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John fonne of Benjamin Brockett was borne the 3^ of June


Samuell fonne of Samuell Miles was borne the iS'** of July

Mary daughter of m'' W" Maltbye was borne y*' of may

[54] Children Borne in Newhaven

Samuell fonne of Samuell Tod was borne the i^' of July 1672

Hannah daughter of George Pardee was borne the 7"^ of July

Daniell fonne of m"" Daniell Hall was borne the 9"^ of Auguft

Jofeph fonne of Jeremiah Hull was borne the 11''' of Auguft

Sarah daughter of Samuell Browne was borne y® S^^ of
Auguft 1672

Mary daughter of Benjamin Pecke was borne y® 2^^^ of
Septemb^ 1672

Hannah daughter of John Glover was borne the lo**" of
octob"" 1672

Stephen fonne of Thomas Meekes was borne the firft of
Novemb'" 1672

Jfaac fonne of W"" John f on was borne the 27'^' of October

Mary Daughter of W™ Trowbridge was borne the 12^*" of
October 1672

Jofeph fonne of Haac Turner was borne the is"" of November

Alexander fonne of William Willmot was borne the 13''' of
december 1672

Daniell fonne of m"" Thomas Trowbridge was borne y® S**" of
January 1672

John Downe fon of John Downe was borne y® 25 of
Nouember 1672

[55] Children borne in Newhaven

John, fonne of John Barnes was borne the 13''' of January 1672

Grace daughter of John Browne was borne y® g^^ of January

fonne of Zachariah How was borne y® of

January 1672

Elifabeth daughter of w'" Math ewes was borne y® 27''' of
December 1672

John fonne of Samuel Munfon was borne y® 28'^ of January

Sarah daughter of John Thomas was borne the 13^" of
december 1672

Joanna daughter of W" Pringle was borne y® 2^ of ffeb'y 1672



Elifabeth daughter of Samuell Heminway was borne y® 16*''
of ffebruary 1672

Sam" : fonne of John Hitchcock was borne y® of 1672

John fonne of William Collins was borne the lo*^^ of March

Mary daughter of John Potter was borne the: 16''^: of March

Samuell fonne of Peter Alallery was borne the lo''^ of march

Mary Daughter of John Beecher was borne y® 23*'' of fifeb"^

Sarah Daughter of Jn° Cooper junio"" was borne the 26'** of
Aprill 1673

Elifabeth daughter of John ffroft was borne the of 1673

[56] Children borne in Newhaven

Stephen fonne of Jofeph Tuttell was borne y® 20*^^ of May

William fonne of Jonathan Tuttell was borne y® 25"^ of May

Abraham fonne of Abraham Dickerman was borne y^ 14'^'^ of
June 1673

John fonne of m"" Jn° Maltbye was borne the of Jiine 1673

Martha daughter of John Ailing fenio"" was borne y® of June

Rebeckah daughter of Jeremiah Of borne was borne y" 11"^ of
July 1673

daughter of Thomas yale junio"" was borne y"
of July 1673

James fonne of Samuell Ailing was borne the 29*"^ of July 1673
of Mathew Moulthrop was borne ye of 1673

Samuell fonne of Sam" Clarke was borne y^ 7*"^ of Auguft 1673

Thomas fonne of John Guilbert was borne the 14*'^ of Auguft

John fonne of John Smith was borne the 3'^ of September 1673

Jofhua fonne of John Auftin was borne the 3"^ of September

Mary daughter of John Morris was borne the 9**^ of September

Sarah daughter of Jofeph Pecke was borne the 11''' of
September 1673

[57] Children borne in Newhaven

Mercy daughter of John Benham was borne the 2.^ of October

John fonne of John Hotchis was borne the 11*^ of October


Benjamin fonne of Edmund Dorman was borne the 15''' of
October 1673

Jofeph fonne of Jofeph Jves was borne y® 17''' of October 1673

Elifabeth daughter of Jofhua Culver was borne the 7''' of
October 1673

Thomas fonne of Thomas Sanford was borne y** 13'^ of October

Abigaile daughter of John AlHng junio'" was borne y^ 23''*
of November 1673

John fonne of Daniell Shearman was borne y® of November

Mary daughter of W"^ Chatterton was borne y® 29^*^ of
November 1673

Abigaile & Rebeckah daughters of m"" W™ Jones was
borne the lo"" of November 1673

