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Inman-Chase Lumber Co., Springfield
— Lumber

Inman-Paulsen Lumber Co., Ft. of E.
Caruthers, Portland — Lumber

International Lumber Co., Elmira —

Investment Co.. Sherwood — Lumber

Irving. O. J., Lowell — Lumber

Irvington Machine Works, 375 E. 6th
N., Portland — -Box Factory Special-

Irwin-Hodson Co., 115 N 15th, Port-
land — Rubber Stamps, Printing and

Island Lumber Co., St. Helens — Lbr

Ivy Press, 383 Stark, Portland — Print-
ing and Bookbinding

Izard Gas Heating Ca, Portland — Gas
Generating Plants

Jackson, Geo. T., Gaston — Lumber
Jackson County Creamery, Medford

— Ice and Creamery
Jackson Lumber Co., Myrtle Creek —

Jackson & Eidsmoe, Yamhill — tLbr
Jacobs, Julius T., Astoria — Lumber
Jacobs Hat & Cap Works. Phoenix

Bldg., Portland — Caps, Cloth
Jacobs & Hess Lumber Co., Union —

Lumber and Boxes
Jacobs Shirt Co., Raleigh Bldg.. Port-
land — Men's Shirts
Jacobson-lleid Lumber Co.. Rainier —

James, Kerns & Abbott, N. 9th & Flan-
ders, Portland — Printing and Book-

Jantzen Knitting Mills, 31 N. 5th,
Portland — Woolen Goods. G a r-
ments. Ladies' and Children's

Jefferson Mill Co., Jefferson — Flour
and Feed

Jeffs, W. O., Scappoose — Lumber

Jeldness Bros., Astoria — Fish Pack-

Jenkins & Wright, Klamath Falls —

Jerome, P. A., Klamath Falls — Lum-

Jewell Lumber Co., Jewell — Lumber

Jewett Mill, Gardiner — Lumber

J. & L. Manifold Mfgrs., Portland —
Gas Saving Device for Autos

John Day Development Co.. Spray —

Johnson Bros., Cornelius, R 2 — Lbr

Johnson & Co., C. J., 548 1st, Portland
— Sheet Metal

Johnson, F. O.. Philomath — Lumber

Johnson Cider Palace, H. A., 247
Yamhill, Portland — Cider

Johnson, Prank, 180 Union Ave..
Portland — Cabinets and Fixtures

Johnson. C McC. Reedsport — Lumber

Johnson-Inman & Brown. Hubbard,
R. 1 — Lumber

Johnson Lumber Co.. Coquille — Lum-
ber and Lath

Johnson, M., Blachly — Lumber

Johnston Lumber Co., Applegate —

Jones Bros. & Co., 64 Albina Ave.,
Portland — Vinegar and Beverages

Jones Lumber Co., 1280 Macadam,
Portland — Lumber

Jonsrud & Gunderson Lumber Co.,
Boring, R. 2 — Lumber

Jordan Cheese Factory, Scio — Cheese
Joseph Milling Co., Joseph — Flour
and Feed

Josephine County Flour Mill. Grants
Pass — Flour and Feed

Josephine Lumber Co., Grants Pass
— Lumber

Junction City Creamery, Junction
City — Creamery

Jungwirth, F. W., Lyons — Lumber

K. & C. Lumber Co., Doris, Calif —

Kaake & Jubb, Estacada — Lumber
Kajak Lumber Mfg. Co., E 2nd and

Market, Portland — Lath
Karlson, K. E. & Co., 450 Burnside.

Portland — ^Appliances, Surgical and

Kautz Mfg. Co., 26th & Nicolai,

Portland — Lumber, Sash and Doors,

Cabinets and Fixtures
Kay Woolen Mill Co.. Thos., Salem —

Woolen Goods
Keith Lumber Co.. Junction City —

Keller Harness Co., The. 49 N. 6th,

Portland — Saddlery, Harness and

Kelly Co., Fred L., 88 1st, Portland —

Advertising Novelties
Kelly, F. G.. Warrenton — Lumber
Kelly, L. D., Stay ton — Lumber
Kennedy Bottling Co., Marshfield —


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Kenworthy, N. A., Friend — Lumber
Kern Brick Co.. L. E., 1027 Tillamook,

