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1654 and dyed the 16''' of the fame month

Mary Brookes the Daughter of John Brookes was borne the
5*^ Septemr 1654

Mary Whithead the Daughter of Jfack Whithead was borne the
20*^ of nouem 1654 ,

Elizabeth Ofborn the daughter of Jeremiah Ofborne was borne
7**^ January 1654

Nathaniel Humerfton the fonn of Henry Hummerfton was
borne y^ 13'^ January 1654

Abigale Tichennor y® Daughter of Martin Tichennor was borne
y® firft of februay 1654

Samuell Bafset The fonn of William Bafset was Borne The
15'^ of february 1654

Jofeph Holt the fonn of William Holt was borne The 2^ of
Aprill 1655

Sarah How The Daughter of Ephraim How was borne y^ 25**^
of Jan: 1654

[17] Birth of Chilldren

Martha yale the daughter of Thomas yale was borne The 6'^^
of May 1655

Jonathan Sacket The fonn of John Sacket was borne the 6*''
of June 1655

Eliazer Beecher the fonn of Jfack Beecher was borne the 8^^
of Aprill 1655

Bathfhua North the daughter of Thom: & mary North was
borne the 25**^ of December 1654

Sarah Bifhop the daughter of James Bifhop was borne the
28''' of July 1655

Hanah Marfh the daughter of Samuell Marfh was borne y®
22*^ of July 1655

Hanah Nafh the daughter of John Nafh was borne the 24'*^
of July 1655

John Dowlitle the fonn of Araham Dowlitle was borne the
14*'' of June 1655


Jfack AUerton the fonn of Jfack Allerton Jun'" was borne the
11^'' day of June 1655

A Child of John Aliens was borne the 2^ of Auguft and dyed
ye 23th: 1655

Thomas Meekes the fonn of Thomas Meekes was borne the
30^'' of Auguft 1655

Elizabeth Pre f ton the daughter of Edward Prefton was borne
the 29'^ of feptember 1655

Elizabeth Daniel the Daughter of Stephen Daniel was borne
the firft of October 1655

[18] John Benham the fon of John Benham Jun"" was Borne
the 4'^ of Nouemb'' 1655

John fonne of Ralph Lines Novemb"" 1655

Mary Mallary The Daughter of Peter Mallary was borne The
28"^ October 1655

Sarah Atkinfon The Daughter of Luke Atkinfon was borne
the 18"' of Nouemb'' 1655

Jfack Mofs the fonn of Jn° Mofs was borne The 27'^ of
Nouember 1655

Timothy Gibbard The fonn of William Gibbard was borne the
2^ October 1655

Jofeph Smith The fonn of Georg Smith was borne the 14^''
Auguft 1655

A Child of Jn° Jackfons was Borne the 14''' of December and
Dyed the 19"' of y^ fame 1655

Sufan wooden The Daughter of William Wooden was borne
the S''" of decembr 1655

Jofeph Chidfy The fonn of Jn° Chidfy was borne y^ 5'^ of
Decembr 1655

Sarah Glouer the Daughter of Henry Glouer was borne the
3^ decembr 1655

Hanah Tuttill The Daughter of John Tuttill was borne The
2* of Nouember 1655

Georg Pardy The fonn of George Pardy was borne the 15'^
January 1655

Sarah Whithead the Daughter of Jfack Whithead was borne y*
3-^ Jan: 1655

Hanah Kimberly The Daughter of Abraham Kimberly was
borne y" ii'*^ Jan. 55

[ig] Birthes

Mary Todd the Daughter of Chriftopher Todd was borne the
18"" of ffebruary 1655

Sarah Camp the Daughter of Edwa : Camp was borne the 25""
of Nouember 1655

Grace Lindon The Daughter of Henry Lindon was borne y*
31*'' of march 1656


Jofeph Morris y^ fonn of Thomas Morris was borne y® 25'*"
of march 1656

Martha Mullenner the Daughter of Thom : and Martha Mullen-
ner was borne 4^^ July 1656