Hannah Daughter of Zacheas Kambee was borne y® 14''' of
November 1673

Rebeckah Bifhop daughter of James Bifhop was borne y® 10'''
of December 1673

Jofeph fonne of Jofeph Manffield was borne y® 2']^'^ of
December 1673

Daniell 2'^ fonne of m"" Daniell Hall was borne y^ 4*'' of Jan''^

[58] The names of pfons y' have dyed in Newhaven

old Thomas Wheeler dyed y*^ 22*'' of Jan""^ 1672

Anna daughter of m"" Jn° Hodshon dyed ffeb''^ 20''' 1672

M"" William Tuttell dyed

M*" Benjamin Ling dyed y® 27*'' of Aprill 1673

Ehphelett Ball dyed y« ii'*^ of July 1673
I Thomas Morris dyed y^ 21"^ of July 1673

Martha daughter of Jn° Ailing fen"" dyed July 1673

Joanna daughter of W" pringle dyed July 23^*" 1673

Samuell Gibbard dyed the 1673

John fonne of W" Wooden dyed y® 23''' of Sept: 1673

Samuel fonne of m"" Jn° Hodfhon dyed 1673

Thomas fonne of Thomas Sanford dyed the 13*'' of November

morning. Abigaile daughter of m"" w™ Jones dyed novem :
15 1673

evening. Rebeckah daughter of m'' w™ Jones Novem"" 15

M'"s Joanna davids wife to m"" James Davids dyed 1673

John Guilbert dyed y^ 26'^ of November 1673

widdow Boykin dyed 1673

Daniell fonne of m"" Daniell Hall dyed the 13^'' of Jan''^ : 1673

Mary Talmage dyed Decemb*" 1673


m"' James Rufsell dyed Jan""^ 21''' 1673
Roger Tyler Jun'" dyed Jan''^ 27''' 1673
M'^ Sarah Leete dyed ffeb""^ 3*^ 1673
Jofeph fonne of Sam" Todd dyed March 1673/4
Mary Ruf fell y^ widdow of James Ruf fell dyed y® 25 of Auguft
John fon of John Brockett dyed y® 29 of Nouem"" 1676

[59] The names of perfons y' have dyed in Newhaven
M"" Nicholas Streete Teacher of the church of chrift at New-
haven dyed y" 22"' of Apr ill 1674

Mathew fon of Sarah Guilbert widdow dyed the tenth of May

James Ruf fell feruant to Jn° : Tom fon of Southend dyed y*
27 of July 1674. This Ruffell latly came from Jreland w'^
Danyell Hall m'' of Sarah Huchins

Sarah wife of Jn" Clarke dyed y^ 25 of July 1674
Roger Ailing Deacon of y® church of chrift in Newhauen
dyed y® 27*^ of September 1674

Jn° Tomfon on y*" other fied of y^ creek dyed the 14 of De-
cember 1674

Hannah wife of Jn° Potter dyed the 15''" of June 1675
Benjamin Lapen lined w'*" mathew moulthroup and there
dyed y® 20''* of Auguft 1675

Daughter of Jn° clarke dyed y® 22 of feptember


Elizabeth y° wife of John miells dyed y^ third day of December

Jacob Joens dyed y^ 28 of October 1675
Tabitha Willmot daughter of Willia Willmot dyed y° 15 of

December 1675

Benjamin fon of Beniamin Bunell dyed y® S^'^ of January 1675
William fon of Eleazer Holte dyed y^ 28 Nouember 1675
William Andrews dyed y^ 4"" of march 1675/6
S* Jeremiah Ofborn dyed y^ 26'^ of Aprill 1676
Samuell fon of Jofeph Moff dyed 26 Aprill 1676

[60] Children borne in N-haven

John fonne of John Punderfon junior was borne y^ 10'^ of
Decemb"" 1673

Hannah Daughter of James Dennifon was borne y^ 14*'' of
Jan"^ 1673

Abigaile daughter of James Heaton was borne y® of
Jan*^ 1673

Samuell fonne of John Tompfon farm'" was borne y^ 29**^ of
]an^ 1673

Thomas fon of Thomas Smith was borne y^ 31 of January



Jofeph fonne of Sam" Tod was borne y^ 4''' of ffeb""^ : 1673
Edward fonne of Ralph Rufsell was borne y"* 25*^^ of ffeb"^ 1673
Samuell fon of John Miles was borne y" 6"^ of Aprill 1674
Abigaile daughter of Jn° Hitchcocke was borne y® 10''' of

