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Defyer daughter of Zacheus Canbey born y^ 20'^ octob"" 1686
Dauid fon of John Punderfon borne y^ 3"^ of nouemb"" 1686
Abigail daughter of Eleazer Holt born y® 17'*^ of nouemb""

John fon of John Brockett was borne y® 13"^ of Septemb"" 1686
John fon of Robbert Auger was borne y^ 16*^^ of Nouember

Sarah daughter of Tho"* Trowbridg y'^ 26 of Nouemb*' 1686
Mary daughter of Jonathan At water 31''^ Decem'" 1686
Steuen fon of Jn° Smith was borne 16"^ of Nouemb"" 1686
Rebecca daughter of Dauid Perkins borne y® (^^^ of January


[90] The names of Perfons & y® time of theyer Mariage in

M^ Jfraell Chancy & Sarah Hodshon were married y® 11'''
of Nouemb"". 1684 by m'" W" Jones Afis'

Tho™ Sperry & Elizabeth fearne wer marryed the 18''' day of
Nouemb"" : 1684 Before Jn° Nash 1684

Samuell Blaxely & Sarah Kimberly wer married the 20^*^ day
of Nouemb"". 1684 Before Jn° Nash

Simon Simfon & Tabitha Benton were joyned in mariag y^
27**^ day of nouember Before Jn° Nash Afist 1684

John Austin & Elizabeth Brockett wer joyned in Marriage y®
2V-^ day of January 1684. Before Cap' Tho™ Topping 1684

John Johnfon & Mabell Grannest wer marryed y^ 2.^ of March
1684/5 Before Jn° Nash Afist 1684/5

hitherto to y® County Gierke 10 may 1685

John Humerston & Sarah Tuttle were married y® y® 10 day
of September 1685 : Before Jn° Nafh afist 1685


George Pardee & Mercy Denifon were marryed the ii day of
February 1685 before Jn°: Nash Afist" 1685

hitherto to y^ County Gierke 17 June 1686

Jofeph Pringle & Mary Brown were marryed by m'' James
Bishop D Go"": y^ 19"' day of August 1686

John Tallmadg & Abigail Bifhop were marryed y® 18^*^ of
Nouember 1686 Before Jn°: Nash 1686

John Mallery & Elizabeth Kimberly were marryed y® 30'^ of
December Before Jn° Nash Afist" 1686

Nathan Andrews & Elizabeth Miles were Marryed y® 21'^'^ of
January Before John Nash Afist 1686 ,

[91] Deaths

The names of perfons & y^ time of theyer death

Hope daughter of W™ John f on dyed y® 25"" may 1685 :

Ann daughter of Samuell Burwell dyed y^ 22''' february 1685

hitherto to y® County Clerk 17 June 1686

Dauid fon of Dauid Perkins dyed 25'^ Nouember 1686

Elizabeth daughter of Dauid Perkins dyed 27'*^ nouember 1686

Majo"" John Nash dyed Sabath day morning the third of July

Joseph Rufsell fon of Joseph Rufsell died
Ralfe y® fon of Ralph Liynes Jun"" Dyed y^ Eight day of May


Elizabeth y® wife of Deacon John Chid fey died the of

Elizabeth the Daughter of Decon John Chid fey dyed the 16**"

day of July 1688

Mark ffowler Dyed y® of 16

fifowler wid dyed y^ of July 1688

Prindle y^ Daughter of Prindle dyed at Newhaven

y« of July 1688

John Rofswell foe Called: ets dyed y^ 10'^'' of Aprill: & buryed

ye nth Qf ye game at Newhaven An° 1688
Receved in County book hither

[92] Birthes in Newhauen

Mehitabell Daughter of Enos Tallmadg: borne y^ 13''' Decem""

Jemima daughter of Samuell Tuttle was borne y® 6'^ Decem'

loshuah fon of Dauid Atwater ju"". borne y® 23''' January
1686 .

