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Benj™ y® fon of Thomas Beck was born Janu""^ 29 1703/4
Jsaac fon of ebenezer f perry was born nouem*"" 27 1703

7 John y" fon of Sam'* dark at westfide waf born Janu: 16 1703
Jofeph y® fon of Sam'* farren was born nouem*''" 28 1703

[142] Sarah y® Daughter of Thom^ Biggs was born October 5 :

Hannah y® Daughter of Japhet manffield waf born Jan^ 6 :


elizabeth y® Daughter of Jofeph Dorman waf Born febru 17


Sarah y® Daughter of Benjamin englifh waf born february

5**^ 1703/4
.John y® fon of Sam" dark Jun waf bom 1703/4^^
mercy y® Daughter of Thom^ panther waf born auguft 1703
eunice y® Daughter of Jsaac Johnfon waf born may i^' 1703
Thomas y® fon of John Cooper was born feb: 18 1703
Hannah y^ Daughter of Sam** Candee was Born 1703
Caleb y^ fon of caleb Mathews was born Decern*"": 18. 1703

Mary y*' Daughter of m"" John gilbert was born march 2** 1704:
Jerimiah y*' fon of John Bifhop was born nouember 7'** 1703
nathaniell y® fon of nathaniell Heaton was borne march: 19


Aaron y® fon of mofes Blacksly was born aprill 25 1704
Jofeph y® fon of Jofeph prindle waf born march 7: 1704
Rogger y® fon of John pirkins Jun"" waf born march 25*** 1704
John y® Son of Sam'* Burwell was born nouem*"" 4*** 1703
meriam y® Daughter of Thom^ Hodge was born auguft 18

elizabeth y® Daughter of m"" Sam*' Bifhop waf born aprill 16.

Epharim y® Son of Sam" Sanford waf born march 24 1704
Silenc y® Daughter of Joseph dark was born October 31^' 1703
obedienc y® Daughter of John mallary was born aprill 11 : 1704

23 Entry crossed out.


mehitabell y® Daughter of Thom^ Tuttle Jun was born June 14 :


Rachell y° Daughter of Jofeph chidsey was born march 17.

wilHam y^ fon of Sam" chatterton was born august: 5 1704
Samuell y® fon of Sam" AlHng Jun: was born august 18 1704
nathaniell y*' fon of nath" wooden was born aprill 13 1692
Martha y® Daughter of nath" wooden waf born Decern 29 1693
famuell y® fon of nath" wooden was born may 29 1696
John y® fon of nath" Wooden was born august 13 1696

[143] Marrages Jn newhauen

William punfhard & Hannah Browne were maried aprill: 21

Benjamin englifh & Rebeckah Browne were maried the fame
Day ^ John Ailing Juftice

Samuell Cande & abigaill pinion was maried aprill 28 1703
^ John Ailing Juftice

M"" Jofeph mofs & m""^ mary barker was maried nouem'^'" 19
1 701 ^ y'' Reuerent m"" fam" Rufsell at branford

John Hill & mary tarhan waf married august 1703 ^ M"" Henry
crane Juftice

Jofeph pardee & elizabeth payne was maried Decem*^"" 23**

1703 ^ John Ailing Juftice

Sam" peck & abigaill Hitchcock was maried Decem*"" 30''^ 1703
^ John Ailing Juftice p

Thomas fan ford & mary chub was maried January 13"^
1703/4 ^ John Ailing Juftice.

Thomas Bech & Sarah Sanford was married febru"^ 19'^
1702/3 ^ M"" Street of Wallingford

Thomas punderson & Lidiah Bradly was maried fept*"" 21

1704 -^ John Ailing afsistant

Steuen Hotchkif & elizabeth Sperry waf maried Decern'"' 12"^
1704 ^ John Ailing Assistant

francifs Brown & hanah Ailing & Stephen Whithead & mary
Ailing waf maried aprill 11 day 1705 ?■" Jerimiah ofborne

Nathaniell Turner of New hauen & Ruth Buckinham of
milford were married aprill 25 1705 ^ Robbert Treat Deputy

Jofeph Kerbee & mary plum waf maried October: 17''' 1704
^ Jerimiah ofborne Juftice

