Orville A. (Orville Augustus) Roorbach.

Bibliotheca americana. Catalogue of American publications, including reprints and original works, from 1820 to 1852, inclusive. Together with a list of periodicals published in the United States online

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Online LibraryOrville A. (Orville Augustus) RoorbachBibliotheca americana. Catalogue of American publications, including reprints and original works, from 1820 to 1852, inclusive. Together with a list of periodicals published in the United States → online text (page 52 of 75)
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18 00 M. Carey cf- Son.' 19

60 Andrus cf Co.

34 Am. S. S. Union.

31 Griffith <f- S.

5 00 Lea $ B. '49
1 50 Mussey <f- Co.
1 25 Carey cf- Hart. '49

1 25 Johnson $ D. '51

Albany. '44
63 E. H. Bender.
50 Greeky $ Mc.'46

50 Francis $ Co. '50

50 E. H. Bender.

W. Robinson. '44

2 50 Appkton $ Co. '50

1 25 Carey, L. <f- B. '34




Randolph Arithmetic

Random Recollections of the House of Lords. By James

Grant. 12mo

" of the House of Commons. By Jas.

Grant. 12mo

" of an Old Doctor, pap.

Shots from a Rifleman. By J. Kincaid. 12mo. .

Ranger of Ravenstream. pap.

Rangers (The) ; or, the Tory's Daughter: a Tale. By
Thompson. 12mo. cl. ......

Ranke, L., History of the Popes of Rome. By Kelly. .

History of the Reformation in Germany. 8vo.

Ranking, W. H. (Editor), Half Yearly Abstract of the Medi-
cal Sciences, per No. . . . .

The Same, from January, 1845, to June, 1852.

8 v. 8vo. shp. per vol

Ranlett, W. H., The Architect : a Series of Original De-
signs. 2 v. 4to. r. cl. sds. per vol.

Ransom's Military Tactics

Rapeleje, George, Excursions, Voyages and Travels in Amer-
ica, Europe, Asia and Africa. 8vo. ....

Raphael. By Lamartine. 12 mo. pap. ,

Rapp's Penmanship. 4to. hf. bd

Raselas, Prince of Abyssinia, History of. By Samuel John-
son. 8vo. illus. cl. ex. $3 ; mor.

The Same. 16mo. cl. .....

" 18mo. cl

" " 32mo. cl. ex

(Rathbone, H. M.), a Domestic Diary, in 1650. By Lady
Willoughby. 12mo. cl

Ratier, S. F., A Practical Formulary of the Parisian Hospi-
tals. Translated, with Notes, by R. D. McClellan.

Rato Disciplines ; or, Congregational Church Government.
Bp Upham. cl

Rational Psychology. By L. P. Hickock. 8vo. cl.

Mnemonics. By Thomas Halworth. cl.

Religion and Morals. By Dr. T. J. Vaiden. 8vo.

Rationale of Crime. See Sampson, M. B.

Ratlin the Reefer. By Marryat. pap

Rau, G. L., Organnon ; or, the Specific Healing Art. 8vo.

Rauch, F. A., Psychology ; or, a View of the Human Soul,
including Anthropology. 8vo. cl. ...

Raumer, F., A'merica and the American People. Translated
by W. W. Turner. 8vo. cl

Frederick Von, England in 1835. 8vo.

Rausse, J. H., Errors of Physicians and others in the Appli-
cation of the Water-Cure, pap.

The Water Cure applied to every known Dis-
ease. 12mo. cl.

34 Hunt 6f Son.

50 Carey <5f Hart. '36

" '36

75 Wm. Taylor <5f Co.

50 Carey cf- Hart. '35

25 Williams cf- Bro.

Mussey dp Co. '51

1 50 Lea cf- B. '45

1 00 " '44

75 Lindsay <Sf B.

2 25 "

6 00 Dewitt cf- D.

50 J.F. Brown,

West $ T.

25 Harper <Sf Bros. '49

4 50 E. S. Jones cf- Co.

3 50 Hogan $ T. '50
50 Carter cf- Bros.
38 Andrus cf- Son.
38 Appleton cf- Co.