Aprill 1674

Elizabeth daughter of Henry Briftow was borne y® 20'^ of

may 1674

Mary & Abigail daughters of Jn° clarke was borne y® 19 of

July 1674

Mary daughter of Ebenezer Browne was borne y® 6 of Auguft

mofes fon of mofes manffield was borne the 15 of auguft 1674
of ]n° Ruffell was borne the g^^ of auguft 1674

[6i"| Children borne in Newhauen

Lydia daughter of mathew moulthrop was borne y® 8^^ of
Auguft 1674

Caleb fon of Thomas Tuttle was borne y® 29 of Auguft 1674

Elizabeth daughter of John Holte was borne y^ 28'^ of Septem-
ber 1674

Jacob fon of william John fon was borne y" 25 of feptember


John fon of John Paine was borne the i^^^ of October 1674

John fon of Abraham Bradlye was borne y® 12*'^ of October

Mercy daughter of Bartholomew Jacobs was borne Septem
y« 8'^ 1674

Steuen fon of Sammuell miells was borne y* S^^ of December

John fon of John Glouer was borne the 20*^ of Nouember 1674

Mary daughter of Jfaac Turner was borne y^ 9"" of December

Mary daughter of Jofeph Bradlye was borne y® 6 of December

Danyell Downe fon of John Downe was borne the 29 of
Auguft 1674

William fon of John Tomfon was borne y* 17"' of January

Mary daughter of Ephraim How was borne y" 8"* of December

[62] Manages in Newhauen

Sam : Loins & mary Tomson wer marryed Nouember 1674

Elcazer Holte & Tabitha Tomas were marryed by m' W""
Joens y* 5 of No : 1674

John Leuins and Elizabeth Pre f ton wer marryed by m"" W"
Joens y® 23^ Nouember 1674



Mathew ford and Mary Brooks were marryed by m^ W""
Joens y^ 12 of January 1674

Nathaneell Potter & Elizabeth Howes wer Marryed by m'^
W™ Joens y^ i of Aprill 1675

John Clarke and mary Walker were marryed by m"" Jno moff
y« 28 of May 1675

John Dauis & mary Leeke wer marryed by m"" Will : Joens y®
9 of march 1674/5

Ephraim Boothe and mary Ofborne wer marryed by Jn°: Nafh
the 9 of June 1675

Thomas Barns and mary Hubberd wer married by m"" Jn° :
moff as by him certified y® 26 of June 1675

Beniamin Starr and Elizabeth Allerton were marryed y° 23 of
December by Jn° Nafh

Nathan Andrews & Phebe Gibberd wer married y® 6 of
January by ]n° Nafh 1675

Georg Pardee and Mary Ball wer married the 10'^ of
february by m"" Joens 1675

Samuell Smith and Obedience Lamberton were marryed y® 13
of January by Jn° Nafh 1675

Samuell whithead and Sarah Guilbert was marryed y*= 9 of
May by Jn° Nafh 1676

John Sperry & Elizabeth Poft wer marryed y® i of September

Henry Steuens & Joannah leek were married by m'' Bifhop
y* 6 of february 1677

[63] Chilldren borne in Newhauen

Abigaill daughter of John Tomas was borne y* 21 of
Nouember 1674

Anna daughter of Thomas Sanford was borne the 19 of
february 1674

Mary daughter of Samuell Tod was borne y® 12^'' day of
february 1674

Mary daughter of Jn° : Brocket was borne the 18'^ day of
february 1674

William fon of William Collins was borne y® 4*'' of march

Sarah daughter of Jeremiah Hull was borne y® 4 of march

Daniell fon of sammuell clarke was born y® 6 of march 1674/5
John Parker fon of John Parker was borne y® 26 of march

