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deaconess work being in each Conference finally placed, as by the Disci-
plixie» under the control of the Conference Board of Nine.

(9.^ Oities and towns where such Deaconess Homes are located as are
autliorizc^d to send a delegate to the General Board of Management shall
have tlie right to retain half the membership dues of the Auxiliaries lo-
cated, therein, and the receipt of the Conference Treasurer will be received
and credited by the General Treasurer for the same.

(10.) Any person receiving aid from the Woman's Home Missionarv
Society in securing training at the training-schools of the Society shall
receive this money as a loan, which obligation shall be satisfied by a term
of service in the Society of not less than two years* service for one year's
training;, nor less than four years' service for two years* training, or return
the n3.oney to the Society as soon as practicable.
' ' 14.. The Bureau for Orientals shall supervise the work of the Society
among^ the Oriental peoples on the Pacific Coast.

1 5. The Bureau for Mission Supplies shall supervise the collection and
distribution of clothing, literature, and such other supplies as may be help-
ful to ministers* families, Sunday-schools, and the Industrial Schools of the

16. It shall be the duty of the Bureau for Young People*s Work to
aivaken and sustain interest in Home Missions among young people ; to
organize Young Ladies and Juvenile Societies, and to secure the enlist-
ment of Mothers' Jewels.

17. The Bureau for Local Missionary Work shall supervise the mission
^virork in our large cities and towns, as begun or carried forward by our Auxil-
iaries in harmony with the local Church authorities, pastors, and Official
Boards; the support of Industrial Schools, for instruction in religion,
morals, temperance, and the elementary industries; and the employment
of Bible-reaaers for general missionary work among the neglected women
and children.

18. Local missionary work, for which credit for money expended is given^
shall be entered upon only with the approval of the Board of Trustees
through the Secretary of the Bureau for Local Missionary Work.

19. The funds used for the support of city mission work shall be raised
for that special purpose, and by such methods as shall not diminish the
amount that would otherwise be contributed to the general treasury.

20. Churches and individuals furnishing supplies to meet the needs of
organized Local Missionary Work may be credited for the same through
the authorized channels in the Bureau for Supplies.

21. The Bureau for Home Missionary Reading Circle, shall supervise
the preparation of courses of missionary reading, and the organization of
Reading Circles. Loan libraries may be provided for the use of ministers
and students in frontier districts.

22. The duty of the Bureau for Systematic Beneficence shall be to pro-
mote systematic giving by the preparation and circulation of literature^
and such other efforts as are adapted to secure this end.

23. All Secretaries of Bureaus shall be nominated by the General Ex-
ecutive Board, and confirmed by the Board of Managers.

24. The Secretaries of the Bureaus of Supplies, of Local Missionary
Work, of Young People's Work, of Home Missionarjr Reading Circle, of
Immigrants, and of Deaconess Work, may nominate the members of their
Bureaus, who shall be elected by the General Executive Board.


1. The fiscal year of the Woman's Home Missionary Society shall end
the 31st of July.

2. Auxiliary Societies.— The Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer

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290 Woman's Home Missionary Society.

shall send their quarterly reports, as specified in By-laws for Auxiliaries, 4
and 5, September 15th, December 15th, March 15th, and June 15th.

3. Conference Societies.— The Corresponding Secretar^r and Treasurer
shall send their quarterly reports as prescribed in the Constitution, Article
rV, Sections 3 and 4, October 15th, January 15th, April 15th, and July 15th.

4. Qeneral Executive Board.— The Corresponding Secretary shall fur-
nish the reports specified in the Constitution, Article III, Section 8, as soon
as possible after the 15th of October, January, April, ana July.

5. The funds of the Society, unless otherwise ordered, must be sent by
the Auxiliaries to the Conference Treasurer, and thence forwarded to the
General Treasurer, and whenever held by either of these officers, shall be
deposited in a banking institution in the name of the Woman's Home Mis-
sionary Society. Money to be expended for missionary supplies for fron-
tier or Southern work must in all cases be raiseti as a special fund for this

6. Moneys shall not be collected by the employees of the Society for
any special purpose, unless such collection is authorized by the Board of
Trustees, and the purpose approved ; and moneys so collected shall be paid
into the General Treasury, and be regularly appropriated therefrom.