Portland — ^Brick and Tile
Kern & Co., A. E., 215 Fourth, Port-
land — Printing and Bookbinding
Kerr & Fallert, Oregon City — Lumber
Kerr, Gifford & Co. Inc., Lewis Bldg.,
Portland — Cereals, Flour and Feed
Kesterson Lumber Co., L W., Wkrden

— Lumber
Key Lumber Co., Wallowa — Lumber
Keystone Press, 100% Front, Port-
land — Printing and Bookbinding
Kight ft Train, Riverton — Lumber
Kilgore Bros., McMinnville, R. 4. —

Kilham Stationery & Printing Co., 5th
& Oak, Portland — Printing and
Kilian, John, Silverton — Lumber
Kincaid Sawmill, Long Creek — Lbr
King Bros. Boiler Works, 711 N 18th,
Portland — Boilers and Steel Tanks
King Fisher Mattress Co., 478 Albina
Ave., Portland — Bed Springs and
Kings Valley Lumber Co., Kings Val-
ley — Lumber
Kirby, D. C, Sheridan — Lumber
Kirk Lumber Co., Chlloquin — Shingles

and Lumber
Kitterman & Son, H. B., Kerby — Lbr
Kitts, W. H., Dairy— Lumber
Klamath Falls Creamery Co., Klamath

Falls — Creamery
Klamath Ice ft Storage Co., Klamath

Falls — Ice
Klamath Iron & Steel Works, Kla-
math Falls — ^Foundry
Klamath Mfg. Co., Klamath Falls —

Lumber and Boxes
Klamath River Lumber Co., Dorris,

Calif. — Lumber
Kleist & Co., Commonwealth Bldg.,
Portland — Printing and Bookbind-
Knapp, Dick, Forest Grove — Lumber
Knapp Bros., Aurora — Lumber
Knight Packing Co., 474 E. Alder,
Portland — Vinegar, Pickles, Pre-
serves, Jams, Jellies, Sauerkraut,
Canned Fruit and Vegetables
Knight, W. R., Corbett — Feed
Knitzlev & Hill, Lowell — ^Lumber
Know & Ruttencutter, Kerby — Lbr
Kollock Mfg. Co., 652 2nd, Portland —

Komning Bros., Scappoose — ^Lumber
Koontz Harness Co., The, 110 1st,
Portland — Saddlery, Harness and
Korinek Remedy Co., Columbia Blvd

& Derby, Portland — Mfg. Chemists
Kratz Shingle Co., Henry, Clatskanie

— Shingles
Krebs Bros., 242 Stark, Portland —

Stamps, Rubber —
Krieger, A., Estacada. R. 1. — Shingles
Kruger Bros., Oregon City — Lath
Kruse & Banks Shipbuilding Co.,
North Bend — Boats and Wood Ships
Kubli-Howell Co., 84 Fourth, Port-
land — Printing and Bookbinding
Kufner-Graham Lumber Co., Dillard —

Kuhl Bros., Mill, Prairie City.— Lbr
Kurtz & Co., F. A., Salem — Evaporat-
ed Fruits

La Fayette Canning Co., La Fayette
— Canned Fruits and Vegetables

La Gran Marca Cigar Co.. 92 V4 6th,
Portland — Cigars

La Grande Bakery, La Grande — ^Bak-

La Grande Beverage Co., La Grande —

La Grande Brick Yard, La Grande —
Brick and Tile

La Grande Evening Observer Pub-
lishing Co.. La Grande — Printing
and Bookbinding

La Grande Iron Works, La Grande-

La Grande Lbr. & Mill Co., La
Grande — Lumber

La Grande Milling Co., La Grande-
Flour and Feed

Lais, A. J., Molalla — Lumber

Lakeside Lumber Co. Klam^-th Falls —
Sash and Doors

Lakeview Creamery, Lakeview —

Laksonen Mill & Lbr. Co., Lakeside —

Lambert Bakery, 185 3rd, Portland —

Lambert Tire & Rubber Co.. 125
Grand Ave., Portland — Auto Tops
and Rubber

Lamm Lumber Co., Modoc Point —

Lammers Bros., Cottage Grove — Lbr.