Elizabeth Daughter of John Hocthkis was borne 18'^ Janu-
ary 1686

Elizabeth Daughter of Will : frederick borne 18*'* february

Ann daughter of Sam" Burwell was born y* 26*'' January


Jonathan fon of Matthew Ford born y® 2&^ January 1686
Abigail daughter of Sam" Hotchkis borne 12"" february 1686
Jfraell fon of Samuell Munfon was borne y® 6'^'^ day of march

Hannah daughter of Jofeph Tuttle born y^ 26^'' of february

John fon of John Johnfon >unio'' was borne y^ 3'^ of march

Samuell fon of Samuell Baf fett born y^ 16'^'' march 1686/7
John fon of Jofeph Jues born y® 18''' January 1686
Steuen fon of John Mix born y^ 24'^^ of march 1686/7
Daniel fon of Sam" Tod was born y^ 14"' march 1686/7
Defyer daughter of John Morris borne y® 29"^ of march 1687
James Paine fon of Jn° Paine borne y® 6'^ of Aprill 1687
Jnt hith""

^th ^^jgt J 53-7 Birth entred Since

Daniell Loines borne y® 24^"^ of December 1686 being y® Son
of Sam" Loines

Elizabeth Mallary borne y® 27"^ of Aprill 1687 being y° daugh-
ter of Peeter Malary Jun""

Phebe Loines daughter of Ralph Loynes, Jun'' borne y® 18^^
of June 1687

[93] Births in Newhaven

Thomas y® son of Thomas Barns waf born July 26^^ 1687

Hannah Jones daughter of Nath" Jones borne the Six of May

Experience Thomas daughter of Daniell Thomas Borne y®
17'^ of Aprill 1687

Mary Thompson daughter of W™ Thompson Borne Tuesday y®
13 of Sepf 1687

Joseph y® fon of Thomas Kernes was borne the 4*'^ of Aug'

Anne y® Daughter of John Talmage borne the 15*^^ day of
Auguft 1687

Desire y® daughter of Benjamin Peck borne the 26''' day of
Auguft 1687

John y® fon of John Mallary borne the Sixt day of September

Joseph Sperry y® fon of Richard fperry Jun' was borne y®
2(f°- day of October 1687

[ ] Rufsell y® fon of Joseph Rufsell was borne y® iS'*" day of
Novemb*" 1687

Sarah y® Daughter of Serg" John Ball waf born Sep*^ 26 1687

Thomas Mix y® Son of Caleb Mix borne the 18'^ day of
December 1685

Caleb Mix y« Son of Caleb Mix borne the 2'j'^'^ of September


Abigail y^ daughter of John Mix was borne y® 17'** day of
Aprill 1687
Entred hither

[94] Births in Newhauen

Hannah y" Daughter of fam" ffoord was born the 16'^*' of
September 1687

Mary y" daughter of Benjamin Bradley was borne the is''' of
Aprill 1687

Lydia the daughter of M"" Richard Rof swell was Borne the
21'^'' day of Auguft 1687

Daniell y*^ fon of Thomas Mallary was borne on the fecond
day of January 1687

Joseph y*' fon of Jofeph Rufsell was borne the of 1687

Steeven y" fon of John Roe was borne on the Sixt day of June

Thankfull Trowbridge daughter of W"" Trowbridge Jun"" was
borne the 25"^ of Sepf 1687

Ebenezer y*" Son of Searg'^ John Allin was Borne y® 22'^ of
November 1687

Elizabeth y*' Daughter of Nathaniell Thorp Jun"" was borne
the Sixt day of March 1687/8

Abigaile y^ daughter of John Bafset was borne y® 15''' day of
March 1687/8

fufanna y® Daughter of M"" John Prout was borne the 8'*^ day
of May 1688

Mathew the fon of m"" mathew gilbert waf borne 15 of march

[95] Births in New haven

Miriam y" daughter of Samuell Blaxley was borne y® Second
day of May Anno 1688

Jemima y® Daughter of Serg' Thomas Talmage was borne y^
11''' of fifebruary 1686

Keziah the daughter of Serg*^ Thomas Talmage was borne y®
27'^ of Aprill 1688

Ebenezer y® Son of W"* Johnson was borne the i5'*' of Aprill
Anno 1688

Mehitabell y® Daughter of John BriftoU was borne y® 29'^ of
June 1688

W™ Luddingtton was borne the 25"^ day of Sepf 1686

Steeven y*^ Son of M'' Thomas Trowbridge Junio"" was borne y®
y^^ day of Septemb'' 1688

