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lo Handbook of American Authors.

with Wood of a noted Dispensatory of the U. S.
See Me7noir of, by Geo. B. Wood.

Bachman [bak'man], John. 1790 TV. K- 1874. Nat-
uralist and theologian. B. was the assistant of Au-
dubon, writing the larger part of The Quadrupeds
of N. A., and also author of many scientific and
theological works.

Backus, Isaac. 1724 C/.-i 806. Baptist historian.
Author of A Hist, of New England with Particular
Reference to the Baptists.

Bacon, Delia. 1811-1859. Author Philosophy of
the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded, an attempt to
prove Lord Bacon to be the author of Shake-
speare's plays. See Hawthorne's Recollections of a
Gifted Woman.

Bacon, Leonard. \Zo7. Mch.-\%^i. Bro. to D. B.
Congregationalist theologian. Author Historical
Discourses, Essays on Slavery, Genesis of the
New England Churches, etc. See Century Mag.
March, 1883. Pub. Clk. Har.

Bacon, Leonard Woolsey. 1830 C/. — — . Son to
L. B. Congregationahst religious writer. Author
A Life Worth Living, etc. Pub. Ran.

Bagby, George "Wm. iZ^ZVa. . Humorist. Au-
thor Letters to Mozis Addums, etc.

Baird, Charles W. 1828 N. J. . Son to R. B.

Presbyterian religious writer. Author Eutaxia, or
the Presbyterian Liturgies, Book of Public Prayer,
and Hist, of Rye.

Baird, Henry Martyn. iZyiPa. . Son to R.

B. Author Modern Greece, Life of Robert Baird,
and Hist, of the Rise of the Huguenots of France.
Pub. Har. Ran. Scr.

Baird, Robert. 1798/'^.- 1863. Presbyterian relig-
ious writer. Author Hist, of the Temperance So-

Handbook of American Authors^ 1 1

cieties, View of Religion in America, Hist, of the
Waldenses, Albigenses, and Vaudois, etc. See
Life, by H. M. Baird. Pub. Har.

Baird, Samuel John. i8i7(9. . Presbyterian

theologian. Author of numerous works on the
polity and history of the Presbyterian church.

Baird, Spencer Fullerton. 1823/*^. . Natu-

rahst. Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.
Translator and editor of the Iconographic Ency.,
and co-author with J. Cassin of Birds of N. A. and
Mammals of N. A. Editor Annual Record of Sci-
ence and Industry. Pub. Cass. Har. Lip. Lit.

Baker, George M. 1832 Af^. . Author Amateur

Dramas, The Social Stage, and works of a similar
character. Ptib. Le.

Baker, Mrs. Harriette Newell [Woods], "Made-
line LesHe." \Z\^Ms. . Author The Courte-
sies of Wedded Life, and nearly two hundred moral
and religious tales. Ptib. Le. Su.

Baker, Wm. Mumford. 1825 D. C.-1883. Novehst.
Author The Virginians in Texas, Inside, The
New Timothy, Mose Evans, His Majesty Myself,
Blessed St. Certainty, Thirlmore, and The Ten The-
ophanies, a religious work. Style vigorous and
original. Pub. Har. Le. Ran. Rob.

Baldwin, John Denison. 1809 C/.-i 883. Archaeol-
ogist. Editor of the Worcester Spy. Author Pre-
Historic Nations, Ancient America, etc. His works
show great research and are of much value. Pub.

Ballon, Hosea. 1771 iV. //■.-1852. UniversaHst the-
ologian and controversialist. The founder of Uni-
versalism in the U. S. An Examination of the
Doctrine of Future Retribution is his chief work.
See Biography^ by M. M. Ballou.

12 Handbook of American Authors,

Ballou, Hosea. 1796 F/.-1861. Neph. to preceding.
Author Ancient Hist, of Universalism, etc.

Ballou, Maturin Murray. 1822 iI/>. . Son to

H. B. 1st. Litterateur. Author History of Cuba,
Biog. of Hosea Ballou, Due West, a vol. of travels,
and compiler of Pearls of Thought, and similar
works. Pub. Hon.

Ballou, Moses. 181 1 Ms. . Neph. to H. B. 1st.

Universahst theologian.

Bancroft, Aaron. 1755 J/>.-i 840. Unitarian relig-
ious writer, and author of A Life of Washington.
Pub. Par.