Mary y« daughter of Jofeph Jones was Borne y® 18**^ of march

Mary daughter of Beniamin Brockett was borne y* 6"* of may





Rotherford Hall fon of Daniell Hall was borne y® 20'^ of

Aprill 1675

Sammuell fon of John Potter was borne y® 2 of June 1675
Samuell fon of John Cooper was borne y^ 20^*' of June 1675
John: fon of Samuell Hemingway was borne y^ 29 day of

may 1675

John : fon of Phillip Allcock was borne y® 14 day of July 1675
Theophilus fon of Samuell Munfon was borne y® i of

September 1675

[64] Births of Chilldren

Sarah Daughter of John fro ft was borne the 3 of September

William y^ fon of Eleazer Holte was borne y® 25 of September


Elizabeth daughter of John morris was borne y" 1675
William y® fon of Peter Mallery was borne y® 2 of feptember


matthew fon of matthew ford was borne y® 31 of October 1675

Elizabeth y® daughter of Jn° Smith was borne y® firft of
Auguft 1675

Jofeph fon of Jofeph Peck was borne y® 9*^ of October 1675

Johanna daughter of Jofeph Tuttle was borne y° 13 day of
December 1675

Sufannah daughter of m"" W™ Joens was borne y® 18 day of
Auguft 1675

Tabitha willmot daughter of W'" Willmot was borne y® 12
Nouember 1675

Roger fon of Samuell Ailing was borne y® 9''' of December


Zacheus Canbee fon of Zacheus Canbee was borne y^ 5 of
January 1675

Beniamin fon of Beniamin Bunell was borne y® 4''' of January


Sammuell fon of Jofeph Moff was borne y® 27 of January 1675

John fon of Jn" Tomas was borne 4 march 1675

Nathaniell fon of Nathaneell Potter borne y® 20 of february

[65] The names of pfons y' have beene marryed in New-

Abraham Bradlye & Hannah Thompfon were marryed by m""
W" Jones December 25^'' 1673

John Holt & Elifabeth Thomas were marryed by m"" w°
Leete Jan'^ 1673

John Payne & Abigaile Brockett were marryed by James
Bifhop Jan"^ 22^'' 1673



Samuell fford & Elifabeth Hipkins were marry ed by m'' W"
Leete Jan"^ 27"^ 1673

Cap*^ Aron Cooke & Elizabeth Nafh wer Marryed y® 2 of
Decern: by Jn° Nafh 1676

Henry Brooke & Hannah Blackly wer married by m'' Joans
y® 21 of December 1676

John Perkins & wer married 16 may 1677

Sammuell Baffett & mary Dickerman were marryed y^ 21 of
June: by Jn° Nafh 1677

Sammuell Hummerfon & Hannah Johnfon wer marryed y® 21
of June by Jn° Nafh 1677

hitherto Co. dark

Ebenezer Hill & mary Brooke wer marryed before m"" Joens
y® 24 of October 1677

Ebenezer Beecher & Phebe Pringle wer married y^ 5'^ of
Nouember 1677 certify ed by maior Robbert Treat Deputy Gouer-

Thomas Hodgfkins & Sarah willmot wer marryed y® 27 of
Nouember by Jn° Nafh 1677

Beiamin Bradly & Elizabeth Tomfon wer married y^ 29 of
October by Jn° Nafh 1677

John Tod and Sarah Blackman wer married y® 20''^ of Augiift
as certifide M'' Gilbert 1677

Ebenezer Hill & Mercy Brooks were married by m"" W" Joens
24 of October 1677 ^'^

[66] Births of Chilldren

Abigale daughter of Jn° Paine was borne y^ ly^^ of march

Sufanna daughter of John Ailing Ju"" was borne y® 16 of
march 1675/6

Nathaneell Tuttle fon of Jona Tuttle 25 february 1675

Mary daughter of Jofeph Jones was borne y^ 17 of march

John fon of Samuell Loins was borne y® iS'^' of Aprill 1676

Theophilus fon of Jams Heaton was borne y® 25 of march

Matthias Hitchcock fon of Eliakim Hitchcock was borne y®
I of Aprill 1676

Abigail daughter of Nathaneell Thorp was borne y® 15**' of
May 1676

Elizabeth Smith daughter of Thomas Smith was borne y® 11'*'
of June 1676

Jofeph fon of William Chatterton was borne y® i of June

^f' Entry crossed out.