63 A. S. Barnes <f- Co.

50 Francis cf- Co. '30

75 Hyde cf- Lord.

2 00 Derby, M. cf- Co.
75 A. V. Blake. '45

3 00 Author, N. Y. '52

25 Burgess, S. cf- Co.

1 25 W. Radde.

1 50 M. W. Dodd.

2 00 J. <Sf H. G. Langley.
1 80 Carey, L. cf- B. '36

25 Fowlers cf- W.
75 '51





Wiley cf- P.
Harper cf- Bros. '52
Prot. Ep. Press. '30
E. Dunigan.
Carey cf- Lea. '25
Boston. '49

35 Methodist B. C.

Lindsay cf- B. '50
Methodist B. C.
Hyde, L. $ D.
Ticknor cf Co. '38
W. B. Smith Co.

Raven, and other Tales. By Edgar A. Poe. pap. . . 38
Ravenscliffe : a Novel. By Mrs. Marsh. 8vo. pap. . . 38
Ravenscroft, John S. (Bp.), Works, with a Memoir. 2v. 8vo.
Ravignon (Rev.), Life and Institute of the Jesuits, cl. . 42
Rawle, Wm., View of the Constitution of the United States. 2 50
Rawson, Edw., Memoir of. By S. S. Rawson. 8vo. .
J., The Indian Archipelago, its Manners, Arts, Lan-
guages, Religions, and Institutions. 2 v. 18mo.

J. (Rev.), Dictionary of Synonymical Terms of the

English Language. 12mo. r. cl. sds . 67

On the Nature and Ministry of Holy Angels. 75

Ray, Isaac, Conversations on Animal Economy. . . 38

Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity. 8vo. . . 2 00

Jos., Algebra. Part 1 75

" " 1, Key to. . . . . . 60

" "2 1 50

Arithmetic. Part First 13 cf-

" Second 25

" Third. 45

Arithmetical Key 60 Clark, A. cf- -S.

Wm., Poems on Various Subjects. 18mo. . . Author, N. Y. '26

Raybold, G. A. (Rev.), Fatal Feud : or, Passion and Piety 30 Methodist B. C.

Reminiscences of Methodism in West Jersey. 35 "

Rayer, P., Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the Diseases
of the Skin . With Notes and Additions by John Bell,
M. D. 4to. cl. colored plates. ....
Rayment, B. (Rev.), Piety Exemplified : adapted to the ca-
pacity of Youth. 18mo. cl 75

Raymond the Rover, and other Tales. 12 mo. cl. . .0 88

Hill, and other Poems. By J. D. Baldwin, bds. 50

Raymond, D., Elements of Political Economy. 2 v. 8vo.
Reach, A. B., Claret and Olives; or, Notes Social, Picturesque

and Legendary, by the Way. 12mo. pap. 25

Clement Lorimer; or, the Book with the Iron

Clasps, pap . 25

Read, Geo. C. (Com.), Narrative of his Voyage around the

World. 2 v. 12mo

H. F. (Miss), Dramatic Poems. 8vo. cl. . . . 1 00

Hollis, The Christian Brahman ; or, Memoirs of the

Converted Brahman Babajee. 2 v. 12mo.

Hand of God in History. 12mo. .

T. B., Female Poets of America, with Portraits, Bio-
graphical Notices, and Specimens of their
Writings. Svo. mor. $6 75 ; cl. ex. . 5 63

Lays and Ballads. 12 mo. ....

Paul Redding. " ....

Poems. 12mo 50

Reader's Guide. By John Hall. 12mo. shp. . . . 67
Manual. " " ,0 50

15 00 Carey <Sf Hart. '45

F. Lucas, Jun.
Nafis cf- C.
Ticknor cf- Co.

F. Lucas, Jun. '23

G. P. Putnam. '52
Stringer cf- T. '49

Francis cf- Co. '40
Crosby cf- N.