Landax Lumber Co., Landax — Lumber

Landess Bros., Sawmill. Chitwood —

Lane County Creamery, Eugene —

Lane Shingle Co., Siltcoos — Shingles

Lang, Matt, Portland — Cigars

Lang ft Co., 1st and Ankeny, Port-
land — Peanut Butter, Coffee, Spices
and Extracts

Lange-Erickson, 111 Twelfth, Port-
land — Printing and Bookbinding

Langell Lbr. Co., Langells Valley —

Langells Valley Cheese Factory —
Langells Valley— Cheese

Langlois Cheese Factory, Langlois —

Langlois Sawmill, Langlois — Lumber

La Pine Creamery, La Pine — Cream-

Lapwai Lumber Co., Enterprise — Lbr.

Larkins & Son, C. N., HQff — Lumber

Laro Lumber Co., Blodgett — Lumber

Laro Realty Co., Reedville — Lumber

Lattin Lumber Co., Creswell — Lbr.

Laube Bros., Rainier — Shingles

Lawrence, E. H.j Klamath Falls —

Lawrence Co., The Geo., 1st and Oak
Portland — Saddlery

Lay ton Cooperage Co., 307 Water,
Portland — Barrels and Casks

Leach-Ingson, Reedsport — Boats

Leach Iron Works, J. M., 439 Van-
couver Ave., Portland — Castings,
Brass, Iron and Steel

Leavenhagen, P. C, Elkton — Lumber

Lebanon Creamery Co., Lebanon — Ice
and Creamery

Lebanon Electric Light & Power Co.,
Lebanon — Electricity

Leber Lumber Co., Veneta — Lumber

Lee, E. M., Sutherlin — Lumber

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Lehmann Co., Geo. A., 383 E. Pine,
Portland — Macaroni, Spagrhetti, Etc
Lets, B., Beaverton — Vinegar
Leisure & Van Bebber, 1560 Ma-
cadam, Portland — Saddle Trees and
Leland Lumber Co., Leland — Lumber
Lenhard, J. E., North Powder — Feed
Leona Mills Lumber Co., Leona — Lbr
Lewis, W. E., La Grande — Lumber
Lewis & Bolter, Holbrook — Lumber
Lewis & Clark Cigar Co., Portland —

Lewis & Hooker, Elmira — Lumber
Lewisburg Lumber Co., Corvallis —

Lexington Roller Mills, Lexington —

Flour and Feed
Libel Lumber Co., Yamhill, R. 1 — Lbr
Libby-McNeil & Libby, The Dalles-
Canned Fruit and Vegetables
Ligett & . Austin, Shedd — Lumber
Lincoln & Allen. 112 1st, Portland —

Printing and Bookbinding
Lindsay Bros., Sawmill, La Grande —

Loftin, J. F., Lebanon — Lumber
Log Cabin Baking Co., 265 Ivy, Port-
land — Bakery
Lohr's Bakery, 524 Milwaukle, Port-
land — Bakery
Long Creek Flour. Mill, Long Creek —

Long Prairie Creamery Co., Tilla-
mook — Cheese
Lost Valley Lumber Co., Dexter — Lbr
Loughmiller, W. E., Silverton — Feed
Lower Columbia Farmer's Creamery,

Lowman, W. B., Rainier — Lumber
Lucke, W. H., Canby — Feed
Luckel. King & Cake Soap Co., 648

Hood, Portland — Soap
Luckiamute Sawmill, Falls City — Lbr
Ludeman, C, Tidewater — Lumber

and Shingles
Lulay & Gisler, Scio — Lumber
Lumber Products Co., Klamath

Falls — Boxes
Lumber Products Co., 1454 Macadam,

Portland — Lumber and Ladders
Lundy Creamery, Myrtle Point —

Cheese •

Lutke Mfg. Co.. 6th and Hoyt, Port-
land — Cabinets and Fixtures
Lynch & Son, Geo., Lakeview — Lbr
Lyon & Hunter, Springfield — Feed
Lyons Milling Co., Gaston — Flour and

M. J. Lumber Co., Glendale — Lumber

M. & M. Woodworking Co., 800 Mult-
nomah, Portland — Sash and Doors

Madison, Geo. D., Kellogg — Lumber
and Shingles

Madras Flour Mills, Madras — Flour
and Feed

Maeder Field Products-Co., 617 Vaug-
han, Portland — Structural Steel

Margrrunn, H., Joseph — ^Lumber

Malheur^ Lumber Co., Malheur City —

Malin Milling Co., Mai in — Flour and

Manchester Box & Lbr. Co., The
Dalles — Lumber and Boxes

Maple Grove Cheese Factory, Beav-
er — Cheese

Maple Grove Lumber Co.. Wilson-

ville — Lumber
Maple Leaf Creamery Assn., Tilla-
mook — Cheese •
Maples Shingle Co., Helloff — Shin-
Margulis & Company, Portland — ^Vin-
Marion Creamery & Produce Co.,