7. All missionaries, superintendents of Industrial Schools, and teach-
ers in the employ of the Society shall present to the Board of Trustees,
through the Secretaries of their respective Bureaus (not later than Sep-
tember loth of each year), carefully-prepared estimates for their work for the
coming year.

8. Each Conference Corresponding Secretary is requested to come to
the meeting of the General Board of Managers prepared to say what special
work her Conference will support for the coming year,

9. No officer of the Society, no Auxiliarjr or Conference Society, shall
contract for the purchase of property, or undertake any special work (other
than local work within its own territory) without the approval of the Board
of Trustees of this Society, expressed in writing and duly certified by the
signatures of the Chairman and the Recording Secretary of said Board.

10. The erection of buildings shall not be begun nor contracted for
until the money that will be required for the completion thereof shall have
been paid into the general treasury of this Society, or fully provided for,
nor until the erection of the said building or buildings, and all the plans
and contracts relating to the same shall have been approved by the Board
of Trustees of this Society in the manner specified in the foregoing para-



1. The erection of all buildings for Home and school work shall be
under the care of the Bureau having charge of the work, which shall deter-
mine the site, select the plan, let the contract, supervise the erection, and
accept the work, subject to the apj)roval of the Board of Trustees.

2. The furnishing of Industrial Homes and schools shall be plain,
simple, and economical, and as carefully adapted to circumstances as pos-
sible. The purchases shall be made under the direction of the Bureau in
charge, and the property shall belong to the Society. At the end of each
year an inventory of property, and a statement of its condition, shall be
furnished to the Board by the Superintendent of the Home.

3. Each Industrial Home shall be under the care of a Superintendent,
who, together with the teachers and assistants, shall be employed by the
Board of Trustees and paid by order of the Society.

4. All the employees of the Board shall make, directly, or through their
superintendents, as they shall be instructed, monthly reports of their work

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Bv-IyAWS. 291

as per blank provided, sending one copy to the General Corresponding Sec-
retary and another to the Secretary of the Bureau in charge of the field.

5. Since the conversion and spiritual growth of those for whom we
labor is the object of all effort, our instructors are required to work dili-
gently and methodically to that end, through family worship, school
instruction, personal appeal, and social means of grace, endeavoring at all
times to develop sound and strong character.

6. It shall be the aim in our Industrial Schools to provide: ( i.)
Such social and moral training as shall tend to make good neighbors and
good citizens ; ( 2.) When necessary, the rudiments of education — reading,
writing, and keeping simple accounts; (3.) Such domestic instruction
as shall fit girls to care for a house, and prepare plain meals properly and
economically; (4.) Instruction in dressmaking and cutting, making and
mending the plain garments of ordinary wearing apparel ; (5.) Tuition in
nursing — the care of the sick; (6.) Kindergarten and kitchengarden
training ; (7.) Instruction in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and

7. It shall be our aim to provide a library for each Industrial Home
and school, to which pupils may have daily access.


1. There shall be a Committee on Leaflets, appointed by the Board of
Trustees, to furnish information relating to the various Bureaus and mis-
sion fields, and literature in leaflet form, that will help Auxiliaries sustain
their interest in our work, and upon application send such information out
for use in Conference, District, and Auxiliary meetings, as will aid in the
dissemination of Home Missionary intelligence.

2. The Recording Secretary shall give to the public, through the
Church papers, a condensed report of such proceedings of each meeting
of the Board of Trustees, as will be of interest to the society or to the
general public.


MISS101SI-A.RY o-A.isir>ir>ATES.

I. Persons who offer themselves for employment by the Society must
give satisfactory answers to the following questions :

(i.) Do you feel that you are moved by the love of souls and the provi-
dence of God to take upon you the work of a Home Missionary ?

(2.) Have you an experimental knowledge of salvation through the
atonement of Jesus Christ our Lord?

(3.) Do you believe in the doctrines of the Methodist Episcopal Church
as set forth in Part I, Chapter I, of the Discipline ?