Leavitt, L. cf- Co.'36
Robbins cf- Co. '49

E. H. Brtler cf- Co
G. S. Appleton.
E. Ferrett cf- Co.'45
Ticknor cf- Co.
Robbins cf- S.





Readings for every day in Lent: compiled from the Writings
of Bishop Jeremy Taylor. By Miss Sewell.

for the Young. From W. Scott. 2 v. 18mo. cl.

in American Poetry. By R. W. Griswold. 12mo.

Ready Reckoner. 24mo. hf. bd. .....

" for Measuring Lumber, &c.

" Form-Book, Interest Tables, &c. hf. bd.

Rteal Life in England. 12mo.

Reasons Why I am a Churchman. By N. S. Richardson. .

" " not a Papist. " "

Rebel (The). By Bulwer. 12mo. . . .

Rebels (The) ; or, Boston before the Revolution. By (Mrs.

Child). 12mo. pap. 50c.; cl

and Tories ; or, the Blood on the Mohawks. By L.

Labree. 8vo. pap

Recantation; or, Confessions of a Convert to Romanism.

Edited by Rev. W. I. Kip

Recognition of Friends in Another World. By Rev. B.
Dorr. 32mo.

of Friends in Another World. By Coxe. 18mo.

Recollections of Nettleton. By Rev. R. S. Smith. 18mo.

of Departed Friends. By Rev. Wm. Berrian.

of a Beloved Sister, cl. ....

" Chaperon. By Lady Dacre. 2 v. cl. .

" Housekeeper. By C. Oilman. 18mo. cl.

" Literary Life; or, Books, Places, and

People. By Mary R. Mitford. 12mo.

" Policeman. By Thomas Waters. 12mo.

" Southern Matron. By Gilman. 12mo.

of Lord Byron. By R. C. Dallas. 8vo.

of an Only Daughter. 24mo. cl.

of the Deaf and Dumb. 18mo. cl.

" Life of John O'Keefe. By Himself.

" " a Soldier. By Jas. Donaldson.

18mo. . . ...

" Peninsula. 12mo

" United States Army, Written during a

, Period in the Service, since 1830. By an

American Soldier. 18mo

. of My Childhood and other Stories. By Grace

Greenwood, sqr. cl. .

and Reflections of an Old Itinerant. By Rev.

Henry Smith. 18mo. cl

Record of a School, Exemplifying the General Principles

of Spiritual Culture. 12mo. cl

Records of Woman, and other Poems. By Mrs. Hemans.

12mo. cl. ex

" Songs of the Affections, &c. By Mrs.
Felecia Hemans. crown 8vo. mor. paneled sides,
$6 ; full cf. ex. $4 50 ; cl. ex.


1 25




1 00
1 00


1 25


1 25




1 00

Appleton<$f Co. '51
Lea cf- B.
J. C. Riker.
J. B. Perry.
Fisher cf- Co.
W. A. Leary.
G. S. Applelon.
S. cf- Swords.


Harper cf- Bros.
Phillips, S. cf- Co.
Dewilt cf- D. '51
S. cf- Swords.

G. S. Appleton.
E. H. Pease cf- Co.
S. <$f Swords. '50
Ep. S. S. Union.
Harper cf- Bros.

" '52

Cornish,L. cf-<70.'52
Harper cf- Bros.
Carey cf- L. '25
S. Hart, Sen., '43
Methodist B. C.
Carey cf- L. '27

Zieber cf- Co. '45
Carey cf- L. '24

Munroe cf- Co. '45
Ticknor cf- Co. '52
Methodist B. G.
Munroe cf- Co. '35
Francis cf- Co.

3 75 E H. Butler cf- Co.





Records of a Good Man's Life. By C. B. Tayler. cl. . 75

" London Clergyman. By R. H. Gaunter. 18mo. 50

" Tourist. By Charles Lanman. 12mo. . 75

" Village Pastor. 18mo. cl 34

of My Life. By Jane Taylor. 8vo. cl. . . 1 50

of the Heart, and other Poems. By S. A. Lewis.


