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Jn° Nafh 1681

Jn° Watfon & Elizabeth Hudfon wer marr^^ed y® 30'^'' day of
march by m"" James Bifhop 1681

Jn° Prout & mary Hall wer marryed the 23'^ of Auguft
before Jn° Nafh 1681

Miels Maruin & Hannah Miles wer marryed y® 20^*^ of Sep-
tem'" before m'' Will Jones 1681

hitherto to County Clerke Nouem"" 1681

John fon of John Row borne y® 23*^ October 1681 ^^

Georg fon of Samuell Smith borne y® 4 octo"" 1681*^

[74] The time and Names of perfons that haue dyed in New

L' Sammuell mieles y® 24 Decern'" 1678

old Richard Johnfon y® 25 of march 1679

Jofeph fon of Samuell Tod y® 22 march 1678/9

Benia : Brockett dyed y® 22 may 1679

y® Wife of William Gibbons June 1679

Timothy Tuttle fon of Jofeph Tuttle dyed y® 21"" of Nouem"^
Anno 1678

Jn° Glouer dyed y® 29 of January 1679

1* Marginal note.
1' Entry crossed out.


hither to y® County Clerk^®

Ephraim How dyed y^ 8"" of Septem'" 1680

Jofiah foil of Jn" Paine dyed y® 16"^ of Septem"" 1680

EHzabeth y® wife of Jn° Harriman dyed y^ lo'** January 1680

Jn°: Punderfon dyed y® ii^*" day of february 1680

y^ wife of Timothy ford dyed y^ 2$^^ of July 1681
Richard fon of Mofes Manffeild dyed y^^ of Auguft 1681
Martha daughter [of] Phillip paine 15 Nouemb"" 168 1
Thomas Powell dyed y*" 3 of October 1681
hitherto to y** County Clark Nouem"" 1681
Jeremiah Whitnell dyed y*' ii*^^ of march 1681/2
Jofhua fon of Jonathan Atwater dyed 16"^ of march 1681/2
Sarah Daughter of Jn° Tod dyed 26 of June 1682
Elizabeth wife of Samu" Ailing dyed y® 8'^ Decem"" 1682
hitherto giuen to County Clerk

[75] The time and Names of Perfons that haue died in New


Mercy wife of Jn" Austin Buried y*" 14"' day of Aprill 1683

William Thomfon dyed y® 24'^'^ day of Aprill 1683

A child of Jn° Auftins dyed y® 18 Aprill 1683

Caleb fon of Nathan Andrews dyed y° 3^^ of July 1683

Mary Ailing widdow dyed y'' 16^^ of Auguft 1683

Mary daughter of Thomas Tuttle dyed y^ 12"^ August 1683

fufanna daughter of Jn° Ailing Junior dyed y® of October


Sarali Daughter of Sam" Todd dyed y® i of Nouemb*" 1683
John Harriman fe"" dyed y® 21"^ Nouem'' 1683
Mercy daughter of Jn" Auftin dyed 27*^ octob"" 1683
Mary Daughter of Jfaac Turner y® 12'*" Decemb"" 1683
Elizabeth Whitnell widdow dyed y® 6^'' of octob"" 1683
hitherto giuen into y® County Clerk y® 4 of march 83/4
Elizabeth daughter of W" Johnfon dyed 27 february 1683
Lidia Daughter of Samuel Loines dyed 28 of May 1683
Edward Ruffell fon of Mary Ruffell alias Potter being about

10 years old dyed y® 3*^ of Auguft 1684

Hannah daughter of Ralph Loines Ju"" was borne y^ 28*'"

July 1684^^

Timothy ford dyed y® 28'^ of Auguft 1684

John Sackett fenio'' dyed 3 feptember 1684

W-" Baffett dyed y« 29 Auguft 1684

Mary daughter of m"" Jn° Harriman dyed y® 23'^ of Septem'