Salem — Creamery
Mark, L. J.. Trail — Lumber
Marling Co., W. P., Eugene— Lath
Marne Iron W^orks, 260 E. 6th, Port-
land — Foundry
Marsh Printing Co., 122% Front, Port-
^^^^'^^ — Printing and Bookbinding
Marshall, J. D., Hoff— Lumber
Marshall Mfg. Co., James I., 452
Hoyt, Portland — Cabinets and Fix-
Marshfield Baking Co.. Marshfield—

Marshfield Cannery. Marshfield —

Canned Fish
Martin Bros., Hoff — Lumber
Martin Bros Inc., Klamath Falls-
Flour and Feed
Martin Candy Co., Marshfield— Candy
Martin Lbr. Co.. W. A, Turner— Lbr
Marvel Plating Works, 113 Grand

Ave., Portland— Plating
Mason-Ehrman Co., 50 Everett, Port-
land—Coffee, Spices, Extracts. Etc

Masten Lumber Co., J. N., La Pine

Mathenis, G. F., Ft of McKenna
Ave., Portland— Boats and Wood
Mathews. L. P., Mist— Lumber
Mathewson Mill, Fossil— Shingles
Matson, Ole HiUsboro, R. 3— Lumber
Mattmgly Mill. Antone— Lumber
Mattock, A M., Dallas— Lumber
Maupm Milling Co., Maupin— Flour

ana Feed
Maury Mountain Sawmill, Held — Lbr
Mayers Women's Wear. 4 th and
Couch, Portland — Ladies' and Chil-
dren s Garments
Mayville Daisy Mills, Mayville — Feed
Mc A-B Cookie Co., 131 E. 18th, Port-
land — Cookies and Cakes
McBee Bros., Trent — Lumber
McCann & Frydendall, Manning — Lbr
McCarthy & Hamlet. Barton — Lumber
McClanahan Incubator Co., Eugene —

Incubators and Brooders
McClellan. F. Y., West Stayton — Lbr
McClure, O. L., Sweet Home — Lumber
McComas, C. W., Pendleton — ^Lumber
McCreery Mfg. Co., The, Royal An-
nex, Portland — Ladies' Apparel
McDaniel & Co., A G., Crow — Shin-
McDowall Bros., Richland — Lumber

and Boxes
McFfeidden. C. F.. Hillsboro — Cigars
McFarlane Bros.. Manning — Lumber
McGowan's Cannery, Warrendale —

Canned Fish
McHugill, Geo.. Oakland — Lumber
McKinley-Hampson Lumber Co.,

Bend, Box 807 — Lumber
McLean, A. A., Buell — Lumber
McMillan Bros., Willamina — Lumber
McMinnville Brick & Tile Co., Mc-
Minnville — Brick and Tiles

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McMinnvllle Creamery, McMinn-

ville — Creamery
McMinnville Electric Light Plant,

McMinnville — Electricity
McMinnville Ice Co., McMinnville —

McMonies & Co., W. H., 440 Han-
cock, Portland — Saddlery, Harness,

Collars, Saddle Trees
McMullen, R. J., Barnesdale — Lumber
McNaught, C. S., Hermiston — Feed
McPherson Bros., Berlin — Lumber
McPherson Co., The W. G., 19th and

Wilson, Portland — Sheet Metal
Ikifeadow Lake Lumber Co., Dayton —

Meahlhorn Mill, Halfway — Lumber
Mealy Bros., Poster — Lumber .
Meda Creamery Co., Meda — Cheese
Medford Concrete Construction Co.,

Medford — Cement Products
Medford Ice & Storage Co., Medford

Medford Iron Works, Medford — Foun-
Medford Mail Tribune, Medford —

Printing and Bookbinding
Medford Soda Works.Medford — Bever-
Medford Tent & Awning Co., Med-
ford — Awnings and Tents
Meek, A. H., Joseph — Lumber
Menefee Lumber Co., L. B. North

