Orville A. (Orville Augustus) Roorbach.

Bibliotheca americana. Catalogue of American publications, including reprints and original works, from 1820 to 1852, inclusive. Together with a list of periodicals published in the United States online

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Online LibraryOrville A. (Orville Augustus) RoorbachBibliotheca americana. Catalogue of American publications, including reprints and original works, from 1820 to 1852, inclusive. Together with a list of periodicals published in the United States → online text (page 8 of 75)
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John, Jamaica in 1850; or, the Effects of Sixteen

Years of Freedom on a Slave Colony. 12mo, cl,

1 J. R., The American's Own Book ; or, the Consti-
tutions of the Several States, &c., &c. 8vo,
slip , ,

M, A,, Northern Harp and Forest Melodies. 18mo, cl.

Bigland, John, Animals, 12 colored plates, cl. . ,

Birds, Fishes, &c. 12 colored plates, cl.

Geographical and Historical View of the

World. 6 v. 8vo. ,

Natural History. 60 plates, hf. r, ,

Bigelow Paper, The. By J. Russell Lowell. 12mo. cl,

Bigly, C. A., Aurifodina ; or, Adventures in the Gold Region.
12mo. bds

Bijou Alphabet.

Bilby, T., The Book of Animals, for Young Persons, sqr. cl.

75 H. Hooker.

70 E. C. Biddle. '33

1 75 Harper <5f Bros. '61

30 Whiting cf- H.
3 00 New York. '32

1 00 H. Hooker.

40 Carter <f- Bros.

30 "

75 Stanford $ S.

63 H. Hooker,

1 50 Philadelphia. '41

1 00 Lindsay <Sf B. '52
3 50 Thos. Davis.

Carey, L. <f- B, '31

25 Wiley <f- P,

75 Carey <$ Hart.

2 QO Carter <Sf H,

1 25

Wells 4- Lilly.
Ticknor 4- Co, '45
Boston. 1817-20

1 50 Little <Sf B. '42

2 63 Hilliard, G. <$ Co.

C. Ewer. '22
1 50 Ticknor 4- Co.

1 60 Harper <Sf Bros.
1 00 G, P. Putnam. '51

Author, N. Y. '48
75 Derby <Sf Af.
84 Grigg, E. <Sf Co.
84 "

T. B. Waite $ Co.
75 Lippincott, G. dfCo,
75 G. P. Putnam. '48

38 Baker $ S. '49

50 S. Colman.

50 Appleton <f- Co. '49





Bill Deadeye and the Aneconda : Yarns of the Sea. By H.
Martingale. 8vo. pap

Billard, C. M., Treatise on the Diseases of Infants. 8vo. shp.

Billing, Archibald, First Principles of Medicine. 8vo. cl.

Billings and Holden's Collection of Music. 8vo. hf. bd.

Billington's Review of Davis' Divine Revelations, cl.

Bingham, Caleb, American Preceptor. ....

Columbian Orator. 12 mo. shp.

. H., Residence of Twenty-one Years in the Sand-
wich Islands. 8vo.

Helen, (Miss) Memoirs of. ....

Bingham, Miss Mary H., Memoir of. I8mo. cl.

Bingley, Wm., Useful Knowledge ; or, a familiar and Expla-
natory account of the various productions of Nature.
3v. 12mo. . . . .

Bingley's Stories About Dogs. cl. .

Tales " Instinct, cl. ....

M u Travelers, cl. ...

Binney, Amos, (Rev.) Theological Compend. 18mo.

T., (Rev.) A Study for Young Men; or, a Sketch

of Sir Thomas F. Buxton. ....

Biographia Americana ; or, a Historical and Critical Account
of the Lives, Actions and Writings of the most dis-
tinguished persons of North America. 8vo.

Biographical Annual, containing Memoirs of Eminent Per-
sons recently deceased. Edited by R. W. Gris-
wold. 12mo.

Dictionary. . ...

. By Blake. 8vo. .

Essays. By Thomas De Quincey. I2mo. cl.

Sketches and Anecdotes, for Family Reading.