Jonathan Atwater the fonn of Dauid Atwater was borne the
12'*^ of July 1656

Samuell Newman y^ fonn of Richard Newman was borne y®
firft of July 1656

John and Ebenezer How the fonns of Jeremiah How were
borne the 26'*^ of June 1656

Allen Ball y^ fonn of Allen Ball was borne The 27'^ of June

Jn° Line The fonn of Henry Line was borne The y^'^ of Auguft

Nathaniell Sperry the fonn of Richard Sperry was borne the

j^th 5th j^o J 5^5

Sarah Benham The Daughter of John Benham Jun"" was borne
the 17*'' 7'^ m° 1656

Elizabeth Brookes The Daughter of John Brookes was borne

John watson The fonn of Edwa : watfon was borne The 22'''
of 7*'' m° : 1656

[20] Mary Meaker The Daughter of William Meaker was
borne y« 6'*^ 8^*^ m° : 1656

Hannah Row The Daughter of mathew Row was borne the
6'^^ of y« 8'^ m° : 1656

Enos Talmage The fonn of Robert Talmage was borne The
4**^ of S''' m° : 1656

Daniell Tichennor y^ fonn of Martin Tichennor was borne 9*"^
day of y^ 8"^ m° : 1656

Thomas Hummerfton The fonn of Henry Humerftone was

borne The 19*'' 8**^ m° 1656

Abigale Alfop The Daughter of Joseph Alfop was borne The
^th ^th j^o J 5^5

Hanah Beckly The Daughter of Richard Beckly borne y^ 14''^
S'** m° 1656

Dauid Perkins the fonn of Edward Perkins was borne the 3''
of October 1656

Lidia Allen The Daughter of John Allen was borne y® 26^^
10*^ m°: 1656

Mary Mallary The Daughter of Peter Mallary was borne y*
28'^ 9'^ m° 1656

Mary Church The Daughter of Edward Church was borne y*
j^th Qf -pi^g ^th j^o. 1656:

Jeremiah Ofborne y® fonn of Jeremiah Ofborne was borne y®
2^'^ of The 9'^ m° 1656


Nathan Smith the fonn of George Smith was borne the 27*''
lo"' m°: 1656

[21] Perfons w'^'' haue bine Married in New hauen*
Nicolas Campe of Millford and Kattern Tompfon of New

hauen widdow were married by the Gouerner the 14^'* of July


Chilldren borne
Hannah John f on y^ Daughter of John John f on was borne the

Jofeph wooden y® fonn of william Wooden was borne y* 16^''
of the 11'*^ m°: 1656

Mary How The Daughter of Ephraim How was borne the 17*'*
day of y^ 11"' m°: 1656

Benja: Holt the fonn of william Holt was borne the 6'*' day
of y^ firft m° 1656/57

Phebe Pringle the Daughter of William Pringle was borne
the 16^^ day of the firft m° : 1656/57

Abygale Barnes the daughter of Thomas Barnes was borne the
11*^ of firft m° 1656/57

Benj amine Bradley the fonn of William Bradley was borne the
3th Qf ye 2<i ni°: 1657

John Win f ton The fonn of John Win f ton was borne the 21^''
of Aprill 1657

Sarah Hudfhon The daughter of John Hodfhon was borne
The 5^*^ of Aprill 1657

[22] Thomas Harrifon the fonn of Thomas Harrifon was
borne y® firft of march 1656/57

Elizabeth Tompfon the daughter of John Tompfon fenio'
was borne 3"^ 4''' m°. 1657

Elizabeth Cafifinch the Daughter of John Caffinch was borne
the 11'^ 12*'^ m°: 1656

Elizabeth Bifhop the Daughter of James Bifhop was borne y*

Daniel Hodgkins y® fonn of Samuell Hodgkins was borne y®
8'^ : 4^^ m" 1657

John Tompfon the fonn of John Tompfon was borne the 12*''
of may 1657

Jonathan Jnce the fonn of Jonathan Jnce was borne the 27*''
of 4^^^ m° 1656

Mary Merriman The Daughter of Nathaniel Merriman was
borne y^ 12^'' July 1657

Mary Sacket the Daughter of John Sacket was borne the 24*^
y^'^ m° 1657

John Tuttill y* fonn of John Tuttill was borne the 15''' of
Septem"" 1657

* k cross drawn through this entry.


