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Cassin, John. Pa., 1813-1869. A
naturalist of Philadelphia whose Amer-
ican Ornithology is a continuation of
Audubon's work on that subject. Other
works of his are Ornithology of the
Japan Expedition ; Mammalogy and
Ornithology of the Wilkes Exploring
Expedition ; Illustrations of the Birds
of California, Texas, etc. ; A General
Synopsis of North American Ornitho-
logy. Lip.

Castlemon, Harry. See Fosdick.

Caswall, Henry. E., 1810-1870. An
Episcopal clergyman of English birth,
but ordained in the United States,
where the most of his life was spent.
He lived for a time in England, how-
ever, and was a prebend of Salisbury.
An Epitome of the History of the
American Episcopal Church (1836) ; Di-
dascalus, or The Teacher ; Mormonism
and its Author ; The Jerusalem Cham-
ber, or Convocation and its Possibili-
ties ; The Californian Crusoe, a Tale
of Mormonism ; Scotland and the Scot-
tish Church ; The Western World Re-
visited ; The Martyr of the Pongas ;
The American Church and the Ameri-
can Union, include the majority of his

Caswell, Alexis. Ms., 1799-1877. A
Baptist clergyman and educator ; for
35 years a professor at Brown Univer-
sity, and its president, 1868-72. Lec-
tures on Astronomy ; Meteorological

Cathcart, William. J., 1826 . A

Baptist clergyman of Philadelphia.
The Baptists and the American Revo-
lution ; The Papal System ; The Bap-
tism of the Ages and the Nations ; The
Baptist Encyclopaedia.

Gather-wood, Mrs. Mary [Hart-
well]. O., 1847-1902. A writer of
Hoopeston, Illinois, whose historical
romances dealing with the early days
of Canada and the Northwest are as
notable for their careful attention to
historical details as for their graphic
and picturesque style. A Woman in
Armour ; The Lady of Fort St. John ;
The Romance of DoUard ; Story of

Tonty ; Old Kaskaskia ; The Chase of
St. Castin, and Other Tales ; The Spirit
of an Illinois Town ; The White Is-
lander, a story of Mackinac ; Craque
o' Doom. Her books for young people
include Old Caravan Days ; The Dog
berry Bunch ; Rocky Fork ; The Se-
crets of Roseladies. Cent. Hou. Lip.
Lo. Mg.
Catlin, George. Pa., 1796-1872. An
artist who spent many years among the
Indians. Notes of Eight Years in Eu-
rope ; Illustrations of the Manners, Cus-
toms, and Condition of the North Amer-
ican Indians ; Notes for the Emigrant
to Am^erica ; Life among the Indians, a
Book for Youth ; The Breath of Life,
or Mai-Respiration and its EfPeets ;
0-Kee-Pa, a Religious Ceremony, and
other Customs of the Mandans ; Last
Rambles Among the Indians of the
Rocky Mountains; The Lifted and
Subsided Rocks of America. See Tuck-
erman''s Book of the Artists.
Catlin, George Lynde. S. L, 1840-
1896. A journalist and diplomat, consul
at Limoges, Stuttgart, and Zurich. Bil-
bigheim, a story ; The Presidential
Campaign of 1896, written in 1888 ;
Titbits for Travellers ; The Postilion
of Nagold and Other Poems. Fu.
Caton, John Dean. N. Y., 1812-
1895. A jurist of Chicago. A Sum-
mer in Norway ; The Last of the Illi-
nois and a Sketch of the Pottawato-
mies ; The Antelope and the Deer of
America; Miscellanies, Speeches, and
Caulkins, Frances Mainwaring.
Ct., 1796-1869. A local historian of
Connecticut. A History of Norwich ;
A History of New London.
Cawein, Madison Julius. Ky., 1865-