18mo. hf. r. . . .

Sketches of Eccentric Characters. 18mo.

of Persons of Color. By A. Mott. 12mo.

Notices of Distinguished Men of New England.

By A. Bradford

and Personal Sketches of Napoleon Louis Bo-
naparte. By H. Wikoff. 12mo. cl.

Biography of Artists of America, cl

of Biblical Writers, cl. ....

of British Statesmen, cl

of Distinguished Reformers, cl. ...

of Eminent American Physicians. By Williams.

. of Good Wives. By Mrs. Child. .

of Revol'y Heroes. By Mrs. Williams. 12mo.

of Signers of Declaration of Independence. By

L. C. Judson. 8vo. . . .

of Self-taught Men. By Prof. Edwards. 12mo.

for Schools ;. or, Good Examples for the Young.

25 E. French. '52
2 50 A. Hart. '50

1 50 Leatf-Blanchard.^l
63 T. H. Webb $ Co.
34 W. Ailing.

25 C. Slimpson.

S. Converse. '47

35 Methodist B. C.
30 "

A. Smatt. '18
60 Neafis <5f C.
50 Francis $ Co.
50 J. Wiky.
30 Methodist B. C.

50 Crosby, $ N. '50

D. Mallory. 25

Linen <5f F. '41

88 Andrus.

5 00 D. Fanshaw.

75 Ticknor cf- Co. '50

21 Am. S. S. Union.

75 N. H.Whitlaker.'M

75 M. Day.

1 00 S. G. Simpkins.

63 G. P. Putnam. '49

1 50 Baker <Sf 8.
1 50 Lippincott.

50 Carey, Lea <$ B.

31 Simpkins.

3 00 Lindsay <Sf B.

75 Francis ef Co.

1 00 Providence. '39

Thomas, C.f-Co.'39

80 Perkins $ Co. '46

34 Hunt 4- Son.





Biography, Tales, and Poetry, selected from Chambers's Mis-
cellany. 12mo. cl. gt. . . . . 75

of Good Wives. By Mrs. Child. 12mo. cl. 75

of Self-taught Men, with an Essay. By B. B.

Edwards. 2 v. 18mo. cl. . ....

Biot, J. B., Analytical Geometry. By Prof. Smith. 8vo.
Bird, (Dr.) Adventures of Robin Day. 2 v. 12mo.

Calavar: a Novel. 2 v. 12mo. cl.

Hawks of Hawk Hollow. 2 v. 12mo. cl. .

Infidel : or, the Fall of Mexico. 2 v. 12mo.

Nick of the Woods. 2 v. 12mo. cl. .

Golding, Elements of Natural Philosophy. cl.$> 1.25; shp.

G., Urinary Deposits; their Diagnosis, Pathology, and

Therapeutical Indications. 12mo. cl. . . . 1 30
Birds, Nest, (The) and other Stories. 18mo. hf. r. .021

Natural History of. By Rennie 50

and Flowers. By M. Howitt 50

of the Air. By Robert Ramble 33

of Long Island. By J. P. Giraud, Jun. cl. . 2 00

of America. By J. J. Audubon. 7 v. 8vo. . . 100 00

Birthday, (The). Sequel to Well-Spent Hour. cl. . .0 38
Birthright, (The). By Mrs. Gore. pap. . . . 13

Bisbee, John H., (Rev.) Lectures to Young Men. 18mo. cl. 63
Bishop, Wm., The Statutes of the State of New York in re-
lation to Highways, Bridges, Ferries, Plank Roads
and Turnpike Roads. Third edition, Revised and
Enlarged, containing all the Laws of 1851. law shp. 1 00

Bischoff on Generation 38

Bissell, T., Boston Sacred Harmony 1 00

Bit o' Writing and other Tales. By J. Banin. 2 v. 12mo.
Black Aunt, (The). Stories and Legends for Children. By

L. Richter. sqr. cl 75

Hawk, and Scenes in the West : a Poem. 12mo.