(4.) When and where were you born ?

(5.) What are your domestic relations and obligations?

(6.) Have you a thorough English education ?

(7.) In what schools have you taught, and how long?

(8.) Have you knowledge of music, either vocal or instrumental?

(9.) Can you cut and fit dresses and teach sewing and millinery ?
(10.) Are you able to give instruction in housekeeping, including
cooking ?

(11.) Have you had experience in the care of the sick?

II. The candidates must furnish satisfactory testimonials to the follow-
ing facts: (i.) Membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church ; (2.) Chris-
tian zeal for the salvation of souls ; (3.) Good health ; (4.) Educationafitness ;

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292 Woman's Home Missionary Society.

(5.) Ability to give instruction in the common domestic industries ; (6.)
Aptness to teach.

(2.) Bach candidate is requested to write a letter giving a brief sketch
of her life and her call to the work, which, with her photograph, is to be
sent with her testimonials.

(3.) The testimonials of a missionary candidate shall be considered and
passed by her Conference Board before they are brought to the Committee
on Missionary Candidates.

(4.) When a candidate has been approved by the Board of Trustees,
she may be appointed on nomination of a Bureau to a mission-field.

(5.) The Board of Trustees at its quarterljr-meeting in April shall make
a special examination of the work of the missionaries during the past year,
and appoint them for the coming year.

(6.) A missionary shall receive her traveling expenses from her home
to her field of labor ; also her return expenses when she is recalled by the
Board of Trustees, and her salary from the time of arrival in her field.
This salary shall not exceed JP40 per month.


YOUNQ F>aor»l.E'S >?VORK.

1. Young persons over sixteen years of age may be organized into
Mission Circles under the general rules governing Ladies* Auxiliaries,
with a membership fee of not less than fifty cents per annum. They may
be under the direction of an older person, and they are recommended to
choose a special name.

2. Young persons under sixteen may be organized into Juvenile Bands
under the Constitution already provided.

3. Children under ten years of age may be enrolled as Mothers' Jewels
on the payment of ten cents annually.


These By-laws may be amended or suspended at any Annual Meeting
of the General Board of Managers; due notice of changes having been
given during the first three days of such meeting.


[ Note.— Under the laws of incorporation of the State of Ohio, a majority of the
members of the body incorporated constitutes a quorum. Therefore eleven is the legal
quorum of the Board of Trustees of the Woman's Home Missionary Society.]

1. The meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held quarterly, or
oftener, at the call of the President and Recording Secretary, due notice
being given.

2. The Recording Secretary shall notify each member of the time and
place of all meetings, regular and special.

3. The Board of Trustees shall organize by the election of a Chairman
and the requisite Standing Committees at its first meeting next succeed-
ing the Annual Meeting of the General Board of Managers.

4. At the quarterly-meetings written reports shall be presented by the
Corresponding Secretary, the Treasurer, the Secretaries of the Bureaus,
and the Chairmen of the Standing Committees.

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By-Laws. 293

5. The Board of Trustees shall appoint a fiusiness Committee of seven,
to consist of the President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary,
Treasurer, and three other members of the Board, with power to transact
business for the Board in the intervals of the meetings of the Board of
Trustees. This committee shall report all its action at the regular meet-
ing next succeeding such action.

6. Corresponding Secretaries of Conference Societies, in attendance
upon any meetine of the Board of Trustees, shall be entitled to a seat and
the privilege of discussion.

7. The Order of Business and Rules of Debate shall be as follows : (i.)
Singing, reading of Scriptures, prayer; (2.) Reading of minutes of last
meeting ; (3.) Reports of tne Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Secretaries
of the Bureaus, Standing Committees ; (4.) Reports of Special Commit-
tees; (5.) Unfinished business; (6.) Resolutions for discussion shall be
presented in writing ; (7.) Ladies speaking shall rise and address the Chair.

8. There shall be the following Standing Committees: (i) Business;
(2.) Scholarships ; (3.) Missionary Candidates ; (4.) Annual Meeting ; (5.) Pub-
lication; (6.) Leaflets; (7.) " Woman's Home Missions ;" (8.) Transportation ;
(9.) Mite-boxes; (10.) Bequest and Devise; (11.) Insurance; (12.) Thank-
offering; (13.) Day of Humiliation and Prayer.