Marv the daughter of John Thomas Jun'" was borne May the
<^'^ 1687

Anne y° daughter of M"" John Trowbridge was borne the 20*''
day of July 1688


Nathaniell y^ Son of Samuell Humerfton was Borne the 2i''»
of September 1688

James y* fon of Nath" Bradley was Borne the 12^^ of October

Anna the Daughter of Daniell Barnes was Borne the 15'^ of
Aprill 1688

Anne y" Daughter of w'" Robberts was Bom febuary 2'^ 1688

[96] Mariages

The names of Perfons & time of their marriage

Daniell Barnes & mary Tapen were marry ed the 13'^ of
January 1686 Certified by m'' Giles Hamlin Afist" 1686

Benjamin Robins & Sarah Brooks were lawfully maryed the
29^^^ day of Aug^ 1687 by W"' Jones Afsift^

Andrew Morrison & Sarah Jones were lawfully maryed
togethe the 21'" day of October 1687: By & before W™ Jones
Afsift^ 1687

John Rufsell & Hannah Molthrop were lawfully maryed
together the 17'*^ of Aug' 1687 by & before W™ Jones Afs'. 1687

Jofeph Rufsell & Jane Blackman were lawfully maryed the
12"^ of June 1687: by & before me W"' Jones.

Benjamin Jones & Hannah Browne were maryed the 30''*
of Nov"" 1687. before me W™ Jones Juftice of peace

Nath" Woodden & Martha facket Maryed before y^ Juftices in
fefion the of December 1687

Nath" Bradley & Ruth Dickerman were maryed the of
1687/8 before & by me W"" Jones

Sam" Newman & Elizabeth Rofe were Maryed the 15'^ day of
ffebr"^ 1687/8 before & by me V^^ Jones

Joseph Thomas & Abigaile Pre f ton were Maryed the 21'''
day of March 1687/8 by & before me W" Jones

W™ Baldwin & Ruth Brooks were lawfully Maryed the fecond
day of July 1688 by & before me W'" Jones

Jofeph Pardy & Elizabeth Yale maryed y® 30''' day of Jan^
1688/9 By "^6 me W"*' Jones Juftice of Peace and Court

[97] Mariages

Caleb Chidsey & Anne Thompson were maryed the 10*'' day
of May 1688 by & before M"" James Bifhop Juftice of peace

M"" jchobod Stow And Mary Attwater were maryed the 22**"
day of October 1688 by me W™ Jones Juftice of peace

James Trowbridge & Lydia Alfop were maried the Eight day of
Nov'" 1688 by Mr James Bifhop Juftice of peace

Enfigne Yale of Wallingford & Sarah Nafh were
mar}'ed by M"" James Bifhop Juftice of peace the 8^^ of fifebru-
ary 1688/9

John Allen Jun"": & Abigaile Crannis were maryed y® 20'^ day
of March 1688/9 By M"" James Bifhop Jufice of [peace]


M"" Thomas Trowbridge fen"" & M" Hannah Ball were Maryed
ye 2^ day of Aprill 1689 by M"" James Bifhop Jufict of peace

M"" Patrick ffalconer & m^ Hannah Jones were maryed
according to law by M"" James Bifhop Dep Gov'' the 2d day of
October 1689

Ebenezer Sperry & Abigaile Dickerman were maryed accord-
ing to law by & before W"" Jones Afsift The 21''' day of January

[98] Manages

John Parker & Jane Malby were maryed the 4'^'' of March
1689/90 by me W" Jones Afsiff^

John Chatterton & Mary Clements were maryed the laft of
Aprill 1690 by W" Jones Affift'

Nath'^ Bifhop & Sarah Grannis were maried y^ 28''' day of
Aprill 1690 by me W" Jones Afsift'

John Makey & Mary Thorp were maryed the 6"^ of May 1691
by m W"^ Jones Afsift'

Samuell Attwater & Sarah Allin were maryed the 7''' day of
July 169 1 by me W™ Jones Afsift

Samuel Downe & Christian Pinion were maryed y® firft of
July 169 1 by M"" W"^ Malby Commifsion""

The Reverend M"" James Pierpont & M" Abigaile Davenport
were maryed y® 27"" of October 1691 By me W"" Jones Dep' C

James Trowbridge & Hefter How were maryed by M'" W"*
Malby Comifs"" y® 29'*^ of fepf 1691

Nath" Thorp Sen'' & farah Robins were maried y^ lo"" of
December 1691 by me W Jones D G

Jofeph Tuttle & Elizabeth famford were maried att Milford
by y^ Gov"" lo"* of Novemb*" 1691