Bancroft, George. iZoo Ms. . Son to A. B.

Historian. The first vol. of his great work, The
Hist, of the U. S., appeared in 1834, and the twelfth
and concluding one in 1880. A thoroughly revised
edition has since been published in six volumes.
Pub. Apl.

Bancroft, Hubert Howe. 1832 O. . Historian.

Author The Native Races of the Pacific States,
History of the Pacific States, and The Early Am.
Chroniclers. These works are exceedingly com-
prehensive in their scope, and are prepared with
the assistance of a number of coUaborateurs. Pub.
Apl. Ban.

Bangs, Nathan. 1778 C/.-1862. Methodist theolo-
gian. A proHfic writer, whose Hist, of the M. E.
Church is his most valuable work. See Life and
Times of by Abel Stevens. Pub. Phi.

Banneker, Benjamin. 1731 Md.-iSo6. Astronom-
ical writer. See Atlantic Monthly., fan. 1863.

Banvard, Joseph. i8ioA^. Y. . Miscellaneous

writer. Author Romance of Am. Hist, Plymouth
and the Pilgrims, Novelties of the New World, etc.
Pub. Loc.

Handbook of American Authors. 13

Barber, John Warner. 1798 Ct. . Historical

compiler. Author Historical Collections of Mass.,
Historical Collections of Conn., and similar annals
of several other States.

Barclay, James Turner. 1807 J^.-i 874. Campbell-
ite religious writer. Best known as the author of
The City of the Great King, a valuable work relat-
ing to Jerusalem.

Barlow, Joel. 1755 C/.-1812. Poet. Author The
Columbiad, a pretentious, stilted production, and
Hasty Pudding, a genuinely humorous poem. See
Edinburgh Rev. Oct. i8og.

Barnard, Charles. i835i^j. . Litterateur. Au-
thor The Tone Masters, The Soprano, The Straw-
berry Garden, etc. Style bright and spirited. See
Harfs Am. Lit. Pub. Le. Ptit. Scr.

Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter. 1809 Ms.

. Educational writer. Pres. Columbia Coll.

Author Letters on College Government, etc.

Barnard, Henry. iZii Ct. . Educational wri-
ter of eminence. Author National Education in
Europe, School Architecture, Hints and Methods
for Teachers, Pestalozzi and Pestalozzianism, etc.
Editor of several journals of education. Pub. Ste.

Barnard, John. 1681 Ms. -ij^o. Congregationalist
theologian. The style of his sermons is robust
and logical. See Tyler'' s Ain. Lit. vol. 2.

Barnes, Albert. 17987V; K-1870. Presbyterian com-
mentator. His Notes on the New Testament is his
best known work. His scriptural expositions are
clearly and distinctly stated. Pub. Har. P. B.

Bartlett, John. \Z2oMs. . Editor Familiar

Quotations, The Shakespeare Phrase-Book, etc.
Pub. Lit.

Bartlett, John Russell. 18057?./. . Miscella-

14 Handbook of American Authors.

neous writer. Author Diet, of Americanisms, Prog-
ress of Ethnology, etc., and editor of the Letters
of Roger Williams.

Bartlett, Joseph. 1763 Ms-iZi^. Satirical poet.
Author The New Vicar of Bray.

Bartlett, Wm. H. C. 1804 Pa. . Scientist. Au-
thor treatises on Optics, Mechanics, Spherical As-
tronomy, etc.

Bartol, Cyrus Augustus. 1813 Me. . Unitarian

theologian. Author Pictures of Europe, Christian
Spirit and Life, Radical Problems, The Rising
Faith, Principles and Portraits, etc. Pub. A.U.A.

Bartram, John, ijoi Pa -1777. "The Father of
American Botany." A shrewd, careful observer.
See Me7norials of, by W771. Darlington, atid Tyler'' s
Am. Lit. vol. 2.

Bartram, Wm, 1739 /'^.-i823. Son to J. B. Bot-
anist and traveler. Best known by his Travels in
the South Atlantic States. An enthusiastic writer
on all botanical topics.

Bascom, John. 1832 N. Y. . Philosopher.

Pres. Wisconsin Univ. Author of Psychology,
-Esthetics, Political Economy, Science, Philoso-
phy and Religion, Natural Theology, The Science
of Mind, The Words of Christ, etc. A keen, influ-
ential thinker. Pub. Dra. Pot. Put.