[144] M'' Benjamin Conry of Stratford & mehetabell glouer
of new hauen waf maried decem*"" iS"" 1705 ^ John Ailing

Mofes f perry & Anna Blackley waf maried Jan'^^ i 1705 ^
John Ailing Afsistant


Samuell Jacobs & margeret old waf maried Decern''^ 6 1705 ^
John Hall Juftice

Sam" Jues & Ruth attwater waf maried Jan^ s'l 1705 ^ John
Ailing Afsistant

Sam" Bradly & abigaill Atwater waf maried Decem'^'" 25 1705
^ Nathan Andrews Juftice: p:

Sam" Hotchkif & Sarah bradly waf maried Janu"^ 10^^ 1705
^ John Ailing Afsistant

M"" Jofeph Chapman of newport & M"'^ Bathshua manffield of
N. H. waf maried Jan. 22"^ 1705 ^ John Ailing assistant

James peck & abigaill Morrif waf maried feb''^ 14 1705/6 ^
John Ailing Afsistant

Thomas willfheir & Sarah ebenatha waf maried nouem*"" 8
1705 ^ M"" Jerimiah ofborne Juftice

Samuell Tharp & hannah Thomfon waf maried March i*'
1705/6 f]5 M'' william maltbe Juftice:

Thomaf Willmott & Mary Linef waf maryed June 27 1705
^ Major Eben"" Johnfon Juftice

Joseph holt & abigaell Heminway waf maried february 28*^^
1705/6 ^ M"" W" maltbee Justice P

Nathaniell potter & Lidiah Thomaf waf married December
19 1706 ^ John Ailing Afsistant

[145] Births 1704

Mary y® Daughter of nath" wooden was born may 10*'^ 1701

Hannah y^ Daughter of nath" wooden was born Decem*"" 30


Barshua y® Daughter of nath" Kimberly was born febru'^

28 1703

Mary y'^ Daughter of John Hemingway was born auguft 28

Jofeph y^ fon of y® Reuer"' m"" James peirpont waf bom

October 21^' 1704

obedienc y^ Daughter of Dan". Bristoll was born October 7*''


Daniell y*" fon of feth Heaton was born October 13 1704
Seth y*' fon of ebenezer Down was born august 16^^ 1704
Jofeph y® fon of John Dunbar was born October 9'^'' 1704
John y^ fon of Jsaac Turner was born august 4 1704
Abigaell y'' Daughter of Sam" Down waf born nouem^"" 4""

Amme y"" Daughter of L^ John munfon was born fep*: 18 1704
Benjamin y« fon of Benjamin Bunnill was born Aprill 30 1704
elizabeth y® Daughter of Thomas Sanford was born y^^ nouem-

ber 1704

Elizabeth y^ Daughter of Jofeph potter was born fep* 2^ 1704
Steuen y^ fon of fteuen munfon waf born nouember: 15*^ 1704
Dorcas y^ Daughter of John Bradly was born nouember 4*'' 1704



John y^ foil of M"" Rich"^ Hall was born January 17 1704
James y" fon of Ebinezer Chedsey waf born august 23'' 1704
Defire y** Daughter of Benj™ warner waf born 23^ October 1704
eunice y** Daughter of Daniell Sherman was born Jan''^ 3^^ 1704
Mofes y*" fon of nathaniell Tuttle waf born may S'-^ 1704
Hannah y^ Daughter of John punderfon waf born Decern i :
Amos y^ fon of John Hotchkif was born June 27 1704

[146] Amos y® fon of Danniell Collins was born October 19

Hannah y« Daughter of M"" Jsaac Jonef was born feb'"^ is"'

Samuell y® fon of John fherman waf born f eb'"^ : i^^ 1704
Thomas y^ fon of Sam" umberfield waf born feb'^ 8^" 1704
Ruth y^ Daughter of John Tuttle waf born octo'^'' 24 1704
gidion y^ fon of Samuell Thompfon waf born Decem 25"^ 1704
Jacob y^ fon of Jofhua Hotchkif sen"" was born feb''^ 1704
Mehitabell y'^ Daughter of fam" Todd was born January 29'''


wilHam y® fon of will™: punshard waf born auguft: i^"- 1704
Roger y^ fon of Jofeph Kerbee waf born aprill 14 1705
Samuell y"* Son of Sam" Cooper was born may 5 1704
Jonathan y*" fon of nath" Tuttle Jun waf born march 1701
Silenc y" Daughter of nath" Tuttle waf born 1703
elizabeth y'' Daughter of Jofeph pardee was born fep' 16 1704
Sarah y^ Daughter of eliphalet Briftoll waf born nouem*''" 15


