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and typhoid fever, a few cases of scarlet fever and a great many coses of diphtheria, with
a large percentage fatal. The cases that were reported to me I attended to, placarding,
disinfecting, etc., to prevent spreading to other families if possible. By far the greatest
number of cases of diphtheria were in the 2nd and 3rd concessions, but there were cases
scattered over the whole of the township. There was a family near Stouffville exposed to
smallpox, which, by direction of Dr. Bryce, I quarantined.

At the present time (December) the township is quite free from contagious diseases.


Medical Health Officer.

Medical Health Officer^ a Report.

During the year I have inspected a number of places which I expected were in an
unhealthy condition, but in only two instances found them so. The cause was at once

Contagious diseases were very few there, havingjbeen reported only five typhoid fever
cases, with four recoveries and one death. There was only one case of diphtheria, with
recovery of the same.

The people of Maryborough have reason to congratulate the Board for the manner in
which they have acted during the season.

0. W. HUNT, M.D.,

Medical Health Officer.


Secretary's Report.

The Board of Health for the Township of Melancthon beg leave to report that the
general health of the township for the past year has been good, the death-rate being con-
siderably less than last year. Last September a family living in the Oity of Toronto had
a very malignant type of diphtheria. Members of the family who had not taken it were
sent by railway to their friends in this township, without their friends knowing of the
disease, and the children sent up mingled freely with the children of this neighbourhood.
As a result live cases of a most malignant character of diphtheria broke out, and not
until thirteen cases had broken out and five deaths took place could it be brought under

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control. It was fortunate that the cases as they occurred were isolated at once. If it
had happened in a more thickly populated part of the township, the result would have
been very serious.

Had the family referred to been properly isolated and quarantined by the health
authorities of the City of Toronto, we would not have had the disease and the loss of
valuable lives therefrom in our township. We may therefore thank those self -eulogized
and badly-named sanitarians of Toronto's Local Board for all the trouble.



Medical Health Officer's BeporL

I have much pleasure in submitting to you my annual report for the Township of
Metcalfe for the year 1888.

I find a very great deal of difficulty in giving an accurate report of the contagious
diseases that have been most prevalent in the township, owing, I think, to the want of
attention paid by practitioners to the reporting of cases.

The general health of the municipality has been good, with the exception of a few
cases of diphtheria of a very mild form ; none fatal.

In regard to the sanitary condition, the Sanitary Inspector made an inspection last
spring, and attended to all the complaints during the summer.


Medical Health Officer.


Medical Health Officer's Report,

I beg to submit to you for your consideration my annual report of the sanitary con-
dition of this municipality and the public health of its residents, as required of me by the
statutes of Ontario. During the year past there has been a comparative freedom from
all diseases of a contagious nature, and the public health has been fully up to the average.
With the exception of a few slight outbreaks of diphtheria in the eastern and western
portions of the township, very little disease of an epidemic character has visited us. The
total number of cases of diphtheria would probably number about twenty-five or thirty,
whilst the number of deaths from this disease was three in the eastern and probably
an equal number in the western division. The causes leading to these outbreaks are
unknown. In one single instance it arose from an imported case, and in all others no
direct cause could be found, excepting a want of sufficient care in improving the sanitary
conditions of the premises. In one instance the residence, a los^-house, was built on the
ground — no air allowed to circulate underneath the dwelling — insufficient light given by
means of windows, thus causing a dampness of its walls within.

A marked improvement in the treatment and general supervision of diphtheria
patients has also been visible. In every instance they were confined to a single house,
and all intercourse between the dwelling and the public cut off, so that in no single
instance, to my knowledge, did the disease spread to a second family or individuals other
than the ones first affected. The custom formerly adopted of holding public funerals
has also been abolished, and now when deaths have occurred, the remains have been
almost immediately interred by members of the family or other persons not liable to
become infected. Thorough ventilation and disinfection of houses has also added much
to the freedom from this disease.

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Measles and scarlet fever have been unknown in this district during the year.
Varicella was prevalent, with no deaths.

During the autumn monthb a number of cases of tvpho-malarial fever occurred in
the central and western divisions of the township, and several deaths occurred from this
cause. For the most part these cases were found in low districts, where the land was
new and much of the soil broken up for the first time. In at least one family the disease
may be attributed to the water used for domestic purposes. In this instance a well had
recently been dug near the comer of the house, where for years previous to this water
and filth from the kitchen had been poured out and allowed to penetrate the soil, thus
finding their way into the newly erected well.

Your Board of Health have done the township good service. During the early part
of the year it became evident that the burying grounds lying adjacent to and in the village
of Delhi, would become a nuisance if further burials in them were allowed. Your Board
of Health held a meeting and very wisely decided to prohibit parties from burying in the
same. This order has been enforced and a new cemetery has been purchased outside of
the village, and many bodies transferred from the old cemeteries.

