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July 1692

Jonathan y® fon of Jeremy Ofbourne was borne the 29*'' of
March 1692

John y® fon of peter Carrington waf born July 10 1692

[109] Births

Benjamin y^ Son of John Barnes was borne on y^ 24"^ day of
Auguft 1693

Nath" Kimberly Jun'' & Hannah downes^

Benjamin y« fon of Benjamin Bradley was borne the firft of
October 1692

1 Entry crossed out.



Mary the daughter of Nath" : Hitchcock was borne the twenti-
eth of July 1692

Abram y° fon of Samuell Bafset was borne the 9"' day of
november 1692

Mercy the daughtor of Samuell Tod was borne the 25''' of
November 1692

Jonathan y" fon of John fmith was borne y® 27''' day of October

John y'= fon of John Thompfon farn/ Jun"" was borne the ii""
day of October 1692

Rebecka y^ daughter of famuell Clark Jun"" was borne the y^'^
of December 1692

Jofeph y® Son of Jofeph Tuttle was borne the lo'*' of Nov'

Elizabeth y® Daughter of M"" Thomas Trowbridge Jun'' was
borne the 29'^ day of March 1693

Lydia y" Daughter of Jonathan Attwater was borne the iS'*'
day of April! 1693

Ebenezer the fon of Joseph Peck was borne in New haven y®
2'^ day of May 1693

Joseph y^ fon of Joseph Pardy was borne y^ 9th of Aug* 1693

Ebenezer y^ Son of Ebenezer f perry was borne the 18'^ day
of ffebruary 1692/3

Thomas y® Son of Charles Plodge was born at Lyme July
12*'' 1692

[no] Births in Newhaven

Sarah y® Daughtor of Nathaniell f perry was borne the 17*"^ of
Janu^ 1685

Rachell y® Daughf of Nath" Sperry was borne y® 2'' of Octob""

Rebecka the daughter of Nath" fperry was borne y® 28'' of
March 1690

Samuell y® fon of Isaack Jones was borne on Wednesday or
4**" day y^ 20''' of September 1693

David y® fon of Nath" Yale was born y^ 21^' of feptemb""

Anna y® Daughter of m"" Andrew Morrifon was borne y®
fourth of November 1693

John y" fon of John Bifhop was borne y^ i^' of Novem'^'" 1693

Abigaile y® daughter of W" Trowbridge was borne y^ 4''' of
Novemb"" 1693

Lydia y® daughter of Eleazer Holt was borne the of 1693

Thefe 4 wer baptized toguth"" Nov"" y® 5*^^ 1693

W" y® fon of W™ Willmot was borne y® 24**^ of July 1693

Elizabeth y® Daughter of Sam" Downes was borne y° 28*^ day
of Auguft 1693



John y® Son of John Gilbert was borne y** 9"" of October 1692
Benjamin y*" fon of Michaell Tod was borne the y® 19''' of

Nov"" 1693

farah the daughter of Ebenezer Chidfey was borne y® 8'^ of

Dec"" 1659

John y** fon of Eben'" Chedfey borne y® 6^^ of Nov'' 1691
EHzabath y'' daughter of Ebenezer Chidfey borne y® 6''' of

febr^ 1692/3

Daniell y® fon of nath" finch was Borne may y*" 19'^'^ 1694

[hi] Births in Newhaven

Samuell y® Son of Jofeph Prindle borne y® 11^^ of Novemb'

Sarah y^ Daughter of L' John Sackett was borne august i

Steeven y® Son of Serg* John Alhn borne y® 4^^ of March 1690

Sufanna the daughter of Serg* Jo° Allen borne y® 3'^ of Octob""

Abigaile & Abiah the twin daughters of Hack Beecher were
borne y® 24'^ of feptemb'" 1693

Daniell y^ fon of John Holt borne y° 30"" of March 1689
Benjamin y® Son of Ralph Lines was borne the firft of January


Grace y® Daughter of Ebenezer Blakely was borne y® i^' of

January 1693/4

Ephraim Morris fon of Jofeph Morris was Born Jan"" 1694
Hannah y® daughter of Joseph Clark was borne the 21^' of

fYebruary 1693/4

Ephraim y® fon of John Tuttle was borne the 2^ of Aprill 1690
John the fon of John Tuttle was borne y® 5*"^ of Septemb"" 1692
famuell y® Son of Samuell Clark of weft fide was borne the