Mercy wife of George Pardee dyed y® 13'^* of Auguft 1684
Elizabeth Tuttle widdow dyed y® 30''* day of Decemb"" 1684

16 Marginal note.
1^ Entry crossed out.



Mathew fon of Mathew Gilbert dyed y^ lo^'' of February 1684
Abigail Daughter [of] Th" fanford dyed 8 march befor i m"
old 1684/5

hitherto to y^ county clerk June lo^*" 1685

[76] The time and y^ Names of perfons that haue been borne
in New hauen

Mary Daughter of Ely Robbert y^ 2 of Sep"": 1679

Jofiah fon of Jn° Paine born y® 21 Sep'. 1679

frauncis fon of famuell brown y" 7 octo"" 1679

Hannah Daughter of Jn°: Baffett borne y® 2<^ octo"" 1679

Eliphalet fon of Henry Briftow born y^ 2 of octo"" 1679

Samuell fon of Nathanell potter was borne y^ 3 of October

Abigail daughter of Jn° Cooper Ju"" was borne y® 3 of Octo**


Thomas fon of Henry Brooks borne y® 2.']^'^ day of march 1679
Beniamin fon of Beniamin Bunnell borne 29 Nouem"" 1679
Samuell y® fon of matthew moultrop y^ 13 Aprill 1679
Willia fon of Thomas sanford y® 29 of Nouem"" 1679
Thomas son of william willmot y* 21 of feptem'' 1679
Mary Daughter of Thomas Barns borne 21 of Nouem"" 1679
Sarah daughter of Will: Collins borne y® 31 Decem"" 1679
Elizabeth Daughter of Jn° Clark borne 8 January 1679
Mary Hodgkins Daughter of Sam" Hodgkins was borne y'
I of January 1679

Mary Daughter of John Sperry was borne 16*^ January 1679
Elizabeth daughter of Sam" ford borne y® 19 of februar}^ 1679
Samuell fon of Daniell Sherman IxDrn y^ 27 Jan'"y 1679
James fon of Jofeph Pecke borne y^ 17*^^ of february 1679
Jofia fon of Jn° Tomas borne y* 15 of January 1679
Mary Daughter of Sam" Loins borne 29 of January 1679

[77] The time and Names of children borne in N hauen
Theophilus fon of Samu" Ailing born y* 17*'' febru'^y 1679
Auftin fon of Jn° Smith borne y® 14 of february 1679
Hannah: Daughter of Sam" Tod borne 17''' februa'^ 1679
Elizabeth Daughter of Phillip Allcocke y* 6*'' of febua'"^' 1679
Sufanna Daughter of Jofeph Tuttle borne y® 20'^^ february 1679
A'bigale Daughter of Jn°: Tomfon borne y® 24 februry 1679
Rebecca Daughter of Abraham Dickerman was borne y^ 27'^ of
february 1679

Gideon fon of Nathan Andrews borne y® 9*'' of march 1679/80

Steuen fon of Jn° Perkins borne y® 7**^ Aprill 1680

hither to y® county dark

Mofes fon of Jn°: Brockett borne y® 23*'' of Aprill 1680

Mary Daughter of will : John fon borne y® i Aprill 1680

Mercy Auftin Daugh : of Jn° Auftin born y« 17''^ Aprill 1680


Jfraell fon of Jn° Barns borne y^ 22"^ of Aprill 1680

James Heton had a fon Recorded formerly borne y^ 25'** of

march as may bee feene in looking backe in y** Records of 1676:

which for reafons mouing him thereunto he after Named Seth

and now doth record his name Seth 1676

Theophilus fon of James Heton & Sufana daughter of James

Heton born y^ 12'^ Aprill 1680
Mary Daughter of Edmund Dorman born y® 12*^ of may 1680
Eliphalett fon of Jn°: Ball borne y^ 2<f' of May 1680
Sarah: Daughter of Beniamin Bradly born y* 7'^'^ of June 1680
Elizabeth Daughter of Nathan'' Thorp y^: 21 July 1680