. A poet of Louisville, Kentucky,

whose verse is very musical, and shows
much individuality. Days and Dreams ;
Moods and Memories; Intimations of
the Beautiful; Blooms of the Beiry;
The Triumph of Music ; Accolon of
Gaul ; Lyrics and Idyls ; Poems of Na-
ture and Love ; Red Leaves and Roses ;
The Garden of Dreams; Undertones.
Cop. Mor. Put.
Cesnola [ches-no'la], Luigi Palma di.
It., 1832-1904. An archaeologist who
served in the Union army during the
War and became a colonel, but for




a number of years filled the position of
director of the Metropolitan Museum of
New York city. Cyprus, its Ancient
Cities, Tombs, and Temples ; The Met-
ropolitan Museum of Art. Ap. Har.

Chadbourne, Paul Ansel. Me.,
1823-1883. A Congregational clergy-
man who was president of Williams
College, 1872-81. Relations of Natu-
ral History to Intellect, Taste, Wealth,
and Religion ; Natural Theology ; In-
stinct in Animals and Men ; Strength
of Men and Stability of Nations ; The
Hope of the Righteous ; The Public
Services of the State of New York
[with W. B. Moore]. Bar. Put.

Chadwick, Henry. N. H., 1824-

. An authority on games and

sports. Base Ball Players' Book of
Reference ; Base Ball, How to Learn,
Play, and Teach It ; Base Ball Man-
ual ; Sports and Pastimes of American

Chadwick, John White. Ms., 1840-
'. A Unitarian clergyman of Brook-
lyn, prominent among the more radical
thinkers of his denomination. The Man
Jesus ; The Faith of Reason ; The Bible
of To-Day ; Old and New Unitarian
Belief ; The Power of an Endless Life ;
The Revelation of God, and Other Ser-
mons ; Thomas Paine : the Method and
Value of his Religious Teachings;
George William Curtis : an Address ;
A Book of Poems ; In Nazareth Town,
and Other Poems. Har. Put. Bob.

Chaffin, William Ladd. Me., 1837-

. A Unitarian clergyman of Eas-

ton, Massachusetts, whose History of
Eastou is of notable excellence.

Chains, Stanford Emerson. ML,

1830 . A prominent physician of

New Orleans. Yellow Fever in Ha-
vana and Cuba ; Laws of Population
and Voters ; Living, Dying, Registering,
and Voting Population of Louisiana ;
Intimidation of Voters in Louisiana;
Origin and Progress of Medical Juris-
prudence, 1776-1876.

Chalkley, Thomas. E., 1675-1741.
A Quaker itinerant preacher bom in
London, who spent his life preaching
throughout New England and the
Southern colonies. His writings, con-
sisting of religious tracts and a Journal
of his experiences, published as Life,
Labours, and Travels, are noted for

their quaint simplicity. His Journal
has been very popular among the
Friends, and has been several times re-
printed. See Dictionary of National
Biography, vol. 9.

Chalmers, Lionel. S., c. 1715-1777.
A once noted physician of Charleston.
Treatise on the Weather and Diseases
of South Carolina ; Essay on Fevers.

Chamberlain, Jacob. Ct., 1835-

. A Reformed Dutch missionary

to India. The Bible Tested is his most
important work.

Chamberlain, Nathan Henry, Ms.,
1830-1901. An Episcopal clergyman
of Massacbusetts, whose principal writ-
ings include The Autobiography of a
New England Farm House ; Samuel
Sewell and the World he Lived In ;
The Sphinx in Aubrey Parish,

Chamberlayne, Israel. N.Y., 1795-
1875. A Methodist clergyman. The
Past and the Future ; The Australian
Captive ; Saving Faith : its Rationale ;
The Great Specific against Despair of
Pardon. Meth.

Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar. Yt.,

1851 . A Boston journalist on the

staffs of The Transcript and the Youth's
Companion. The Listener in the Town ;
The Listener in the Country. Cop.

Chamberlin, Thomas Chrcwder.