Jsaiah y« Son of Simon Tuttle waf born July 10^" 1704

Samuell y'' fon of Serg' John Thomfon waf born Sep*^ 30 1704

John y® fon of Joseph manffield waf born January 2"^ 1704

March 1705

Joseph y® Son of Thomas Humerston waf born nouem^"" 14*^


Sarah y^ Daughter of famuell peck was born march 21^' 1705

Lidiah y® Daughter of Jerimiah wooden waf born march 18


ebenezer y® fon of fam" farran was born aprill 23 1705
william y^ fon of william Wooden was born march 28 1705
gidion y® fon of micaell Todd waf born May 6**^ 1705
Obedienc y^ Daughter of fam" fmith Jun was born may 19"*

mehitabell Daughter of Sam" fteuens was born July 6'*^ 1705
Jofeph y® fon of Jofeph Kerbee was born may 14"^ 1705
elisabeth y^ Daughter of Jofeph Tuttle was born July 27*"


Samuell y® fon of Jofeph morris was born may 1705


[147] 1705 ^ ^

Jsaac y® son of Jsaac Johnson wal bom October 24 1705
Jane y^ Daughter of Thomas gilbert waf born July 26 1705
Stephen y'' fon of Sam" mix was borne auguft 12"' 1705
elisabeth y^ Daughter of math ford was born aprill 27: 1705
Samuell the fon of m*" mofes manffield was born auguft 23 1705
ebenezer the fon of Thom^ punderfon was born fept. 12^'' 1705
James y® fon of John Johnson senior was born fep' 3*^ 1705
Nathan y® fon of Sam" Burwell was born July 28"" 1705
Sarai y® Daughter of m"" John Bifhop waf born nouem^"" 19*^

Lidiah y® Daughter of Stephen pirkinf waf born nouember 24*''

Jonas y^ fon of Samuell Tuttle Jun"" waf born nouem'''" 20^^ 1705
Solomon y® fon of Benjamin Bunnell was born October 27^**:

James y^ fon of John Hall was born nouember 27 1705
Jacob y® fon of ebenezer Sperry waf bom nouem*^"" 19 1705
elizabeth y® Daughter of James Brown waf bom nouem*"" 1705
Steuen y° fon of Jofeph Thomfon waf born December 3*^ 1705
Steuen y® fon of Sam" Atwater was born Decem^'' 5 1705
Jsarell y^ fon of Joseph Smith Junior: waf bom auguft 15 1705
ebenezer y^ fon of william Hulburd was born July 15 1705
Abigaill y^ Daughter of Joseph pardee waf born fep* i^' 1705
John y^ fon of Joseph Dorman waf born Decem*"" 12*^ 1705
Dinah y® Daughter of eliphalet BriftoU waf born July 31 1705
Mary y® Daughter of Daniell Brown waf born nouem'^'' 29 1705
Jofhua y^ fon of Stephen Hotchkif waf born auguft 26 1705
Samuell y® fon of Sam" Cande was born December 25 1705
Mary y^ Daughter of John payne waf bom Jan'^ 31 1705
elizabeth y® Daughter of Simon Tuttle waf born nouem*"" 8'**


Zipporah y® Daughter of peter mallary waf born Decern 15*'"

Joannah y® daughter of Thom^ munson waf born Sep* 27 1705

[148] 1705

Sarah y® Daughter of John pirkins Jun waf born nouem*"" 27:

Abner y^ fon of mofes Blackely waf born January 25 1705
Hellanah y^ Daughter of John Linef waf born febm 1705^*
Sarah ye Daughter of Daniel Barnf waf born Jan"^ 20*'' 1705
Japhet y® fon of Rich*^ Sperry waf born 23 feb 1705/6 & De-

ceafed 17 day of march next 1705

Abigaill y® Daughter of John Dennifon waf born nouem*' 13


^ Entry crossed out.