[78] Births

Richard fon of mofes manffeild was borne y^ 20''' of July 1680
Hannah Daughter of Sam": Humerfton y* 21^'' of July 1680
Samuell fon of Thomas Hodgkins borne y^ 7th of Septe'' 1680
Abigael Daughter of Jn°: Potter borne y^ 2}^ Septem'' 1680
Sarah Daughter of m' Tho : Trowbridg borne y® 24 of Septem-
ber 1680

Lidia Daughter of Simon Eyer born y® 17 Sep"" 1680
Eliakim fon of Eliakim Hitchcocke was borne y® 2 of October
Mary Daughter of Jn° Ailing borne y® 14*'' : Sep"" 1680
Abigail Daughter of Nathanee" Hitchcocke y® 26 octo'' 1680
Jfaac fon of Jfaac Beecher borne y* 20'^^ of Octo"" 1680
Mary Daughter of m"" Jn° : Harriman borne y^ 7"^ Nouem"" 1680
Daniell fon of Simon Tuttle borne y** 11'^: of Nouem: 1680
John fon of Jn°: Ruffell was borne y'' i of Nouem"" 1680
John fon of Matthew ford was borne y^ 11*'' Nouem"" 1680
Damaris daughter of Jn°: Punderfon born y^ 25 Decern"" 1680
daughter of Beniamin Bowden

Stephen y® fon of Sam^' whithead was Borne Janvary 29 1680
Steuen fon of Samuell Clark borne y® 24*^^ of Decern"" 1680
Samuell fon of Jofeph Bradly borne y® 3 of January 1680
Lidia Daughter of Allen Ball borne 2^ of January 1680
Hannah Daughter of will : Chatterton born y® 23 January 1680
Jofiah fon of Jn° Hodgkins borne y® 24*^^ of January 1680
Jonathan fon of Jn° : Tod borne y® 20 february 1680
Martha Daughter of Georg Pardee y® 18"^ of march 1680
Samuell fon of Jofeph mofs born y® 18 march 1680/81
Lazarus fon of Jofeph Jeues borne y® 19*^ of february 1680

[79] Births

Nathanee" fon of Eleazer Beecher borne y® 24"^ January 1680
William fon of Jn° Paine borne y® 24**^ february 1680
Mary Daughter of Zacheus Canbee y® 18'^^ february 1680
Jofeph fon of Jofeph Smith borne y® 5*^^ march 1680/81
John y® fon of m"" James And Bathshua Dauid was borne y®
6**" day of march Ano 1680/81



Rebecca Daughter of Jn°: Thomas borne y® 20''' of feptem*

Jofeph fon of John Holte borne y® 22^'' of January 1680
Ebenezer fon of Beniamin Peck born y^ 24*^*^ of Aprill 1681
Lidia Daughter of Bartholomew Jacobs y® 3 of Aprill 1681
Sarah Daughter of Sam" Hodgkins born y^ y^^ of Aprill 1681
John fowler fon of mark fowler born y° i of march 1680/81
Samuell fon of Daniell Tomas was borne y® 13'^'' of January

Samuell fon of Tho: fmith was borne y^ 24"^ of may 1681
Japheth fon of Jofeph manffeild borne y^ 8"" of July 1681
Hannah Daughter of Jn°: Coos was borne y^ lo"' of Auguft

Hannah Daughter of Jn° Dauis born 20^*^ Aprill 1681
Hannah Daughter of Jn° Blaxely born 6 Auguft 1681
Hannah Daughter of En: Jn° miels born y® 20 Auguft 1681
Steuen fon of Jofhua Hodgkins borne y^ 25*^^ of Auguft 1681
Martha daughter of Phillip Paine was borne y® 24*'' day of