2^^^ of March 1694

Joseph y® Son of John Bafsett was Borne y® 19"' day of Aprill


Thomas the fon of Jacob Robinson was borne y* 5' of Decem-
ber 1693

John y® fon of John Munfon was borne y® y^^ of July 1693
Eunice y® daughter of Sam" Allen Jun"" was borne y® 8**" of

March 1694

John y^ Son of M"" John Yale was borne the third of June 1694
Abraham y® fon of Deacon Abraham Bradly was Borne y® 9

of aprill 1693

[112] Births in New haven

Abigaile y^ daughter of Joseph Lines borne y® 14*^ of January
Daniel the son of samuell Attwater borne the 29 of sept 1694



Steeven y® fon of Peeter Mallary was borne the 12"' day of
October 1694

Ebenezer y" fon of Deacon John Punderfen was borne the iS*^*^
day of October 1694

Noah the fon of Joseph Tuttle borne the day of November

Sarah y^ daughter of John Gilbert was borne the laft of July

elizabeth y® Daughter of M'' Math gilbert was born may 14^''

Jofeph the fon of Jonathan Attwater was borne the Ninth day
of December 1694

Daniell Hodge y° fon of Thomas Hodge was borne the 28"^
day of Janu"^ 1693/4

Abraham y® fon of John Johnfon Jun"" was borne Aprill 7'^

Deborah y® Daughter of Daniell Sperry was borne the 20'^ of
January 1694/5

Deborah y^ Daughter of Dan" abbit waf born aprill 22 1694

John y^ fon of John W^atfon was borne y^ 22"^ day of Aprill

Jonathan fon of Jonathan pirkins Waf born May 6^"^ 1694

W™ the fon of Kaack Jones was borne on y® fabath day being
the 20*'' of January 1694/5

Caleb y^ Son of Serg*^ Sam" AUin was borne y® 7"^ day of Sepf

Dinah y^ Daughter of fam" Burwell was borne the 28'*^ day
of October laft 1694

Sarah y® Daughter of Jofeph Dorman was born aprill 14 1694

[113] Births in N Haven

John y^ fon of M"" John Hudfon was borne the 5'^ day of febru-
ary 1693

John y^ fon of M'' John Hudfon was borne the ^^ day of feb^
on Sabath night 1694/5

Timothy y^ Son of Sam" Clark the i of Jan'"^ 1694/5

Hefter y^ Daughtor of Thomas Tuttle Jun"" was borne y® 19
of fifebr^ 1694/5

Ebenezer the fon of Joseph Jves was borne the Sixt day of
Aprill 1692

Daniell the fon of Caleb Chidfey borne y® 25''' of March

The Daughter of W"* Reynolds was borne the 25*'' of March

1695. .

Rejoice y^ daughter of Jofeph Goodwin was borne the firft
day of Aprill 1695

Mary the daughter of W"" Reynolds was borne the 24''* day of
March 1695



Sarah the daughter of Sam" Vmberfeild was borne y® 2^ of
Aprill 1695

Hefter the daughter of fam" Clark was borne the 2^ of Jan""^
'Timothy the fon of Sam" Clark was borne the 5' of January

deborah the daughter of nath" potter was born the i day of

march 1694/5

Rebecah the daughter of John Basset was born y^ 14 day of
march 1694/5

[114] Births in New haven

John Son of ebenezer chidsey born y® 4*'' day of march 1694/5
Steven Son of eliezer Becher born y® 18 day of may 1695.
John fon of John potter Jun"" born y® 14 day of June 1695
Steven Son of mr will Thompfon Born July 12. 1695
Abigaill Daughter of Tho Trowbridg born aprill 8 1695
Ruth daughter of ebenezer sper)^ born May 30 1695
Comfort daughter of John Benham born agust 15 1692
John son of John Benham v,'as born aprill 8 1695
ebenezer Son of Sam" Clark Ju"" born august 5 1695
Thomas y® fon of Jofeph pardee waf born October 26 1695
James Son of nath Yale was born July 31 1695
Daniell fon of Daniell barns was Born auguft 9"' 1694
Hanah daughter of John Russell was born febr ly^^ 1689
Lidiah daughter of John Russell was born Sep^ 18'^ 1692
John fon of John Russell was born June i^^^ 1695
elizabeth daughter of John malery was born may i^' 1691
Rebecka daughter of John malery was born Sep' 15 1693
ebenezer son of Thomas Humerston was born march 14 1694/5
elizabeth y® daughter of Richard miles was born Sept lo*** 1695
Abigaill y® daughter of M"" Nath" Wade was born September