Samuell Harriman fon of m"" John Harriman was borne y*
25'^ of June 1676

Elizabeth daughter unto m"" Thomas Trowbridg was borne y'
30 of June 1676

John Blacksley fon of John Blackfly was borne y^ 15 of July

Hannah daughter to Jn° punderfon born the 29 July 1676

Mary daughter of Sammuell Ford was borne y® ii'*' of feptem-
ber 1676

Efther daughter of Henry Briftow was borne y® 3 of October

[67] Births of Chilldren in Newhauen

W": Ruffell fon of Jn° Ruffell was born y« 2 Sep'' 1676
John fon of John Brockett was borne y® 23 October 1670
Abigail: daughter of John Culluer was born 13 None"" 1676
Elizabeth daughter of Daniell Sherman y^ 20 feptem 1676
Sarah daughter of Will Johnfon was borne 6 Noue"" 1676
Thomas y*^ fon of Eleazer Holte was born nouember 4*^ 1676
John : mixx fon of John mixx was borne y® 25 Auguft 1676
Sarah daughter of Nathan Andrews was borne ^j octob'" 1676
Mercy daughter of John Baffett was Borne y° 15 Decem"" 1676
Jofhua Tuttle fon of Tho: Tuttle was born: 19 Decemb'' 1676
Mercy Pardee daughter of Georg Pardee was born 16

January 1676

Nathaneell fon of John Downe was borne y" 2^^'^'' of Decem'"


Sarah daughter of Samuell Tod was born 3 of feb"" 1676
Jofeph fon of Beniamin Pecke was borne y® 26 feb"": 1676
Elizabeth daughter of Jn° Glouer was borne y^ 23 february


Theophilus fon of Samuell IMiels was born 17 march 1676/7
John fon of Samuell Clarke was Borne 23 of febru^ 1676
Abiah daughter of Jn° Parker was borne y" 26 march 1677
Mary daughter of Will Willmot borne y® 7 January 1676
Hanah daughter of Edmund Dormen borne i march 1676/7
Jofeph fon of Edward Granis was borne y* 12 march 1676/7
Martha daughter to Richard Little was borne 29 march 1677
Rachell daughter of Samuell Brown was borne 14 Aprill 1677
Samuell fon of Jn° Tom fon was borne i of may 1677
Annah daughter of Jofhua Culluer born 15*'' may 1677
Hannah daughter of Beniamin Bouden borne 6'*" may 1677
Thomas fon of Thomas Sanford was borne y* 25*'' may 1677
Sarah daughter of Mofes Manffield was borne y® 14 of June


Allerto ftarr fon of Beniamin ftarr was born y® 6 day of

January 1676



[68] The Names of perfons y' haue dyed in Newhauen
Samuell fon of Jofeph Moff dyed 28 Aprill 1676 ^^
Sarah Trowbridg dyed y^ 20''' of March 1675/6
Elizabeth Nafh wife unto Jn° Nafh dyed y*" i of May 1676
mary wife of Jfaac Turner dyed y® 3 of May 1676
Rebecca Tuttle wife unto Jonathan Tuttle dyed y** 2 May 1676
Mary wife unto Tho barnes dyed y® Aprill 1676
Nicolas Pinion dyed Aprill 1676
Philip Leek dyed May 1676

Rog"" Ailing fon of famuell Ailing dyed 2' of May 1676
Elizabeth daughter of Jofhua Culuer dyed y® 2 of May 1676
Jn° Auftin fon of Jn^ Auftin dyed y^ 10 of february in y*
7'^ year of his age 1675
Entered 15 June 76 ^^
Mercy Auftin daughter to Jn° Auftin dyed y® 23 of January


Johannah Joens Widdow dyed the fifth of Nouember 1675

Jofeph fon of william chatterton was borne the i of June
1676 ''

Thomas Holte fon of William Holte dyed y^ 3 of June 1676

hither to Co : dark

Eliza: Rofe widdow dyed 28 of July 1677

Sammuell fon 'of matthew moultrop [Dyed] 14'^ octob'"