Daniell Chid fey the fonn of John Chid fey was borne the 30*''
July 1657

Mary Benham The Daughter of Jofeph Benham was borne y*

jgth yih j^O j52^

Mary Jack f on The Daughter of John Jack f on was borne y®

j^th gth j„0. J 5^-7

Samuell Wakeman the fonn of Samuell Wakeman was borne
the 12^'^ 8''^ m" 1657

Hannah Blackfly The Daughter of Samuell Blackfly was
borne the 22}-^ ^^^ m° 1657

[23] William Trobridge The fonn of William Trobridg
borne the 12"^ 9"^ m° 1657

Elizabeth Marfh the Daughter of Sanuel Marfh was borne y'

Sarah Kitchell the Daughter of Samuell Kitchell was Borne y^
cf-^ decern 1657

James Allen the fonn of Rogger Allen was borne the 24'^ of
4*^ m° : 1657

Lidia Briftow The Daughter of Henry Briftow was Borne the
3** of January 1657

Abigale Johnfon y® Daughter of Thomas Johnfon was borne

ye jg,th jjth j^O j52^

Rebecka Daniel the daughter of Stephen Daniel was borne y*
30''' of II*'': m°: 1657:

Rebecka Meekes y® Daughter of Thomas Meekes was borne y*

Mary Manffeild y® Daughter of Jofeph Manffeild was borne
y« 6'^ Aprill 1658

Mary Pardy the Daughter of George Pardy was borne y® 18"^
2^ m°: 1658

Joanna leeke daughter to Phillip leeke was borne 22*^ Janu-
ary 57:

Jofeph fonne of Ralph Lines was borne January 1657

[24] Children Borne

Rebeckah Daughter of Timothy Nafh March 12 : 57/58

Elizabeth Daughter to Tho. Mulliner June 10. 1658

Samuell fonne to Haac Whitehead June 15 1658

Tho: Sonne to Richard Sperry July 13. 58

John : Sonne to w'" Gibbard

Jo. Sonne to w™ Pringle Octob' 5. 58

Joaana Daughter to Hen : lines Octob'' 20 58

Joanna Daughf to Jer: Ofbourne Dec. 8 1658

Mercy Daughter to Hen : lindon Decem 18 58

Nath: fonn to Tho: Harrifon Dec. 13. 1658

Sam: fonne to Ephraim How Sept 1-1658

Elizabeth Daughf to Sam: Kitchell ffeb i 1658


Grace Daughter to Jo Jack f on ffeb 4 58
Jo Sonne to Humphry Spinage ffeb 11 58
Jofeph Sonne to Matthew Row ffeb 20 58
Jo Sonne to John Downe March 5 58/59
Tho: fonne to Peter Mallery Aprill 15. 59
Daniell fonne to Tho Barnes Aug. 29. 59.
Jofeph fonne to Jofeph Benham May 25 59
Hannah daughter of John Allen July 26 59
John fonne to Henry Briftow Sept. 4. 59
Marah daughf to Robert Talmage Sep*^ 2 : 59
Noadiah fonne to w"" Ruffell July 22. 59
Abigaile daughter of Tho : Meekes
Efter daughter of w™ Bradly Sept 19. 59
Mary daughter to Sam: Blacksly Nouem 2. 59
Hannah daughter to Jofeph Alfopp Decem. 2. 59
Mehitabell daughter to Jo Jackfon Jan 5 59
Samuell fonne to John Tuttle Jan: 9: 59
Abigaile daughter to James Bifhopp Octobr 30 59
Mary daughter to Jo chidfey about Nouemb. 21 59
Sarah daughter of Tho : Trowbridg Nouember 7. 59
Tho fonne of w™ Trowbridge Octob'" 2 1659

