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Clifford, Nathan. N. H., 1803-1881.
A noted jiu-ist of Maine, who was at-
torney-general during Polk's adminis-
tration, and published United States
Circuit Court Reports.

Clingman, Thomas Lanier. N. C,

1812-1897. A North Carolina congress-
man who served during the Civil War
as brigadier-general in the Confeder-
ate army. The two Carolina moun-
tains, Clingman's Peak and Clingman's
Dome, were named in his honour, he

having bi.en the first to measure their
height. Speeches ; Follies of the Posi-
tivist Philosophers.

Clinton, De Witt. N. Y., 1769-1828.
A famous statesman and politician of
New York state. Memoir of Antiqui-
ties of Western New York; Natural
History and Internal Revenues of New
York; Speeches to the Legislature.
See Lives, by Hosack, 18S9 ; Eenwick,
1840; Campbell, 1849.

Clymer, Mrs. Ella Maria [Dietz].

Ms., 1856 . A New York writer,

once an actress ; for some time presi-
dent of the woman's club of New York,
Sorosis. She has written three volumes
of verse : The Triumph of Love ; The
Triumph of Time ; The Triumph of

Clymer, Meredith. Pa., 1817-1902.
A distinguished physician and medical
writer of New York city. Diseases of
the Respiratory Organs (with Wil-
liams) ; Pathology, Diagnosis, and
Treatment of Fevers ; Physiology and
Pathology of the Nervous System ;
Palsies and Kindred Disorders ; Ecstasy
and Other Dramatic Disorders of the
Nervous System ; Hereditary Genius ;
Cerebro - Spinal Meningitis ; Legiti-
mate Influence of Epilepsy on Criminal

Coan, Titus. Ct., 1801-1882. A mis-
sionary of note in the Sandwich Islands
who wrote Life in Hawaii ; Adventures
in Patagonia. Do. Ran.

Coan, Titus Munson. H. I., 1836-

. Son of T. Coan, supra. A New

York litterateur. Ounces of Preven-
tion ; Topics of the Times (edited).

Cobb, Cyrus. Ms., 1834-1903. Son
of S. Cobb, Ist, infra. An artist and
sculptor of Boston who, besides writing
much occasional verse, published Vet-
erans of the Grand Array, a novel.

Cobb, Howell. Ga., 1795-18—. A
Georgia lawyer. Penal Code of Geor-

Cobb, Jonathan Holmes. Ms.,
1799-1882. A manufacturer of Ded-
ham, who founded the silk industry in
the United States, and whose Manual
of the Mulberry Tree and the Cultm-e
of Silk was once well known.

Cobb, Joseph Beckham. Ga., 1819-
1858. A Southern author whose writ-




ings include The Creole, or the Siege
of New Orleans, a novel; Mississippi
Scenes ; Leisure Labours.

Cobb, Lyman. Ms., c. 1800-1864. A
once prominent educator who, besides
many text-books on spelling and math-
ematics, published The Evil Tendency
of Corporal Punishment ; Just Stand-
ard for Pronouncing the English Lan-
guage. Har.

Cobb, Sylvanus. itfe, 1799-1866. A
Universalist clergyman of Massachu-
setts, editor for many years of The Chris-
tian Freeman. The New Testament,
with Explanatory Notes ; Compend of
Divinity ; Discussions. See Autobio-
graphy, and Memoir by his son, S. Cobb,

Cobb, Sylvanus. Me., 1823-1887.
Son of S. Cobb, supra. A prolific writ-
er of sensational tales quite without lit-
erary value. Among them are The
King's Talisman ; The Patriot Cruiser ;
Ben Hamed.