A second meeting was called in November to take into consideration the matter of
compulsory vaccination. Not deeming it necessary that it should be made compulsory,
they appointed a Medical Health Officer for the township, and gave notice through the
newspapers of such appointment, that all who chose to do so might avail themselves of
the opportunity to be vaccinated ; and also provided for free vaccination of all persons
not able to pay the necessary fee for the same.

On the whole I consider the sanitary condition of the township to be very satis-
factory, and the general health of the people a matter for congratulation of the persons
having charge of the same.


Medical Health Officer.

• Mono.

Secretary 8 Report,

I beg to submit to you the annual report of the Board of Health for the year 1888.
There have been no contagious diseases reported.* There were some cases of supposed
diphtheria; if they were of the real type they were exceedingly mild in their nature. No
deaths occurred. Our Council has not appointed a Medical Health Officer ; they con-
sidered that it was not necessary.




Medical Health Officer^s Report.

I beg to submit the following report for the township of Moore :
Nothing of importance occurred until the 9th of November, when the Board
organized in response to a report of Dr. Ames, of Brigden, that a case of smallpox existed
in an Indian camp, on a bush farm five miles from a village and a safe distance from any
dwelling. The patient was at once isolated, the rest vaccinated successfully, and a strict
quarantine established. Three weeks from the appearance of the rash, the cook, a

* If there was no Medical Health Officer to look after those cases, how are we to know whether they
were or were not real diphtheria? Mere supposition in cases of contagious diseases is very dangerous
We hope that in future the lives of people will not be endangered by thinking the disease wu not, when
probably it really i«w, diphtheria. —[Ed. Kepohts.J

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delicate female, took ill with well marked premonitory symptoms of smallpox and died
on the fourth day. Every possible precaution will be taken by our Board before releasing
them from quarantine. The cause of the outbreak was a visit to Samia, where the
disease existed, by the Indian first attacked.

The Board ordered all the school children to be vaccinated, which has been done. I
was surprised to find that not more than 15 per cent, had been done before.

W°i received a visit from Dr. Lehman, your Inspector, who approved of all that had
been done, and advised compulsory vaccination. Our Council have not taken any action.

On the 17th of November a mild case of varialoid occurred in a farm house,
evidently as a result of a visit to Samia. As no new cases have developed, we hope the
disease is stamped out in this township. Five cases of typhoid fever occurred in the
first week of this month, within one mile of each other ; cause cannot be traced.

The schools visited in this section have not the first sicpi of any means of ventilation,
and the majority are in a filthy condition. The Local Board and Council are very remiss
in their duty if they do not devise some means to remedy this disgraceful condition.


Medical Health Officer.

Medical Health Officer's Report,

In compliance with the requirements of the Public Health Act, I have the honour
to lay before you my annual report.

I am pleased to be able to report that the sanitary condition of the township is
excellent During the year the township has not been visited by any widespread cause
of mortality or sickness beyond the ordinary causes that are at work from year to year,
and over which we have no control.

The Board of Health met and organized during the year, and we are prepared to
meet any emergency should such arise.


Medical Health Officer.

Medical Health Officer's Report.

I have the honour of submitting my annual report as Medical Health Officer of this

It affords me pleasure to state that the health of the township is good at the present

During the past year my attention has been called to several outbreaks of diphtheria,
but, by the prompt and efficient action of your Board in regard to disinfection, isolation,
etc., the disease has always been confined to the premises, with one exception, and that
with fatal results. -...:.. "*l?!:i

During the year we had fifteen cases of diphtheria, one of which died ; two cases of
typhoid fever and two of scarlet fever, all of which recovered. One family of five were
all do wn^ with diphtheria at one time, the cause being a filthy condition of the premises,
which I am happy to state has been entirely removed. The other cases could not be
traced to any local determining cause.

There have been no complaints lodged before me about nuisances of any kind, and I
take great pleasure in stating that the township is at present particularly free from all
those places which would readily generate disease.

7 (B.H.)

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I would ask your attention to the filling up of cesspools, old cellars etc. This has-
been done in the past' with beneficial results. I would further ask your aid in the
prevention of the erection of water-closets adjacent to wells, as several cases of sickness
have occurred this year under my notice, due to this cause.

W. H. McKAGUE, M.D.,

Medical Health Officer.


Medical Health Officer^ 8 Report

I have again the honour of submitting to you the annual report of the sanitary con-
ditions of your municipality.

On May 28th the first meeting of the Board was held. At that meeting remedial
steps were taken to remove the only nuisance complained of.