Bates, Arlo. \^^q Me. . Journalist and novel-
ist. Author Mr. Jacobs and The Pagans. Pub.

Bates, Charlotte Fiske. 1838 TV. Y. . Poet.

Author of a volume of careful verse entitled Risk
and Other Poems, and editor of The Longfellow
Birthday-Book, The Cambridge Book, etc. Pub.
Cr. Hou.

Handbook of American Authors. 15

Baxter, "Wm. 1820 E. . Poet and religious

writer. Some of his War Lyrics were once widely

Bayley, James Roosevelt. iSh^V. K-1877. R. C.
Abp. Baltimore. Religious writer. Pub. Cath.

Beardsley, E. Edwards. 1808 Q. . Ecclesias-
tical historian and biographer. Author Hist. P. E.
Church in Connecticut, and Lives of Samuel John-
son, Wm. Samuel Johnson, and Bp. Seabury.
Style dignified and careful. Pub. Hou.

Beasley, Frederick. 1777 TV. C-1845. Episcopal
theologian. Author An Examination of the Oxford
Divinity, Search of Truth in the Science of the Hu-
man Mind, and Reply to Dr. Channing.

Beck, Theodore Romeyn. 1791 N. F.-iSsS- Med-
ical writer of note. Co-author with his brother, J.
B. Beck, of a much-valued Medical Jurisprudence.

Bedell [be-delP], Gregory Townsend. 1793 iV. K-
1834.. Episcopal religious writer. Author Renun-
ciation, Ezekiel's Vision, Sermons, etc. A preacher
of much eminence in his day.

Beecher, Catherine Esther. 1800 Z./.-i 878. Dau.
to L. B. Best known by her works on physical
training. Author Domestic Economy, Physiology
and Calisthenics, Letters to the People, Religious
Training of Children, etc. See Mrs. Hale^s Wo-
man's Record. Pub. Fa. Har.

Beecher, Charles. 18 15 Ct. . Son to L. B.

Congregationalist religious writer. Author Pen
Pictures of the Bible, The Eden Tableau, Re-
deemer and Redeemed, etc. Pub. Le.

Beecher, Edward. 1804 Z./. . Son to L. B.

Congregationalist theologian. Author The Conflict
of the Ages, Papal Conspiracy Exposed, Baptism,
etc. Pub. Apl.

1 6 Handbook of American Authors,

Beecher, Henry Ward. 1813 C/. . Son to L.

B. Congregationalist religious and miscellaneous
writer. Life Thoughts, Star Papers, Yale Lect. on
Preaching, Lect. to Young Men, and the novel
Norwood are his best known works. A pulpit or-
ator of great eminence. See Parian's Famous
Americans^ and Abbot fs Henry Ward Beecher.
Pub. A r7n. Fo. Har.

Beecher, Lyman. 1775 Q.-1863. Congregationalist
theologian of note. Author Sermons on Temper-
ance, Views in Theolog}^, Scepticism, etc. A
thinker of great boldness and energy. See Life
and Correspo7idence^ edited by Chas. Beecher^ 1864..
Pub. Har.

Beecher, Thomas Kennicutt. 1824 Ct. . Son

to L. B. Religious and miscellaneous writer.

Belknap [bel'nap], Jeremy. 1744^1/^.-1798. Histo-
rian. Author Hist, of New Hampshire, Am. Biog-
raphy, The Foresters, etc.

Bell, John. 1796 /.-1872. Medical lecturer and jour-
nalist of note. Author Health and Beaut}^, Regi-
men and Longevity, etc.

Bellamy, Joseph. 17 19 C/.-1790. Congregational-
ist theologian. Style able' and learned.

Bellows, Henry Whitney. i8i4iV: ^.-1882. Uni-
tarian theologian. Restatements of Christian Doc-
trine, Sermons, Relation of Public Amusements to
Public MoraHty, and The Old World in its New
Face are his principal works. Pub. A.U. A. Har.

Benedict, Frank Lee. 18 . Novelist. Au-
thor Miss Van Kortland, My Daughter EHnor,
The Price She Paid, etc. Pub. Har.