Cobb, Thomas Read Rootes. Ga.,
1823-1862. A Georgia lawyer who
served as brigadier-general in the Con-
federate army during the Civil War,
and was killed in the battle of Fred-
ericksburg. Digest of the Laws of Geor-
gia ; Historical Sketch of Slavery from
the Earliest Periods ; Inquiry into the
Law of Negro Slavery in the United

Cobbett, Thomas. JF., 1608-1685. A
nonconformist English clergyman who
came to America in 1637, and was min-
ister at Ipswich from 1656 till his death.
Infant Baptism ; Civil Magistrate's
Power in Matters of Religion ; Practical
Discourse of Prayer ; The Honour due
from Children to their Parents.

Cocke [coke], James Richard. Tn ,
1863-1900. A physician of Boston.
Hypnotism; Blind Leaders of the
Blind, a novel. Ar. Le.

Cocke, Zitella. Al.,c.lS47 . A

verse-writer whose contributions to pe-
riodicals have been collected in a vol-
ume of verse entitled A Doric Reed.

Cocker, "William Johnson. E.,

1846 — ■ . An educator of Michigan.

Handbook of Punctuation ; The Gov-
ernment of the United States. Har.

Coddington, "William. E., 1601-
1678. The first governor of Rhode
Island. Demonstrations of True Love
unto the Rulers of Massachusetts.

Codman, John. Ms., 1782-1847. A
Congregational clergyman of Dorches-
ter. Sermons ; Visit to England. See
Memoir, by W. A. Allen, 1853.

Codman, John. Ms., 1814-1900. Son
of J. Codman, 'supra. A noted captain
in the merchant marine. Sailors' Life
and Sailors' Yams ; Ten Months in
Brazil ; The Mormon Country ; The
Round Trip by Way of Panama ; A
Solution of the Mormon Problem ; Win-
ter Sketches from the Saddle.

Coffin, Charles Carleton. N. H.,
1823-1896. A Boston journalist who
became famous as the war correspond-
ent of the Boston Journal during the
Civil War, over the signature " Carle-
ton." His writings, mainly though not
exclusively for young people, include
My Days and Nights on the Battlefield,
a narrative of personal experience ; Fol-
lowing the Flag; Winning his Way;
Building the Nation ; Old Times in the
Colonies ; The Boys of '76 ; The Story
of Liberty ; The Drumbeat of the Na-
tion ; Marching to Victory ; Redeem-
ing the Republic ; Freedom Trium-
phant ; Abraham Lincoln ; Our New
Way Round the World ; Daughters of
the Revolution. See Life of, by Griffis.
Est. Har. Hou.

Coffin, Isaac Foster, ife., 1787-
1861. An educator of Roxbury, Mas-
sachusetts. Journal of a Residence in
Chili during the revolutionary scenes of

Coffin, James Henry. Ms., 1806-
1873. A meteorologist who was profes-
sor of astronomy at Lafayette College.
Solar and Lunar Eclipses Illustrated
and Explained ; Winds of the Northern
Hemisphere ; Psychometrical Table ;
Orbit and Phenomena of a Meteoric
Fire Ball ; Elements of Conic Sections
and Analytical Geometry ; Winds of
the Globe. See Life, by J. C. Clyde,

Coffin, John Huntington Crane.
Me., 1815-1890. A mathematician of
distinction. Observations with the Mu-
ral Circle at the United States Naval
Observatory ; The Compass ; Naviga-
tion and Nautical Astronomy.




Coffin, Joshua, Ms., 1792-1864. A
Massachusetts antiquary prominent
among the abolitionists, and one of the
poet Whittier's early instructors. He
published a History of Ancient New-
bury ; The Toppans of Toppan's Lane,
a genealogy.

Coffin, Robert Allen. Ms., 1801-
1878. Brother of J. H. Coffin, supra.
An instructor in western Massachusetts.
Compendium of Natural Philosophy ;
Town Organization ; History of Con-
way, Massachusetts.