[25] Perfons that haue bine married in New haven

Samuell Wakeman and Hannah Goodyear were Married by
The Gouerno'" 29*'^ : 8"^ m° 1656

William Trobridg and m" Selliuant were maried at Milford
by m'' fTenn the 9*^ of firft m° 1656/57

Willm : Cotter & Elnor y' was Seruant To m"" Winthrop were
Married by fTra: Newman y^ 12*^^ 3"^ m° 57

Thomas Trobridg and Sarah Rotherford were married by
ffrancis Newman y^: 24^'' 4''* m° 1657

Jeremiah Hull and Hannah Baldwin were maried by m"" ffenn
at Milford the 6'*^ of 3" : m° : 1658 :

W™. Wilmott & Sarah Thomas were married by m"" fTrancis
Newman Gouveno"" octob 14: 1658

Geo: Rawfe & Conftance little were maried by y^ Gouerno'
Decemb' 7. 1658.

Timothy Nafh & Rebeckah Stone were married by

will Judfon & Elizabeth Wilmott were maried by m'
Gilbert the 8"" of ffebruary 1659:

John Browne & mary walker maried by m"" Gilbert : firft of
the 11''' moneth 1660:

Thomas Tuttle & Hannah Powell were married by m"" Gilbert
the 21^'' of May 1661

Abraham Crittenden & Sufanna Grigfon were married by
M' Gilbert may 13"^ 1661

James Heaton & Sarah Streete were married by M' Gilbert
novemb: 20'*^ 1662


M"" Samuell Vangoodenhoufe & Elizabeth Parris were married
by m'' Gilbert novemb: nth 1662:

[26] Children Borne

Abigaile daughter of David Atwater borne March 3*^ 59/60^

Benjamin fonne of Ralph Lines Decemb"" 1659

Samuell the fonne of Henry Line the fecond fonne of John
Line (as he saith) of Badby two miles from Dantry in North-
amptonshire Jan : 16. 59

Mary Daughter of wm Pringle March [ ] 59/60

Jofeph fonne to Jo Sackett March 3 59

Samuell fonne to Timothy Nash ffebr 3. 59

Jo fonne to Nathaniell merriman fTeb la ft 59

Nathaniell fonne of Robt ffoote Aprill 13 60

Abigale daught of Tho. yale May 5 60

Mary daughter of Jo Benham Aprill 10 60

Martha daughter of Jofeph Manffeild Aprill 18. 60

Elizabeth daughter of Geo : Pardee June 10 : 60

Stephen Son to Mathew Rowe Aug: 28 : 60

Abigaile Daughter to w™ Gibbard Aug 18. 60

Tho: fonne to Jeremiah Ofburne Octob"" 6. 60

Nathaniel fonne to wm Bradely iifeb. 26. 60

John fonne to George Raufe fTeb 23. 60

Benjamin fon of w™ Wilmot March 7- 60/61
Daughter of Jofeph Benha

of Rich : Sperry

John Sone of Sam: Marfh May 2 61 :

Sarah daughter of Jo Brooks Aprill 9 61 :

Abigaile daughter of Hen: Humerfto May 17 61 :

Ruth daughter of Jeremiah Pecke Aprill 3, 61

Sarah daughter of w™ chatterto July 19*^^ 61

Mary daughter of Anthony Elcote July 22 61

Abigaile daughter to Sam: kitchell Aug. 10. 61

Ebenezer fonn to w'" Pringle Sept 10:61

John fonne to Jo Johnfon Auguft 27-61

Jofeph fonne to Jfaac whitehead April 29.61

Mary Daughter of Henry Briftow Septemb : 61

[27] p fons died in Newhaven :