Anne y® Daughter of Joseph Smith Jun waf borne October ii'''

Joseph y® fon of Joseph smith Jun" waf born January 23 1705
Sarah y^ Daughter of arther Rexford waf born fep^"" 6 1705
eUzabeth y** Daughter of Thom' Trowbridg fen"" : waf born

aprill: 23 1705

Mary y® Daughter of nath" Turner was born feb''^ 3*^ 1705
Hannah y" Daughter of John Thomaf Jun waf born Jan: g,^^

Benjamin y® fon of Benjamin englifh waf born October S^^ 1705
Susanah y^ Daughter of Thomas Hodge was born Sep*"" 7'"


Stephen y^ Son of Dauid austen waf born Jan''^ i 1705
John y^ Son of John Allcock was born January 14: 1705

HeHna, y® Daughter of John Linef waf born march 3'^ 1706
Theophil eaton y'' fon of M"" John Jonef born march 20 1706
Mary y^ Daughter of ebenezer Brown waf born march 17 : 1706
Annah y^ Daugliter of fam" Clarke y^ 2'^: was born march 17:

ehakim y^ fon of Jacob Robinson waf born aprill 1706
Joseph y® fon of Joseph goodwin waf born may 17'^'^ 1706
John Son of francis Brown waf born may 14'^'^ 1706
John Son of John Briftoll waf born June i^^^ 1706
Joseph y*" Son of John willmott waf born may 28: 1706

[149] 1796

William y^ Son of Thomaf willmot waf born may 4*'' 1706
Hannah & Thankfull Twin Daughterf of Joseph Linef was

born May y^ 8'^ 1706

Jsarell y® fon of John moltrop was born June 7"^ 1706

Sarah y^ Daughter of Sam" Moltrop was born feb: 24. 1704/5

Stephen y® Son of Stephen Whitehead 1)orn June 5 : 1706, three

months & one day after hif fatherf deceas

Daniell y^ Son of Daniell Bradly was born auguft 5'^ 1706
Samuell y® Son of Nathan Benhani was born July 27'*^ 1706
Benjamin y*^ Son of y® Reue°' M*" James pierpont was born

July 18''^ 1706

Sam" y® Son of Dan" Briftoll was born august y" S^^ 1706
John the Son of Jofeph Holt waf born august 26'*" 1706
Mehetabell y® Daughter of John mix Jun'' was born auguft IQ^**

Mary y^ Daughter of Sam" Jues waf born December 5**" 1706
Daniell y® Son of Sam" Jacobs was born Decem^"": 4"^ 1706
Lidiah y^ Daughter of Benjamin Dorman waf born august 2^

John the Son of John Sanford was born Sep* 17'^ 1706
Dan" y® Son of Joseph pardee was bom nouem*''" 28'** 1706


thankfull y® Daughter of Seth Heaton was born Jan 21"


Mary y® Daughter of Sam" Ailing Jun'" waf born feb'"^ : 6'*'

Ebenezer y'' son of James peck waf born Jan'"^ 20 1706/7 •
Joseph y® son of Sam" Russell was bom Decem'''" 19 1706
Samuell y'' Son of eliphalet pardee waf bom: Jan*^ 7'** 1705/6
thankfull y^ Daughter of John Blackley Jun'". was born Jan

17: 1706/7


James y^ Son of nath" Heaton was Born february 16 1706/7
Zuriall y^ Son of nath" Kimberly waf born noum'''' 25 1706
Thomas y^ Son of Joseph osborne waf born august 27 1706
Samuell y^ Son of peter pirkins was born July 4''' 1706
elizabeth y® Daughter of abram Dickerman waf born June 12'^

Mary y« Daughter of m"" mofes man f field was born feb'^ : 23

enos y^ son of John potter Jun'" was born December : 12 1706
Hannah y® Daughter of ebenezer frost was born June 1706
Nathaniell y® son of Joseph Becher was born march 7'^ 1706
elisabeth y*" Daughter of Thomaf painter was born may 23*


ebenezer y® son of Benjamin willmott was born march lo'** 1707
Mary y^ Daugter of Samuell Smith Jun was born march 7***