October 1681
Unice daughter of Ebenezer Brown 26 octo'' 1681
hitherto to y^ County Clerke Noueni"' 81
Sufanna Daughter of Eleazer Holt 21 octo*" 168 1
Phebe Daughter of Sam" Baffett born y® 9'^'' of October 1681

[80] Birthes in Newhauen

Jn° Row fon of Jn° Row borne y^ 23"^ of October 168 1
Georg fon of Samuell Smith borne y® 4**^ October 1681
Caleb fon of Peter mallery borne y® 3^ of Nouem^ 1681
Sarah daughter of Nath" Potter born 31 October 1681
Elizabeth daughter of James Denifon borne 21 Noue"" 1681
Peter fon of Ely Robberts was borne y^ 25 Nouemb"" 1681
Phillip fon of Phillip Alcocke borne y® 19 Noueber 1681
Abigail Daughter of Jn°rHill borne y^ 24 Decem"" 1681
Richard Sperry fon of Jn° Sperry borne y® 19 Decem"" 168 1
A fon of Jn° Bale born 12^^ Decern'" but dyed a few days
after 1681
Mofes fon of Rich: fperry born y'' y^^ of January 1681
fon w™ Robberts of December 1681

Phillip fon of Henry Steuens born y® 16'^ January 1681
Lidia Daughter of W": Johnfon y^ 7*'' of January 1681
Ann: Daughter of Miels Murwen y® 17*'' of January 1681
Samuell fon of John froft borne y^ 8'^ february 1681
Elizabeth Daughter of John mix borne y® 18'^*' february 1681
Samuell fon of Nath" Thorp born y® 13''' of february 1681
Jofhua fon: of Jonathan Atwater borne y® 21 february 1681
Sarah Daughter of Thomas Barnes born y® 17'*^ february 1681
Sarah Daughter of John Culluer borne y® 17*^ march 1681/82
Sarah Daughter of John Tod borne y® 12 of march 1681/82



Thomas fon of Jofeph morris born y^ 23'^ of march 1682
Jemima Daughter of ]n°: Beecher born y® ii^^ of february 1681
Hezekiah fon of Beniamin Bunnell borne 2^^^ of march 1681/2
Lidia Daughter of Samuell Loins borne y^ 17'*^ february 1681
Hannah Daughter of Beniamin Bradly y^ 18'^ Aprill 1682
EHzabeth Daughter to Jn° Watfon was born 16'^'' January 1681

[81] Elizabeth daughter of william willmot was born y®

24'^'' march 1682

Kezia daughter of Matthew Moultrop was borne y® 13*''

Aprill 1682

Sarah daughter of John baffett was borne y® 3*^ of June 1682
Peter fon of John Perkins was borne y® 18'^ of may 1682
Margarett Daughter of John Prout borne y^^ June 1682
Ann Daughter of Timothy Gibbard born march y^^ 1681/2
Beniamin fon of John Clarke borne y® ii'*^ of June 1682
Rebecca daughter of Eliazer morris borne 20'^'^ June 1682
William fon of Mercy Mofs was borne y® 28*^ of June 1682
Elizabeth y® daughter of m' James & Bathshua Dauids was

born y^ 14"^ day of July in N-hauen 1682

An Daughter of Jn°: Smith: was born y® 11*^ of Auguft 1682
Caleb fon of Nathan Andrews born y® 16'^^ of Auguft 1682
Simon fon of Simon Eyre borne y^ 5*^^ day of Septem"" 1682
John fon of Jofeph pecke borne y® 6 day of octob"" 1682
Rebecca daughter of Richard Higginbottom y® 16 of octo*"

Caleb fon of Samuell Munfon borne y® IQ**": of Nouem"" 1682
Ann Daughter of Robbert Auger born 14'^ None. 1682
Hanah Daughter of Abraham Bradlye born 8^*^ Nouem, 1682
Mary Daughter of Nathan" mix borne y® 18'^^ of Noue : 1682
Sarah daughter of Richard Rofwell born y^ 5'^ Dece 1682
Margaret daughter of John Dauis was borne y® 18'^ of Nouem'"