Life and Adventures of. Benj. Drake, cl. . 50

Prophet, (The) : a Tale of Irish Famine. By Carlton. 50

F. G., (Rev.) Lectures and Sermons. 12rno. cl. 80

Blackall, J., Observations on the Nature and Cure of Drop-
sies. 8vo 1 50

Blackaller's Liturgy; or, Manual of Sunday Sch. Devotions. 15
Blackford, Mrs., Annals of the McRoy Family. 2 v.

Arthur Monteith. 12mo

The Scottish Orphans. 18mo. . . 15

Blacklock, Ambrose, Treatise on Sheep, cl. . . . 75
Blackstone's Commentaries. 2 v. shp. . . . 4 00
" Notes. By Wendell. 4 v. shp. 7 00
Blair, David, Grammar of Natural and Experimental Philoso-
phy. 18mo.

Outlines of History, Chronology, &c. . . 38

Universal Preceptor, shp. . . . . 67


Gould, K. $ L.
Francis <$ Co.

1 25
1 25

1 50
1 50
1 50
1 50
1 50

B. Perkins <$ Co.
J. Wiley.
Lea <Sf B. '39
Carey, Lea <Sf B.


Lea <Sf B. '48

Blanchard & Lea.
Am. S. 8. Union.
Harper <f- Bros.
Ticknor <5f Co.
Crissy < M.
Wiley <Sf P.
Author. 1840, '44
Munroe <$ Co.
Harper <5f Bros.
Hopkins, B. <% Co.

David Hoyt.
8. 8. <Sf T. Wood.
Mussey <$ Co.
Carey <$ Hart. '38

R. Garrigue. '48
E. Kearney. '48
Burgess, S. tif Co.
Applegate <$ Co.

J. G. Auner. '20

J. B. Dow.

W. Burgess. '32


J. B. Perry.
Wiley <f P. '44
W. E. Dean,
Harper 6f Bros.

O. D. Cook <Sf Sons.
Jenks cj- P.
A. Phelps. '26





Blair, Hugh, Lectures on Rhetoric. 18mo. shp.

" " 8vo. shp. .

Sermons, with Life. 8vo. shp.

John, History of Sir Wm. Wallace, in Metre, 12mo.

John D., (Rev.) Sermons Collected from the Manu-
scripts of. 8vo. shp. .....

Robert, The Grave: a Poem. cl. gt. e. $1 50 ; cl. ex.

Blaisdale's First Lessons in Intellectual Philqsophy. shp.

Blake, A., Practical Essay on Delirium Tremens. 8vo.

J. L., (Rev.) American Revolution, History of, for

Schools. 18mo. cl

Anecdotes of American Indians. 18mo. cl.

Astronomy, First Book hi

Biographical Dictionary, r. 8vo.

Biblical Reader. 12mo

Conversations on Chemistry. 12mo. shp.

" on Vegetable Physiology and

Botany. 12mo.

Evidences of Christianity. ....

Family Text-Book for the Country : a Cyclo-
paedia of Agriculture and Domestic Economy.
12mo. cl. .......

. Geological View of the World. 12mo. shp.

Geography for Children

High-School Reader

Juvenile Comp'n and Fireside Reader 18mo. cl.

Lessons in Modern Farming; or, Agriculture for

Schools. 12mo

Natural Philosophy, shp. ....

. Young Orator

The Wonders of Art. 24mo. cl. or shp. .

Mortimer, (Rev.) Gethsemane and Calvary. 18mo. cl.

Wm. J., The History of Putnam County, New York,

with an enumeration of its Towns, Villages, Rivers,
Geological Features, &c. 12mo. cl. ...

Blakeley, Mrs., Memento. 32mo. cl. ex. ...

Blakeman, Rufus, Credulity and Superstition, and also Ani-
mal Magnetism. 12mo

Blakiston, P., Practical Observations on Certain Diseases of
the Chest, and on the Principles of Auscultation.
8vo. cl

Blanc, Louis, History of France under Louis Philippe. 2 v.
12mo. cl

Hist of French Revolution of 1789. Iv. 12mo.

Blanchard, E. L., Heirs of Derwentwater. 8vo. pap.