Samuell y^ Son of Samuell Bradly was born march 21" 1707
Dinah y^ Daughter of Joseph chedsey waf born may 14*^ 1707
Mary y® Daughter of Richard miles was born march 19**" 1707
Jane y® Daughter of Sam" Steuens was born June 2^^^^ 1707
Joseph y® Son of Sam" Chatterton was born aprill 18*^ 1707
Sam" y® Son of Sam" Tharp was born march 24 1707
ephraim y® son of Thomas Bech was born June 1707
Lidiah y® Daughter of John Tuttle was bom march \^^^ 1707
Abigaill y® Daughter of John Buttler waf born august 23 : 1707
Ebenezer y® son of Ebenezer Down was born march 28 1707
Mathew y® son of ebenezer Blakly Jun'" was born octo^"" 25

gershom y^ son of Benjamin Bunell was Born may i®* 1707 at

Elizabethtown in eaft Jersey

[151] Mehetabell y® Daughter of Thom^ Sanford waf bom
march 20**" 1707

James y® son of Thomas Allcock was born October 7*'' 1707
Christopher y® Son of Sam" Todd Jun'" was born may 2* 1707
Abigaill y^ Daughter of James Bifhop was born Sep* i^*^ 1707
Jsaac y® Son of Sam" Cooper was born Decern*"" 4*** 1707


Eleazer y® son of michaell Todd was born octobr 12''^ 1707
Eunice y" Daughter of James Browne waf born octo*"" i" 1707
Abiah y® Daughter of Dan" Sherman was born October 28

E)efire y® Daughter of Henry Bristol! waf born nouem*"" 5 1707
Lidiah y^ Daughter of Stephen munson waf born nouem*"" 2^

John y^ son of Sam" Atwater waf born nouem^'' 28 1707
Mary y® Daughter of Stephen Hotchkis waf born Jan"^. i^':

Annah y® Daughter of will™ Hubbert was born aprill 6'^ 1707
Desire y° Daughter of John Heminway was born march 2^ 1707
Joseph y^ Son of John peck was born Janu""^ : 27*^*^ 1707/8
Benjamin y^ Son of Benjamin warner waf born June 16'*^ 1707
Dorcas y^ Daughter of Jsaac Johnson waf born august 10*^ 1707
enos y^ Son of nath" Sperry was born feb 19 1705/6
Sarah y^ Daughter of John Hall waf Born Janu"^ 26: 1707/8
Jacob y® son of m"" Jsaac Jones waf born march 20 1707/8
Mehetibell y^ Daughter of John Johnfon sen'' waf born feb:

29 1707/8

Names of pfon Deceafed at Milford^^
James flough y" fonn of william Slough dyed y® 10^** 0/

ffeburary 1649

Simon Potter Dyed y® y^^ of may 1650

John Benton y^ fonn of Andrew Benton dyed y® 24^^ of may


[152] Henry Bristoll & Defire Smith were married January
23^^ 1706/7 ^ John Ailing Afsistant

John peck & Esther morris were maried January 30''' 1706/7
^ John Ailing Afsistant

Caleb Mallary & meriam Blackely were married feb 13 1706/7
^ John Ailing Afsistant

Ebenezer ffrost & mary Tuttle was married October 4'^*' 1704 ^
Nathan Andrews Justice

Dauid arnall & elizabeth Clark were maried October 29 1707
^ John Ailing Afsistant

Thom^ Allcock & mary gedney were maried aprill 17*^^ 1706 ^
major John Chester Afsistant

Joseph Clark of new haun & marah parker of wallingford
were maried nouember 27 1707: ^ John Hall Juftice

M"" John: Ruffell of Branford & m" Sarah Trowbridge at new
hauen were maried decem^"" 17 1707 p"^ John Ailing afsistant

John mofs of [ ?] & Jane Thompson of new hauen were
maried Decem"' 22* 1707 ^ John Ailing Afsistant

25 The entries on the remainder of the page are inverted and crossed out.


Names of pfonf Maried at Milford^^

John Stream and Martha beard were married by Capt Aftwood
ye 20*^^ of December 1649

all entred in a booke for y^ purpofe

Thomas Beazly and Elizabeth Heruey were married by Capt
Aftwood y® 20'^ of march 1649