Jfaac fonne to John : Moffe died

Grace wife of w"* Judfon died Sept 29 1659

m"" ffrancis Newman y® late Hon"" Gouveno'' of this Colony
died Nouemb'" 18, 1660

Decon Hen: Lindon died Septemb'" 29. 1660:

Sargeant Tho: JeflFeries died Aug 23^^ 1661 :

Samuell fonne to Samuell Andrewes died the firft of March

* Marginal entry written lengthwise of the page.


william Judfon died July 29 62
M"" w"" Ofborne died Septemb 30*'' 1661

Theophilus Jones fonne of M"" Will™ Jones died October: S***
Richard Hull Died about beginning of Septemb : 1662
Edward Daniell died about y* end of Auguft 1662
George Smith died May 17'^ 1662
Sarah daughter of Jn° Clarke 1662

Hannah Daughter of John Jackfon died march 3i**': 1663
Mathew Roe died may 2'j^'^ 1662
Henry Line Died January 13 or 14 1662
Robert Hill Died Auguft i[o]''^ 1663
M' Willm Gibbard died Auguft 9"^ 1662
John fonne of M'" John Hodfkon Novemb : 4*'' 1663
Hannah Daughter of w™ Chatterton Novemb: 4*'' 63
Hannah Daughter of Jn° Potter June 13"' 1662
Samuell Hodfkis fenior died Decemb'" 28'^'' 1663
Thomas Lam f on died Decemb : 28"' 1663

Hannah Daughter of Mathew Moulthrop jun"" Janua: 2^ 1663
[ ] Andrewes Died January 3^ 1663
A child of W'" Meekes

Henry Humerfton died January 16''': 1663
Martha Davis Widdow Died

John Smith fonne of Thomas Smith march : 26. 1664
John fonne of John Potter died Auguft 10*'': 1664
John winton & his wife died August 3^ 1664
Grace daughter of John Jackfon died Septemb: 4*'':i664
Mary Bifhop wife of James Bifhop died Novemb: 26''' 64
Sarah Rufsell wife of w™ Rufsell died Decem: 3*^: 64
M""* Anne morris wife of m'" John morris Decem: 4*^: 64

[28] Children Borne

Hopeftill daughter to Hen: Line Nouemb O-"^. 61.

Theophilus Jones fonne of M'' W™ Jones borne October 2^ 1661

Jofeph Sonne of Jofeph Potter Octob 8 61

Caleb fonn to Jo Chid fey about Nouemb 20. 61

Daniel fon to Peter Mallery Nouemb [torn] 61

John fonne to Tho: Trowbridge Decemb [torn] 61

John: Sonne to Jofeph Alfupp Janu: 3: 61:

Elizabeth daughter of will : Trowbridg Jan : 5 : 61 :

Sarah daughter of Jo Tuttle January 22*^: 1661

Daniell Sonne of Humphry Spining ffeb 5 1661

Samuell fonne to Samuell Andrewes ffeb i 1661

Sarah daughter to Robert ffoote ffeb 12. 1661

Mary daughter to John Allen ffebr 25 1661

Hannah daughter to Tho : Tuttle ffebr. 24 1661

Mary daughter of David At water march 31*'' 1662



Hannah daughter of John Benham Janu. 8 61
John Bifhop fone of James Bifhop May 17: 1662
Joanna daughter of Jofeph Benha July 25 1662^
Mercy daughter of Jofeph Mansfield July 26 62
Sarah Daughter of M"" W" Jones Auguft 17"^ 1662
Samuell fonne of Nathaniell Merriman Septemb 29^'' 62
Samuell fonne of John Downe octob: 28^'' 1662
Hannah y® Daughter of m*" Thomas Yale was Born July 6'*^

