courts of common pleas, commissions of
judges of in certain cases, 50.

Courts of judicature, law proposed es-
tablishing, 34.

Debt, imprisonment for, 29, 43, 45; law
subjecting real estate to execution for
signed and sealed, 46; law limiting
imprisonment for and subjecting cer-
tain debtors to servitude, 49.

Debts, law for determining under forty
shillings; for recovery of small debts,
34-35; law directing the order of pay-
ment of, 42; of deceased persons, law
regulating order of payment of, 48.

Deeds, law proposed relative to acknowl-
edging and recording of, 37; bill for
acknowledging and recording made
special order, 39; action relative to
law providing for postponed, 39; laws
concerning acknowledging and record-
ing of considered, 40; and adopted,

Defalcation, adoption of law on agreed
to, 35; law concerning, 47, 51.

Delay in causes, law adopted to prevent,

Detainer, 43.

Divorce, law proposed authorizing, 29;
law providing for adopted, 43.

Dower, law for assignment of proposed,
42; law for assignment of, 48.

Enclosures, law relating to adopted, 41;

law regulating, 48.
Entry and detainer, law against adopted,

43; law concerning, 48.
Estates, law relative to proposed, 37;

law providing for conveyance of by

husband and wife, 42.
Estates of intestates, law adopted for

settlement of, 39, 48.
Estray act, amendment proposed, 29.
Estreats, law proposed relative to, 29.
Execution of judgment, law proposed

authorizing immediate, 29.

Fee-bill, proposed, 29.

Fees, bill relative to, S7; law adopted
regulating for officers and certain per-
sons, 39; law for regulating, 48.

Fences, law relating to adopted, 40.

Ferries, public, law proposed to establish
and regulate, 29; governor of the
Northwestern T,erritory authorized to
establish by proclamation, 49.




Fines and forfeitures, law proposed rela-
tive to recovery of, 37; adopted, 37;
law for recovery of, 48.

Foreigners, orders forbidding to hunt or
commit waste on lands of the North-
western Territory, 38.

Forfeitures, see fines and forfeitures.

Freeman, Ezra Fitz, authorized to pre-
pare copy of laws for the press, 45.

Freeman, Samuel, petition for authority
to keep a public ferry, 40.

Game, ordinance for the preservation of,

Gaming, law against adopted^ 44; law to

suppress, 48.
Gaming act, law proposed to amend, 29.
Gano, John S. & Co., bill for record

books, 41.
Gordon, George, coroner of Hamilton

County, claim of ordered paid, 45.

Hamilton County, ordinance creating, 38;
ordinance extending, 39; incidental
expenses of, 41; treasurer of notified
to render his accounts, 44; treasurer
authorized to pay coroner, 46; treas-
urer of presents his accounts in un-
satisfactory form, 46; corrected ac-
counts approved, 47.

Heth, Eleanor, her petition for exclusive
authority to keep a public ferry at
Clarksville, on the Ohio, 41.

Illinois lands, proclamation concerning,

Imprisonment for debt, law proposed
abolishing, 29.

Intoxicating liquors, repeal of territorial
laws prohibiting sale or giving of to
soldiers and Indians, 35; commission-
ers granting licenses to traffic in re-
quired to report to legislature of the
Northwestern Territory, 40; a number
of taverns, inns and tippling houses
in Cincinnati declared public nui-
sances, 40; law adopted to license
traffic in, 40; law to license and regu-
late sale of, 48.

Judicature, courts of, consideration of
law providing for agreed to, 35; law
providing for adopted, 36; law estab-
lishing courts of, 47.

Jurisdiction of judge, law proposed to ex-
tend to cases involving twenty dollars,
29; of single magistrate, petitions for
laws extending^ 34; law adopted, 34.

Kahokia, law proposed to abolish district
of, 29.

Kaskaskia, law proposed to abolish dis-
trict of, 29.

Kennedy, Rebecca, petition for law
authorizing public ferry, 27.

Knox County, ordinance erecting, ^8.

Lands, public, increasing value of, 35;
law for partition of adopted, 43; 48.

Larceny, law for trial and punishment of
agreed to, 35; 47.

Laws, distinction between adoption and
enactment of, 20-25; in force, law
specifying adopted, 43; William Max-
well authorized to print those adopted
by Legislature of the Northwestern
Territory, 43; copy of ordered pre-
pared for the press, 45; list of sealed
and signed by the governor and judges
of the rjorthwestern Territory, 47-48;
list of signed and sealed, 48-49.

Laws of the Northwestern Territory, list
of those adopted in 1795, with dates
when each was published and in
effect, 50-52; proposals for printing,

Legislative authority, limitation of under
the Ordinance of 17S7, 20-25.

Lemond, Martha, petition of for relief,

Lemond, William, petition for divorce,

Limitation law proposed, 29.
Limitation of actions, law for proposed,

36; law for adopted, 36.