Sonthhold Richard Terry and Abigale Linef were married

The 22"^ of may 1650

Milford Jofeph Pecke & widdow Burrill was married by Cap*
Aftwood the 12^^ of feptember 1650 %

[153] An Inventory of the goodes of Lawranc watts Taken
and apprifed y® 31*'^ of January 1644:"

James page
Thomas Gregson
m' Evance had ye originall Inventory and faith he cannot
finde it :

[162] The names of Children brought in from other Townes^*

Mary fwaine y^ daughter of Samuel fwaine was born y'' firft
of march 1649

Dorathe Norton y^ Daughter of Jn° Norton was borne y® i^^^
of march 1649

Mofes Blachly y^ fon of Thom Blachly was borne y® 25'*^ of
march 1650

Obadiah Palmer y^ fonn of William Palmer was borne y^ Laft
of march 1650


Rogger Terrill y® fonn of Rogger Terrill was borne y® 20*^^
of January 1649

James Slough y^ fonn of William flough was borne y^ 28''* of
January 1649

26 The entries on the remainder of the pagre are inverted and crossed out.
27 The inventory is recorded in full and then follows probate records excerpts only of
which are piven herewith. The vital records beg-in again with page 162 of the text.

"Edward Tench planter in Quinypiack .... haveing my deare wife Sarah Tench
lyeing in the howes wtl» mee dangeroufly fick , . . make . . my Laft will and Tefta-
ment .... to my forenamed deare wife the one halfe of ye remaynder of my whole
Estate whether it be here or in old England, if God be pleafed to . . . preferve her life.
The other halfe of my Eftate, I give and bequeath to my only fonn Nathaniell Tench, now
about five yeare of age. . . If my wife dye and her sifter come over intothefe parts and
should defire to take my fon backe into old England yet my Exprefsed will and mynd is, that
he returne not but continew with & be brought up by the . . . Church of Christ at
Quinnypiacke, whereunto m' davenport is pastor. . . Lastly if it should Pleafe God by
death to take my fonn out of this world before he hath attayned the full age of one and
Twenty yeares then. . . . one halfe of my estate to the Treafurie of y* Church to whose
care I had Intrusted my fonn e , , . And the other halfe ... to my Brother ffrancis
Tench and to his children . . . this ISt^i day of february. 1639. In the presence of us. Hen:
Brunwin, Will™ Jeanes, Thos ffugill.

The Inventorie of all the Goods and chattells of Edward Tench deceafed . . . Taken
by Thom Gregfon. Robert Newman and Mathew Gilbert the 19th ffeb 1639 . _ _ £409:03:06
28 Entries on this page crossed out.



Jonathan Baldwin y** fonn of Jofeph Baldwin was borne the 15*''
of february 1649

John Benton y" fonn of Andrew Benton was borne y*' 9^*^ of
Aprill 1650

Sarah Prudden y* Daughter of m"" Peter Prudden was borne y'
9^*^ of may 1650

Mary Bryan y^ Daughter of Richard bryan was borne y'' 15'^
of feburary 1649


Abigale Cooppr y® Daughter of Thomas Cooppr was Borne
firft day of January 1649

James Benidick the fonn of Thomas Benidict was borne y®
6"" of feburary 1649

[163] Milford Sarah Browne the Daughter of Jn° Browne
was borne the 6"^ of Auguft 1650^^

[164] An Inventory of will™ Ives .... Prised by us
. . . . John Clarke, Antha: Tomson^"

[186] Mariages Jn newhauen

M'' John Collin f of midletown & m" mary dixwell were
maried Decern 23 1707 p'" John Ailing Afsistant

Jsarell Barns & mary wise were maried Decem^"" 31*' 1707
^ John Ailing Afsistant

Daniell Stone of guilford & elizabeth Talmadge of new hauen
were maried Janu"^ 1707/8 p"" John Ailing afsistant

Roger Ailing & susanah holt were maried ^ m"" Jeremiah
osborn Justice feb: 5'^ 1707/8

Stephen Howell & Desire morris were maried ^ John Ailing
Afsistant march: 4^^ 1707/8

William Russell & Mary Sperry were maried ^ John Ailing
Afsistant March ii''^ 1707/8

Jonathan Man f field & Sarai Ailing were maried ^ Nathan

29This entry erased.