Unice daughter of Daniell Sherman was borne y^ 10^'' Noueb'


Sarah daughter of Thomas Sanford was borne y* 26 Noueb'

Sufanna daughter of John Barnes was borne y^ 16*^ Decem

Dorothy daughter of John Bale was borne y^ 10*'^ December

hitherto giuen in to y® county Clerk

[82] Birthes in Newhauen

Ebenezer fon of Eleazer Beecher was borne y® 25*^ of Decem-
ber 1682

Bathshua Daughter of Mofes Manffield i*'* of January 1682
Jonathan fon of William Collins borne y* 25'^^ of May 1682


Mary Daughter of Samuell Humerfton born y* 17'^ January


Mary Daughter of Enos Tallmadg borne y® 3*^ of february 1682
Anna Daughter of James Heton was borne y® 23"" Decern'' 1682
Nathan fon of Sam" Clark borne y® 20"" of february 1682
Sarah Daughter of Tho Hodgkins borne y^ 18''' of february

Johanna Daughter of Dauid Atwater borne y® 24"' februay 1682
Samuel fon of John Paine born y^ 27''' februay 1682
Ebenezer fon of Jsaac Beecher borne y^ 24''' february 1682/3
Samuell fon of Sam" Hotchkis born y^ 6''' of March 1682/3
Abigail Daughter of John Brockett borne y^ 31'^ March 1683
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Tallmadge borne 12*'' february

John Win f tons Daughter Elizabeth was borne 13"' march

Ann Daughter of Jn° Tomfon was borne y" 20"" of march

A fon of Jn° Auftin born y^ 5 of April! 1683
Lidia Daughter of Jofeph Smith borne y^ 26'^ of Aprill 1683
Leonard fon of m'" Jn° Harriman was borne y® ^^^ of June 1683
Dauid fon of Dauid Perkins was borne y® 14*'' of may 1683
Mary daughter of Jn° Blakly was borne y" 15"' of may 1683
Recompenc fon of Daniell Tommus borne y^ 27 May 1683
Henry fon of Henry Bristow was borne y®: 20*^ of June 1683
Elizabeth daughter of Jofeph Tuttle borne y« 12"^ of July 1683
Mary daughter of Jn° punderfon borne y* i^^ of Auguft 1683
Ephraime fon of Nath" Tuttle borne y'= 20*^ of July 1683
Dauid fon of Jonathan Atwater was borne y® S**" day of Auguft


[83] Birthes in Newhauen

Thomas fon of Jofeph Jues was borne y^ 22'^ of Auguft 1683
Samuell fon of Samuell ford borne y^ 31'^ of Auguft 1683
Abigail daughter of Jn° morris y® 22 of Auguft 1683
Martha daughter of Jofeph Bradly y^ of Auguft 1683 ' •
Jofeph fon of John Cooper borne y* ii*^^ Sep"" 1683
Jonathan fon of Jn° Ailing Ju'" borne y® 13*'' of Octob"" 1683
Mary Daughter of John Todd was borne y^ 26'^ of feptemb*"

Elizabeth Daughter of Ely Robberts borne 28 of feptemb' 1683
Daniell fon of John Miels was borne y« 20*^^ of feptemb"" 1683
Jane Daughter of William Thompfon borne 2g^^ Octo'' 1683
John fon of Georg Pardee Juno"" was borne y« 4^^ Nouem' 1683
Abigail Daughter of Thomas Smith was borne 17''' octob' 1683
Mary Daughter of Tn° Watfon was borne y^ ii^'^ December



Jfaac & Jacob twins fons of fam" : Hemingway born y® 6'^

Decemb'" 1683
John Ion of Eliakim Hitchcock borne y® i^' of Nouemb"' 1683
Martha Daughter of Jofhua Hodgkins 14 Decern"" 1683
Rachell Daughter of Beniamin Bunnell borne y^ 16"' Decemb""