Coffin, Robert Barry. " Barry Gray."
N. Y., 1826-1886. A New York jour-
nalist and litterateur, whose books,
popular at one time, are now nearly
forgotten. Their humour is somewhat
forced, and the style has no very marked
merits. Matrimonial Infelicities ; Who
is the Heir ? ; Out of Town, a Rural
Episode ; Cakes and Ale at Woodbine ;
Castles in the Air ; Left in the Lurch ;
The Home of Cooper.

Coffin, Robert Stevenson. Me.,
1797-1827. A verse-writer of Boston
who published The Oriental Harp ;
Poems of the Boston Bard. See Auto-
biography, 1825.

Coffin, Roland Folger. N. Y., 1826-
1888. A marine reporter in New York
city. An Old Sailor's Yarns ; The
America's Cup ; History of American
Yachting. Fu. Scr.

Coffin, Selden Jennings. N. Y.,

1838 . Son of J. H. Coffin, supra.

He succeeded his father as professor of
astronomy at Lafayette College in 1873,
and completed the latter's Winds of the
Globe. He has also published Record
of the Men at Lafayette.

Coggeshall, George. Ct., 1784-c. 1850.
A sea captain of some prominence as a
writer. Voyages to Various Parts of
the World, 1799-1844; History of
American Privateers and Letters of
Marque during our War with England,
1812-14; Historical Sketch of Com-
merce and Navigation from the Chris-
tian Era to 1860 ; Religious and Miscel-
laneous Poetry.

Coggeshall, "William Turner. Pa.,
1824-1867. A journalist of Cincinnati,
whose principal writings include Signs
of the Times, a work on spirit rappings ;
Home Hits and Hints ; Stories of Fron-
tier Adventure.

Cogswell, Jonathan. Ms., 1782-1864.
A noted Congregational clergyman of
New England and New Jersey. The
Necessity of Capital Punishment ; Dis-
courses ; Hebrew Theocracy ; Calvary
and Sinai ; Godliness a Great Mystery ;
The Appropriate Work of the Holy
Spirit. See E. O. Jameson's Cogswells
of America.

Cogswell, William. N. H., 1787-
1850. A Congregational clergyman of
New Hampshire, among whose works
are, Manual of Theology and Devotion ;
Assistant to Family Religion; Chris-
tian Philanthropist; Theological Class
Book ; Harbinger of the Millennium ;
Letters to Young Men Preparing for
the Ministry.

Cohen, Jacob Da Silva Solis. N.

Y., 1838 . A Philadelphia physi-

sican and medical lecturer of promi-
nence. Treatise on Inhalations ; Dis-
eases of the Throat ; Croup in its
Relations to Tracheotomy ; The Throat
and the Voice.

Coit, James Milnor. Pa., 1845 .

An instructor in chemistry at St. Paul's
School, Concord. Elements of Chemi-
cal Arithmetic ; Short Manual of Qual-
itative Analysis.

Coit, Thomas Winthrop. Ct., 1803-
1885. An Episcopal clergyman, pro-
fessor in Berkeley Divinity School at
Middletown from 1872 to 1885. Neces-
sity of Preaching Doctrine ; Theological
Commonplace Book ; Puritanism in
New England and the Episcopal
Church ; Lectures on the Early History
of Christianity in England.

Colburn, Warren. Ms., 1793-1833.
A noted mathematician of Massachu-
setts, whose First Lessons in Intellec-
tual Arithmetic was translated into
many languages. Hou.

Colburn, Zerah. N. Y., 1832-1870.
A nephew of the famous calculator of
the same name. He was a well-known
mechanical engineer who published The
Locomotive Engine ; Steam Boiler Ex-
plosions ; Nature of Heat and its Mode
of Action in the Phenomena of Com-
bustion, etc. ; Treatise on the Princi-
ples of the Locomotive Engine. Bai.

Colby, Frederick Myron. N. H.,
1848 . A journalist of New Hamp-




sMre. The Daughter of Pharaoh, a
Tale of the Exodus ; Brave Lads and
Bonnie Lassies, a juvenile.