Maxwell, William, authorized to print
laws of the Northwestern Territory,
43; his bill for printing, 46; proposal
for printing laws of the Northwestern
Territory, 52.

Militia, laws proposed relative to, 29.

Minutes of the Legislature of the North-
western Territory, leave to print
granted, 47.

Naturalization law proposed, 29.
Neutrality with friendly powers, procla-
mation enjoining, 39.



Oatii, law adopted relative to taking, 36.

Oaths, solemn affirmation instead of for
certain persons, 4.

Orciitt, Darius Curtis, petition for
authority to keep ferry, 45.

Orphan's courts, law adopted establish-
ing, 39; law establishing, 48.

Petitions, in territorial legislature of
1795, by Joel Williams, 27; Rebecca
Kennedy, 27; Patrick Simpson, 27;
Daniel Symmes, 27; William Lemond,
29; Martha Lemond, 40; Samuel Free-
man, 40; Eleanor, widow of the late
Captain Heth, 41; Mary Starkey, 43;
Darius Curtis Orcutt, 45; Andrew
Christie, 45; Stephen Cisna, 45.

Poor, law proposed for relief of, 29;
law for relief of, 48.

Prairie de Rocher, law proposed to abol-
ish district of, 29; Governor of North-
western Territory authorized to dis-
solve judicial district of at his dis-
cretion, 50.

Printing of certain documents relative to
the Northwestern Territory, resolu-
tion offered for, 3S, 39.

Quakers, law proposed authorizing solemn
affirmation by, 36; adopted, 37.

Quebec, seminary of, lands claimed by,

Rates and levies, county, consideration
of bill for raising postponed, 39; laws
for raising considered, 41; and
adopted, 41; law relative to consid-
ered, 42; law for raising, 48.

Real estate, law proposed to subject to
payment of debts, 29; 33.

Recorder, law establishing office of, 4S.

Recorders, county, seals for, 37.

Remedies, law adopted for in certa'n
equity cases, 42; law providing in
equity cases, 48.

Rent, law adopted relating to ejectment
of tenants, 44.

Resolutions, operating as laws, to be
printed as appendix to laws, 49.

St. Clair, Arthur, address to the legis-
lature, 1795, 20-27; motions by, 34, 35;
requested to forward to Congress rep-
resentation relative to increasing value
of public lands, 35.

St. Clair, county of, law proposed to ex-
tend jurisdiction of courts in, 29;
ordinance erecting, 38.

Seal, territorial, attached to certain laws,
46; governor of the Territory re-
quested to apply for to be used by
recorders and orphans' courts, 37.

Secretary of the Northwestern Territory,
demand for payment of certified laws
furnished by, 37.

Seminary of Quebec, lands claimed by,

Simpson, Patrick, petition authorizing
partition of property of debtor to pay
debt, 27.

Slaves, law proposed to authorize binding
out of free children born of slaves,

Starkey, Mary, petition for relief from
imprisonment for debt, 43.

.Suits, law for continuing adopted, 44.

Symmes, Daniel, petition relative to jail
regulations and care of prisoners, 27.

Symmes, John Cleves, present at meeting
of the territorial legislature, 16. 19;
joins Judge Turner in answer to ad-
dress of Governor St. Clair, 30-33;
motions by, 41, 45.

Taverns, law to regulate and license, 48.

Tenants, ejectment of, 44.

Timber, law adopted to prevent tres-
passers from cutting, 43.

Treason, law adopted annulling distinc-
tion between petit treason and mur-
der, 43; petit, law distinguishing from
murder, 49.

Trespassing of animals, law relative to
adopted, 42; law concerning, 48.

Turner, George, present at meeting of
territorial legislature, 1795, 16, 19;
motions by, 27, 29, 34, 37, 38, 40, 45,
47, 49; joins Judge Symmes in answer
to address of Governor St. Clair,
30-33; proposed twenty-three laws for
adoption, 42.

\eto power, 31-32.

N'anderburgh, Henry, proposed impeach-
ment of, 33.

Washington County, ordinance erecting,



Waste, notification against committing on
public or reserved lands, 39.

Williams, Joel, petition for law authoriz-
ing public ferry, 27.

Wills, probating of, law concerning
adopted, 41; law for probating, 48.

Wood, Stephen, treasurer of Hamilton
County, 46, 47.


Adkins, C. L. , presentation of model of
Civil War steamboat by, 521.

Alexander, Mrs. T. B., 502.

Archaeological collections and specimens
presented to the Society, 519-520.

Bareis, George F., 503; presides at
meeting of Society, 503; remarks by,
529; elected trustee, 534; elected first
vice-president of the Society, 538;
appointed on re-organization commit-
tee, 538.

Bareis, Helen, 503.

Battlefield of Fallen Timbers, report of
committee on, 531.