Hefter Daughter of John Winfton Novemb : 11'^: 1662
Nathan fonne of Nathan Andrewes about octob : 18. 1662
Sarah Daughter of John Clearke Decemb : 24. 1662
Hannah daughter of John Jackfon March 13"^ 1662/63
Abigaile Daughter of Thomas Johnfon June 14"^: 1663
Jofeph fonne of Samuell Marfh Aprill i^^: 1663
Sarah Daughter of will"" Wilmot March 8^^ 1662/63
Samuell fonne of Samuell Andrewes Aprill 30'*^ 1663
Sarah Daughter of Abraham Dickerman Aprill 28"^ 1663
Thomas fonne of Thomas Wheadon May 31"^ 1663
Jeremiah Hull fonne of Jeremiah Hull June 2*^. 1663
Martha daughter of John Sacket Novemb : 29"' 1662
Rebeckah daughter to Jofeph Potter may 26 1663
Samuell fonne of Samuell Blakely Aprill 8''' 1662

[29] Thomas Lupton & Hannah Morris [ were married

Nathaniell Thorpe & Mary fford were [married] by M'" Gilbert
Novemb : 20''' 1662

Edmund Dorman & Hannah Hull were married by M"" Gilbert :
Decemb : 25'^ 1662

John Clearke & Sarah Smith were married by M^" Gilbert : ffeb :
I": 1661

James Dennifon & Bithiah Boykin were married by M"" Gilbert
Novemb. 25'^ 1662

Nathan Andrewes & Deborah Abbot were married by M' Gil-
bert in octob: 1661

Mathew Moulthrop Junio"" & Hannah Thompfon were married
by M"" Gilbert June : 26'^ 1662

Robert Hill & Adeline Johnfon were married by M' Gilbert
January: y^^. 1662

Willm Thorpe & Margaret Pigg widdow were married by M'
Gilbert octob : 8''' 1661

James Clearke & wakefield widdow were married by

M"" Gilbert octob: 17"^ 1661

Sam": Heminway & Sarah Cooper were married by M"" Gil-
bert march 23 1661/62

8 Marginal note.


Thomas wheadon & Anne Harue were Married by M"" Gilbert
May 24'^'* 1 66 1

John Mulford & M" Ofborne were married by M"" Gilbert may

John Euate & Elizabeth Parmelie were married by M/ Gilbert
May 2.^'^ 1663

Abraham Dowlitle & Abigaile Mofse were married by M""
Willm Jones July 2 1663

George Pardee & Katherin Lane were married by M"" Gilbert
Decemb: 29"' 1662

Smith & Elizabeth Pattifon were married by M"" Gilbert^

John Rofe & Widdow Luddington were married by M"" Gilbert

[30] John Gregory jun"" & Elizabeth Moulthrop were married
by M'" Gilbert octob : 18'^ 1663

Ebenezer Dibble & Mary wakefield were married by M'' : Jones
november 1663

Thomas Lamp f on & Elizabeth Line widdow were married by
M"" Gilbert novemb: 6"": 1663

Slawfon and Sarah Tuttle were married Novemb: ly^^: 63

David Afhly & Hannah Glover were married by m"" Gilbert
Novemb : 24"^ 1663

Thomas Johnfon fen"": & ffrances Hitchcocke were married
by M"" Gilbert Septemb 1663

Ralph Ruffell & mary Hitchcock by m' Gilbert octob: 12*''

Stephen Bradly & Hannah Smith were married by M"" Gilbert
Novemb: 1663

Daniell Robifon & Hope Potter by m"" Gilbert ffebruary 10'^

M' Benjamin ffenn of milford & M" Sufannah Waad of N-
haven were married by m' W"* Leete at N-haven march lo^**

Nathaniell Richards & widdow Lindon were married by
march, i'^^^. 1663/4

Jeremiah Horton and Mary Gibbard were married by m"" Gilbert
May s*** 1664:

Mofes Manffield and Mercy Glover were married by M"" Gil-
bert May s''^. 1664

John ffrost and Mercy Payne were married by m' Gilbert June
q'** 1664

Matthias Hitfield & mariah Pardie were married by m' W"
Jones Auguft 25 1664

John Winus & Sufannah Melyen were married by M'" Will"
Jones Auguft 25 1664

'Crossed out.