9. These By-laws may be amended by a majority vote at any regular
meeting 01 the Board of Trustees, notice of the desired change having
been given at the preceding meeting. They may be suspended at any
regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members present.


1. ThK President and Corresponding Secretary of the Conference Soci-
ety shall call meetings of the Executive Board when the exigencies of the
work demand it, and shall also determine the date and place of the Annual
Meeting, and arrange for anniversary exercises, unless these items have
been provided for by previous action at the Annual Meeting.

2. The program for the Annual Meeting of the Conference Society shall
include reports from^ the Recording and the Corresponding Secretary, the
Treasurer, and the District Secretaries ; the election of officers, of Standing
Committees, and of a delegate and alternate to the Annual Meeting of the
Board of Managers.

3. Order of Business: (i.) Devotional exercises; (2.) Introduction of
delegates; (3.) Appointment of committees; (4.) Reading of minutes of.
last meeting; (5.) Report of Treasurer; (6.) Report of Corresponding Sec-
retary; (7.) Reports of District Officers; (8.) Reports of committees; (9.)
Unfinished and miscellaneous business ; (10.) Election of officers.

4. Each District Secretary shall present a list of the full names of her
delegation to the Recording Secretary.

5. The Standing Committees shall be appointed as follows : (i.) An-
nual Meeting; (2.) By-laws; (3.) Woman's Home Missions.

6. The Committee on Anniversary shall consist of the President, the
Corresponding Secretary, and the Secretary of the District in which the
meeting is to be held.

7. The officers shall be nominated by informal ballot, and elected by
ballot. Vacancies occurring in the Conference Board ad interim may be
filled by the Executive Board of the Conference.

8. Every Auxiliary Society and Young Woman's Society in the Confer-
•ence shall be entitled to a delegate for each twenty members, and fraction
thereof, provided that no Auxiliary shall be without a delegate ; these dele-
gates, with the Executive Board, shall constitute the Annual Meeting.

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294 Woman's Home Missionary Society.

9. The duty of each District President shall be to have general super-
vision of the work in her District She shall confer and co-operate with
the Secretary in organizing and visiting the work ; preside at the District
meetings, and endeavor to secure the favor and aid of the presiding elder
and pastors. She shall rei)ort her work to the Secretary of the District.

10. The duty of the District Secretary shall be to co-operate with the
President in the organization of Auxiliaries ; to correspond with and visit
them, to arrange for public meetings, to send out blanks and receive re-
ports, and to forward a report by the ist of October, January, April, and
July to the Corresponding Secretary of the Conference Society, and to se-
cure a report from Auxiliary Corresponding Secretaries for Conference
and District Annual Meetings. In the absence of a Conference Secretary of
Young People's Work, she shall also secure reports from Circles and Bands.

11. There shall be a Supply Secretary, a Mite-box Secretary, a Secre-
tary for l/ocal Work, and a Secretary for Young People's Work, a Secretary
for Home Missionary Reading Circle, and such other Secretaries as the
exigencies of the work demand, each to report as directed by the Con-
ference Executive Board. Each Conference Society shall also elect a
Manager for the Lucy Webb Hayes Training-school at Washington, D. C.

12. The Executive Board shall meet in on the of each

month, if practicable.

13. No membership dues or moneys obtained for missionary purposes
may be used for local needs.

14. Auxiliaries shall have credit in the General Reports only for
moneys sent to the General Treasurer.

15. There shall be a contingent fund for local expenses, to which each
Auxiliary shall contribute to the amount of at least ten cents a member for
each year, one-half to be used in Conference expenses and the other half
in those of the District and Auxiliary,

16. As soon as practicable, each District shall be organized into an As-
sociation under the Constitution adopted by the Board of Trustees.

17. The District Association or the President and Secretary of each
District shall be a Committee to arrange for a presentation of our work at
camp-meetings held on the District. In case of their failure to do so, that
duty shall devolve upon the Conference Executive Board.