Jchn Gilbert & Mary Jves were maried the 21"^ of January
1691/2 by me W"" Jones D: G

Ebenezer Attwater & Abigaile Heaton Maried by me W J
D G in December y* 1691

Sam" Clark & Rebecka Browne were maried the 23"* of fTfeb'
1 69 1/2 by W"" Jones D G

John Potter Jun'' & Elizabeth Hall were maried the 23"^ of
febr: 1691/2 by me W Jones D G""

M"" Sampfon & Betty Jo'* Yales negroes maried 2 of febr 1691

[99] P Contra'^ Cr'=

by Alination paffed To Samuell Hodgeis i houfe and
home Lott at a Court March 2'^: 1651/52 for 11 acres i^' divifsio
to Ed Parker & Jeremiah How May 4''' : 52

for 6 acres land i^' divifion to Tho : Wheeler pafsed may 4*''


[100] Samuel Hodgies Folio

ffor I houfe and home lott bought of John Tompfon pa f fed
at a Court the 2.^ of March 165 1 152


John y^ fon of John Humberfton waf born October 24, 1686

Lidiah y* Daughter of John Humberfton waf born aprill i^*

Sarah & Mary y'' daughter of John Humberfton waf born
aprill 8: 1693

James y'' fon of John Humberfton waf born May 7'*^ 1696

[98a] See first part of book.

The Honara*^' William Jones esquire Deceased October 17*'^:

M" Hannah Jonef (y** Daughter of the Honara'^' Theophilus

€aton) Deceafed may 4^'' 1707 & the wife of y*^ Honar^' william

Jonef esqur

m'" John potter deceafed December 24 1706

M'' John Thomson Deceased June 2.^ anno 1707

M" Hannah Trowbridge widow Relict of Thomas Trow-

bridg esqur Deceased feb^ : 3*^ 1707/8

Lidiah y'' Daughter of m'' Jonathan Atwater deceafed march

30^'' anno 1708

John y'' Son of Sam" Atwater deceased aprill 29'^* 1707

M"" Samuell gaskell Deceased att newhauen December 22*^ 1706

[99a] Manages

John ffroft Jun'" & Abigaile Barnes Maried the 20''' of Aug'
1691 by me W. J. Dep*^ 1691

M"" John Paine & Jemima Alfop maryed y^ 24*'' day of March
1691/2 by me W" Jones Dep* G"" 1691/2

Joseph Lynes & Abigaile John fon were maryed the 30'^ day of
March 1692 by me W J Dep*^ G''

John Moulthrop & Abigaile Bradley were maryed the 29''' of
June 1692 by me W Jones D. G. 1692

Thomas Tuttle Jun*" & Mary Samford were maried the 28'^''
day of June 1692 by Gov"" Treat 1692

Nath" Kimberly Jun"" of Hannah Downes were Maryed the
22'^ of Sepf 1692 before me W. J. D. G"" 1692

Nath" yale & Ruth Bishop were maryed the 11*'' day of
October 1692 by M*" John Mofs 1692

Jsaack Jones & Deborah Clark were maryed at ftratford the
21*^ of Nov"" 1692 by W" Jones Dp Gov*" 1692

W" Willmot & Mary Chid fey both of Newhaven were Maryed
by M"- W" Malby Comifs'" the 20''' of Octob'' 1692

Henry Toles & Dorothy Thomas were maried y® 13*** day of
Aprill 1693 by me W'" Jones Dp Gov"" 1693


Caleb Chidfey & Hannah Dickerman were maryed by Cap*
Manffield Afsift' y° 6*^ of July 1693

John Gilbert & Mary Jones were maried the 20'^ of Jan''^
1691/2 ^*

John Munfon & Sarah Cooper were Married the lo'*' day of
November by M"" John Mofs 1692

Jofeph Clark & Elizabeth Lane were maried by M"" John
Mofs Comifs"" in May 1693

Jnt hith'

[looa] Marriages

See first end

John Tuttle & Mary Burroughs were maryed the 29"^ of
May 1689 at New London by Cap' Mory Comifsion*" 1689

M"" Nath" Waad & M" Mary Davenport were maryed the 21'''
day of May 1694 by W™ Jones Dp Gov'" 1694