Daniell Shearman & Abiah Streete were married by m' Gil-
bert Septemb : 28'" 1664

Wingle John f on & Sarah Hall were married by m' mathew
Gilbert Decemb 64

[31] Children Borne in Newhaven

Maybee Barnes fonne of Thomas Barnes June 25^*" 1663

Jofeph fone of w™ Pringle June ii''^ 1663

John fonne of John Potter June 13'^ 1663

Samuell ff ernes fon of Sam" £f ernes July 2'^ : 63

Sarah daughter of Samuell Heminway July 26*^ 1663

Anna daughter of Jeremiah Of borne Aprill 6*^'' 1663

John fonne of M"" John Hodfhon

Ebenezer fonne of Richard Sperry borne July y® 1663

Hannah daughter of Willm Chatterton Auguft 4"^ 1663

Hannah daughter of Mathew Moulthrop jun"" novemb: 2: 1663

Daniell fonne of George Roffe octob: 10'^'' 1663

Grace Daughter of Ifaacke Whitehead Novemb: 12'^ 1663

Hannah Daughter of Henry Briftow Decemb: 10^'' 1663

John Ailing fone of John Ailing Decemb: 13''' 1663

of Willm meekes Decemb :
John Elcock fonne of Anthony Elcock Decemb: 26'^ 1663
Eliazar fonne of Eliazar Browne January 6'^ 1663
Daniell How fonne of Ephraim How January i^': 1663
Hannah Daughter of John chidfey January 9^*" 1663
Samuell fonne of Thomas meekes January ii''^ 1663
John fonne of Samuell Miles January 2g^^ 1663
Abigaill daughter of Thomas Tuttle January 17'^'': 1663
Hannah daughter of John Brookes ffebru: 9'^ or 10^'' 1663
John Clark fonne of John clarke January 23*^ 1663
Thomas fonne of Thomas Trowbridge ffeb: 14^^ 1663
Elifabeth daughter of m"" Sam" Vangoodenhoufe ffeb : 22''* 1663
James fonne of willm Trowbridge march 26*'' 1664
•Elizabeth daughter of Rob*^ ffoote march 18*'' 1663/4
Jeremiah fonne of Jeremiah Johnfon Aprill 25*^: 1664
Lidia Daughter of John Thompfon fenio'" March 13*^*^ 1663/4
John Smith fonne of Thomas Smith borne march 13'^ 1663/4
Daniell fonne & Mary daughter of John Tuttle Aprill 13 1664
Jofeph fonne of John Tompfon junior Aprill 4*'^ 1664
John fonne of Peter Mallery May lo*^^ 1664
Jofeph fonne of Georg Pardee Aprill 2y^^ 1664
Mary Daughter of John Browne May 2^ 1664

[32] Children Borne in Newhaven

Thomas fonne of Thomas Johnfon July 11*'' 1664

Ebenezer fonne of Samuell Blakely July 17''' 1664

Eliazar fonne of Thomas Lampfon deceafed Auguft 14^'' 1664


Sarah daughter of John John f on Auguft 26''' 1664
EHfabeth Daughter of M"" W" Jones Auguft 28"^ 1664
Samuell fonne of m'" John Hucifon Septemb:
James fonne of James Dennifon Auguft 30'^'' 1664
Samuell fonne of David Atwater Septemb: 17"^ 1664
John fonne of John Benham Septemb: 15''^ 1664
Elizabeth daughter of Jofeph Benham Septemb: 13"^ 1664
Hannah Daughter of Jeremiah Hull octob: 22"^ 1664
Silence daughter of Jofeph Manffield octob: 24''' 1664
Ruth Bifhop daughter of James Bifhop Novemb: 22^^ 1664
Mercy daughter of W™ Chatterton novemb: 22''^ 64
Nathaniell fonne of James Heaton novemb: 19*^^ 1664
Rebekkah daughter of Jonathan Tuttle Septemb : 10'^'' 64
Mary daughter of Daniell Robinf on Decemb : 14"-'^ 64
John Rufsell fonne of Ralph Rufsell Decemb: 14^'* 1664
Abigaile daughter of Edward Prefton January '64
Abigaile daughter of mofes manffield fifeb 7^^ 1664
William fonne of Sam" Andrewes fifeb 9"^ 1664
Mary daughter of Jn° Downe January 20**' 1664