18. Any Conference that has held one or more Annual Meetings, and
has its duly elected Conference and District oflSicers, may determine its own
methods of organizing Auxiliaries and the amount of remuneration of its
organizers, provided that all its plans shall be in harmony with the Consti-

19. The Conference Societies shall be held responsible for the direc-
tion and control of their respective organizers.

20. In all cases where Conference Organizers, whose appointment has
been confirmed hy the Board of Trustees, are employed, the expense, which
consists of traveling expense and one dollar for each day of actual service,
must be met by the Conference if possible. An itemized bill must be
given to the Conference Treasurer, and when the Conference Contingent
Fund is insufficient to pay the whole of this bill, the Conference Treasurer
may forward the same, indicating the amount paid thereon, to the General
Treasurer, who will pay the balance.

21. The accounts of such Organizers shall be audited each month by
an Auditing Committee appointed by the Conference Board for this pur-
pose before sending bills to the General Treasurer.

22. The Conference Treasurer shall close her account with the Auxil-
iaries the of , after which all the moneys received shall be placed

in the next year's account.

23. These By-laws may be suspended by a majority vote of the Confer-
ence Executive Board at any regular meeting, and amended by a two-
thirds vote of an Annual Meeting, the change being in harmony with the
Constitution of the Woman's Home Missionary Society.

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By-Laws. 295


ArTICI«B I. This Association shall be known as the District As-
sociation of the Woman's Home Missionary Society.

Art. 2. It shall be the object of this Association to secure an Auxiliary
in each charge on the District if possible, and to sustain interest in those
ah^ady organized.

Art. 3. Every person who is a member of the Woman's Home Mis-
sionary Society on the District shall be a member of the Association.

Art. 4. The officers of this Association shall be a President, a Vice-
President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Treasurer,
and such Secretaries of departments as are necessary to the promotion of
the work. These officers shall be nominated by informal ballot and
elected by ballot.

Art. 5. The duties shall be such as usuallj^ devolve upon such officers,
with the addition to those of the Corresponding Secretary, that she shall
secure a report from each Auxiliary Corresponding Secretary on the 15th
of September, of December, of March, and of June, and send a report to
the Conference Corresponding Secretary by the ist of October, January,
April, and July. The Treasurer shall hold only the Contingent Fund of
the District, which she shall disburse upon the order of the President
and Corresponding Secretary.

Art. 6. There shall be an Annual Meeting for the election of officers
and the transaction of such other business as may be of interest to the As-

Art. 7. Amendments to this Constitution can be made under the
provisions of No. ^3, By-laws for Conference Societies.


Artici^B I. This Association shall be called the Woman's Home

Missionary Society of , Auxiliary to the Conference Society

of the Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal

Art. 2. The object of this Society shall be to aid in interesting Chris-
tian women in the elevation and evangelization of needy and destitute
women and children in our own land, and in raising funds for this work.

Art. 3. Any person pajdng a regular subscription of two cents per
week, or one dollar per year, and 10 cents Contingent Fund, may become
a member of this Society, and any person contributing five dollars per
c^uarter for one year, or twenty dollars at one time, shall be constituted a
life member.

Art. 4. The officers of this Society shall be a President, one or more
Vice-Presidents, a Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treas-
urer, Librarian, and such other Department Secretaries as may be thought
advisable, who together shall constitute an Executive Committee to ad-
minister the affairs of the Societjr.

Art. 5. Meetings of the Society for business and communication of

intelligence shall be held of each month. The Anniversary Meeting

shall be on the dav of , when the Annual Reports of the Sec-
retary and Treasurer shall be read, and the officers for the ensuing year

Art. 6. This Constitution may be amended only by the Board of Trus-
tees of the Woman's Home Missionary Society.

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296 Woman's Homb Missionary Society.


1. IT shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of
the Society, and to supervise its general interests.

2. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to perform the duty of the
President in the absence of that officer, and to aid in devising means for
the efficiency of the Society.

3. It shall be the duty of the Recordin^^ Secretary to keep a record of
the proceedings of the Society, and provide the pastor with notices of

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