Colden, Cadwallader. S., 1688-
1776. A colonial physician, lieutenant-
governor of the province of New York,
1761-76, and a prominent loysdist of
his day. The History of the Five In-
dian Nations is his chief work. Among
his many lesser writings is Principles of
Actions on Matter. See Tyler^s Ameri-
can Literature.

Colden, Cadwallader David. L. I.,
1769-1834. Nephew of C. Colden, sw-
pra. A commercial lawyer of promi-
nence in New York who published Life
of Robert Fulton; Vindication of the
Steamboat Right granted by the State
of New York.

Coleman, Leighton. Pa., 1837 .

The second Protestant Episcopal bishop
of Delaware. The Church in America,
a history of the American Episcopal

Coleman, Lyman. Ms., 1796-1882.
A Congregational clergyman who was
a classical professor at Lafayette Col-
lege, 1861-82. Ancient Christianity
Exemplified ; Prelacy and Ritualism ;
The Apostolical and Primitive Church ;
Historical Geography of the Bible ;
Text - Book and Atlas of Bible Geo-
graphy ; Genealogy of the Lyman

Coles, Abraham. N. J., 1813-1891.
A New Jersey physician who published
a volume containing thirteen original
translations of the Dies Irae. His
other works include Stabat Mater Do-
lorosa ; Stabat Mater Speciosa ; Old
Gems in New Settings ; The Microcosm,
a psychological poem ; The Evangel in
Verse ; The Light of the World ; The
Psalms in Verse, with notes. See Bio-
graphical Sketch, edited by J. A. Coles,
1892. Ap.

Coles, George. E., 1792-1858. A
Methodist clergyman who published
The Antidote, or Revelation Defended ;
Concordance of the Scriptures ; Hero-
ines of Methodism.

ColesTvorthy, Daniel Clement.
Me., 1810-1893. A once noted book-
seller of Boston, who was also a writer.
Some of his poems for children, like
" Don't Kill the Birds " and " Little

Words of Kindness," have been ex-
tremely popular. Sunday School
Hymns ; Advice to an Apprentice ;
Opening Buds; Chronicles of Casco
Bay ; A Group of Children, and Other
Poems ; School is Out ; The Year ; A
Day in the Woods, in verse, comprise
the most of his writings.

Coliens, Thomas Wharton. La.,
1812-1879. A well-known jurist of
New Orleans, who wrote The Martyr
Patriots, a tragedy ; Humanics ; Views
of the Labour Movement ; The Eden
of Labour.

Collier, Mrs. Ada [Lang-wrorthy].

la., 1843 . A writer of Dubuque,

whose Lilith, the Legend of the First
Woman, is a poem of not a little merit.

Collier, Joseph Avery. Ms., 1828-
1864. A Reformed Dutch clergyman
of Kingston, New York. The Right
Way, or the Gospel Applied to the In-
tercourse of Individuals and Nations;
The Christian Home ; The Young Men
of the Bible ; Pleasant Paths for Lit-
tle Feet ; Little Crowns ; Dawn of

Collier, Peter. N. Y., 1835-1896. A
chemist of distinction for several years
attached to the Department of Agricul-
ture at Washington. Sorghum, its Cul-
ture and Manufacture Economically
Considered ; Investigations of Sorghum
as a Sugar Producing Plant. Clke.

Collier, Robert Laird. Md.,^ 1837-
1890. A Unitarian clergyman who in
his later years was a London corre-
spondent of the New York Herald.
Every-Day Subjects in Sunday Ser-
mons ; Meditations on the Essence of
Christianity ; Henry Irving : a Sketch
and a Criticism ; English Home Life.
A. U. A. Hou. Rob.

Collier, Thomas Stephens. N.Y.,
1842-1893. A physician and poet
whose home was at New London, Con-
necticut. Song Spray, a collection of
poems, 1889.

Collins, Charles. Me., 1813-1875. A
Methodist preacher and educator of
Tennessee, who published Methodism
and Calvinism Compared.