The Rev** M"" James Peirpont & M" farah Haynes were
maryed at Hartford by L*. Col. Allen Afsift' y^ 30"^ of May 1694

Thomas Hum^'fton & Elizabeth Samford were maried at
Wallingford by M' Jo° Mofs Com^ y« 31*'^ of May 1694

Entred hith""

Joseph Dorman & Mary Willmot were lawfully Maryed by
Eliezer ftone Com'' Aug' 24'^ 1693

entred 31. July '94

Daniell Sperry & Deborah Peck were maried at Lime by m*"
V^"" Eely Com' y« 3*^ day of Aprill 1694

Ebenezer Downes & Mary Vmberfeild were maryed by Majo""
Manffeild on y^ 28'^ day of Novemb"" 1694

M' John Hud f on & M" Elizabeth Trowbridge were maried
the fift of Aprill 1691 by M"" W" Jones D. G 1691

Entred hith"" in y® County Records

will wooden and Jane hollin ware maryed y® 26 of June by
m"" John moss comisomer': 1695

Sam" Bifhop and hanah Talma dg widdow were maryed by
m' Jones Dep gov november 14'^ 1695

Sam" Thompson and Rebecka Bifhope were maryed y® fame
day by m"" Jonef Dp gov november 14: 1695

given to y® County Recorder

[loi] Births att Newhaven

Thomas y® fon of Enos Talmadge was Borne the 7"^ of Decem-
ber 1688

Ruth y® daughf of Jonathan Attwater was born the la ft day
of December 1688

Daniell the fon of Nathinell Potter was Borne the firft day
of January 1688/9

18 Entrr crossed out and the words "Entered before" written above it.


Thankfull y^ daughter of Eliezer Beecher was borne the 10*^
day of March 1688/9

Ebenezer the Son of Nathaniell Hitchcock was borne att New
haven y^ 9^*" day of Aprill 1689

Sufanna y^ daughter of Ebenez Blakeley was borne the 21"
of May 1689

James y^ fon of John Talmage was borne on tuesday y® ii^''
of June 1689

Sarah y*" daughter of Andrew Morrifon was borne on Sabeth
day y^ 7*'' of July 1689

Jofeph y® Son of John Briftow was Borne y® 9*'' day of Aug'

Phineas y® fon of Sam" Clark was borne the 2']'^'^ day of June

Abigaile y® Daughter of Sam" Clark was borne the fixt day of
Sept^ 1689

John y« Son of Jofeph Pardy 20"" of Octob"" 1681

Thomas fon of John Johnfon borne 12"^ Jan^ 1689/90

[102] Births in Newhaven

Mary the daughter of Jofeph Peck was borne On ffryday y*
Sixt day of October 1689

Mary daughter to John Perkins borne y® 9^** of Octob' 1689

Alice y® daughter of Ralfe Lines Jun' borne y® 27**^ of February

Benjamin a pofthume Child of Benjamin Lines Deced Borne
y« 8"^ of Nov"" 1689

Ebenezer the Son of Abraham Bradley was borne y® 9'^^ day
of November 1689

John Y Son of John Hill borne y® 5' of Nov"" 1687 [9?]

Mehitabell y® daughter of John Woolcot was borne y® 30*^ of
November 1689

John y^ Son of M' John Prout was borne at Newhaven the
19''' of November 1689

James y® Son of James Trowbridg was borne y^ 13*** day of
Sept' 1689

Abigaile y® daughter of John Allen Jun' was borne y® 9*'^ of
January 1689/90

Rebecka y^ daughter of John Cooper was borne y® day of

Sarah y® Daughter of Jeremy Osbourne was Borne y* 19'^ of
May 1689

Abigaile y® daughter of Sam" Tod was Borne the 27'^^ day of
January 1689/90

Abigaill y® Daughter of Zachrus Cande waf bom aprill 1689

[103] Births in Newhaven

Theophilus y® Son of Nathaniell Jones was borne on tuefday
the 18 of y« i" Moneth or March 1690


Obadiah y® fon of Daniel Hofkifs was borne on thurfday
the 20th of y* i'' Month or March 1690

Prisilla y^ daughtor of Joshua Hofkifs was borne the 10*^
day of December 1688

Hannah y° daughter of M'' Thomas Trowbridge fen"" was
borne Sabath day y'' 30"" of March 1690