22 1695

Sarah Heaton daughter of nath" Heaton born October 3 1695

william Sone of John pain was born novem'' ^^'^ 1695

Mary y® daughter of Serg°' John Ball waf born October 22*"

Mary y^ daughter of John Ailing Jun"" waf born auguft 26 1693

Thomas Barnes Debto'* for ^ i ac"" % of Land of y" firft
Deviffion of Thomas welch pafsed at a Court Aprill 6*'' 1652
for halfe m"" Roes meddow being 25 ac"

for halfe m"" Roes 2^ divifsion of upland : to6 ac"

for I houfe & lott of widow Banifter pafsed Aprill 6*^: 52:

fiiSl Ma rages Jn new Haven

Sam" Ruffell & efther tuttle were marved febua"^ 27 1694/5
by Mofes Manffield afiftant

• On a small sheet between pages 114 and US.


ebenezer brown & eliner Lane was maryed by M' will Cheny
Corns'" feb ii"' 1695/6 brether to y^ County Clerk

James Bifhop & abigaill Bennit was maryed December y* 11
by m"" Chancey 1695

Samuell Tuttle & Sarah Hart was maryed December ii^*" by
Thomas Hart Comis"" 1695

Joseph Thompson & Elizabeth Smith was Maryed febrary
2"> by Mofes Manffield affift 1695

M"" Ebenezer Collins & M" Anne Trowbridg was maried
May 9^^ 1696

Abram Dickerman & Elizabeth glouer was married by maj""
manffield Jan^' 6 1697/8

Jofeph Lines & Abigaell John f on was maried by M"" Jones
march 31 1692

Thomas gilbert & Sarah peck was maried by maj"" manffield
march 31^' 1698

Benjamin Dorman & Ruth Johnson was maried October y® 10
by mr w malber Juftice 1698

m"" william Rhods & mrs Sarah manffield was maried June i^*
by John Ailing Juftice 1698

Sam" Todd & Sufanah Tolle was maried Sept 16"^ 1698 by

[116] Births in new haven

Anne y^ Daughter of peter Carrington was born Deem"" 28


Jonathan y^ Son of Rich*^ Spery Jun"" born July 7"^ 1696
Stephen y'' Son of Jonathan attwater born decern"" 4"^: 1696
Elizabeth y'' Daughter of James Bishop born Decem"" 6 1696
Daniell y*^ son of Isaac Bradly v/as born Decem 20 1696
Jemimah y^ Daughter of Haac Becher was born Decem'' 12:


Sarah y^ Daughter of Jonathan pirkins waf born Decem*"" 6'*"

Ebenezer Smith son of ebenezer Smith born novem^ 21 1688
Sarah y® Davghter of Ebenezer smith born July 26 1691
James Son of Sam" attwater was born December 23*^ 1696
Mary Davghter of John Tuttle was born December 26''' 1696
[ ]athan Son of John Tuttell was born Janvary 20^^ 1694
Ebenezer Son of peter Malery was born november 29 1696
[ ]efter y® Davghter of John Chatterton born novem'' 23 1696
[ Jamuell y^ Son of Samuell tuttell Jun"" was born Janu""^ 19


Mary y^ Davghter of Joseph osborne born June 18 1696
Efther the Davghter of Joseph smith born May 28 1689
Danell y^ fon of Jofeph Smith born July 4"^ 1693
Sarah y° Davghter of Ebenezer Attwater born aprill 6*'' 1693


Marah y^ Davghter of Ebenezer attwater born March 12"^

Abigaill y*" Davghter of W"" Robberts born Janvary 29'^ 1696/7

Hannah y® Davghter of Ebenezer Brown born y® Laft day of
Janvary 1696/7

John y® Son of Jofeph Smith Jun'' was born June 3 1693
Sarah ye Daughter of Jofeph Smith was born Jan"^' 17 1695