. of the Spanish Inquisition. 8vo. . . . 2 00

Recreations of Christopher North. 8vo. cl. . . . 1 00

Instructive and Amusing, in French. By Girault. 56

Rector's Visit ; or, Stories on the Lord's Prayer, cl. . 28
Rectory of Valehead. By Rev. R. W. Evans. 16mo. cl. 50
Recueli Choisi. By Wanastrocht. 12 mo. shp. . . . 50
- Dramatique ; or, Select Dramatic Pieces. By Gi-
rault . . . 56

ed-Book : Practical Orthography. By W. Bearcroft. 12mo.

Jacket, Life of. By W. L. Stone. . . . . 3 00
Rover. By J. F. Cooper. 12mo. cl. . '. . 1 25
Redburn, his First Voyage. By H. Melville. 12mo. pap. 75
Redeemer's Last Command. By Rev. J. Scudder. 18mo. cl. 20

Tears Wept over Lost Souls. By J. Howe. 50

Redemption : a Poem. By Joseph Swain. 12mo.
Redfield, Jas., Comparative Physiognomy and Resemblances

between Men and Animals, with 330 illust. 2 00

Outlines of a New System of Physiognomy. 25

W. C., Whirlwind Storms. 8vo.

Redford, Geo. (Rev.), The Great Change ; or, Treatise on

Conversion. 18mo. hf. r.
Redhead, T. W., The French Revolution, from 1789 to 1848.

3 v. cl 2 25

Redskins ; or, Indian and Ingin. By J. F. Cooper. 2 v. 12mo. 50
Redwood: a Tale. By Miss C. M. Sedgwick. 12mo. cl. . 1 25
Reed, Andrew, Martha ; or, Memorial of an Only and Be-
loved Sister. 12mo. cl 75

No Fiction. 12mo. cl 50

The Advancement of Religion, the Claim of the

Times. 12mo.

and Matheson, J., Narrative of the Visit to the '

American Churches. By the Deputation from the

Congregational Union of England and Wales. 2 v. 1 30 Harper <$ Bros.
Joseph (Military Secretary of Washington at Cam-
bridge), Life of. By his Grandson. Win. B.

Reed. 2 v. 8vo. cl 5 00 Lindsay <Sf B. '47

Rebecca, Theresa: Six Months in a Convent. 18mo. cl. 042 Russell,O. cf-M.'3i

Sampson, On the Growth of the Mind. 18mo. . . 50 Otis Clapp. '38

Reel in a Bottle. See Cheever, Henry T.

Rees, Abm (Editor), Cyclopedia : or, Universal Dictionary.

47 v. 4to Phila. 1810-24.

Jas., Dramatic Authors of America. 12mo. . . Zieber <f Co. '45

S. cf- Swords.
Leavilt,L.<$-Co.' > 36
Lippincott,G. dfCo.
Mass. Sab. Sch. Soc.
Harper <$- Bros.

Appleton <!f Co. '44
S. G. Goodrich. '28
Carey 3f Hart.
H. Perkins.
Ep. S. S. Union.
Appleton <f- Go.
W. E. Dean.

H. Perkins.
M. Day. '28
Wiley <Sf P.
G. P. Putnam. '50
Harper <if Bros. '49
Am. Tract Soc.
Carter <$f Bros.
G. $ C.Carvill'21

J. S. Redfield. '52

" '49

New York. '42

25 Am. S. S. Union.

Gould, K. <Sf L.
Stringer <Sf T. '49
G. P. Putnam. '50

Harper <f* Bros. '36

New York. '43





Rees, James, Mysteries of City Life. 12mo. pap.

D. M. T Humbugs of New York. 12mo.

Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, and Pneumatics.

Introduction to the Sciences. ....

Medical Lexicon of Modern Terminology. 32mo.

Mechanic's Second Book of Philosophy.

Phrenology Known by its. Fruits. 12mo. .

Quakerism vs. Christanity, being a Reply to S.

H. Cox's "Quakerism not Christianity." 12mo.

Treatise on Epidemic Cholera, cl.

Reese, J. J. (M.D.)|The American Medical Formulary, based
upon the U. States and British Pharmacopoeias.