J., and Rice, N. L., Debate on Slavery. 12mo.

Laman, Heads and Tales of Travelers.

. Sketches from Life. 12mo. cl. . .

Blanche of Brandywine. By G. Lippard. pap. .

38 Kay cfr Bros.

1 75 "

1 50 Harper <Sf Bros.

Crawford. '20

75 J. W. Randolph.

2 00 W. P. Hazard. '51
83 Gould, K. <fr L.

New York. '44

38 Harper cf- Bros.


50 Gould, K. <fr L.

5 00 D. Fanshaw.

83 Lincoln <Sf E. '26.

67 Belknap <Sf H. '48

Carey <$ Hart. '34
63 D. Fanshaw.

1 25 C. M. Saxton. '52

83 H. <Sf E. Phinney.

25 Jenks <f- P.

67 A. V. Blake.

38 Harper % Bros.

1 00 Newman <f- Co. '51
67 Gould, K.<SfL.

50 Hunt % Son.

45 Young 4- Hart. '45

50 W. P. Tewksbury.

Baker <Sf S.'49
38 E. Walker.

Appleton <Sf Co. '49

1 25 Lea 4- B. '48

2 50
1 75


1 00


Dewilt 4- D. '51
W. H. Moore <5f Co.
Appleton 4* Co.
Wiley 4- P. '46
T. B. Peterson.




Blanche of Navarre : a Play. By G. P. R. James. 12mo. cl.

Bland Papers, (The) : being a Selection from the Manuscripts
of Col. Theodoric Bland, Jun., of Prince George
County, Virginia. Edited by Charles Campbell. 8vo.

Bland's Astronomy. 8vo

Blandin, F., Treatise on Topographical Anatomy. Translated
from the French, by Dr. A. S. Doane, with additional
matter, and Atlas of plates, 4to. 8vo. cl.

Blatch, William, Historical Confirmation of Scripture. 18mo.

Bledsoe, A. T., Examination of Edwards on the Will.

Blessedness of the Righteous. By J. Howe.

Blessings, (The), of Providence. I8mo. cl. .

Blessington, Lady, Confessions of an Elderly Gentleman.
2 v. 12mo

Conversations with Lord Byron. 12mo.

Country Quarters : a Novel, with a Me-
moir by her Niece, Miss Power. I2mo.

Desultory Thoughts. 18mo. cl. .

Ella Stratford ; or, the Orphan Child, pap.

Idler in Italy. 2 v. 12 mo. .

" France. " ...

Marmaduke Herbert. 8vo. pap.

Victims of Society, cl. bks.

Works. 8vo. cl

Blind Alice. By Aunt Kitty.

Atlas of the United States for the Use of the, in raised

Characters. 4to

Girl and other Tales. By Mrs. Embury. I8mo. cl.

Man's Offering. By B. B. Owen

" Son ; or, the Poor Student Successfully Strug-
gling to Overcome Adversity and Misfortune.
I8mo. cl

Bliss, S., Analysis of Sacred Chronology. 18mo. cl. .

" of Geography. ....

Geography of New England

Outline Maps of New England.

" Eight kinds, on Rollers, (var. $ 10.)

Mrs., The Practical Cook-Book, containing upwards of

One Thousand Receipts. 12mo. cl. ...

Blithedale Romance, (The). By N. Hawthorne. 12mo. cl.

Blois, John T., Gazetteer of Michigan. 12mo. . .

Blood, The, of the Cross. By Rev. H. Bonar.

B., The Philosophy of Justice between God and Man.

12mo. cl.

Bloodgood, S. DeWitt, on Roads. 8vo. cl.

The Sexagenary ; or, Reminiscences of the

American Revolution. 12mo. ....

Bloomfield, S. T., (Rev.) The Greek Testament, with Eng-
lish Notes, Critical, Philological and Exegetical. 2 v.
8vo. cl.

25 Harper <Sf Bros.

4 75

6 00


3 50


1 00



1 50
9 00



1 25

E. <f- J. C. Ruffin.
Moore df Payne.

Collins <Sf H. '34
Methodist B. C.
H. Hooker.
Collins $ B.
Ep. S. S. Union.