Collyer, Robert. E., 1823 . A

Unitarian clergyman of New York, and
one of the leading men among the clergy
of his faith. He was born in Yorkshire,




and learned the blacksmith's trade,
which he still followed after coming
to America in 1849. He was then a
Wesleyan local preacher, but his views
changing he became a Unitarian, and
in 1860 founded Unity Church in Chi-
cago, over which he remained pastor
till he went to New York in 1879.
His influence, both within and without
the Unitarian body, has been very great.
The Life That Now Is ; Nature and
Life ; A Man in Earnest ; The Simple
Truth, a Home Book ; Leetvires to
Young Men and Women ; History of
Ilkley, in Yorkshire. Dut. Le.
Colman, Benjamin. Ms., 1673-1747.
A famous Congregational minister of
Boston, whose theological views were
much more liberal than those of his
contemporaries, and whose literary style
was far more polished and flexible.
Evangelical Sermons Collected ; Twen-
ty Sacramental Sermons. See Life by
E. Turell, 174-9 ; Tyler's American Lit-
erature; Sprague's Annals of the Amer-
ican Pulpit.

Cblman, Henry. Ms., 1785-1849. An
agricultural writer of Massachusetts,
who was a Congregational minister at
Hingham, 1807-20, and afterwards a
Unitarian minister at Salem. Report
on Silk Culture ; European Agricul-
ture and Rural Economy ; Agricnlture
and Rural Economy of France, Bel-
gium, Holland, and Switzerland ; Eu-
ropean Life and Manners.

Colton, Calvin. Ms., 1789-1857. An
Episcopal clergyman of some note in
his day as a political writer. Manual
for Emigrants to America ; History of
American Revivals ; Protestant Jesuit-
ism ; Public Economy for the United
States, a plea for protection ; Life of
Henry Clay ; Junius Tracts.

Colton, George Hooker. N. Y.,
1818-1847. A verse-writer whose Te-
cumseh is a poem as ambitious in con-
ception as it is mediocre in execution.

Colton, Walter. Vt., 1797-1851. Bro-
ther of C. Colton, supra. A journalist
and educator who established the first
newspaper in California, and built the
first schoolhouse there. As chaplain
in the United States navy he visited
many parts of the world. Visit to
Athens and Constantinople ; Land and
Lee in the Bosphorus and .^gean;

Ship and Shore ; Deck and Port ; The
Sea and the Sailor.
Colwell, Stephen. Va., 1800-1871.
An iron merchant of Philadelphia, who
wrote much on current topics, espe-
cially matters relating to political eco-
nomy. Ways and Means of Commercial
Payment; Money on Account; Re-
moval of the Deposits from the Bank
of the United States ; Domestic Pro-
duction and Internal Trade ; Hints to
Laymen ; Charity and the Clergy ;
Politics for American Christians ; New
Themes for Protestant Clergy, include
the more important of his writings.

Coman, Katherine. O., 1857 .

A professor of history at Wellesley
College. Outlines in Ccnstitutional
History of England ; Outlines in In-
dustrial History ; The Growth of the
English Nation.

Comegys, Benjamin Bartis. Bel,
1819-1901. A banker of Philadel-
phia. Tour Round My Library, and
Other Papers ; Advice to Young Men
and Boys ; A Primer of Ethics ; Talks
with Boys and Girls ; How to Get On,
a Book for Boys ; Turn Over a New
Leaf ; An Order of Worship ; Old Sto-
ries with New Lessons. Hou. Rev.

Comfort, Mrs. Anna [Manning],
N. J., 1845 . Wife of G. F. Com-
fort, infra. A physician of Syracuse,
who has written Woman's Education
and Woman's Health, a reply to Dr.
Clarke's once famous Sex in Educa-

Comfort, George Fisk. iVr.F., 1833-
. A professor at Syracuse Univer-
sity since 1872. He has published a
series of German text-books and The
Land Troubles in Ireland. Har.