Elizabeth Daughter of Will Johnfon borne ii^*" January 1683
Elizabeth daughter of John Sperry borne y® 17^^ January 1683
Sarah Daughter of John Hill was born y® 11''" January 1683
Thomas fon of Marke fowler born y^ S^^ January 1683
Tabitha daughter of Eleazer Holt born y® 30^'' January 1683
Marg'aret daughter of Jn° Gibbs borne y® 29 of January 1683
Sarah Prout daughter of John Prout 7**^ January 1683*
hitherto giuen in to y^ County Clerk y*' 4 march 83/4

[84] The Names of Per fons that haue been marryed in New
hauen & y" time of y** mariage

Richard Rofwell & Lidya Trowbridge were marryed y^ 22*^
Decem"" before Jn° Nafh 1681

Samuell Brockett & Sarah Bradlye were marryed y® 23*^^ of
May 1682 before Jn" Nash 1682

Enos Tallmadg & Hannah Yale were married the 9'*^ of may
before M"" John Nafh 1682

John Winfton & Elizabeth danyell were married y® 9'^ of
May 1682 Before m"" James Bishop 1682

John Tomfon & Rebecca danyell were married y® 9*^ of May
1682 : Before m"" James Bishop 1682

Jonathan Perkins & mary Ellcock were marryed y® 14*'' day of
June before John Nash 1682

Dauid Perkins y** 8''' day of June before Cap*: James Fitch

Nathan Smith & Esther Goodyer were marryed y® 10'^ day
of August before Jn° Nafh Afis" 1682

Natha" Tuttle & Sarah How were married the 10'^ of
Auguft 1682 Before m"" James Bifhop 1682

• John Atwater & Abigail Manffeild were marryed y® 13*^ day
of feptem"" 1682 before m"" W" Jones 1682

Samuell Murrein and Sarah Woodden wer married y® 13*''
day of December 1682 befor: Jn° Nafh Afis* 1682

William Thomfon & Johannah Glouer wer married y® 28"*
day of December 1682 before Jn°: Nash Afis* 1682

hitherto giuen in to y® county clerk

[85] Marriages

Daniell Hotchkins & Efther Sperry wer married the 21*'' day
of June befor Jn° Nafh 1683

• Crossed out.


Jn° Goodyer & Abigail Gibbard wer marryed the 26^*^ day of
June before Jn" Nash 1683

M"" John Will f on & Sarah Newton were married 4^^* day of July
1683 by y^ Gouenor 1683

Nathaneell Sperry & Sarah Dickerman were marryed the 2**
day of October 1683 before Jn° Nash 1683

John woodruff & Sarah Cooper were marryed the 25''' day
of October 1683 before Jn° Nash 1683

Samuell Ailing & Sarah Chid f ye were maryed the 26''' day of
Octobe'" 1683 before Jn° Nash 1683

John Trowbridge & Ann Leet were marryed the 19 day of
November 1683 before m'' Andrew Leet 1683

John Roech & Mary Pringle wer marryed the 23 day of
January 1683 before Jn° Nash 1683

John Woolcot & Sarah John f on were married y® 8'*^ of f?ebru-
ary 1683 Before John Nash 1683

hitherto giuen to y® County clerk y® 4 March 83/4

Thomas Mallery & Mary Umberfeild were married by Cap'
Sam" Eals y® 26 March 1684

Thomas Trowbridg & Abigail beard fly wer married by
Major Nathan Gold y^ 26^^ of may 1684

Nathaneell Jones & Abigail Atwater were married by M"" W"
Jones y'' 7"" day of October 1684

Thomas Hinde of Milford and Hannah BriftoU were marryed
y« 10^^ of Nouemb' 1684 before Jn° Nafh 1684