George y^ Son of Georg Pardy Jun"" was borne the day of

Abraham y^ Son of John Charles borne y** 8'*^ day of Aprill

Aaron y® Son of Thomas Mallary was borne y*" 10^^ day of
March 1689/90 laft pa ft

Anne the daughter of Samuell Burwell was borne y® 19^'' of
June 1689/90

Jsraell y'' fon of Benjamin Bunnell was borne the 12'^'' day of
March 1689/90

Ruth y^ Daughter of Samuell Lines was borne y® 27 of ffebru-
ary 1689/90

John y® fon of Sam" Bafset was borne on Munday y^ 3^ day of
March 1690

Experience y'' Daughter of W"" Trowbridge Jun'" was born
on Sabath day y* 25*^ of May 1690

Mary y*' Daughter of John Winfton Jun"" borne 12''' of March:

Steeven & Daniell The Twin fons of John Winfton Jun"" borne
the 18'^ of Auguft 1690

Anne y® Daughter of Jonathan pirkins waf born nouem*^"" 5

mary y" Daugter of L' John Sacket waf born march i 1690

[104] Births in Newhaven

Elizabeth the daughter of M"" Richard Rofewell was Borne y*
5' day of September 1690

Joseph y® fon of Cap* John Miles was borne the 25"^ day of
Octob'' 1690

Josiah Son of m'' will Thomson born december y" last 1689

Abigaile y® Daughter of Ebenezer fperry borne the 9'^'^ day of
December 1690

Jonathan y® fon of Jonathan Attwater borne y® 4*^*^ of Nov""

John y® fon of Allen Ball was borne Aprill y® 1^^^ 1649

Hannah y® daughter of John Ball was borne Jan''^ y* 12*''

Steeven the fon of Serg* John Allin was borne y® fourth day
of March 1689/90

Robert y*^ fon of Duncan Garnock was borne in Jan'' 1690/91

Benjamin y^ fon of Thomas Smith was borne y® 21^' of Novem-
ber 1690


Ruth y* Daughter of Nathaniell Bradley was borne y^ 23"" of
January 1690/91

Sarah y^ daughter of Nath" Mix was borne the 12*'' of Janu-
ary 1690 /91

Jonathan the Son of Sam" Blakeley was borne the Sixt day of
January 1690/91

Elizabeth y*" Daughtor of Michaell Tod was borne the 12^^
of ffebruary 1690/91

Silence y^ daugher of Sam" Hummorfton was borne about
ye ^th Qf ffebr'"^ 1690/91

Mary the daughter of M'" Thomas Trowbridge Jun"" was borne
the 9*'' of Aprill 1691

Jofeph y^ Son of m"" mathew gilbert waf born May 21^' 1691

[105] Burialls The names of pfons y* have Died in New

John Chidfey Deacon of y® Church of Chrift in New haven
died y^ 31''' of December 1688

Sarah Tod y® wife of John Tod died in Child bed the 16 day
of December (& y^ Infant a daughf died fom day before) 1688

Ralph Lines Sen"" Deced y^ 7^*" of Sepf 1689

Alice y" Daughter of Ralph Lines Jun"" died ye 18'*" of Nov""

Benjamin Lines died y® 26'*^ of July 1689

John Cooper Sen"" Dyed y** 23'^ of November 1689

John y® fon of Jofeph Pardy dyed about y® 27'*^ of Octob""

Helena Thomson wid died y® 8'^^ of Aprill 1690

Tabitha Thomas wid died about Aprill y® i^' 1690

Sam" Whited Dyed Sepf 1690

John Auftin dyed 1690

Jofeph Tuttle died fepf 1690

John Osbill dyed 1690

M"" John Hodfon dyed Octob"" 1690

John Gibbs dyed 1690

Edw*^ Keely dyed Novemb"" 1690

John Man f field dyed Decemb' 22"^ 1690

Mary Mallary dyed Decemb'" 1690

Sam" Benham dyed Novemb"" 1690

W'" Trowbridge Dyed Nov*" 1690

Sam" Heaton Dyed Decemb"" 1690

Nicholas Elfye dyed 20**^ of December 1690

The wife of Edward Prefton dyed 28'^ of December 1690

[106] The names of pfons y^ have Dyed in Newhaven
Sarah Trowbridge Dyed y® 29*'' of Dec"" 1690
Benjamin Jones Dyed y® 30^"^ of December 1690
Eliezer Beecher Child dyed y^ 31 lo'^'" 1690