[115 (2)] Births in new haven

Abigaell y" daughter of ferg"' Jofhua Hotchkis was born
October 12'^ 1695

Jefse y® fon of Thomas hodg was born november 17 1695

Elizabeth daughter of will John fon Junior waf born march
\^^^ 1692

william y® fon of william John fon Junior waf born Auguft
5'^ 1695

Abigaill y® Daughter of John John fon Jun was borne Sept
28 1695

Anna y^ daughter of Benj Bunnill was born October ii^*^ 1695

Thomas y® fon of m'" Tho Trowbridg Jun was born y*^ 20""
day of december 1695

Sarah Robin fon y^ daughter of Jacob Robin fon was born
december 24'^^ 1695

Gerfhom y® fon of micaell Todd was born October 12 1695

Mehetabell y® daughter of John malery was Born Decem 19^^


Theophilus y^ fon of m"" Andrew morison was born January
6'^ 1695/6

Martha y® daughter of Sam". Baffett was born y® 8"^ day of
feptember 1695

Jofeph y® fon of Jofeph dorman was born January y® 11*''

Allif V® Daughter of Jofeph Becher was borne 28 of Janvary


Katharine Davghter of M"" Rich Rofewell was born december
26 1695^*

[116 (2)] Dan y® fon of peter Carrington was Borne Sept
26 1694

efter davghter of ebenezer Down(?) was born Sebtember ^^^


Rebecka y® Davghter of Thomas painter was Borne Jan 28:


Katherine y® Davghter of M'" Rich Rofewell was born decem-
ber 26 1695

Joell y® Son of Jofeph pringle was born Janvary 28 1695/6
Jofeph y® Son of Jofeph Clark was born febr 15: 1695/6

^9 Crossed out.


John y^ fon of John hotchkif was borne June 27 1694
Abraham y** fon of ebenezer Blakly was born Decern 15"^. 1695
Sarah y® davghter of John willmott was born febuary 2.0-^


Nathan y® fon of Sam" AlHng Jun'' was born march S'*" 1695/6
Abigaill y® davghter of John moltroup was born aguft 12^'*

John y^ fon of John moltrop was born march 17''' 1695/6
hither to y® County Clerk

Abner y® fon of Benjamin Bradly born march 6*^ 1695/6
Abiah y® Davghter of Ralph Loins born february 7'*" 1695/6
Jeremiah y® fon of Jerimiah wooden born June 2**^ 1696
John y® fon of John Johnfon Jun"" was borne novem** 13 1696
James y^ Son of Samuell Todd was born June 10"^ 1696
John y® fon of John wolcott was Born December 15"^ 1696
Elizabeth y® Davghter of John munson born may \^^'^ 1695
Samuell y^ Son of Samuell Down was born July 23*^^ 1696
nathaniell y® Son of nath" Spery was born march 8'^ 1695/6
Hannah y^ Davghter of m'" Sam" Bifhop born fep^ 3 : 1696
Samuell y^ ffon of fam" Chaterton was born fep* 15 1696
John y^ fon of John Thompfon waf born October 15 1696
Abigaill y* Davghter of y^ Rev"*^ M"" Jamef peirpont was Born

Sept^"" 19 1696

Efther y® Davghter of Abraham Bradly was born march 14:


[117] Deaths

Nathaniell Jones Dyed the 2.1^"^ day of Auguft 1691

Margaret an Jnfant daughter of M"" Andrew Morrefon dyed
the 5*^ of November 1691

Anna y® wife of Caleb Chidfey Dyed y® 15'^ of January 1691/2

Wooden widow dyed y® fecond day of febr"^ 169 1/2

M"" Abigaile Peirpont died the third day of february 169 1/2

Rebecka y" wife of Benjamin Bunill dyed y® 12''' of March 1691

Anna Bunnell died the 23^^^ ffebr''^ 1690/1

Damaris Attwater died y® i^' of Aprill 1691

John Steephens Jun"": Died a violent death by his fall from a
tree as attefted by a Jury of Inqueft appointed to make y®
inquiry upon oath Nov"" y* 2^ 1692