Benezet, Anthony. 1713/^.-1784. Philanthropist.
His works on slavery first aroused the attention of
Clarkson and Wilberforce to the subject

Handbook of American Authors, 17

Benjamin, Park. 1809^. 6^.-1864. Poet and jour-
nalist. Of his verse, mainly lyrical in character,
The Old Sexton is the best remembered example.

Benjamin, Samuel Green Wheeler. 1840 Gr. .

Artist and litterateur. Author Art in America,
The Atlantic Islands, Contemporary Art in Europe,
etc. Pub. Har, Loc. Lo. Ran. Scr.

Bennet, Emerson. 1822 Ms. . Sensational

novelist. Pub. Clx.

Bennet, James Gordon. 1800 vS".-! 872. Journalist.
See Par toft's Famous A?nericajis.

Bensel, James Berry. 1856 TV. Y. . Poet and

novelist. Author of much graceful verse, the novel
King Cophetua's Wife, etc.

Benson, Eugene. 1840 TV. V. -. Artist and wri-
ter upon art. Author Gaspara Stampa, and Art and
Nature in Italy.

Benton, Joel. 1832 TV. Y. . Essayist and poet.

Author Under the Apple Boughs, Emerson as a
Poet, etc. Style thoughtful, graceful, and finished.
Pub. Hoi.

Benton, Thomas Hart. 1782 TV. C-1858. States-
man. Author Speeches, Thirty Years' View, and
Abridgment of the Debates of Congress 1789-
1856. Politically his works are of much value, and
as literary productions are marked by taste and

Berard, Augusta Blanche. 1824 TV. Y. . Au-
thor of several excellent school histories. Pub.
Bar. Cop.

Berg, Joseph Frederick. iZi^W. /.-1871. Dutch
Reformed controversial writer.

Berrian, Wm. 1 786-1862. Episcopal devotional
writer. Author Family and Private Prayers, His-
torical Sketch of Trinity Church, etc.

1 8 Handbook of American Authors.

Bethune [beh-thoon'], George Washington. 1805
N. V.-1S62. Dutch Reformed theologian and poet.
Author Hist, of a Penitent, Lays of Love and Faith,
etc. Style genial and scholarly. See Memozr, by

A. R. Van Nest.

Beverly, Robert. 16 — ^^.-1716. Colonial histo-
rian. Author Hist, of the Present State of Vir-
ginia, 1705. See Tyler's Am. Lit. vol. 2.

Biddle, Charles John. 1819/^^.-1875. Son to N.

B. Journalist. Best known by his careful mono-
graph on the execution of Major Andrd.

Biddle, Nicholas. 1786/*^. -1844. Financier. Au-
thor of A Commercial Digest and numerous bril-
liant and polished addresses.

Bigelow, Jacob. 1787 Mf.- 18 79. Medical and sci-
entific writer of note. See Memoir^ by Ellis. Pub.
Har. Wo.

Bigelow, John. 18177V. K . Journalist. Au-
thor Life Benj. Franklin, Bryant in Am. Men of
Letters, etc. Pub. Hou. Lip.

Bigelow, Melville Madison. \Z\(iMch. . Ju-
rist. Author English Procedure in the Norman
Period, The Law of Fraud, Elements of Equity,
and other legal works of value, and editor 8th edi-
tion of Story's Conflict of Laws. Pub. Hou. Lit.

Billings, Josh. See Shaw, Henry.

Binney, Horace. 1780 /*<«.- 1875. Jurist. Author
Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Penn-
sylvania 1 799-1 8 14, Leaders of the Old Bar of Phil.,

Bird, Frederick Mayer. 1838 P^. . Son to R.

M. B. Hymnologist. Compiler of several collec-
tions of hymns, and a high authority in his depart-
ment. His hymn hbrary is the largest in America.

1805 Del.-\%S^' Ro-

Handbook of Americaii Authors. 19

mantic novelist. Author Nick of the Woods, Peter
Pilgrim, Sheppard Lee, etc., and The Gladiator and
two other tragedies. Pub. Arin.

Bishop, Joel Prentiss. i8i4A^. K . Jurist. Au-
thor Commentaries on Criminal Law, on Marriage
and Divorce, on The Law of Married Women, on
Criminal Law, on Criminal Procedure, etc. Pub.
Lit. Th.

Bishop, Nathaniel Holmes. 1837 J/j". . Trav-
eler. Author A Thousand Miles' Walk Across
South America, The Voyage of the Paper Canoe,
and Four Months in a Sneak Box. Pub. Dou. Le.