Portland — Lumber and Shingles
Merrick Lumber Co., Gaston — Lumber
Merrill Creamery, Merrill — Creamery
Metropolitan Hat & Cap Mfg. Co.,

131^ 2nd, Portland — Cloth Caps
Metropolitan Printing Co., 211 Oak,
Portland — Printing and Bookbind-
Miami Valley Creamery Co., Garibal-
di — Cheese
Midgley Planing Mill Co.. Eugene —

Mill Made Construction Co., Williams
Ave. and Parragut, Portland — Lbr
Milldale Milling Co., Drewsey — Lum-
ber and Shingles
Miller, C. M., Turner — Lumber
Miller, O. H., Hubbard — Peed
Miller & Henry, Gold Beach — Lbr
Miller & Powell, Chiloquin — Lath
Miller, W. J., Alpine — ^Lumber
Miller, W. L., Cottage Grove — Lbr
Miller Willis, Junction City — Lumber
Miller Bros. Flour Mill, Milton-
Flour and Peed
Miller-Steinau, Globe Bldg., Portland

Agate Products
Miller-Woodruff Lumber Co., Scap-

poose — Lumber
Mills & Co., E. J., Birkenfeld— Shin-
Milton Box Co., Milton — Boxes
Milton Ice & Cold Storage Co., Mil-
ton — Ice
Minam Lumber Co., Minam — Lumber
Minsky Sawmill, Frank, Rose Lodge

— Lumber
Mitchell Ladder Co., Medford — Lad-
Mitchell Lumber Co., Banks — Lumber
Model Bakery, Hood River — Bakery
Modern Printing & Publishing Co.,
86 Broadway, Portland — Printing
and Bookbinding

Modern Dairy, 266 Couch, Portland —

Modoc Lumber Co., Chiloquin — Lbr

Moehnke Bros., Hoff — Lumber

Moffat, Thomas, Medford — Lumber,
Sash and Doors

Mohawk Lumber Co., Mohawk — Lbr

Mohler Creamery Co., Mohler — Cheese

Monarch Lumber Co., North Port-
land — Lumber

Monitor Flour Mills, Woodburn —
Flour and Feed

Monmouth Co-operative Creamery Co.,
Monmouth — Creamery

Monner, Wm., Oregon City — Lumber

Monroe Shingle Mill Co., Cushman—

Montavilla Ice Co., 1995 »^ E. Stark,
Portland — Ice

Moody, W. H., Shaniko — Feed

Moomay, J. C, Hubbard — Lumber

Moore, D. M., Gold Beach-MUheese

Moore Dry-Kiln Co., North Portland
— Dry Kiln Equipment

Moore, Fred, Marshfield — Shingles

Moore Mill & Lumber Co., Bandon—

Moore's Cigar Factory, Jas. L., As-
toria — Cigars

Morales, M., 952 Thurman, Portland
— Machine Bits

Morgan Razor Works, 212 1st, Port-
land — Razors and Razor Strops

Morgan Sawmill, Wonder — Lumber

Morrow County Creamery, Heppner
— Creamery

Mortin & Daniel, Monroe — Lumber

Moser, H. P., Clackamas — Lumber

Mountain States Power Co., Albany —
Electricity and Gas

Mt. Angel Brick & Tile Co., Mt. Angel
— Brick and Tile

Mt. Angel Creamery A Ice Co., Mt,
Angei — Creamery

Mt. Hood Ice Cream Co., 230 E. 6th,
Portland — Ice Cream

Mt. Hood Lumber Co., Parkdale —
Lumber and Boxes

Mt. Hood Soap Co., 270% Glisan, Port-
land — Soap

Mt. Hood Soda Water Works, 648
Second, Portland — ^Beverages

Muir & McDonald Co.. Dallas — Tan-

Mulino Flour Mills, Mulino — Flour
and Peed

Multnomah Chemical Co., 371 E. Mor-
rison, "Portland — Soap

Multnomah Iron Works, 30th and Nic-
olai, Portland — Drag Saws

Multnomah Lumber & Box Co., Pt.