The Board also gave me instructions to have all the children attending the schools ia
the township vaccinated. I am happy to report that such instructions were carefully
carried out.*

During the months of July and August an epidemic of dysentery broke out, and
apparently spread over a considerable section of the municipality. It was of a severe type,
and attacked alike both old and young, and was the immediate cause of several deaths.
However, apart from this disease, your municipality has been fairly healthy, and at the
present time I can congratulate you upon its immunity from any infectious disease.


Medical Health Officer.

Secretary's Report.

The Board of Health only met twice this year.

The nuisance complained of at the first meetinir was a smell arising from a cheese
factory and a pig pen in connection therewith. The factory was on one side of the road
and the pig pen on the other.

The Board ordered the Medical Health Officer to vaccinate all the children in the
various schools at the expense of the municipality, and at the meeting on the 17th Nov.,
ho presented his bill of $120 for vaccinating 480 children, and $23.50 for vaccine, from
Palmerston Vaccine Farm. The Boiard of Health gave an order on the Treasurer of the
municipality for the amount. Some of the children were vaccinated the second time, and
now report has it that there is not over 25 or 30 in the municipality that had the operation
successfully performed. In one school, out of 20 vaccinated, only 3 have taken, and the
next out of 58 vaccinated, only about 6 have taken. There were no certificates given nor
required by the Board of Health. Of course the Board has learned something, but thinks
that the knowledge so curiously obtained was dear bought.



*Ab will be Been the Medical Health Officer distinctly states in his report that his instructions to vacci-
nate were earefuUy carried out. We suppose this means that vaccinations were sucoessfully performed. If,
however, there were 17 failures out of 20 vaccinations, and 52 out of 58, we fail to see the success of the
movement. The Council should employ some person to visit all the schools, to ascertain the real state of
matters, and note down the total number operated on and the number showing good marks.— [£d. Repobts.]

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Secretary's Report,

As required by the 24th section of the Public Health Act of Ontario, I beg leave to
report : —

Thai scarlatina made its appearance in two or three different localities in the town-
ship during this year, and as far as known there were only two cases fatal. The physician
in attendance did not report to me, but the way I received the information was by the
registration of their deaths, and as the inhabitants in the localities where the disease was
used every precaution to keep it from spreading, there was no necessity of the Board
incurring the expense of enforcing any sanitary measures. I may state that the disease
in general was of a very mild type, and was, therefore, not difficult to stamp out.

I am happy to report that our municipality continues to enjoy almost a perfect state
of immunity from any kind of epidemic or contagious disease, and my long residence in
the township warrants me in stating tliat unless disease is imported amongst us, no sanitary
or other measures are required to be enforced by the Board of Health.

J. D. McNAB,



Secretary's Report.

The Local Board of Health has the satisfaction of reporting that during the year now
drawing to a close the general health throughout the township has been very good, no
epidemic of any kind having been prevalent. Wherever any nuisance was ascertained to
exist its immediate removal was attended to.

Dr. Paget, of Elora, was appointed Medical Health Officer and Sanitary Inspector
for the municipality for the current year, and he has reported in writing to the Board
that according to orders he had visited the House of Industry and found all sanitary
arrangements in perfect order, and also the slaughter-house near Fergus in good con-

JAMES McQueen,



Medical Health Officef^s Report,

The general sanitary condition of the municipality will be found to compare favour-
ably with the more healthy of those throughout the Province, there being, with the
exception of the numerous slaughter-houses and the Holland Farm, no locality from which
we might reasonably expect poisonous effluvia to so contaminate the atmosphere as to
favour the spread of contagious diseases.

The former, some twenty in number, were personally inspected by me in company
with the Local Health Officer, Wm. Gordoii, in the month of August last, and found in each
case a very satisfactory sanitary condition. Of the latter I have heard no complaints
since our unsuccessful attempt to suppress the nuisance last March.

Owing to the fact that the law respecting the registration of contagious diseases has
been very much disregarded, it is impossible to give any estimate of the number of such
cfiises during the year.

Of diphtheria, the only contagious disease of which I received any returns, three
cases have been so far reported, with a mortality of two. • .

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No cases of typhoid have up to the present been reported, yet I regret that
this is no indication of the prevalence of the diseases during the year.

At the request of the Public School Inspector, I inquired into a reported outbreak
of scabies among the pupils of School Section N3. 5 in September last. A close exami-
nation of all the children limited the trouble to three alone, all members of the same
family. Exclusionof these from the school until reported free from infection by their
attending physician, and a complete and thorough disinfection of the building reduced
the danger of transmission to any of the others to a minimum ; no more cases have since
been reported from that source.

Two nuisances in the way of pig-styes too near dwellings, one in Mount Sherwood
and the other in Archville, have been abated.