II., 1843 . A prominent geologist

of Wisconsin. Outline of a Course of
Oral Instruction ; Geology of Wiscon-

Chambers, Charles Julius. O.,

1850 . A journalist long connected

with the New York Herald. A Mad
World and its Inhabitants, a descrip-
tion of lunatic asylums founded on the
author's personal experience in one in
disguise ; On a Margin, a Story of These
Times ; Lovers Four and Maidens Five,
a Story. Ap. Fu.

Chambers, Robert William. X. L,

1 865 . A novelist and artist of New

York city. In the Quarter ; The King in
Yellow ; The Red Republic ; The Maker
of Moons ; The Mystery of Choice ; A
King and a Few Dukes ; With the Band,
a book of ballads. Ne. Put. St.

Chambers, Talbot Wilson. Pa.,

1819-1896, A noted Reformed Dutch
clergyman of New York city. The
Noon Prayer Meeting in Fulton Street ;




Memoir of Theodore Frelinghuysen ;
The Psalter a Witness to the Divine
Origin of the Bible ; Companion to the
Revised Version of the Old Testament.
Champlin, James Tifft. Ct, 1811-
1882. A Baptist clergyman of Port-
land, Maine, president of Colby Uni-
versity, 1857-73. First Principles of
Ethics ; Lessons on Political Economy ;
Text-Book of Intellectual Philosophy ;
Scripture Reading Lessons ; The Con-
stitution of the United States, with
Brief Comments ; and a series of clas-
sical text-books. See Bibliography of
Champlin, John Denison. Ct., 1834-

. A litterateur of New York ciLy.

Young Folks' Cyclopaedia of Common
Things; Young Folks' Cyclopaedia of
Persons and Places ; Young Folks' His-
tory of the War for the Union ; Young
Folks' Catechism of Common Things ;
Young Folks' Cyclopaedia of Games
and Sports ; Young Folks' Astronomy ;
Chronicle of the Coach : Charing Cross
to Ilfracombe. With W. F. Apthorp,
supra, he has edited a Cyclopaedia of
Music and Musicians, and with C. C.
Perkins, infra, a Cyclopaedia of Paint-
ers and Paintings. Ho. Scr.
Champney, Mrs. Elizabeth ["Wil-
liams]. O., 1850 . A popular

New York writer for young people,
and wife of the artist, J. Wells Champ-
ney, who has illustrated many of her
books. The Three Vassar Girls Se-
ries ; The Witch Winnie Books ; The
Bubbling Teapot ; Howling Wolf and
his Trick-Pony ; AH Around a Palette ;
Children's Art Sketches"; In the Sky
Garden ; Fables in Astronomy, and
other juveniles ; and the novels, Bour-
bon Lilies ; Sebia's Tangled Web ;
Rosemary and Rue. Do. Est. Lo. Ban.
Chancellor, Charles "Williams.
Va., 1833 . An eminent physi-
cian of Baltimore. Prisons, Reforma-
tories, and Charitable Institutions of
Maryland ; Mineral Waters and Sea-
side Resorts ; Contagious and Infec-
tious Diseases ; Drainage of the Marsh
Lands of Maryland ; Heredity ; The
Sewerage of Cities.
Chandler, Bessie. See Parker, Mrs.
Chandler, Elizabeth Margaret.
Del., 1807-1835. A verse-writer whose

themes were mainly those relating to
the subject of anti-slavery, in which
she was greatly interested. See Poeti-
cal W^orks and Essays, with Memoir by
Benjamin Lundy.
Chandler, Peleg "Whitman. Me.,
1816-1889. A prominent lawyer of
Boston. The Bankrupt Law of the
United States ; American Criminal
Trials ; Memoir of Governor Andrew ;
Observations on the Authenticity of
the Gospels. Bob.
Chaney, George Leonard. Ms.,

1836 . A Unitarian clergyman,

pastor of the Hollis Street Church in
Boston, 1862-79, and subsequently pas-
tor in Atlanta, Georgia, where he edited
the Southern Unitarian, 1893-96. F.
Grant & Co., a story for boys ; Tom,
a Home Story ; Aloha, travels in the
Sandwich Islands; Every Day Life
and Every Day Morals ; Belief. Bob.
Chaney, Lucien "West. N. Y., 1857-
. A naturalist, professor of bio-
logy in Carleton College, Minnesota,
since 1882, and author of Guides for the
Chanler, Mrs. Am^lie Rives. See

Channing, Edward. Ms., 1856 .