Analysis of Physiology. 1 2mo. shp. .

Reeve, J. (Rev.), History of the Old and New Testament. .

Practical Discourses on the Perfections and

Works of God. 8vo. shp

Reflection : a Tale. By Mrs. Hofland. 18mo. cl.

Reflections on Flowers. By Rev. Jas. Hervey. ISmo.cl.

on Second Advent. By White. 18mo. cl.

Reformation, Characters, Scenes, and Incidents of. Part 1,
from the Culdees to the Times of Luther.

The Same, Part 2, from the Times of Luther to

the Close of the XVIth Century. 18mo. hf. r.

in Europe. 18mo. cl

in England. By Bishop of St. Asaph. cl.

" By Blunt. 12mo. cl.

in France. By Smedley. 3 \. cl. .

in Germany. By Ranke. 8vo. cl.

Reformed Dutch Church, Psalms and Hymns. 24mo. Va-
rious prices, according to styles of binding, from
63c. to

The Same. 12mo. from $1 25 to . . .

" Additional Hymns to. 12 mo. slip. .

Highwayman. By Reynolds. ....

Pastor. By Richard Baxter. Abridged by T.

Rutherford. 12 mo. cl.

" or, the Duty of Personal Effort for tne

Souls of Men. By Rev. Richard Baxter. 12mo. cl.

Reformers before the Reformation. By Bonnechose. pap.

Reforms and Reformers of Great Britain and Ireland, Sketch-
es of. By Henry B. Stanton. 12mo. cl.

Refugee in America. By Mrs. Trollope. 2 v. cl. .

Regent's Daughter. By Dumas, pap

Regicide's Daughter (The). 18mo. cl

Reginald Hastings. By E. Warburton. pap.

Regnault, Eugene, Criminal History of the English Govern-
ment, from the first Massacre of the Irish to the Pois-
oning of the Chinese. 12mo

76 J. W. Moore.

1 00 J. S. Taylor. '38
38 Sorin <f- B.

45 "

50 J.tf-H.G.Langley.

38 Sorin <f- B.

75 Howe <f- B. '38

W. A. Mercein. '34

75 Harper cf- Bros. '33

1 50 Lindsay 6f B. '50
1 50 " '52
50 F. Lucas, Jun.

1 50



1 50


1 40
1 00

Jordan $ W.
C. Scribner. '52
Carter cf- Bros.

21 Am. S. S. Union.

Carter <f- Bros.
S. <$ Swords.
H. Hooker.
Harper <5f Bros.
Lea < B. '44

2 25 W. G. Mentz.

3 00 "


1 00 Burgess, S. <f- Co.

50 Methodist B. G.

60 Am. Tract So.

50 Harper <Sf Bros.

1 00 J. Wiley. '49

85 Harper <5f Bros.

25 "

50 Lippincott,G.$Co.

25 Harper <$ Bros. '50

75 J. S. RedfieU. '43




Regulations for the Uniform and Dress of the Army of the

United States, June, 1851. From the Original Text

and Drawings in the War Department, sm. fol. cl. .

Regulators (The) : a Romance of Kentucky, Founded on

Fact. By Jas. Weir. 2 v. cl

Rehoboth (Bristol Co., Mass.), History of. By Leonard
Bliss, Jun. 8vo. .......

Reid, Alex., Dictionary of the English Language. 12mo. shp.
B. D., and Bain, A., Elements of Chemistry and Elec-
tricity. 12mo. r. cl. sds

Hugo (Mrs.), Woman, her Education and Influence.

M. (Capt.), Desert Home ; or, the Adventures of a Lost

Family in the Wilderness. 16mo. cl.

Rifle Rangers. 8vo. pap. . .

Scalp-Hunters ; or, Adventures in Northern Mex-
ico. 8vo. pap ,

i Robert, The Seven Last Plagues : a Treatise on the

Prophecies. 12mo

S. C., Jun., The Scouting Expeditions of McCulloch's

Rangers ; or, the Summer and Fall Campaign of the
Army of the U. S. in Mexico, in 1846. 12mo. cl. .