Comly, John. Pa., 1774-1850. A
Pennsylvania educator among the
Friends, who prepared a speller that
was phenomenally popular, and also a
grammar and other text-books. See
Journal of John Comly of Byberry,

Comstock [kum'stok], Cyrus Bal-
lon. Ms., 1831 . A colonel of

the Engineer Corps in the United States
army, and brevet major-general of U.
S. Volunteers, who has made a num-
ber of important government surveys.
Notes on European Surveys ; Surveys




of the Northwestern Lakes ; Primary
Triangulation of United States Lake

Comstock, John Henry. Wis.,

1849 . A professor of entomo-

log'y and general invertebrate zoology
at Cornell University. Notes on Ento-
mology ; Report on Cotton Insects ; In-
troduction to Entomology.

Comstock, John Lee. Ct., 1789-
1858. An educational compiler of
Hartford, among whose many scientific
text-books are The Elements of Chem-
istry ; Introduction to Mineralogy ; Sys-
tem of Natural Philosophy; History
of the Precious Minerals ; Natural
History of Quadrupeds. He wrote also
A History of the Greek Revolution.

Comstock, Theodore Bryant. O.,

1849 . A geologist of distinction,

professor in Illinois University. Out-
lines of General Geology ; Classifica-
tion of Rocks.
Conant, Alban Jasper. Vt, 1821-
. A naturalist who was for some
time curator in the University of Wis-
consin. Footprints of Vanished Races
in the Valley of the Mississippi.

Conant, Mrs. Hannah O'Brien

[Chaplin]. Ms., 1809-1865. Wife
of T. J. Conant, infra, and daughter
of J. Chaplin, supra. An Oriental
scholar who assisted her husband in
his literary work, made important
translations from the German of Strauss,
Neander, and Uhden, and was the au-
thor of History of the English Bible ;
Popular History of English Bible
Translation ; The Earnest Man, a sketch
of Judson the missionary.
Conant, Mrs, Helen Peters [Ste-
vens]. Ms., 1839-1899. Wife of S. S.
Conant, infra. A magazinist of New
York city. The Butterfly Hunters;
Primers of German and Spanish Liter-
ature. Har.

Conant, Samuel Stillman. Me.,
1831-1885. Son of T. J. Conant, infra.
A journalist of New York, managing
editor of Harper's Weekly, 1869-85,
and translator of Lermontoff's Circas-
sian Boy.

Conant, Thomas Jefferson. Vt.,
1802-1891. A Baptist clergyman who
was one of the foremost Hebrew schol-
ars of his time. Baptism, its Meaning

and its Use Philologically and Histori-
cally Considered. His editions of The
Book of Job ; The Book of Proverbs ;
Genesis ; Psalms ; Prophecies of Isaiah ;
Historical Books of the Old Testament
from Joshua to Second Kings ; The
Gospel by Matthew, constitute a schol-
ar's version of the Scriptures, amply
illustrated with critical and philologi-
cal notes. Fu.

Condie, Daniel Francis. Pa., 1796-
1875. A physician and medical writer
of Philadelphia. Course of Examina-
tion for Medical Students ; Catechism
of Health ; Epidemic Cholera ; Diseases
of Children.

Cone, Helen Gray. N. Y., 1859-

. An instructor in the Normal

College of New York city, whose writ-
ing has been mainly in verse. Oberon
and Puck, verses Grave and Gay ; The
Ride to the Lady and Other Poems.

Congdon, Charles Taber. Ms.,
1821-1891. A journalist of New York
city for some years on the staff of the
Tribune. Tribune Essays ; Reminis-
cences of a Journalist ; Recollections of
a Reader ; Autobiographical Papers.