Carey, L. <Sf B. '38

R. E. Peterson. '50
Wiley <5f P.
T. B. Peterson.
Carey cf- Hart. '39
" '41

Burgess, S. <$ Co.
Carey cj- Hart.



Boston. '37
Harper <$ Bros.
Author, N. Y.

Methodist B. C.
Jewett <Sf Co. '51

Lippincott, G. dfCo.
Ticknor <Sf Co: 52
Robinson, P. <Sf Co.
W. S. Martien.

J. S. Taylor. '51
O. Steek. '38

W. C. Little. '33

6 00 H. Perkins. '48




Bloomfield, Robert, Poems, 32mo. cl. ex. ...
Bloomingdale Asylum, History, &c., of. See Eark, P.

Bloss' Ancient History. 12mo. shp

Chronological Chart

Blossoms of Childhood. By Author of the " Broken Bud." cl.
of " A Religious Juvenile. .

of Morality.

Blue Book ; or, Register of Officers and Agents in the Ser-
vice of the U. S., published biennially. . . .

Laws of Connecticut; or, the Code of 1650. cl. .

Stocking Hall. By Mrs. Wilmot. 2 v. 12mo. .

Blumenbach, J. F., Institutes of Physiology. 8vo. shp. .
Blundell, J., Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Mid-
wifery. Edited by C. Severn. 8vo. shp. . .

Blunt, E. M., Coast Pilot. 8vo. shp

Henry, Commentaries on Exodus and Leviticus. 12mo.

" Genesis. 12mo.

" Numbers and Deuteronomy.


(Rev.) Lectures upon the History of Our Lord

and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 12mo. cl. .
Sermons preached in Trinity Church, Upper

Chelsea. 12mo. cl

History of the Seven Churches of Asia. cl.

on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. . .

" Life of Abraham and Jacob. 12mo.

" " Christ. 12mo. cl. .

" Elisha. 12mo. cl.

" " St. Paul. 12mo. cl.

Joseph, Historical Sketch of the Formation of the

American Confederacy. 8vo.
Merchants' and Shipmasters' Assistant. 8vo. shp.

J. J., Sketch of the Reformation in England. 12mo. cl.

Sermons. 12mo. cl.

" Posthumous. 12mo. cl.

Undesigned Coincidences in the Old and New


Veracity of the Gospels

Boa Constrictor, and Other Stories, sqr. cl.

Boarding Out; or, Domestic Life. By Mrs. S. J. Hale.
18mo. cl.

Boardman, G. D., Memoir of. By Rev. A. King. 12mo. cl.

H. A., (Rev.) Hints on Cultivating the Christian

Temper. 32mo. cl. ....

on High Church Episcopacy. 12mo. cl.

' ' The Bible in the Family ; or, Hints on Do-

mestic Happiness. 12mo. cl. .

The Vanity of a Life of Fashionable Plea-
sure. 32mo. cl.


1 25

2 00

4 50


1 25



1 00

1 25

H. F. Anners.
W. Ailing.

Carter < Bros. '62
L. Colby.
Appleton 3f Co.


Andrus <$> Son.

2 50

J. $ J. Harper. '28
Barrington 3f H.

2 25


3 25

E. <Sf G. W. Blunt.
H. Hooker.

1 00




1 00


1 00





1 00


1 00




1 00


G.fC. CarvilL'25
Harper <Sf Bros.
H. Hooker.

Carter 6f Bros.
Boston. '29
Crosby $ N. '52

Harper <Sf Bros.
Gould, K. $ L.

W. S. Martien.

Lippincott, G.tfCo.
W. S. Martien.





Boatman's Daughter : a Narrative of the Learned and the
Unlearned. By A. Barrett. 18mo. cl.

Bob the Squirrel's Adventures. I8mo. cL ."

Boccacio, Giovanno, Decameron of. 2 v. 18mo. cl.

Bodenhamer on the Diseases of the Rectum, Anus, and Con-
tiguous Textures. 8vo.