Jonathan y« fon of John fmith was b^"

David Attwater fen"" died y® 5**^ of October 1692

John fperry dyed y®

Enfigne Sam" Munfon Died

Bradley widow died

John Thompfon farm"" dyed y^ 13''' of ffebruary 1692/3

John Chidfey dyed

20 Crossed out.


W™ fon of W"' Willmot died y" 29*'^ of Auguft 1693
The Widow Paine Died y« y^^ of Decemb'" 1693
The widow Roe Died y® y^^ of December 1693
Child of Ralph Lines died y"^ 7^^ of Dec"" 1693
Jnt hith""

[118] Death^

Hannah y® wife of Caleb Mix Died 11 of December 1693

John y"* fon of Ebenezer Chid fey died y^ 13'^'' of December

Ralfe y'' fon of Ralph Lines died 7^^ of Decern*"" 1693

Jnt hith in County Records

Lidiah y*' Daughter of Jonathan Attwater dyed the fecond
day of Aug' 1694 "

Deacon W™ Peck dyed y® 4"" of October aged 90 as s*^ 1694

Math ffoord — Mathew ffoord dyed Novemb"" y® 3*^ 1694

Joseph Jves Died Nevember y^ 17"^ 1694

Thomas John fon dye y® 4'^ of Jan''^ 1694/5

Dinah y® Daughter of fam" Burwell was borne^^

John y^ fon of M"" John Hudon dyed y® of 1693

Entred hith"" in County Record

grace y® wife of John smith dyed October 22^^ 1695

widdow eliz^ How dyed Janvary 23-1695/6

Rebeckah y^ Daughter of Sam" dark Jun' dyed Decem'^'" 29 :

M"" Thomas yale Deceafed march 27 1683

M"" James Dauids alias John Dixwell esquir formerly of the
priory of ffalkistone in Kent Late of N Hauen in N : England
departed this Life on march y® iS'"^ anno Domini 1689 AEtat

[119] Births in new haven

Hanah y® Daughter of Jofeph chid fey Born Janvary 28 1696

Samuell Son of Samuell Thompson borne December y® 2^


John y® fon of Jofeph pardee waf born february 6 1697
Jane y® Daughter of math moltroop was born December 13


Mathew y® Son of math moltroop was born September i'*^

Caleb y® Son of Caleb Chidcey was born may 9*^ 1697
Mehitabell y® Daughter of M'^ anna Collins was Born may

29^'' 1697

Caleb y® son of Serg°' John Ball was Born June 6'^ 1697
Annah y® Davghter of John winston was Born may 23*^ 1697
Anne y® Davghter of Daniell Spery waf Born Sep' 3*^ 1696
Joseph y® fon of Edward Scott was Born July y® 28''' 1697

*i Entry crossed out.


Stephen y^ Son of Samuell Burwell was Born Janvary 17'*^ 1696
Beniamin y*" son of John Brockett was Born may y*" 28 1697
Dennis y® Davghter of Ebenezer Spery was Born July 2 1697
Anne y^ Daughter of nath" yale was born aguft 21^*^ 1697
Thomas y® fon of Thomaf parker waf born aguft 31 1696

[120] Deaths in Newhaven

Sarah y® wife of y" Rever^' M"" James pierpont Deceased

October y^ y^^ 1696

Anne y^ Davgter of John pain Deceafed febvary 24'^ 1697

M"" Jofeph Allfup senior deceafed november S^"" 1698

Daniel Alfup Deceafed Janvary ii*^^ 1698/9

Sarah Alfup Deceafed Janvary 24^^ 1698/9

M'' Jsack Turner Deceafed march 27 1699

Sarai y^ Davghter of Sam" Atwater Deceafd July y® 2 1699:

Samuell y® fon of nathanell Heaton Deceafed June lo*^*^ 1700

James y^ fon of m"" nath" yale deceafed Janvary 28^^" 1700

Abiah y*^ wife of Jofeph Kerbee Deceased apriU 28 1704

Cap' John milef Deceafed nouember 7'^ 1704

M" Mary miles Deceafed October 16 1705

Stephen whitehead Deceafed March 4'-'' 1706

phenias y^ Son of John pirkins Jun"" Deceafed October: 1705

Sarah y® wife of John pirkins Jun'' Deceafed march 11 : 1706

Mary y® Daughter of John Todd Deceased auguft 8"^ 1706

Benjamin y'' son of y® Reuerent m'" Jamef pierpont Deceased

December 17'^ 1706

Hannah y® Daughter of m"" Jsack Jones deceafed Jan 30


[121] Births in newhaven

Jofeph y'' fon of Sam" Rufell was borne aprill 23 1697
Eliazer son of gershom Brown was born Janvary 22 1696/7
Samuell y^ Son of nathanel finch was born febuary 17"^ 1691
Hanah y^ Daughter of John How Jun'" was born febuary 9**^


Sarah y^ Davghter of John How Jun"" was Born november

20^'' 1695

Hannah y^ Davghter of Richard miles was Born October 27'^


Esther y® davghter of Samuell Ailing was Born June 10*^

Jofeph y^ fon of John Baffet was born December y® 14*''

Elizabeth y® Daughter of Th° munfon born Sep': 26 1697
Lidiah y® Davghter of Thomas trowbridg at y® weft farm was

born December 16 1697

Daniell y® fon of m"" math gilbert was born nouem*"" 15 : 1697



Sarah y^ Davghter of John chatterton was Born Janvary 24^^

Efther y^ Davghter of Danell Briftoll was born febvary 6 1697
Anne y^ Davghter of John pain was born february 16 1697
Hanah ye Davghter of Jacob Robmfon was Born 24 of

febrary 1697/8

Zuball y® fon of Thomaf parker waf born aprill 23 1697

[122] Births

Amos y® fon of Samvell Baffet was Born febuary y® 19*''

Rebeckah y® Davghter of Ralph Lines was born febuary

Abigaell y® Davghter of Jofeph Lines was born 14^'' Janvary

Sarah y® Davghter of Jofeph Lines was Born 26 of October

Lidiah y® Davghter of Jofeph Lines was born 14 December

Sarah y® Davghter of will woodden was Born 5*^^ day of aprill

John y® fon of Ely Robberts was born agust 6'^ 1688

Alexander y® fon of Ely Robberts was born march 5"" 1689/90

Ely y® fon of Ely Robbertf was born febuary 14'^'' 1691

Abiell y® fon of ely Robberts was born December 10 1693

John y" fon of John willmott waf born may y^ 4*^^ 1696

[123] Births

Sarah y® Davghter of Alexander willmott was born Janvary
12"^ 1695/6

Jsaac y" Son of Eliazir Becher was Born aprill y^'^ 1698

Mary y® Daughter of John How waf born march 9'''^ 1697/8

Mary v® Davghter of Jofeph goodwin was born march 24

James y® fon of Ebenezer attwater was Born March 15 1697/8

Elizabeth y® Davghter of Sam" Ailing Jun"" was born Decem-
ber 19''' 1691

Jofeph y® Son of Sam" Ailing Junior was born march 29*''

Hannah y® Davghter of John munson was Born febuary 9'*^

mehetable y^ Daughter of Sam" Clark Sen"" born may: 10^''

John y" Son of John Blakly Jun"" was Born aprill 17 1696

Samuell y® Son of Samuell Gilbert was Borne november 18

Mary y® Daughter of James Bifhop was Born June y® 11 1698


Enos y® Son of Ebenezer Smith was born november y® 20*^

John y" Son of Sam" Ailing was born January 20**^ 1697/8
Rebeckah y^ Daughter of Sam" Clark Junior was Born may 27


[124] Lidiah y* Daughter of John hotchkif was borne aprill

31 1697

Samuell y'' fon of M"" famuell Bifhop was born July iS'*' 1698
mary y® Daughter of thomas Tuttle Jun was born 6 of may

Martha y® daughter of thomas Tuttle Jun was born aprill 21


Sarah y® Daughter of Jofeph Clark was born Aguft 17''' 1698
Judith y® Daughter of Thomas Hodge was born October 8'**

Jofeph y® fon of Jofeph Chidcey was born aguft: 15^*^ 1698
Damaris y^ daughter of Jonathan Atwater was Born October

9*'^ 1698

Jofeph y® fon of Jirimiah wooden was Born October 16: 1698
Sarah y® Daughter of Sam" Chatterton was born november 6^''