Son of W. E. Channing, 2d. A pro-
fessor of history at Harvard University
since 1883. Guide to the Study of
American History (with A. B. Hart,
infra) ; Town and County Government
of the English Colonies of North Amer-
ica ; Narragansett Planters ; The United
States of America, 1765-1865. Gi.
Channing, Edvrard Tyrrel. B. I.,
1790-1856. Brother of W. E. Chan-
ning, infra. A professor of rhetoric
and oratory at Harvard University.
Life of William EUery ; Lectures on
Rhetoric and Oratory (with Memoir by
R. H. Dana, Jr.).
Channing, Walter. B. I., 1786-1876.
Brother of W. E. Channing, infra. A
physician of prominence in Boston for
many years, and medical professor in
Harvard University. The Prevention of
Pauperism ; Etherization in Childbirth ;
Professional Reminiscences of Foreign
Travel ; New and Old ; Miscellaneous
Poems ; A Phvsician's Vacation, or A
Summer in Europe ; Reformation of
Medical Science.




Channing, "William Ellery. R. I.,

1780-1842. A Unitarian theologian of
eminence, who became pastor of the
Federal Street Church in Boston in
1803. He was the foremost theologian
in America in his time, and his influ-
ence is still great. He wrote upon
pliilanthropic and social as well as re-
ligious and ethical questions, and was
a noted opponent of slavery. His writ-
ings have been translated into French,
Italian, German, Icelandic, Russian, and
Hungarian. Evidences of Revealed Re-
ligion ; Self-Culture ; Essay on Milton ;
The Duty of the Free States, are among
his most notable works. See Spragues
Annals of the American Pulpit ; Lives
by W. H. Channing, infra; C T.
Brooks, supra ; Reminiscences by Miss
Peabody ; Correspondence of Channing
and Lucy Aikin; New England Maga-
zine, December, 1896. A. U. A.

Channing, William Ellery. Ms.,
1818-1901. Son of W. Channing, supra.
A poet and essayist of Concord, Massa-
chusetts, who married a sister of Mar-
garet Fuller, infra. His verse is thor-
oughly original in tone and more or
less willful in form. His work in verse
includes The Youth of the Fainter, a
series of psychological essays ; Poems
1843-47; The Woodman; The Wan-
derer ; Near Home ; Eliot ; John Brown.
Thoreau, the Poet Naturalist ; Conver-
sations in Rome between an Artist, a
Catholic, and a Critic, are prose vol-

Channing, William Francis. Ms.,
1820-1901. Son of W. E. Channing, 1st.
A physician, scientist, and inventor.
Davis's Manual of Magnetism ; Medi-
cal Application of Electricity ; The
American Fire Alarm Telegraph.

Channing, William Henry. Ms.,
1810-1884. Nephew of W. E. Chan-
ning. A Unitarian clergyman who set-
tled in England, and succeeded James
Martineau as pastor of the Unitarian
Chapel in Hope Street, Liverpool. The
Christian Church and Social Reform ;
Memoirs of Wm. E. Channing ; Memoirs
of James H. Perkins ; Memoirs of Mar-
garet Fuller (with R. W. Emerson and
J. F. Clarke). A. U. A.

Chapin, Aaron Lucius. Ct., 1817-
1892. A Congregational clergyman of
Wisconsin, who was president of Beloit

College, 1849-86. First Principles of
Political Economy.

Chapin, Alonzo Bowen. Ct., 1808-
1858. An Episcopal clergyman of
Hartford. Classical Spelling - Book ;
Organization and Order of the Primi-
tive Church ; Views of Gospel Truth ;
Glastenbury for 200 Years (1853) ; Pu-
ritanism not Protestantism.