Conkling, Alfred. N. Y., 1789-1874.
A jurist of New York whose son was.
the noted statesman, Roscoe Conkling.
Treatise on Organization and Jurisdic-
tion of Superior, Circuit, and District
Courts ; Admiralty Jurisdiction ; Pow-
ers of the Executive Department of the
United States ; Young Citizen's Man-

Conkling, Alfred Ronald. N. Y.,

1850 . Grandson of A. Conkling,

supra. A lawyer of New York city.
Appleton's Guide to Mexico ; City Gov-
ernment in the United States ; Hand-
book for Voters in New York city;
Life of Roscoe Conkling. Ap.

Conn, Herbert "William. Ms., 1859-

. A biologist whose specialty ia

the bacteriology of milk ; instructor-
and professor of biology at Wesleyait
University from 1884. Evolution of To-
Day; The Living World: Whence it
Came and Whither it is Drifting. Put.

Connelly, Mrs. Celia [Logan] [Kel-
logg]. Pa., 1837-1904. A journalist
and playwright of Washington. An
American Marriage is one of her plays.




Connelly, Emma M. Ky., 18 —

. A writer of New York city.

Under the Surface ; Tilting at Wind
Mills, a Story of the Blue Grass Coun-
try ; The Story of Kentucky. Lo.

Conrad, Frederick William. Pa.,
1816-1898. A Lutheran clergyman of
Philadelphia, editor of The Lutheran
Observer from 1867. The Lutheran
Doctrine of Baptism ; Analysis of Lu-
ther's Small Catechism : The Evangel-
ical Lutheran Church ; The Call to the
Ministry ; The Liturgical Question.

Conrad, Robert Taylor. Pa., 1810-
1858. A lawyer of Philadelphia and
mayor of that city in 1854, who was
once noted as a dramatic poet. Ayl-
mere, or the Bondman of Kent, is a
tragedy in which Jack Cade is the
chief figure, a role in which Edwin
Forrest was very successful. Conrad
of Naples, another tragedy, had also a
measure of popularity.

Conrad, Timothy Abbott. N. J.,
1803-1877. A conchologist who pub-
lished Fossil Shells of the Tertiary
Formations of North America ; New
Fresh -Water Shells of the United
States ; Miocene Shells of the United
States ; Palaeontology of State of New

Converse, Mrs. Harriet [Max-
well]. N. r., 184—1903. A writer
of verse and prose in New York city.
Sheaves, a collection of verses ; The
Religious Festivals of the Iroquois In-
dians ; Mythology and Folk-Lore of
the North American Indian.

Con-way, Katherine Eleanor. N.
Y., 1853 . A journalist of Bos-
ton, on the editorial staff of The Pilot.
Songs of the Sunrise Slope ; A Dream
of Lilies, a volume of poems ; A Lady
and Her Letters ; Making Friends and
Keeping Them.

Conway, Moncure Daniel. Va.,

1832 . A Unitarian clergyman of

extremely radical views, who was
for many years settled iri charge of a
congregation in London. He has been
a prolific writer in several fields, ^nd
among his many published books are
The Rejected Stone ; Idols and Ideals ;
Demonology and Devil Lore ; The Wan-
dering Jew ; Sketch of Carlyle ; The
Earthward Pilgrimage ; Sacred An-
thology, a compilation; Emerson at

Home and Abroad ; George Washing-
ton and Mount Vernon ; Omitted Chap-
ters in Life and Letters of Edmund
Randolph ; Life of Thomas Paine ;
Tracts for To-Day ; Natural History
of the Devil ; The Golden Hour ; Tes-
timonies Concerning Slavery ; Human
Sacrifices in England ; Lessons for the
Day ; Travels in South Kensington ; A
Necklace of Stories ; Pine and Palm, a
novel ; Prisons of Air, a novel ; Auto-
biography. Har. Ho.

Conwell, Russell Herrman. Ms.,
1842 . A Baptist minister of Phil-
adelphia. Why the Chinese Emi'jTate ;
Woman and the Law ; Life of Piesident

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