Beauchamp, Mrs. L. J., presentation of
flute by, 521.

Big Bottom Park, 504; report of com-
mittee on, 530.

Booth, Henry J., 503; motion by, 528;
remarks on Logan Elm Park by, 528-

Brandenburg, O. D., presentation of
Civil War sword by, 521.

Brooks, Herbert, presentation of framed
engraving by, 521.

Buck, D. E., 503.

Call for annual meeting, 502.

Campbell, James E., President of Soci-
ety, 502, 503; requested on motion to
create a committee on publicity, 536;
elected President of Society, 538.

Campus Martius, 504; report of commit-
tee on included in report of Sec-
retary, 533.

Chittenden, Campbell, 521.

Cole, W. H., 503; report of committee
on Serpent Mound Park by, 529-530;
report on Warren County Serpent
Mound by, 531-532.

Committee on necrology, report of, 533-

Constitution, amendments to adopted,

Coppoc, Edwin, 502.

Courtright, S. W., presentation of col-
lection by, 520.

Covert, Mrs. Charles A., 503.

Crabbe, C. C, author of bill providing
for publication of Diaries and Letters
of Rutherford B. Hayes, 504.

Curry, W. L., 503; report of committee
on Fort Laurens by, 532-533.

Darby, Franklin H., 534.

Daughters of the American Revolution,

Dawes, Beman G., elected trustee, 534.

Derby, Samuel C, 534.

Dimond, Lee E., 503.

Donahey, A. V., State Auditor, presen-
tation of framed photographs from
office of, 521.

Drake, E. S., presentation of specimens
by, 520.

Dunlap, R. S., 503.

Exploration work of the Society, 518-

Fallen Timbers, Battlefield of, 531.
Ferris, Aaron A., 534.
Finance Committee, meetings of, 504.
Finckel, G. M. , presentation of army

biscuits by, 522.
Fort Amanda, report on, 535.
Fort Ancient, visitors during the year,

505, 523; report of committee on,

Fort Laurens, 504; report of committee

on, 532-533.
Fort Meigs, report of committee on,

Fort Miami, report of committee on,

Frescolm, L. D. , presentation of Iniian

remains by, 519.

Galbreath, C. B., Secretary of Society,
502. 503; annual report of, 50",-505;
motion by, 522; remarks relative to
Campus Martius by, 533; report on
Fort Amanda by, 535; resolution
amending constitution presented by,
537; address on the capture, imprison-
ment and execution of Edwin Coppoc,
538; elected Secretary, Editor and
Librarian, 538.



Ohio Arch, and Hist. Society Publications.

Gard, Daniel Hosmer, 503, 534.

Giaque, Florien, 534.

Goring, Alfred, elected caretaker of

Spiegel Grove Park, 539.
Gragg, J. R., presentation of specimens

by, 520.
Griffin, O. H., presentation of World

War relics by, 522.

Harper's Ferry, 502.

Harris, W. A., presentation of certificate
of service signed by Abraham Lin-
coln, 520.

Hayes, Webb C, 503; appointed on
nominating committee, 522; report of
committee on Spiegel Grove, 524-526;
535; remarks by relative to requesting
the President of the United States
to appoint a commission to arrange
for memorializing the soldiers who
served in France, 539; resolution by,
requesting the President of the United
States to appoint an American
Memorial Highway Commission, 539-
540; resolution by that immediate
steps be taken to erect a World War
Memorial addition to the Museum
and Library Building, 540; resolution
by directing the Trustees of the So-
ciety to invite public attention to
what has been done at Spiegel Grove
to memorialize the soldier dead of
Sandusky County, 540.

Hayes, Mrs. Webb C, 503.

Hegler, Mrs. Aimer, presentation of
specimens by, 520.

Hills, B. D., 534.

Historical collections presented to the
Society, 520-522.

Historical sites, committee on, 523.

Hockett, H. C, 503.

Hollis, D. E., presentation of Civil War
relic by, 521.

Ireland, W. A., presentation of old
wooden door lock by, 520.

Johnson, Arthur C, 503; appointed on
nominating committee, 522; remarks
relative to membership campaign by,
536; motion by, 536; remarks relative
to re-organization of the Society,
538; appointed on re-organization com-
mittee, 538.

Johnston. Park, presentation of speci-
mens by, 520.

Jones, Lulie, presentation of specimens

from Honolulu, 621.
Justice, C. W., 503.

Kanmacher, H. S., presentation of Pe-
ruvian specimens by, 530.

KauiYman, Betsy, presentation of Es-
quimo relics by, 521.

i\auffman, George B., 534.

Kay, Charles S., 503, 524; remarks by,

Kay, Edith M., 503.

Keifer, J. Warren, address on anti-
slavery movement and its relation to
the Civil War by, 537.

Kirk, Thomas, presentation of doll of
early date by, 521.