Bishop, Wm. Henry. 1847 . Novelist. Au-
thor Detmold, The House of A Merchant Prince,
and a volume of travels entitled Old Mexico and
her Lost Provinces. Pub. Har. Hou.

Blackburn, Wm. Maxwell. 1828 Ind. . Pres-

b3'terian religious and historical writer. Author
Hist, of the Christian Church, Geneva's Shield, etc.
Pub. Do. Phi. P. B.

Blake, John Lauris. 1788 N". ^7.-1857. Author of a
valuable Family Encyclopaedia, Gen. Biographical
Diet., etc.

Bledsoe, Albert Taylor. 1808 Aj/. . Metaphys-
ical and mathematical writer. Author of Essay
on Liberty and Slavery, Examination of Edwards
on the Will, Philosophy of Mathematics, etc. Pub.

Blunt, Edmond March. 1770 TV. ^.-1862. Nauti-
cal writer. Author The Am. Coast Pilot.

Boardman, George Dana. 1828 -5/^. . Baptist

religious writer. Author Studies in the Creative
Week, Epiphanies of the Risen Lord, Titles of a
Pastor's Wednesday Evening Lectures, etc. Pub.
Api. A. S. U.

20 Hafidbook of American Atithors.

Boardman, Henry Augustus. 1808 N. K-1880.
Presbyterian theologian. Author The Bible in the
Family, The Bible in the Counting-House, The
Christian Ministry not a Priesthood, etc. Pub.
Lip. P. B.

Boker, George Henry. 1824 Pa. . Dramatic

poet. Author of the tragedies Calaynos, Anne Bo-
leyn, Lenor de Guzman, and Francesca da Rimini ;
Poems of the War, The Book of the Dead, etc.
With the exception of Francesca da Rimini his
dramas are better suited for closet reading than for
acting. Pub. Lip.

Bolton, Mrs. Sarah T. [Barritt]. 1820 Ky.

Poet. Paddle Your Own Canoe is her most noted

Bonner, Sherwood, See McDowell, Mrs. Kate.

Bosnian, John Leeds. 1757^/^.-1823. Legal and
historical writer. Author Hist. Maryland, etc.

Botta, Mrs. Anne Charlotte [Lynch]. 1 8 — Vt. .

Wife to V. B. Litterateur. Author Handbook of
Universal Lit., Leaves from the Diary of a Recluse,
etc. Pub. Hou.

Botta, Vinoenzo. i8i8/k. . Historical writer.

Author Life of Cavour, Historical Account of Mod-
em Philosophy in Italy, Dante as Philosopher, Pa-
triot, and Poet, etc. Pub. Scr.

Boudinot [boo'de-not], Elias. 1740/^^.-1821. Re-
ligious writer. Author The Age of Revelation and
other works, much read at one time, but now nearly

Bouvier [boo-veer'], Hannah M. \Zi\Pa. .

Dau. to J. B. Author Familiar Astronomy. Pub.

Bouvier, John. 1787/^-1851. Jurist. Author Law
Diet., Institutes of Am. Law, etc. Pub. Lip. Lit.

Handbook of American Authors. 2 1

Bowditch, Nathaniel. 1773 i^/j-.-i 838. Mathema-
tician. His translation of La Place is his greatest
work. See Memoir^ by N. I. Bowditch.

Bowen, Francis. \Z\\ Ms. . Philosopher. Au-
thor Critical Essays on Speculative Philosophy,
Modern Philosophy, Treatise on Logic, Am. Poht-
ical Economy, etc. See Harvard Register, May,
188 1. Pub. A I. Scr. Wa.

Bowen, Mrs. Sue [Petigru] [King]. 1 824 S.C.-iZ^S-
Novelist. Author Busy Moments of an Idle Wo-
man, Sylvia's World, Gerald Gray's Wife, etc.

Bowles, Samuel. 1826 J/i-.-i 877. Journalist. Ed-
itor The Springfield Republican. Author Across
the Continent, Our New West, etc.

Boyd, James R. iZo^N. Y, . Educational and

religious writer. Author Elements of Rhetoric and
Literary Criticism, Moral Philosophy, etc. Pub.

Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth. 1848 A^. . Novehst

and poet. Author Gunnar, A Norseman's Pilgrim-
age, Tales from Two Hemispheres, Falconberg,
A Daughter of the Philistines, etc. See Scribner''s
Mag. Oct. iSyy. Piib. Scr.