Boenninghausen, Essay on Homoeopathic Treatment of In-
termittent Fevers. Edited by C. J. Hempel.

. Therapeutics Pocket-Bo ok for Homceo-

pathists. Edited by A. H. Okie. iSmo.cl.

Boeuf 's French Grammar. 12mo. shp

Bogatzky, C., Golden Treasury. 18mo. cl.

Bogota in 1836-7, Narrative of Eleven Months' Residence
in. By J. Steuart. 12rao. cl. ....

Bogue, David, (Rev.) Essay on the Divine Authority of the
New Testament. 18mo. cl. ...

Theological Lectures. Edited by J. S. C. F.

Frey. 2 v. 8vo. cl

Thos., Treatise on the Structure, Color, and Preser-
vation of the Human Hair. 18mo. cl.

Bohn, H. G., (Editor), New Hand-Book of Games ; compris-
ing Whist, Draughts, Billiards, &c., &c. 12mo. cl.

Boise, J. R., Exercises in Greek Prose Composition. 12mo.

Boisseau, F. G., on Fevers. 8vo. shp

Treatise on Cholera Morbus.

Bojesen and Arnold's Manuals of Greek and Roman Anti-
quities. 2 v. (2 v. in one $1) cl. ...

Boker, G. H., Anne Boleyn: a Tragedy. 12mo. cl. .

Calaynos : a Tragedy. 12mo. bds.

The Podertas Daughter, and other Miscellane-
ous Poems. 12mo. cl

Bokhara, Narrative of a Mission to. By Wolf. 8vo. cl.

Travels in. By Lieutenant Burnes. 2 v. .

Boleyn, Anne, Queen of Henry VEL, Memoirs of the Life of.
By Miss E. O. Benger. 12mo. cl. .

Bolingbroke's, H. St. J., Works. 4 v. 8vo. cl. .

Bolivar, Simon, Memoirs of, and of his Principal Generals.
By H. L. V. D. Holstein. 8vo

Bolles, Wm., New American Spelling-Book. .

Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary. 8vo. shp.

Solitude and Society, with other Poems. 12mo. cl.

(Editor), The Complete Evangelist 12mo. cl.

" Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary

of the English Language. 12mo. shp.

Bolmar's A., Colloquial Phrases. 18mo. hf. r.
Levizac's French Grammar. 12mo. shp.

Perrin's Fables. 12mo. hf. r. .

Telemaque. 12mo. hf. r

Key to. 12mo. hf. r.



1 00


Methodist B. C.
Appleton <f- Co.

Cincinnati. '47
W. Radde.

1 25

Otis Clapp. '49
Lockwood if Son.


Carter <f- Bros.


H. Perkins.


Am. Tract Soc.

2 00

Harper <$ Bros.


J. W. Moore. '45

1 50

H. F. Anners. '51

2 50

Appleton if Co.
Lea if B.

New York. '32

1 25

Appleton if Co.
A. Hart. '50


Butler if Co. '48


A. Hart. '62

2 00

Harper if Bros.
Carey if Hart.

1 25

A. Hart. '50

6 00

Carey if Hart.


4 00

S.G.Goodrich $Co.
Nafis if C.
Bolles cf- W.



1 25


1 00

Lea ifB.
Carey if Hart.
Lea if B.








Bolmer, A., Verbs. 18mo. hf. r. .....

Bolton, Robt, Jun., Guide to New Rochelle and its Vicinity.

16mo. .

History of the County of Westchester to 1848.

2 v. 8vo. cl

Bonaparte, Charles Lucien, American Ornithology. 4 v.

fo. hf. r

Memoirs of. By Himself, cl.


Napoleon, Life of.

By J. G. Lockhart. 12mo. cl.
By Walter Scott. 8vo.
By Bourienne. 24mo.
By Hazlitt. 3 v. cl. .
By Henry Lee.
By Lockhart. 2 v. cl.
From the French of L'Ar-

deck. 2 v.
Life and Campaigns of.

12mo. cl.