• of Bancroft Ave., Portland — Lum-
ber, Boxes and Baskets

Multnomah Printing Co., QS% First,
Portland — Printing and Bookbind-

Multnomah Trunk & Bag Co., 84 E.
Water, Portland — Trunks, Travel-
ing Bags and Suitcases

Mulvany's Sawmill, Wamic — Lumber

Murphy-Gardiner Lumber Co., Stay-
ton — Lumber

Murphy Sawmill, Stayton — Lumber

Murphy Timber Co., Yeon Bldg., Port-
land — Lumber

Murrey. A. R., Enterprise — ^Lumber

Mutual Creamery Co., Astoria — Ice
Cream and Creamery

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Mutual Creamery Co., Baker — Cream-
Mutual Creamery Co., Halfway —

Mutual Creamery Co.. 72 E. 7th.

Portland — Creamery and Ice Cream
Myers Co., W. S., Selling-Hirsch

Bldg., Portland — Jewelry
Myrtle Point Creamery Co., Myrtle

Point — Cheese
Myrtle Point Mill & Lumber Co.,

Myrtle Point — Lumber
Myrtle Point Shingle Co., Myrtle

Point — Shingles
Myrtlewood Creamery, Coquille — >


National Broom Mfg. Co., 97 Union
Ave., Portland — Brooms

National Cold Storage & Ice Co., 309
E. Washington, Portland — Ice

National Fire Proof Lumber Co., Mt.
Angel — Granite and Marble

National Mfg. Co., 392 Morrison, Port-
land — Ladies' Waists

National Tank & Pipe Co.. 275 Oak,
Portland — Barrels, Casks and Silos

National Vault Co., Portland — Cement

Nebergall Meat Co., D. E., Albany
— Meat Packing

Nehalem Lumber Co., Birkenfeld —

Nehalem Shingle Co., Kerry — Shingles

Neilsen & Meinie. Mountaindale — Lbr

Nelson, Frank, Newberg, R. 3 — Lbr

Nelson's Ladder Works, 267 2nd, Port-
land — Ladders, Cabinets and Fix-

Neskowln Dairy Assn., Neskowin —

Nestle's Food Co., Inc., Chamber of
Commerce Bldg., Portland — Milk

Nestucca Lumber Co., Cloverdale —

Neustadter Bros., 301 Ankeny, Port-
land — Men's Garments

Newberg Creamery Co., Newberg —
Creamer V

Newberg Iron Works, Newberg —

Newberg Meat Co., Newberg — Meat

New Haven Carriage Works, 4th and
Glisan, Portland — ^Wagons, Auto
and Truck Bodies