Chapin, Edwin Hubbell. N. Y.,
1814-1881. A Universalist clergyman
of New York city, long the foremost
preacher in his denomination. The
Crown of Thorns ; Humanity in the
City ; Christianity the Perfection of
True Manliness ; Moral Aspects of City
Life ; Discourses on the Lord's Prayer;
Hours of Communion ; Token for the
SoiTowing ; Characters in the Gospels.
See Life, by Sumner Ellis.

Chapin, James Henry. Ind., 1832-
1892. A Universalist clergyman and
educator, professor of geology in
St. Lawrence University, 1871-92.
Sketches of the Huguenots ; The Cre-
ation and Early Development of Man-
kind ; From Japan to Granada, a Tour
Around the World. See Life of, by G.
S. Weaver. Put.

Chaplin, Mrs. Ada C. Ms., 1842-
1883. A Massachusetts writer of reli-
gious juveniles, some of which are
Christ's Cadets ; Charity Harlburt ; Our
Gold Mine, the Story of American
Baptist Missions in India.

Chaplin, Heman White, R. L,

1847 . Son of J. Chaplin, 2d. A

lawyer of Boston, whose Five Hundred
Dollars, and Other Stories of New Eng-
land Life, are exceptionally faithful and
delicate studies of character, and rank
among the foremost of American short
stories. Lit.

Chaplin, Mrs. Jane [Dunbar], S.,
1819-1884. Wife of J. Chaplin, 2d,
infra, and daughter of Duncan Dunbar.
Among her various writings, mainly re-
ligious juveniles, are The Transplanted
Shamrock ; Bla¬Ђk and White ; The
Convent and the Manse.

Chaplin, Jeremiah. Ms., 1776-1841.
A Baptist clergyman and educator, the
first president of Colby University,
1822-33. The Evening of Life.

Chaplin, Jeremiah. Ms., 1813-1886.
Son of J. Chaplin, supra. A Baptist




clergyman of Newton, Massachusetts,
who after leaving the ministry devoted
himself to literary pursuits in Boston.
The Memorial Hour ; The Hand of
Jesus ; Riches of Bunyan ; Life of Hen-
ry Dunster, First President of Harvard
College ; Chips from the White House ;
Life of Benjamin Franklin ; Life of
Galen ; Life of Duncan Dunbar ; Life
of Charles Sumner (with Jane Chaplin).
Chapman, Alvan Wentworth. Ms.,
1809-1899. A botanist for whom the
genus Chapmannia was named. Flora
of the Southern United States.

Chapman, George Thomas. E.,

1786-1872. An Episcopal clergyman.
Sketches of Alumni of Dartmouth Col-
lege from 1771-1868.

Chapman, Henry . Cadwalader.
Pa., 1845 . Grandson of N. Chap-
man, infra. A physician of Philadel-
phia. Evolution of Life ; History of
the Discovery of the Circulation of the

Chapman, Nathaniel. Va., 1780-
1853. A Philadelphia physician and
professor of medicine in the University
of Pennsylvania, 1814-50. Materia
Medica and Therapeutics, long a valued
text-book ; Select Speeches (edited) ;
Lectures on Eruptive Fevers, Hem-
orrhages and Dropsies ; Lectures on
Thoracic Viscera. See Gross's Sketches
of Contemporaries.

Charles, Mrs. Emily [Thornton].
Lid., 1845- 189-. A Washington jour-
nalist who published two volumes of
verse. Hawthorn Blossoms; Lyrical
Poems. Lip.