Ladd, W. W., presentation of relics of

Fayette County cyclone by, 522.
Legg, H. P., presentation of spinning

wheel and ox-yoke by, 522.
Library Committee, 536.
Limitation of armaments, message to

President Harding relative to, 537.
Logan Elm Park, 504; visitors during the

year, 505, 526; report of committee on,

Long, Byron R., 534.

Maltby, Martha J., 503.

Marshall, John, presentation of pioneer
Columbus items by, 521.

Marshall, William A., presentation of
large collection of firearms by, 521.

Martin, Mrs. Silas, presentation of
painting and mounted birds by, 520.

McDermott, Rev. W. M., 503.

McKinney, W. D., 503; remarks relative
to presentation of painting of Simon
Kenton, 536-537.

McPherson, H. R., 503; appointed on
nominating committee, 522.

Memorial addition to Museum and Li-
brary building, 540.

Memorial to soldier dead of Sandusky
County, 540-541.

Miamisburg Mound, remarks of W. C.
Mills relative to, 533.

Mills, E. C., presentation of specimens
and relics by, 522.

Mills, William C, Curator of Society.
503; annual report of, 517-.522; report
of committee on Big Bottom Park by,
530; remarks relative to Miamisburg
Mound. 533; report of committee on
necrology by, 533-534.



Montfort, E. R., 534.

Museum, present condition of, 617-518.
Museum and Library Building, visitors
during the year, 505.

Nominations, report of committee on,

North, \\'illiam, presentation of old

musket by, 520.

Ohio State University, presentation of
first automobile used in Columbus
by, 521.

Orton, Edward, Jr., elected trustee, 534.

Osborne, Mrs. James, presentation of
pioneer relics by, 521.

Peters, Alice E., 534.

Prince, B. F., report of committee on

Fort Ancient by, 523-524.
Publications, report of committee on,

Pugh, David J., presentation of relics

from Italian War zone by, 520.

Raynor, J. A., presentation of relics by,

Reynolds, Mrs. S. E., 503.

Richards, Mrs. Daniel I., 502.

Riordan, Anna E., 534.

Rittenhouse, \'erne C., 503.

Roof, J. S., 503.

Roudebush, Lowell, presentation of speci-
mens by, 519.

Ryan, Daniel J., .503; report of committee
on publications by, 522; remarks by
relative to work of Professor Charles
Richard Williams in editing the diary
and letters of Rutherford B. Hayes
and motion that Professor Williams
be made a life member of the Society,
535-536 • elected second vice-president
ot the Society, 538; remarks and mo-
tion relative to reimbursing Charles
Richard Williams for money expended
for proof reading, 539.

Serpent Mound Park, visitors during the

year, 505, 529; report of committee

on, 529-530.
Sherman, W. J., report on Fort Miami,

Fort Meigs and the Battlefield of

Fallen Timbers by, 531.
Shetrone, H. C, 503.
Shumaker, J. Frank, 503.
Siebert, Wilbur H., address on the L^n-

derground Railroad, 538.

Snider, Van A., 503.

Spetnagel, A. C., presentation of skeleton

by, 519.
Spiegel Grove State Park, 504; visitors

during the year, 50,5, 526; report of

committee on, 524-526.
Stuber, D. E., presentation of World

War relics by, 521.

Tallmadge, Frank, 503; report of com-
mittee on Logan Elm Park by, 526-527;
remarks by, 527.

Tliompson, H. A., 534.

Thresher, Brainerd B., 534.

Todd, Joseph H., presentation of large
collection of specimens by, 520.

Trustees, annual meeting of the board
of, 538-541.

\'ernon, J. R., presentation of old brass
handcuffs by, 521.

Waitley, G. R., presentation of specimens
and relics by, 522.

Wall, W. D., certified accountant, report
on audit of treasurer's books, 506-

Warner, Randolph S., 534.

Warren County Serpent Mound, report
on by W. H. Cole, 531-532.

Watson, C. G., presentation of sea mosses
by, 521.

Whitmore, Eugene, presentation of geo-
logical specimens by, 521.

Williams, Charles Richard, 525; elected
life member of Society, 536; reim-
bursed for money expended for proof-
reading, 539.

Wilson, Austin J., 503.

Wood, E. F., Treasurer of Society, 503;
annual report of, 505-517; elected trus-
tee, 534; 535; 536; resolution amend-
ing constitution presented by, 537;
motion by authorizing message to
President Harding expressing sym-
pathy with coming conference on lim-
itation of armaments, 537; remarks
and motion relative to a partial re-
organization of the Society, 538; ap-
pointed on reorganization committee,
538; elected treasurer of Society, 539;
remarks by relative to election of
employes of Society, 539.

World War wing to Museum and Library
Building, President authorized to ap-
point committee on, 535.

W'right, George Frederick, 534.

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