Thomas, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man.

Edited by J. Walker. 12mo. cl. .

Works, with an Account of his Life and Wri-
tings. By Dugald Stuart. 3 v. shp.

T., on Clocfc-and Watch Making. 8vo. cl.

Reidesel, Mad., Letters Relating to the War of Independence

of America. 12mo.

Reign of Grace. By J. C. Booth. 12mo.

of Terror ; or, History of the French Revolution, cl.

" See Robertson, J. P. and W. P.
Reinhard, F. V., Memoirs and Confessions. From the Ger-
man. 12mo.

Plan of the Founder of Christianity.

Rejected Addresses. By Horace and James Smith. 12mo.

" Presented to the Theatre, Philadelphia.

Religio Medici and Christian Morals. By Sir Thos. Browne.

Religion Recommended to Youth. By Caroline M. Thayer.

Teaching by Example. By R. W. Dickinson. 12mo.

as Seen Through the Church, cl. ...

and Eternal Life. By J. G. Pike. 18mo. cl. .

in Society ; or, the Solution of Great Problems,

Placed within the Reach of Every Mind. 2 v. .

of Geology and its Connected Sciences. By E.

Hitchcock, D. D. 12mo. cl

of the Bible, in Select Discourses. By T. H. Skin-
ner. 12mo

the Weal of the Church and the Need of the Times.

By Geo. Steward. 12mo



7 00 Horstman <Sf Sons.
2 00 Lippincott,G.<$-Co.

1 50 Otis, B. 4- Co. '36
1 00 Appleton < Co. '45

90 Barnes <% Co. '49

40 Fowlers <f- W. '47

1 00 Ticknor $ Co. '52
50 Deioitt ef- D. '52

50 Lippincott,G.<%-Co.
Pittsburg. '28

1 25

4 50
2 25



Zieber <Sf Co. '47
J. Bartlett. '50

E. Duyckinck. '22
Carey <Sf Lea. '32

G.<SfC. Carvill. '27
Philadelphia. '28
J. B. Perry.

1 00

Peirce <5f P. '32
G. <Sf C. Carvill. '31
Ticknor <$ Co. '51
Carey <$ Lea. '23
Lea 4- B.
Methodist B. C.

1 00

Carter df Bros.
S. <Sf Swords.
Carter <f- Bros.

1 50

D. 4- J. Sadlier. '50

1 25


1 00

New York. '39

Lane <Sf Scott. '51




[AM. CAT .

Religious Anecdotes. By Charles Buck. shp. gt,

Ceremonies and Customs. By Burder. 8vo. .

Consolations. By Rev. E. S. Gannett, I8mo. cl.

Courtship. By D. Defoe, shp

Discourses. By a Layman (Walter Scott). 18mo.

Dissensions, their Cause and Cure. By P. Church.

Denominations in the United States, History of.

By Rupp. 8vo. cl

Inquirer Answered. By Bishop Brownell. 18mo.

Experience. By Charles Buck. cl. . . .


Keepsake. Edited by Mrs. Sigourney. I2mo. .

Lacon. . .

. Opinions and Character of Washington. By Mc-

Guire. 12mo. cl. . .

. Progress : Discourses on the Development of the

Christian Character. By W. R. Williams. .

Souvenir. Edited by Mrs. Sigourney. . . .

Thoughts and Opinions. By Wm. Von Hum-

boldt. 16mo. cl. ...*..

World Displayed. By Robert Adam. 3 v. 8vo.

Rellstab, L., Eighteen Hundred and Twelve ; or, Napoleon's
Invasion of Russia. 8vo. pap. ....
Remarkable Characters and Events, cl. . .

Delusions ; or, Illustrations of Popular Errors.

Events in the History of America. By John

Frost 8vo. lib. or ara. . . . .

Shipwrecks. 12mo. cl

Visions of the Life after Death, pap.

and Eccentric Characters

Remarks on the Science of History. 12mo. cl. .

" Disorders of Literary Men. I2mo.