[86] Birthes of Children in N hauen

Robert y® fon of Thomas Talmadge was born October 5*^ 1684*
Sarah Prout daughter of Jn° Prout born y^^ January 1683
James Denifon fon of James Denifon borne y® 5"^ January


John fon of Richard Sperry born y^ 3*^ of March 1683/4
Matthew fon of John Row was borne y^ 14''' februry 1683
Jofeph fon of John Beecher borne y® 13''^ of february 1683
Sarah daughter of m"" John Wilfon was borne y® i of Aprill

Ann Daughter of John Smith was borne y® S^^ of Aprill 1684
Stephen fon of John Goodyer was borne y* 8"^ day of May 1684
Seth fon of Nathan Andrews was borne y® 2^ day of may 1684
Sufanna daughter of Beniamin bradly borne 10''' July 1684
Stephen fon of Nath" Potter was borne y* 11*'' of July 1684
Peter fon of Peter mallery was borne y* 2^ day of Auguft 1684
Hannah Daughter of Ralph Loins Ju' was born 28'** July 1684
Hester Daughter of Jofeph Morris was born 3^ Sep"" 1684
James fon of John Perkins was borne y® 23'^^ of August 1684
Elizabeth daughter of Tho". Carnes borne y® 3 of Auguft 1684

• Marginal entry.



Thomas fon of Thomas Barnes borne y® 21^^ of July 1684
Abiah daughter of Sam" : Baf fett borne y® i day Decemb""

Elizabeth daughter of daniell Hocthfkis born y^ 30 August


Mary daughter of Matthew ford bom y^ 9 August 1684
Sarah daughter of Enos Tallmadg born y® 2 octob' 1684
Caleb fon of John Hocthkins was borne y® iS**" of Octob'' 1684
John fon of John Trowbridg was borne 2"^ of Nouemb"" 1684
John fon of Eleazer Morris was borne 8 of Octob"" 1684
Anna Daughter of Tho™ Hocthkis was borne 12 December

Jonah fon of Sam" Tod was borne y® 16^^^ Decemb"" 1684
Rebbeca daughter of Nath" mix born y® 23 Nouem^ 1684

[87] Births of Children in Newhauen

Temperanc daughter of Nath" Tuttle borne y® 24**^ Nouemb"":


Jofeph fon of John Mix was borne 18**^ day of Decemb'" 1684
Ebenezer Loines fon of Sam" Loines borne 18"^ day of August


James fon of Samuell Hocthkis borne y® 8^^ of Decemb"" 1684
Ebenezer fon of Beniamin Pecke was borne y® S^^ o^ January


Jeremiah fon of Jonathan At water was borne y® 31*^^ of Janu-
ary 1684

Abigail daughter of Dauid Atwater born 18*^ of January


Joshua fon of Sam" Munfon was borne y^ 7"^ febr: 1684
Allyn fon of Allyn Bale was born y® 21**^ octo"" 1684
Sarah daughter of Jn° Hill was borne 29'*" January 1684
Matthew fon of Matthew Gilbert was born y® i^^ of February


James fon of Ebener Browne was born y® 22'*^ of february

Dorcas daughter of Richard Rofewell was born 21*-^ Decemb'

Jeremiah fon of Jn° Thomas junio' born y® 16*'' february 1684
Mary Daughter of Samuell Tuttle y® 31 January 1684
Jfaac fon of Simon Eyer borne y® 2;^^^ of february 1683
Hannah daughter of Samuel Clarke y® 6*^ Aprill 1685
Eliphalet fon of Jofeph Pecke was borne y^ 12^^ of May 1685
hitherto to y® Countey Clerk 10 May 1685
Hannah daughter of Jofeph Tuttle was born 14 May 1685
Hope & Elizabeth daughters of w™ Johnfon wer born 10 May

May daughter of Ebenezer Hill was borne y^^ June 1685
Elizabeth daughter of Dauid Perkins born 23 January 1684