In conclusion I would congratulate the Board on the absence of any epidemic, and
on the general healthfulness of the township.


Medical Health Officer.

NissouRi, East.
Secreiari/s Report.

The Board of Health of the Township of East Nissouri, beg leave to submit their
annual report.

The Board held its first meeting on the 11th February, at which it was resolved to
get some large posters printed calling upon the people on or before the 15th May, to
clean up their yards, to empty and disinfect their privy -vaults, and to abate all and sundry
causes which might tend to disease ; and also, requesting all persons who were aware of
the existence of nuisances, or removable unsanitary conditions in their several localities,
to send written notice thereof to the Secretary of the Board.

These notices having evoked no response and, there being no dangerous cases of
sickness reported, the Board has not been called upon to meet.

There have been two or three isolated cases of typhoid fever reported, but in all
cases they have been brought in from other localities, and have in no case extended beyond
the individual first affected, and have in each case yielded to the remedial measures adopted
by those in charge of them.

We are happy to be able to report that the health of our community has been quite
satisfactory, and continues to be so at present.




Medical Health Officer's Beport.

Normanby being favourably situated with regard to its drinking water supply and
also its drainage, malarial and zymotic diseases are almost unknown. During the present
year we have had an occasional case of typhoid fever, but in nearly all the cases the
disease was contracted in other localities.

Diphtheria has also occurred sporadically but not epidemically. It appears to be
difficult to completely isolate these cases, as neighbours can hardly be restrained from
visiting places where disease exists.

Scarlet fever was almost entirely absent during the year.
•'Meafile& hav^ not been troublesome.

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The principal business done under the supervision of the Board of Health was an
inspection of the sanitary condition of the villages, school premises, wells, butter and
cheese factories.

The work of the Board seems to be appreciated by the public.

P. McLEAN, M. D.,

Medical Health Officer.


Secretaries Report.

As Secretary of the Board of Health of this Municipality, I beg to report as follows : —

Since the receipt of your favour of the 19 th ult, ^e Board met and the Chairman

reported that the Board had nothing to report except the very healthy condition of the

township and its immunity from all contagious or infectious diseases during the whole




ChairmarCa Report,

The work of the Board this year has been very light, and we have had no meeting
except the one to-day to submit the report. Each member of the Board took upon him-
self to attend to any matter in the interests of the public health that he deemed necessary,
thus obviating a regular meeting of the Board and saving expense.

The removal of the gentleman appointed as Medical Health Officer, Dr. A. K. Stur-
geon, has left us without a report of the sanitary condition of the municipality. We are
persuaded, however, that no disease exists that needs the interference of the Board. If
any has existed during the year, the persons mentioned in sections 46 and 49 have either,
through wilfulness or ignorance, failed to obey the instructions of said sections ; and of
course nothing w£ui given us to do in that line. The only work of any kind performed
during the year was the ordering of certain dead carcasses buried. I have pleasure in
stating that the expenses of the year is much less than that of any other year.




Medical Health Officer' e Report.

The health of the inhabitants of the Township of Ops continues so exceptionally good
that I have nothing of sufficient importance to justify any lengthy report.

During the past year no epidemic or cantagious disease, except a few cases of whoop-
ing cough, has shown itself, and we may again congratulate ourselves on immunity from
this class of disease.


Medical Health Officer.

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Obillia — North and South.

Chairmai^B Report,

In accordance with statute jour Board of Health beg to report that the work of your
Board has been very light for the year that is now drawing near to an end. We have
had occasion to meet only twice. There has been no communications of nuisances of any
sort, with the exception of one dead animal, east of Washago, which was promptly removed
at the expense of $1.00 to your municipality. Your Medical Health Officer made no
report to your Board this year, for the reason, I suppose, that he had nothing of any
importance to report. Therefore your Board has great pleasure in congratulating you
on the good sanitary condition of your municipality. There has been no infectious or
contagious diseases that your Board have heard of.



Oxford, East.

Medical Health Officer's Report,

My official work during the year has been very light, as the township has been almost
free from contagious diseases. There have been a few cases of typhoid fever, all confined
to one family at Oxford Centre, with one death ; the remaining members who were attacked
are either convalescent or becoming so. There have also been a few cases of diphtheria
of a mild type, but no deaths. I would strongly urge the adoption of the suggestion
made by the late Dr. Thrall, in his report for 1887, witli regard to the introduction of the
dry-earth system of the disposal of sewage in our public schools, sis there is no doubt
that, in many cases, diseases arise from germs emanating from the present water-closets.
If the same system were more generally adopted in private houses it would be conducive
to the health of the people.

J. McLURG, M.D.,

Medical Health Officer.

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