Remember Me, for 1852. 12mo. mor

or, Mamma's Birthday. 24mo. cl. .

Remembrancer (The) ; or, Fragments for Leisure Hours.

Remington, S. (Rev.), The Marriage Memento : a Treatise

on the Obligation of Husband and Wife. 24mo. cl.

Reminiscences of S. T. Coleridge and Robert Southey. By

Joseph Cottle. 12mo. cl. ...

of Congress. By C. W. Marsh. 12mo. cl.

of Methodism in West Jersey. By Rev. G.

A. Ray bold. I8mo. cl. .

of Michael Kelly. 8vo. cl.

of Niebuhr, the Historian. By F. Lieber.

12mo. cl. ......

of Scenes and Characters of College Life.

By Rev. John Mitehell. 12mo. cl. .

of Spain. By Gushing. 2 v. 12mo.

" i - < of a Ruined Generation

1 25
2 50

3 00
2 50

Otis, B. <Sf Co.
W. A. Leary.
Crosby <f- N.
Kay <Sf Bro.
Carey, L. 4- C. '28
Gould 4- N. '38

Andrus 6f Son.
H. Huntington.
Gould, K. $ L.
E. Walker.

2 00 Andrus <$ Son.

31 J. S. Redfield.

60 Harper 4- Bros.

88 Gould, K. 4- L. '60

2 00 Andrus 4- Son.

63 Crosby <$> N. '51
M. Thomas. '18

50 Stringer 4- T. '49

90 Andrus c Son.

21 Am. S. S. I7nion.

5 00 J. 4- J. L. Gihon.

1 00 Andrus <$ Son.
25 Jordan <$ W.

2 50 Zieber 4- Go.
63 Crosby <Sf N.

75 Collins <% Co. '25

2 75 H. F. Anners.

38 George $ W.
50 T. E. Chapman.

25 E. H. Fletcher. '52

1 00 Wiley $ P. '47
1 00 Baker <% S. '50

35 Methodist B. C.

Harper <Sf Bros. '24

Carey, L. 4- B. '35

75 A. H. Maltby.'tf

1 50 C. 4- Hendee. '33
31 Neivman <Sf I.




Reminiscences of a Virginia Physician. By P. S. Ruter.

of the Rhine, Switzerland, and a Corner of

Italy. 2 v. 12mo. . "~ .

of the West India Islands. By a Methodist

Preacher. I8mo. cl. ....

Remorse, and other Tales. By G. P. R. James. 8vo. pap.

Rena ; or, the Snow-Bird : a Nouvellette. By C. L. Hentz.
12mo. pap. 50c. ; cl

Rendell, E. D. (Rev.), The Antediluvian History and Nar-
rative of the Flood, as set forth in the Book of Gen-
esis, examined and explained. 12mo. cl. .

Renwick, James, First Principles of Chemistry. 18mo. hf.shp.

First Principles of Natural Philosophy. 18mo.

Outlines oT Geology. 12mo.

" of Natural Philosophy. 2 v. 8vo.

Practical Mechanics

Treatise on the Steam Engine.

Repentance Explained and Enforced. By J. Thornton. 18mo.

Report on the Cholera in Paris. By Authority of the French
Government. 8vo. cl

Representative Men, Essays on. By R. W. Emerson, cl.

Republic of America. By Mrs. E. Willard. hf. r.

The Same. 8vo. shp.

of the United States, its Duties^ &c. 12mo. pap.

Republican Christianity. By E. L. Magoon. 12mo. cl.
Responses from the Sacred Oracles ; or, the Past in the

Present. By Rev. R. W. Dickinson. 12mo.

on the Use of Tobacco. By B. J. Lane. pap.

Results of Hydropathy. By E. Johnson, cl.
Retiring from Business. By T. S Arthur. 18mo. cl.
Retribution ; or, the Vale of Shadows : a Tale. By Emma

D. E. Southworth. pap.

Retrospect : a Review of Providential Mercies. 18mo. .

of Western Travel. By H. Martineau. 2 v.

12mo. . ...... . .

of the Boston Tea Party. By Hewes. 18mo.