4 00

20 00


1 25
1 50

3 00


4 00

1 25

^ Manuscript Transmitted from St. Helena by an
Unknown Hand (a pretended confession of


Louis, Reply to Sir Walter Scott's History of

Napoleon. 8vo

Lucien, Charlemagne : an Epic Poem. 2 v. I8mo.

Bonaparte's Voyage to St. Helena, Account of. By Sir Geo.

Cockburn. 12mo

Bonar, A. A., (Rev.) Commentary on the Book of Leviticus.

8vo. 1 1 50

H., (Rev.) The Blood of the Cross. .

Man, his Religion and his World. 18mo. cl. 040

Morning of Joy, (The) : a Sequel to the " Night

of Weeping." 18mo. cl 40

Night of Weeping. 18mo. cl. . . . 30

Story of Grace. 18mo. cl 030

Truth and Error ; or, Letters to a Friend on

some of the Controversies of the Day. 18mo. cl. 40

Bond, Robt., (Rev.) Golden Maxims ; or, a Thought Devo-
tional and Practical for Every Day in the Year.

32mo. cl. gt. e 25

The Same. 32mo 31

T. E., Practical Treatise on Dental Medicine : being a

Compendium of Medical Science, as connected with
the Study of Dental Surgery. 8vo. shp. . . 2 00

Bondman : a Story of the Times of Wat Tyler. 12mo. .

Bondsmaid, The. By F. Bremer. bds 50

Bonnechose's Reformers before the Reformation, pap. 50

Bonnet, A., (Rev.) Family of Bethany. 18mo. cl. . .040

on the Lord's Prayer. 18mo. cl. . . 40

Bonnycastle, John, Algebra. 12mo. shp 63

" Key to. shp. . . . 63

Lea cf- B.

A. Hanfnrd. '42

Author, N. Y. '48

Lea cf- B.

Harper cf- Bros.
Derby cf- M.
New York.
H. cf- E. Phinney.
Carey cf- Hart.
New York. '35
Harper cf- Bros.

Appleton. <Sf Co.
Phillips, S. cf- Co.

Van Winkle $ W.

Carey, L. cf- C. '29
Conrad cf- Co.

Lilly W. <Sf Co.

Carter cf- Bros. '51
W. S. Martien.
Carter cf- Bros. '52

Methodist B. C.
Appleton cf- Co.

Lindsay cf- B.'Sl
Wells cf- N. '35
Munroe cf- Co.
Harper cf- Bros.

Carter cf- Bros.

W. E. Dean.



Bonnycastle, John, Geometry. 8vo. bds 6 00

. Mensuration, shp 60

. tt Key to. shp. . . . 60

" 12mo. shp. . . . 76

. " Key to. 12mo. shp. . . 75

R. H., Account of the Dominions of Spain in

the Western Hemisphere. 8vo. ....

Bonynge, F., The Future Wealth of America : being a glance

at the resources of the U. States, and the advantages

of cultivating Tea, Coffee, &c., &c. 12mo. cl.

Book for Beginners : a Help to Young Communicants. By

Bishop S. Patrick. 18mo. cl. ....

for a Corner. By Leigh Hunt. 12mo. pap. 25c. ; cl.

of Animals, cl.

- of Anecdotes. By John Frost. ....

of Birds : for the Young, cl. ex. 63c. ; cl.

of Ballads. Edited by Bon Gaultier. 12mo. cl. .

of Books : a Selection from Parley's Magazine, sqr. cl.

of Cage Birds. By H. B. Hirst. 12mo. cl.

of Chants. By Mason, hf. bd. ' .

By Rev. W. Staunton

of Character. By Mrs. E. R. Miles. 24mo. cl. ex.

of Christmas; or, its Customs and Ceremonies. By

Thos. K. Hervey. 12mo. cl. ....

of Commerce by Sea and Land. cl.

of Common Prayer Interpreted by its History. By
Rev. E. M. Butler. 12mo. cl. ....

of Eloquence. By C. D. Warner. 12mo.

of Entertainment for the Young, 3 series, each. cl.

of Fate. 18mo. cl.

of Fishes. By Robert Ramble, cl.

of Forms. By J. D. Dunlap. 8vo. law shp.

of Good Examples. By John Frost.

of Government and Laws. By S. G. Goodrich. 16mo. cl.

of Gymnastics; or, Healthful Sports. 18mo. cl.

of Health, (The). A Compendium of Domestic Medi-

cine. 8vo. .

of Hearts. 12mo. cl.

of Home Beauty. Edited by Mrs. Kirkland, with 12

Portraits of Am. Ladies. 4to. mor. $12 00 ; cl. ex.