3" The vital records begin on page 186. Probate items and entries relating to strays
are recorded.

"The will of William Preston made July 9, 1647. I, william Preston, a member of the
church of Newhaven doe make . . . this my Laft will it Teftaraent . . . To Jofeph
Alfops, wife my daughter ... To my fonn Edward ... To my fonn Danyell . . .
To ray daughter Mary ... to be paid when she is nineteene years of age, . . . .'\s
for W"" Meeks wife for that upon her Marriadge fince I have given her is more then I can
give to any of her- Brothers or Sisters yet I give her five shillings . . , Rest of my eftate
. . . in Newhaven . . . to my wife for the bringing up of my children . . . by her.
In confideration she was a means to bring mee the reft to New England. I have an Estate
in old-England . . . given by my father to my Elder Brother and myfelf . . , Left in
ye hands of ... m' William Lawfon and M' W'" Bankes to be kept in truft ... in
Yorkefhire in a Towne called Gigleweke In Craven . . . to be devided amongst the chil-
dren I had by my former wife, as Daniell Edward and John prefton and my daughter Eliza"
beth Sarah & Mary and to my wife . . . and for my fon John I leave in the hands of
Brother Roger Allen, And Brother Thomas Munfon to place where they two shall thinke

Inventory taken ye 30<1> day of ye 6'h month 1647 of ye Goods of W'» Preston of New
haven, in New Kngland, late Deceafed . . . £65:15: . . , appraysed ^ us Mathew
Gilbert. Joshuah Atwatter,


Andrews Juftice June i*' 1708

Theophilus Ailing & Lidiah fmith were maried ^ John Ailing
Afsistant June 17*^ 1708

John pirkins & elizabeth Howard were maried feb'"'' 3*^ 1707/8
^ Ebenezer Johnson Juftice of peace

Samuell Smith «& annah morris were maried Decern^'' 30 1708
^ John Ailing Afsistant

M"" Samuell Cook & m" anne Trowbridge were married nouem-
ber 31^' 1708 ^ nathan Andrews Juftice of y® peace

[187] Thomas morris & Sarah gilbert were maried May 25***

1708 ^ Nathan Andrews Juftice of peace

Joseph Turner & Sarah Hotchkis were maried feb"^ 3^ 1708/9
^ John Ailing Afsistant

Thomas Steuens & amme Smith were maried feb""^ 15''' 1708/9
^ John Ailing Afsistant

John Todd & Hanah Buttler were maried feb 9*'' 1708/9 ^
m"" Nathan Andrews Juftice peac:

Richard Sperry & elisabeth willmott were maried may 19**^

1709 ^ John Ailing Afsistant

Jonah Todd & hannah dark were maried aprill ao'*" 1709 ^
m"" abraham Bradly Juftice:

John grannis & elizabeth [torn]cket were maried October 12
1704 ^ y® Reuerent m"" Sam" Street of wallingford

Joseph mix & Hannah Ball were maried March 24 1709 ^
m"" Abraham Bradly Justice

Nathan Clark & phebe Lines were maried may 27 1709 ^

Samuell whitehead & Tabatha Holt were maried June 30 1709
^ John Ailing Afsistant

Jsaac Dickerman & mary atwater were maried June 30 1709
^ John Ailing Afsistant

John Hitchcock & Mary Thomson were maried March 4'''
1707/8 ^ Jeremiah osborn Justice

Joseph Jues & Sarah Ball were maried January y^'^ 1700 ^
Major moses manffield Afsistant

[188] Caleb Hotchkis & mehetable crutenden were maried
14*^ feb: 1 705/6 ^ y« Reuerent m"" Thomas Ruggles :

Joseph Lines & Hannah Bradly were maried feb"^ 3*^ 1708/9
^ Abraham Bradly Juftice of peac

Sam" Humerston & mary clenton was maried Janu'"'' 1708 ^
Nathan Andrews Juftice of peac

Ebenezer peck & Hannah Hotchkif were maried May y® 10*'*

Online LibraryOrder of the Founders and Patriots of America. ConVital records of New Haven, 1649-1850 (Volume pt. 1) → online text (page 9 of 51)