18th Century. By Rev. D. Miller. 2v. 8vo.

(The), and other Poems. 12mo. cl. .

Retrospections of the Stage. By I. Bernard. 2 v. 12mo.
Reuben Apsley. By Horace Smith. 2 v. 12mo.

Kent's First Winter in the City. hf. r.

Revelers (The), The Midnight Sea and The Wanderer :
three Allegories. By Rev. E. A. Monroe. 16mo. cl.
svere, System of Practical Medicine, (preparing). .
J. W., Tour of Duty in California. 12mo. cl.

Leveries hi Rhyme

of a Bachelor. By Ik. Marvel (D. H. Mitchell), cl.
of an Old Maid. 12mo. pap. ....
Review of Chemistry for Students. By J. G. Murphy, M. D.
12mo. cl. $1; shp

50 T. R. Nelson. '49

83 Carey, L. $ B. '35

35 Methodist B. C.

25 Bunce <$ Bro. '52

75 A. Hart. '51


O. Clapp. '51
Harper <3f Bros.



H. Ludwig. '38
Carey <$ L. '32
Harper <$f Bros.
G. <f- C. Can-ill.
Lewis <Sf C. '34

1 00

S. S. <Sf W. Wood.

1 00
1 50

Phillips, S. <Sf Co.
A. S. Barnes <% Co-


1 25

Appleton <$/ Co.
Gould, K. <3f L. '49

1 00

Carter <$ Bros.

Wiley 3f P.


C. Scribner.


Harper <5f Bros. '49
Carter 6f Bros.

Harper cf Bros. '38
S. -S. Bliss. '34

2 50


S. <!f Swords.
Munroe <$/ Co.
Carter <Sf H. '32
Carey, L. <Sf C. '27
Am. S. S. Union.


1 00
1 25

Ep. S. S. Union.
Harper <Sf Bros.
Francis <Sf Co. '49
C. Scribner.


Dewitt <Sf D. '52

113 Lindsay <Sf B. '51




Review of Materia Medica, for the Use of Students. By J.
B. Biddle. 12mo. cl

of the Causes and Consequences of the Mexican

War. By William Jay. 12mo. cl.

Mexican War. By C. T. Porter. 12mo.

pap. 38c.; cl

Revised Statutes of Maine. Reduced to Question and An-

" of New York.

" of New Jersey, hf. r

of Ohio. hf. r.

" of Pennsylvania, hf. r

of the United States. 12mo. cl. .

Revival Hymns. . .

Revolutionary Incidents of Suffolk, Queens, and Kings

Counties, Long Island, and the British
Prisons and Prison Ships at New York.
By H. Onderdonk, Jun

Memorials. By Rev. W. Case. 12mo. cl.

Revolutions in Europe. By C. W. Kock. 8vo. em. shp. .

Reybaud, Mad., The Old Convents of Paris, pap. .

Reynolds, E. W., Our Campaign ; or, Thoughts on the Ca-
reer of Life. 12mo. cl. ....

- G. W. M., Adventures of a French Gentleman.

Ellen Munroe. 2 v. pap

. Esther de Medina ; or, the Crimes of Lon-
don. 2 v. pap .

. Faust: a Romance, pap

Gipsy Chief, pap. ....

Kenneth : a Romance of the Highlands, pap.

Life in London; or, Virtue and Vice Con-
trasted. 2 v. pap.

Life in Paris, pap. . . . .

Mary Price ; or, the Adventures of a Servant

Maid. 8vo. pap

Musidora; or, the Necromancer. 8vo. pap.

Mysteries of the Court of London. 2 v. "

Necromancer (The) ; or, the Mysteries of
Court of Henry VIII. 2 parts, 8vo. pap.

Parricide ; or, the Youth's Career of Crime.

Pope Joan ; or, the Female Pontiff, pap.

Queen Joanna ; or, the Mysteries of the

Court of Naples, pap.
Reformed Highwayman. 2 v. pap. .
Rose Foster (Second Series of the Myste-
ries of London). 3 v. . .

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