John fon of John Winfton was borne y® 25 of July 1685
Mary Daughter of will Frederick was borne y® 22"^ July 1685
Lidia Daughter of John Baf fett was borne y^ 10^" August 1685

[88] Birthes in Newhauen

Abiah daughter of Sarah Gibbard widdow born 3'' may 1685
Gideon fon of Samuell Browne borne y® 12''^ July 1685
Nathaneel fon of Daniel Sherman borne y® 5"' August 1685
Richard : fon of m"" John Harriman borne y® 9^*^ of August

Abigail Daughter of Jofeph Jues [Ives] was borne y*^ 17"^

of August 1685

John y* fon of Serg*^ John Ball was born Sept : 30 1685
Seth fon of Jonathan Perkins was borne y*^ 4 of feptemb""


Margaret daughter of Tho™ sperry borne y® 15 august 1685
Sarah daughter of Jn° Ailing was borne y** 29"' Auguit 1685
Sufanna daughter of Ely Robberts was born y^ 14 of October


Abigail daughter of William Thorn fon borne y^ 18 octob'

1685 '

Nathaneel fon of will : Collins born y^ 25^^^ day January 1684
Lidia daughter of Abraham Bradly born y® 28"" day noueb'"


Alary daughter of Joh[n] paine born y® 18''* day Septemb""


Martha daughter of Richard Sperry born 5"" of January 1685
Daniell fon of John Tom fon born y® 31*'^ of octob"" 1685
Hannah daughter of Jn°. Sperry borne y® 4"^ of January 1685
An daughter of Sammuell Burwell born y® 30^'^ Decemb"" 1685
Thomas fon of Tho™ Mallery borne y® 11*'^ of January 1685
John fon of Nathaniel Hicthcock borne y® 28*^ January 1685
Sarah daughter of Natha" Sperry borne y® 17 January 1685
Sarah daughter of ]n° Austin was borne y® 23*^ January 1685
Alexander fon of Tho™ Carnes was borne y® 19**^ Decem: 1685
Samuell fon of Samuell Blakely borne y® 28 January 1685
Sarah daughter of Samuel Ailing was borne y^ 17*"^ January


Hannah daughter of John frost was born y® 2 february 1685
Ebenezer fon of Ebenezer blaxlye & Hannah daughter of

Ebenezer blaxly wer born y® 4*^ febru"". 1685

Jonathan fon of Cap^ Mofes Manffeild born y® 15 febru'"'' 1685
Sarah Daughter of Matthew Gilbert born y® 10''' of March 1685

[89] Birthes of Children in N-hauen

Lidia daughter of Thomas Smith borne y^ 24'^ March 1685/6
Eleazer fon of Eleazer beecher borne y° 21*'' Aprill 1686
Jn° fon of Tho"": Sanford borne y® 6*'' of Aprill 1686


Martha Daughter of Samu" Humerston borne 22"' Nouem""


hitherto to y® County Gierke 17 June 1686

Mary daughter of m"" John Prout borne y^ 16'^ Aprill: 1686

Nathaniell fon of Beniamin Bunnell borne y® May 1686

Abigail daughter of Jofeph Peck was borne y" 2p- May 1686

Hanah daughter of Jofeph Smith borne 1686

Ame Smith daughter of Nathan Smith was borne y° 16''" of

July 1683

Andrew fon of Nathan Smith borne 30"" June 1686
Mary daughter of Ebenezer Smith borne 16 June 1686
Ebenezer fon of Jn° Beecher borne y" 12''' Aprill 1686
Jofeph fon of Ralph Loins junio'" born y® 20"' february 1685
Thomas fon of John Dauis borne 8'*^ day of feptemb*" 1686
John fon of John Bristoll was borne y*^ 4''' day of octobe'' 1686
Jofeph fon of Eliakim Hitchcock y"* 23"' July 1686
Mary daughter of Natha" Potter borne y" 8'^ octob'" 1686

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