Brace, Charles Loring. 1826 Ct. . Author

Norsefolk, Home Life in Germany, The Races of
the Old World, Gesta Christi, etc. Pub. Arm. Scr.

Brackenridge, Hugh Henry. 1748 ^.-1816. Hu-
morist. Author Modern Chivalry. Style keenly
satirical. See edition 184.8^ and Harfs Am. Lit.

Bradstreet, Mrs. Anne [Dudley]. 1612 ^.-1672.
Poet. The first American woman of letters. Called
by her contemporaries " The Tenth Muse." See
Tyler's A?n. Lit. vol. i, and Helen CampbelVs Anne
Bradstreet in Famoics Women.

Brainard, John Gardiner Calkins. 1796 C/.-1828.

22 Handbook of American Authors.

Poet. His chief claim to remembrance is the fine
poem beginning, "I saw two clouds at morning."
See Griswold^s Poets and Poetry of America.

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson. 1800 Ky.-iZ'ji.
Presbyterian theologian of note. Author The
Knowledge of God, etc. Style clear and forcible.
See Memorials and Biographical Sketches, by fas.
Freeman Clarke. Pub. Ca.

Briggs, Charles Frederick. 1804^^^.-1877. Jour-
nalist. Best known as the author of the novel
Harry Franco. Style genial and pleasing. See
LoweWs Fable for Critics.

Brinton, Daniel Garrison. 1837 Pa. . Physi-
cian and archaeologist. Author The Myths of the
New World, The Religious Sentiment, American
Hero-Myths, Aboriginal Am. Authors, etc., and
editor The Mayor Chronicles, The Comedy-Ballet
of Giieguence, etc. Pub. Br. Ho.

Bristed, Charles Astor. 1820 TV. Y. . Litte-
rateur. Author Five Years in an English Univer-
sity, The Upper Ten Thousand, etc.

Brodhead, John Romeyn. 1814 ^^.-1873. Histo-
rian. Author Hist, of the State of New York, a
valuable and standard work. See Scribner's Mag.
Feb. i8yy. Pub. Har.

Brooks, Charles Timothy. i8i3i?/j.-i883. Ger-
man scholar of eminence. His versions of Schil-
ler, Richter, Goethe, and Schaefer take high rank
among translations. Author Songs of Field and
Flood, The Simplicity of Christ, etc. Pub. Rob.

Brooks, Edward. 1/831 N. Y. . Educational

writer of note. Pub. So.

Brooks, Mrs. Maria [Gowen]. 1795 Ms.-i2>^$.
Poet. Called by Southey "Maria del Occidente."
Author of Zophiel, a powerful but morbid and fit-

Handbook of A77ierican Authors. 23

fully vehement poem. See Griswold^s Female Poets
of America^ and Harper's Mag. Jan. and May,

Brooks, Nathan Covington. iSog Md. . Au-
thor of an excellent series of classical text-books
and A Complete Hist, of the Mexican War. Pud.
Bar. Clx.

Brooks, Noah. 1830-^^. . Writer of tales for

young people. Author The Boy Emigrants, The
Fairport Nine, etc. Pub. Scr.

Brooks, Phillips. 1835 Ms. . Broad Church

theologian. Author The Influence of Jesus, Lect.
on Preaching, Sermons, Sermons in English
Churches, etc. A leader of modern rehgious
thought. Ptib. Diit.

Brougham [broo'am or broo'm], John. 18 14 /.-1 880.
Dramatist. Author of over a hundred comedies
and farces, many of which have been very success-
ful. See Life, by Wm. Winter.

Brown, Charles Brookden. lyyi Pa.-i8io. Nov-
elist. Author Wieland, Ormond, Arthur Mer-
vyn, Edgar Huntley, Clara Howard, Jane Talbot,
and Sky-Walk. Style vivid, often morbid, and
highly inventive.

Brown, David Paul. 1795 Pa.-i872. Author of
several tragedies, and The Forum, or Forty Years'
Practice at the Bar.

Brown, Goold. 1791 ^$-.-1857. Grammarian of note.
Author Grammar of English Grammars, Institutes
of English Grammar, etc. Pub. Wo.