Annah daughter of Jofhua Culuer 8''' of Sep : 1677

John Gower dyed y® 8"^ of february 1677

Leonard Auftin dyed y^ 8 of march 1677/8

Sarah daughter of John Tod dyed 19 octo"": 1678

[69] The Names & time of birth of children in : N haven
Daniell fon of Daniell Tomas was borne 14**^ february 1676
Daniell fon of will Collins borne 28 may 1677
Samuell fon of matthew moultrop was borne y^ 24 June 1677
Johannah daughter of John Beecher was borne y® 21 of July
Daniell fon of John clarke borne y® 28 of June 1677
Hitherto to y® county clerk ^*
Roger fon of Samuell Ailing y® 28 of July 1677
Ebenezer froft fon of Jn° fro ft y® 15 of Auguft 1677
Mary daughter of Jn°: Cooper y** 4: of Septemb"" 1677
Elizabeth daughter of Natha: Potter y* 30*^ Auguft: 1677
Elizabeth daughter of John Paine y® 2 of octo"": 1677
Efther Auger daughter of Robbert Augur y® 19 octo' 1677

11 Marginal note.

^2 Marginal note.

18 Entry crossed out.

1* Marginal note.


John fon of John Auftin was borne y^ 14^'^ of octo"" 1677
Thomas fon of Bartholemevv Jacobs 2 Nouem'" : 1677
Jofeph fon of Thomas Tallmadge y^ 2 Decem"" 1677
Nathaneell fon of John barnes y** 7^^ Nouem'" 1677
Samuell fon of Jofeph Jones y^ 6''' Nouem"" 1677
Abraham fon of Samuell Hemingway Decem"" 3 1677
Martha daughter to Jeremiah Hull y*" 25 Nouem"" 1677
Elizabeth daughter of Jn" Brockett 26 Nouem"" 1677
Jfaac fon of Abraham Dickerman y^ 7 Nouem"" 1677
Samuell fon of Jofeph Pecke was borne 29 Decem"" 1677
Mary daughter of Jn° Dauis was borne i January 1677
Annah daughter of Beniamin Bunnell 8 January 1677
Ebenezer* fon of Jofeph Manffield was borne 6 february 1677
Jn° fon of James Denifon was borne y*^ 6: of february 1677
Jofeph fon of Jofeph Bradly was borne y® 15 of february 1677
Samuell fon of Eliakim Hitchcocke borne y^^ march 1677/8

[70] The Names & Time of chilldren borne in Newhauen
Hannah daughter of Beniamin Brocket born 19 march

Hanah daughter of Jn° Thomas Junior born 20 Aprill 1678
Jedediah the fon of Nathan Andrews borne 14 May 1678
Sammuell fon of Samuell Smith borne y® 14'^ of May 1678
Hannah daughter of Jn° : Ailing Ju"" was born : 23 may 1678
John: Son of Jn° Perkins was borne y® 3 of June 1678
Jofeph fon of John Hafkins was borne 8^^ of June 1678
Samuel fon of Samuel whithead borne y* 9 of June 1678
The Name Jcabod blotted on y^ other fide was don upon y^

father Jofeph manffield his defyer who would haue him now

recorded Ebenezer having changed y" name June 1678

Ann Harriman daughter of M"" John Harriman was borne v®

6 of July 1678

Sarah daughter of John Tod was borne 13 may 1678
Elizabeth daughter of Jofhua Culluer borne y® 21 Auguft 1678
Samuell fon of Zacheus Canbee borne y^ 24 of July 1678
Nathaneell fon of Nathaneell Hitchcock born 28 of July 1678
Samuell fon of William Johnfon was borne y* 3 Sepf 1678
Elizabeth daughter of Beniamin Bradly 11 Sep"" 1678
Sufannah daughter of Willia chatterton 17 Sep"" 1678
Mary daughter of Jn°: Tomfon fe"": was borne 16 of may 1678
Timothy fon of Jofeph Tuttle borne y* 30 of September 1678
John fon of m"" Joseph Tailor borne y^ 5"" f Octo"" 1678
Jofeph fon of Samuell Clarke borne y* 20'^ of octo"" 1678
Mary daughter of matthew ford born y^ 9 of Auguft 1678
John fon of Robbert Auger born y® 25 Noue"" 1678
Hannah daughter of Ebenezer Hill Sep' 1678

• First written "Jcabod."