The Same, double size, proofs on India pap. mor.

of Homilies. 8vo. (shp. $2 50 ;) cl. .

of Illustrious Mechanics. By John Frost.

of Knowledge, Art, Manufactures, Trades, &c. By A.

J. Cooley. 8vo.

of Literature, Ancient and Modern. By S. Goodrich.

16mo.cl 67

of Murders. 12mo. cl. 90

of " and Tragedies on Land. 12mo. cl. . 75


Philadelphia. '32
Thomas, C. <$ Co.


Hunt 6 Son.

A. Small '19

1 00 Author, N. Y. '52

30 Ep. S. S. Union,

40 G. P. Putnam. '52

50 Appleton ef- Co.

1 00 Belknap $ H.
50 G. S. Appleton.

75 J. S. Redfield. '52

75 W. P. Hazard. '50

75 B. Duke. '42

63 Wilkins, C. <Sf Co.

75 S. cf- Swords.

38 H. F. Anners.

50 G. P. Putnam. '49

60 Hunt 6f Son.

W.M.Morrison. '49

1 25 Mills, C. $ M. '52
1 00 Francis <f- Co.

30 Nafis <Sf C.

33 Crissy <$ M.

E. C. $ J. Biddle.

1 00 Belknap $ H.
84 Gates <$ S.

38 Francis <$ Co.

1 75 Richardson, L.<$-H.

75 Nafis 4- C.

8 00 G. P. Putnam. '51
25 00 '51

2 00 E. C. <Sf J. Biddk.

1 00 Belknap <% H.

2 25 Appleton <Sf Co.

C. H. Pierce.
Andrus <5f Son.
J. B. Perry.





Book of Martyrs. By John Fox, with 55 plates. 4to. shp.

of " " "in German, 54 plates, shp.

and clasp.

of Nature Laid Open. By Hutton. 18mo. cl.

of Nursery Rhymes, el. gt. e

of Oratory. By E. C. Marshall. 12mo.

of Pirates and Highwaymen. 12mo. cl.

of " " " and Murders. 12mo. .

of Politeness. -By Mad. Celnart. 18mo. cl.

of Pleasures. 32mo. (cl. ex. 70c. ;) cl.

of " 18mo. (cl. ex. 50c.;) cl.

of Poetry, mor. ex.

of the Priesthood. By Rev. J. Stratton. 12mo. bds.

of Psalms, Metrically arranged. By J. Nourse. 32mo.

cl. ex.

of Prudential Revelations ; or, Bible of Nature and

Reason. By Dr. A. de Fontaine. 8vo.

of Pearls : a Collection of Prose, Poetry, and Art. 8vo.

of Science. By J. M. Moffat. 16mo. . . .

of St. Nicholas. By Paulding. 12 mo. cl.

of Trades and Professions, cl. (colored, 50c. ;) .

of Visions. 18mo. cl

of Versions, cl.

of the Army. By John Frost. . .

of the Boudoir. By Lady Morgan. I2mo. .

of the Colonies. By John Frost

of the Church. By Southey, abridged. .

of the Farm. By Henry Stephens. 2 v. 8vo. cl.

of the Feet. By J. S. Hall. pap.

of the Hudson. By Washington Irving. 18 mo. cl.

of the Indians. By John Frost. ....

of the " By Mclntosh. 12mo. cl. .

of the By S. G. Drake. 8vo. .

of the Nursery. See Dendy, W. C.

of the Passions. By G. P. R. James. 8vo. mor. $6 00 ;

cl. ex.

of the Priesthood. By Rev. Thomas Stratton. 12mo.

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