Brown, Henry Armitt. 1846-1878. Orator. See
Me9noir, by Hoppin, and Atlantic Monthly, Aug.

Brown, John W. i8i4iV. K-1849. Poet. Author

24 Handbook of American Authors,

Browne, Charles Parrar, " Artemus Ward." 1834
Me-\Z6'], Humorist. Author Artemus Ward : his
Book, Artemus Ward Among the Mormons, Arte-
mus Ward in London, etc. See Scribner's Mag.
Oct. iSyy, and May, 188 1, and Haweis^s Am. Hu-

Browne, John Ross. 1817/.-1875. Humorist. Au-
thor American Family in Germany, Yusef, Land of
Thor, and other vols, of travels. Pub, Apl. Har.

Brownell, Henry Howard. i820i?. /.-1872. Neph.
to T. C. B. Poet. Author Songs of a Soldier, etc.
His war lyrics rank among the finest of their kind.
See edition 1866.

Brownell, Thomas Church. 1779 yJ/>.-i 865. Bp.
Ct. Religious writer. Author Family Prayer-Book,
Commentary on the Prayer-Book, Youthful Chris-
tian's Guide, etc. Pub, Clx,

Brownson, Orestes Augustus. 1803 F/.-1876. Ro-
man Catholic theologian. Author Charles Elwood,
an autobiographic novel, Leaves from my Experi-
ence, etc. A clear, bold, and earnest thinker. As
editor of Brownson's Review he ably defended the
Roman Catholic faith,

Bruce, "Wallace. 1844 iV". Y, . Poet and lec-
turer. Author The Hudson, The Land of Burns,
etc. Pub. Hou.

Bryant, John Howard. 1807 Ms. . Bro. to W.

C. B. Poet. See Griswold^s Poets and Poetry of
A nierica,

Bryant, "Wm. Cullen. 1794 yI/>.-i 878. Poet and
journalist. Editor The N. Y. Evening Post. Au-
thor The Flood of Years, The Little People of the
Snow, Song of the Sower, Thanatopsis, etc. His
greatest work is his translation of the Iliad and
Odyssey. Among the best of his lighter poems is

Handbook of American Authors. 25

The Planting of the Apple-Tree. See Commem-
orative Address by G. W. Curtis^ Scribner's Mag.
Atig. iSySj Lippincotfs Mag. July, 1882, Bryant in
Am. Men of Letters^ Life by Parke Godwin^ and
Biography by A. J. Symington. Pub. Apt. Hou.

Buckingham, Joseph Tinker. 1779C/.-1861. Jour-
nalist. Author Specimens of Newspaper Litera-
ture, Personal Memoir, etc.

Bulfinch, Stephen Greenleaf. 1809 Afi-.-i 870. Uni-
tarian religious writer. Author Poems, Lays of the
Gospel, Communion Thoughts, etc. Pub. A, U.

Bullions, Peter. 1 791 6*.-! 864. Classical scholar.
Author of a valuable series of classical text-books.
Pub. Sh.

Bunner, Henry C. 18 . Editor of Puck. Au-
thor of Airs from Arcady and Elsewhere, and the
novel The Woman of Honor. Pub. Os. Ser.

Burdett, Charles. 181 5 . Journalist and nov-
elist. Author Life of Kit Carson, etc. Pub. Por.

Burdette, Robert Jones. 1844/*^. • Humorist.

Editor Burlington Hawkeye. Author Life of Wm.
Penn, Hawkeyes, etc. Ptib. Ho.

Burgess, George. 1809^?. /.-1866. Bp. Me. Au-
thor Ecclesiastical Hist, of New England, The
Christian Life, The Book of Psalms in English
verse, etc. See Memoir^ by A . Burgess. Pub, Bro.

Burleigh, Wm. Henry. 1812 C/.-1871. Poet. See
Memoir^ by Celia Burleigh. Pub. Hou.

Burnap, George Washington. 1 802 N. H. .

Unitarian controversiahst. Author Popular Ob-
jections to Unitarian Christianity Considered, etc.

Burnett, Mrs. Prances [Hodgson]. 1849 £". •

26 Handbook of American Authors.

Novelist. Author Haworth, That Lass o' Lowrie's,
Through One Administration, Louisiana, Esme-
ralda, A Fair Barbarian, etc. Pub. Os. Pet, Scr.

Burnham, Mrs. Clara Louise [Root]. 1854 .

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