Chase, George. Me., 1849 . A

professor of criminal law at Columbia
College. The American Students'

Chase, George "Wingate. Ms., 1826-
1867. A native and resident of Haver-
hill, Massachusetts. History of Haver-
hill, 1640-1860; The Freemason's
Monitor ; Masonic Dictionary and Man-
ual of Masonic Law ; Tactics for
Knights Templars and Appendant Au-

Chase, Irah. F^, 1793-1864. A Baptist
clerg3rman of prominence who founded
the theological seminary at Newton
Centre, Massachusetts, and was profes-

sor there, 1825-45. Life of Bunyan ;
Design of Baptism ; The Jewish Tab-
ernacle ; Infant Baptism an Invention
of Men ; The Constitutions of the
Holy Apostles, are his principal works.

Chase, Lucien B. Vt., 1817-1864.
A member of Congress from Tennes-
see, who wrote the History of Polk's

Chase, PhUander. N. H., 1775-1852
The first Protestant Episcopal bishop
of Ohio, and, later, of Illinois. He
founded Kenyon College at Gambier,
Ohio. A Plea for the West ; Def enc&
of Kenyon College ; Reminiscences.

Chase, Pliny Earle. Ms., 1820-1886.
An educator and scientist of Philadel-
phia. Numerical Relations of Gravity
and Magnetism ; Elements of Meteor-
ology ; Elements of Arithmetic ; Com-
mon School Arithmetic.

Chase, Thomas. Ms., 1827-1892.
Brother of P. E. Chase, supra. An
educator of Pennsylvania, and presi-
dent of Haverford College. He was
co-editor with George Stuart of a series
of classical text-books, and also pub-
lished Hellas, her Monuments and
Scenery, descriptive of his travels in

Chatard, Francis Silas Marean.

Md., 1834 , The Roman Catholic

bishop of Vincennes. Christian Truths.

Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart Chat-
field. II., 1865 . A novelist of

Chicago. With Edge Tools ; An Amer-
ican Peeress ; Two Women and a Fool ;
The Land of the Castanet.

Chauncy [chan'si or chaun'si],
Charles. JS., 1592-1672. A Puritan
clergyman, vicar of Ware, 1627-35.
He came to America in 1638, and was
1.3 years minister at Scituate. He was
the second president of Harvard Col-
lege, succeeding Henry Dunster in 16.54.
His most important work is a series of
Twenty-Six Sermons on Justification.
Antisynodalia Seripta America, a con-
troversial pamphlet, appeared in 1662.
See Tyler'' s American Literature ; Dic-
tionary of National Biography, vol. 10.

Chauncy, Charles. Ms., 1705-1787.
Great-grandson of C. Chauncy, supra.
A Congregational clergyman of Bos-
ton. A vigourous, logical thinker, who
exercised a great influence upon colo-




nial thoug^bt. Seasonable Tboughts on
the State of Religion in New England ;
Discourse on Enthusiasm, directed
against Wbitefield, of whose teachings
he was a strong opponent ; Letters to
Wbitefield ; Complete View of Episco-
pacy ; The Mystery hid from the Ages ;
Benevolence of the Deity ; Five Dis-
sertations on the Fall and its Conse-
quences ; Validity of Presbyterian
Ordination, comprise bis principal
works. See T}/ler''s American Litera-
ture ; Chauncy Memorials.

Chauvenet [sho-ve-nay'], "William.
Pa., 1820-1870. A mathematician
who was chancellor of Washington
University, St. Louis, 1862-69. Bi-
nomial Theorem and Logarithms; Plane
and Spherical Trigonometry ; Manual
of Spherical and Practical Astronomy ;
Elementary Geometry. See Memoir^
1877. Lip.

Checkley, John. Jlfs., 1680-1753. An
Episcopal clergyman of Rhode Island,
noted in his day for his witty, reckless
attacks on bis theological opponents.
Choice Dialogues about Predestination.

Cheetham, James. E., 1772-1810.
An English journalist who came to
America in 1798, and became editor of
The American Citizen. Nine Letters
on Burr's Defection ; Reply to Aris-
tides ; Life of Thomas Paine, a work
written from a hostile point of view.

