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Rudolph Rugg, a thorough rascal. After much abuse Tony nms away
and gets a job as stable boy in a country hotel. Tony is heir to a
large estate. Rudolph for a consideration hunts up Tony and throws
him down a deep well. Of course Tony escapes from the fate provided
for him, and by a brave act, a rich friend secures his rights and Tony
is prosperous. A very entertaining book.

The Errand Boy; or. How Phil Brent Won Success.

By Horatio Alger, Jr. 12mo, cloth illustrated, price $1.00.

The career of "The Errand Boy" embraces the city adventures of a
•mart country lad. Philip was brought up by a kind-hearted innkeeper
named Brent. The death of Mrs. Brent paved the way for the hero's
Bubsequent troubles. A retired merchant in New York secures him tbe
situation of errand boy, and thereafter stands as his friend.

Tom Temple's Career. By Hoeatio Algee^ Je. 12mo,

doth, illustrated, price $1.00,

Tom Temple is a bright, self-reliant lad. He leaves Plympton village
to seek work in New York, whence he undertakes an important mission
to California. Some of his adventures in the far west are so startling that
the reader will scarcely close the book until the last page shall have been
reached. The tale is written iii Mr. Alger's most fascinating style.

.11 I J »■■ — .. — — " m

For sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by th9
^bAA«her, A. L. BI7B.T» 52-58 Ouane Street, New York.


— ■I II I I . I ■ l iiM)


Frank Fowler, the Cash Boy. By Horatio Alger, Jb^

32nio, cloth, illustrated, price $1.00.

Frank Fowler, a poor boy, bravely determines to make a living for
himself and his foster-sister Grace. Going to New York he obtains a
Bitaation as cash boy in a dry goods store. He renders a service to a
wealthy old gentleman who takes a fancy to the lad, and thereafter
belps the lad to gain suQcess and fortune.

Tom Thatcher's Fortune. By Horatio Alger^ Jr.

12mo, cloth, illustrated, price $1.00.

Tom Thatcher is a brave, ambitious, unselfish boy. He supports hia
mother and sister on meagre wages earned as a shoe-pegger in John
Simpson's factory. Tom is discharged from the factory and starts over-
land for California. He meets with many adventures. The story is told
In a way which has made Mr. Alger's name a household word in so many

The Train Boy. By Horatio Alger, Jr. 12mo,

cloth, illustrated, price $1.00.

Paul Palmer was a wide-awake boy of sixteen who supported his mother
and sister by selling books and papers on the Chicago and Milwaukee
Railroad. He defects a young man in the act of picking the pocket of a
young lady. In a railway accident many passengers are killed, but Paul
is fortunate enough to assist a Chicago merchant, who out of gratitude
takes him into his employ. Paul succeeds with tact and judgment and
Is well started on the road to business prominence.

3!i!ark Mason's Victory. The Trials and Triumphs of

a Telegraph Boy. By Horatio Alger, Je. 12mo, cloth, illustrated, pries


Mark Mason, the telegraph boy, was a sturdy, honest lad, who pluckily
won his way to success by his honest manly efforts under many diffi-
culties. This story will please the very large class of boys who regard
Mr. Alger as a favorite author.

A Debt of Honor. The Story of Gerald Lane's Success

in the Far West. By Horatio Alger, Jr. 12mo, cloth, illustrated, price


The story of Gerald Lane and the account of the many trials and dis-
appointments which he passed through befor- he attained success, will
Interest all boys who have read the previous stories of this delightful

Ben Bruce. Scenes in the Life of a Bowery !N"ewsboy.

By Horatio ALaKR, Jr. 12mo, cloth, illustrated, price $1.00.

Ben Bruce was a brave, manly, generous boy. The story of his efforts,
and many seeming failures and disappointments, and his final success, are
most interesting to all readers. The tale is written in Mr. Alger'a
most fascinating style.

The Castaways; or. On the Florida Beefs. By James

Otis. ISnio, cloth, illustrated, price $1.00.

This tale smacks of the salt sea. From the moment that the Seai
Queen leaves lower New York bay till the breeze leaves her becalmed ofif
the coast of Florida, one can almost hear the whistle of the wind
through her rigging, the creak of her straining cordage as she heels to
the leeward. The adventures of Ben Clark, the hero of the story and
Jake the cook, cannot fail to charm the reader. As a writer for young
people Mr. Otis is a prime favorite. ^

For sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by th.9
?:^ubUshe^. A. 1,. BURT, 52-58 Buane Street, New York.

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