Sam" Johnfons Child dyed y^ i^' of Jan"' 1690

John Charles Dyed Novemb"" 1690

John ffrofts Child dyed 1690

John ffrofts oth"" Child dyed 1690

Jofeph Jves Child dyed 1690

Martha y^ daughter of Thomas Tuttle dye y® 21^*' of Jan''

Sam" Hmnmerfton dyed y® 26 of Jan"^^ 1690

Jeremy How dyed y^ 6''' of Jan'"^ 1690

Jofeph Alfop Jun"" dyed y« 12^'' of Jan''^ 1690

John Beechers daughf dyed 1690

Allin Ball fon of AUin Ball died at Newhaven the 21 of
Sept^ 1689

Dorothy Ball his wife died y^ 22''' of february 1689/90

Hefter y^ wife of Nathan fmith died y^ 9^^" of febr'' 1690/91

Lydia the wife of James Trowbridge dyed y® ^^^ day of May

Mathew Molthrop dyed y^ 1°' day of ffebruary 1690/91

Thomas Mallary dyed y^ 15^^ of ffebr^ 1690/91

Robrt y** fon of duncan Garnock dyed 15''' ffebr' 1690/91

M"" James Bishop died y® 24''' of June 1691

M""^ Hefter Cofter died the 5^^ day of Aprill 1691

M'' Henry glouer died September y^ 2^ 1689

M""^ Hannah glouer died March y'^ i'^ 1697/8

[107] Newhaven Births entred from May 6''' 1691

Abigaile y'' daughter of John Watfon was borne at Newhaven
the ^^^ of June 1687

Hannah y^ daughter of John Wattfon was borne att Newhaven
the II''' of fifebr 1689/90

Nathaniell y** Son of John Bishop was borne y® iS'** March

John y® Son of John Bafset was borne y^ 11*'' day of July 1691

Margaret y® daughter of M"" Andrew Morrifon was borne the
16'^'' of Aug* 169 1

famuell y® fon of Deacon Jo*" Penderson was borne the 20**'
of September 169 1

Defire y" Daughter of Benjamin Bradley was borne y® 19''' of
Aprill 1690

John y® fon of John Sperry borne the third day of December

Ralph y« Son of Ralph Lines was borne the 23*'' day of Septem-
ber 1690

John y® Son of Jacob Robinfon was borne on the third of
December 1691

Samuell y^ fon of John Bracket was borne y® S'** of Novemb'


John y" fon of John Humerfton borne y® 24}-^ of Octob"" 1686
Lidya y® daughter of John Humerfton borne Aprill y^ i" 1689
Daniell y® Sonne of Daniell Barnes was borne y*" 25^^ day of

January 169 1/2

Elizabeth y® Daughter of Sam" Allen fen^ was born the day

of November 1691

Abigaile the pofthume daughter of Nath" Jones Deced was

borne y^ 26^'' of March 1692

[108] Births

Abigaile y^ Daughter of Sam" Tuttle was borne the 4*^ of
Aprill 1692

Mercy y** Daugher of John Ball was borne the 5'*^ of Aprill

John y® fon of Thomas Talmage was borne the ii^*^ day of
Aprill 1692

Mercy y^ daughter of John Mix was borne the 16'*^ of Aprill

Mary y® Daughter of John Chatterton was borne the y^ 28"^ of
Aprill 1692

Rebecka y® daughter of Samuell Burwell was borne y® 13'*^ of
May 1692

Abigaile y^ Daughter of John Bifhop was borne the of 1692

Samuell y^ fon of Sam" Attwater was borne y® 14**^ of July

Judith y^ Daughter of Peeter Mallary Jun'" borne the 2^ of Sepf

Benjamin y^ fun of Peeter Mallar>^ borne y^ 3*^ day of Aprill

John y® fon of Serg* Thomas Talmage was borne the lo^*^
day of Aprill 1692

Patrick y^ pofthume son of M"" Patrick ffalconar late of
Newark New Eaft Jerfy desed was borne in New haven in
New England the 12^^ of Aug* 1692

Thomas the fon of Jofeph Ofbourne was borne the 23*^ of

Online LibraryOrder of the Founders and Patriots of America. ConVital records of New Haven, 1649-1850 (Volume pt. 1) → online text (page 6 of 51)