Cheever, Ezekiel. E., 1615-1708.
A colonial educator of Boston, who
was master of the Latin School for
many years. Scripture Prophecies Ex-
plained, an essay on the millennium ;
Latin Accidence, for a century a stan-
dard introductory Latin text-book in
New England.

Cheever, George BarreU. Me.,
1807-1890. A noted Congregational
clergyman of New York city. Deacon
Giles's Distillery ; Studies ia Poetry ;
Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the Shadow
of Mont Blanc ; Lectures on Pilgrim's
Progress ; Journal of the Pilgrims at
Plymouth ; God Against Slavery ; In-
cidents and Memories of the Christian
Life ; The Guilt of Slavery ; The Re-
public or the Oligarchy, Which ? ;
Faith, Doubt, and Evidence ; God's
Timepiece for Man's Eternity ; Lec-
tures on Cowper; Windings of the

River of the Water of Life, include his
principal writings. Ran. Wi.

Cheever, Henry Theodore. Me.,
1814-1897. Brother of G. B. Cheever,
supra. A Congregational clergyman.
Way Marks in the Moral War with
Slavery ; Correspondences of Faith and
Views of Madame Guyon ; The Island
World of the Pacific ; Life in the Sand-
wich Islands ; The Whale and his Cap-
tors ; The Pulpit and the Pew ; Life
of Nathaniel Cheever ; Life of Walter
Colton, infra ; Captain Caugar. Har.

Chellis, Mary D-winelL See Lund,

Cheney, Mrs. Ednah Do'w [Little-
hale]. Ms., 1824-1904. A Boston
writer, associated in early life with the
prominent New England transcenden-
talists, who was long active in the
woman suffrage movement, and whose
writing had more or less to do with
philosophical themes. Her principal
works comprise Hand-book of Ameri-
can History for Coloured People ; Faith-
ful to the Light, and Other Tales ; Sto-
ries of the Olden Time ; Gleanings in
the Fields of Art ; Life of Louisa Al-
cott, supra ; Life of Christian Daniel
Ranch, Sculptor ; Memoir of John Che-
ney, Engraver ; Memoir of Dr. Susan
Dimock ; Nora's Return, a sequel to
Ibsen's Doll's House ; Sally Williams,
the Mountain Girl.

Cheney, Mrs. Harriet Vaughan

[Foster]. Ms.,c. 1815 . Daughter

of Hannah Foster, infra. Confessions
of an Early Martyr ; A Peep at the
Pilgrims in 1636 ; The Rivals of Aca-
dia ; Sketches from the Life of Christ ;
The Sunday School, or Village Sketches
(with her sister, Mrs. Cushing).

Cheney, John Vance. N. Y., 1848-

. Son of S. P. Cheney, infra. A

poet and essayist, for some years at the
head of the public library in San Fran-
cisco, and now (1897) librarian of the
Newberry Library in Chicago. His
work in verse includes Thistle Drift ;
Wood Blooms ; Queen Helen, and Other
Poems. In prose, The Old Doctor, a
Romance of Queer Village ; The Golden
Guess, a series of critical essays ; That
Dome in Air, a similar collection of
critical studies. Ap. Cop. Le. Mg. Sta-



Cheney, Simeon Pease. N.H., 1818-
1890. A once noted musical educator
of Vermont. The American Singing
Book ; Wood Notes WUd, notations of
Bird Music. Le.

Cheney, Theseus Apoleon. N. T.,
1830-1878. A writer who devoted his
attention to the history of the western
portion of his native State. Report on
the Ancient Monuments of Western
New York ; Historical Sketch of the
Chemung Valley ; Historical Sketch of
18 Counties of Central and Southern
New York ; Laron ; Relations of Gov-
ernment to Science ; Antiquarian Re-

Chenoweth, Mrs. Caroline [Van

Dusen]. Ind., 1846 . A teacher

of literature in Boston and New York.
Stories of the Saints. Hou.

Chesebro [cheez'bro], Caroline. N.
Y., 1825-1873. A writer of stories
and sketches who was during the latter

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