New Riverside Mill, Paisley — Lumber

New York Bakery, E. 7th and Bel-
mont, Portland — Bakery

New York Plating Works. 113 Grand
Ave., Portland — Plating

Nibley-Mimnaugh Lumber Co., Wal-
lowa — Lumber and Boxes

Nicolai Door Mfg. Co., Kenton Sta-
tion, Portland — Lumber, Sash and

Nicolai-Neppach Co., 227 Davis, Port-
land — Lumber, Sash and Doors

Nicholas & Son, R. F., Mitchell — Lbr

Nielsen, Lewis, Beaverton, R. 3 — Lbr

Nine Lumber Co., Klamath Falls —

Noble, E. G., Heppner — Saddlery, Har-
ness and Collars

Noon Bag Co., W. C, 34 N. 1st,
Portland — ^Bags and Burlap

Noi;man Ice Cream Factory, The
Dalles — Ice Cream

North Bend Iron Works, North Bend
— Foundry

North Bend Mill & Lumber Co., North
Bend — Lumber

North Pacific Auto & Wagon Co.,
9th and Hoyt, Portland — Auto and
Truck Bodies

North Pacific Spike Co., 619 Upshur,
Portland — Iron Spikes, Nuts and

North Plains Lumber Co., North
Plains — Lumber

North Portland Box Co., North Port-
land — Lumber, Boxes and Wooden-
ware •

North Powder Milling & Merchantile
Co., North Powder — Flour and Feed

North Yamhill Tile Works, Yamhill
—Brick and Tile

Northern Flour Mills Co., Lumber-
men's Bldg., Portland — Cereal and

Northern Pacific Lumber Co., Ft. of
Sherlock Ave., Portland — Lumber

Northwest Blow Pipe Co., 554 Delay,
Portland — Sheet Metal

Northwest Box Co., Park Rose, Port-
land. R. F. D. A. — Boxes

Northwest Bridge & Iron Co., Ft of
Sheridan, Portland — Structural

Steel, Bolts and Nuts

Northwest Fence & Supply Co., 52
Union Ave., Portland— Ornamental
Iron and Wire

Northwest Fence & Wire Works, N.
10th and Flanders, Portland — Lad-

Northwest Plug Co., 554 E. 10th,
Portland — Boxes

Northwest Potato Starch & Milling
Co., Gresham — Starch

Northwest Rug Works, 188 E. 8th,
Portland — Rugs

Northwest Steel Co., Ft. of Sheridan,
Portland— Steel Shipbuilding

Northwest Veneer Products Co., Linn-
ton Station, Portland — ^Veneer

Northwest Waste & Cotton Co., Nico-
lai and Lake, Portland — Waste .

Northwestern Electric Plant, Pittock
Block, Portland — Electricity

Northwestern Granite Co., Haines —
Granite and Marble

Northwestern Roller Mills, Milton —
Flour and Feed

Norton, Frank J., Drain — Canned
Fruit and Vegetables

Norway Creamery, Norway — Cheese

Norwood & Son, Mayger — Shingles

Novelty Turning Works, 206 Com-
monwealth Bldg., Portland — Novel-
ties, Wood

Nursery Furniture & Mfg. Co., 511
Fenton Bldg., Portland — Furniture

Nutter & Millison, l^th and Lovejoy,
Portland — Lumber

Nylund & Co., John, Cherry Grove —

Nyssa Flour Mill, Nyssa — Flour and

Oak Creek Lumber Co., Corvallis— Lbr
Oak Grove Creamery, Scappoose — '

Oak Grove Lumber Co., Hood River —


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Oakridgre Co., Oakridgre — Lumber.

O'Bryant Grain Co., Baker — Peed

Ocean View Cheese Factory. Lang-
lois — Cheese

Oerdine Mfg. Co., Coquille — Boxes and
Wood Novelties

Ohlen & Sons, Jas., 288 E. Morrison.
Portland — Saws

Ohler & Braun, Vernonia — Shingles

Ohler Bros., Timber — Shingles

Old Fashioned Cereal Co.. 241 Holla-
day AVe., Portland — Cereal

Olympia Cereal Mill, E. 1st and Wash-
ington, Portland — Cereal

Oregon Artificial Limb Co., 425 Wash-
ington, Portland — Artificte.1 Limbs

Oregon Auto Top Co., 14th and Couch,
Portland — Auto Tops

Oregon Bag & Suitcase Mfg. Co., 151
4th, Portland — Trunks, TravplUng
Bags and Suitcases

Oregon Bakery, The Dalles — Bakery

Oregon Bone Meal Works, Lents Sta-
tion, Portland — ^Bone Meal and Fer-

Oregon Box & Mfg. Co., 1144 Macad-
am, Portland — Lumber and Boxes

Oregon Brass Works, Front and Flan-
ders, Portland — Foundry

Oregon Casket Co., 101 N. 5th, Port-
land — Caskets

Oregon Cement Pipe & Tile Co.,
Grants Pass — Cement Products

Oregon Chair Co., 1190 Macadam
Road, Portland — Furniture

Oregon City Creamery, Oregon City —
Creamer V

Oregon City Foundry, Oregon City —

Oregon City Ice & Cold Storage Co.,
Oregon City — Ice

Oregon City Lath Co., Oregon City —

Oregon City Mfg. Co., Oregon City —
Men's Shirts, Blankets, Garments
and Woolen Goods

Oregon Cooperage Co., Portland, Box
156 — Barrels and Casks

Oregon Creamery Co., 130 2nd, Port-
land — Creamery

Oregon Door Co., Ft. of Spokane Ave.,
Portland — Lumber, Sash and Doors

Oregon Engraving Co., Pittock Bldg.,
Portland — Advertising Cuts and

Oregon Export Lumber Co., Marsh-
field — Lumber

Oregon Fan Belt & Mfg. Co., 142%
2nd, Portland — Belting and Leather

Oregon Flax Fiber Co., Turner — ^Flax

Oregon Foundry Co., 60 Stark, Port-
land — Foundry

Oregon Gas & Electric Co., Medford
— Gas

Oregon Granite Co., Medford — Gran-
ite and Marble

Oregon Handle Mfg. Co., Newberg —

Oregon Iron & Steel Co., Oswego —

Oregon Knee Co., Brownsville — ^Lbr

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