Benjamin y" fon of m'''»william Thompson was born July 12'*^:

Hope y® Daughter of Ebenezer Downe was born march 11

Silence y^ Daughter of John malery was born October 13 1698
Timothy y'' fon of m"" Jfaac Jones was born October 30 1696
Mary y® Daughter of n/ Jsaac Jones was born October 6''' 1698
Abram y® fon of abram Dickerman was born octo'ber 19'*^ 1698
Sarah y® Daughter of michael Todd was born november 2 : 1698
Sarah y^ Daughter of fam" Atwater was Borne Janu'' 21 :

Sarah y^ Daughter of fam" tuttle Jun"" was Borne Jan'' 17

Joseph y® fon of niathew moultroop waf born October 12 1698
Abigaill y" Daughter of Thomas gilbert was Born December

27 1698

Thomas y® fon of Thomas Ruffell waf borne October 2. 1698
Japhett the y® fon of John Benham was born Decbr 1697
Daniell Spery y® fon of Daniell Sperry waf born auguft 10:


Tofcph y^ Son of Jofeph Becher was Borne november 22:


[125] Births in new haven

Rebeckah y* Daughter of Simon tuttle waf born aprill 30 1698

Zebulon y® fon of peter Carrington was bom march 6 1698/9


Stephen y® fon of Richard Spery was Born february 15

1698/9 ^
Mary y* Davghter of Jofeph Dorman was Borne October 15'^

Hepzibah y*" Davghter of Jofeph pringle was Born may 15

Anne y® Daughter of wilHam Johnfon Jun"" was Born aguft 5:


Sarah y® Daughter of nath" potter was Borne march i^*^ 1698/9
Stephen y^ fon of Rich''^ Sperry waf borne febuary 17 1698/9
James y° fon of Jofeph Smith was born July 13'^ 1698
EHzabeth y® Davghter of John potter Jun was born fepf 24


Aaron y® fon of wilHam tuttle was borne november y® 25 1698
mary y® Daughter of Dan" Barnef waf borne may y® 15'^


Samuell y® fon of nath" Heaton was born march 29: 1699
Jofeph y^ fon of M"" Thomas trowbridge Jun was born on Aprill

y« fir ft 1699

Nathaniell y® fon of John pain was borne may 4'^ 1699
Mary y^ Davghter of John moltroop was borne aprill 5"^ 1699
Abigaill y® Davghter of David Auftin waf born aprill c^^^ 1699
Thomas y® fon of Sam" Downe was borne June 7^^ 1699
James y® fon of Sam" thompfon waf borne June 5^"^ 1699
Abram y® fon of Caleb Chidcey waf borne march 31 1699
Zacheus y® fon of peter malary waf borne may 22 : 1699
Samuell y^ fon of Ebenezer Chidcey waf Born June 6'^^ 1699
Lidiah y® Davghter of Sam" Todd Jun"" born July 28'^ 1699
Elizabeth y® Davghter of Sam" Burwell waf borne 15 Day of

July 1699

Abigaell y^ Davghter of Sam" Stevens waf born September

15 1699

[126] Births Jn new hauen

Thomaf y® fon of Jonathan pirkins waf born auguft 11'''' 1699
Samuell y® fon of fam" Browne was born October 2"/^^ 1699
James y® Son of y® Reven"' m"" James pierpont was borne may

21^' 1699

Helina y® Davghter of Ebenezer Browne was Borne march

r' 1698/9

Mary y® Davghter of Ebenezer Smith was borne august

I" 1699
Benjamin y^ fon of Beniamin Dorman was borne Auguft 9^''

Thomas y® Son of Thomas humberston was born may 3'' 1699
margrett y® Davghter of m"" Andrew morifon was Borne

August 12^^ 1699

22 Crossed out. •


Hannah y^ Daughter of John woolcott was Borne november

19 1699

EHzabeth y® Daughter of Daniell Briftoll was Borne Auguft

13'^ 1699
Daniell y® fon of Daniell Collins was borne July 13'^ 1699
Hannah y^ Daughter of Dan" abbot waf born January 8'**

Jerimiah y® fon of Jofeph Of borne was Born Aprill 8'^ 1699

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