[71] Elizabeth Daughter of Henry Steuens was borne y®
10^'' of Decern'" 1678

Efther Daughter of John mixer was borne y^ 25 day of Decem-
ber 1678

Dinah daughter of Daniell Tomas borne 26 Decern'' 1678
Jofeph fon of Samuell Tod borne 29'*^ of January 1678
Johana daughter of Thomas Smith borne: 17 Decem"" 1678
Thomas fon of Jn°: Punderfon born 15 January 1678
Mary Daughter of Sam" Baffett borne y® 14 february 1678
Ehphalet fon of Georg Pardy borne y® 26 Decem'' 1678
Martha daughter of Jofeph Jeuse born y** 5 of march 1678/9
Sarah daughter of Eleazer Holte y® 2 of Aprill 1679
Jofeph fon of Jofeph moff borne y^ 7"" of Aprill 1679
John fon of John Holt was borne y^ 23*'^ march 1678/9
Peter fon of Peter mallery borne y® 22 April 1679
Enos fon of Thomas Tallmadge borne 13 Aprill 1679
Mary Daughter of Jofhua Hodgkins borne y® 30 Aprill 1679
Thomas fon of John morris borne y^ 2 day of Aprill 1679
Mehitabell daughter of John Glouer i may 1679
Elizabeth daughter of Ebenezer Browne y® 13 of may 1679
John fon of John Tod borne y® 11'^ of may 1679
Efther daughter of Beniamin Peck born 1679
Martha daughter of Thomas Tuttle borne y® 23 of may 1679
Mary Daughter of m"" James Dauids y® 9*** of June 1679
Hannah daughter of Eliezer Beecher y® 23 of June 1679
Mary Daughter of Jn° froft born y® 27 July 1679
Nathan fon of John Benham borne y® 10 of July 1679
James fon of Jn° Culuer borne y^ 13 of June 1679
Sarah Daughter of Allen Baoll Ju'" y® 26 of Auguft 1679
Ruth Daughter of Jn° Downe borne y® 5*^ of July 1679

[72] The Names & time of pfons married in Newhauen

Henry Steuens & Johanna Leeke were married by m"" Bifhop
y® 6 of february 1677

Jofhua Ho f kins & mary Pardee wer marryed by Jn° Nafh
y® 29 of Nouember 1677

Peter Mallery Ju'" and Elizabeth Trowbridge wer married y*
28 of may by De: good 1678

Allen Balle & Sarah Tomfon wer marryed by Jn° Nafh y®
24 of Nouem' 1678

John Balle & Sarah Glouer wer marryed y® 11'^ of Decem""
by Jn° Nafh 1678

Daniell Burr & Abigail Glouer were marryed y* 11*'' of Decern""
by Jn° Nafh 1678

Samuell Hodgkins and Sarah Tallmadge were marryed y* : 18 :
March by Jn° Nafh 1678/9

M"" James Dauid & Bathfhua How were marryed the 23 of
October before m' James Bifhop afst 1667


Simon Heyers & Elizabeth Starr wer marryed y® 22^*^ of July
before Jn° Nafh Afist 1679

Phillip Paine & Mary Nafh wer marryed y^ i of January
before mee Jn° Nafh 1679

Jn° Potter & mary Ruffell wer married by M"" W" Joens y*
29''' Decem" 1679

hither to y® County Clerk^*

Jofeph morris & Efther Winfton marryed the 2 of June before
m"" James Bifhop 1680

[73] The Names of pfons and y® time of theyer manage in

Enfigne Jn° miels & mary All f up the 2 day of Nouember
before Jn" : Nafh 1680

Richard Sperry and Martha Manffield the 16^'^ day of Decern'
before m"" James Bifhop 1680

John Hill & Hannah Grannis wer marryed by m"" William
Jones y* 13'^ of January 1680

Jofeph Smith & Lydia Briftow wer marryed y^ 6 of May 1680
before Jn° Nafh 1680

Ralph Loines & Abiah Baf fett were marryed the ^'/^'^ of Aprill
before Jn° Nafh 1681

Jonathan Atwater & Ruth Peck wer marryed y^ i day of
June by m"" Richard Law of Stamford 1681

John Row & Abigale Allsup were married y® 14 of July before

Online LibraryOrder of the Founders and Patriots of America. ConVital records of New Haven, 1649-1850 (Volume pt. 1) → online text (page 4 of 51)