fonne of Martin Tichinor
Nathaniell fonne of Nathaniell Thorpe March 6 1664/5
Anna Daughter of Thomas Smith April i®' 65
Hannah daughter of Mathew Moulthrop Aprill 20'^^ 65
John fonne of M'" John Davenport Junio*" June 7*^ 65
John fonne of John Winus July i^^ 65
Hannah Daughter of Thomas Lupton may 27'** 65
Jonathan fonne of W™ Pringle June 7'^ 65
Caleb fonne of Nathaniell Merriman May 65
Sarah daughter of Will"" Bradly June 21^^ 1665
Samuell fonne of Abraham Dowlittle July y^^ 65

fonne of Richard Sperry

[33] Children Borne in NewHaven

Hannah daughter of John Potter June 26"' 65

Lidia daughter of Jofeph Alsup July 26"^ 65

Abigaile daughter of Daniell Shearman September ^^^ 65

Hannah daughter of Ralph Lines novemb 21^' 1665

William fone of Wingle Jn°fon Sept 15**" 1665

Hanah Daughter of Abraham Dickerman Novemb : 6^'' : 65

Anna Daughter of M"" Samuell Streete Auguft 17'^ 65

Samuell fonne of Samuell Hemingway Decemb. 13. 65

Elifabeth daughter of John Miles Decemb 21*^ 65

Jofhua fonne of Jofhua Bradly Decemb 31^' 65

Gerfhom fonne of Eliezar Browne Octob"" 9*'' 65

Mercy Daughter of Richard Newman December y^^ 65

Elifabeth Daughter of Samuell flfernes Decemb 7"* 65

Sarah daughter of John Sackett Decemb 26''* 65


Elifabeth daughter of Jeremiah ofborne Decemb 9'^ 65
Mary the daughter of Thomas Tuttle January 14''' 65
John the fonne of James Dennifon Novemb 8"^ 1665
EHfabeth daughter of George Rofse Decemb: 26''^ 65
Sufannah daughter of Thomas Augur ffeb 6'^ 65
Ebenezer fonne of John Chid fey ffeb 10''' 65
Samuell fonne of M"". Samuell Vangoodenhouse ffeb 21 65
Mary Daughter of John Pecke March 4'^: 1665/6
Ruth daughter of John Brookes ffeb 7'^ 65
A daughter of John ffroft ftill borne March 17"^ 65/6
Jofeph fonne of Rob' ffoote March 6"' 65/6
Elifabeth daughter of WiUiam Little Aprill 4*** 66
Abigaile daughter of Henry Briftow Aprill 19*^ 66
Rebeckah daughter of George Pardee Aprill 18"^ 66
Sarah daughter of Thomas Wheeden Aprill 23'^ 1666
Hannah daughter of Sam" Blakely may 22'^ 66
Lydia daughter of Thomas Trowbridge June 7"' 66
Margaret daughter of W" Trowbridge June i^' 66

[34] Children Borne in NewHaven

Mary daughter of Mary Benton octob 31 66 & owned by
Sam" Thorpe^

Samuell Jones fone of M"" W"" Jones June 20'*" 1666

Hannah daughter of Thomas Meekes June 30"" 1666

Samuell fonne of Edmund Dorman July 16*^^ 66

Elifabeth daughter of Nathaniell How July 2^"^ 66

Mary daughter of Jeremiah Hull Auguft 8*^^ 66

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